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  • I kinda just live for those small moments of total peace, whether it’s because you managed to get out of bed and get some food or if you just finished that one assignment you’ve been meaning to finish late in the night. Maybe you cleaned up that day or did your laundry for the week or finished a book you stopped reading. Doing something you’ve been meaning to do, finally putting that picture up. Just a moment where you can smile or fall into a nice, peaceful solitude and feel content in knowing you did something.

    #crow thoughts #sorry I’m in a rlly content mood #thinking bout rewatching all my fav ghibli movies as well #not sure how to tag this lol #more of just talkin #calm#positive#positivity
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  • Advent Calendar 1st day of Christmas 🎄🎅🎁 #adventcalendar #countdowntochristmas #crystals #bluelaceagate #calm #communication @the_crystal_dragonfly #tjhiggs 💖💎

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  • Thank you. I needed this. 🐱 ❤💤
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  • I’m gonna love you (l.h)

    Pairing: Luke Hemmings X Reader

    Requested: Yes!

    Summary: Songfic based on POV by Ariana Grande. A loving relationship with Luke is all that you need.

    Warnings: Puuure Fluff! One or two bad words, mentions of alcohol (almost nothing) Grammar mistakes, probably (English is not my first language, I’m sorry)

    Word Count: 1.9k

    Author’s Note: A small piece for the writing challenge created by @iknowyouthinkimbulletproof I love writing this so much and I really hope you like it ✨ Reblogs, comments and feedback are always welcome and encouraged 💕 Hope you like it and Happy Reading🦋

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    Anon: 4 the writing challenge, can u do Pov by Ariana grande with Luke?

    “It’s like you got superpowers

    Turn my minutes into hours

    You got more than 20/20, babe

    Made of glass, the way you see through me”

    You woke up when the sun started peeking through the window, slowly shaking you from your now long forgotten dream.

    Nuzzling your nose in your pillow, you opened one eye to catch the time on your phone, quickly celebrating that it was still early for you to start your day and that you actually had time to go back to dreamland.

    You felt a shuffling movement in the sheets behind you and you couldn’t help but smile to yourself as you turned around and found your boyfriend’s sleeping figure.

    It has been so long since you had Luke all for yourself, long days turned into nights in the studio kept him from you lately, making it almost seem like you lived in two separate timelines. However, today was not one of those days. He had longed for a weekend off for months now and now he finally has it.

    You were tempted to wake him up, to start the day off early and enjoy every second of it with him by your side. But you couldn’t bring yourself to do it, one because he really needed the sleep and two, you can’t bring yourself to stop staring at him.

    The way the white sheets did almost nothing to cover up his broad shoulders, leaving half of his naked back for the dim sunlight to caress as the sun went up in the sky, slowly rising and falling at the calm rhythm of his soft breathing. Or the way his bleach blonde curls fell on his face, almost covering his eyes, giving him the classic angelic aura that surrounds him with every move he makes. You couldn’t help but to push some of them away to see his face a little more clearly.

    Even after all these years that you’ve been together, it amazes you how easily he could leave you breathless.

    You watched him sleep and tried to memorize every detail, almost like if today was the last time you’d ever see him. You counted every little mole and freckle, and took in the shade of pink of his lips that were partially parted due to his ability of heavy sleeping wherever he was. His eyelashes rested carefully on his cheeks, bringing a sense of ultimate peace to the whole image.

    Peace is not something you get often that it sometimes hurts to know that these kinds of moments were just that: moments, and that at some point everything will have to go back to normal. If you could call this normal, that is.

    Oh, how you wished he’d stayed like this forever.

    “You’re staring” He mumbled with his eyes still closed.

    “Am not” You spoke softly, not wanting to disturb him more “And how could you know? Your eyes are closed”

    “It’s my superpower, love” He said, opening his eyes “I can sense everything you’re doing, even in my sleep”

    You chuckled as you brought your eyes to meet his, letting out a sigh as you got lost in his sea of blue “I’m sorry, you should go back to sleep. I won’t bother you with my stare anymore”

    Luke shook his head, stretching out his arm to you and pulling you closer to him “It’s never a bother if it’s you, my love” You hummed and placed a little kiss to his chest “Besides, what time is it anyways?”

    “I don’t know. Wasn’t really paying attention to the time” You said, cuddling up closer to him “I got you for the day, so time is not one of my concerns as long as you’re here. Just wanna feel you close today”

    Luke kissed the top of your head “Your wish is my command” He said, drawing patterns with his thumb at the side of your arm until you both drifted back to sleep.

    “You know me better than I do

    Can’t seem to keep nothing from you

    How you touch my soul from the outside

    Permeate my ego and my pride”

    You heard the front door close with a bang, making Petunia jump from her seat next to you to go see what’s happening.

    “Luke?” You asked looking over your shoulder just in time to see him walk inside the kitchen without saying hello to you like he always does.

    You could tell the stiffness of his shoulders from a mile away and how his haired seemed to be completely out of place. Something was wrong. You got up from the couch and followed after him.

    Luke was crouched down with his head almost inside the fridge, looking for something frantically “Are there any more beers?” He called, not acknowledging you.

