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  • minii-mint
    08.05.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    emerging from my hiatus to post this button & nick pic, the one where he's carrying you & trying not to cry cause it makes ME cry every single time

    hope y'all love it!

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  • vintage-vamp
    07.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    ⚠️!Mind Blind Spoiler Alert!⚠️

    Okay so now I can't stop thinking, after reading @fru1tb4tz 's post.

    I really don't intend to offend anyone in what I've to say, so I am already warning you guys.

    I love Grayson Black. That guy is perfection, everything, all the good adjectives. And now that I think about it, Gray x Button isn't actually that weird, even with the age gap. Whom I am having real issue with now is the Nick x Sally ship.

    I explained everything under the cut, due to some sensitive topics, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (I should add, the content is 16+, just in case)

    (If Sally isn't your RO, Jo sets her up with Nick)

    So when button was 16, they had a crush on Gray, who was a 22 year old adult. This is canon, and some people were weirded out a little because of it. Considering that button wasn't even a proper adult whereas Gray had crossed his teens, and twenty. But to think about it, the situation would've been weird if Gray hadn't rejected them. But he did. He rejected them and I think even openly admitted (at that time) that he wasn't comfortable with it.

    There it was, problem solved. It wasn't weird of button to have a crush on Gray, I think I speak for all of us, when I say all of us had crushes on older people when we were teenagers. It was completely normal, and even the classic trope fitted properly, the whole "Crush on my brother's best friend." It seemed completely okay.

    Gray rejected button, was weirded out for a while, then moved on, same with button (except they didn't move on and the crush kept intensifying) but now in-game, button is a mature adult, who can make their life-decisions for themselves, without any supervision. Same goes for Gray. He didn't have feelings for button when button was 16, but now he slowly started developing them, since in-game events. Nothing seems weird. Two mature adults, being all lovey dovey.

    Now where my issue comes in, is when we discover that Nick has feelings for Sally. I love the ship as much as the next person, but to think about it, Nick has watched Sally grow up, from a child to a woman, it is so weird to develop feelings for a person you watched grow up. I wouldn't have an issue if Sally grew up with Nick, but she didn't. Nick had witnessed her grow up. Logically speaking, he should feel the same way about Sally, the way he feels about Button. Like a big brother.

    Once again, I won't object Sally's feelings, it's okay to have a crush on your best friend's big brother, who saw you growing up. Younger people getting crushes on older people whom they have spent half their life doesn't seem weird. But how would you feel when you see someone crushing on a person they saw changing pjs at night when they were 7 year old, and having a sleep over at your house with your younger sibling? (This is very specific, but we all know this happened with button and Sally, it would be illegal if it hadn't XD)

    Really, I don't mean to offend anyone, love is blind, age is just a number, I get it, but just think about it in this perspective. Nick had crushes on girls of his own age, and probably older ones too (the classic puberty dirty phase) during the same time period, when sally had been playing in the same room as him, a fourth-grader with her best friend. And all those years later, he suddenly has feelings for her?

    All I am saying is, Sally eventually developing feelings for Nick seems reasonable, I mean, all of us have a crush on Nick, who is Sally when it comes to that, but Nick developing feelings for Sally is weird. When Gray first saw button, button wasn't a child anymore, the whole teenage phase was nearly over, so him eventually developing feelings for them makes sense, but Nick is literally the similar figure to sally, the way he is to button, since Sally and Button grew up together.

    I loved the ship, but now that I have thought so much about it... it's weirding me out. I have a lot more to say, but I can't remember it right now, might reblog later if the thoughts come. I would love to hear more thoughts and insight on this though. *sigh*

    #mind blind #mind blind button #nick wiseman #grayson black x button #button wiseman#grayson black#sally alavidze #sally x nick #sally alavidze x nick wiseman #mind blind brainstorm #mind blind spoilers #i am really sorry if I spoiled things for someone who was steering clear of spoilers
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  • nerdferatum
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    I know it’s TWC day, but I’ve been working on this for the past... day and a half, maybe? And forgot about the existence of time. I’ve also been obsessed with Mind blind and had to do something, so here is my Button, Thais Wiseman.

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  • hedonist-aesthete
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    So please, I beg you - he is all that I have, and you have so many heroes and the world has so many more. (j.p.)


