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  • the two richest people in the world are cancer and capricorn but somehow scorpio and taurus is the “axis of material shit”…sounds like a scam

    #lmao#astrology#scorpio#taurus#cancer#capricorn#jeff bezos#elon musk#yikes #also this is not a serious post #meaning...dont take it too seriosuly lol
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  • I came to the realization, at 3 am this morning, that my dad will pass away from his cancer before I graduate with my PhD in 2 years. It seems odd to me that this is the thought I that I fixated on and can’t sleep over. Out of all the other things to grieve.

    We only learned this past three weeks that he was even sick. When my mother called to tell me that he has three different cancers, all of them advanced, and only four to six weeks left to live.. I just thought how cruel it seemed that this was happening so fast.

    My dad is actually my step dad. When my biological father failed me, he was there. He was an archeologist. He was a historian. He was a conservationist. He sent me to my first environmental camp that introduced me to aquatics. He gave me the connections that got me an internship with the fish and wildlife service. I decided to get my BS, MS, and PhD in Environmental Science. He always told me that I would. He always believed in me.

    And now, at 3 am, I realize he will not be there when I do. It hurts.

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  • Slytherin / intj / Cancer sun / Taurus moon / Sagittarius rising 

    Aesthetic for fictionalworldsforbrains 

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  • 🌛🔮Full Leo Moon🔮🌜

    Jan 28th, 2021 2.16 PM EST at 9 degrees and 6 minutes of Leo

    In addition to the Sun opposing this Moon, we also have Mercury,  Jupiter and Saturn all in Aquarius this further impacts the emotive nature of this full moon. The Moon reflects the Aquarian ideals of collectivism and the group dynamic.

    This Lunation in Leo squares Uranus and Mars in Taurus creating friction between the expression of…


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  • Roman: you dont scare me

    Remus: I will gaslight you, I’m a cancer, don’t tempt me

    #roman sanders#sander sides#ts roman #sander sides roman #incorrect quotes #sander sides incorrect quotes #ts incorrect quotes #ts remus #sander sides remus #duke remus#remus sanders#prince roman#cancer#astrology #sander sides as incorrect quotes
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  • Cancer Daily Horoscope | Wednesday 01/27/2021

    Cancer Daily Horoscope | Wednesday 01/27/2021

    Nicolas Kim Coppola changed his name in his early acting career to Nicolas Cage. Although you have considered some drastic steps to change your life course, you still need focus to make them count and hold on to the rational foundation that your mind treasures most.
    Source: https://www.astrology-zodiac-signs.com/horoscope/cancer/daily


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  • 💸 Venus in Taurus people are more materialistic than Sun in Taurus people

    🕷 Venus conj Pluto in Synastry is so strong that the Pluto person may not get over the Venus person easily

    💧 Moon in Cancer people can feel like they are the victim in situations ( even if thats not true ) and because of that they tend to pity themselves

    👓 Sun in Pisces men are funny af

    🧚‍♀️ Venus conj Neptune may want to live in a romance movie

    🕴 People with Sun in Aries + Gemini Rising have very masculine body.

    🤺 Sun in Leo,Mercury in Leo or Leo in 3rd house people may have dirty mouth.

    #astrology#taurus #venus in taurus #astronotes#astro observations#astro notes #venus conjunct pluto #synastry#cancer #moon in cancer #sun in pisces #venus conjunct neptune #sun in aries #gemini rising#aries#gemini#leo #sun in leo #mercury in leo #leo in 3rd house #leo in 3rd #leo sun#leo mercury#aries sun#taurus venus#taurus sun#cancer moon
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  • Minnesota teacher never misses class, even from her hospital room

    Minnesota teacher never misses class, even from her hospital room

    Kelly Klein, a kindergarten teacher in Minnesota, is tackling virtual learning while battling ovarian cancer. She’s showing up to her virtual classroom, even while undergoing chemotherapy at the hospital. Chip Reid shares her story.

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  • Astrology theories but make it sad part uno

    *these are just theories, it’s not based off of ✨people I know✨ but my own personal beliefs, feel free to correct any of these if it doesn’t add up to your placement*

    Sagittarius are really depressed people, it might seem strange since they’re the epitome of optimism, but they have a lot of existential crisis that makes them feel so empty and sad inside, they want to see a better world but they know that’s impossible, people just don’t see things the way they do, therefore the world won’t ever change

    Aquarius have a similar problem, they can get really, really sad knowing that they won’t be here to see how the world advanced and how everything changes, some of them want to live through historical events, they want to be the future and change things for the better, but they know they will die before that happens

