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    16.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    @caimkairos​ сказал(а):                                                                

    "Anto- Salieri." No, he's not Marie. There's not a scene going on, thankfully. It seems like the suspect isn't Salieri's character. But Arsene still sneaks out from the catering section to squeeze his hand. "Do you need me to sing badly to distract you? I can steal you away, too. Just say the word." It's said with a joking smile, but... it really isn't.

    “mn.” arsene could call him by his ‘first’ name, if he liked, salieri wouldn’t argue. (who are you, ‘antonio salieri’?) salieri still looks away, keeping his attention fixed on the floor as if focusing on that will help him any, but his fingers tighten around arsene’s hand.

    that does help. it’s fine, he’s not... it’s not like this is amadeus. he still preferred it when this was a straightforward drama that was scripted and he was one of the focal characters, audience stand-in. a character who gives introductions is a main character, and main characters in murder mysteries don’t commit the crime. that’s just basic. but now there’s no script, no plot, it’s going to be him and he wasn’t, it’s going to be...

    no, it’s not.

    salieri inhales deeply. “i’ll be fine. once we’re told to act again, i can focus. i can’t exactly leave halfway through, it’d be difficult for ritsu.”

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  • caemthe
    16.05.2021 - 18 hours ago

    @caimkairos​ said.º

    Beni-enma's sparrows are hard at work cooking, oddly silent despite their normal chirping. The reason is obvious- a puppy pile of children in the nearby room, currently (and ever temporarily) asleep. The woman looks up to Laeg, her hat chirping out a quiet question. "You. I haven't seen you eat, cheep. Everyone needs to eat, so please, cheirp, tell me what you prefer."

         ‘There’s no need for that.’

         Out of habit, the words almost fell from his lips. It couldn’t be helped. Despite his memories of acting as his best friend’s charioteer, it would always feel odd for him to be acknowledged or receive any sort of kindness from others than the few friends he had in life.

         Don’t seek any attention. It’s better to stay in the shadows than catch the attention of those two. Don’t show any sign of fear or weakness. That will only wake their sadistic side, so it’s better to stay calm no matter what’s happening in your surroundings. Don’t be useless and, no matter what, don’t eat unless you’re about to pass out. You’re not cattle. You’ll never be ‘livestock’ if you don’t let them turn you in one. Make yourself useful instead of spending all day playing with the other kids. Skin and bones are less appetizing than those who fatten up. If you want to stay alive, don’t eat.  

         ...Even if there were no more dangers like that anymore, that sort of mentality wasn’t easy to forget, certain habits weren’t easy to forget.

         “Only if you tell me what you prefer as well.” Head tilted to the side as he pushed himself from the wall he was resting against. “My pride is at stake here. I can’t miss the opportunity of Beni-enma judging the quality of my dishes. Especially now since you took charge of kitchen duty before me.” The words slip slow but naturally from his lips. While the guiltiness was still present for making the other do something for him, he guessed he could bring himself to eat this time. Of course, as long as he got to do something back for her as well.

    #caimkairos #laeg. º ( rider. ) #ask. ° ( delivered. ) #tw: eating disorder mention #/ i was gonna write something wholesome but then laeg secret lore showed up #/ anyone: why don't u eat | aren't you gonna eat? láeg: *relieves unpleasant memories* láeg: hm.
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    15.05.2021 - 19 hours ago

    @caimkairos​ сказал(а):                                                                

    (8) "Stop. Being. Stupidly. Risky. Or I'm gonna have to get some automatic gamer juice injectors and shoot them into you." Well, she's trying, even as she keeps sticking ridiculously large amounts of band-aids on Ritsu. She's on her 50th Hello Kitty one alone!
    kiss meme // 08. on the nose

    It feels a little bit more threatening than nose kisses are supposed to! Aren’t they supposed to be cute? Friendly? Cari-- well, this is the way Sophia expresses maximum amount of care she has, so that’s checked off. The band-aids aren’t exactly necessary, as none of the wounds really require stitches and are mostly closed, but Ritsu appreciates the thought.

    They wrinkle their nose and mutter inaudibly at her threats. “Mmmmn.” They don’t want more injections! Even if shots only hurt a little bit, they’re not fun! And gamer juice is for drinking! Who knows what’ll happen if it gets injected... they’ll find out, they suppose.