    #oc: byron#nick wiseman #mind blind button #mind blind#sketch #Reuse Romantic Poems For Non-Romantic Relationships Challenge #i have a soapbox #I will get on it if unsupervised #it's also nick wiseman loving hours in my brain #I don't know how hospitals work it's been actual years since I've been in one #05:08
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  • zarneki
    04.05.2021 - 3 days ago
    #reed.txt #c: echo wiseman #kent x echo #i need to do another run through with echo tbh #it's been a bit since i've played them from the beginning but this is the basics!! #echo is my highest morbidity button which still isn't very much at all #and it's more of a 'well shit continues to just happen to me don't it' kind of way #rather than 'this sucks i hate being alive' kind of way u know? #so the whole kent thing is mostly echo going 'this fucking blows' and then 'sure why not this' #ask tag #THANK U. FOR THIS. #it's hilarious how quick echo decides they'll do ANYTHING to get kent to smile. disgusting. i love them. #anonymous
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  • nickeymouse
    04.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    ocs + socials

    sol wiseman (mind blind)

    template 💛

    #mind blind#mindblind#button wiseman#grayson black#edit#oc social #.psd #mine #mb: sol wiseman #x: sol and gray #I WASN't sure about who to choose for gray's face but aaron taylor johnson fits him nicely i think.. #then there's tehya elam for sally #and THEN my third eye opened WIDE... and lo and behold... vito basso as nick #also please clap about the song DJSKF its an ABBA cover by GHOST... do u understand.. the implications.. gray's music taste influencing hers #they r in love .... #face claim #i feel weirdly nervous posting this lol 🧍‍♀️
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  • cyeegames
    03.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    replaying mind blind as a resentful button and i didn’t know i could trigger this scene... brb crying i’m so sorry nick ily but i love angst too

    #pls... #im so hurt #i love u nick i promise #nick wiseman#button wiseman#mind blind#interactive fiction#kfkdkdkdkdsk omg #im never going to be mean to u again #i promise i chose the first option
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  • isabeladraws
    02.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    finally sat down and drew some mind blind!! button and nick, best siblings in fiction history me thinks

    #nolan wiseman#nick wiseman #not only do they have N first names but also flower middle names <3 #because my hope and john are extra like that #button wiseman#mind blind#mindblind#mb fanart#my draws#fanart #watch these designs change in 0.2 drawings later
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  • aidoneus-archive
    02.05.2021 - 5 days ago
    > Choose your fighter!

    Guess who got a new thing to fixate on? This fucker :D

    But ye, that's my new shiny Button from Mind Blind, Nen

    I'll probably put out more about him soon (and some more art in a different style of course cuz wtf is consistency anymore)

    plus probably better color palette cuz this sucks ass-

    Mind Blind by @mindblindbard

    Edit: how tf did I mess up Rosy's skin color that badly :V

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  • zarneki
    02.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    i am also thinking about why cohen is such a good cook and it’s absolutely because right after The Incident he’d just kind of cling. to nick. so he was always hanging around the kitchen while nick was cooking and nick just started asking him to stir or add salt or chop this and anyway, it’s about how food brings people together and how it can help you heal.

    #reed.txt #c: cohen wiseman #it’s about cohen completely shutting down and going mute for MONTHS bc he’s terrified of talking #and how cooking becomes the Thing they do that’s like. it’s transformative u know? #you add a bunch of shit together and make something new and ur using your hands #and it’s a BONDING activity #so it’s about cohen beginning to heal a little bit and eventually very quietly asking to make snickerdoodles #and nick immediately bursting into tears while telling him to get the flour #and cohen likes to cook now bc it a) reminds him of his brother #and b) it’s relaxing and it calms him down #welcome to new button brain worms hour!
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  • rorykanes
    30.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    objectively i can understand why the wisemans kept [redacted] a secret from button, but once elle finds out i genuinely think this will severely damage her relationship with & her trust in nick

    #teddy.txt #this is about the latest patreon post if anyone is wondering #nick's relationship bar with button is going from like #170% ----> 20% #this is the kind of shit elle finds unforgiveable #teddy plays mind blind #oc: annabel wiseman
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  • what-do-you-mean-theyre-evil
    29.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Soooooo, guess what I'm playing

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  • fhauvilles
    29.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    home is where love resides and memories are created.

    a lovely edit of my button and rosy kim, made by the sweetest @anotherbeingsworld💕

    #yes i am obsessed with them and kitchens ok?? i may have a problem #just.. these nerds being nerds together and dancing together and cooking together and-- #cool cool im fine #this is so beautiful i still love it so much alya!! #💗💗 #oc: alex wiseman #alex x rosy #button wiseman#rosykim#mind blind #mind blind art #nett rambles
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  • spirithealer
    29.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    eden may be a 0 on the pollard scale but she’s a 10 in my (and grayson’s) heart.

    template by @prometheas
    #mind blind #mind blind button #eden wiseman#my edits* #i had 2 make a lil edit of my button :^)
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  • wayhavenots
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    #mind blind#glitch parker #button x glitch #daphne wiseman #hope i redeemed myself for that other one lololol only smiles here
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  • kingkangs
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    what im saying is niko did not like rosy as soon as they met him <3 and also something about the nickname rosy can be so gnc

    (based off this)

    #ambrose kim#niko wiseman#mind blind #also nico gets the nickname button bc niccolo and nicholas are so close . dont ask me why mom and pops wiseman did that to em #i think niko is a cute name and i spent too long finding one i enjoyed #my art #edited this on mobile and it got rid of the whole link to the og post god i hate this site #it also got rid of part the caption HOW??? DID IT DO THAT
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  • agentnataliesewell
    26.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Nick: there's one thing worse than dying...

