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  • laxrsummer-of-raventown
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sense I seem to get an error message everytime I've tried to post this have some screen shots

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  • argothiathedreamer
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    My dog: *can jump three to four feet in the air when motivated*

    Also my dog: *flails like an overly dramatic ten year old pretending to choke on a food they don’t like when she has to jump up onto my bed now that there’s a bit of memory foam on top of it.*

    #Argothia's being weird again #she scratched up my foot in her latest attempt so this is a callout post
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  • borrelia
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    nothing here surprises me but im glad i got a consolation prize for not using spotify :')

    #the gen4 hate tag LMAOOOO #im right #also number 3 is a deleted callout i copied from a mutual LOL
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  • ilyuqi
    08.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

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    #idk how the law works but if drm puts a significant large amount of people at risk for a bad event in his name wont there be consequences??

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    Bro they literally try so hard to be so ‘pc’ and not assume sexualities so instead they project everyone as being straight while trying to fight for the removal of straight as the norm. Bitch you are just perpetuating it!! It is ok to read the signs of an obvious gay instead of assuming he’s straight. Doesn’t matter anyway tho cause deep down they all know he’s fucking gay theyre just trying to deny the fact that they’re as much of a truther as all the people they publicly denounce.

    when will people realize that sexuality is apart of identity and if you're a cc putting your identity and persona out there people are gonna ask you about your sexuality or make up one in their heads for you?? it's the same in the real world, that's how it WORKS. GAH. ASSUMING SEXUALITIES ISN'T WEIRD!!!!! STOP MAKING IT WEIRD!!! ITS LITERALLY HOW THE WORLD IS IRL!!!

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    the same dream solos saying we are extremely hateful as if they don’t get mad and pissed at anyone praising george for anything other than his face.

    when ppl made fun of a gnfer for saying george was smart for have finishing his a levels in 4 subjects and people were like "LOLLL YOU THINK HIM FINISHING CHEMISTRY IS SMART? FUCKING LOSER" and then british ppl were like "ermmm nobody here finishes 4 a levels thats actually a very difficult feat" and the dream solos went silent. also dream solos tweet shit like this:

    LIKE BROTHER I CANT BREATHEEEE. just accept george is the whole package! he's smart, pretty, did an incredibly difficult major at a prestigious college and graduated, a social butterfly, wilbur's boyfriend.. the list goes on and on! gnf is perfect

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    anyone else think it's funny dream spent 11 months on a speedrun controversey but wouldn't even dedicate more than 2 hours of his time clarifying his political beliefs for poc stans

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    a longish rebuttal to the recent “callout” post made

    to begin this, i do need to say i’m sort of an outsider to mcytblr, i’ve only been here for a few months and due to that, do not have many friends within the critblr space. most of my friends have moved on from tumblr, so in my head, i am very much just a little solo blog that isn’t really connected to any active groups on tumblr. so when i saw a callout post for tumblr blogs i respect, i was interested to see what was up and was really surprised to find the most pointless callout of my life and it’s angered me so much that i’m now writing an entire rebuttal, mostly out of spite. so let’s begin with why this post and it’s contents are inherently useless.

    post link: https://mctruth.tumblr.com/post/665607342113603584/some-things-we-think-ebblrtruthblr-should-know

    1. the very existence of the post

    the very existence of this post is inherently problematic as it calls out people for breaking boundaries of certain ccs, but is also then addressed to ebblr/truthblr, a sublr dedicated to truthing ccs and ebblr, which specifically pertains to ranboo and tubbo. shipping and truthing directly go against ranboo and tubbo’s boundaries, and ebblr/truthblr do them in a very public way. i’m not saying this is a bad thing, but it must be addressed that when you yourself are apart of an inherently problematic community, calling out problematic behaviour must be done in an incredibly nuanced way, as you come off as completely dumb if you criticize people for doing the exact same as you. you don’t get to be a murderer and then say, “well that person murdered WAY worse that i did, i’m better.” that’s not how it works! with this post, mctruth has essentially done the exact same and i’m about to get into the content of the post and how it doesn’t work, but basically, if you’re basically doing the same thing as the people you call out, it’s impossible to take your post as credible or worth taking seriously.

