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    16.05.2021 - 2 days ago
    #mailbox#anoncore #honestly not used to people doing call outs #reading the response #and responding turn and I respect u for that <3 #Anonymous
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  • naomitomioka
    15.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    SnK was not at it’s best. The fans deserved better.

    My title(s) for my review literally and truly sum up how I’m sure many felt, and continue to feel, about SnK’s ending.

    SnK’s ending was all over the place: chaotic, nonsensical and messed up! A lot of things especially in the last five chapters, felt really off to many who keenly noted down all the crucial plot points of this series that are now completely thwarted.

    E.g. What was the point of the SnK anniversary chapter, “Memories of the Future”, and the following, “From you, 2,000 Years Ago”, where it was specified Ymir was waiting for Eren instead of Mikasa?; Why was Levi experiencing the same ‘AU Headaches’ before his big fight with Zeke in the woods?; Why could the Shifter ghosts all of a sudden come and go in the end?; What was the point of the Devil of the Earth story?; What was the point of the Rumbling when everyone was going to die anyway by war?- And now with the newer possible leaks! It also seems the curse never went away! What was the point of all of this? And even Yeagerists in canon seem to have won though they were always painted as a bunch of hooligans no one liked much.

    Many seem to feel slighted as well by how certain characters either ended up, or ‘symbolize’ now. As an Eren fan and a fan of this series before the anime aired, not-gonna-censor-my-words, I felt it was an utterly pathetic and cheap end to this series I was long invested in. And SnK has unnecessarily set the truest example of character butchering to many. BUT especially, ESPECIALLY to my favorite character as I said, Eren Yeager!

    Okay, fair warning from me that I am biased for Eren, so if you dislike his character and fans like myself liking him, I kindly inform then that you just leave my post as I rather not see any uglier arguments underneath.

    Ya.................................... ....... .......... .............. ........... ........... ........ .....

    I am no longer a big fan of SnK anymore and have actually lost most of my respect for Isayama at this point.

    Mainly because of how unfair I feel the ending was not only for Eren the character himself. But mainly also for the genuine Eren fans who loved Eren because they could connect with him. In my opinion, I connected and love Eren a lot because of the human qualities that his character actually did have that were so endearing to me.

    (These two scans are from Ch.32, “Mercy” a.k.a The big Annie fight. I really recommend people rereading this one. I really wish Tumblr didn’t limit the pic count to just ‘10′ since there are more scans regarding Eren’s ‘manga-exclusive good traits’ I wanted to add like how his speech was more emotive during the serum bowl arc as well. -...-; )

    I always have said this and I will say it again! I will NEVER be okay with how Wit started butchering Eren’s character and even stereotyping many which Isayama has seemed to follow. E.g. Mikasa’s mono-expressions to give off the ‘cool, cold girl’ vibes; Sasha’s over comedic relief; unnecessary cutting of scenes not just for Eren but for Armin and Historia as well; unnecessary romantic / sentimental fillers when the manga was initially better at emoting. And etc...

    Anyway, back onto Eren...


    Time and time again! The story kept on repeating itself literally before how the concept of “one’s willpower” could lead to a bigger “fate”! And all of these type of panels that talk about “freedom” and “to fight!” ALWAYS somehow connected to Eren (and his character).

    You know, I was actually going to be literally “okay<3″ regarding SnK’s ending despite being very lackluster, and depressing as an Eren fan. Until the full ‘SnK 139′ leaks came out... WITH THIS.

    I WAS DAMN FURIOUS.This is like going too far honestly with character butchering-or “assassination” more accurately.





    BY THE WAY! I am an EreMika Shipper! BUT AS A WOMAN/DEMIGIRL, I found this scene overall to be disturbingly SEXIST in tone. My annoyances were proven ‘true’ when I started seeing some male EreMikas celebrating this scene. Trying to promote this scene as a good thing.

    I literally got lectured by some of these EMDudeBros I argued with recently on Twitter, who retaliated to me saying, as literally quoted, I was “A fake fan” and “ungrateful” just because I said that celebrating this scene was actually disturbing for women like me who faced abuse and toxic possessive behavior and also knew others who did.