    “I’m careful, I’m careful!” Usually. More or less? Sometimes. They know their limits, let’s put it that way, and while they do take risks, they rarely take them in ways that too far exceed said limits. Just a little bit. “I have to restock on gamer juice, too. D’you want me to brew some for you, too?” That’s probably how they’re going to spend the next couple days. Thank you for reminding them, Sophia, even if it is through threats.

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  • soulgathered
    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    she walks through novum chaldea’s corridors, a hand gliding over the wall. cold. it felt terribly cold. something about modern buildings irked her. they seemed too sterile, to clean. in troy, she had been able to trace back where human hands had touched and formed structures. it had felt more lively and personal. not that there is much she can do about that, in this timeline here, the ‘proper’ one she had never received the help necessary to defend her home. so why mourn for something that no longer stood?

    and besides, cassandra is not here to lament over that lostbelt. she is here to help the master, something in her admiring the way they so stubbornly clung to their erased world. maybe because in a sense she is the same... and then of course she is here for them, for that one loyal soul, the one person who would have never betrayed her and in return was betrayed by her by being forced to retreat to safety... she would probably be in trouble for that.

    despite knowing that she still looks for them, partly because she can hardly believe that douman would even allow themselves to be summoned. but there is no mistaking them when she does find them, back turned to her. for a moment she simply watches before finally clearing her voice and speaking.

    “what a disappointment of a servant you turned out to be. your oh so beloved queen gets summoned and you are not even in the room to greet me. don’t tell me you’ve thrown away your loyalty to me already?” it’s not as if ritsuka had planned to summon her and could have told the other alter ego, but what other way could cassandra even greet them? if she cried and rushed towards them for a hug she might never hear the end of that...

    // @caimkairos​ .

    #caimkairos #❝ threads ❞ ( cassandra ).
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    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    @caimkairos​ commented : "Friend, yes~"

    “Happy that you two are friends~!”

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  • inheroic
    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    @caimkairos​: (evil thief laughter)

    “...Don’t mind me.” Ahh, she said it out loud again, huh... “I definitely wasn’t watching. Yep, certainly not.”

    #ic: haku. #caimkairos #dissolves into pixels
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    11.05.2021 - 5 days ago


    "Three pounds?" Bless Bei for trying.

    Laurel, immediately petting Bei’s head. “You’re learning and I’m proud of you. Good boy.” Bless them indeed. Pure(?) of heart. Deeply stupid. Trying their best. All you need in a weird fucked-up inhuman pal, truly.

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    11.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    @caimkairos​ спросил(а):

    Sexually frustrated Bei noises. "Why is he hot, Laurel. I hate him, Laurel, I hate him because he never acknowledged me once, he never cared about how much I cared for him. I want to see him die, and see him acknowledge me because if I kill him he has to acknowledge me, but I also want to actually, genuinely eat him, not out, I want to consume him and be greater than Alter Ego or Seimei could ever be... why can I not just devour him... why is eating people bad and why does it make me feel guilty... why do I want him to be nice to me and smile at me and feed me mana when I'm hurt, or fuck until I can't stand anymore and tell me I'm lucky I have the glory of serving an onmyouji despite being a demon.... but I also just want to wear his stupid furry kimono... and have him tie my obi... Laurel why does life is pain? Why do Seimei hot? Do I have bad taste, Laurel? I trust you Laurel. Do I have bad taste? Should I stop striving for that which is beyond me?"

    “Oh man, hon.” She’s breaking out the pet names, which means it’s bad. “What’d I tell you about me giving life advice?” Mainly that she doesn’t do it. Not that she enforces that rule, really, when it comes to people who manage to get her to actual friendship levels. “C’mere. Down you go.”

    Bei gets tugged to lay down on her lap, partially so she doesn’t have to make direct eye contact when they start crying out of emotions instead of being overwhelmed. Geez, what a mess of a guy... (pay no mind to Laurel also having ever-present and complex issues with singular individuals that can and will therefore ruin her relations with herself and others sometimes. It’s how she knows Bei’s a mess).