    No matter how “evolved” a Scorpio is, there’s always going to be turbulence in their life, no matter how forgiving they are or calmed, there’s always going to be a person from the past coming back to fuck their peace of mind, that’s something that will be apart of Scorpio’s life forever, people that treated them like shit or traumatized them always come back to them

    A Pisces won’t never really know who they are, they won’t ever know how to describe themselves, it pains them so much to not even know themselves, not know what they’re going to do or feel next, they’re always changing and feel overwhelmed by the imbalance their emotions have thanks to this, addictions are prone for a reason, of they can’t have consistency in themselves, they can have it in their bad habits

    Leos will always be rejected, you might think this is an Aquarius thing, Leo suffers from this too, people see them as too much, too intense or too self-centered so they leave, or they constantly try to put them down to be at the same level, it’s very rare that a Leo can be themselves without molding to other people’s idea of them, they don’t want to be judged for who they are so they might just be anything that person wants them to be

    Libras are the way they are probably because they were the person that was put between two people, maybe parents and was given a responsibility of being the one good thing in an unhealthy environment, they most likely chose bad relationships or have bad friends because they feel their job is to harmonize and to be the one in the middle of the chaos, a Libra will probably never tell people what’s on their mind really, they’re scared of causing problems and having to deal with being the one to solve them

    All Capricorns have awful childhood, no matter who they are, death, financial problems, fights, mental health issues and a bunch of other things can happen to them or around them at a really young age, they go through a lot of traumatic experiences before getting to be teenagers, some of them probably don’t even remember their childhood, as a coping mechanism to not having to deal with something so terrible as a kid

    Cancers are always sad, meaning, they work, study, have friends and have partners but they will always be sad, and it’s not their fault, Cancers just have an overwhelming amount of love for others they don’t know what to do with it, they want to take care of people because, indirectly, they are taking care of themselves, but nothing they’ll ever do will satisfy them, everytime they think they’ve overcome an emotional obstacle, here comes another, at best, they are moody people that know how to hide it very well

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  • Researchers develop virus-based treatment platform to fight pancreatic cancer

    Researchers develop virus-based treatment platform to fight pancreatic cancer

    Axial CT image with i.v. contrast. Macrocystic adenocarcinoma of the pancreatic head. Credit: public domain

    Researchers from Queen Mary University of London and Zhengzhou University have developed a powerful therapeutic platform that uses a modified virus for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. By using the virus in combination with other drugs, the treatment significantly extended survival in…


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  • ♋ / Margot Robbie

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  • ✨ Astrology Birth Chart Reading✨

    Hello! My name is Zola ❤️ I provide Astrology Natal Chart Analysis for $20 where I provide original interpretations of your Sun, Rising,Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and North Node with the house interpretations as well! It normally averages to 4-6 pages worth of information and sometimes longer with no extra charge! 🧚🏾‍♀️🌱

    I also provide services where you can ask certain questions about your chart or want to know any special detail or area about your life for $5 per question/area. It can be one question or even thirty! However many questions you have I will be so happy to answer them 🥺💖

    Feel free to inbox me with any questions you may have and I will be so happy to answer them and hopefully soon work with you! ✨

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    Một nghiên cứu trên chuột được công bố trên tạp chí Nature Communications của Mỹ cho thấy khi kết hợp với vitamin C, chế độ ăn kiêng có thể điều trị hiệu quả một số loại ung thư.


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  • I dreamt about you nearly every night this week. 

    Zodiac Signs and do I wanna know.

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  • We all know how cancer is costing our life. There are many types of cancer that are necessary for us to know about them and their causes.

    Breast cancer is one among them. We must learn more about it and take preventive actions to avoid the risk of future damage.

    What is breast cancer?

    Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of cells, which serves no useful purpose. Cancer arises in the breast from the lobules, which secrete milk, and from the ducts, which convey milk to the nipple. Accordingly, the cancer is called a lobular or ductal carcinoma respectively. If cancer has not breached the lining membrane of the lobule or duct, it is called a Lobular or Ductal carcinoma in situ, an earlier stage of cancer.

    These are the symptoms of breast cancer;

    A lump or mass in the breast that feels different from the surrounding tissue

    Change is the shape, size, or appearance of the breast

    A Painless breast lump

    Rarely by symptoms of distant spread such as bone pains, cough, and jaundice.

    Breast rash

    Breast pain

    Lump in the armpit

    A spontaneous discharge from the nipple

    Deformity or indrawing of the nipple

    Inverted or pulling-in of the nipple

    Redness and/or pitting of the breast skin, resembling the skin of an orange

    Discharge from the nipple

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  • アームズ・ガールズ



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  • image
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