    I AM AN ASIAN WOMAN AS WELL. And I will say this once as I may delete this tidbit later, but I am also half Zainichi Korean I.e. A person who is also familiar with Japanese way of life on a personal level. I sadly have to confirm that Japan still on a whole has a lot of overlooked issues. One of them is sexism which is still sadly very prevalent there.

    Many men in Japan sadly also have these degrading views on their own women, which in turn have also diminished their own women’s self esteems’ into following these degrading views. These degrading views I’m talking about are basically what I feel are ‘Asian Women Stereotypes in Anime’ which I think some of you all may be familiar with.- And it becomes evidently moreso when the love-interest heroine in anime may have more ‘Asian features’. (I know not all heroine’s have Asian features like Orihime from BLEACH with her orange hair, but what I’m trying to point out is that usually Asian / more Japanese-looking characters in anime media, are literally stereotyped either as: walking doormats, violets with either lack of self-esteem or confidence or both, sexualized objects with ‘moe’ trope attached, or just the side-character that not many would remember narrative-wise anyway.)

    But ya, how the above relates to SnK to me is obviously connected with what I found issues with how Mikasa’s character got ‘resolved’ by Isayama.

    Okay, in advance though, PLEASE KNOW THAT I DON’T HATE JEANKASA, SO I HAVE NO ISSUES AT ALL WITH THE PART OF MIKASA MOVING ON. It’s natural! And sadly, that was one of the most likely solutions let’s face it when it comes to “love in war”-which SnK was based on, the ‘war’ themes. I in fact am happy as well to see that at least the baby part for her came true as she always was a character sentimentally associated with the theme of ‘family’.

    Anyway, back on point on what I thought were the issues regarding Mikasa’s story, mainly in the ending stages of SnK.

    What I HATED THE MOST regarding how her character ended was that apparently even for the supposed “big arc” Isayama planned for her, she was still shown as ‘lost’, ‘confused’, and TAKING ORDERS on what to do regarding her choice as a character. 

    From characters like Annie to Gabi! Had more say on what Mikasa should do and how the story should go instead of her.-You know, a character that is supposed to be second-in-command technically after Armin in Alliance.

    Mikasa literally received no attention to development by Isayama for this final arc and her overall character, I’m sorry. 

    And as an Asian woman who has seen many anime series where the stereotype of the love-interest heroine, heroine, and the Asian-looking character have gone so far, it was indeed REALLY nerving for me to see that Mikasa’s character got treated this way even by Isayama.

    She deserved better as did practically all the characters at this point.

    Reminds me as well of another topic and chapter I got nerved by surprisingly...

    Chapter 138 in my opinion was THE CHEAPEST SHIPPING TACTIC I had seen an author do. And also butcher further Eren AND Mikasa actually.

    So wait, is Isayama indirectly trying to say in a sarcastic way to me an Eren fan, a Mikasa fan, and an EreMika fan, that out of ALL THE THINGS Mikasa could’ve said to Eren, it was the message to just “run away” and “leave others behind” i.e. Be painted as selfish and cowardly. A.K.A BE PAINTED AS SOMETHING A BIT MORE ON THE NEGATIVE SIDE ON A BROADER SCALE??? - And this offense has slightly been backed up to me as well with how much Isayama loves to butcher Eren. And also that truly disgusting reference to Ymir’s love for THE MOST CRIMINAL OF CRIMINALS, KING FRITZ!

    These scenes in 138 felt so cheap for me too because THERE’S NOT EVEN A PROPER “I LOVE YOU” WRITTEN FOR THESE SUPPOSED LOVE SCENES!!!

    Ya... I honestly never got how Ch.138 was a “good thing” for EM in general? It was truly a degrading chapter for me, again in my opinion. And if Isayama was truly not into this ship and only did that kiss for teasing fans (and just getting money), then I rather that he NEVER took this AU route to begin with. Not only to prevent baiting but to also prevent any further unnecessary emotions regarding this series as well.

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY MORE PROBLEMATIC THINGS are worth mentioning to criticize- and rant, about!

    I mean, was it really necessary to add that HISTORIA- THE CHARACTER MOST BADLY SHAFTED ASIDE LITERALLY THUS FAR, is now like a disturbing female ‘Hitler’ in the SnK world??? 


    It really and TRULY feels like at this point that Isayama literally had NO CARE when making this last chapter (and final parts) overall.

    I admit I will probably cool down some time soon and just simply, MOVE ON.

