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    A man accused of cyberbullying the parents of a missing Nova Scotia boy on social media said Tuesday a Facebook group devoted to the child’s case started with good intentions but spiralled out of control.

    from CBC | Nova Scotia News https://ift.tt/3kGfech
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  • Eugenie Bouchard New Balance deal, Instagram, dumped by Nike, loses at Lyon Open

    Eugenie Bouchard New Balance deal, Instagram, dumped by Nike, loses at Lyon Open

    A new era for Eugenie Bouchard got off to a poor start as she lost her first round match at the Lyon Open on Wednesday (AEDT).

    Belarusian Aliaksandra Sasnovich beat the Canadian in straight sets 7-6 (9-7) 6-2 in Bouchard’s second outing for the year, after she failed to get through qualifying for the Australian Open.
    Watch over 40 live ATP Tour tournaments, 40 live WTA Tour tournaments, and…

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    The only daily TV news package to focus on Nova Scotians and their stories

    from CBC | Nova Scotia News https://ift.tt/3bTub6V
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    A hardware store in Summerside has reopened for business, after a deep cleaning over the weekend.

    from CBC | Prince Edward Island News https://ift.tt/3e74nab
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  • The Myth of Universal Health Care

    Despite our illusions, Canada’s system is neither comprehensive nor equally accessible. What would it take to reform it?

    Expanding publicly funded pharmacare and mental health care—moving closer to the promise of “universal” care—could be achieved through a variety of means, the easiest of which is generally understood to be a transfer of federal dollars to the provinces and territories to support part of the cost of such services, on the condition that they be provided free of charge to everyone already eligible for general health coverage. In other words, it would look exactly like medicare does right now, and your health card would be all you need.

    Read more at thewalrus.ca.

    Artwork by Pete Ryan (peterthomasryan.com).

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  • Q: What’s up with all the localized colorism?

    #not the same folks? #canada#quebec
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    A Green MLA wants to know if government is considering legislation for guaranteed paid sick leave as part of its COVID-19 response. 

    from CBC | Prince Edward Island News https://ift.tt/3kDoDl3
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    ‘We seem to be on track, as of right now, to move our way out of the modified red and back into the circuit break as of Thursday,’ Premier Dennis King says, adding that he hopes students are back in the classroom then.

    from CBC | Prince Edward Island News https://ift.tt/3kDL6ye
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  • Has anyone else noticed how petty and childish Canadian politicians are 🤨

    #Canada#canadian politics #like I was watching a debate the other day and I felt like was listening to an argument in grande 9 math class.
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  • In the midst of the global pandemic, the comparatively low number of COVID-19 cases in Nova Scotia is helping attract film production to the province, according to Screen Nova Scotia.

    The head of the industry organization says production companies who engaged in preliminary discussions in 2020 are now coming back with plans to move ahead.

    “We’re starting to see some of those studios bringing their projects to Nova Scotia, and we expect a few of them to kick off production in the coming months,” says Screen Nova Scotia Executive Director Laura MacKenzie. “It’s looking really busy, busier than we’ve been in many years.”

    Last year, the local film industry quickly put pandemic plans in place so projects already booked for the year could go ahead.

    Protocols on set made filming during a pandemic a different experience, even for seasoned veterans.

    Maritime actor Charlie Rhindress scored a recurring role in Chapelwaite, which was filmed last year in the Halifax area. The period television series, based on a short story by Stephen King, stars Adrian Brody and Emily Hampshire.

    Rhindress says he felt very safe on location, with actors and crew tested regularly for COVID-19 and separated into different physical zones on set.

    “We had colour-coded masks, the actors wore red masks, and then the crew had a different colour,” says Rhindress in a Zoom interview from his Amherst, N.S. kitchen. “[That way] you knew which area people were allowed in.”

    He’s looking forward to seeing if he can secure auditions for any productions this year.

    For businesses renting out essential filmmaking gear, the prediction of a busy shooting season ahead is also good news.

    Industry stalwart William F. White International is expanding its operation in Halifax to meet demand.

    The requirement for physical distancing on set has meant an increased need for specific pieces of equipment.

    “We have various jibs and cranes, and remote heads that operate the camera remotely,” says the company’s Atlantic manager, Trevor Sutherland. “So you’re having less people close to the set, and close to your actors.”

    Filming in a pandemic has also meant new job opportunities for people new to the industry, like longtime paramedic Kevin Davison.

