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  • sheltiechicago
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Tiki culture and Californian landscapes in the work of Josh Agle aka Shag

    Josh Agle is certainly one of the most active and well-known contemporary American artists. Born in Sierra Madre, the artist spent some years of his childhood in Hawaii before returning with his family to California, specifically to Los Angeles.

    He began studying economics and architecture at California State University in Long Beach before realising that this was not his path and changing by specialising in graphic design.

    It was during this period that he began to sign his name Shag, the combination of the last two letters of his first name and the first two letters of his surname.

    #josh agle aka shag #contemporary american artist #tiki culture#californian landscapes#graphic design#california
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  • lionofchaeronea
    09.08.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Garden Landscape, Lucy Bacon, 1894-96

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  • architectnews
    18.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    The Reserve Farmhouse, Hidden Hills California

    The Reserve Farmhouse, Hidden Hills California, Californian Real Estate, CA Home, USA Architecture Photos

    The Reserve Farmhouse in California

    Jan 18, 2022

    Architecture: CHA Collective

    Location: Hidden Hills, California, USA

    The Reserve, Hidden Hills

    The Reserve is a modern farmhouse in a semi-rural suburban city, Hidden Hills, famous for its celebrity residents, who seek the area for a low profile.

    Set upon 1.2 acres, this project attempted to modernize the restrictive design covenants and architectural guidelines set forth by the city. Paying homage to its northern sibling, the Napa Valley, this ranch home features a three distinct structures that house modern amenities ranging from a professional chef’s kitchen with a walk-in refrigerator to a separate yoga retreat, movie theater and equestrian facilities.

    Indoor amenities also include an elevator, laundry jet, multiple cooking areas, a custom wine cellar, a wellness center, a media room and a discreet mechanized carousel to feature a car collection.

    The 2,000 square feet master suite on the main floor seeks to unite its pastoral outdoor with customized features indoors. A zero-edge pool in the outdoor area is nestled among a landscaped garden, protected mature trees, and a equestrian conservatory enveloping the area. The project was the first of its kind to explore a modern vernacular in a city that prescribes a narrow range of design elements, details and overall vocabulary.

    The Reserve Farmhouse in California, USA – Building Information

    Design: CHA Collective

    Project size: 13000 ft2 Completion date: 2020 Building levels: 3

    Photographer: Lu Tapp

    The Reserve Farmhouse, Hidden Hills California images / information received 180122

    Location: Atherton, California, USA

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    Big Ranch Road Retreat in the Napa Valley Design: WDA (William Duff Architects) photograph © Matthew Millman Photography Napa Valley Barn Renewal

    Hanover Page Mill Associates, LLC, Stanford Research Park, Palo Alto Design: Form4 Architecture photo courtesy of The Chicago Athenaeum Hanover Page Mill Palo Alto Building

    The Italian Swiss Colony Building Lobby Architects: jones | haydu photograph : Matthew Millman The Italian Swiss Colony Building Lobby

    California Loft Residence

    American Houses

    San Francisco Architecture

    Californian Architects

    American Architecture

    American Architect

    Comments / photos for the The Reserve Farmhouse, Hidden Hills California designed by CHA Collective page welcome

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  • gepspheps
    17.01.2022 - 1 week ago
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  • topaz-irises
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    random writing prompt i found: "where did you go today? describe in detail what you experienced + things that you noticed"

    here goes. so, i ventured to Whittier for the first time in a few years today. overall, it was... cute? the drive was calm and easy. the sky has been a milky charcoal all day, and when i left this morning, its belly was full to bursting with rain.

    i never get the chance to sift through or dissect Whittier since i have hardly spent more than 10 hours total there, and i've lived in southern California my entire life. i also think i've only seen five black people there - including myself. but i needed a change of environment, so i took the 25 minute drive on an eerily unhurried saturday morning, and walked the streets in some comfy ankle boots. i was hopeful to find pieces of myself in a vintage shop that caught my eye.

    the thing that stands out to me about this particular fraction of Whittier is that each house has a certain feature - which either struck me like discovering a fresh new blemish on my nose, or seeing a dress for an audacious $80 covered in gaudy rhinestones - and these features seemed neither particularly useful or necessary. huge, lavish decks that looked like oversized skirts on small unfinished houses, paintjobs that married colors like mustard yellow, rusty orange, and hunter green, "historic" houses built with white colonial pillars, and second-story add-ons that looked as though they would topple over onto their heads with a gentle push. but when i walked down Philadelphia, i can't deny that i felt a blanket over me. this street, and it's sister, Greenleaf, are lined with the comfort of tall trees and all their greenery above you. some corners where you turn may give you sight of the houses that sit sparsely in the nearby hills, or the mountains who are often kissed by snow. to me, uptown offers a kind of seclusion unfamiliar to most southern California natives. we are often forced to squeeze into spaces with one another, never being able to go anywhere without there being other bodies headed in the same direction. not to mention air tight traffic at 9pm, unruly children passively managed by dissociating parents in grocery stores, or the never-ending honking wars between cars on the street. silence and aloneness, to us, is sacred. so to find moments of peace in areas that offer you a separate pathway from chaos, some expression of gratitude must be in order.

    in all, even though it is quaint, Whittier indisputably adheres to white Californian, suburban expectations, and they're visible in the fabric of its uptown landscape, nestled in the cradle of the hills' lower belly. but, i really wouldn't mind going back to Local Fixture for more coffee. shit was fire.

