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  • onemillionwordsofcrap
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    See the problem is that some people will say "cancel culture" to mean "my favorite music artist got caught sexting little girls and that gives me cognitive dissonance so I'm gonna dunk on people spreading the news that he got caught sexting little girls. Fuck those SJW snowflakes amirite"

    But some people will say "cancel culture" to mean "y'all will walk up to a black queer author and call her a racist homophobe with your whole entire chest until 20,000 people on twitter are tagging her in a frantic abusive uproar, because her fictional depiction of queerness didn't match your personal experiences"

    Those are not the same thing. We need a second term.

    #grooming mention #csa mention cw #cancel culture#callout culture #twitter is a hellscape
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  • thedykeshop
    02.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    It's okay spotify, you can say lesbian

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  • tylenol-tranny
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    I wish people would stop talking about issues that affect the whole trans community, but only look at it from the perspective of trans women (or even act like it only happens to trans women). I hate seeing a post that is otherwise really good and makes lots of great points, but completely ignores that the issue affects other trans people as well. And I always feel like someone should say something and point out that hey, this is actually an issue the rest of us face too. But I have a feeling that would be viewed as "derailing" and "trying to speak over trans women." Idk man I'm just so fucking tired of being ignored and forgotten.

    #this post was inspired by a post talking about callout culture #and it was talking about how there are a lot of bullshit callouts about trans women out there and that callout culture is bad #but im sitting there reading the whole thing like damn they really just #forgot about trans men #there are active smear campaigns against any and all vocal trans men here on tumblr #we are being sexually harassed and threatened and shit #but no i guess this is a trans women only issie and all us trans men should just shut up
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  • yellow-yarrow
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    funny how the internet still thinks tumblr is a place where “snowflake sjw liberals get offended and write callout posts” when all those people have moved to twitter and tiktok and all we have here are leftist 20 year olds who post about making soup and art. but you know what maybe thats a good thing we dont need more people coming to this site, let them think we are annoying

    #i was reading about mark fisher and how he wrote an essay where he said callout culture is not useful and that some people started #cancelling him in response to that uh yikes #which im confused about cause wasnt the tumblr userbase like 16 year old average that time who was reading leftist theory on this site lmao? #was it a co/ntr/apoints situation where most people didnt even know who they were but reblogged callout posts anyway? #i mean yeah people still posts about politics but its less performative
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  • cannibal-rainbow
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    tbh we should normalize blocking people who make sourceless callouts on tumblr. making a callout itself is a big red flag that should be investigated. think critically what kind of a person does callouts in the first place bc it can easily be used as a manipulation tactic. Does it seem like they honestly want to warn people about a dangerous individual (like a pedophile) or do they want to sic their followers onto someone with whom they have beef? If you don't feel like getting really into it the easiest thing you can do is just to block the person who made the callout. you won't loose a thing.

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  • dni-xesthetic
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #debunking #can’t believe someone would treat someone else like this especially one of my friends #cabinetkillerz#dni xesthetic #I’m making dni banners rn dw #deltarune #the walten files #peachypxii#peachy-pxii#maddypxii#callout #tw: gaslighting and abuse #tw: transphobia #mentions of suicide #doxxing#cancel culture#abuse#licoricemeat
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  • russetfur1128
    19.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Lol. Got my second call out. Glad I'm becoming popular enough that I get these.

    Like, imagine being against CONSENTING adults doing shit that doesn't hurt anyone. Not me, lol

    #callout #callout culture bad #haha lol #haters gonna hate #my callouts
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  • himboandco
    15.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    We need system awareness because “kinnies” will go around doing shit that is obviously an indicator of being a system and then turn around and be ableist towards systems.

    #🦉 #This is a callout post for us a few months ago #txt #This also applies to delusional attachment and all that shit #I can't think we were the only one who found comfort in kin culture because we didn't know what was going on with us #actuallyosdd#fictives#fictionkin
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  • lepertamar
    13.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    fed up & disgusted with callout drama at small poor creators. i literally don’t give a shit if someone is even a heinous bigot while they’re trying to scrape together half-poverty wages with art or music or w/e on the internet. there are heinous bigots off the internet who don’t deserve to have their half-poverty wage non-creative offline job taken away for that. and when it comes to internet creators it’s usually nowhere near as heinously bigoted as what you’d hear regularly from offline people at the economic assistance office and shit. it’s like ’did some cultural appropriation in the art they sold 20 prints of on redbubble’ or something. like fuck off and come back when they’re signing 6-figure deals and being promoted everywhere by actual influential culture-channeling media companies or w/e. or actually don’t, unless they’re doing NEW and worse shit AFTER they get rich & influential

