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    The duality I never expected to see in a romance novel, but there we go!

    #rebirth on the doors of the civil affairs bureau #c novel#chinese novel#romance#romance novel#novel #c novel rec
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  • It really upsets me when fans divide MXTX’s couples in tops and bottoms instead of demonic coultivators and their partners.

    I mean, sex life is not what their stories are based on

    #mxtx#mxtx novels#c novel#scum villain #grandmaster of demonic cultivation #heaven official's blessing #bingqui#wangxian#hualian#random toughts#honest opinion
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  • Let me say that MDZS is basically a fanfiction (in the sense that has a lot of fanfics’ features) that made it in “the real world”. And thank God that it made it.

    #mdzs #mo dao zu shi #fanfictions#novel#c novel #we were blessed with so many derivates
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  • #chinese novel #Her Master says the wisest things #The demoness is not evil #c novel
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  • #to be a virtuous wife #chinese novel#c novel #their interactions and development kils me I cant
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  • *cracks knuckles*

    Dear YA Book Community, why in the fuck were ya’ll sleeping on this book?! Empress of a Thousand Lanterns is a Snow White retelling set in Asia, and it is told from the POV of the evil queen. Read this book if you enjoy:

    - vicious heroines who don’t need no man

    - dark magic

    - court drama and intrigue

    - complex, gritty, and very real characters

    Read my full review on goodreads here.

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  • Record of the Demoness

    Chinese Title: 最妖记

    Author: 漂羽

    Complete 689 chapters

    Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Not translated in english.


    A young girl with a demon bloodline enters the path of immortality by chance and learns that there are immortals in this world. She slowly embarks on a strange journey of cultivating to immortality. What is justice? What is magic? What is evil? What are demons? Since they’re all among the three thousand daos, anyone can become an immortal. The Dao of Demons is also a Dao. (There is no male lead in this book.)

    Warning, spoilerish content!


    1. Solid cultivation novel, with adventure. Interesting cultivation methods. The heroine is half-human and demon. She has the blood lineage of a nine-tailed fox demon.

    2. Strong female lead. Although her bloodline is very thin, that doesn’t stop her cultivation ascension! (Demons rely on bloodlines, she has no spirit roots.)

    3. Past and present collide. She’s lived like 2 lifetimes, this is her last life. She came across a technique that could lock part of her soul to preserve it (with her memories of her previous life) and then in the present day she came across her past sealed soul that assimilated into her new body. But superimposing the soul made ‘her’ not her, that would not be her anymore, it would be a new person, someone else. Her past soul held a lot of resentment and grievance, and she was enjoying her current life, she didn’t want the past soul to change her, make her disappear, so she killed that soul. She killed a part of herself, which I thought was incredible.

    4. She has the blood lineage of a nine-tailed fox demon, so shes inherently charming, but she never uses her beauty as a weapon. I don’t hate woman who use beauty as a weapon, but its admirable that she doesn’t use this advantage.

    5. She becomes a person who does whatever it takes, but she is not evil.


    1. She gave up love because a man hurt her in a past life. I felt that it was unnecessary to completely give up love. He destroyed love for her, and she could never love again, which I think is really sad, he ruined love for her.

    2. I do feel its lacking something, so I can’t give it a full five stars.

    3. Hasty ending.

    This book kinda reminds me of Supreme Soaring Immortal, if you read it to like the 2000+ chapters the FL has like a dual personality because of falling into the devil state. And the FL in this novel also has an evil persona in her.


    “You say, what do you want me to do, so that you can help me lift the Lost Soul Curse?”

    “You and I are one. I don’t need you to do anything for me, because what I want to do, you will do, you are me and I am you.”

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  • #THIS IS SO FUNNY LAAA!!! #TINE STILL CAN'T MOVE ON WITH THAT C CHORD #SARAWAT PLEASE KEEP ON TEACHING TINE HOW TO PLAY THAT FREAKIN C CHORD #XD#2gether#2gether novel #2gether the series #2gether speacial book #2gether special chapters #sarawatine#saratine#sarawat#tine#brightwin#bright vachirawit#win metawin #dins talking about 2gether
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    @mdzsnet - favorite bts moment // xiao zhan’s only vocabulary is “very good” 😉

    #mdzsnet#the untamed #the untamed cast #wei wuxian#lan wangji#xiao zhan#wang yibo #chen qing ling #cql #mo dao zu shi #mdzs#chinese drama#c-drama#gifs #*flashbacks to the novel* omfg did he read it?
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  • Ansel Elgort goes to the same brunch spot as my friend …. Who is NOT rich. He’s a fucking loser omg.

    #what clout???? #bc of the john green novel.............who cares about that movie now lmao #ansel elgort for ts #we cant even cancel c list celebrities ??? now???? #like come the fuck on #if this loser cant even face repurcussions i give the fuck up
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    J/C June Day 18- something you wished never happened

    This is the obvious. I love 7 of 9 but they forced her and Chakotay together in the end. I truly believe that Chakotay was just flattered that she chose him and because they were still on Voyager he said why not.

