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  • tenshindon
    10.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    i go on twitter

    i see v*geta got a new form

    i decide to sleep early

    #snap chats #hello gang <3 #i just dont care LMAO #hmmm i thought i had more to say but naw thats it #long ass name tho fuck off #its just ssb but he has eye liner now who ca #i was about to say who cares but like. all of my timeline does LMAO #hmmmm what to doooo #im in the middle of a crisis rn and im just tryna distract myself #cause if i sleep i know ima have to deal with shit LMAOOO #maybe ill draw somethin idk #i gotta reply to someone on Ao3 homie been a Real One with commentin on my stuff #ok chief's only left two comments but still <3<3<3<3 #mate has the same username as an artist i love so i mean if that them im likle gonna do a backflip <3 #tho i was thusly reminded im like. teetering on deleting old fics #hmmm #love how this post just DERAILED from the main point but we know me at this point fellas lmao #i neve stay on strack my brain is like exploring wikipedia its just article after article #anywya uhhhhhh what will i do now????? well first reply to a mate on Ao3 but after that?? #who knows
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  • whyamionlyabletouse32characters
    07.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    its nice watching a new year of lying to myself and seeing how logans goals have shifted a bit over time cause in that videos the basic gist is logan wants thomas to learn more, patton wants thomas to take care of himself, and roman wants thomas to strive for creative achievement

    and then in future videos, namely getting out of bed in the morning and a bit in the puppet one, logan has realized that logically, caring for oneself is actually really important and shifts to pattons view

    #i just think its neat #that logan realizes that while striving for knowledge is important its also super important to first care for yourself #like thomas has gotten to the point where its just logic that you have to take care of yourself and it says a lot about his ideas of self ca #re and shit #idk #i do really love logans development so fucking much #like yes he stays a bit cold but hes able to warm up and his goal change from seeking knowledge to the well being of thomas is just #hhhh#good stuff #and in the newer videos hes the most able to help thomas by keeping himself cool and collected #and the knowledge he has is stuff that will benefit thomas' mental and physical health #anyway holy shit i have a lot to say about this huh #i guess im just fucking liveblogging rewatching sanders sides so fucking buckle up yall #yall can just block the sanders sides tag if i accidently flood your dash or anything #sanders sides #also just how logan says 'im logic i know what thomas needs' in the new year video #but then in later videos he learns to value the input of the other sides #yeah #oh god im gonna be so annoying sorry yall
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  • hedatomaz
    03.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    i love that avalance is getting married as the epic conclusion to their love story, it’s great that the white sapphic audience is so validated and that the relationship between two white woman, played by two straight white ladies, one who is a trump supporter, is getting so much clout. really, it’s great! we deserve a canon wlw relationship that gets a happy ending and that is properly developed.

    but it’s blatant and transparent that the writers will pour their hearts out into avalance and give avalance shippers all they could ask for, and not release even one kiss between zari and charlie, a muslim woman played by a brown actress and a black genderfluid pansexual played by a black actress who is queer and uses she/they pronouns. and it’s especially worse to make gary, a jewish man who so far has had little backstory concerning his jewish heritage, an alien that steals people’s bodies. i love jes macallan and am neutral on ca*ty but white straight actors shouldn’t be allowed to represent the lgbt audience when there are two queer women of color in an interracial relationship right there, with actual chemistry. the reason avalance has developed so much and is getting a happy ending is because they’re white and sapphic and that’s why they get more attention from the writers.

    anyways, i’m just going to leave this here.

