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  • This is a song I wrote today:

    I am kayaking in my kayak!

    I’m so noisy. I probably don’t taste good.

    Look at me kayaking… in my kayak.

    I’m such an annoying human, being all noisy, you should probably run away!


    Yup. There are better things to eat than me. Don’t attack my kayak! Please.

    Just kayaking away. Very slowly. Thank you Mr. Bear.’

    #it was sort of to the tune of twinkle twinkle #and then I lost the melody #almost had a heart attack #when he stood up #but he didn't eat me! #yay! #bears #slice of life #wildlife#canada
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    #like y’all really made me look that shit up myself after hardcore simping over Ellen Page in Whip It #god im so FUCKING GAY #theres a girl named Ellen Rage and im in love with her #danielles a useless lesbian #lesbian#gay#gay girl#wlw#wlw toronto#toronto lesbian#disabled gay#disabled lesbian#toronto#canada#roller skate #roller skate derby
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  • 15-Aug-2017

    I woke up at 7h45 with no pain!! Yaaay!! I ate in the kitchen and it was fine!! I think all the fresh air that got yesterday helped!!

    The day was beautiful when I left to go to the station!

    All I did today was scan, so that I wouldn’t have to look at a computer screen for too long.

    There were only 5 of us here today, because the other ones were on the water (I was supposed to be on one of the boats, but I didn’t because of my eye… not because it could make it worse, but because if it started hurting there, I’d be useless). The 2 staff members left to have lunch at 12h, and one of the interns was at the front desk, and the other one has having lunch, so that she could do the 13h15 interpretation, so I had to stay in the room with the radio, in case any of the boats called.

    I only had one call from one of the boats, letting us know that they were just outside of the station, on the beach.

    The intern that was having lunch saw a minke from the balcony!! I looked out the window for a while, but we didn’t see it again. We could see the boat, though.


    I went back to the motel at 13h05 to quickly eat a banana and my super waffle. It was pretty warm on the way back!! I ran to the beach to try and find the minke, but only saw birds, the boats, and some seals… I do love seeing the seals, though!

    You know how we got free posters of the humpback whales because they couldn’t sell them? Well, that happened to sweatshirts as well… Apparently there’s something wrong with the logo, but I don’t see it… it was the last one, though, so tiny me is wearing a 2XL sweatshirt… but I don’t really mind it; it’s warmer this way! =)

    Oh, and speaking of the posters, the girls were cutting theirs into individual stickers, so I decided to do that myself… I’ll use the ones of the whales that I see in person, and then I can give the other ones away!

    Because it was such a beautiful day, it was super quiet at the museum; as in, there were no guided visits at all! But I mean, I would rather spend the day outside too!

    We came back to the motel at 17h30 and the girls told me they were gonna make crepes, so I went to the market to buy some stuff to put in mine.

    We spent a lot of time making them!! They ended up not being as thin as expected, but they were still pretty good!! I made one with cheddar, onions and black forest ham, and the other one with tomato sauce, olives, Swiss cheese and pepperoni! And after we cleaned the kitchen, one of the girls wanted a sweet one, with my goiabada, so I decided to have a sweet one myself, and ate it with maple syrup!


    I then took a shower and was able to do some computer work.

    I was in no pain at all today!! Just a discomfort caused by the light from the computer screen and the window (and the bathroom light, in the morning)! Yay for no pain!!

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  • An amusement park operator says he’s taken all necessary precautions in order to open a midway in Fredericton.

    It’s got all the brightly lit nostalgia that’s been mostly absent in the year of COVID-19, but there’s nothing vintage about this midway’s operational plan.

    “In the old days, the midway would just be wide open,” said Nathan Smithers, the general manager of East Coast Amusements. “We want everybody to come in, pack the midway, nice and busy. That atmosphere is gone now. It’s going to be a strict, only so many people that we can keep safely socially distanced.”

    Once one group leaves, another can enter.

    Rides will be cleaned after every go and employees will be wearing masks.

    They say they’ve had to think of everything.

    “There’s a lot of products out there that will kill this particular virus, but if you sat down on it and some of the wetness remained it might dye out your clothes,” Smithers said. “So now I’m going to be wrecking people’s clothes, so I have to find sanitizers that are not too harsh but still approved to fight the virus.”

    It all seems counterintuitive for an amusement park, and some don’t understand why it’s allowed at all.

    “It just blows my mind what they’re doing here,” said one observer, who said they definitely won’t be attending.

    On June 29, Premier Blaine Higgs gave all businesses the go-ahead to reopen.

    Some say it’s a bit of normalcy that’s needed more than ever.

    “If they can be careful there, it’s the same as being careful at Tim Hortons, it’s the same as going to get your groceries – as long as you’re careful,” said one Fredericton resident.

    Smithers says he has been getting some angry calls and emails, but says he needed to do something to survive.

    “It’s about keeping our employees working and getting them back to work,” he said. “If we can’t employ them, they’re going to find work elsewhere if they can, and we may not have enough staff for next year if we made it through the winter, you know, surviving with zero revenue.”

    His operational plan has been given to public health, the city of Fredericton and the New Brunswick provincial exhibition for review.

