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  • girlcaligula
    27.01.2022 - 1 minute ago

    “se iniziasse a comprendere sarebbe capace di occuparsi di tutto con quel suo cuoricino d’oro che si ritrova. e dio solo sa quanto ci costerà”… shivers

    #letteralmente BRIVIDI ogni volta che lo leggo #la crudeltà nata non dalla mancanza di interesse per il mondo ma da un eccesso di comprensione e di dolore per una realtà sbagliata… #caligula really most play of all time uh #tra l’altro il personaggio di elicone uno dei supporting characters più belli e tragici mai creati #letteralmente la personificazione della fedeltà non ad un’idea ma ad una persona. fino in fondo e senza nessuna speranza #su iddio
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  • elsawr1tes
    27.01.2022 - 10 minutes ago


    X - hush you fake roadman

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    SUMMARY: the music students and the dance students have to pair up for a project that contributes to 50% of their grade. all they have to do is create a song and come up with choreography to it, then present it at the end of the project. after the bus breaks down on the first day of the project, han jisung and lee minho have to pair up, except minho isn’t the warmest person and jisung isn’t the calmest, which causes a lot of problems for them as they struggle to work together.


    A/N: chapters are gonna get a lot slower now 😩 and idek how i’m going to develop this but it’s most likely gonna be that next chapter will be more wordy + i’ll probably dedicate my time to filling my february quota so yeah 😐 welp

    #minsung!theproject #enhypen jake#enhypen jay#enhypen heeseung#enhypen jungwon#enhypen sunghoon#enhypen niki#enhypen sunoo #stray kids bang chan #skz kim woojin #stray kids changbin #stray kids felix #stray kids hyunjin #stray kids seungmin #stray kids jeongin #stray kids lee know #stray kids han #welp #rip this might never update again with my track record #so uh yeah
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  • callumilott
    27.01.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    JACK NICHOLLS previews Diriyah (January 27, 2022)

    for @allthewayabt 
    #jack nicholls#fe#formula e#eprixedit #.gif #* #bryce idk if u wanted to gif this urself but uh here he is
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  • ngrogu
    27.01.2022 - 33 minutes ago

    i’ll honestly start guffawing if it’s revealed that jon favreau and dave filoni got together and were like “nah, no mara jade...but what if we made luke gay?” favreau hits the blunt “yeah get all his daddy issues in there too” “yeah”

    #although i would laugh EQUALLY AS HARD #if din shows up and mara jade is there #din: uh who are you #mara jade: i'm luke's other custom-made spouse
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  • transweiwuxian
    27.01.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    When I die I hope there's like an end game stats of most read kink on AO3 and I hope mine is breeding

    #.txt #i uh think it will be at the rate im going #tmi -
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  • evilhorse
    27.01.2022 - 45 minutes ago

    Who the #%[email protected] are you?

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  • pholue
    27.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    An Akai edit of a "hypothetical" adult design. This would also take place after the whole "Tribe leader Akai" thing, so that also explains the scars. Know that I'll probably use the first one rather than the second one

    Update: I forgot about his beard so here's a crappy edit in hopes I remember next time

    #edits#kaitou joker #phoenix / akai tsubasa #midly ptp au #i didnt know what to do for his undershirt so uh #he takes from aelius in terms of fashion sense
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  • americiumam
    27.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    din djarin fans I heard we won yesterday

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  • collidingxworlds
    27.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Muse’s Experiences

    Bold what applies. Italicise what’s verse-dependant

    Muse: Moriarty

    broken a bone | gotten stitches | had a serious illness | had a near-death experience | killed someone | tried and failed to kill someone | invented something | been hungover | kissed someone | slow-danced | had an unrequited crush | been in a long-term relationship | had sex | had sex and regretted it | had a one-night stand | experimented with their sexuality | had a kid | gotten married | gotten a divorce | self-harmed | traveled to another country / planet | got a promotion | received an inheritance | been in a car wreck | lost a loved one | been dumped | dumped someone | smoked | gotten high | been slipped something in their food/drink | been poisoned | won a contest | won an election | joined a sports team | gone skydiving | gone hunting | been in a band | had a job | been fired | been in a wedding party | owned a pet | seen a spirit | skipped class / work | walked out of a job | ran away from home | learned an instrument | gotten a noticeable scar | lost a fight | been kidnapped | been brainwashed / hypnotized | gone more than one day without eating | had a recurring nightmare | been bullied | bullied someone | seen someone die | attempted suicide | been tied / chained up | shot someone | stabbed someone | saved someone’s life | cheated on someone | been cheated on | had a stalker | been betrayed | taken the fall to protect someone | been arrested | been to a funeral | had surgery | broken someone’s trust | gotten a piercing | gotten a tattoo | used a fake name | been tortured | been abused | been threatened | been blackmailed | had an attempt on their life | gotten away with a crime | gone on a road trip |