    (also being severely mentally ill with a stigmatized psychotic disorder like me, where it’s basically impossible to expect 90% of (genuinely) woke cool progressive good (genuinely!) people around you to not be casually ableist and dehumanizing about you will (or should) really adjust your perception of whether expressing a certain bigotry actually indicates anything about some other person’s character or intentionality or conscious opinions rather than how exposed to and educated about your marginalized group they are in the face of actual cultural hegemony messaging lol.)

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  • tenkovsfanpol
    11.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Why do 90% of callout posts not have any evidence to them?

    “OP said racial slurs!”, okay, may I have links? 

    #You realize people make shit up about people they dislike all of the time right? #for example #my annoying roomate fucking ate a toad the other day #just put it in their mouth #callout posts#purity culture
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  • beetofthesweet
    09.11.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    One thing that I realized recently coming out of a rather toxic friendship is that if someone isn’t willing to see and acknowledge the good in you, and will only really talk to you and interact with you to call out and talk about things you’re doing wrong (e.g. faults/bad behaviours, things you’ve messed up on, accidents that have been moved past), they aren’t a friend, they’re a grumpy newspaper review columnist.

    Don’t be friends with a grumpy newspaper review columnist, it rubs off on you, and at least with me it really brought out the worst in me. That’s another good thing to remember. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.

    If someone is only going to talk about things you do wrong, you’ll never know (or at least will have a heck of a harder time finding) what is right, and they will only make your mental health worse.

    Take their thoughts, but take them with a grain of salt, and instead talk to people who won’t be afraid to be honest with you, but will also can name things that you can and already do right, and instead will show you where you can improve and grow from.

    TL:DR, be friends with people who can see your mistakes, but don’t see you as a mistake.

    #mental health #slight vent but don’t mind me #serious post #not a shitpost #toxic friends #also someone send this to Gaud #this relates to their thoughts on callout culture
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  • train-pirate
    07.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Not trying to get dragged into this fandom drama, but I do just wanna throw it out there that people use tumblr's features differently and that's okay!

    Other users won't necessarily use tags or the block button in the exact same way that you do.

    If someone doesn't tag their content in a way that you like... Well, it's their blog. They can post and tag as they like, and you can unfollow them if you don't like what you're seeing.

    Some people use the block button very liberally, and others barely touch it. You can block someone from your blog for any reason you like, and that's okay. This also means that, if someone blocks you, they may not have blocked you for the same reasons that you would block someone.

    You do not owe someone an explanation for why you're blocking them. We're here to have fun! No one is under any obligation to spend their free time negotiating with strangers on the internet. It is perfectly okay to block someone for any reason. It is also perfectly okay to politely discuss any issues with them if you both want to.

    On the flip side, this also means that you are not owed an explanation for why you were blocked. It can be very frustrating to not know "why" you were blocked! But if someone doesn't want to discuss why they blocked you, that's okay. Just carry on enjoying the blogs that are happy to have you around.

    #about#blocking culture#blocking #these callout posts are getting stressful #you do not have to make your personal blog accessible to everyone #block whoever you wanna block
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  • nicework-bonedaddy
    05.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    My favorite thing about tumblr callout culture is that you can see someone say "You absolutely HAVE to block this blog, they're a horrible person, here's the callout" and the callout will be, like, absolutely uncomprehensible and just reaching to start shit, and then right after that see someone say "We shouldn't take callout posts so seriously, some of them are SUCH a reach!!" but the callout post they're referring to involves a literal actual fascist/bigot with real supporting evidence. Lmao

    #just do your own research jfc #me#callout culture
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  • skeevatons
    02.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I think I'm beginning to understand how white passivity contributes to callout culture.

    It's a lot easier to stay silent while witnessing an act of bigotry and then form a harassment campaign later (often online, often anonymously) instead of pointing it out in the moment, which could potentially upset the tranquility of nonconfrontation.

    Callout comes from a combination of the victim not wanting/needing to educate (which sometimes is valid, it's not your job to educate) and the ally refusing to speak up unless they know they won't get hurt. Callouts give you anonymity and time to formulate words that properly convey your vitriol towards this person in a way that makes you look like a hero but also escalates it unnecessarily and provides no chance for the perpetrator to learn.

