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  • I am attempting to post on this blog a little more during these difficult times when other people might appreciate a little distraction, so while I am working on some more explicitly history-related posts here are my own personal headcanons for the ages of (some) Newsies characters (in no particular order).

    Jack- 17, born November 22nd, 1881

    Davey & Sarah (I headcanon them as twins)- 16, born May 12th, 1883

    Katherine- 18, born January 30th, 1881

    Crutchie- 15, born January 16th, 1884

    Race- 16, born March 20th, 1883

    Les- 9, born September 23rd, 1889

    Spot- 14 (almost 15), born August 8th, 1884

    Mush- 16, born March 17th, 1883

    Jojo- 16, born December 24th, 1882

    Buttons- 15, born October 11th, 1883

    Albert- 15, born May 30th, 1884

    Elmer- 14, born April 19th, 1885

    Romeo- 13, born December 31st, 1886

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  • I think Apple is making a mistake on not capitalizing on the fact that people love buttons. Everyone likes a satisfying button to push but Apple is slowly taking away buttons on their phones? no thanks, I’ll take my slide out keyboard again

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  • This cute short fic features Angel’s (@katani-ocs​) OC, Buttons! Art by her as well!


    Days go by pretty fast when you’re on your feet and pacing around left and right, putting bottles full of liquids on shelves and trying not to fall over when you’re distracted by focusing too much on the objective. It’s not all bad, of course. Spending some time with Buttons more has been a lot of fun and I miss being with my cute bear demon girlfriend, or “My Honey” for short. “Hey Puppy,” Buttons said, and yes that was her nickname for me. My nickname was Puppy and her nickname was Honey. “Can you grab the black box on the counter?” She asked and without hesitating, I turned my body towards the direction of the counter and made my way over. “Sure thing, Honey!” I replied, seeing the box she described and picking it up, seeing that it was quite small, thoughts about what could be inside beginning to pop into my head.

    I did as she told me and brought it towards her, smiling like a dork whenever she was in my view. “Ah, thank you!” She said before giving me a request. “Now, close your eyes~” She said and as much as I wanted to question her, I kept them close, shutting them tightly so she knew I wasn’t peaking. “Yes, ma’am~” There was some kind of sound, like a chain, I wasn’t completely sure, but whatever she was doing, she was wrapping it around my neck. I smiled softly and she must’ve known and saw because the moment my lips began to curl upwards, I could hear her giggling. It was probably the most adorable giggle I’ve ever heard in my life. A teddy bear demon, a witch, an Overlord of Hell, and my girlfriend. “Okaaaay, now open your eyes!” She said and once opening them and adjusting to the light in her shop, I looked down at what she wrapped around me, seeing that it was a necklace and hanging down close to my chest was a tiny bottle, filled with a purple liquid. I was surprised as to how something so small could still have so much, but then again, there’s surprises everywhere. “Aww, you didn’t have to, Buttons,” I said, thinking about what I had planned for her myself. 

    “One moment, Buttons~” I told her, going into the backroom and reaching into one of the boxes that were hidden in the very back of the room, remembering the spot I put it in and after bumping into something, I just so happened to trip and fall onto the floor, dropping my bright white box with a gift for Buttons. “Ach, dammit,” I said to myself, rolling on my back and chuckling to myself. “Elijah, are you okay? Did you trip?” Buttons asked and I smiled to myself as this was a bit common since I was a bit of a mess and clumsy. “Yeah, I did, heh. I’m okay though, I promise!” I told her, looking up and seeing her upside down, holding onto the box that had her gift. “O-Oh, umm, that’s for you, heh.” I told her as she set it aside to help me up. “No no, not opening it up myself, you’re going to surprise me, it’s only fair!” She replied as I was not that injured, but still. “Come on, Honey,” I said, smiling like an idiot as I watched her reach for the box and hand it to me, closing her eyes after doing so, even covering her eyes adorably so I knew that she wasn’t going to peek herself.

    I opened the box and removed the pendant necklace from it, placing it behind me on a box and placed both hands around her neck, hooking the necklace and hearing those giggles once more, my smile streaking a little wider than before. “There~” I said and then, she examined the necklace: a miniature jar encased in a yellow liquid and-yes, it was honey. It was a tiny jar of honey. “For my Honey~” I told her, pressing my lips against hers and pulling her close to me for the nice, warm bear hug. She loved hugs and I was more than happy to have her in my arms, lifting her up and pecking her all over. “I love you so much, Puppy~” She told me sweetly, her voice sounding sweeter than sugar and honey. I had to. “I love you even more~” I replied back, the two of us, taking in this moment together. “Should we, umm, get back to work?” I asked, a giggle escaping Buttons’ lips. “Maybe~ Let’s take a break, a small one won’t hurt of course~” She had something sweet up her sleeves and I could tell. Whatever she had planned, I didn’t mind as long as I was able to do it with her.

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  • Oscar “Buttons” Robinson, Birmingham, England, 1927

    When Oscar Robinson got his coat back from the Chinese cleaners he found it had several extra buttons sewn on in unconvincing ways.  As it was a cold and damp afternoon, he decided to wear it anyway, and get the extra buttons removed by his club’s tailor on the weekend.

    Long story short, all the favorable attention given to his unusual sartorial mischance caused young Oscar to rethink his entire wardrobe’s button number and placement, and, over time, earned him the nickname “Buttons.”

    Later in life, upon the medical removal of both his eyes, his nickname was revised to Oscar “No Eyes” Robinson.

    See several of his buttons on display at the Baby Gruenwald Archive Barn and Glitter Beard Shaming Station, located across the street from Gruenfair, Baby Gruenwald’s sprawling Culver Hills estate.