    It is just a piece of art after all. Paradoxically it’s amazing how we connect with art, what it can do, and how it can help or just affect us really.

    I have to state as well before signing off that, in the end, I will (try to) be grateful to Isayama for the potential story and beautiful characters he gave us all in the beginning.

    I just don’t think this type of ending was deserved for this grand series.

    And ultimately...

    For this just as grand / big fanbase.

    (What a waste..........)

    #SnK Spoilers#Eren Yeager #Mainly Eren Yeager #Eren Jaeger #Tw: Very harsh language I used and did some 'call-outs'
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  • woodlands-system
    15.05.2021 - 3 days ago
    #rape mention #yes you all exploit rape and it's really fucking disturbing #and also put minors at risk and make light of harm to minors #I'm not even getting into what I've learned since the call out came out #like from other people targeted #I know a few are making their own call outs
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  • buckskinblues
    12.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    It’s really sad (and by sad I mean pathetic) that every time someone is complaining about something but in a fandom context 99.99999% of the time you find out it’s just them being salty over their ship not having a lot of fics or because they want to find a way to stop X content from getting made. And whenever I see something like “XYZ is a problem” my kneejerk reaction is to think “someone’s ship isn’t the fandom fave and they’re incredibly upset about that” or “there isn’t as much fanart of their preferred character, is that it?” or “they just don’t like how this character is often depicted in fanon, huh?”

    It’s really deadened my inclination to care about things (at least specifically when it comes to people in fandom spaces). It’s like at this point I’ve been trained to just immediately suspect it’s bullshit (and I’m usually right).

    And also if someone IS a genuine piece of shit stop beating the dead horse. It suffices to just be like “oh wow that person is a real piece of shit” and then make it a point to block and avoid them in any way possible and continue about your merry way. You don’t need to go on crusades against random bloggers and random people with social media accounts across the web. It really helps nothing and just adds to the toxic environment fandoms are now known for by and large. People usually go away if you don’t give them the time but they get stubborn about it if you keep paying attention to them, any attention.

    Just be into what you want and ignore the rest and stop caring so much about internet randos and their neuroticism.

    #also yeah theres a difference between harassment and PURPOSEFULLY engaging with situation you KNOW upsets you #youre not changing anyones hearts by making call outs posts and discoursing with them honey
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  • fenharellequin
    12.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    not me giving up on my latest project cause im sick of baring my soul to me myself and i

    #the self call outs became too much #i quit
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  • lunasdarling
    11.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Little mix calling out the U.K. Music industry. God I love the brits

    #the brits usually has call outs which is fun #if they ever get good at censoring ppl I will be sad
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  • serological
    04.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    'It Takes Two To Tango(s)'

    Sero: *pointing at a map, during a fake hostage situation* Okay, Ashido spots multiple tangos, patrolling the second and-

    Kaminari: Wait, what?

    Sero: Huh?

    Bakugo: No, no, go back.

    Bakugo: Multiple... 'tangos'?


    Sero: Uh, yes? You know, bad-guys. Villains.

    Bakugo: Right, no, we guessed THAT, dumbass. But, you've never called the bad-guys 'tangos' before.

    Sero: So I'm trying something new, so what?

    Kaminari: I don't like it.

    Bakugo: Kaminari doesn't like it, and I don't buy it. It doesn't sound 'right, coming from you. It sounds FORCED, almost.

    Sero: ...Uhhhh, sure, whatever you say. Anyway, guys, please, can we talk about this another time-

    Jirou: *over the radio* I'm hearing chatter from the hostiles about moving the hostages to the third floor. Multiple foot-tangos are breaking-away from the main group. Over.


    Kaminari & Bakugo: *start grinning and pointing at Sero*

    Sero: Don't you say a wor-

    Kaminari: Are you trying to impress Jirou?

    Sero: No, stop-

    Bakugo: 'Sero Hanta, Smooth Operator'

    Sero: SHUT-

    Kaminari: 'Sero Hanta, Spec Ops Warrior'

    Sero: NO-

    Kaminari: Have you just been playing alot of 'Call Of Duty', is that it? Trying to brush-up on your terminology?

    Sero: *facepalms* Why am I friends with you guys?

    Bakugo: When WERE you going to tell us you were a military veteran?