    It takes a gratuitous amount of self restraint not to immediately answer ‘yes, aside from thinking Cass and I are pretty, your taste sucks ass,’ and Laurel thinks she should be praised for that. If only anyone knew her control. Instead she sets about undoing the loose ties on Bei’s hair and carding her fingers through it. “Personally, I wouldn’t hold it against you if you did eat him. Dude won’t respect you, and sometimes the answer to that is a little pinch of homicidal cannibalism. Just since he deserves it.”

    This is what most people would call ‘a questionable take’. Laurel is not most people, and means her opinion entirely literally. Bei can consume people as a treat, providing the people in question suck by Laurel’s measurements. It’s fine! Nothing wrong with adding some variety to your diet! ...Even though Seimei would probably give indigestion.

    She’s moved on to braiding a section of hair from just behind Bei’s ear. God, she’s not qualified for romantic advice. Sex tips, yes; romance tips, please just write to Dear Abby or whatever it was. “I think the ‘why’ is you have a fucked-up love interest. I don’t like the dude, so that’s my opinion on your taste.” Polite! Tactful! Not saying ‘dude’s a cocksucker and not in the fun chill way’! Give her points for that! “I don’t think it’s what’s ‘beyond you’, but if what you’re striving for is someone who doesn’t love you back then yeah, it’s probably best to cut your losses. Pining sucks. You know that. Why condemn yourself to it forever? Even if it’s your like, Servants being hard to change or whatever the fuck that is, you can at least try going for people who, you know, aren’t dumb shitheads.”

    Laurel feels like maybe she’s biased or out of the loop, because she just hasn’t bonded that intently and onesidedly to anyone in recent memory. But still. Look, she’s trying. Do you want her to kill the guy for you, Bei? It’d solve like, half of one of those problems. And the others by making them simply unlikely in the current Chaldea.

    She raps Bei lightly on the temple with her knuckles. “He’s not the only guy in the world, dummy. If he won’t respect you, then fuck it. Out with the garbage he goes. You don’t need him. You can wear anybody’s kimono, anybody can love you, and he’s probably a shitty lay anyways, considering his shitty personality.” She does not want to think about it! She just involuntarily thought about it, and it was terrible, and would prefer Seimei’s sex life or doubtless lack thereof stay out of her brain space, as an act of self-care. She’s literally too pretty and too actually good at sex to think of that dude floundering about helplessly with her friend. Eugh.

    Laurel switches to tugging lightly at Bei’s cheek in final admonishment. “Besides. You’re not lucky to serve an onymoji despite being a demon, aren’t you an onmyoji yourself? You’re qualified by whatever like, onmyo-SAT test gives you that license, instead of luck. Not a demon, either, just some guy. I don’t even know what you are, but ‘a guy’ is one of the things.” A pause. “Demons are probably hotter. I’m kidding.”

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  • corrchoigilt
    11.05.2021 - 5 days ago
    @caimkairos​ said: “ the spot of your death is now a lovely gift shop ” (Sophia)

    Buzz.feed Unsolved Prompts


    “...No. No, it isn’t…?”

    He stares at twinkling green eyes. A veil of innocence not easily pierced. The perfect poker face… She was fucking with him. He absolutely knew she was-

    Don’t show hesitation. Don’t show weakness. It’s what she wanted. That moment where he would even consider such an obvious fib a possibility. That’s how she would win. Red glares back with unbreaking eye contact. He can’t check… It was absurd, after all. The stone that marked his death should still be there… Probably a landmark, even.

    They wouldn’t bulldoze that for some tacky gift shop that probably sold useless knick knacks with his name attached to them. Nothing else would be more insulting. Disrespectful. Such an outlandish ‘what-if’ that continued to prod at his mind despite it.

    The seed of doubt had already been placed. It’s roots stretched thin and deep into the crevices of his thoughts. Such a mundane statement. Just a singular statement. Yet the power it held over him in this moment-

    ...He’s already grabbing her phone to check-

    #((sophia continues to use her powers for evil #☼words spoken in silver and flame //in character☼ #☼only seek what you can handle to know //ask☼ #caimkairos#//caimkairos:sophia
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    10.05.2021 - 6 days ago
    #ic: tatsuo. #caimkairos #asks. #tatsu's stress level just skyrocketing anytime sophia is in the periphery
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  • corrchoigilt
    08.05.2021 - 1 week ago
    @caimkairos​ said: 👫 Servant Sophia

    Send a 👫and I’ll write four headcanons I have about our muse’s relationship.