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  • duffmckagans
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago



    Axl smiled as he drew her closer. When silence unfurled, kissing them softly, Valerie's breathing settled. Only faintly did her ears still ring.
    If he only knew of the garden he planted in her—of the beautiful blossoms he coaxed into opening—maybe then he'd comprehend the breadth of her affection. If he only knew a fraction of the life he'd constructed from scratch inside her barren landscape—maybe then he'd understand how she'd never again love another soul in such a way.
    God, it was all so inevitable now.
    It was moments like these their love felt like life's greatest masterstroke; moments like these where she nearly wanted to believe in her mother's God.
    If she had, surely they would've been his bleeding, broken, and strayed magnum opus.

    READ ON: [AO3] 💌 [Wattpad]

    pairings: axl rose x fem!oc.

    genre: romance, drama, & realistic fiction.

    word count: 364k+

    status: complete as of july 2021 — newly edited as of january 2022.

    rated: mature/explicit — check content warnings before reading, labeled per chapter.

    official book playlist

    [click to enlarge images]

    #finally edited <3 #nobody has to rb this bc it’s nothing new but i would appreciate the support <3 #guns n roses fanfiction #axl rose fanfiction #gnr fanfiction #axl rose x oc #axl rose#izzy stradlin#duff mckagan#slash#steven adler#valerie anderson#jillian vasquez#mywriting#rocketqueen*#save #setting this book down for good <3 unless i see a typo or something #shoot me in the head if u find one pls and thanks
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  • wewerepromisedsomuch
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Album Review: Bonobo

    Artist: Bonobo

    Title: Fragments

    Record Label: Ninja Tune

    Release Date: 14th January 2022

    Rating: 8.5/10

    For his seventh record ‘Fragments’, Simon Green aka Bonobo faced an uncommon scenario, an imposed full stop. Grounded because of…errrr…well, you know; the electronic producer/musician, who’s usually at his most inspired when on the move, was confronted by the notion of being in one place, for an undeterminable period of time. However, with globe-trotting off the menu, Green sought refuge in nature, away from lockdowns and the noise of Covid-19 (and whatever else has been thrown our way in the last two years) into the blazing Californian desert. While traversing this arid, unforgiving landscape our protagonist began to mentally piece together the literal fragments that have been bubbling around his mind to form what has been already branded as his masterpiece.

    Throughout this period of disconnection and isolation ‘Fragments’ is Green’s love letter to the dancefloor, to the live performance and to festivals, as the artist reflects “I remembered all over again how much I loved crowds and movement and people connecting with each other.” Bonobo’s latest release is deeply rooted in dance and electronica, with the way it peaks and troughs, its infectious grooves and its giddy hedonism. Although, amongst the celebration of connection and the record’s more uplifting moments, there’s occurrences of introspection and melancholy that provides a fleshy, organic texture.

    ‘Fragments’ is bestowed with an unwavering elegance that’s portrayed by its swooning strings and sunset motifs; this is projected by ‘Polyghost (featuring Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)’, the LP’s opening track. It’s a calm and atmospheric introduction to proceedings before ‘Shadows (featuring Jordan Rakei)’ sashays in with a bubbling melange of jazzy vignettes, effervescent electronics and layered percussion. Rakei’s soulful tones add a soothing element that’s tinged with melancholy as he croons “save me/save me from the unknown”. There’s something wonderfully transcendental about ‘Fragments’, with several numbers adopting head swelling moments of euphoria. ‘Rosewood’s steady, perpetual motion is a good example of this, as disembodied rich vocals find themselves interlinked with dislocated electronics and a sea of undulating beats. Often you’ll find Bonobo operating in a world of duality, where moments that resemble something close to ceremonial co-exist with hedonistic revelry; ‘Otomo (featuring O’Flynn)’ and ‘Age of Phase’ encapsulate this contrast effortlessly. ‘Sapien’ too invokes the feeling of something tribal as the listener intrepidly navigates a shifting soundscape of glassy tones and undulating varied textures that ebb and flow, from nothingness to something primal.

    The balance between ‘Fragment’s urge to make your body pop, while providing a meditative, poignant aural adventure is nigh-on perfect. On the flipside to the more upbeat occurrences, the likes of ‘Counterpart’ and ‘From You’ offer a pleasing alternative. The former is swathed in sparkling tones and the sort of soundtrack you’d want to accompany a slow-motion beach scene before the party begins. While the latter ushers the LP into a minimal nook that’s not dissimilar to Burial. Equally, ‘Closer’ conveys itself as gentle yet purposeful, down to its watery electronics, rigid beats and an Elfin-like vocal take, that rubberstamps the record’s penchant for otherworldliness.

    Collectively we may have been living a fragmented life recently but Green has managed to capture the essence of human connection, that’s poignantly nostalgic with shimmers of hope for the future.

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  • architectnews
    07.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Venice House, Los Angeles Residence

    Venice House, LA Pool, Los Angeles Building Design Project, Californian Real Estate, Interior Architecture Photos, USA

    Venice House in Los Angeles

    Jan 7, 2022

    Architecture: FINNE Architects

    Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

    Venice House, LA

    The Venice House creates a garden sanctuary in the city. Located on a long, narrow lot in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles, the house comprises a dramatic series of folded roof planes and a collage of textured metal and wood exterior surfaces. The bulk of the house has been placed on the eastern side of the lot, making a linear garden on the western side. The wood living pavilion projects into the garden space, with a soaring hyperbolic paraboloid roof formed by exposed Douglas fir beams. A pool has been placed directly outside the living area, allowing this prominent part of the house to be mirrored by water.