    Sometimes harassment is a necessary part of activism, I'll begrudgingly agree to that. But it should not be the default. The only reason it's the default is because it's lower stakes and higher reward for the "ally" who refuses to call out in the moment.

    #one of my classmates is middle aged and said a slur when quoting someone and im kind of in lament since it likely came from ignorance #im angry i didnt say anything. this post is directed at myself and my classmates for being silent #no doubt one of them is formulating some sort of callout as i write this #i guess the next step for me going forward is to figure out how to address that in the moment so it doesnt happen again #so it doesnt feed into the cycle of oft undue harassment really only meant for the benefit of the so-called ally not the victim #callout culture #please don't clown on this #the Discourse
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  • saybyebus
    01.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    me @ about 90% of the discourse and callout posts on this godforsaken website

    #discourse#The Discourse#callout culture#callout post #you all are way too comfortable with accepting hearsay
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  • plain-bagels
    31.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    This is a call out post @d3st13l124 if you see them block them immediately. This isn’t a joke. They have ruined my life and I can’t emotionally do this. Super natural fan I will break into your living room. I will eat your rugs and break every spoon you own. You think I’m joking? In this society? I’m the joker. And you are my pawn. Check mate. This time I win 🦫🦫🦫 #callout #cancelled #cancelld3st

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  • rainbow--memes
    28.10.2021 - 1 mont ago
    “Hope everyone realizes this is really how callout nonsense starts, just believing something because someone with a bone to pick decided to take it to someone they felt could provide a target for having rubbed them the wrong way, not for actually being a problem.”
    - @sphynxrpmemes​

    Well said, my friend. Well said.

    I have seen exactly that happening way too often.

    For all sorts of petty things: 

    They simply hurt somebody's ego, they didn't ship the “right” things, they liked the “wrong” character, they had the “wrong” sexuality ... heck happened often enough because the people starting trouble were unable to read a post properly and made assumptions - or simply because the OP wasn't a native speaker and wasn't able to express themselves perfectly.

    Suddenly people were racist, p*dos, queer-phobic, non-con apologists and everyone believed it because - wow - somebody wrote a post about it.

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  • thosearentcrimes
    28.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Ok so a short while back the Bay Area Rationalist community seems to have been revealed to be lousy with high-profile cults, most notably and convincingly, Leverage, which obviously makes me feel rather vindicated but also isn’t really what I want to talk about. Instead, what really struck me is a recurring fascination, whether openly discussed and a part of the dogma of the cult, as in Leverage, or discussed furtively without official sanction, as in MIRI, but in either case apparently quite common. The fascination is with what they call demons. Now, you might think that committed technologists in California getting sucked into weird occult cult shit is strange, but if you believe that I recommend reading up on Jack Parsons. Of course, Jack Parsons co-founded the genuine rocketry pioneer JPL, while the crowning achievement of Yudkowskian Rationalism still seems to be a Harry Potter fanfic and an extraordinarily large scam/cult incubator, but I digress.

    By demons they don’t seem to mean quite the same thing as in the pop cultural or religious tradition, of a hostile supernatural (non-human) being manipulating or outright possessing people to do evil. Instead, what they appear to mean is a person, not even necessarily deliberately, getting other people to internalize their beliefs and thought patterns (these would then be referred to as demons). They call it demons though, because rationalists appear to be fundamentally opposed to being intelligible to anyone else, and also are massive nerds (for what it’s worth, one of their own favorite thinkers coined the term “meme” to describe something pretty close to this phenomenon already, though of course it’s not really usable these days I guess, and doesn’t allow you to develop paranoia about extremely ordinary social interactions). They also call it demons because they think this is an extremely bad thing, and not something that just tends to happen when you hang out with people for a while. I’m not here to make fun of people for being unfamiliar with social interaction, but the way many rationalists seem to have processed this apparently novel experience seems both unhelpful and in many cases actively dangerous.

    I feel like there’s a lot to unpack with “demons”, really. I suspect I’ve observed the same phenomena as the Bay Area Rationalists did, and I’ve even been briefly distressed by them existentially, but I certainly did not become paranoid about being mindcontrolled by everyone I knew. Why is that? Well for starters I’m not in a cult. But there’s more to it than just that. There’s a particularly dangerous combination of intellectual rigor with self-evident, but wrong premises. See, if you’re both devoted to reason and to a particular set of premises, you will reason along with Sherlock Holmes, that "When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Of course, in reality arriving at an absurd conclusion is much more often an indication of some unexamined flaw in the reasoning, or the premises.