    #anti avalance #listen if they want jes and ca*//ty to kiss that's fine #but it's so obvious why maisie never got to kiss any girls #or represent a wlw relationship on tv #as an actual queer person #and i'm not rlly anti avalance #i'm happy for them #but the writers need to get their shit together #zarlie#gary green #legends of tomorrow #lot talk#lot spoilers #coral.text #long post #dc legends of tomorrow #anti legends of tomorrow #zari tomaz#zari tarazi#lot charlie#charlie clotho#lot cast #maisie richardson sellers #tala ashe #anti caity lotz #jes macallan#ava sharpe#sara lance#adam tsekhman
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  • officersnickers
    30.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    🔪💥🦿 𝗛𝗮𝗽𝗽𝘆 𝗕𝗶𝗿𝘁𝗵𝗱𝗮𝘆, 𝗖𝗶𝘀𝗹𝗼! 🦿💥🔪 𝟰/𝟯𝟬 🔪💥🦿

    #I can't believe there is an emoji for a prothestic leg... wow #anyway if the Ratri clan has to buy you a new leg for ca. 40.000 dollar you sure do stupid shit with it #took inspiration by a real life photo of some guy doing this with his drink #mmh I don't think earrings work like this :/ #anyway let the Lambda Squad have fun #the promised neverland #tpn#ynn #yakusoku no neverland #Snickers draws#lambda squad#tpn cislo#ynn cislo#cislo #yakusoku no neverland cislo #the promised neverland cislo #lambda#my art
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  • captain-jale
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Les coordonnées menant vers le vieux port de Marseille

    #joshfight #FORCEMENT y a quelqu'un qui a fait ça avec les Julien #il manque JulienBeats #Nos compatriotes ont du talent #upthebaguette#french shit#whatthefrance
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  • ewwgene-fitzherbert
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago


    #whoo boy so mi//ca b/urton am i right............. #why is it that every female guest is an absolute sunshine ADD icon c/r stop im in love with all of them #and then....... k/eg SDFGHJK #ok but why is it that no//tts reaction to t/wiggy was 'shes so similar to me and j/es therefore shes a danger and an impostor and i h8 her' #but when she saw r/eani she counted all of their similarities and was delighted by them and called her perfect #is this.. character development #she was still suspicious.. but she didnt accuse her of trying to replace her and threaten to kill her #can i just say.. i know nothing abt dnd mechanics but what the fuck.. druids are so fucking cool #if i had to pick a class......... #can i also point out that i found out j/es couldve been a wa/rlock and im. im so sorry la/ura #W/ARLOCK JE//STER????? imagine her not having to care abt healing ppl............ dude the things we couldve had #cont of me not knowing shit abt d/nd classes but f/j/ord changed his class.. then why couldnt je/s.. guess it didnt fit her story or whatev #anyways. all eps with mi/ca were cool. i also rly loved when they played hide and seek with the lau/ghing ha/nd in the lotusden #that was so good ep79? something like that #ummm oh when they rode their horses into the archive teleported into two other libraries and got banned from them ASDFGHKJHGF #it was great when j/es got shot bc she cast a spell in the 1st place they visited and then she also cast a spell in the other place and #surprise surprise also got shot #and when they found out someone had been spying on the xh/or/haus so j/es started dancing out of panic and n/o/tt kicked over a chair #i love.... be/au and dair//ons relationship.. sm #and of course j/es scrying on yasha and seeing her crying and resisting ob/ann oof good shit hurts so good #thatse it i guess. theyre in the folding halls of halas now or holding folds of halas as i prefer to refer to it #THE HA/PPY F/UN BA/LL #return of hfb but no tw/iggy..... betrayal #anyways. good times #my post
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  • dilfhub
    26.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I’m too awkward for character anons help me this is so embarrassing for me

