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  • Unthinking Respect for Authority is the Enemy of Truth

    Somewhere in Alberta

    November 2020

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  • Canada 🇨🇦

    Я тут всерьёз задумался о переезде в Канаду. Нравится мне эта страна.

    Но есть несколько проблем.

    • Всё выглядит слишком идеально.

    Дружелюбное отношение к иммигрантам, очень просто получить Канадский паспорт, который даёт гораздо больше, чем Российский, большие зарплаты, большие деньги даёт даже пособие по безработице, легко взять кредит с минимальным процентом, низкая преступность. Как-то всё слишком хорошо, так что я жду подвоха, причём огромного и значимого.

    • Я один ;-;

    Жить я буду один, причём не только в доме, но и во всей стране. На меня и здесь давит одиночество, а что будет там?

    • Страх сильных перемен.

    Я знаю, чего ожидать от России и какая у нас в Новосибе атмосфера. А что в Канаде? А хрен знает, по историям и видео из интернета этого не понять, тут нужен опыт. Здесь я могу пока что просто отдыхать, страдать ерундой, пытаться найти работу в свои 17 лет. Вряд-ли там всё будет так же.

    • Английский язык.

    Впринципе, я более или менее хорошо знаю английский, но вряд-ли этого будет достаточно для того, чтобы уверенно на нём общаться.

    В общем, мне надо всерьёз задуматься об этом, пока я молод, хах. Молодость всё простит, как говорится. Я понимаю, что мои мнения изменятся ещё очень много раз, и что моя жизнь тоже может кардинально измениться, пока я там решаюсь на переезд. Но мне просто, наверное, нужен сильный пинок под зад, чтобы начать наконец жить. Переезд в другую страну - это, наверное, рай для того, кто хочет начать жизнь сначала, там, где тебя не знают, там, где ТЫ никого не знаешь, там, где никто до тебя не докопается. Но меня уже убивает моё одиночество. Я хочу с ним бороться, а не загонять себя снова в слёзы каждую ночь. “Мальчики не плачут”, да? Fuck it. I will die, if i keep my emotions and blow again.

    See ya later, chitateli. Mne nuzhno nemnogo pokushat’.

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  • 1966 - The mayor of Calgary wrote a book about a formerly enslaved Black rancher who settled in Alberta. It was optioned for a movie that was never made.

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  • Former Coal Chute Door

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  • Foothills just east of the Canadian Rockies

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  • If you hop on a Halifax Transit bus without a mask, the driver can advise you about the mandatory measure, but can’t prevent you from boarding.

    Three Halifax Transit drivers have refused work, saying their safety is at risk because the rule has no teeth.

    “Two last week and one today,” said Ken Wilson, the president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 508. “The safety committee met yesterday and unfortunately, we could not reach a unanimous decision, so now it’s either to the labour board, or the member has to retract his concern and go back to work.”

    Speaking on CTV News last week, the mayor of Halifax said drivers would be getting more support.

    “If somebody refuses and doesn’t follow those rules then the bus will pull over, we’ll talk to a supervisor,” Mayor Mike Savage said last week.

    According to the union, the policy was short-lived.

    “By Friday afternoon, they were being flat-out refused a supervisor,” Wilson said.

    In a statement to CTV today, City Hall restated it policy that nobody will be denied transit – without or without a facial covering.

    Nova Scotia’s top doctor says too many people are making the decision to not wear a mask, simply because they don’t want to.

    “Stop arguing with the people who drive our buses, who work in our access centres and who manage our retail stores when they tell you to put on a mask,” said Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer of health.

    There’s support on the street for drivers being able to prevent people from boarding without a mask.

     "I believe bus drivers should absolutely refuse that because its their own health and safety at risk,“ said one Haligonian.

    "Their safety is just as important as the rest of the public,” said another.

    City Hall and the union agree on one thing: that the vast majority of people taking transit are wearing a mask.

    from CTV News - Atlantic https://ift.tt/3og28mU
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  • The Simpsons screen captures season 27, episode 7 “Lisa With An S”.

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  • Nova Scotia’s labs processed more than 4,000 tests on Monday – that’s the most in a single day since the pandemic began.

    But the growing demand has also meant longer wait times for results for some, but not all, as all the testing is testing the system.

    Miranda MacDonald says she was in Thai Express for five minutes, but she had to be tested for COVID after it became a potential exposure site.

    She was in limbo for four days waiting for results.

    “It should be quicker,” said MacDonald. “It shouldn’t take that long I don’t think.”

    CTV News has spoken with several people who say five days after being tested they’re still waiting for their results.

    Others tell us they’ve received their tests in 24 hours.

    “It took less than 24 hours,” said patient Leslie Hill. “I was e-mailed my negative result. It was pretty quick and easy to do.”

    The Nova Scotia Health Authority says some test results have been delayed and they have apologized for it.

    They first thought it was because of an email glitch but now say it’s because of a significant increase in tests.

    More than 20,000 lab tests were processed this week.

    The day more restrictions on gyms and restaurants were announced last week, there were only 1,600 tests.

    Three days later, there was more than double that, then there was more than 3,000 on Sunday before they set a record with 4,000 tests on Monday.

    “I completely understand that there is so much being done right now,” MacDonald said. “I think it is a high priority but. At the same time, it does take a little bit too long.”

    Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Robert Strang, says not all patients have signed up to receive results via email and that can slow down the process.

    “Anybody who goes for a test, get their email. That’s he quickest way possible,” Strang said.

    MacDonald says she did give her email, but never got one back with results.

    Instead, she says she found out after calling several times.

    Two mobile testing units are being set up Wednesday. No drops in are accepted but public health is contacting people who should be tested to set up an appointment.

    from CTV News - Atlantic https://ift.tt/36uEbCa
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  • A clearer picture is expected to emerge in the coming days of the extent of the COVID-19 outbreak at Parkland Saint John where 10 residents and five employees at the Shannex long-term care facility have tested positive for COVID-19.

    “A total of 69 individuals were swabbed at the adult residential facility yesterday and (Tuesday), testing will occur at Tucker Hall,” said Dr. Jennifer Russell, New Brunswick’s chief medical officer of health. “Results of the Parkland Saint John campus testing will be known over the coming days.”

    According to shannex, those residents who test positive are in their own area inside Tucker Hall where they’re being taken care of by staff dedicated to only them.

    All of the other residents, meanwhile, are continuing to isolate in their suites

    Public health has not identified the source of the outbreak.

    “I can tell you that my understanding of all the cases in Saint John as I have mentioned is all the cases in Saint John are linked,” Russell said.

    Horizon Health, which now has 79 staff out of work because of COVID-19 with up to five positive cases among them, says their infection prevention and control team have been in place at parkland since the start of the outbreak.

    “Assisting the IPC resources there and making sure that staff are properly putting on and taking off and wearing PPE when they need to,” said Horizon Health CEO Karen McGrath.

    from CTV News - Atlantic https://ift.tt/2VnQrOm
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    Don’t forget to shop local as much as possible (not just for the holidays). These would make perfect stocking stuffers.

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