    Let’s see… for Servant Sophia. Cú definitely has a mixed reaction concerning her. He’s still at the point at only recently even being aware of her existence though he doesn’t yet comprehend all it entails. Mostly he just sees a younger Sophia. One that’s simultaneously in pain as he perceives it but also one… that’s doing something. Something that again he doesn’t quite understand but there’s certainly a panic in seeing how the Sophia he knows is changing because of it.

    In that ‘dream’ of hers there is a moment of conflict and hesitation in his mind that kept him from waking immediately. Part of it being wanting to know just exactly what was going on. To get some kind of actual answer. But then… there was also the desire to reach out like in another dream she had. Even if the girl before him doesn’t recognize or even know him, it still doesn’t stop the fact that he does feel immensely protective of her. Allowing himself to wake up by the fact he will ultimately choose the Sophia he knows, but he still wishes to reach out. Even if it changes nothing he’d hate himself if he didn’t-

    Also have I ever talked about how I just really, really like the idea that the reason Cú was able to manifest in nearly every singularity (in Sophia verse) is specifically because he’s so intertwined with the concept of ‘sacrifice’?? That whether or not Sophia realizes it, she herself served as an anchor that kept him existing even well before they could even stand to look at each other? Maybe that too is why he reaches out to Servant Sophia...?

    ...On a lighter note he’s incredibly amused to now know about her goth/emo phase-

    #((also cu vc: haha but why is she a berserker- #((was reaching to pat her head and gets his hand bitten- #((he's sympathetic and protective even if i imagine SS wouldnt care much SDLFKJSD #☼dawn has yet to break //out of character☼ #☼only seek what you can handle to know //ask☼ #☼the light of a star; the light of the sun //headcanons☼ #caimkairos#//caimkairos:sophia
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    06.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    @caimkairos​ сказал(а):                                                                

    A prick hits Ritsu's neck! Is it a bird? A Demon God Pillar? Nope, it's Healing Juice(tm) from Sophia Corps. Enjoy that while she shouts motivational phrases! "Yeah go slay, words of encouragement, etcetera hope-filled things, I bet half my QP on you, seriously don't fucking die, idiot, don't go where I can't aim my healing darts-"

    They make a surprised yelp noise, impressed anything could make it past Reines’ and the Servants’ defenses, before realizing the cold flood of healing magic. No need to look back to see who that was from! “Thanks!” Ritsu shouts back before hopping to narrowly avoid the Demon Pillar’s swirl of manifested curses.

    The demon howls angrily. Ritsu gives it the finger. “Hey, stupid, maybe if you didn’t wanna get stabbed in the eyes, you shouldn’t have so many of ‘em.” It’s basic video game logic to go for the cartoonishly large eyes on an enemy. And normal real life logic. Ritsu is drenched in gunk, but still full of the violent glee of righteous anger and being given the power of a Noble Phantasm, now coupled with Sophia’s healing returning their vigor.

    “Don’t worry, Sophia! I cannot be killed here! No fuckin’ way I’m losing to these clowns. And hey, I can feel my arms again. Thanks!” So they’ve been doing all this stabbing with mana drain trying to necrotize up to their elbow... okay, sure, keep telling yourself the ‘can’t die’ bit, Ritsu.

    The next barrage of curses almost takes them off guard, but not before one of Nitocris’s mummies rise up from their shadow and yanks them off balance, sending them tumbling out of range as the Caster yells something or other at them. “Got it, got it! I’ll behave!” Also debatable. They’re still going to get in there-- after all, it’s ‘them’ that’s become an Anti-Pillar weapon, not ‘their Servants’. “Feel free to keep the support comin’, Sophia!”

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  • pcsitivibee
    06.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    positivity for caimkairos : @caimkairos is legitimately one of the kindest and most talented people I know. The life she breaths into any and all her muses is honestly inspiring to see. Whether it be OC or Canon (They’re really indistinguishable at this point! They all feel canon!) are just always so fun to see and interact with. Not only that, the mun is someone who always goes out her way to make others feel included and better about themselves. She’s always thinking of others so this time I want to let her know how appreciated she is. You’re doing amazing and always have!