    #ca: *cute shit* me: LMAO SAME BESTIE #bye
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  • robertssvgden
    22.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    “rumlow said bucky, and suddenly i was a 16-year-old kid again in brooklyn”

    it’s fine, i didn’t need my heart anyway and it’S ONLY BEEN TWENTY MINUTES

    #personal #'he remembered you. your pal. your buddy. your bucky' #YOUR BUCKY #tell me that doesn't sound gay as shit #ca: cw lb
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  • pinkjjoon
    22.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #i know what a mosque looks like lmao thats not a mosque #most of our buildings look like that #but idk some people still said that its ca so 🤷🏽‍♀️ #so many groups do way more problematic shit lol #asks
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  • maddingcrowd
    22.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    friendly reminder that the russos were perfectly aware that bucky's line in cw was indeed something you can read in a museum, they knew it and they still kept the line. because if what bucky said in that scene was even slightly more intimate than whatever straight up wikipedia garbage that was, russos would've NEVER been able to write that scene off as some "small heterosexual exchange between two bros"– they would have had to acknowledge the fact that these two men once shared a life together and that they were much more than 'just best friends'

    #anyway i will die on this hill #stucky#stucky meta#ca: cw #ca: civil war #captain america: civil war #steve rogers #steve x bucky #i promise i'm not gonna turn this blog into a stucky dump #i just needed to get this off my chest #captain america#bucky barnes #the winter soldier #anti russos#cheri talks #mainly talks shit about russos and disney #mcu#marvel
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  • bee-n-bug
    20.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    sniper competition part 1

    #tf2#scrapcap#2021 #GGOT MORE BU T I GOTA FIND EM #this was that cool server w/ th lil robot designs #-mod bug #every time you killed me id just hear my body slide down the roof #it was like skthhhh because of the robot #ALSO THEYRE A GOD TEIR SNIPER they got a headshot 90% of the time #i cant snipe worth shit. god gamer #-mod bee #CA N TOO WHATER YOU TALKIN AOBUT #EVERYTIME YYOU WHIP OUT TH MEDIC CROSSBOW THINGIE IT STRIKES TH FEAR OF GOD IN ME #-MOd bug. #thats not headshotting though thats just like #picking a god and praying you walk into the arrow because that shit has such a long travel time #-m od bee
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  • purrble
    18.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Takayan is live streaming though. So thats nice,

    #i like this guy hes funny as hell and his songs are good i think #he doesmt speak english very well but #OH MY GOD HE JUST STARTED SINGING DAME DA #DANE WHATEVER HOW EVER ITS CA #HES MESSING QITH THE VOICE. HANGER SHIT THIS IS SO FUNNY #AHWH2OEO #I FORGOT WHAT I WAS SAYING #AAAAA #ahah2oe03 lmfao please #grr.txt
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  • with-the-same-tattoos
    11.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Is....asa bald.......... oh no....... oh no u d...... i already learned he has dogs u cant do this to me................. i wanna hate him hes so stupid but hes bald and has dogs.............. *kis* u stupid barrel man

    #the corset mask pulling thing > #im still not watching the movie i saw that at least one dog dies and i ca #i cant #someobe has to watch it w me on kast or smth abd warn me when the dog deaths happen or sm shit i am not. watching dead dog
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  • cursefelled
    10.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    {Tormented senselessly, painfully and endlessly by these pachislot shots, especially this one that is completely unnecessary but sets me off howling at the moon in anger that this is I repeat NOT what CoD looks like.}

    #{ ♰ : OUT OF CHARACTER } #{also trevor just stands there as 3 succubi come onto him at once what in gods name is this pachislot game oN} #{i jsut cant take it any more fellas i cant take that trevor has a gd chain around his neck i cant take his pretty lips I CA N T} #{I CANT TAKE THAT SHOT OF HIM SPREAD OPEN ON A C R A T E } #{literally i aint takin shit rn except constant psychic damage} #{god cursed me for my hubris by making me want to rp trevor istg this is my prison and hell}
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  • chapstickbrandchapstick
    08.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    hey guys just so you know, you shouldn't ever (ever) smoke an infused joint without a high thc tolerance

    #holy fucking shit you guys #california needs better weed regulation #they should NOT have let me buy something like that #you have to at least be a level 7 stoner for that #i sat down in my hotel room and genuinely thought my fridge was playing a song #so many auditory hallucinations #which i have NEVER experienced in my life #jesus fucking christ #i felt like i was living in a doodle book for a while #ive heard thc can be a mild psychedelic but boy i never thought it could do that #ca needs better regulation and weed education lol
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  • yeetbean
    06.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Where are you from and can the mail run? I mentioned being impatient for the mail to run and my bf had never heard it before.