    2. the nature of the post

    the nature of the post is that it was created using both public screenshots off of mcytblr blogs and private conversations in a discord server, i’m going to get into why i believe public screenshots are obsolete, but private discord conversations in a callout post essentially prove that this callout was unnecessary. private conversations do nothing to anyone, not until they’re brought out to light and do what? stir the pot? cause stress to the people apart of the conversation? now if someone active and close within the server and the mcytblr blogs mentioned was the one exposing them for behaviour they felt hurt by, then that’s an entirely different circumstance. but you are an outsider, just leaking discord screenshots to upstand a moral code you yourself are unable to hold up. the nature of the post is that it was unnecessary and created solely to cause uproar. there was no real reason to make this post, especially considering most of the content within it is stupid as well. and now.. to get into the content itself.

    3. the content of the post

    the content of the post is rendered stupid by the fact that 1) most of this stuff isn’t even wrong and 2) private conversations weren’t hurting anyone in the first place. so i’m going to go through the carrd, point by point and refute each of them. (mctruth.carrd.co)

    a. let’s talk about jason

    let’s talk about jason is probably the funniest and dumbest part of the callout thread. most of these posts and “callouts” are already public. there was no reason to include them in an expose, when in fact jason was already open with his thoughts on kf. it screams “we need to make sure we get jason good” and trying to find any wrongdoing he’s done and including it, even though jason has done.. essentially nothing new? did jason himself leak information found on kf? did he leak phone numbers, addresses, ect ect on his blog? to my knowledge, no. kf, as sad as it is, is incredibly mainstream within the mcyt community, twitter or tumblr wise. jason is not the catalyst to people joining kf, acting as if jason’s thoughts on kf are the holy grail and people are about to kill themselves to follow jason in every thought and opinion he’s ever had is so dumb. you said it yourself, he understands the negative effect! he’s not the first person to talk about kf, and definitely won’t be the last, but atleast he’s portraying it for what it is. what i’m trying to say is, people talk about kf. it’s not an obscure website, and most everyone knows about it. acting like jason talking about it is the end of the world and the reason people join kf is stupid, and not thought out at all. youll find this theme throughout the callout post, the makers being more interested in exposing every wrongdoing jason has ever done, instead of actually thinking about the nature of his posts, and desperate to just paint and target him as a bad person for things basically everyone else does.

    b. ableism

    so to begin, most of the people saying the r slur or these remarks are definitely nd. so. unsure what we were trying to accomplish there. “crippletwt” is a twitter account that got sent into the discord and people responded to it, and noted the fact their @ was kind of funny, since you literally don’t provide any context at all for that bit. the biggest part however is the idea that these people were making fun of systems, and since they are not systems, they don’t get to do this and are ableist. acting like the only people who can talk about systems are systems themselves is incredibly harmful as it keeps from important conversations from happening about did and systems. when we pretend like a 14 year old self diagnosing themselves with did and calling them a psychotic is okay, we actively harm people who have actual did and systems. it’s okay to call them out! being skeptical of people on the internet extensively self diagnosing themselves with certain mental health conditions is not a bad thing, and honestly should be encouraged considering there is a certain amount of notoriety someone gains in spaces like tumblr/tiktok from having said mental health condition. i’ve always been open with my thoughts on alters and systems and did within the mcyt community and my overarching opinion is that.. most of these actual children are faking it. it’s so hard to get a diagnosis already because did is such a specific condition, but when you have literal children on the internet narrating their 300+ alters on their cookie run account.. it’s okay to be doubtful. it’s okay to not let false renditions of did/systems become the norm and ruin the already very limited knowledge people have about did in the outside world. having an opinion on someone faking a mental health condition is not ableism. (also i’m fairly sure there’s someone in the server who is an actual system so umm idk what to say like. you don’t need to be a white knight brother)

