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  • Mike and El: *arguing*
    Will: Relationships are messy. 
    Will: *pulls out a sponge from his pocket*
    Will: That’s why I use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean up the problems!
    Will: *starts throwing sponges at Mike and El*

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  • Me: Will is the most powerful psychic in the series -he literally created everything (based on his repressed memories of his dad, d&d, and horror movies). With no effort and being completely unaware. He literally has the power of imagination which can alter reality and bring things into existence. He’s practically a god- imagine what he could do with training and if he was actually aware of what he was doing . And tried to use his powers intentionally!

    Everyone else: stfu ! You’re on crack!El is the m-

    Stranger writers:

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  • why is there sm negativity in the byler tag. would it kill you to tag your shi t as ‘anti byler’ so it doesn’t show up in the tags holyyy

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  • image


    welcome to the 2019 byeler holiday bash hosted by @frogfaceandzombieboy !!!


    a week long event dedicated to celebrating byeler during the holiday season!! one theme will be designated per day. feel free to use ANY creative medium!!!

    • drabbles, ficlets, videos, gifsets, picsets, audio/songs, fanart/drawings/doodles- anything!
    • not a content creator? NO PROBLEM! feel free to write a meta or text post with your thoughts or feelings on the day’s theme!


    -monday december 16th is when it will begin.

    -(it’s the week before the holidays so hopefully that’ll inspire the warm fuzzies, and it’s a week from now to give you guys time to create & generate your content!)


    • dec. 16th, day 1: “love, actually, is all around.” (or any other favorite holiday quote you’d like to apply!)
    • dec. 17th, day 2: last christmas i gave you my heart.
    • dec. 18th, day 3: wow, that is an ugly sweater.
    • dec 19th, day 4: upsidedown christmas. santa, who? we’re talking krampus.
    • dec. 20th, day 5: hang low the mistletoe.
    • dec. 21st, day 6: it was the best snowman i’ve ever built.
    • dec. 22nd, day 7: all i want for christmas.. is you.


    if you’re deciding to participate, pls use the tag #byelerholidaybash so we can all view everything in one place. also pls tag me #frogfaceandzombieboy so i can track everything to post it on my blog!!



    don’t stress about not being able to post on the exact day, or even do every prompt. this is purely just for fun, to celebrate the holiday season & help the tag blossom during this dry spell!!!!

    also even though this is a byeler event, feel free to make anything will specific, mike specific, family specific, etc! i left the prompts intentionally vague so you can take it in whatever direction you’d like!!

    if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. drop by my box or message me & i’ll do my best to answer :)

    also if you can’t participate, pls reblog this to spread the word!!!


    #byeler#byler#byelerholidaybash #announcement at the av club
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  • everybody shut the Fuck up. will and mike have lockets with pictures of each other in them that they hide under their shirts and take out to look at every night before going to sleep because being able to at least see their beloved is better than having no impression of them at all. and it helps ward off any bad dreams they could possibly have when your boyfriend is fresh on your mind. yeah sure they talk on the phone but it provides little solace for them because phone conversations are especially superficial knowing they lack the proximity to truly express how much they care, you know? they open the lockets and caress the tiny little pictures while on their calls with each other to assure themselves of the others existence save for a crackly voice in the receiver. will finds himself forgetting the anatomy of mike’s face so he starts tracing and drawing that single photograph along with others jonathan has captured (most of which will swipes from framed pictures, jonathan’s room, and el’s desk drawers, which doesn’t go unnoticed by any of the byers’ family). mike is a fan of jewelry so he starts adding charms and beads along the locket’s chain that remind him of will (like charms with paint brushes or stars or runes carved into their surface, one side has plastic beads arranged like a rainbow, etc.). when mike has the opportunity to visit will will’s exceedingly flustered by all of mike’s embellishment of the locket it’s all he can do to keep himself from kissing mike right then and there in the front lawn. will shows mike all of the drawings he’s done of him (even the one’s he’s saved from years ago) and mike positively melts, asking if he can take some back to hawkins (which will obliges). they’re just softies in love ok i didn’t decide this

    #byeler#byler #.txt #uhmm goodbye! i’mgoing to sob now
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  • Reasons to ship byler (Will x Mike)

    This is actually much longer than the original version. At the beginning, it might seem like a repeat of my ‘mileven isn’t endgame vid.’ But it has a lot of differing content in the second ½ of the vid. Plus, I added never before seen content like lumax & byler parallels, and a montage of how Mike ‘lying’ is associated with his relationship with El (because he’s lying about his feelings for her). And also just a few extra clips here and there.

    * If you can, PLEASE like/comment on youtube  so the vid come up more often in the search algorithm. Lets covert people into byler-shippers :D

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  • Mileven

    I haven’t really said anything good about Mileven recently and well to be honest with Byler/Byeler fans right now I’m actually falling out of love with Mileven tbh.