    The bedroom wing of the house frames the triangular living pavilion, which projects into the long garden space on the west side of the property.

    The living area is enclosed by a continuous glass wall, protected by a 6-ft roof overhang. Oversized 8-ft by 10-ft sliding glass panel doors open directly to the pool, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor environment. The living pavilion itself is constructed with wood, both exterior and interior, establishing a contrast of warm wood to the cool metal siding that wraps the bedroom wing. The living roof is a hyperbolic paraboloid composed of tightly-spaced Douglas Fir beams. The beams gradually reverse their slope from one end of the living space to the other end, creating a curving interior line where the beams frame into the wall of the bedroom wing. The curvature of the hyperbolic paraboloid is made entirely with straight beams.

    Simplicity rules the choice of interior finishes. White-bleached rift-sawn white oak cabinets and floors are combined with calm, white plaster walls.

    The custom FINNE design work can be seen in a delicate custom steel light fixture hanging over the sculptural quartz kitchen island and cast-glass breakfast counter. Other FINNE design elements include a sculptural quartz powder room vanity, the spare steel and wood main stair, and the dense wood screen wall located outside the second-floor master bath. The crafted approach continues on the exterior with a unique handmade Danish brick, creating accent walls at the front entry and the living room fireplace.

    The house was designed to be a sustainable structure from the start, with 40% higher insulation values than required by code, efficient natural ventilation, large amounts of natural lighting, water-conserving plumbing fixtures, LED lighting, locally sourced materials, and drought-tolerant landscaping. Windows have high-performance Low-E insulated glazing and are equipped with concealed shades. The house roof has been planned for future photovoltaic panels and hot-water solar panels.

    Deep roof overhangs, built-in shades, and high-operating clerestory windows are used to reduce heat gain in the summer months. During the winter, the lower sun angle is able to penetrate into living spaces and passively warm the floor. Low VOC paints and stains have been used throughout the house. The high level of craft evident in the house reflects another key principle of sustainable design: eschew “throw-away-ism” and make the house last for many years!

    Venice House in Los Angeles, USA – Building Information

    Location: Los Angeles, California Client: Confidential

    Budget: Confidential Completion: August 2019

    Architect: FINNE Architects Nils Finne, AIA, Design Principal Chris Hawley & Chris Graesser, Project Managers Contractor: Bruder Construction Bell Canyon, CA Structural Engineers: Parker Resnick, Los Angeles, CA. Bruce Resnick Photographer: Tom Bonner Custom Steel Kitchen Pendant Design: by Nils Finne Light Fixture Fabrication: by Landbridge Lighting, Seattle Custom Cast Glass Breakfast Counter: Design by Nils Finne, Fabrication by Glassworks, Seattle WA Custom Bath Accessories: VRI Series of twisted steel bath accessories. Design by Nils Finne. Fabricated by 5-STAR Industries, Seattle VG Douglas Fir Lift-slide Doors And Offset-pivot Front by Quantum Windows and Door. Door Everett, WA Exterior Clear Cedar Siding and Soffits: furnished by Issaquah Lumber Interior VG Fir ceiling paneling Issaquah, WA Exposed Doug Fir structural ceiling and Beams in Living Pavilion area: furnished by Disdero Lumber Clackamas, OR Stainless custom kitchen island sink: Metalmasters Lynnwood, WA Custom Suspended Mirror at Powder Rm: Distinctive Glass, Lynnwood WA Tile for all bathrooms: Ann Sacks, Seattle, WA Custom Wood Cabinets: Taylor Made Furniture Marquette, MI Furniture and Art work Furnished by clients

    About FINNE Architects Raised in the United States and Norway, Nils Finne established FINNE Architects in Seattle in order to bring a Scandinavian understanding of craft and landscape to the Pacific Northwest. The firm has practiced smart sustainable design for twenty-five years, designing new custom homes and renovation projects in Washington, Oregon, California, Michigan, Massachusetts, Virginia, Rhode Island, and Norway. FINNE is a member of the Green Building Council.

    Dedicated to the idea of Crafted Modernism, Nils Finne typically designs custom lighting, furniture, cabinets, and hardware for every project. FINNE has produced more than 80 pieces of custom fabrications, which are also sold as stand-alone items.

    Photos: Tom Bonner

    Venice House, Los Angeles images / information received 070122 from v2com newswire

    Location: Los Angeles, Southern California, USA

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    Second House in Culver City Architects: FreelandBuck photograph : Eric Staudenmaier Second House in Culver City

    Vespertine Culver City Building, L.A. Design: Eric Owen Moss Architects image courtesy of architects office Vespertine Culver City Building, L.A.

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    Gardenhouse, Wilshire Boulevard, Beverley Hills, CA Design: MAD Architects image Courtesy architecture office Gardenhouse Wilshire Boulevard

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    Another recent Apple store design by Foster + Partners on e-architect:

    Apple Bagdat Caddesi Istanbul Building, Istanbul, Western Turkey photo © Apple Apple Bagdat Caddesi Istanbul Building Design

    Foster + Partners Architects

    Comments / photos for the Venice House, Los Angeles design by FINNE Architects page welcome

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  • architectnews
    05.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Laurel Heights 1, San Francisco Residence

    Laurel Heights 1, San Francisco Building Project, CA Real Estate renovation, Californian Architecture Design Images

    Laurel Heights 1 in San Francisco

    Jan 5, 2022

    Interior Design: Feldman Architecture

    Location: San Francisco, northern California, USA

    Photos by Paul Dyer

    Laurel Heights 1, SF

    A Bay Area couple with three young children purchased a unique corner lot on the edge of San Francisco’s Laurel Heights neighborhood with rare views of the Presidio and the Golden Gate Bridge. Having worked with the Feldman Architecture team previously on a home in Potrero Hill, the clients for Laurel Heights 1 presented their vision of a refreshed, unique, modern home, which later evolved to include an added primary suite that takes advantage of corner views, and interiors inspired by their colorful art collection.