    I’ve already explained that what these people seem to be experiencing as a novelty is something which most people are used to as a basic feature of social interaction. However, this does not itself suffice to contradict their claims. In fact, a lot of people who are entirely used to adopting beliefs, mannerisms, or entire ways of thinking from their environment could stand to do at least a little more thinking about the process. So if we ignore, to the best of our ability, all the cult stuff, and as much of the untreated (or unsuccessfully treated) mental illness as we can, what can we try to reconstruct of the chain of reasoning here, and actually respond to the argument. I will be venturing into quite a lot of conjecture here, but I think I have a pretty good idea.

    We start with the premise (though because it is such a fundamental premise, they likely don’t usually think of it as such) that there are such things as individuals, and that we are those individuals. An individual is a fundamentally unique entity (perhaps we could call it a unique string or pattern of information), separate from other individuals and the world, that interacts with the world as a coherent whole. Next, we engage in some self-reflection, and we compare our image of ourselves with our experiences of ourselves. We discover that they differ in important respects, and that often, in our experiences of ourselves, we find things that seem more like our images of others than of ourselves. Perhaps they are simply verbal tics, or turns of phrase, perhaps they are something more significant. This is, in any case, a violation of our individuality, manipulation, a hostile act, an infection. A demon. That’s roughly my interpretation of the thought process, simplified a bunch.

    If I’m right, and this sense of disrupted individuality is at the core of this demon paranoia, then I think the people suffering from it are the unfortunate victims of unexploded ideological ordnance from the Cold War, either capitalist Cold War propaganda or 90s triumphalism taken to unfortunate extremes. See, the central narrative of the soi-disant First World was that, with their democratic governance and free market economies and freedom of speech, they understood the importance and the rights of the individual, whereas the communist states were a homogenous and terrifying mass of insects, or endless ranks of individuals, suppressed but yearning for freedom, or both, depending on the situation. The US likely has the most of this propaganda floating around in the environment, polluting political discussion with libertarianism and other preposterous nonsense. Rationalist communities in particular seem to have a lot of members who are still in their libertarian phases or are carrying serious baggage from them, specifically including the exclusive focus on the individual.

    So what’s so wrong with strict individualism as a premise? Well, it’s just not true. Yes, everybody is unique and everybody deserves respect and such. But that is not incompatible with recognizing that we are all but mosaics of mosaics, that we are formed by our experiences and relationships. And not only in good ways. No man is an island, entire of himself, for both good and ill. We construct our selves, sometimes in opposition to, sometimes along the pattern of our social environment, but always in the context of it. We live in a society.

    I can, from experience, anticipate a likely objection to the low importance I assign to individuality. Surely I respect people’s rights, and wish to protect my own? And how can I defend the rights of individuals if I deny their existence? In fact, the so-called “individual” rights are misnamed, and the concept of individual, even though I do not mean to abandon it, is by no means necessary for them to be applied, at least if by those rights we mean, and this is generally what is implied, freedom of speech, thought and assembly, of political participation and various others besides. Because if any of those grand rights are to be rights in the first place, they must apply to the society at large. If they only applied to a particular subset, to some individuals, then they would be nothing but the privileges of a particular class. So they are not "individual” rights, but the rights of a society, and also its duties to itself.

    #long post#individualism#rationalism #can anyone shed some light on if my analysis of the reasoning involved was correct? #I constructed it out of what I could cobble together from the callout posts and my own observations of rationalist culture #but I can't be sure
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  • feanor
    27.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    callout post

    @findrahil is a child predator. i know this because they are 18 and they are dating me. a minor. i am 17. this is obviously grooming. a very serious crime. officers, arrest her. #cancelled #cancelculture

    also, they are an adult woman (18) and write fanfiction. this is reprehensible. doesn’t she know that there could be minors reading her fanfiction? that is obviously grooming. some people are just terrible. especially when they expose MINORS to smut on freely accessible fanfiction websites.

    i condemn this behaviour. @findrahil must be stopped. cancel them immediately. thank you for your time.

    #this is how some of yall sound #callout post#cancelled#cancelculture#cancel culture #this is a joke btw much love to tumblr user findrahil
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