    Someone had said before that they believe that (part of) the reason Admiral Janeway went back in time was because of that relationship. Of course she also didn’t want Tuvok to suffer, Seven and Chakotay to die… etc.

    I don’t care if anyone thinks the books aren’t canon… I do! 💕💕💕💕


    Originally posted by fabricetuerk

    #janeway/chakotay #star trek voyager #janeway x chakotay #jcjune#jcsummerfest#jcsummerlovin#j/c#30daysofjc#myendgame#admiral janeway #ill go down with this ship #the eternal tide #kristen beyer #voyager relaunch novels
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  • #svsss#mxtx #i have nothing for you i'm sorry be free #there's something that features t c g and f in some configuration that is also a book by her #equally hard maybe on that one #idk i'm just having trouble getting through the novel! i dont' know what to tell you #i think part of it is the chapter break style it is Challenge Mode for my adhd #looooong chapters are what's up. every chapter break is a new moment to get distracted. #also the writing style is just a bit challenging for me to stick with and i'm not sure why #i'm trying though. jgy has been stabbed in the chest so i'm almost done. #a queue we will keep and our honor someday avenge #Anonymous #asked and answered
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  • You are a citizen of Cape Athea, hometown of Summer Court bookstore, and while you’ve undoubtedly passed by this building before, this is the first time you truly see it.

    Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, you have yet to discern.

    all six datable characters for Summer Court, an upcoming interactive fiction novel

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  • muse: keery ♢ for: anyone ! ♢ open

    plot: your muse hired keery for… something. maybe there’s a misunderstanding? maybe not! either way keery is stupid gonna get paid

    “Okay, so,” he said with the air and purpose of a man that knew what he was doing. “I’m here now. I don’t know how much of my ad you read but I need at least half of my payment right now. Or a quarter, but that- I mean, that depends on what I’m being paid to do. What… what am I being paid to do?”

    #i usually write novels so this being short and sweet.... a surprise #open starter #c: c. hughes #( FILE ) starter #( VERSE ) firebrand #v: firebrand #EDIT: TO BE CLEAR KEERY IS A PRIVATE EYE NOT A SEX WORKER I WASNT CLEAR THE FIRST TIME MY BAD
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  • amaris talking to me about the pros and cons of machine translations vs human translations in relation to c-novels and she presented me with a translators note about a cock & ball pun and how a machine never wouldve picked that up and im dskdsmfksdf i love her

    #.txt #carnation.alt #dont read c-novels myself but she has made me a human translator fan
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    Thanks to @jemabean-blog for posting that GORGEOUS J/C endgame fan art by jane_dee on IG!

    I found this lovely picture yesterday that was inspired by a story by @chakochick. Someone in the comments pointed out that it’s reminiscent to a scene in “Architects of Infinity” and I was like “OMG!!!” My J/C heart exploded! Lol

    Does anyone know if Jane has a Tumblr?

    #janeway/chakotay #star trek voyager #janeway x chakotay #j/c#jcjune#jcsummerfest#jcsummerlovin#30daysofjc#fanart #voyager relaunch novels #Architects of Infinity
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  • #littlexkane #c; grace danvers arias luthor #// sorry this is so short #// i promise i'll get the hang of writing novels for this cutie
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  • presenting: les amis ailés de la barricade


    (and I apologize for the blur! it’s immensely frustrating, I can’t figure out why tumblr is picking on this particular image)

    #joyeux jour de la barricade! #thank you @freestanding-carnation for the original mothferre man that inspired it all #and for the idea of Ferre as a Hieroglyph Moth #!!!!! #i am #so so thrilled to have this done #it was so fun!! #and all the butterflies' species names oh my goodness #some of them are just #p e r f e c t #beautiful golden y moth #harnessed tiger? idk it was the most violent butterfly species i encountered #main thing i learned from this barricade day #there are so so so so so many butterfly species and they are all stunning #also apparently Victor Hugo rly likes white butterflies #i guess in such an expansive novel he has to mention just about everything at some point #but he does go on about the butterflies #barricade day #happy barricade day #les miserables#les misery#les misérables #les amis de l'abc #combeferre#courfeyrac#bahorel#jehan#bossuet#enjolras
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  • hmm…. like this for a canon dialogue starter !!

    #🐑 s t a r t e r c a l l … ❛ don’t think about the choices that you make ❜ #canon to my novel ofc #i've been actually working on it for the first time in a while #and wow i forgot how much some of these lines hurt
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  • The beginning of the episode is a recap of the last episode, where XIao Zhouzi begs Shang Lao Ba to take him away from Si Xi’er and Er Ye promising to save him from the clutches of that old bish.  They shooed away by the skittish guide.  Outside, Shang Lao Ba asks Er Ye to confirm whether he will help out find a way to get the young talented singer out of his ongoing nightmare.  He discuss how abused the young singer is by his master, who is keeping him from performing and forcing him to do hard labor. The skittish guide takes his leave, but not before Er Ye buys off his silence.  LOL, Shang Lao Ba’s face.

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