    The Feldman Architecture team first worked to address an originally awkward entry sequence by distinguishing the home’s orientation – clarifying a modernized front façade facing north with a graceful entry sequence covered by a metal awning. The original lot provided very little outdoor living space; the design focused on inviting in misted views with the use of expansive windows, creating the effect of an airy glass box hovering just above street level.

    The original structure lacked privacy from the taller neighboring multifamily unit, and the wedge-shaped side yard often felt disrupted by street noise. The renovation enclosed the side yard with a carefully designed fence that maintains a sense of privacy and mitigates street noise while preserving bridge and ocean views. The paneled wood fence varies in opacity and adds visual interest to the front façade while creatively protecting an expanded entertaining area clad with heated furniture and a hot tub for foggy San Francisco evenings.

    The design reshuffled the floor plan on the main level – three kid’s bedrooms and two bathrooms, along with built in storage, occupy the eastern corners. An open sitting room, dining room, and kitchen with newly installed windows face northwest- introducing natural light and giving the home’s public spaces distinctly San Franciscan views.

    The materiality is light and natural with drops of color – an indigo kitchen backsplash and seafoam powder room tiles foster a playful vibe. In the dining room, a built in, custom metallic cocktail station glows with inset lighting, and plush green chairs complement bold art from the client’s collection. Pieces from painter Shaina McCoy’s A Family Affair series provide a jewel toned material palette from which our interiors team drew inspiration for furnishings and finishes.

    The lightly perched additional story adds a primary bedroom, green roof and foggy bridge and ocean vistas. A lofted home office with streamlined custom casework uses space efficiently and maximizes views from the private workstation. The primary bathroom features a free-standing tub and delicately tiled walls that feel both simple and highly detailed.

    This urban renovation provides a transitional take on mixing bold colors with neutrals and utilizes durable materials for an active family looking to take advantage of both a comfortable and modern lifestyle.

    Laurel Heights 1 in San Francisco, CA – Building Information

    Completion date: 2021

    Contractor: Eastwood Development Landscape Design: Steph Kawachi Landscape Design and Loretta Gargan Landscape + Design Structural Engineer: Sheerline Engineering Interior Design: Feldman Architecture Lighting Design: Kim Cladas Lighting Design

    Photography: Paul Dyer

    Laurel Heights 1, San Francisco images / information received 050122

    Location: San Francisco, California, USA

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    Salesforce Tower Office Space Design: Feldman Architecture photograph : Paul Dyer Salesforce Tower Office Space

    Peninsula Residence, San Francisco Bay Area, California Design: Richard Beard Architects ; Kelly Hohla Interiors provided interior design photograph : Paul Dyer Peninsula Residence San Francisco Bay Area

    San Francisco Architecture Offices – architecture firm listings on e-architect

    Big Ranch Road Retreat in the Napa Valley Design: WDA (William Duff Architects) photograph © Matthew Millman Photography Napa Valley Barn Renewal

    American Architecture

    Foster + Partners Architects

    Comments / photos for the Laurel Heights 1 San Francisco design by Feldman Architecture page welcome

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  • architectnews
    30.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Ranch Dressing, Mill Valley CA

    Ranch Dressing, Mill Valley Real Estate, USA, California Luxury House, Californian Interior, Architecture Photos

    Ranch Dressing in Mill Valley

    Dec 30, 2021

    Architects: Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

    Location: Mill Valley, California, USA

    Ranch Dressing

    Returning to the Bay Area after living in Texas for a number of years, the clients discovered an existing midcentury ranch-style house in Mill Valley that satisfied at least part of the needs; the site is amazing. Sitting atop an oak covered knoll within the Mount Tamalpais area, the location provides direct connections to wilderness and the opportunity for 270-degree views. The challenge was that the Ranch Dressing house was dated and was closed off from the surrounding views.

    “It sits on an oak knoll on the middle ridge of Mount Tamalpais,” the owner noted. “You step outside and see wilderness.” The lot was ideal, but the structure itself was less than perfect. The house had very few windows that took advantage of the site’s 270-degree views. “We wanted something open and full of light,” the owner adds.

    A set of additions was knit into strategic locations along the perimeter of this ‘60s boomerang plan to remedy the staid quality of the previous interior geometry and make the landscape more legible from inside.

    Areas of pillowed wood siding and large windows were added to add textural relief to the expansive walls. A neutral white interior envelope, washed with daylight, becomes a background for the clients’ art collection.

    The garage with a studio above acts as a sculptural element and also provides an edge to the entry court. Buttrick designed a gray aluminum sunscreen for the exterior of the expanded living room. Merten bordered the drive with a limestone wall.

    The offset pivot front door is made of shou sugi ban wood. and the kitchen cabinetry, and suggested shou sugi ban, a Japanese wood-burning technique for the pivot front door. Quartzite paving grounds the entry and continues outside into the courtyard.

