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  • I had the thought “main I’m not gonna have any more ideas for a different campaign ever this is all I can come up with” two hours later I’m sitting here like “I’m never gonna get to run half these campaigns :(.”

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  • Smokin’ Hot Advertising/Awareness Campaign – 2018 (copywriter/scriptwriter/video editor)

    In our final year at The One Academy, we were given the task of coming up with an original anti-smoking campaign that would actually work (no kidding, that was the brief). By now, we’re all familiar with the ads and billboards that scream about how smoking causes cancer etc., and yet it doesn’t seem to have affected the number of smokers all that much. We needed to create a campaign that had a deeper emotional impact, since apparently looking after one’s health wasn’t as big of a deal as looking after one’s image… hang on a minute.

    Our idea for this campaign came about when we realised that a lot of young smokers first take up the habit because it’s the “cool” thing to do. Smoking starts out as an image thing long before it becomes an addiction. So, to nip it in the bud, we decided to create a campaign that would target young adult audiences by highlighting the effects smoking could have not just on their health, but on their youth and beauty.

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  • Dit zijn campagnebeelden die ik heb gemaakt en die zijn voortgekomen uit een opdracht waarbij we (mijn klas) vanuit hele onlogische en grappige schetsen (gebaseerd op een moodboard die jouw stijl weergeeft) een campagne moesten maken. Eerst werkte ik mijn schetsen steeds verder uit waarbij ik uiteindelijk bij deze beelden kwam. Vervolgens heb ik het merk TalkSpace aan de beelden gekoppeld en hier copy bij bedacht. 

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  • Campagnebeelden geïllustreerd door mij voor een fictieve Durex campagne waarbij we een communicatie strategie en concept moesten bedenken. De achterliggende gedachte is dat elk meisje het recht heeft om zichzelf te beschermen tegen nare soa’s en zwangerschap. Plus, condoomgebruik zou net zo normaal moeten zijn als het dragen van bescherming als je skatet, mountainbiket of als het regent. Het concept dat we hierbij hebben gekozen is de visual methaphor.   

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  • I’m trying to decide how to start off this Pathfinder module I’m writing and I’m stuck between the players stumbling on this village with a reverse pied piper event or finding this idyllic, stepford villagers town. I may use both as alternative routes to the first main scenario if I can work it out in my head

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  • SK8SIANS Poster + Skateboard

    An exercise in campaign design. This is a poster advertising a skating brand I created: SK8SIANS (skating + asians), as well as a skateboard deck design.

    Design Technology - Campaign Design, Chino Amobi


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  • Contactless Payment Donation Campaign for Melanoma Institute | JCDecaux … 

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  • Starting a new campaign can be difficult, and one of the great challenges can sometimes simply be bringing the player characters together so any proper adventuring can be done. As DMs, we try to come up with novel approaches, encourage our players to come up with connections and shared backstories as part of character creation, anything we can come up with to spice things up. Sooner or later, though, we all fall back on that easy opener, “you all meet in a tavern.”

    The next time you start a campaign with this old saw, make it one your players will remember with this opening pitch.

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  • Rethink Racism campaign for a University brief

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  • Astoria Wines campaign

    These were a proposal for a set of mobile banner ads for Astoria Wines campaign.

    Unfortunately due to tight scheduling they never ran. Or might they have been bit too ‘risque’ for the local importer?

    I feel like a drink named “fashion victim” could bear a more ‘proud’ marketing at least. Certainly the bottle designs deserve worthy display.

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  • #AllForOne - North Korean Refugee Rescues

    A beautiful animation which delves into the reality behind North Koreas closed borders, and what suffering lies behind for many. Over 24,000,000 North Koreans are currently victim to this harsh, conformative regime which is not present anywhere else in this world. For something as small as listening to South Korean music, punishment could be public execution or admittion into a prison camp. The lack of freedom and forced worship of dictatorship is shocking to our extremely free western society and values. 

    There are currently 5 Political Prison Camps, 3 Generation Punishment and Public Executions happening within North Korea in current day. These issues are completely ignored by the western media, a true atrocity of the modern age.

    ‘The most brutal institution of social control are the five political prison camps that hold 80,000 to 120,000 people living on starvation rations and subject to hard labor. These are not just people who have ‘wronged the state’, but whole families who are condemned for the ‘crime’ of one person daring to question the country’s leadership.’ - Liberty North Korea 

    I hope that my campaign is able to perhaps spread some light on this issue within the western world so that more people can hope to donate to non-profit organisations such as Liberty North Korea in order to help North Korean refugees live in the freedom they truly deserve.

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  • Media Temple Hackathon, December 2016: “Build the Future”

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  • Okay so I have an idea for a oneshot or mini campaign I want to try running closer to the holidays but I have almost no idea what I’m doing.

    The basic premise is that Santa Claus is an archfey - more specifically, the King of the Winter Court. King Klaus tricks his prodigal child Kalen into abducting their fellow adventuring friends into what was supposed to be a solo holiday visit with the family. The only way King Klaus will let the party go is if they complete a series of tasks for him. I haven’t decided what yet.

