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  • I’ll like? Explain later how Robin is the real abuser? I never wanted to call him out, but I’m Robin was the real abuser.

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  • So my final essay for this class is a Research Paper. My topic is, ‘Why Do Studies Show Black Children Have Low Self Esteem?’ I finally found my seven sources. I’ve been working on this since five o’clock. And man, I know I’m bout to be depressed as a motherfucker. After I re-watched one of my sourced videos, I knew I was going to be approaching some deep…historical…generational fucked up shit. But I had to keep truckin’.

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  • A monster…


    Originally posted by maryxglz

    24 almost hours later and I realize the monster I have created.

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  • today was the Foundation’s fault pass it on

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  • Anyway, they tried to add tags to our asks. Rude.

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  • So I’m working on the name selection portion (which is a lot of one-liners for pre-selected names and a bunch more for names you can’t have and YET more for EASTER EGGS).

    Now most of the Easter Eggs I’m doing are other COG/HG related, including WIPs and published. For my sanity, it’s restricted to the ROs (and only ones that don’t already have a shared name or different reason for not being allowed in the WIP).

    So far I’ve got some from MCU ( @thenickelportrust), Icarus Sun ( @thecityandthechild), Reports from Philomena, At Sixes and Sevens ( @at-sixes-and-sevens-game), and a few others I’ve reached out to and asked for permission.

    However I am a sucker and having way too much fun doing this so if you are an author of a COG/HG, published or just a WIP, and don’t mind me borrowing the names of some of your characters, I’d love it if you let me know! (And I’d be happy to send you the lines for pre-approval, or if you have ones you’d like to contribute that would be fantastic too!)

    @honeyandfiregame @foxofsunholt @lureofthegallowsgame @modernwitchcoven @fantasyfawkes @mortalheroseries @diasporatheblog @shepherds-of-haven @a-witches-curse @3150dahliast

    ((If anyone else wants to tag anyone this is just a list off the top of my head and I’m posting this before I chicken out))

    Sample below of some easter-eggs using @thenickelportrust in case anyone wants an example of what I mean (All said by Sabriel):

    if nameCheck = “RICKY”
       "Tricky Ricky, porcupine divine.“ Sabriel looks at you. "Oh, don’t give me that look. Ricky is a great name, I’m sure. Just as long as it’s not short for Cedric or something.”

    if ((nameCheck = “RAF”) or (nameCheck=“RAFAEL”))
       "Sounds like the name of some character on a telenovela. You know, one where the guy divorces the person he loves to try and protect them even though he’s hopelessly in love with them and can’t move on. And he’s a supervillain, or something. Hey, I occasionally indulge in human entertainment. Don’t judge me.“ 

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  • This person is drawing fetish art of a 14-15 year old. Block and report.

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  • image

    @arachnaboy Don’t You Bring My Height Into This 

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  • I do this once ever blue moon, but I felt like I should do it again! Sooner than normal, I will agree with you on that.

    Just a few notes, these will be separated into different catergoies. First will be Active character, Second will be deceased, and third will be a few call out to other writers and their character intertwined with mine (and who doesn’t like a little support?)

    Starting off….

    Currently Alive and Active in World of Warcraft and ready for any sort of rp: 

    Sroel Wyatt Gwynn- AKA your favorite worgen rogue Alastar Wyatt.


    For those who are new to this character, he’s been around for four years now. His backstory could be considered tragic, spoiled, and shows as he’s reached the ripe age of twenty years old this year! In-game, he’s a worgen rogue. His IC persona is a swordsman cursed human whose talents in a fight has not helped his ego down to earth.

    Synric Ronan Silversong ( @synric-silversong


    My Shadow Marksman as I like to call him. He is an half-elf (in age group to Alastar) has reached twenty-two years old! He has been around a lot longer than Alastar, by five or six years now. Not much longer, but that one year makes a huge difference. He is my good-heart character who carries a heavy burden. 

    Neia Blackwood ( @neiablackwood )


    My civilian, as I like to call her. She is a business woman focusing in the craft of jewelcrafting and enchanting. She runs her own business in Ironforge and is more than happy to interact with anyone and all. She was created before Synric by a year, yet, she is the youngest at the nice age of twenty (compared to Alastar age). Neia has an affinity for fortune telling, and its by that she puts on a smile and pretends that everything is okay.

    Nairus Amberleaf ( @nairus)


    My corrupted druid, as for right now, his story-line is progressing when the new expansion hits and he will, once more, be free from his corrpution. But at what cost? And How? Originally developed to be a feral druid, he ended up having a backstory as a healer, with healing parents. He is a rebellion in many ways, but keen when he feels like speaking. He is third oldest character that I have created sitting around six years total experience with him. Yet, I’ve never fully played him. He has always been a support character, a changing tide to story lines, and a lot more fun than even his creator gives him credit for. 

    Dennarish Keenthread ( @dennarish )


    My newest creation! The Void Elf mage with a normal background, an average life for World of Warcraft, yet, a certain incident threw his life astray and got him caught up in the misgiving that all Void elves fell into. He was created three months ago and is currently one of my favorite to play with. In fact, you’ll more than likely see me on Dennarish now a days. 

    These also include (not fully fleshed out but capable of rp) Daldina (Void Elf rogue tied into Dennarish storyline) and Nylaria (Night Elf Priestess tied into Nairus storyline). 

    Those that are deceased but I still fully enjoy writing them on occassions and all staying on the blog @thefracturedmosaic

    Madivh Blackwood Aka Azalor/Itzal Blackwood 

    My first ever World of Warcraft Character, as the name gives way (I wasn’t aware of lore characters at the time). He was created seven years ago and I played him til his death four years ago. However, I do love filling out the missing details of his past and playing around with AU. He was a human rogue specialized in intel gathering and sabotage. 