    (reveals button's name above the word)

    High morbidity!Button: *sigh* me 😔😔

    Nick: Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #mind blind#shitpost#meme#nick wiseman#button wiseman #also bonus: if strained relationship then replace buttons name with nicks #asdfghjklsld #this is dumb but its also 5am so yea
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  • narrativefoiltrope
    25.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    one-sided enemies to lovers remains the funniest trope in the world to me

    #i am once again thinking about phent #lmaoooo phoebe rly tries to hold onto any reason to dislike kent bc he’s handsome and she feels like a fool #i mean every single phoebe route is one-sided enemies to lovers sdjkssjl sorry mb ro’s #glitch is prob the exception bc she swoops in and humiliates Clarence which is Hot #tropes #phoebe button wiseman #narrativefoiltrope narration
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  • wayhavenots
    25.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    So don’t you fret for your baby sister now

    I wanted to write a fluffy Mind Blind fic, but this was the only idea I could write. ...Sorry in advance!

    Title taken from Sunday Shoes by Lady Lamb.

    TW: Death of a major character (Nick)

    Synopsis: Nick opts to be taken off of life support when it looks like he will not recover. He needs Daphne’s help to say goodbye. (Some Gray x Button but it’s really not the focus here.) (Major angst! I cried like three times while writing this.)

    Word count: 1312 words


    You don't have to do this if you don't want to, Button.

    Daphne Wiseman flicks the zipper on her jacket. I know, she thinks back.

    She knows, and she doesn't want to, but her body walks them into the hospital room anyway. It pulls up a chair next to the body of her comatose brother, who is breathing steadily through a ventilator. It sits and it looks.

    Funny, how a body and a mind can be so at odds, sometimes.

    Funny. Haha. Like the time her body almost killed her brother.

    Correction: Like the time her body did kill her brother. Because it didn't matter that Vengeance had been brought to justice. Justice wasn't coming back.


    Nick's body stopped breathing shortly after the epic takedown of Vengeance. He disappeared from her mind for the most terrifying half-hour of Daphne's life. (That included the twenty-seven minutes that her mother took her body for a test-drive. And the thirty-two it took for Nick to delete an embarrassing message that a love-sick and slightly drunk nineteen-year-old Daphne had left in Grayson Black's voicemail box.)

    Guess they fixed me in the nick of time, he remarked when he came back, when he and Daphne both heard the doctor say that there had been an unexpected development.

    C'mon, Body, stop kidney-ing around, he said a few days later, upon the revelation that his kidney function had decreased.

    Hey, I can beat this, he said a few weeks later, in regards to the unstable rhythm of his heart. Get it, Button?

    And then after some more weeks, so, so softly that Daphne almost didn't hear him over the sound of her own thoughts mixing with the doctors' words (”...brain could eventually shut down...” that's just what happens when you're trapped in my head in Rosy's classroom eh Nick “...you'll need to make a decision, or rather, he’ll need to make a decision if he wants to proceed with organ donation...” if it’s anything like your Halloween costume decisions then I think we should crowdsource this one...)---



    John and Hope drive down from Milwaukee to say goodbye. To Nick, whose body will soon stop and whose mind will go with it. And to Daphne, whose head will soon be unprotected from those who can do her harm, intentionally or not. 

    And that’s why they have to leave, hours before the doctors are scheduled to power down the machines. Because they couldn’t bear it if something were to happen to Daphne, too. 

    But she isn’t scared of what her mother could do to her. Not anymore. What could she possibly do to her that is worse than being used to kill her brother? 

    She doesn’t say that. She doesn’t say anything, except for the words that Nick wants her to relay---about how much he loves them, about how he couldn’t have asked for better parents, et cetera, et cetera.

    Her mouth forms the words, repeating after Nick, but her mind is elsewhere. Her mind is focused on the heart monitor’s steady rhythm, the fluid dripping from an IV into her brother’s veins, a chip in the paint on the wall, the zipper of her jacket. Zip up, zip down, now you see me, now you don’t. The sound is soothing over her voice, which is shaky and unsteady---not a good representative for calm and confident Nick at all.

    She barely remembers being gathered into the last ever Wiseman family hug. Or watching the door shut behind them.

    How are you feeling, Button? 