    Inside, a rich mix of furnishings mix with a sophisticated collection of art and collectables. Interiors were curated by designer Gary Hutton who helped curate furnishings for the couple. In the living room, ‘Eternity Domain,’ 1989, by Jules Olitski hangs above a Jens Risom sofa covered with a striped Nobilis velvet.

    The wing chairs and a marble-topped coffee table are by Gio Ponti, and the bamboo-silk rug is by Niba Rug Collections. Set off by Benjamin Moore’s Lush, a collection of 19th-century French majolica plates provide a backdrop in the breakfast area for the owners’ vintage walnut-topped oval table designed by Florence Knoll and Kurt Ostervig-designed rosewood butterfly chairs.

    The cushion fabric is by Maharam. Soft driftwood toned oak floors visual connect the interiors to the adjacent landscape. Kitchen cabinetry is made of stained quarter-sawn oak, two shades darker than the hue of the floors. Milo Baughman-designed chrome stools with cushions covered with pony hair pull up to an island topped with honed silver travertine.

    Ranch Dressing in Mill Valley, California – Building Information

    Architecture: Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

    Interiors: Gary Hutton Design Construction: Cuttle Construction Structural Engineering: FTF Engineering Landscape: Les Baulines Energy Compliance: NRG

    Photography by Joe Fletcher

    Ranch Dressing, Mill Valley CA images / information received 301221

    Location: Portola Valle,California, USA

    Architecture in San Francisco

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    Los Altos Hills II House, CA Design: Feldman Architecture photograph : John Linden Los Altos Hills II House in California

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    Mill Valley House in California Design: CCS Architecture image from architects Mill Valley House in California

    San Francisco Buildings

    New Palo Alto House

    Contemporary House in San Francisco

    Choy Residence in San Francisco

    Website: Portola Valley, San Mateo County, California

    Californian Architects

    American Architect

    American Houses

    Website: San Francisco Bay

    Comments / photos for the Ranch Dressing, Mill Valley CA design by Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design page welcome

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  • architectnews
    10.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    French Chateau For Sale, California

    French Chateau For Sale, Californian Mansion Home, Large Luxury Real Estate, US House Photos

    French Chateau in California

    Dec 10, 2021

    French Chateau

    The French Chateau in California is For Sale and has an asking price of $32 million!

    Location: California, USA

    Source: TopTenRealEstateDeals

    Almost Like Paris – Neighbor Is Kourtney Kardashian!

    Kourtney Kardashian first came to prominence with her reality show “Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive” in 2005 and has been an influencer powerhouse ever since. In addition to her reality show appearances including Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she has opened clothing boutiques, published books, appeared on the daytime soap One Life to Live, designed fashion lines, and marketed her own line of perfumes.

    She recently got engaged to Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker when he proposed to her on the beach in Montecito, California with a diamond ring that made her 152 million Instagram followers swoon. She owns two stunning mansions, one in Palm Springs and another in the Santa Monica Mountains neighborhood of Calabasas.

    A unique opportunity to keep up with Kourtney has arrived on the market with the listing of a gorgeous French Chateau down the street from the Instagram star’s own mansion. With an asking price of $32 million, the 16,500 square foot Paris-inspired estate offers seven bedrooms, ten baths and unparalleled luxury. The beautifully landscaped grounds are straight out of a fairy tale castle with topiary mazes, a waterfall pool, two bridges, a BBQ pavilion with steel appliances, a fire pit, multiple patios for entertaining as well as fruit-bearing trees including avocado, figs, plums, orange, and lemon.

    Inside, the home is classically styled with hardwood, marble and limestone accents and offered fully furnished. The grand two-story foyer includes a breathtaking double floating staircase with intricate metalwork and hand-built French chandeliers. The chef’s kitchen has a vaulted ceiling, top-of-the-line appliances, and connects to both a breakfast nook and a spectacular formal dining room with a hand-carved fireplace, plus a temperature-controlled wine cellar.

    The master suite is massive with a gorgeous four-poster bed, huge walk-in closet, oversized glass-surround steam shower, sauna, and two beautiful patios featuring marble columns and a lovely view of the surrounding mountains. Each of the other six bedrooms features its own en-suite bathroom with some having patios of their own.

    The home is perfect for entertaining, with an open floor plan that seamlessly connects the vaulted-ceiling living and dining rooms with the outdoor lounging spaces, and surround sound in all the major rooms. The 10-seat home theater references old-school Hollywood glamour with red velvet and carved mahogany and includes its own wet bar. Additional features include a game room with a mirrored ceiling, a library with a custom fireplace, a beautifully designed office, and a full gym and massage room.

    Formerly a sleepy suburb, in recent years Calabasas has become popular with celebrities escaping the Paparazzi-filled neighborhoods of Beverly Hills and the Hollywood Hills.

    Gated communities provide these power players with privacy, beautiful mountain views, and easy access to the 101 Freeway that leads back to the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition to Kourtney, the French Chateau’s buyers will count Drake, Jessica Simpson, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Will Smith as neighbors. The home is convenient to the Calabasas Country Club plus plenty of shopping and fine dining.

    The listing is held by Tomer Fridman & Isidora Fridman of Compass.