    #🐝・゜゜・bee kind event ! #caimkairos
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    06.05.2021 - 1 week ago
    @caimkairos​ said: "Ugh. I hate these weak-willed cowards." Medb wipes the mud from her face without a care, her nose still oozing blood. "If you say you're a warrior, say you're choosing to fight a war, fucking act like it, instead of crumbling at the sight of combat." Her knuckles crack. "At least you're not like most Casters. That's why you still have your name. You still never back down." --

    “No, you’re the one that keeps saying that. I was just fine standing back until you started fucking up.” A sharp, biting remark that was characteristic when addressing her. A sentiment that was always returned by the queen and he much preferred it that way. They’d been shouting criticism and insult back and forth as bodies continued to pile up yet didn’t seem at all bothered to converse during it...

    ...It made him want to laugh when others said Medb seemed too ‘proper’ to actually get her hands dirty. She was a celt, wasn’t she? She surely acted like one. He could respect her for both her strategy and combat ability specifically because he had seen it. He hears the cracking of knuckles and watches her wipe the blood from her face and is reminded of a very similar day. He supposes if hard-pressed on it, he’d say he trusts her. He knew how damn tenacious she was.

    A sigh. Blood, ash, and soot mixes into a disgusting grime across his skin that he only bothers to wipe away once it begins to obscure his sight. How long had this gone on? It’s been some time now considering the state of a few corpses. What hadn’t been cremated had already started to rot. The stench of burnt hair and decay… it wasn’t unfamiliar. It wasn’t jarring or even necessarily bothersome. No what pissed him off more than anything…

    “They probably think we were overwhelmed and desummoned, you know. As much as I like the idea of holding out long enough for someone else to take care of this, I don’t think it’s going to happen. They just create more of these things endlessly so it’s not as if we’re dwindling numbers even.”

    His staff connects with an assailant’s ankle, tumbling them to the ground before a ‘defensive’ spell severs their head. Smooth, even movements as he glanced across burning scenery. An opening might be possible if only temporarily… Ah, she’d likely know what to do.

    “Count of three. Northeast. Hesitate and if they don’t kill you, I will.”

    It’s been a while since he’s actually had fun at least.

    #((frenemies... #((but also getting to write cas being feral in battle #((thank you may 🙏 #☼words spoken in silver and flame //in character☼ #☼only seek what you can handle to know //ask☼ #caimkairos#//caimkairos:medb#//gore tw #//body horror tw #//violence tw #((covering my bases :V
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    @caimkairos​ / lets go you funky little behemoth

    Ritsu is debating if they should regret or not the fact they impulsively tugged off the seals taped over their forearm. On one hand, having a Servant consistently manifested without worrying about using the briefcase is nice. On the other hand they absolutely cannot get a read on this Servant, who traipses merrily alongside them with a gait that occasionally becomes visibly inhuman.

    Sure, sure. It makes everyone more comfortable with splitting up to better cover ground. Ritsu and Beast are off, tracking down magical responses that might be issuing from those paper scraps around the border of Babbage’s patchwork. Ritsu chatters amiably to both fill time and figure things out, until they draw to a stop. Ah, here we go, some of this place’s monsters, a little flock of automata and specters, which means they should be surrounding an energy source.

    Ritsu clicks their tongue. “Alright, party time.” Target spotted. operating on muscle memory, Ritsu unclips their knife from it’s sheath on their belt and flicks it to a ready posture. “Unlike everybody else, the briefcase isn’t giving me a clear read on your talents and my memory’s still patchy, so you’re going to have to work with me, okay, Shi-yan?” Don’t worry about it. Ritsu figures they can trust their impulses.

    “Let’s see if they’re hiding a paper scrap. Focus on the ghosts. I can handle a few automata, but don’t go where I can’t keep track of you in the steam.” Even though they realize it’s probably best for the Master to hang back, when there’s only one Servant to keep track of it does expedite things to stick a knife in automaton gearboxes themselves. Save Beast the trouble.