    As if he doesn’t know.

    (Maybe he doesn’t. She’s not sure, either.)


    It’s the funniest answer she can think of, until she remembers that she will never have a meal as good as one cooked by Nick.


    In the long string of goodbyes, a long list of friends and relatives and exes that Daphne never knew, the last is Gray. He bumps a chair on his way in and apologizes to it, which makes Daphne smile for a moment, without realizing it. And then he places the chair across from hers, sits down, knees almost but not quite touching hers. 

    His eyes are red, she notices. She wants to hug him.

    Why not? I think he’d like that.

    She tries to suppress the thought, but can’t: she killed his best friend.

    Nobody is blaming you for that, says Nick firmly. Button, tell me you understand that this isn’t your fault.

    “How are you holding up?” asks Gray softly, unaware of the conversation happening inside her head.

    “Me?” she laughs, pointedly ignoring Nick’s request. She holds up a coffee cup, on the outside of which is written Resilience. Her honorary callsign, ever since she and the others brought down Vengeance, and the name the barista insisted on writing on the cup. “I’m held together by caffeine and denial.”

    He grimaces, moves his hand as if to take hers, then stops.

    Nick groans loudly in her head. This, he says, this is what’s going to kill me.

    “And...how is...?” Gray looks between the still body in the bed, and a point in the center of Daphne’s forehead. “How does this...work, exactly?”

    “Just pretend that I’m not here,” she says softly. “I’m just translating.”

    And she does, her own mind floating through space as she repeats Nick’s words without thinking. Eyes on Gray’s worn shoes, then back to her zipper, and then she is absorbed with ripping up the paper coffee cup, until she can no longer read the name on the front. 

    “Take care of yourself,” she is saying, “and take care of---”

    She stops. She has to draw a line somewhere. I’m not saying that.

    It’s my dying wish, Button. Please.

    “...and take care of my sister.” 


    Dr. Amari knocks on the door gently, and Daphne’s mind---hiding in the corners of the hospital room---comes rushing back to her. For the first time in months, she feels the weight of her body, the effort to inhale oxygen into her lungs, tears rushing to her eyes without her express permission. 

    No, no, no, it can’t be time yet.

    “I guess it’s my turn,” she chokes out to Gray. 

    Without another word, his arms wrap around her small frame, wishing her good luck. Or maybe it is a final hug for Nick. 

    Two for the price of one, he quips, though he sounds scared. Am not, he adds to her observation. 

    Gray finally lets go, but he doesn’t leave. Together, they watch as the last of the devices keeping Nick’s body alive are removed. Daphne sits to take her brother’s hand in hers.

    It’s okay to be scared, she thinks to him. It’s okay, Nick. You don’t have to be good magnanimous big brother right now. You can be scared.

    Promise me you won’t blame yourself for this forever. His tone is positively panicked now. I can’t leave if you’re not going to be okay.

    Joke’s on them both: It’s too late to change his mind, and she doesn’t know if she’ll ever be okay. 

    I’ll try, she manages. Really, I will. You can go, Saint Nick. I’ll be okay.

    The rest of his words come out in a rush, as the heart monitor shuts off, each syllable softer than the last. I’m so proud of you, Button...Give Rosy hell from me...I love you...Don’t let Gray starve...You’re gonna put us all to shame at Aeon...If you and Gray have kids, name one after their Uncle Nick...I love you, Button...

    I love you, Saint Nick.


    Gray gathers her in his arms again when she starts sobbing. Tears flow down his own cheeks as he holds her tight against him, the room silent except for the sound of her muffled sobs against his T-shirt. 

    And then she is yelling, so loudly he nearly jumps at the volume of it---

    ...oh God, oh God, it’s okay, it’s okay, don’t leave, don’t leave, don’t leave...

    Gray’s heart sinks at the realization: it is her voice in his head.

    But he doesn’t leave. 

    #mind blind#SORRY#nick wiseman#grayson black #gray x button #tw: death #mind blind spoilers #(if you haven't read the demo i guess lol)
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  • narrativefoiltrope
    24.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    @tuomniia and @buttonwisemoth tagged me to make my oc’s in this picrew so here they are!

    top row: winter collins, pandora kingston, & mack halliday (twc detectives)

    middle row: phoebe wiseman (mind blind), atiya tayran (a tale of crowns)

    bottom row: honor maddox (scout), quinn o’shea (the northern passage)

    i think this has made the rounds but consider yourself tagged if you’d like to do this!

    #phoebe is so angy but she should meet atiya or honor or quinn lmaoooo #atiya & honor aren’t angry but they have the right to be #picrew #detective winter collins #detective pandora kingston #detective mack halliday #phoebe button wiseman #crown atiya tayran #scout honor maddox #hunter quinn o'shea
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