    Source: thefridmangroup.com

    French Chateau for sale, California images / information received 120721

    Location: Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, USA

    California Luxury Property

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    Oak Pass House Architects: Walker Workshop photograph : Joe Fletcher Oak Pass House in Beverly Hills

    Luxury House in Beverly Hills Design: Whipple Russell Architects photographers : William MacCollum, Art Gray Photography House in Beverly Hills

    Trousdale Residence in Beverly Hills

    Benedict Canyon Residence in Beverly Hills

    Mirror House in Beverly Hills

    Summit House in Beverly Hills

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    Orum Residence, Bel-Air, Los Angeles, California, USA Design: SPF:architects photo © Matthew Momberger New Residence in Bel-Air

    Los Altos Hills II House, CA Design: Feldman Architecture photograph : John Linden Los Altos Hills Residence in California

    Californian Architects

    American Architect

    American Houses

    Comments / photos for the Carmel Cliff House, California page welcome

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    09.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Best Things About USA

    With so many distinct landscapes and climate zones inside the United States, visiting different National Parks, monuments, and historic sites across the country is one of the finest ways to experience them. The United States contains practically every climate zone on the planet, so no matter what kind of climate you want, you'll be able to find beautiful landscapes. The United States is home to a wide range of cultures, just as it is home to a wide range of climates and landscapes. There are numerous different cultures and cultural subsets based on where you live, what people believe, their heritage, their skin color, and other factors. Mountain towns with a young population, lots of entertaining community initiatives and events, emerging food scenes, artisan breweries and distilleries, and some with a vibrant arts culture. Roadtripping across the United States is such a classic American experience, and the country is well-equipped for it, with a plethora of roadside restaurants and services, economical hotels and lodging, and even odd and kitschy roadside attractions. Americans enjoy a good party, and there is usually something going on or being celebrated on any given night of the week in the United States, at least in the cities. Colorado, along with California, Oregon, and Idaho, has a plethora of excellent hot springs, both totally natural and with natural hot water piped into man-made pools. Colorado's aspens and pine trees, California's Redwoods, the Pacific Northwest's Douglas Firs, the South's Spanish moss-draped oaks, and the bizarre-looking Joshua trees in the Californian desert — the United States has some magnificent trees! 

    While there are a lot of things to do in the USA, check out what is the most dangerous city in the US. 

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    Full Birth Name: Persephone Abigail Tate

    Also Known As: Seph, Pers, Sephy

    Age: 33

    Date of Birth: September 27th 1988

    Place of Birth: Saint Paul, Minnesota 

    Zodiac Sign: Libra

    Occupation: Influencer

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Sexuality: Heterosexual 

    Social Media Handle: @sephs-underworld

    Face Claim: Candice Patton

    Persephone was always considered a lucky girl. Born to Michael Tate, a professor of Greek Mythology, and Abigail Tate, a historian at the local museum, it was always destined for her to carry a powerful name, and to her, personally, there was nothing more powerful than the Queen of the Underworld. She adapted her entire personality on being great and unstoppable, soon climbing the ranks of popularity in her school. Everyone knew Persephone Tate - the girls wanted to be her, the guys wanted to date her- and it was a good feeling.
    She found her talent in photography during high school, and though it was something she enjoyed, she wasn’t entirely sure she could make a career out of it, focusing more on realistic careers. That said, she showcased her talents on social media, blowing up in popularity on retro sites such as MySpace.
    It was the popularity of Instagram that skyrocketed Persephone’s own. From being the popular girl in a set neighborhood, she was known nationwide, eventually even internationally. At first, it was her photography that got people interested, commenting on the beautiful landscapes and portraits of friends and family she showcased. But a couple of selfies later, she was an It Girl for the internet. 
    Using her talents and natural charisma, Seph made a career out of influencing. Advertising products, photographing vacations, selling a perfect life online. Of course. she was hiding the truth from the pictures, editing snaps that made things look more enticing. Truthfully, Seph felt under pressure to keep herself perfect, fearing losing everything after one slip up. She had recently moved to Los Angeles, and felt like she couldn’t compete with the Californian girls with her vast connections and endless money. She had always thought she was fine doing this whole gig independently, it was what her brand was built on after all, but it seemed almost unattainable now. 
    Her parents, noticing her exhaustion. advised her to do a social-media lockdown, paying for a room at a hotel in a small town considered off-the-grid. So she found herself in Anophtopia, ready to relax before she digs her heels into the LA Influencer lifestyle, fighting tooth and nail to keep her crown.
    #i'm not always cold i'm just good on my own: persephone
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    15 Best Things to Do in Nevada City, CA

    Set in the mountains of Sierra Nevada, the charming town of Nevada City, California, is as historic as it is beautiful.

    The town serves as the gateway to many of the region’s most iconic outdoor destinations, including the fabled Tahoe National Forest.

    But within the city proper, there are also other attractions that welcome adventures seekers, history buffs, foodies, and the whole family.

    From enchanting summer festivals to long-standing theaters, from railroad museums to modern art galleries, there are so many hidden wonders for the most curious travelers.

    One weekend may not be enough!

    So when brainstorming ideas for an epic vacation, make Nevada City your top choice!

    Here are the 15 best things to do in Nevada City, CA:

    Marvel at the Wonders of Tahoe National Forest

    RENA MICHAEL / Shutterstock.com

    Thanks to the iconic Lake Tahoe, Tahoe National Forest has become a well-known Californian attraction.

    It spans more than 870,000 acres in total land area and reaches 9100 feet above sea level at its highest points.

    And while it covers six counties, the main headquarters for operations is located in Nevada City.