    c. queerphobia

    so again, public posts which is like. ugh. he was already open about this opinion there’s no reason to expose him for it!!! people who follow his blog were already aware about this so like.. who was this for? (spoiler, the makers just want to paint jason as the worst possible person on the planet for .. their own reasons. this isn’t “for ebblr” or some noble bullshit, this is for themselves) but even then.. jason isn’t saying anything radical or new. telling people that femme presenting nblm don’t get a pass to be homophobic to mlm isn’t.. a radical take? spoiler alert, homophobia is homophobia regardless of who it’s coming from, even if you ARE apart of that community? like what? what is so controversial about this take that.. seems pretty normal . the doki doki literature meme is just that, a doki doki literature meme created maybe back in 2018 and was a cornerstone of the internet. when someone says “can’t believe people weren’t here for this” it doesn’t mean anything malicious, it literally means i can’t believe people weren’t on the internet for this. i think you guys genuinely misinterpreted this and again, just displays your incompetency and blatant disregard into doing research about the things you chose to put here. and to mention again, i wouldn’t have to be explaining this IF YOU HADNT LEAKED PRIVATE CONVOS THAT WEREN’T HURTING ANYONE. the final part is the criticism of microlabels.. and to that i say… here’s this twitter post that i pretty much agree with wholeheartedly. criticizing microlabels isnt a bad thing, having opinions in private spaces isnt a bad thing and acting like it is is like.. just so dumb?

    d. rp server

    THIS IS SO FUNNY i genuinely dont understand what needed to be exposed about this, jokes with friends about ccs in private that aren’t hurting anyone don’t need to be brought up like?? “ranboo you can’t touch a woman until marriage” is the funniest shit in the world. LET PEOPLE LAUGH.

    e. ranboo neg

    this is probably the entire reason i made this post and why i was so angry in the first place, nobody is required to like your streamer, especially when they’re in a private space voicing all their opinions. NOT ALL OPINIONS ABOUT PUBLIC FIGURES NEED TO BE CONSTRUCTIVE. no i’m not saying that you’re allowed to be mean to ccs just because they’re ccs, but you don’t.. have to have a positive opinion about them at all times and joking around in a server with a bunch of friends, FAR from where it’s hurting ranboo or any cc is.. completely fine? when did we start acting like ccs didn’t know this would happen? when you put yourself out there on the internet, you are willingly subjecting to yourself to criticism that may not even make sense to you, but it’s what happens. the only thing that came out of this is that you took perfectly normal things to say in a private server about a public figure, that wasn’t going to hurt ANYONE out into the open where now it may possibly be viewed and actually hurt a cc. are you insane? what was this going to do for anyone? PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO TALK BADLY ABOUT YOUR CC AND NOT BE KILLED FOR IT. stop acting like having opinions is a bad thing, especially when they can’t hurt anyone in the first place.

    so yeah, essentially this callout post is the dumbest thing i think i’ve ever read, and makes no actual points to why these people are “bad” and moreso comes off as a targeted attack masquerading as a moral act, and it’s just so hard to read through. this is the internet, literally none of this matters. what i’m saying doesn’t matter and neither does what you say matter. go have some fun. go live an actual life where you aren’t so hung up on every little thing someone you don’t like says and just.. HAVE FUN. jesus. Idk. if you want to talk to me about any of this, youre free to, but this is my main opinion and stance on this. callout posts are dumb, but man this one took it to a whole new level.

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    okay but let's talk about how ranboo looooves having the higher ground in their relationship, both physically cause he loves being the tallest, and mentally because the second he thinks tubbo is a naive oblivious mess he just gets so excited, that stupid stupid gay boy LMAO

    That’s the protectiveness in him

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    Ranboo: It was extremely romantic!