    Last year, he spent a lot of time on location as a “COVID supervisor.”

    “I was in charge of disinfecting, mitigation planning, fielding sick calls, and getting people swabbed if they had symptoms,” Davison says. “We were able to get through the film without any sickness at all.”
    He had so much work he turned it into a business. He anticipates he will be just as busy this year.

    In anticipation of that, Screen Nova Scotia says it will need more local crew members to keep up, although production companies can bring their own crews, following self-isolation and testing requirements.

    But MacKenzie says the organization is sending out word – it’s all hands on deck.

    “If you’ve ever worked in the film industry in Nova Scotia, or if you’ve ever had interest or considered working in the film industry, the time is now,” she says.

    from CTV News - Atlantic https://ift.tt/386GVpU
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  • Some volunteer fire departments in the Maritimes say they’re having trouble recruiting new members due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

    Chief John Chant has been a firefighter in Glace Bay, N.S. for 27 years. As chief, part of his job includes recruiting new members to serve the community.

    “We started looking for volunteers earlier in the year. Before pre-COVID times, it wasn’t difficult,” said Chant. “We used to put the application process up for 30 days and we’d get a good response.”

    Chant says the response to this year’s applications has been anything but good. The deadline has been extended a number of times due to the lack of applicants.

    Chant blames the ongoing pandemic for the lack of response. 

    “Due to the fact we ask for physicals, doctors are not able to provide them as quickly as they normally would, so we had to extend the application process because we’re not getting return on them,” said Chant.

    There are currently 40 volunteer and career firefighters at the Glace Bay department, with four openings waiting to be filled.

    Chant says his department is one of the busiest in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

    “It’s pretty steady here for the past two months,” said Chant.

    Chant is hoping once vaccines are completely rolled out and COVID-19 is behind us, the application process will pick back up with people looking to serve their community.

    “Volunteers are our station. They’re our community and we count on volunteers and we count on people who want to give their free time to come down and help their community,” said Chant.

    The application deadline for volunteer firefighters in Glace Bay is now April 5.

    from CTV News - Atlantic https://ift.tt/3dZhN8d
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    The City of Fredericton says “bonus incentives” can help make affordable housing more attractive to developers.

    from CBC | New Brunswick News https://ift.tt/2PtTLIj
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  • Slippery When Dry por Gavin Hardcastle - Fototripper
    Por Flickr:
    Watch my latest video at youtu.be/ZTTio39zv_Q I’ve just begun to explore the Gulf Islands of BC and I’ve clearly been missing out. The camper has opened up lots of exploration possibilities which is the main reason for getting it. This was a sunset shot and as you can see I got pretty atrocious light. I can’t wait to get back to the Gulf Islands and try my luck at a sunrise shot in this very spot. Thanks for looking Gavin

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  • A Fredericton artist, who promotes kindness and compassion through her work, is being recognized for one of her collections.

    “I honestly truly feel if society was more kind and compassionate it would solve a lot of problems,” said artist Katrina Slade.

    Compassion and kindness are Slade’s core values. They are also the inspiration behind her exhibit called ‘The Solution to Everything’ – an installation of weathergrams.

    She’s recycling a past project titled ‘Weathergrams For Good,’ which was installed in Fredericton, to create something for an even wider audience.

    "Most people haven’t heard of weathergrams,” said Slade. “They are strips of paper that traditionally portray an uplifting message.”

    Slade says she’s been offered a coveted spot to showcase her collection at this year’s Beinnale Architettura in Florence, Italy.

    “They contacted me and asked me to submit my work for the jury, so I was surprised and I did,” said Slade. “I submitted my proposal to the jury and they received my work and accepted it.”

    Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Slade says there are a lot of challenges she still has to face.

    “Well, nobody knows how the pandemic is going to go, but we are all optimistic, and so… If international travel is allowed, I will go there in the middle of October,” said Slade. “I have an assistant who’s coming with me and we would be assembling the artwork and installing it at the Beinnale.”

    Slade says spreading kindness is her mission.

    "So, the past year has been really hard for everybody, we all know it, we don’t have to review it, it’s been really difficult for multiples reasons, and I think that’s why my artwork is resonating with people,” said Slade.

    Slade says she hopes to one day share her exhibit with the Atlantic provinces. 

    from CTV News - Atlantic https://ift.tt/3bU7M9x
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