    Kaminari: Just how-many tours of Afghanistan were you going to tell Jirou you've done, after this mission is over?

    Sero: *frustrated screaming*

    #jirou is styling herself as a professional team-player #military call-outs and such #sero tries to copy her #in hopes of impressing her #bakugo and kaminari find this hilariously pathetic #because it's obviously so unnatural #just ask the girl on a date #she might say yes! #serological#au#alternate universe#sero hanta#serojirou#jirou kyouka#bakugo katsuki#kaminari denki#quotes#mha#bnha #my hero academia #boku no hero academia
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  • braveboyhalo
    04.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #ur emotional journey...tragic #i’m so sorry #u are but a casualty in me and frogs journey to get our own twitter call outs #kiwi 🥝💕
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  • the-time-bandit
    01.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    *cue the Paul di Resta hate comments*

    #like I agree that he's not one of the best commentators outs there #but some of the things I've seen people call him is horrible #so much for condemning abuse on social media #like mate you're just as bad #paul di resta #by this point im convinced f1blr thinks all the commentators are incompetent #f1#formula 1#formula one
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  • kyleecarrigan
    27.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Playing a game on shipment and the in game commentator says “enemy at the cargo container”

    🙃🙃🙃. You don’t say. The whole map is cargo containers 🤯🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    #personal #on that map the commentator call outs are pointless #call of duty modern warfare
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  • bringssun
    25.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

                                                                       ☀ tag dropping like a boss

    #☼ HERE COMES THE SUN (     memes     ) #☼ SHE IS THE SUNLIGHT (     aesthetics     ) #☼ I’M WALKING ON SUNSHINE (     headcanons     ) #☼ AWAY FROM THE SUN (     desires     ) #☼ I CAN’T IMAGINE MY LIFE WITHOUT YOU (     mal     ) #☼ IF I WERE YOU I’D RUN (     alexander     ) #☼ COVER ME IN SUNSHINE (     face     ) #☀ YO YO YO (     ooc     ) #☀ YO YO YO (     queue     ) #☀ YO YO YO (     rp wants     ) #☀ YO YO YO (     love call outs     ) #Ⓥ MAIN VERSE (     show based     )
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  • ickyv29
    22.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I have worked on 5 different fics today... at work.... and wrote 31 k words...

    To put that into perspective the first series of unfortunate events book is 25k words ...

    So I told my s/o that I had a very large iced coffee and wrote that much and he told me to stop writing fanfiction and just write a book but he used:


    So... uh... how were you guys called out today....

    #fanfiction#the lion#the witch #and the audacity of this b*tch #yet here i am #the call outs are real #ouch #were they all spn? #yes #yes they were
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  • dead-silxnce
    22.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #i say 'freak outs' but they're anxiety attacks. they just call them freak outs because they do not have the words #ghoul gets panic attacks whenever someone yells at him and jet usually gets them once he realizes he's bitten off more than he can chew #they all have a very fun (/s) cocktail of mental illnesses and other stuff like that #killjoys#danger days#party poison#kobra kid#character headcanons#killjoy headcanons#headcanon#ttlotfk #ask to tag #answered#anon #danger blogs: the true posts of the fabulous que
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  • rotationalsymmetry
    21.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Because my brain will just not get off a track once it’s gotten on it:

    What I talked about at the end of the last post, how often people’s first counter to “I’m a bad person” is “actually I’m not a bad person, because everything is fine”?

    This is exactly what “white fragility” arises out of. And similar. The line of thinking is, “if I did a racist thing, I’m a racist and a bad person. But thinking I’m a bad person feels bad. So I’m not a bad person. So I didn’t do the racist thing.”

    Which is how you get a person of color saying “hey, just so you know, that thing you said, you probably didn’t realize this but actually that’s a slur” (or that halloween costume is offensive, or whatever) and the response is “how dare you call me a racist, I don’t have a racist bone in my body.”

    Now, a lot us white people have figured out we’re not supposed to do that. But might not have the understanding of what’s going on to actually consistently not do that, or not do that in every similar situation.

    (By the way, I’m pretty sure complaints about “tone policing” (do people use that term any more?) are about that phenomenon: white people freaking out even when the person of color phrases things in the least confrontational way possible, and then anything that isn’t absolute minimum confrontational is “well, I would have listened to you if your tone wasn’t so angry...” anyways, it doesn’t mean allies might as well just shout at people doing anything wrong and be max confrontational. Tone still matters, it’s just that you should tend your own garden.)