    “We ran out of them yesterday” You said softly. Luke murmured a ‘for fucks sake’ before slamming the refrigerator door “I’ll go to the supermarket tomorrow… Luke is everything-?”

    “Yes, Y/N! Everything is fine” He said throwing his hands up in the air and passing them through his curls, messing them up a little bit more.

    You tried to say something but he quickly walked past you “I’m gonna take a shower” He said as he walked up the stairs.

    You waited exactly five minutes before following him.

    As you entered your shared bedroom you found his clothes piled up at one corner. You grabbed them softly and folded them, knowing that he’ll appreciate that gesture tomorrow when things are more cooled down. Then you walked to the bathroom and thanked the gods when you found the door was unlocked. Slowly, you took your clothes off and hopped into the shower next to him.

    Luke had his back to you, already so immersed in his thoughts that he didn’t hear you come in. However, he didn’t find it surprising when your arms wrapped around his waist and your head was pressed onto his back.

    He sighed as he brought one hand to cover yours “Bad day, love?” You asked. He only nodded “Wanna talk about it?”

    Luke stayed silent for a while, but you were in no rush. You knew that he would want to talk about it later on if not now. That’s just who he is, always trying his best to communicate.

    Finally, after for what it felt like an eternity, he said bitterly “Ashton was a total ass today”

    “Oh?” You asked, waiting for him to expand on his statement.

    “He just won’t cave!” Luke said, letting his frustration take over “We talked about this idea for a song and we almost got it ready, but he keeps changing it and saying we should drop it and that it’s not a good idea and-“

    “And probably you are both just being stubborn?”

    Luke turned around with a confused face “Are you on his side now?”

    You shook your head “Babe, I’m on your side. Always” You brought your hand to his cheek, softly caressing it as you spoke “But I know how you can get when you’re tired, and this is not the first time you clash with Ashton for a thing like this, right?” He nodded “You two are just so passionate for what you do and it’s easy to get blinded by that sometimes. Maybe you’re just not hearing each other’s views on the song because you’re so immersed in your own ideas that everything seems like an attack. You should just talk it out… and if that doesn’t work you could always challenge him to a duel and fight to the death”

    Your comment made Luke chuckle, bringing you a sense of victory as you watch the smile come back to his face.

    “How are you always right?” He asked, placing his hands at the sides of your waist, caressing it softly.

    “It’s a talent” You said nonchalantly, making him laugh again “Now come, baby boy. You are still stressed and I can’t let you walk out like that. Let me make you feel better”

    “You love my lips ‘cause they say the

    Things we’ve always been afraid of

    I can feel it startin’ to subside

    Learnin’ to believe in what is mine”

    You walked hand in hand through the front door, still a little tipsy from the last remains of alcohol that subsided in your system.

    You let out a moan when you took your heels off by the door, not bothering to look at them till tomorrow morning.

    Luke couldn’t stop staring at you as you murmured something about being thirsty or hungry while walking to the kitchen. He was absolutely smitten by you and he couldn’t believe his luck of having you by his side.

    As he walked into the kitchen, he watched with a gleam in his eyes as you sip on your bottle of water, holding your hair in a messy bun while the zipper of your dress was already half way down. It was just a mundane act after a party, but he was completely enamoured by you.

    “Do I tell you that I love you enough times a day?” He asked, bringing your attention to him.

    “Well, I’m not complaining, am I?” You smiled at him “Why?”

    “I just feel like I don’t tell you enough. I don’t know if I could ever tell you just how much I love you and if that will be enough one day”

    He walked over to you and placed his hands at your sides. His blue eyes were fixed on yours and you could not -nor did you want to look away.

    “When we first started dating I was so afraid to say it, but I knew I loved you from the first moment I saw you. Maybe I should’ve started saying that then, but it still won’t be enough. Would it?” He said, bringing one hand to caress your cheek “I still don’t know how I manage to get that first date”

    You chuckled “You were lucky I had my eye on you from the beginning” You joked, making him laugh as well “I still don’t know how are you mine? Why are with me while you could be with literally any person in the world?”

    “Because I love you, Y/N” He said, thoroughly convinced “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are an amazing person, lover, friend… You are the whole package and I believe you’re the one settling for me. You are perfect in every way and I love you more than life itself. Why is it so hard for you to believe?”

    You felt tears threatening to escape your eyes at his words. Good tears as he made your heart fluttered with love.

    “’Cause nobody ever loved me like you do, Luke. Before you I couldn’t believe it or see it for myself, my baggage being too heavy for anyone to understand till you came along. Now all that baggage is fading and I know what true happiness is” You smiled, bringing his hand to your lips and giving a kiss to his knuckles “I wanna love me the way that you love me. I’d love to see me from your point of view. Maybe that way I’d learn to love you better than I already do. Cause baby, you deserve the world and I’ll do my best to give it to you”

    Luke smiled as he cupped your cheeks and brought you closer to him, lips almost touching as he said “I already have my world right here. I love you”

    “Even with all of my ugly?”

    “With all of your beautiful. All of you, Y/N” He said before bringing your lips together in a long awaited kiss.

    “Now I’m out here, fallin’, fallin'”

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