    I have many reasons to be because most or so mean and I apologize if you ever got attacked by any angry mileven fan I really do. I don’t want to be part of a ship that has many toxic people in it like it makes me upset and I do not want to be pressed against those people.

    I also have been seeing Mileven a lot lately and I honestly just don’t see it anymore when I see it now I just get a weird feeling in the stomach and stuff I mean it’s cute I guess but not everyone likes the same thing and some Mileven’s forgot about that.

    To be honest yeah I just don’t ship mileven anymore. I guess I have turned a new leaf and I have leafed the mileven fandom. I was planning on making tumblr posts about a mileven edit on here but the beginning shaded and hated on people who didn’t ship mileven and it was very offensive and I’m tried of defending Mileven.

    I’m at the point where I’m just seeing so many Mileven’s hating on people like us and honestly they really just made me feel terrible. I would wake up and I would see a mileven and post and ya know I would be so happy and stuff but then I realize that mileven shippers are still around and I get disappointed. Like I’m seriously at the point right now where I was a Mileven and then Mileven’s made me converted me to Byler.

    How ironic to be honest.

    Most Mileven’s they hate Byler and don’t want anyone to ship it and stuff made one of their own feel guilty and shameful of Mileven which they praise so much. They made me turn a new leaf to a ship that they don’t even like and hate on. Ironic. Btw this is coming from a person who just was a Mileven shipper so I’m guessing you guys can tell I was very embarrassed to be apart of that and sincerely apologize to anyone who was attacked.

    Like I said I was planning on posting Mileven stuff and making an account for it but now I feel terrified to even mention it because I don’t want it become like the toxic Mileven’s in the Mileven fandom.

    That’s actually sad and upsetting. To look down upon your own otp because people don’t know how to respect. Hate all you want but as a used to be mileven I’m disappointed.

    Guess you can call me a full Byler shipper now. Because when I say I’m a byler shipper I am not terrified, I’m proud. I’m proud and love calling myself a Byler stan. I’ll ship many things but Mileven isn’t one of them at least not anymore. I respect Mileven but I just don’t ship it no more.

    Welp kinda a sad post but Byler stan if you are reading this:

    Stay doing what you do. I’m proud of you guys.

    #anti mileven #byler is real #byler is endgame #byler#byler rights#byeler#sorry 😔#smh 😔#yeah 😔 #im sad 😔 #ugh 😔 #stay doing what you do Byler stans. don't let anyone tell you otherwise ok?
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  • hot take but asleep by the smiths is a byeler song

    #i do this bc i hate myself #ow... #asleep by the smiths warning #byler#byeler#stranger things#mine
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  • #thanks you!! #i cant promise it will be good. #i cant promise itll be done anytime soon. #but i CAN promise it will be astoundingly self-indulgent #byeler
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  • a little byler gem from the unofficial stranger things fan guide

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  • Mike: I’m bi. Dustin:
    Yeah, I knew.
    Mike: I’m bi.
    Lucas: Why are you telling me this. I thought you knew? 
    Mike: I’m bi.
    Will: We’ve been dating for two years??

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  • FemMike/FemWill (stranger things).

    Estaba probando cosas, no sé si salieron, de todos modos me gusto (y siempre se hace lo que se puede). Siendo honesta, llevo tiempo tratando de dibujar la versión femenina de ambos, pero no estoy tan convencida excepto por este dibujo chibi 😔♡

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  • #will byers #will byers fic #will byers x mike wheeler #will byers fanfic #mike wheeler x will byers #Byler#byler fanfiction#byler fanfic#byler fic#byeler#byeler fanfic#byeler fanfiction#byeler fic #stranger things fanfiction #will byers fanfiction #stranger things fanfic #stranger things fic #stranger things #stranger things 3 #stranger things 3 fanfic #stranger things 3 fic #stranger things 3 fanfiction
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  • hello can the AO3 user Bylerbish pls explain why they left this fic on a cliff hanger and never updated again??

    #i cant find them on any social media #i NEED to know what happens #bylerbish if ur out there... ill do anything #byler#byeler#stranger things#will byers#mike wheeler #stranger things 3 #after byler #after stranger things #after#fanfiction#byler fanfic
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  • Concept of Artsy/Punk Will for Season 4 hit me like a train. 

    #stranger things #stranger things season 4 #will byers #st will byers #byler#byeler#my art
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  • upon hearing that gays can’t do math, michael wheeler stole his mom’s money to pay for a math tutor. he worked his ass off until he was able to do math

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  • As of late, I refuse to stop thinking about Teenager Will having to catch up with all the Upside Down Damage he’s had done to his body. Like, he has to do stretches and exercises for his knees from all that running, he has to be careful with his new tinnitus, and he’s getting a bit near-sighted from all the straining. So then of course, I just imagined Mike taking Will to get his first pair of glasses (and the whole Party hyping up his new frames). And it’s just been cute from there.

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