    It’s about realizing that what you do and what kind of person you are, aren’t the same thing. That there’s no good people or bad people, just people, and people sometimes mess up, and when you mess up the best course of action is to acknowledge it, make amends if possible/necessary, and do better in the future.

    I have to say, it can be harder to remember that when people lead with “you (bigot), I hope you die” or whatever.

    I’ve been on Facebook groups where it was socially normalized to just go “that’s a slur” with neither “you’re a racist and (horrifying thing) happens because of people like you” nor a bunch of “let me be really careful to not hurt your feelings” padding and the other person would go “oh, I didn’t know, I’ll (edit the post, or whatever)” and man, it’s beautiful when it’s just that smooth, you know?

    Anyways, in conclusion: figuring out how to accept that you messed up without making it about what kind of person you are, is important for social justice any time you’re on the more privileged side of things. It’s not only relevant to social justice. It’s also important for having positive relationships (in the broad sense), academic and career success for people that’s relevant for, dealing with government bureaucracies, just living your life, etc. But also, it’s going to really fuck up your attempts to do social justice if you don’t figure it out.

    #social justice #getting your ego out of it #white fragility #suicide baiting tw #racism#discourse #a white person having opinions about racism #call outs #I have so much trouble figuring out bureaucracy #how to spell it I mean #I know there’s extra values but I forget which side of the r they go on sometimes #sometimes people don’t get that personal work is actually necessary to get things done in the world #and especially to do activist work effectively
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  • itspileofgoodthings
    20.04.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    @coldswarkids teaching stories give me life

    #this was like three call outs in a row #but I love y’all
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  • deans-handprint
    18.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    This might be weird/just a me thing but... Did anyone else, growing up feel like "Ugly" was their armor? "Pretty" wasn't just for girls, no, but it was just for people who got unwanted attention. Attractive people had to live with a spotlight on them, ugly people got to be looked over. It felt like a privilege. I never wanted to be thin, nor was I that stressed about clear skin or matching clothes. Except, instead of some revolutionary act of self-acceptance it was just that ugly was my armor. I didn't find myself ugly all of the time, moreso just that other people did and I liked that. If someone wanted to play the juvenile 1-10 rating game, I was hoping to be 3-6. My baggy jeans and oversized shirts and mismatch socks weren't all I had access to but they were all I wanted.

    I associated being conventionally attractive to a bullseye on your back, and being overlooked to be a blessing. I'm not gonna say that was a healthy outlook, cuz it wasn't, and I'm aware of that. I'm mostly just wondering if anyone else felt similarly?

    My views have shifted now, moreso in my reasoning than in the end product but the intense feeling of safety in Jeans in particular stuck around, which is interesting

    #asphodel rambles #not looking to debate the merits of this or trauma call outs or whatever just wanna know if anyone related
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  • gothteddies
    13.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    heads up @ hotgirlsummerzone is reposting content of people on their own blog. sometimes credit is given sometimes it’s not, either way I don’t think they’re getting permission for a lot of it.

    #gothteddy nonsense #i hate doing call outs #either way their blog makes me v uncomfortable and i blocked them
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  • meaningtotellyou
    12.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    my manager is mad at me for calling out to fix everything that’s broken in my house because it’s an old place and shampoo the carpets when my attendance record is through the roof and has been through the roof the whole time I’ve been there

    #the new manager looked through my file and literally said ‘’i went back almost a year and didn’t see any call outs on your record’’ #and he just stopped looking #because im a good fucking employee and they know that #im so tired of life im so tired of everything #it’s one thing after another after another #i’m so tired #me and my roommate have so much to do now that it’s just us two #and it’s overwhelming #god i just want to scream maybe
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  • beingqueeranddoingbiggercrimes
    12.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    This is a call out post for @ronikque

    They are despicable, they love olives

    #this is a joke of course #olives still should be illegal but yknow. live and let live or whatever #can you tell i dont know how to make even jokey call outs lmao
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  • thedeliverygod
    11.04.2021 - 1 mont ago


    #noragami #I'm seeing call outs for Yato and I'm not here for it
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