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  • I’m not against callouts, but so often people use the opportunity to take a holier-than-thou, disparaging attitude towards whoever they’re calling out and it just makes for unnecessary drama in the rpc. Just tell me who I’m supposed to look out for, give evidence, and leave it at that. I don’t need to read two pages of grandstanding. If they’re a pedo or a dangerous person, congrats, you’re better than them. And we already know you’re better than them. Get on with it already.

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  • I’ve noticed that there is a lot of drama in the kin community. The main reason I have chosen to start this blog is to point out the flaws in claims against other people in the kin community.

    I will be posting quite a bit of things that could be potentially triggering depending on the viewer. If you need anything in particular tagged that I have not already tagged, please let me know. I will do my best to satisfy the needs of all of my viewers.

    The purpose of this blog is only to point out details in claims against others that one might not have seen alone. It is not to call out against anybody and I am only pointing out flaws in logic as well as inconsistencies in accusations. 

    Again, this blog is not meant to trigger anybody. It is only meant to provide light on things that should be reevaluated.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day/night!

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  • I wonder sometimes if people who subscribe so heavily to callout culture and refusing to accept that certain people and celebrities have apologized and changed (which I’m mentioning because you mostly hear about celebrities, I’m sure most of them are doing fine) would be happier with themselves if they were capable of understanding people are complex and do bad things but can work on themselves and become genuinely better. Like any ideology of moral purity is harmful, I’ve seen it a lot growing up fundamentalist Christian so many people have issues with shame and self loathing because no one can meet the purity standards. And that there’s probably some level of projection going on when they talk about how problematic or bad some people are. If doing bad things at one period of time or even if currently making a mistake as you try to progress as an individual makes you a hateful person forever then your ideology leads to/REQUIRES self hatred.

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  • Some of you treat block lists as “oh look a list of people who I can harass with no consequences!!! :))” and it shows.

    Look - I don’t care what someone said or did, they don’t deserve to be harassed, bullied or sent threats. Yes - even if they are genuinely a shitty person. Just have some maturity, block them, call them out appropriately if you need to and move on.

    Block lists are not free harassment lists and you should not treat them as such.

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  • cancel/callout culture should be used on famous & prominent figures whose actions and thoughts have an immediate effect on the portion of the population who emulate them and can do harm with their ideas in mind, but instead y’all use it to vilify harmless kids and young adults who still have a chance to learn to be better people

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  • Listen, I know the i-am-a-fish callout is 80% out-of-context bullshit and 20% honest mistakes that were exaggerated and/or apologized for, but can we please not send transphobic comments, suicide bait, or death/rape threats to the person who posted it? Nobody deserves that kind of shit, ever. And if you’re doing it, you’re no better than the people who harassed Fish.

    #i am a fish #callout culture #suicide baiting tw #rape tw#tw transphobia #oh look discourse
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  • This is just a rant post but…

    There’s something SERIOUSLY wrong with tumblr

    When I joined back in like what… 2010? The worst of this site was the Mishapocalyse (to me anyways because I never watched the show). And that was just because it kinda got annoying? It was funny though, and like… no one got hurt over it.

    Now? This site feels like it’s a climb to whoever can be the most “woke” person and a contest on shitting on anyone and everyone who either annoys them, disagrees with anyone on anything, or said a ~controversial~ thing.

    I’m pretty sure that this started because well, when websites get big they can draw all sorts of attention. And maybe callout posts started from good intentions? But this site, in our current state, can go and die. And I love tumblr, I do, I find funny stuff on here, make friends on here, and can follow content that’s enjoyable.

    But I’ve had friends who have been treated like shit on here. I’ve seen “discourse” that blows up into full on abuse. People delete their accounts because they either said something that wasn’t true, where they probably just didn’t know better, or because they said something that others didn’t want to hear. And then people laugh and cheer? I’m sure that most people leave for the better, but I know people who have wanted to leave because of how toxic this site it. Or because they’ve been pushed to feel unwanted and unaccepted. People leave because they have been hurt on this site.

    I found the word toxic funny at first, like, how can you possibly be hurt by words online? But then I realized just how much it can hurt when a whole community, or even a small group, gangs up on you. Maybe it’s for a good reason, maybe you made mistakes. But maybe it’s not, and usually, the treatment towards these people is way too severe.