    #caimkairos #ic : ritsu
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    @caimkairos​​ сказал(а):  

    ask meme // accepting

    oak (archimedes),
    oak :   who would your muse consider the strongest person they know ? 

    strong is a word with too many application. quantify more specifically and he’ll toss out an answer with exact numerical reasoning. physically strongest, darius. his strength is ranked highly in the database. altera’s original body, perhaps, if it had ever been measured. archimedes lacked the time to fully map it out. intellectually smart, iskandar is rather highly ranked, enough for the combination of strategy and strength to make iskandar’s use outweigh darius’s on the battlefield. but in sheer intellect: it’s archimedes, of course, who is the strongest competitor in that field. it’s not egoistic to say that, right, and if it is he doesn’t care.

    emotionally strong... well, that doesn’t matter does it? you can’t quantify emotion, it doesn’t run out in numbers. there’s a difference in being stubborn and chasing what’s logical, it can make you weaker overall and.. there’s no point to it. but still... hakuno had a point, then, so. for emotional strength that archimedes can begrudgingly, annoyingly, respect: alex jimenez, his master, and hakuno kishinami, his nuisance.

    zinnia (avicebron)
    zinnia :   how has the loss of fallen comrades and/or loved ones affected your muse ?   has it taught them anything or given them any new perspectives ?

    “..I just couldn't bear it. I couldn't bear those who harm and kill the innocent. But most of all, I couldn't bear myself. I, who turned a blind eye to all these atrocities. I shall never be forgiven. You... The moment you turned your back to all this, you lost the right to be a savior, you bastard.”

    there has been so much suffering, so much tribulation. and he’s hated it. the cruelty of humanity, the thing that defines civilization is its ability to be cruel to any out-group. wouldn’t it be better if there was something other than this, if there was a paradise, but...

    the cost of paradise, and the cost of turning a blind eye to suffering. the cost of watching. you, solomon ibn gabriol, shall never be forgiven. you, ‘avicebron’, shall never be forgiven. you, teacher, shall never be forgiven.

    every human is in some sense a comrade. isn’t it? those connected by religion too, connected by writing, connected by spirit, by.... there is so much death in the world, of these people too. (he cannot remember his student’s face. he wanted a student very much while alive. the fountain of life was written for a student, and this was how he pretended he had one. the student he got, he killed... why? did he really think that he could successfully...?)

    maybe once he had the right-- well, no, he never had the right. maybe once he had the belief that he could earn a salvation for the innocent. he could create something and he could bring it to people who needed to be protected. a child stares at him in horror, agony, screaming betrayal as he dies. maybe once solomon could meet someone’s eyes behind his mask. he could have faith in his ego and in his conviction that i deserve the world to love me and i deserve to help, but he’s taken someone else’s false name because he isn’t solomon here and he isn’t someone who has always fought for his convictions.

    he let himself take a misstep and now he keeps the mash, he is avicebron and he is not a teacher, he knows better than to think the gift he has is anything other than a coal over tongue to be handled carefully. he had a right once, he had a right to claim that he was the gem at the earth’s throat, or deserved to be. he lost [his student], he killed that child whose name he doesn’t even have the good graces to remember, and there is no atonement for this.

    #headcanon : archimedes #headcanon : avicebron #asks#caimkairos
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    02.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    @caimkairos​​ сказал(а):   

    ask meme // accepting

    chamomile (laurel)
    chamomile :   what is your muse likely to take away from a painful experience ?   are they one to be haunted by adversity ,   or to use what they’ve gone through to become stronger ? 

    if someone hurts her, if someone hates her -- it’s life, and all, but if someone hurts her and takes it as a matter of course, or takes joy in hurting her, if someone sets up a challenge out of hate or worse, utter apathy... she doesn’t forgive. laurel runs on rage and she does not forget a slight or a grudge. she is petty and spiteful if she cannot respect someone else’s viewpoint on ‘why’ their adversity is necessary.

    she accepts challenge and hurt only from people she already respects. if you want to fight her into growing, earn her respect first, or her teeth will latch down into you and never, never let go, growling and enraged. she will wait until she has an opening, then she will break something important to whoever hurt her, fight them until she wins, until she breaks something, until she feels that whatever struggle and pain she went through has been returned in kind.

    this is only physical or emotional: if someone simply hates her, simply wants to cause her problems, or causes them in such a way that it doesn’t sting overmuch, her vitriol will not rise and she can brush it off easily. she’s close to a demon without realizing, vengeful and ruthless.

