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  • I get up, even when it hurts to move.

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  • what’s going on … what’s happening brother … flyin’ high in the friendly sky … save the children … God is love … mercy mercy me (the ecology)  -  marvin gaye  (what’s going on)

    yoo doo right  -  can  (monster movie)

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  • 7:41 PM EST December 1, 2020:

    Can - “Aumgn [Edit]”
    From the album Anthology 1968-1993

    Last song scrobbled from iTunes at Last.fm

    File under: Krautrock

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  • All I ever ask was you to show me some love, kisses and hugs

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  • Öyle bir sevda ki bu insana canandan ayrı kalmaktansa candan ayrı kalmanın daha doğru olduğuna inandırıyor.

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  • (via Butternut Squash Agnolotti w/ Brown Butter, Sage & Pecorino Zen Can Cook)

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  • A tasty, slightly smoky homemade spice rub and a half-full can of beer turn a basic chicken into a grilled treat.

    #Clays Grilled Beer Can Chicken #Clays#Grilled#Beer#Can#Chicken
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  • We all die #we #all #die #watchme #keep #eyes #on #me #killuminati #woke #thirdeye #resurrection #immortal #wedontdie #just #change #energy #can #not #be #destroyed

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  • Hi children’s place my wife placed an order with you today and despite her efforts the order was placed with an incorrect billing address even though the credit card on our account has the correct billing address the actual order doesn’t when I called your customer service to rectify this situation I was told that once an order is placed even though it takes 24 48 hours to confirm ship the order your employees don’t have the system capabilities to alter the payment information on an order or to even cancel it though they could put in a Don’T Let The Grey Hair I Can Still Ride My Trike All Day Every Day T Shirt cancellation request who honors these requests apparently not your employees since they can’t cancel the orders themselves do you outsource your order processing it seems we likely won’t find out for a few days whether the order will go through or not if we have to re order at that point there’s no guarantee that the prices we originally paid would still be valid and you refuse to price match according to store policy honestly these are some of the most ridiculous restrictions i’ve ever encountered i’ve never heard of a company that can’t alter payment information on an order placed 2 hours ago if the order won’t ship for 24 48 hours are your orders chiseled into stone tablets it’s a computer system someone has to have the ability to change payment information or cancel an order before the order is shipped and then if you already know that your byzantine order processing system is impenetrable by your employees how can you possibly refuse to price adjust for a customer who runs afoul of it these are extremely basic customer service actions and the fact that your employees can’t or won’t do them implies to me that you don’t actually care about customer retention at all so congratulations children’s place you’ve successfully lost a customer even if our order goes through without a hitch all that tells me is that your company isn’t doing a good enough job at verifying payment information and I certainly don’t want to provide you with any more opportunities for credit card fraud we won’t be shopping here any more and will be recommending the same to everyone we know it’s not worth it when there are so many other companies that do it better without the hassle. Enough boho for crying out loud and enough grey everything use your imagination I think it’s safe to say that we all own a pair of grey sweats and a t shirt and please stop printing your logo on everything 3 times it’s redundant and enough with the cutouts on your lingerie it just looks like moth eaten holes. Face narsskin luminous moisture cream sheer glow foundation radiant creamy concealer soft velvet loose powder cheeks copacabana illuminator laguna illuminator for darker skin tones copacabana multiple south beach multiple for darker skin tones adoration dual intensity blush eyes audacious mascara brows matte eyeshadow shades blondie bali bengali and coconut grove depending on hair color oural brow gel lips never say never velvet matte lip pencil sex appeal blush

    Don’T Let The Grey Hair I Can Still Ride My Trike All Day Every Day T Shirt Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt

    External image
    Don’T Let The Grey Hair I Can Still Ride My Trike All Day Every Day T Shirt

    Hey I used to shop at your corporation all of the time but when I found out that you tested on animals again well it just broke my heart and you’re continuing to I have not for over a Don’T Let The Grey Hair I Can Still Ride My Trike All Day Every Day T Shirt year and will continue not to shop here a more in depth article I wanted to spread check out victoria’s secret breaks hearts. Down here on e street we re devastated and heartbroken over the death of tom petty our hearts go out to his family and bandmates I ve always felt a deep kinship with his music a great songwriter and performer whenever we saw each other it was like running into a long lost brother our world will be a sadder place without him bruce springsteen. I regret to announce that I have made the decision not to play in this year s french open I have been making steady progress with my overall fitness but I am still not 100 and feel I might be taking an unnecessary risk by playing in this event before I am really ready this decision was not easy to make but I took it to ensure I could play the remainder of the season and help to extend the rest of my career I remain as motivated and excited as ever and my plan is to achieve the highest level of fitness before returning to the atp world tour for the upcoming grass court season I am sorry for my fans in paris but I very much look forward to returning to roland garros in 2017