    The majesty of this national forest cannot be understated: hundreds of beautiful lakes and reservoirs hidden in valleys, snowcapped mountains glistening even in the summer sun, canyons cleaved by snaking rivers, and so many other natural and manmade attractions.

    Craig Cooper / Shutterstock.com

    It’s no wonder that it receives more than 10 million visitors come here every year.

    Whatever the season, there’s something to see here.

    Spring and summer are perfect for wildlife encounters deep into the native forests near Nevada City; fall is ideal for landscape photography as the foliage changes; and winter is great for skiing and snow-related activities.

    The sheer amount of things to do might be overwhelming, but there are many tour packages offered in the city that offer a more organized trip!

    See the Artifacts of Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum

    During the latter half of the 1800s and early into the 1900s, the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad system served as an invaluable mode of transport that connected this mountainous region to the Central Pacific Railroad.

    This heritage is preserved and showcased at Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum.

    Within the facility, you'll see photographs, artifacts, newspaper clippings, and reading material that offer a glimpse of the colorful past.

    The most prominent of these displays are, of course, the real-life locomotives that once thundered their way across the mountain tracks.

    There’s even a small track that’s still functional, which offers rides to kids and adults.

    During the ride, you’d see other sights, such as the location where other locomotives and passenger cars are being restored.

    Visit the South Yuba River State Park

    While the main headquarters of South Yuba River State Park is at Penn Valley, there’s still a huge chunk of it within Nevada City.

    So you can easily access it via Highway 49.

    This scenic wilderness is famous for the postcard-perfect vistas created by the eponymous river.

    Many visitors are attracted to the various bridges that traverse the rushing body of water, both the old and the modern ones.

    Edwards Crossing Bridge, Purdon Crossing, Hoyt’s Crossing, South Yuba River Bridge—take your pick!

    Whichever you choose, you’d still see deep blue waters frothing against bare rocks, tree-lined banks, and mountains flanking both sides.

    On the more isolated spots, there are majestic waterfalls, beautiful meadows, and other sights waiting for the curious and adventurous traveler.

    Watch the Bikers During the Nevada City Classic

    Since the 1960s, the Nevada City Classic has been hailed as one of the most challenging professional cycling races in the whole country.

    It’s also the second oldest race of its kind in the US, held annually during Father’s day.

    From the 1500 spectators during its early years, Nevada City Classic now expects 15,000 every year, making the race a major event in the community.

    The track is just 1.1 mile, but it brings participants through hilly and twisty areas that put their endurance and coordination to the test.

    But there’s no need to worry for the cyclists, as most of them are trained professionals who have competed in other events like Tour de France.

    The roster of winners is a testament to the event’s prestige, which includes Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, and Greg LeMond.

    View Colorful Cliffs at Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park

    There are no shortages of state parks on this side of California, and one of these is Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park.

    During the Gold Rush, necessity became the mother of invention.

    So when streams ran out of gold, the miners took the cliffsides and created a brand new way to harvest the gold: hydraulic mining.

    The method errored the topsoil all the way to the bedrock, which resulted in areas utterly denuded of greenery.

    Imageinit / Shutterstock.com

    Because of the environmental impact, the practice has been banned, but you’re welcome to visit these hydraulic mining sites.

    Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park is the biggest one, and it also has a historical village restored to look like it’s still in use by long-gone miners.

    Trek the hiking trails to reach the original mining pit, and you’ll see the beautiful layers of rock with alternating bands of color.

    It’s a great place for camping, landscape photography, and other nature-related activities.

    Learn the City’s History at Miners Foundry Cultural Center

    The California Gold Rush caused an upheaval in this region of the US, and it has left an imprint that continues to be felt even today.

    One of the places where this legacy continues to live on is at Miners Foundry Cultural Center, a culturally and historically important landmark in Nevada City.

    It was established to serve the needs of lumbermen and gold miners who needed their raw materials processed into various products.

    During that time, there were a couple of inventions designed in the foundry that helped hasten and improve processes.

    Some of these are on display at the cultural center, such as the Pelton wheel, side-dump ore car, and non-mining commercial vehicles.

    Aside from housing these innovations, the center serves as the venue for various events that are often open to the public.

    These include live music performances, theater plays, film festivals, and other enriching activities.

    Sample Fine Drinks at Nevada City Winery

    Sierra Nevada’s mountains are always covered in snow, but Nevada City has a warm enough climate that it rarely experiences freezing days.

    This has made the nearby agricultural lands ideal places to grow lush grapevines.

    So it’s no surprise that there’s a local wine scene in the city.

    In fact, the oldest winery in the Sierra Nevada foothills is located here: Nevada City Winery.

    The operators purchase high-quality grapes from local growers and distill them to create award-winning bottles.

    You’re welcome to try some of their drinks by visiting their tasting rooms—you’d be surprised at the complex aromas and flavors you’d smell and taste in every sip.

    Don’t forget to bring home a bottle or two to open during special occasions!

    Join the Festivities at Summer Nights

    Nevada City has a talented community, with lots of its residents and businesses inclined towards visual and performing arts.

    If you want to see these talents and creativity unleashed, then join the festive Summer Nights event.

    It’s held on three weekends of July, starting from 6 PM until well into the night.

    Here, music, art, and community are celebrated.

    You’d find numerous stalls selling stunning artworks, artisanal furniture and jewelry, stylish clothing, fine leather goods, and many other products made by the local craftspeople.