    Tubbo: *Smiles and blushes for a full minute*

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    one day tubbo is gonna put 🏳️‍🌈 in his twitter bio á la Scott Smajor and everyone is gonna be like ”NOOO TUBBO DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IMPLIES”

    The fact that I can actually see that happening

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  • oliviagordonwrites
    08.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    My top post has 21 notes. I thought you were my friends :(

    #This is a callout post for everyone except Elise #Elise you are perfect in every way and even if you change you will only become more perfect #Dana you can stay too
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  • phantasticlxver
    07.12.2021 - 12 hours ago
    OC writers who make TONS of changes to your OC’s all the time but then don’t bother to change your blog info for like months...say AY!!!!
    #𝒪𝒪𝒞 𝐻𝑜𝓁𝒹 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒫𝒽𝑜𝓃𝑒 #[[callout for myself but I SEE the rest of you]]
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    best served chilled

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    thank you @the-empty-hourglass for tagging me for a selfie :)

    im tagging @jakiejellybean @the-sheriff-6 @becalmings @sleepyypeachh @actualmidwesternlesbianfoxmulder

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    horror show like clockwork

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    I wish great things for the funny builder man

    for scar support weekend :)

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    happy smajor appreciation day!! :D

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    casually speedrunning 3rd life fanart before today’s session lmao anyway here’s scott

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    got inspired by the 1.19 announcement and jimmy’s reaction! Also finally I get to show off my codfather design wooo

    give this man some frogs and mud he deserves it

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    Was hoping to finish this before the session 8 episodes came out but looks like I was a little late lol

    Decided to draw the green survivors from the end of session 7 + their fallen teammates! I just think they’re neat :]

    Anyway I’m gonna go eat and watch episode 8 now wish me luck gamers

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  • grassycheesecake
    07.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I’m being shamed

    #like yes I know I spend way too much time on this website #just stress-scrolling the app and hitting rb on shit #but seeing it spelled out in numbers like this. #feels like a callout post lmao #invasion of the frogs
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    They are both FIVE entire years old...


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    s c r e a m i n g

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    all these “wish dragon is just aladdin but chinese” posts got me like yeah??? AND???

    that aside

    can we talk about: the visuals/character designs?? the chinese culture represented?? the list of asian voice actors?? the humor?? the story thats sweet and doesnt force romance down our throats?? a movie thatll make you laugh one moment then tug at your heartstrings the next??

    basically go check it out because its def worth a watch ;3

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    i am so so so so so so so so glad we got this tiny shizuragi crumb i thought they were completely cut out of the movie oh my god??? i legit gasped.


    the kitties are hissing at each other

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    this moment is so stinking cute

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    #my 2021 tumblr year in review #your tumblr year in review #this took 40 whole mins to finish loading so yeah.... be patient my dudes #then i had to edit it cause it passed the image limit??? god... functional #overall this feels more like a callout than anything else sdfghjhgf #shizu/ragi post at number 2!!!! this gives me emotionsss<3 #look how fate ruined my life smhh... amAAA are you happy with yourself #long post
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  • buoyantsaturn
    07.12.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #do NOT make a callout post #ask#anonymous
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  • enby-lgbtea
    07.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    A warning to people in the tags below to be aware of a user named cabinetkillerz

    For information about this user you can find it from users @peachy-pxii @interstellaralienfetus @dni-xesthetic @/lurklucky-Instagram @/hailsforpes -Instagram @/buzz.ie.aesthetics.moved

    So sum it up pretty quickly this user targeted trans and poc users on tumblr and Instagram claiming they where pretending to be trans and poc then goes off accusing others of being transphobic and racist, falsely accused someone of art theft then manipulated and tricked unsuspecting Instagram users into stealing others art, stalked and harassed a girl with a learning disability and got her doxxed by relentlessly posting lies about said user, recently admitting to not feeling bad about any of this, tried to lie about the age of the girl they where harassing to try and get sympathy, got trans woman @lurklucky doxxed by publicly accusing them of pretending to not be trans

    And this is just a heads up they do this think where they deflect the things they did onto other people, examples would be when they where caught targeting trans and poc artists they went off accusing other people of being transphobic, they got caught stalking their doxxing victims account on an alt and in response said “nooo they’re stalking mee”

    So just make you aware of their manipulation tactics I wanted to add that

    I also apologize if you’re annoyed that I’m posting this on any tag you are looking at rn these are just the fandoms people are most a risk with this user in.