    laurel grows under duress, only when she herself decides it’s necessary, and often what will make her stronger id good experiences, friendships, people she can trust to advise her letting her be vulnerable and giving her kind responses. adversity makes her regress, turns her briefly or for a while into that angry teen delinquent who throws rocks through windows and gets in fights behind schoolyards.

    lavender (hemlock),
    lavender :   how easy is it to gain your muse’s trust ?  once their trust is broken ,   how might one go about mending it ? 

    he’s met just about every ‘folkloric’ creature still on the earth, and has a running list of which he can trust, and he has a general idea of human trustworthiness. but, unfortunately or otherwise, hemlock likes humans (even mages, sort of) which means he tends to be a little bit too forgiving of them.

    the things he tends not to trust are gods (though he’s raised two himself in his original verse, he does not exactly trust or get on with gods he’s not already close with) and fellow dragons when he doesn’t know how territorial they are or what comprises their hoard. fortunately, divine servants rarely bother with hemlock and there are few other dragons in the wandering sea (coughs at fafnir).

    it’s pretty difficult to break his trust and survive, actually, so it’s rare for anyone to actually need to mend it. if someone destroys his trust he comes for them because it generally means they used him for something he finds immoral or stole something from his hoard, and for that hemlock with go to return his object or right his reputation with the full power of an age-old phantasmal. he does not fuck around. if someone actually lives through that, he tends to be wary of them for quite a while after and resist helping them generally much longer than the average lifespan.

    ...however, if someone who wronged him can get one of hemlock’s ‘family’ to vouch for them (again, at the moment this is applicable only in his original verse, as he hasn’t gotten anyone in fateverse that close to him), he will be a bit looser and allow the person in question to exist around him without getting hissed at.

    #asks#caimkairos #headcanon : hemlock #headcanon : laurel
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  • originlist
    02.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    @caimkairos​ сказал(а):   (im gonna do these in batches fhhf)   

    ask meme // accepting

    bay tree (salieri),
    bay tree :   does your muse seek glory   &   accolades ,   or do they favour a simpler ,   more personal life ?

    please, praise him. for at the moment he has nothing to his identity except fire. if he is known for anything other than ‘a monstrosity’ or the lies that compound his origin, then all the better.

    but he also knows he isn’t worthy of those accolades, he doesn’t care about the fact of glory, he only cares about being something more than the fire-burnt corpse of a legacy. he likes things quiet and straightforward. he likes court life in that he enjoys watching others, and he holds his title of kappelmeister dear... but only because it was a gift and something that linked him to josef and marie. the accolades are things to reassure him that he is loved and that he isn’t completely worthless to everyone.

    let him live personally, quiet, but let him live that where people still speak his name with anything but ‘was he not a jealous murderer?’ after it. if he gains glory, if people praise him, if enough people say ‘this is someone with talent, who plays decent music’, that’s better than the alternative.

    belladonna (koschei),
    belladonna :   how does your muse respond to silence ?   do they take comfort in soundlessness ,   or seek to fill the void with noise ?  

    far away in a castle, if you travel seven kingdoms past seven kingdoms from here, there is the sound of a waterfall faint, faint from the basement. it is audible echoing even into the top rooms in part because it’s tall, stretching from the top of the mountain koschei’s castle is built into, but because the remainder of the halls are so quiet that there’s nothing else to hear.

    even footsteps are silent, when footsteps were there from the unclean ones making up the population. it’s why koschei’s stolen wives stood out so brightly: there was noise from them, the sound of shoe-soles on ice when walking, the sound of human speech and protests (usually, since their presence here was not of their own will), the sound simply of a human interacting with the many treasures there.

    at times the sound of music from some enchanted instrument or other, whatever happened to grasp koschei’s interest.

    silence is nothing new, silence is perfectly tolerable, but... it’s lonely. he will not run from silence. if it’s there, he has no reason to wish it filled, because it’s no discomfort. a tsar does not wince at such a normal thing as quiet.

    but still, if there is noise, he’s discovered it is a kind of comfort, too. it means there are people, and in chaldea it’s people he is welcome among. there aren’t complaints toward him (often) and at times it is the sound of people he likes... would say are friends, perhaps?  while he likes the quiet, feels most comfortable within it, noise...

    let’s say it engenders a kind of pride he’s not entirely sure where or why it comes from, but he can bask in it nonetheless.