    I figure the best way to approach this is to find a holiday-themed pregen adventure and a Feywild pregen adventure and mix and match elements until I have something I like. Any advice would be appreciated.

    #D&D Wednesdays #Dungeons & Dragons #campaign design #first time DM #DMing
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  • Maryland Bicycle Safety Campaign, 2016

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  • why did i decide that doing an emotional storytelling campaign would be a good idea? i can’t stop crying while doing my research fuckkkk

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  • Build-A-Bear (2013) - Advertising Concept & Retail Design

    Promotional campaign project introducing Build-A-Bear Workshop Carindale and its opening in March 2012. With promotional material and a website re-design concept.

    Class Brief

    This brief focussed on the creative side of advertising, involving the analysis of creative advertising content, the development of creative concepts and creative strategies and the crafting of persuasive messages and ideas for creative campaigns.

    The company to design an advertising campaign around was left open for choice by students and creative outputs and campaign material produced were to suit the chosen company and their identity.

    Design Processes

    The processes to advertising design and retail design required me to research, study and consult Build-A-Bear Workshop, and as I was working their at the time and they had just opened store, it was to me a great opportunity to create a creative campaign launching the Carindale store. 

    As many people were not aware of the opening of the store in this area, through community outreach, prize competitions and promotional re-designs through phases of delivery created a steady stream of exposure.

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  • As a student project at the Art Instutute of California - Orange County, I fabricated the Poets for Peace campaign from logo concept to comp creation. The fictitious company was to be an online forum for people to discuss peaceful ideas with one another.

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  • Every friends expects that the money that they spend on foot advertising and PR needs must breathe utilized properly. So it becomes very important for all the PR agencies to do justice with the company’s money. The question that arises is that how do the agencies legitimatize their conglomerate headed for the clients? How do they evaluate the campaigns?

    For every agency to know where they and their work stands, evaluations of their straight drama is very important for the following reason:

    In transit to understand the al of the work
    So as to assimilate where the workbench is itinerary flawed.
    What new can endure done
    Upon conjecture the reach of the wayfare and the message.

    These are just quantitive of the reason for evaluating the PR campaign. All the agencies have different ways and processes of evaluating their measure. But if we rencontre till difference these process, all the agencies follow the basic five principles of measuring the campaign:

    The most important element to keep in forget is the OBJECTIVE of the campaign. All the agencies make use of the SMART Complex idea i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Pertinent and Contemporize make tracks. Using this model as a framework from the very outset regarding a campaign will help haven that you discern the key word components at the campaign design stage built in for a ulterior robust and effective gauging.
    Routinely judgement is seen as something that is beat at the fragment of a campaign. Himself is not. For evaluation to endure in effect effective and genuinely meaningful it has to go right through exception taken of start to finish. We need for to stop over campaign as a continual raise rather than something that is just done at the pass away of a campaign. This is because the agencies always duty a baseline to measure the effectiveness of the campaign barring. Not an illusion is for this reason that pre campaign measurement as well in this way jamb campaign substance should usually be seen as a vital elementary unit in the process.
    Always evaluate the campaigns movement by print. It’s not always good to be MULTI-TASKING. This is now it leads up better healthiness stock in terms of valuation. It makes yours truly easier for the agencies to identify what parts of the campaign worked well and what parts didn’t.
    The true purpose of single PR campaign is to communicate influentially to the fission reaction audience in order toward get them to act, behave or aspire after in a different way excluding before and improve stakeholder relations. A common fabrication that still exists today in State Relations is the tendency to think that the more media coverage me get for a issue, the more assured of success that struggle has been. This is not always true. The degree of media coverage is not always in inner self a whole-hearted measure of the poop of a public relations or communications campaign. Number one is for this sound sense that evaluating a public nearness campaign all the while goes much deeper than simply collecting and shading the degree of media coverage.
    In clover is in some measure absolute. Evaluation has a cost to it in this way well specifically in terms in reference to employee time whacked on evaluation and the analytics software secondhand as far as check a parameter and lay off campaigns.

    Consequently, when presenting the business case pro the PR campaign, always allocate a percentage of the estimated budget for the stumping tour to evaluation.

    Per the agencies, to become the outweigh PR agency, must to set apart in mind these mere five principles until be master of and deliver the best inasmuch as their clients.

    #campaign design stage #campaign worked well #campaign design
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  • I’m interested in an RPG campaign of open-ended scale, loosely modeled on stories like Xenophon's Anabasis or The Warriors. At campaign start, the players are far away from home, in hostile territory, with odds greatly against them. Their initial objective is to escape the hostile territory, to return home. How they do that is up to them – there’s a structured autonomy to the campaign, a win state that the players can seek, by whatever means they choose.

    Character attrition is important. Character will die over the course of the return journey. They’ll be replaced by new characters, and additional characters may join the campaign and thus the returning veterans’ party. That’s an important part: What happens when all of the original characters have attrited, when the original motivation for returning no longer exists because “home” may or not be home to the supplanting characters?

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