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  • 000x3
    20.01.2022 - 38 minutes ago

    he has my eyes and patience

    #standing there waiting for me to move to the couch so we can cuddle #my little butler.. #build me up buttercup! #petz#irl cats
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  • yayninjabob
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Character playlist for Jojo/Joey in Part III 🖤

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  • powerpuff-awesome-blossom
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i need to draw more monsters

    #powerpuffgirls#powerpuff girls #powerpuff girls buttercup #ppg buttercup#ppg#rowdyruff boys #rowdyruff boys butch #rowdyruff boys boomer #rowdyruff boy brick
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  • loudlyhappycupcake
    20.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
    #the powerpuff girls #powerpuff girls#ppg#blossom#bubbles#buttercup #Not my art
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  • mostlythemarsh
    20.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Blue Dreams

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  • sweeterthanthis
    20.01.2022 - 4 hours ago
    #destroyer!chris x buttercup #lau answers#widows web
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  • sweeterthanthis
    19.01.2022 - 5 hours ago
    #lau answers #asks are always open #widows web#rockstar au #destroyer!chris x buttercup #nick x clover x bucky #steve x treasure
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  • murphy-omalley
    19.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    So photogenic! 😎📸

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  • murphy-omalley
    19.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Murphy got jealous 😅

    #corgi#cattledog #murphy and Buttercup #dog blog#tiktok
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  • sweeterthanthis
    19.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Meet Widows Web...

    Hey, Sweethearts! Amongst all of the other thots in my head, and now that I'm ahead of myself with my other WIP's, a Rockstar AU has been swirling in my brain for a while now.

    So, I invite you to join me in my first ever multi-reader au. A series of one shots, all set in the same universe. Three different reader inserts, four pairings, and plenty of spicy experiences.

    Do you wanna come backstage and meet the band? Of course you do.

    18+ ❤

    Bucky Barnes - Drums

    Bucky Barnes, drummer and one of the founding members of Widows Web, is a master of percussion and filthy charm. If he's not playing, he's breaking hearts. His ego is just as big as they say it is. He's reckless. And that nasty side? Well, there are few people who can match him on that. Until he finds you, his Clover, of course.

    Yelena Belova - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

    Yelena is every bit the bad ass you'd expect her to be. Feisty, headstrong, sarcastic, and mischievous. A powerhouse of a vocalist and half the brains of the lyrical mastery in Widows Web. She could drink any one of her band mates under the table, has a sharp tongue, and above all else, an aura that just makes the fans flock. She's a blast.

    Chris - Bass Guitar

    Every band needs a brooding, quiet one, right? Chris isn't as outrageous and promiscuous as Bucky, nor is he flamboyant like his front woman. He's laid back, creative, and easy going, but that doesn't mean he won't bite when someone messes with his girl. Once you've got him, he's yours. Chris is loyal to you, his Buttercup. And there's not a single person who can turn his head, no matter how hard they may try.

    Steve Rogers - Lead Guitar

    Along with his impeccable finger dexterity, ex-MMA fighter and co-founder of the band, Steve Rogers, appears to be one of the more relaxed members. That doesn't mean he doesn't know how to have a good time. He enjoys the company of women, but there's something about you, his daughter's best friend, his Treasure, that he just can't shake.

    Nick Fowler - Band Manager

    It's safe to say that Nick has his hands full. He deals with everything so they don't have to, and gets paid handsomely enough to do so. Schedules, shows, photoshoots. He's the brains behind the operation. Nick knows a pretty girl when he sees one, and he can't help but use his powerful position to pull you in. It's just a shame Bucky considers you to be his lucky charm. His Clover. How long will Nick be content with sharing you? My guess is not long at all.

    Sam Wilson - Photographer

    Sam is one of the worlds most renowned photographers. A long time friend of Steve's, and sought after by models and musicians all over the globe. His incredible talent and vision helped put Widows Web on the map, and his charisma, style and charm is unmatched.

    Natasha Romanoff - PR

    Natasha can talk herself, and the band, out of just about anything and put a positive spin on it. Theres no such thing as bad publicity, right? She's well loved by every member, and one of the only people who can knock some sense into them when they need it. Butting heads with Nick? It's just part of the job.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on this new venture. Feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions or suggestions, wanna tell me which of the three main pairings you're looking forward to the most etc. I've been sitting with the idea of this for a while and would love to finally talk about it ❤

    A/N: I have zero plans to write smut scenes for Yelena. So please don't make that assumption 💗

    The two tattoo edits (Steve and Natasha) used in this post were created by the amazing @nixakimbo, who kindly gave me permission to use them. You can find them on Instagram! ❤

    #widows web #destroyer!chris x buttercup #nick x clover #bucky x clover #nick x clover x bucky #steve x treasure #bucky barnes smut #bucky barnes x reader #steve rogers smut #steve rogers x reader #destroyer!chris x reader #destroyer!chris smut #rockstar au
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  • echovoidsystem
    19.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    they r best friends..