    #caimkairos #headcanon : koschei #headcanon : salieri
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  • corrchoigilt
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    @caimkairos​ said: 
    "Bho Oidhche Shamhna chon Oidhche Bheallt... piseach maith, agus beannachd mallt..." It's a faint humming, not quite sung, with the faint hesitation of a rehearsed line not quite perfectly remembered. Hands sneak to turn him around and Sophia stands there wrapped in thin cloth, flowers consisting of more coverage than the clothing itself. A hawthorn crown sits on her head, petals perched carefully as a facsimile of a veil. "I come to you with maidenhood in tact, from the dark side of the sun."
    Her head tilts, a smile growing as she lifts her 'dress'- a garter of gorse flowers around her thigh. "Beltane is upon us. I ask you not for a king, or anyone..." There are so many petals, so many things to burn. She pulls close, and in the hawthorns, seen up close, are apple blossoms and strawberry flowers. "...help me burn away my past. Burn up my maidenhood, burn up my darker years. Let those burdens burn, and let us walk forward to the future. My Cu Chulainn. I will take you, and you, me." --

    A sweet tune hummed nearby in an equally as sweet voice. A tone not all that different from her usual, but it had that distinctive genuineness meant for few else. He smiles into the glass of wine he had just been finishing, eager to turn around and greet her before he feels slender arms at his waist turning him to do such already.

    There would have been a coy remark as their eyes meet. An alluring gaze and tender tone of voice… Instead the glass nearly drops from his hand. Any words he could’ve said quickly tumble back down his throat and he thinks he’s choking- No, his heart just skipped a beat. He hadn’t expected-

    Ah, was his face heating up? Was it a bit too noticeable? He swore these sorts of things didn’t faze him but when he’s caught off guard like this- He always is when she chooses to be bold. He glances down then immediately back up. Some number of moments taken with his eyes closed as he regains composure. He’s certain he can hear her internal amusement right now.

    He hears something about ‘intact maidenhood’ before he can manage to speak. There’s a flash of thigh that’s far more distracting that he’d admit. Wide eyes and a creeping blush. Still seemingly frozen in place and… he knew it was an embarrassing reaction. Hands still firmly in the place they were when he had turned. Almost as if he were afraid to touch her-


    And then the glass in hand is either dropped or thrown aside. A fluid movement as he drapes and pulls his cloak around her nearly bare form. The thought only makes the heat worse, especially with such ‘innocent’ green eyes watching him. ‘You’re doing this on purpose-’ is what he wordlessly communicates.

    It’s certainly working. He’s certainly picking her up and moving away from the crowd as quickly as possible now. It wasn’t as if they hadn’t already planned something like this either. She just… maybe did a rather too good job of setting the mood.

    ...And there’s perhaps a bit of feral desire with how they collide the moment the door closes behind them. Pressing her against the wall as he tears at some of the flowers. Still so gently though. So careful. Heated kisses and jagged teeth against her soft lips. He’s still so scared sometimes. So terrified he might-

    But he sees pools of green. Grounds him even in this daze. He feels like he’s burning. He feels like putty. She speaks and even if he can’t recognize the words, he feels drunk on her voice and trusts her.

    #((under a read more just in case :V #((but i've mentioned before right that sophia taking initiative just makes him collapse right? #((just kills him on the spot? #((i remember that ask thing from ages ago where she pulled him down by his hood to compliment him #((and that just lives rent free in both my and his mind- #((sophia just taking 'festivities' to a whole nother level again this year- #☼words spoken in silver and flame //in character☼ #☼only seek what you can handle to know //ask☼ #caimkairos#//caimkairos:sophia #☼selfish desires //nsfw☼ #((but only kinda?
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    @caimkairos​ said: Connla, frowning. "...make good decisions tomorrow, dad." Beltane. Beltane… --

    “Of course, of course. I wouldn’t think to do anything else. Just a small bonfire or two… Ah, you and the other children are going somewhere else for it, right? I think that should be fun. Just take your time-”

    Don’t look at him so suspiciously. Don’t look at him so suspiciously. Don’t look at him so suspiciously-

    #((answers this a day late because i passed out- #((but also cas internally screaming #☼words spoken in silver and flame //in character☼ #☼only seek what you can handle to know //ask☼ #caimkairos#//caimkairos:connla
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