    I don’t know what it is that makes people so agressive when they’re online. I can admit that it comes over me too, it’s easy to act tough when you aren’t facing someone right in front of you. It’s easy to act like your words don’t hurt anyone when you can’t see someone’s tears.

    I’m sure that some people, maybe even you reading this, think that those who get hurt online are just weak or something. And yeah, maybe it’s because some of us aren’t as strong to withstand hurtful words. But why should anyone be abused in the first place?? Why can’t people just say “hey, I disagree with you and this is why” or just not respond at all? The unfollow button is right there. Maybe someone says something blatantly incorrect and ignorant. Why is the group mentality of this website to insult and provoke? Why can’t we just teach or discuss?

    Can you imagine having a teacher who calls you a dumbass for not knowing something? Kids telling you you’re worthless or terrible because you didn’t know something? This is terrible behavior. And then this website goes even further and the amount of suicide-baiting?? Can you imagine if you didn’t know something in class, and you were sent away being told to just end your life?

    People are really out on this website, hell, many websites, looking to hurt people. And I really am finding this hard to accept. It’s hard to stay on here, but why should anyone leave a place that’s supppsed to be about having fun and making friends who share the same interests, when it’s just a bunch of bad eggs who like to hurt others in the batch?

    It’s like going to a park to make friends and leaving because there’s a bully. It’s not fair.

    Why can’t people just not hurt one another? What happened to the “treat how you want to be treated”?

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  • If you’re angry at problematic creators then you should be furious about media empires employing thousands of sweatshop “workers” and buying out their competition.

    Stop holding people just trying to eat more accountable than a gigantic media empire.

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  • If you are the type of person who digs up content creators’ kinky, disturbing or just weird works from niche, private, properly guarded or warned for sources and brings them to light in the form of a callout post… don’t you think you should be the one held accountable for “exposing the public* to disgusting content,” not the creator?

    *children or minorities or trauma victims or impressionable young women or whoever the protectorate of the week is, cough

    #the funeral ramblings #callout culture#cancel culture#purity culture #all the cultures #i rise from the dead with this never before seen opinion /s #tumblr activism
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  • Callout Culture and a few other bullshit things

    Hey i just wanna say the callout culture used here is really fucking stupid harmful and needlessly aggressive, also it follows fuckin hive mentality like a motherfucker and that shit is unsettling. It’s just kinda tiring and stressful as FUCK to see people claiming to be adults bc you’re holding jobs n paying bills but y'all still don’t know even the slightest start of base line boundaries and common sense and respect.

    If you got beef with someone, go to them and talk it out. Can’t talk it out? Block them, possibly inform your close friends or regular contacts n people you talk to abt the fallout, and uhhh move the fuck on.

    On that note, people here are really really keen on throwing the word abuse around like it’s nothung. Like, guys, getting into arguments regularly or having major disagreements, losing your temper and snapping verbally for half a moment once in a blue moon during stressful times is not always abusive. The behavior is toxic yes, and something to be addressed, but that doesn’t mean it’s abusive all the time. Also sometimes you dead ass just can’t like other people. Guess what, that’s okay. You don’t have to like everyone.

    Not to mention js but y'all are using callout culture for some of the stupidest fuckin shit and people. I’ll see people calling out this one tiny user they have beef with, and people will hoard that person until they’re driven out, moment you mention wrong doings of y'alls favorites like Sherlock actors, song writers, game companies and developers, y'all are DEAD SILENT.

    Just go on your own damn merry way, and can we please remember that one person’s bad experience, yelling match, or heavy falling out because of misunderstandings, disagreements, clashing personalities, etc, are not always universal, and people will also lie and blow things up especially behind a screen?

    And if you do use it how about using it in a useful way? Don’t buy games from companies that are doing dumb shit, if you really wanna be in shit then actually do your fuckin research, stop just falling out and kicking shit under the rug when some new shiny bullshit comes out.

    “But what do we play if we don’t play games??? What do we-”

    Fucking teach yourselves shit and make it. Make new worlds, new universes, races, ideas whatever. Support independent game creators, look for more than just brand name games, there are PLENTY out there.