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  • jiggery-duggery
    07.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Friendly reminder that if someone’s pronouns don’t include they/them then you shouldn’t use they/them for them and should instead use their actual pronouns

    #like listen using they for someone when you DONT know their pronouns is great!! fantastic!!! #but once you know what pronouns they use then you should use those pronouns!! and if they don’t use they/them then. stop using them!!! #it’s misgendering actually!!!!!!!! #anyways this isn’t a vaguepost or a callout just a trend I’ve been noticing. pls don’t use they/them for me thank youu #also pls don’t misinterpret this as ‘they/them pronouns suck’ bc that’s not what I’m saying I just wish ppl would use the pronouns that ppl #prefer#reggietales
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  • iinmortales
    07.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    look i was going to put the hi, i’m trash gif from toy story, but i couldn’t find it and gave up. 

    essentially i’m just posting this to let you guys know that apparently someone is going around sending hate through im to random people. they’ve blocked me so i’m not completely sure what is going on, but apparently they’re listing a lot of blogs saying they’re all the same person? i don’t know what is going on with them, i’m only getting second hand info because, again, they blocked me i guess immediately after calling me a bitch and garbage. whatever. i’m not bothered by name calling from strangers. 

    just know this person is out there, and that they are sending random hate. 

    #( ooc ) k80 speaks #callout tw#callout cw #.never thought i would need to use those tags tbh #enccvres
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  • dsm7
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    worriedly watching carols account get bigger and bigger but also watching in glee bc theres no way shes not going to crash and burn before like 10k

    #u cant spout the shit she does to a 10k audience and not end up with a callout
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  • thesunstone-system
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    pro tip for all the systems out there if you're a singlet stop reading

    do NOT let your system's token cishet man do the grocery shopping

    he WONT buy enough food

    he is too used to people doing this FOR HIM

    #alec callout post #count your days #i am so hungry #☀️
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  • slutrice
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    every other week theres a show i become obsessed with and change my discord pfp

    #callout cm gilmore girls saiki k and total drama
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  • joels-watch-is-broken
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Why is it so easy for most societies to recognize that falling into drug abuse is bad not matter how tantalizing and good it may feel to do it.

    But then that same society feel comfortable with abusive all consuming relationships that are tantalizing sand feel good but destroy us.

    And they work the same, they feel extremely good and high, just prepare for the fall because it's inevitable and it will drag you down.

    And i say this as a person that lives stories of tragic all consuming love sand devotion, with martyrs that make gods out of their lovers. But I know it's not healthy or good, and I enjoy it in media that addresses it's violence, it's brutality and abuse.

    I'm concerned when it's now show as what it is, when a little girl grows up thinking their whole live should revolve around her boyfriend and it's prepared for love to mean sacrifice, suffering, and hardship.

    That doesn't know love should feel like home, should be cozy and warm and comfortable. That it should come easy and leave us satisfied and happy.

    Just some thoughts...

    #own #i sometimes post shit like this #jusst my thought not meant as a callout to anyone
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  • i-dentities
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    sorry i just hate the implication that i’m trying to “cover up” accusations that haven’t been brought up at all to my knowledge since the last time i took a publicly critical stance towards dixie, and when i literally said in the original post i was tentative to post it because i knew he was gonna say exactly what they did. i think it really sucks that i’m being intimidated against advocating for myself (literally just saying “i don’t want this person on my dash”, not citing any reasons publicly). i said some extremely stupid and embarrassing shit about aave when i was a kid and no one is required to be fine with it, and it doesn’t mean that i’m not allowed to be uncomfortable with people who i feel treated me badly. 

    #ooc #the fact that i have to be thinking about this shit from a person 10 years older than me is so exhausting. #and like... what the hell am i threatening anyone with. #this is a vent this is not a callout post <3
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