    Along the streets, there are fire dancing performances, art demonstrations, live music by local bands, face painting, and many other activities for the whole family.

    You’ll really see a brand new layer of Nevada City during your visit, one that celebrates human creativity and penchant for the beautiful.

    Fish Freshwater Game at Scotts Flat Reservoir

    As one of the closest bodies of water to Nevada City, the Scotts Flat Reservoir has become a local favorite for those who want to try water-related activities.

    This portion of Deer Creek was dammed in 1948, resulting in an 850-acre lake at 3,100 ft above sea level.

    The serene mountain setting and pine tree-lined banks of the reservoir create beautiful views that make it an excellent summer getaway.

    And it indeed has established itself as one, with several campsites, boat launches, sandy beaches, and picnic areas.

    You can even boat to the middle of the lake and try catching some of the freshwater game lurking in the depths, such as Massachusetts brown trout, Channel catfish, and smallmouth bass.

    Catch a Show at Nevada Theater

    Almonroth, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

    Also known as Cedar Theater, the Nevada Theater is the oldest existing structure of its kind in California.

    It has been around since 1865, standing witness to the many eras of performance art and film, including the silent films of the 1900s.

    Today, it still maintains a functional purpose aside from being a significant historical landmark.

    You can watch a theater production, comedy performance, live music concert, and select films in the 200-seat facility.

    Be sure to check out their calendar to see the schedule of upcoming events!

    Find Tranquility at Hirschman's Pond

    Accessible via the Hirschman Trail, Hirschman's Pond is another natural attraction in Nevada City that also doubles as a historical landmark.

    It was once another site of hydraulic mining but has since filled up with water after the practice was outlawed.

    Today, it has become another attraction that’s great for the whole family.

    In fact, the trail leading to the pond is ADA compliant, so even people with disabilities can visit the area without much difficulty.

    You’d see various points of interest along the route, such as a 40-foot long trestle built to replicate railroad structures during the 1800s.

    Upon you’re arrival at the pond, you’d immediately feel the quiet and isolated ambiance that puts you in a meditative mood.

    You’re welcome to fish along the shore, take photos of waterfowl, and just enjoy the tranquil scenery of the attraction.

    Find Fresh Produce at Nevada City Farmers Market

    As mentioned, the lands around the city are fertile, and the climate is ideal for growing a wide range of crops.

    So it’s no wonder that there’s a thriving agricultural industry in Nevada City.

    If you’re looking for a place where you can partake in the seasonal bounty, then make a stopover at the Nevada City Farmers Market.

    It’s open every Saturday from May to December, and you’d find numerous stalls offering fresh produce from local farmers and gardeners.

    These include seasonal vegetables, various fruit cultivars, fragrant coffee beans, and premium root crops.

    In addition, there’s a selection of homemade items by local businesses, such as preserves, baked goods, and artisanal furniture.

    Make sure to mingle with shoppers and vendors to make friends with locals during your visit!

    Pick Lush Berries at Riverhill Farm

    If you want to experience harvesting your own produce instead of choosing one from the farmer’s market, then be sure to visit Riverhilll Farm.

    The ten-acre land is irrigated by the South Yuba river, so the owners are able to grow a diverse selection of fruits and vegetables.

    And while they’ve only been around since 2001, the farm quickly became a favorite attraction north of Nevada City because of the beautiful sceneries and fresh produce.

    While the vegetables and some fruits are harvested by the farmers themselves to preserve quality, you’re welcome to pick the lush berries growing on one section of the land.

    It’s the perfect way to select the very best fruits to bring home!

    Smell Flowers at Crystal Hermitage Gardens

    Nature's Charm / Shutterstock.com

    In the spiritual village of Ananda, on the northern edges of Nevada City, lies the perfect springtime destination: Crystal Hermitage Gardens.

    It’s one of the most visited locations in the city, and it frequently graces the lists of gardening magazines as one of the top spots on the West Coast.

    And it’s all because of the gorgeous tulips that bloom in unison during the spring, which can reach almost 17000 individual flowers in a single season.

    Visiting the gardens has become a springtime tradition for locals and visitors alike—nobody wants to miss the beds of tulips that burst with numerous colors and variations.

    And the venue itself is a serene and relaxing destination that’s perfect for meditation and spiritual exercises.

    Try the Signature Dishes of Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Co.

    To cap off a day of outdoor adventures in Nevada City, chug a cold mug of beer from Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Co.

    The establishment is a local favorite, frequently visited by residents and tourists alike for the tasty selection of beverages and artisanal pizza and pieces of bread.

    And the ingredients used, whether for beer or pastries, are guaranteed fresh since they’re sourced from the city’s farmers.

    You’ll taste the difference once you’re dining inside their cozy and inviting restaurant.

    Final Thoughts

    Nevada City is a haven for nature lovers, with its vast parks, rushing rivers, peaceful lakes, and bountiful farms.

    But it’s also a great destination for those who like performance and visual art, history, music, and food.

    So whatever preference you have, make sure to check out this list to learn about the top spots in this charming city.

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    Opinion | Everyone’s Moving to Texas. Here’s Why.

    Opinion | Everyone’s Moving to Texas. Here’s Why.

    A Californian will feel right at home in Dallas even before touching the ground. Like the suburbs around Los Angeles, San Diego and across the Bay Area, Dallas and other Texas metros are built on the certainty of cars and infinite sprawl; from the air, as I landed, I could see the familiar landscape of endless blocks of strip malls and single-family houses, all connected by a circulatory system…

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