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  • The Worry-Monster by DisastaChique

    Also available as a rather nifty t-shirt from here

    The Worry Monster takes all of your worries and anxieties, and gnashes them down as a hearty snack.

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  • Source: pinterest.com

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  • Can I sew? Not really

    Do I have any plans of becoming better at sewing? I have plans of plans

    Was I ecstatic to find what I thought was a large plastic button on the floor? Obviously

    Do I have a button collection? No

    Was I planning on starting one because of said button? Of course

    Was I devastated when I realized the plastic button was in fact not a button but a strange piece of some old toy? Immensely

    #buttons#personal #lmao why am i like this #i wouldve just had a random button sitting on my dresser for years
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    I found another pin I forgot about! I made this in like eighth grade, I think.

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  • #big skinny pole makes whiny noises = Buttons #Fallout 4#OC#Buttons#Meg#Siren Head#Whispering Hills #this is such a spoopy mod #justriahisfine
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  • #I've never seen an Oprah show in my whole life #what an ancient meme #Fallout 3#OC#Buttons#meme#devilkiller1186
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    Originally posted by jeremyjordan-am-i-right

    Hey guys!! Cass here!! I was stupid, and accidentally posted this, without a title, or message, so yeah. The request was “Hi! It’s Pandarama too lazy to login lol. Do you write for Buttons? If so could you do a sick reader where Jack tries taking care of her but ends up calling in Buttons to help? TYIA!” So here we go!

    Warnings: just fluff =)

    “My god.” Jack examined your forehead, feeling it heat up. “Your allergies really suck this year.”

    “Well, I thought it was obvious.” You pointed to crumpled tissues all over the couch.

    Jack snorted. “Well, I’se will try to take care of you’se-” he looked at a notification on his phone. “Crap. I forgot it’s date nigh’ with Kath.” 

    You waved your hand, and shook your head. “I’ll be fine. Go have fun.”

    Jack shook his head. “No, I’ll text one of da’ boys.” you nodded, and laid your head down on the couch cushion.

    A few minutes and text messages passed by, and Jack stood up, and patted your shoulder. “Buttons is on his way.” he wiggled his eyebrows.

    You groaned, and covered your pink cheeks with your hands. “Really? Jack you know how awkward I am with him around.”

    “Which makes it all the better, and funnier.” you sighed.

    “Jack, I already look like a hot mess, and it’s even embarrassing for you to see me, in such a manner.” You pointed at your tangled hair, and crumpled clothes.

    “You’se always looks great. If you don’ say so, you’se disrespectin’ our family tree, baby cous.” You rolled your eyes, and crossed your arms. “Besides, Buttons is good at taking care of people. He said he’s on his way.” 

    “You know, you’re pretty insufferable?” 


    You both laughed, and you coughed.

     “Jesus.” Jack snorted again, but got interrupted by the doorbell ringing three times. You smoothed out your hair, and Jack laughed, and got up to answer the door. 

    “Hey.” Buttons ignored Jack’s greeting, and sat on the edge of the couch. “Oh my god, Y/n are you okay?”

    “I’m fine.” you sneezed. “I just have allergies.” He nodded and sighed in relief. Jack waved goodbye, and winked.

    “It’s not contagiou-” 

    “I’se know it’s not. Let me take care of you.” you sighed, and thanked him, and he sat close to you.

    “Please don’t sit next to me. I’m really gross today.”

    “Nope. You look lovely, as always.” you turned pink, and covered your face with a tissue.

    “Uh, there’s Hot Cheetos, granola bars, and orange juice on the counter.” You pointed to the counter. “Help yourself.” Buttons nodded, and scooted closer to you.

    “Do you’se need anything?”

    “I’m fine. I have my tissue box, and company, and that’s all I need.” you smiled.

    He turned pink, and smiled. “Okay, but let me know if you do.”

    You nodded and turned on the TV, and put on a movie. The movie was boring, so you and Buttons ended up talking the whole way through.

    “You’re really fun, Y/n. We should spend more time together.”

    “We see each other everyday.” you laughed. “And we’re spending time right now, aren’t we?”

    “I know, but like, just you and me’se you know?” you realized what he was saying.

    “Are you saying?”

    “Yeah, if you’se want to give it a try.” he fiddled with his hands.

    “Sure I do. Let’s go to the park, when I’m feeling better.” he smiled, and you both fell asleep on the couch, your arm draped across his chest..


    “I’m home!!” Jack called out. You both groaned hen looked up at him.

    “Oh shoot. Get back at it you two!!” Jack sang, and you both laughed lazily, then laid your heads down again.


    “I had a great time yesterday.” Buttons smiled, and started collecting his stuff. 

    You raised your eyebrows. “Taking care of me?”

    “No, being with you’se.” He laughed lightly.

    “I like being with you too.” you finished folding a blanket on the floor.

    “Good. Cause you’se stuck wit’ me.” 

    “Like glue?” You snorted at your own joke, and he rolled his eyes playfully.

    “Like glue.”


    tag list: @withsome-payback​, @your-lover-crutchie​, @snakeyboimusical​, @races-erster​, @lilz0190​, @myheartissetinmotion

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  • Keith Haring print, Swatch and buttons/badges, Pop Shop, NYC, 1986. 

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    A Coraline edit that I made a few days ago. Hope you all like it!

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    I made disguised Zim and Gir pins for myself!💚👽💚

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  • #this color vibrance will burn out everyone's eyes #what are Buttons' suspenders holding up? #no one knows #his self-confidence#OC#Buttons#Meg#Animal Crossing#villager#loveleetoons
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