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  • 10 FUCKING/10s

    No i dont subscribe to no capitalist bullshit listening station that charges me bucks for digging the shit i like. I direct download shit or torrent it. Also i listen to mp3s only. Only twats who still get duped into nostalgia buy cds and records now. Weak twats who need something to hold on to. Babies who need pictures. I dont even own REAL books anymore. Its fucking 2020 i carry a whole library in my phone. But back to ur wanted ad. I dont got spotify cuz fuck em if ur interested in these u gotta work for it. I say dl them cuz theyre keepers. CAN- Flow Motion. Most twats say can was over the hill after 1975. theyre dumb. GRIDLINK- Longhena. I think grind was originally designed and created to annoy the fuck out of people. Well this one is as beautiful as the best mozart. CELIBIDACHE MOZART REQUIEM. C is slow and plodding which makes these lil moz ditties about death more ominous. Use earfones when listening turn it up and close ur eyes live inside it for awhile. Its a living gorgeous lush forest. BURIAL - ALL HIS ALBUMS. Hes the greatest. The sound of the city its ghosts grime and cold indifference.

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  • “Desde pequeño quería ser beisbolista, no llegué

    Así que aprendí a batear hits por encima de una pista

    Volví a tomar alcohol en mi despacho

    Escribo bien sobrio, pero escribo mejor borracho

    Cuando caigo en depresión, mis problemas se los cuento a la ventana del avión

    El estrés me tiene enfermo, hace 10 años que no duermo

    Me estoy divorciando, pero no importa, yo sigo rimando

    Comento errores pero hago lo que pueda

    Aprendí a aterrizar sin ruedas, y

    Aunque en la calle me reconocen, ya ni mis amigos me conocen

    Estoy triste y me río, el concierto está lleno pero yo estoy vacío

    En la industria de la música todo es mentira

    Mi hijo tiene que comer, así que sigo de gira

    Solo me queda lo que tengo

    No sé pa’ dónde voy, pero sé de dónde vengo

    Ya no queda casi nadie aquí

    A veces ya no quiero estar aquí

    Me siento solo aquí

    En el medio de la fiesta

    Quiero estar en donde nadie me molesta

    Quemar mi libreta, soltar mis maleta’

    Quiero llamar al 7-5-5-0-8-2-2

    A ver quién contesta

    Y si me contestan, quiero decirles que quiero volver

    Que quiero salir de este hotel y desaparecer

    Y si me contestan, quiero decirles que quiero bajar el telón

    Que a veces me sube la presión, que tengo miedo que se caiga el avión

    Que no me importan las gira’, los disco’, los Grammys

    Y que en la Calle 11, quiero volver a ver el cometa Halley con mami

    Quiero volver a cuando mis ventanas eran de sol y me despertaba el calor

    A cuando me llamaban pa’ jugar, a cuando rapeaba sin cobrar

    Quiero volver, ir al cine en la semana y llegar a la escuela de arte’ en la mañana

    Quiero quedarme allí, no quiero salir de allí

    Quiero volver a cuando no me dejaban entrar porque me vestía mal

    Quiero volver a sentir, a cuando no tenía que fingir

    Yo, quiero volver a ser yo…”

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  • When you see one of these in the bathroom:

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  • #can #canyamanfans #canyamanfans #canyamannews #canyaman #1demetozdemir #iostoconcanyaman #dolunay #daydreamerlealidelsogno #iostoconcanyaman #dolunay #daydreamer #daydreamerlealidelsogno #iostoconcanyaman #can #canyaman #1demetozdemir #1demetözdemir #canyamanfans #canyamanfans #canyaman #sigla #iostoconcanyaman #dolunay #daydreamerlealidelsogno #daydreamer #erkencikuşdizi #serietv #turco #realizazzione #daydreamer #soap #can #1demetozdemir #iostoconcanyaman
    #erkencikusita #erkencikusset #bitterswert #lealidelsogno (presso DayDreamer Le Ali del Sogno)

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  • Milk Bar Banana Cake Zen Can Cook

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  • Can  |  I’m So Green  |  Ege Bamyasi (1972)

    (I’m not gone from Tumblr, just taking a break for a while.)

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  • 10:21 PM EST November 28, 2020:

    Can - “Don’t Say No”
    From the album Saw Delight
    (March 1977)

    Last song scrobbled from iTunes at Last.fm

    File under: Krautrock

    #Can#Saw Delight #Don't Say No
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  • Our Favorite Beer Can Chicken

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