    Tagged by: @cold-blooded-candy​ (( thank you! :DD )) Tagging: @omniishambles​ (Villanelle) & whoever wants to steal it !
    #* To be fair to myself it is my only weakness * ::HCs ; Moriarty:: #The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind ::about ; Moriarty:: #(( Jim because uh I don't have Hannibal among my muses...? ^^" )) #(( beam me up scotty ::queue:: ))
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  • kingjasnah
    27.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i think sanderson mentioned a possible white sand omnibus in the last newsletter and if it happens im 😔 im going to have to buy it. idk why but its been so unbelievably difficult to get my hands on these graphic novels and i cant keep basing my opinions off of the prose version

    #this is mostly for khriss i have.....opinions abt prose khriss and ive heard she's uh. like theres less of all that in the final comic
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  • thexenofaerie
    27.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #cw caps#bored anon #if i said anything about tuna gendies it wasnt me it was probably a headmate #but uh #thanks?????
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  • snacc-noir
    27.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Just two enemies showing off their fake relationship and trying not to kiss

    (Ch15 from the adrienette enemy/fake dating au, “dearly despised, I love you” on ao3)
    #yes this piece was just an excuse to use sparkles #I swore to myself this would be a little sketch and uh #miraculous ladybug#adrinette#adrienette #marinette dupain cheng #original content#adrien agreste#em draws
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  • whales-are-gay
    27.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    im. look. i hate electric stoves ok? unless the entire power grid switches to all renewable, it would really suck to legislate away gas stoves

    #what happens when you lose power you straight up would not be able to cook or eat anything warm #and again like. is personal use really that big compared to uh. the us military #personal post
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  • h4nm4-5huj1
    27.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Mikey? Calls Draken?? Kenny!?! In the dub-???

    #heard it on tiktok and uh #idk how i feel
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  • moonctzeny
    27.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #the plot is uh- #something#madame viper
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  • dsmp-incorrect-quotes
    27.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Tommy, on 4/29/21 : ...Didn't you die?

    Revivedbur: That was 13 years ago. Things change.

    #tommy: uh no it was six months ago #incorrect quotes#wilbur soot#crimeboys duo#revivedbur#tommyinnit#dsmp tommy#dsmp tommyinnit#dsmp wilbur #dsmp wilbur soot #c!wilbur #c!wilbur soot #c!tommy #c!tommyinnit #dsmp revivedbur#dsmp #dsmp incorrect quotes #dream smp incorrect quotes #dream smp#dreamsmp#source: tumblr
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  • jennriettainspired
    27.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    This is one of those days when having a partner would really be handy. I have to somehow drop the dog off, pick the dog up, return the rental car full of gas and free of dog hair, collect my car from the alternator place, get a ride from the rental car place to the alternator place or walk a mile, and hold 90 minutes of tense and important zoom calls with cranky clients all in the space of two hours.

    Typing this out, it isn’t happening. Dog trip is going to need to be separate and I’ll deal with the rest after the calls.

    Thank you for coming to this boring TED talk.

    #I Uh #seem not to remember that J was completely unavailable all day every day to speak much less handle anything #but sure let’s imagine a helpful partner I’m missing 🤣
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  • atomitron
    27.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Distract Me

    A bit from the line I just simply Cannot Leave Alone as of late. In which the trio of fools are still in Zion. Red belongs to @fanthings.

    A Rorschach moves over Nev's face as the firelight undulates. Her laugh is wide in her mouth, her hand splayed over her stomach she rocks forward. Red is right there with her, breathlessly repeating the comment she made that set off their parry to begin with. Stuttering another peak of laughter, Nev waves a hand like she might be asking for mercy. Her stomach aches. There are tears in her eyes; she cannot remember the last time she laughed like this.

    Lars remembers Nev as the scrawny, owl-eyed woman girl that was spared only for her medical skills. By the events of the Second Battle she must have been twenty three at best so, as he watches her flop onto her back to continue laughing, Lars does the math.