    #echos #their names are buttercup and azalea :3 #this is in my modded hardcore world #aka my only hardcore world ever lol #azalea is the only naturally spawned pink sheep i've ever seen and i love her
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  • andthentheworldstoodstill
    19.01.2022 - 7 hours ago


    Does anyone else roll their eyes at this word?

    Just me?

    It seems like you hear about tolerance, acceptance, and _______ lives matter.

    Yet -  we call each other hypocrites, haters, and the offended.

    Society is not leaving space for explanation, understanding and patience.

    There is no room for the one thing that would bring us together - Love.

    I don’t care if I offend you.

    Its not about you, stop being so fucking selfish.

    #offensive#offended#selfish #all about you #all you need is love #where is the love #idc #get over it #suck it up #buttercup#practice #what you preach #turn the other cheek #what is wrong with the world #drama#trauma
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  • codebestowed
    19.01.2022 - 8 hours ago
    from the datascape ➟ @blackdino23​
         Buttercup wondering into some tech looking place. She takes out a phone that the 'Briliant Doctor Alphyes' had given her. Placing it on what she believed was a charger.

         Someone had plugged in their phone? He could feel something tickle the edges of the computer monitor. The slight static that rolled between his fingertips and down to indicate someone had indeed put a device close to the charging port. This is what happened when you bounced between computers. Not that Data minded, but he would like to greet this individual right? What was so wrong with that?

         Delegating himself into that location as to where the plug in was, he managed to slip right into the phone. Was this invasive? Perhaps, but also you must remember that Data was quite the curious little fellow.

         ❝Hello there! Welcome to a personal charging port, glad you made it safely. Your phone is. . . at eighty - five percent charged. It will be fully charged in twenty minutes! Thank you for . . . Why are you looking at me like that?❞

         It’s because he’s a small guy in the phone isn’t it?

    #blackdino23. #LOG FILE.   ( inbox ). #QUEUE-RL SAVING.   ( queue ). #don't mind him he's invasive and curious #SORRY BUTTERCUP
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  • wortverlust
    19.01.2022 - 10 hours ago
    #come on buttercup #buttercup anon #bc this is to sweet for me to handle urgh #<333 #much love to you!!!! #thank you so much for taking your time and dropping in my inbox <333 #means so much to me #I am serious #Jo.answers
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  • xejune
    19.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    never before did i have such a strong urge to braid a grown man's hair

    #the witcher#geralt #geralt of rivia #jaskier#dandilion #the witcher netflix #the witcher games #digital art#fanart#my art #i based my design mostly off of the show but also a lil on the games #just picking and choosing my favourite parts #look i just enjoy the customing from the show. theyre good looks #but the first witcher game is what rlly gave me hair braiding cravings #also idk flower language. but its a buttercup (ofc); a pink daisy; forget-me-nots & a cornflower :) #also hope u enjoy the lil jaskier braiding geralt's hair while he sharpens his sword #ALSO him holding the dagger - just imagine that he looted it off of a corpse & is just considering keeping it
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  • queercodedlunatic
    19.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Kiss under Belletayn’s spell

    Another art for my fic: Burning for You. Got inspired while writing chapter 2. I hope I’ll get it finished soon. 


    #gerlion#geraskier#the witcher #geralt of rivia #jaskier#dandelion #geralt x dandelion #geralt x jaskier #flower crown#belletayn#fan art#my art #the witcher fanart #the witcher fanfiction #fanart: the witcher #in case anyone's interested Jaskier's flower crown has dandelions and buttercups #Geralt's has Geranium sylvaticum Forget-me-nots Lilies of the valley and arctic starflowers
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  • daddys-lil-buttercup
    19.01.2022 - 23 hours ago
    #buttercup talks#anon#ask #I’m not gonna stop any of you from spoiling me uwu
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  • laur-uwu
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    i haven’t slept in three days and just said bendersnatch cummerbund while trying to name the marvel cast by memory, please get help

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