    If you have 2-3 hours to play on a video game you have the time to look some shit up or smth. Learn some new shit, pick up a hobby, etc. Fuck man.

    **this isn’t talking about abusers and rapists bc I know damn well one of you fuckers if this somehow does blow up will say some shit

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  • You cant call yourself progressive and open minded if you refuse to accept that people can change for the better. If your the type that digs up old problematic issues of people you dislike then you aren’t progressive, acceptance will not be instated by social justice vigilantism, all you are doing is creating a culture in which you will be shot on sight.

    Purity culture is regressive not progressive.

    #purity culture#callout#discourse #this isnt the wild west life is not a quick draw #callout culture#progressive
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  • #csa tw#khr #katekyo hitman reborn #what-the-fuck-khr#ask james #here comes the ruckus #long post#callout post#antis#purity culture #whatever the hell you wanna call it #i'm not even sure what this person calls it #fandom
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  • system culture is vaugeing about your own alters like. “well someone ate my fucking food that they knew i was saving” “somebody posted on my social media” “i know someone was active during an event i needed to remember” “sure wish somebody didnt say that” “wonder who made that happen”

    [endo/quoigenic dni]

    #callout culture but entirely inside one body /j #actuallydid#actuallyosdd#actuallymultiple#actuallymentallyill #ok 2 rb #rory.txt
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  • hey so a lot of you may know that i’ve been very outspoken about my abuser, tumblr user musashi (she used to be wendycorduroy).

    i still very much don’t want her in my life and still consider her my abuser. that said, i don’t really want anything to do with her anymore.

    let me explain. apparently people (and i don’t know who, i know it’s nobody i know) are STILL sending anon hate to people that are affiliated with wendy and for NO other reason. guys, this shit has to stop. that was not the point of the callouts. myself and the people who spoke out about her really were trying to make sure people were careful when interacting with her because she could be a very toxic person, not changing her behavior over the span of multiple years. but these people really just seem to have a hate boner for her. like, i get being mad on behalf of people who were abused but this is stupid. it’s been going on for years and what does it solve? nothing. it gives madi more ammo towards us because she assumes it’s me and my friends bc we made the callout post those years back.

    i want nothing more than to move on. after all these years, i’m tired and i’d like to try forgetting the whole thing. but on top of that, i don’t wanna be associated with these people i don’t know doing shit that does nothing but make the situation worse. i mean, y'all sent death threats to CHILDREN just because they’re her blood siblings? fucked up. i’m not saying don’t fight fire with fire, but just use a brain cell? if you actually care about the people she abused, aim your efforts elsewhere.

    #artie.txt #abuse -#musashi#wendycorduroy #putting in her url tags for these people to see it #since they obsessively check them #if the callout blog sees this you can keep my testimonies on there #but i don't wanna talk about it anymore #or be associated w any future wendycorduroy callout culture
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  • I-I’m gonna say it

    S-s-s-stop cancelling people cause of old bad stuff they’ve done, check to see if they’ve grown and learned better instead yeeeeesh

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  • i’m  too  tired  to  care  of  this  is  an  unpopular  opinion.  I’m  Tired.

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    #REMY RAMBLES#negativity cw #anxiety mention cw #callout culture cw
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  • tag drop. 3 / ?

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  • ((


    i want to say something that needs to be said for a time like this, and that’s to not let someone’s loaded words influence your opinion. what i mean is that if they use words like “abusive”, “pedophilic”, or “[x]-phobic” and they’re trying to warn you, it’s very likely they’re trying to make your opinion the same as theirs. people like that know what to say to influence others, and it’s a massive red flag of them being a manipulative person.

    people on tumblr and twitter-especially minors-are prone to being very easily influenced, and i think this needs to change with entering the new decade. we need to put a stop to only relying on other people’s opinions and try to form our own, and that’s what’s going to give people like that less power over us.

    #[;out of fighting | ooc] #[;watching from the skies | mun speaks] #psa #((recent events really make me disappointed with callout/cancel culture on the internet
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  • Disclaimer: This post is intended as a guide for people who are being targeted and publicly shamed on tumblr for no good reason. If you’ve actually deliberately done something to justify the wrath of the internet, then good luck with that because I’m afraid you’re on your own. Otherwise, read on.

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