    The liberated tequila they found lurking under one of the park ranger towers washes bitter around his teeth— the two years he believed Red to be dead ripple through him often, all those stardusted moments of mounting dread compounded into a space he dare not touch, but he is reflecting outside of his own sphere tonight.

    "I'm a Pisces," Nev says with a smile. She gestures toward the diamond studded cosmos above, the universe reflected in her dark eyes as she maps constellations with her fingertip. Red, legs criss-crossed and chin set into their hand, watches her chart the sky with their mismatched eyes. The eerie sensation of being haunted has yet to leave Lars; they are both here, real by flesh and bone, but the Datura incident has left him fraying in all the places that defines reality.

    "Last day of March," Red says as Nev fights the cap off the bottle again, "For what it's worth; I don't celebrate it." Nev sits up. Weight propped on her palms and her overgrown hair curling as it falls, she is a residual wraith he cannot shake. She blinks all doe eyed and bambi lashed at Red, her ramble on birthdays ceasing abruptly as her brow begins to furrow.

    "You don't celebrate your birthday?"

    When did the hollows under her cheekbones wither sallow? When did her softness edges become so sharp— there's wrought muscle under her honied skin, the kind that comes only with a life of labour; he mourns for the life she once told him she dreamt of in those precious blips of hushed stillness. There's a scar peeping beneath her hairline. It's new enough to make his stomach churn.

    She's closer to thirty than he anticipated. He can see Nev's life as much as he can see Red's— he needn't get a look under her stitched shirt to know that the fabric hides her scar written parables. The smile is fading from her mouth. The fire flickers, spits firefly embers as Red's mouth curls acidic around their retort. "Seemed less important than dying when I was younger so, no."

    "Oh right— yeah," Nev's smile whispers out like a snuffed flame. Her hand drops from where she had been charting March through the dark basin above and, fingers making themselves busy with her satchel strap, she mutters, "Sorry."

    Lars is nowhere near as drunk as the other two sat opposite him. The pair of them are giving each other a run for their money in regards to being lightweights, but he has still never seen Nev drink as she does. Somewhere between stages she has stopped flinching at the bite of liquor in her mouth. Red pauses for a moment, their stillness contradicting that smoke over water fluidity that keeps Lars rapt with attention even subconsciously. They watch Nev suck her cheek between her teeth, then offer through an exhale of cigarette smoke, "We c—"

    "You know I should probably head back," she's getting up already, slinging her satchel over her shoulder and rapidly gathering her dark hair into a bundled state between ponytail and bun, "I'm way past curfew." Lars frowns. He glances at Red, then breaks his silence with a low, "Curfew?"

    "Oh, yeah," Nev's a little unsteady as she picks up the bottle then, without needing to ask, she picks up Lars' cigarette packet. Only smoke when I'm drunk, she once told him. Only smoke when I'm under pressure. She smiles, but the light doesn't reach her eyes as she flaps a hand. He pauses on his way to his feet. "Follows-Chalk is scouting over on that ridge," she says, "He'll walk back with me."

    "You sure?" "Mhm, yeah— I'll see you when I do, I guess."

    She moves too quickly for Lars to protest, just as she always has done, but he still turns to watch her walk off. Every fibre of him fights the urge to trail after her whenever she leaves their latest camp, but it is what it is. The sensation is much the same as when he used to watch her marching through Fortification Hill. Pretty as a picture and just as tokenized, he stops thinking about the things he knew happened whilst his back was turned when Red slumps down beside him.

    "It's my job to be the resident misery," Lars mutters. He looks at them with low lids and firelight caught in the arc of his dark eyes. "I'm drunk; the filter is long gone," Red says with a half attempted smile, "Sorry." Placing his cigarette between his lips, Lars brushes Red's hair away from their face. "You're alright; I'm pulling your chain."

    The graze of Lars' thumb has Red immediately lean on his shoulder so, without skipping a beat, Lars lifts his arm to accommodate them. He keeps his gaze trained on the rocks in the near distance and, sure enough, the pair of them watch Follows-Chalk pop up from the scrub like he too has been summoned. They cannot hear whatever Nev calls up to him but, throwing the double thumbs up she taught him when she first arrived, Follows-Chalk makes to climb down.

    Red's silence persists. Ember of his cigarette searing with the long pull, Lars rests his head back against the rock and throws his gaze to the sky. A shooting star streaks cosmic dust through the sky above. Lars wonders what Nev might wish for when she inevitably spots it too.