    He is hoping to be open by Thursday afternoon and remain open this weekend and next.

    from CTV News - Atlantic https://ift.tt/3h3iBqL
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  • image

    I can’t wait to have you here with me.

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  • 🛍️: marykay.ca/cbalser
    Lipstick is always a good idea! What shade are you rocking today💄?
    #redscarlet #marykay #skincare #makeup #tryb4ubuy #onlineclasses #canada #askquestions #disabledcanadian #beautytips #freetutorials

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  • Event types is Civil Danger. For the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) until tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time! (EST)

    This is not a test! I repeat, This is not test!

    This is an important message transmitted by the Canadian Government of Ontario for : Peel, York, Halton, Durham, and City of Toronto, located in the Greater Toronto Area Region. There are children walking down the streets of Toronto trick or treating for Halloween. And one by one gets scared and got they’re bags of candy stolen. This group of people who are called “The Halloween Tricksters!”

    These locations include : Toronto, Markham, Vaughan, King, Aurora, Newmarket, Georgina, Brock, Uxbridge, Scugog, Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, and Burlington.

    If you live in those areas, lock your doors or windows that could easily enter your homes, duct tape you’re door cracks, and turn off all you’re lights, and electronic devices that can make noise! If you have children with you, don’t take them outside!If you see any unknown shadows or lights, Do not investigate it! If you see any Ninjalinos hanging around your ceiling and throwing sticky splat or moths coming after you, Call 911 immediately! Do not evacuate until the all clear is given!Make sure to bring a battery powered radio with you!

    For more information about our Emergency Warning System, please await for more instructions on Alert Ready Emergency Alert System.

    Catboy : Huh,. It’s Night Ninja, Luna Girl, and the Wolfy Kids again?!

    Gekko : What are they doing here on halloween?


    Owlette : I don’t know about this, Catboy. But, we got to get the trick or treaters to a safe place.

    Gekko : Yeah, we have to save the candy bags for them before the Halloween Tricksters do.


    Catboy : We gotta stop them by scaring the trick or treaters, or it will be a disaster!

    #PJ Masks #Emergency Warning System #Ontario#Canada #Greater Toronto Area #Catboy#Connor#Owlette#Amaya#Gekko#Greg
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  • External image

    Benjamin Hebb has a Nova Scotia plate on the back of his vehicle, but a plate on the front says "ECTO-1 NEW YORK" and is a replica of the one found on the ambulance/hearse in the film. Someone who either doesn’t like Ghostbusters or didn’t get the reference left him a note under his wiper on Wednesday.

    from CBC | Nova Scotia News https://ift.tt/2B2hUPc
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  • Scenic hiking trails begin at the Blind Channel Resort on West Thurlow Island, British Columbia, Canada.

    #Blind Channel Resort #West Thurlow Island #British Columbia#Canada
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    The calm after the storm, yielding beauty.

    — Orléans, ON. Shot on iPhone 11 Pro.

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  • External image

    A man wanted on a Canada-wide warrant has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of a 29-year-old Saint John man.

    from CBC | New Brunswick News https://ift.tt/2ZydJUY
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  • Bernie Larusic says he always makes it a point to get out and vote during any election.

    But this October, he will be casting a ballot from his home after Cape Breton Regional Council voted 8 to 3 in favour of approving electronic-only voting for the fall municipal election.

    “I don’t know how that’s going to impact the senior community, because they are the ones who do most of the voting,” Larusic said.

    Larusic says some seniors don’t have access to the internet or are not savvy when it comes to technology.

    “I think they should have done what some of the councillors were taking about and delay, delay,” Larusic said. “It’s not going to kill the world by having the same people in for another period of time, while we get this straightened out.”

    The problem with that logic, according to Cape Breton political science professor Tom Urbaniak is there’s no guarantee when the pandemic will end.

    He says the outcome of this election will depend on the candidates themselves.

    “The extent to which the candidates can reach the voters by telephone, electronically, or by other means and tell the voters how and when to vote, that will be a major factor in the voter turnout this time,” Urbaniak said.

    Cape Breton Regional Municipality Mayor Cecil Clarke says 49 per cent – nearly half – of the voter turnout during the last municipal election voted electronically in CBRM.

    “(That) shows people have access and are using technology more,” Clarke said. “With further access to tablets four years later, more people are connected and we have the resources to make sure if people need to vote or have accessibility issues, we can address that.”

    The municipal election will be held in October, and some are wondering if federal and provincial elections will adopt online voting moving forward.

    “When you’re dealing with a central elections authority, like Elections Canada or the elections agencies at the provincial level, the concern is, if one thing goes wrong, the whole system could fail and the legitimacy of the result province wide or nationwide could be in doubt,” Urbaniak said.

    Urbaniak says the stakes are much higher when it comes to security at the provincial and federal levels.

    Meanwhile Larusic says what’s at stake locally is senior’s democratic right to cast a ballot.

    from CTV News - Atlantic https://ift.tt/2OtF1Fw
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  • Is the coronavirus disproportionately affecting Black Canadians? Experts believe so but Nova Scotia and Canada don’t collect race-based data.

    from : Halifax https://ift.tt/2ZzIVDf

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