    #In the tags pls #I'm from CA and my bf is from NY and we run into shit like this all the time #I call carts at Walmart baskets and he hates it bc the handheld ones are baskets apparently #At least I don't call them buggies.
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  • h-isforhome
    17.03.2021 - 1 mont ago


    #now i’m going on a youtube binge on trauma & how it affects the brain wish me luck <3 #i am curious bc Hey.! i’m a neuro major and all this shit is so Cool #but then i end up after every vid in tears bc Hey.! that’s me and this is not the rep i wanted <3 #esp since smth im watching now highlights dv & ca as the childhood trauma that affects the brain <3 #this compels me and scares me ahhh it’s all very confusing
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  • creature-of-the-void
    15.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    hhhoh god

    #there is honestly something rlly scary about being texted ‘ily’ by a person who i’ve stopped being friends with because he is an ass and #scares me cuz of somethin he said about me nd another friend nd has also said he wants another of my friend’s blood on his walls becuz he ca #cant accept that he’s the reason that me nd ari don’t wanna be aroumd him nd he was so mentally draining to be aroumd i camt deal with this #ive blocked him on literally all of my social media nd have confronted him nd told him not to talk to me cuz he makes me uncomfy nd he’s tec #texting me via phone number nd he’s emailing me from school computers i hate this he’s scary he said that he can’t let me and ari go wtf wtf #i hate this i dont like him he meeds help he rlly needs help he scares me or he at least needs to not be fucking creepy when hes talking abo #about me nd ari nd he needs to stop harrassing my friedma im so scared hes gunna start talking to my online frineds because hes the type who #has done that before nd i jsut #if any of my mutuals are messaged by anyone of the name ptsoliver feel free to block him hes scary nd i dunno why he would resort to that bu #but if hes willing to threaten his life and someone elses i rlly dont jkwno what else he would do #vent #mumbling into the void #murder mention #implied suicide mention #im fucking paranoid of leaving my house and i dont feel safe going anywhere especially not school because he lives right next to it i dont w #wanna be near him because he might hurt himself in front of me again or try guilting me into being his friend again nd i font wanna go back #ive already almost gone back to him because he kept harrassing gmy friends nd i wanted him to stop i camt deal with him this is fucked up i #i just wanna live my life nd not be afraid of him popping up ramdomly or some shit i hate not feeling safe in my mom’s house but i cant fu #fuckin help it i just #restraining order time /j #vent in tags #vent in the tags
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  • ateezgf
    13.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    bye idk how people can handle being on stan twt

    #🥀.mp3 #who's nate and what power does he hold bc apparently stan twt thinks he'll get SM/the neos to apologize for all their CA #like genuinely who is this nate guy #like bye every nctzen wants an apology for all the shit SM and The Neos have pulled but if sm doesnt care about anything that effects their #global audience then what influence does this random dude on twitter have #like genuinely asking what they think telling this nate dude will do if nctzens themselves cant even get sm to do shit #also before people assume yes i do hold hendery accountable still 😐 but i also hold jaehyun & nomin accountable too 😐 #like bye i didnt forget how tired haechan looked when nomin were about to make a colorist joke towards him #but yeah like genuinely wish sm knew how to address this shit esp since they market nct as a global group #but it's still like Who Is Nate and why are we telling him
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  • hardcoremisery
    10.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    an encounter

    #écouter.... je SAIS que nous sommes tous fous du destiel français #mais j'ai dessiné ça hier soir et je voulais ajouter au chaos #profitez :)#my art #tori draws shit #spn#supernatural #supernatural fan art #castiel#dean winchester#destiel #true form castiel #trueform!cas #casthyelle
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