    "No retort?" He asks Red eventually. Eyes closed, hair mussed where they lean into Lars' chest, Red replies on a low murmur, "I always have a retort, just thought it would be in bad taste." They relish in the vibration that hums through Lars' chest as he muses. When they lift their gaze and set their cheek against his shoulder, Lars has closed his eyes. "We're always in bad taste," he murmurs.

    Maybe something softer would be better, something profound for the stars to sanctify, but neither of them have it in them to address the rapidly climbing pressure that hides between red rocks and in blue sundown shadows. "Well, in that case," Red scuffs out their cigarette as Lars draws the last of his own, "I hope that's not the only thing you're pulling."

    Lars tries so very dearly to maintain his composure. Maybe it's the liquor, but it is more likely the relief of a less than serious interaction after Nev felt compelled to leave their company— again. Either way, the slight pull on Lars' mouth betrays him. Red's smile unfurls into a grin, lashes low and artificial eye glowing in the near dark as they nudge him in the ribs, "Lars— do you get it?"

    Attempting to scuff his laugh as he exhales smoke, Lars coughs as his mouth cracks into a smile. "Idiot," he says affectionately. As he tosses the remnants of his cigarette away, arm curling around Red's neck, they grin into his smile as they say, "You like it though." He does. He confirms as much when he pulls their leg over his thigh and kisses them through another moment of reprieve.

    Somewhere between Red's fingers curling into his shirt and his fingers finding their home at the nape of their neck, Lars murmurs in the slim space between them, "You best distract me before I feel bad." The smile splits coyote sharp again. Red sinks their fingers into Lars' overgrown hair, smile betraying intent as they wind their digits full, then give a tug for good measure. They delight in the dilate bloom in Lars' eyes as they reply, "I can do that."

    #Line: Indigo Sfumato #OC: Nev#OC: Lars #I'm not going to lie #Sometimes I could hit *Lars* with a rock #His brain is just sawdust and stupidity #I might do Nev's follow up with Joshua but uh #👁👁 #How do you say 'the most horrendous dynamic known to man' poetically #We do not ship it #It simply exists to make everybody retch #Courier Red
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  • brockbiote
    27.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
    don’t  forget  ;  eddie  and  venom  together  are  terrifying  to  anyone  who  doesn’t  know  them.  they’re  unpredictable.  they’re  monstrous  in  appearance,  and  it’s  not  exactly  clear  to  anyone  unaware  of  what  symbiotes  are  that  there’s  a  person  inside.  they  blend  in  well  with  dark  surroundings,  and  even  if  they  don’t,  have  the  ability  in  recent  years  to  camouflage  ;  you’ll  never  see  them  coming.  they  could  be  right  behind  you  this  very  instance,  waiting  for  the  opportunity  to  strike...  boo.  they’re  ever  evolving  ;  even  if  you  manage  to  overpower  them  long  enough  to  escape  one  time,  there  will  not  be  a  repeat.  they  don’t  respond  to  reason,  nor  to  threats.  they  make  little  threats  about  how  delicious  you  look,  and  there  are  plenty  of  rumours  running  around  of  their  cannibalistic  nature,  just  enough  to  make  you  think...  holy  shit.  is  it  true?  they’ll  be  your  ally  one  day,  and  turn  on  you  the  next,  depending  on  eddie  and  the  symbiote’s  ever  changing  mindsets.  there’s  frighteningly  few  fights  they’ve  lost,  and  criminals  tend  to  shit  themselves  and  talk  in  hushed  whispers,  just  at  the  mere  mention  of  their  name.  that’s  what  venom  is.  /  do  not  reblog.
    #META . #OOC . #also eddie : an unemployed depressed  guy  in  his  early forties struggling to pay rent #the duality of man <3 #there's also the fact that eddie is a hardened criminal and even without venom is a hard man to take down #literally put other guys in comas / blinded them during his time in prison :')) #i genuinely think when eddie and venom re - bonded during the 2016 run uh #half the heroes in nyc had a collective panic attack <3
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  • shywhumpauthor
    27.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
    #my logic is #so the dude obviously knows the kittens are there #and so I assume they’re on their way #I’m hoping for sooner rather than later #because obviously they’d try to get the tiny babies to someone before they pass away or something #because they obviously don’t last too long in a crate in the back of some truck #so uh #fingers crossed they come before the weekend #because we’re getting a nasty storm
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