    Jacorek Blackwood

    My second character created, but never fully developed until a year after his initial creation. He was created seven years ago, half a year after my first. He is Madivh’s father, a rogue human who specialized in assassinations and sabotage.

    Azariah Oakenforest

    A semi-new character, and technically alive though I am not sure where he is, he was created half a year ago. An elf hunter originally, he fell away from traditions to embrace a darker force in order to get revenge on the demons that stole his life from him. In return, he stole many other lives unrelated to his revenge. The last time he was seen was in Outlands before the dark portal was closed the first time. He excelled in hand to hand combat, bow and arrow, and swordplay. 

    And my call outs and most cherished RP Partners:

    @selisegraves involved with Alastar, despite there separation, Alastar owes her more than either probably truly realize

    @divergent-lines for being involved with Synric, Madivh, and Jacorek

    @rangarinorli for being involved with Synric

    @savianblackwood for being involved with Neia, twins cannot be played by one person (hehe)

    @alliesdelimma for being involved with Alastar 

    And of course there are others, in and out of story-lines, but never forgotten. 

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  • Something I have seen at a constant on Tumblr is discourse on drama. Discourse about certain blogs that many people deem either unsafe for others to follow or deem the person on the other side of the blog as ‘dangerous’. 

     I want to make this clear that I do not make this post with the intention of mentioning people, I make this post for the general community that is Tumblr because if their is something that this community can always never fall short of doing its taking drama way too out of hand. I also make this post not in hope of changing your mind, but in hope that you take this as a something to consider moving forward. 

    I’m sure you’ve seen call out blogs before but if you haven’t i think the name is pretty self explanatory, (a blog that calls someone out on supposed bullshit/harmful things/lies/toxic ways).

    See, the issue with tumblr is that people will take drama that started off as something so very small and blow it up so big that their are new people everyday activity attacking blogs that not only could actually be innocent but could also actually they, themselves, trying to move past what they did, realize what they did was wrong and have been trying to grow from it every since. Which is why i want to talk about 2 things; Guilty until proven innocent and Innocent until proven guilty. 

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  • Just love and appreciation.

    Send in love about your favourite vent users.

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  • Everyone go send positive messages @heart-baek-bleed she is in need and she really needs your support and care right now.

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  • CALL OUT POST FOR @oersae

    • She is a russian mole planted in America to steal all coffee, causing decrease in worker productivity
    • Said “Karl Marx, pretty cool guy. Definitely had a daddy kink tho”
    • Refuses to pet bun for me
    • Refuses to send me coffee
    • Has never eaten marmite
    • Allergic to dogs AND cats
    • Probably litters
    • Said her favourite singer is Taylor swift but it’s really Beyonce because I know that she sings single ladies ever day in the shower
    • Keeps calling me cute
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  • -assumes my diabetic dogs sexuality
    -hasnt read my immortal
    -eats cheese/carmel popcorn
    -wants a vore whore shirt

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  • I will have to say its pitiful how we still have this callout culture. People cannot yet understand that thede are not to be used to get back at someone who hurt their feelings or for petty reasons even. Much more if the person has apologized for their deeds, what more do you want? Stop spreading hate against a single roleplayer, do you know the damage you’re making to that person? Callouts are intended for real crimes, in a police wise rank, not for people to whine about how butthurt they are.

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  • As a quick note, and in case it wasn’t clear, please feel free to call me out on anything.  I’m okay with being wrong and, as a human being, I do make mistakes.  So if you feel that I’ve said something outrageously out of touch and dumb, please tell me so.

    Tumblr makes it easy to contact other people, so you can send me a message or a quick PM or you can reblog the post with criticism.  Whatever.  But please let me know, because I can’t fix my behavior/attitude if no one says anything.

    I might argue with you a bit.  I might get a bit ‘explain-y,’ but I do often explain my behavior as a means of understanding where I might have gone wrong or providing you with a bit of a better understanding of my perspective.  Please know that I only explain to sort out my own thoughts (I think better in type than I do in my head) and that I don’t believe an explanation makes me right.  I just sometimes need to explain things.

    On the whole, however, I will do my best to listen and take your comments and critique into account and I will apologize if I find that I am in the wrong.

    Two things I want to emphasize:

    1. However you start the conversation, I will continue it as you initiate.  If you reblog, I will reblog back.  If you PM me, I will PM back.  If you message me a critique, I will message you back (or post the critique with a response if it’s anonymous).

    I may take a few days/weeks to respond.  My schedule’s going to get crazy in the near future and I may not have the same bandwidth, but I will always try to respond and answer.

    2. I am happy to make reparations within reason.  If you want to me to delete the offending post to remove it from tumblr and exposure, I will do so.  If you want me to leave the post up so the conversation can continue, that’s also fine.  If you want me to change my post to reflect a different and more informative outlook, I’d be more than willing to do that as well (I may need a bit of guidance on that front).  If you want me to take a bit of time or set aside some energy to include a specific type of post/content on this blog to help educate others, I can do that too.

    But I will only do so much.  I’m not going to delete my blog for a single mistake.  I will not change the theme of this blog.  I’m not going to do daily posts on the topic indefinitely (I have limits).  I’m not going to apologize to five different people for the same mistake if I’ve already written an apology.  I’m also not going to put up with daily harassment/reminders that I made a mistake.

    No one needs that in their lives.

    But I’m a writer.  I love feedback.  I can’t take suggestions at this point, but I’m more than willing to take criticism.

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