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  • breathofpyre
    28.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Canon Thoma: -A pure precious cinnamon roll-

    My Thoma: -An emo manipulative kinda-sorta war mongrel until he meets Ayaka-

    #ooc #PLZ DO NOT REBLOG #//as much as i adore canon thoma i'm... probably gonna keep how i write thoma OTL #and like i said i've been writting him since his very first leak with like 0 info on him #other than he's a polearm and pyro user #and my main verse for him is probably gonna be where like he is no longer an emo manipulative kinda-sorta war mongrel #to kinda try to match up with canon thoma >n< #he's just gonna try his best to forget all the shit he's done in the past #and try very hard to like make up for it somehow #he's aware he can't change all the shit he's done in the past #but he can at least try to make up for it by doing better
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  • coreenkuhn
    28.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Botterblom Nature Reserve - Views around Pond #2

    Botterblom Nature Reserve – Views around Pond #2

    Rock bridge, Botterblom Nature Reserve, Durbanville, Cape Town (2021-10-25)Canon EOS 7D Mark II, Canon 18-55mm lens, ISO 100, f/16, 1/30 sec, 18mm

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  • erikalundborg
    28.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Blueberry bushes. Stockholm, Sweden. From October 2018

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  • macy-starmoon
    28.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    no more witches in halloween

    #doodle#yandere simulator #yandere simulator oc #daisaku aragaki#my ocs #oc x canon
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  • maros130
    28.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago
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  • noxadverts
    28.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    WE MUST BRING OUR OWN                                                                                       LIGHT TO THE DARKNESS.

    NOXTMS is an appless and au group set in a modern golden trio era. seven years have passed since the battle of hogwarts that saw not only the death of harry potter, but the defeat of lord voldemort at the hands of the surviving dumbledore’s army. seven years, where individuals grieved, grew, and moved on - their peace tentative in the way it always is and ruined when the rumors of bellatrix lestrange & her associates attempting another resurrection proved to be correct. the dark lord’s last & BEST lieutenant succeeded in returning him to life - though the return of harry potter & regulus black proved an unintended side effect. it has become obvious that nothing, not even peace, lasts. everything ends, though you cannot step into the same stream twice. the new threat has arrived, and it’s up to you to decide whether this time, all will be well.

                                                                    NO ONE ELSE IS GOING                                              TO DO IT FOR US.

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  • lasskogod
    28.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Wia Canon Scanner Download



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    #Wia Canon Scanner Download
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  • panchostokes
    28.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago
    #nick stokes#csi 5x03 #which is why i went further in my fic lmao #worst csi fan right here i thought of my fic before i thought of actual canon details
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  • chyder5photography
    28.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Happy 40th Birthday to a friend that has become Family @akinadesoji more grace bro. Keep being great. 🙏🏽 🥼 by @davidwej 📸 @chyder5 @chyder5studios #photoshoot #birthday #portraitphotographer #canon #canonafrica #birthdayshoot #portrait #vintage #canonr6 #infinitecolorpanel (at Lekki Phase 1.) https://www.instagram.com/p/CVkOZURMpM-/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • ceciliavonwrites
    28.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    No. 17 - FIELD CARE 101

    Sonic was flat on his back, face pointing up at the sun between the trees. A gentle wind was blowing the branches, making the spots of light dance across him. He lay very still.

    There was shouting, and two pairs of running footsteps.

    "He's over there!" 


    He couldn't see who it was. There was something warm oozing into his eyes. With that, and the light worsening his throbbing headache, it was easier to let them stay shut. 

    What was the yelling about? He was just tired, that was all...

    "Sonic?" The voices were much closer now. "Sonic, we're going to patch you up, okay?"

    "Oh no, he looks bad."

    Tails and...and Amy? Right... That made sense. He'd just been fighting, with them by his side.

    "Sonic? Sonic, wake up!"

    "Hey! Can’t you hear us!?"

    He breathed in. The bloody slash on his chest rose, and fell. "Yeah...I..."

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  • nareshprofessional
    28.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Kataria Fuser Film Sleeve LBP 2900 3000 LBP 3000 3112 1210 i-SENSYS LBP-6000/6000B/6020/6020B lbp-6000/6000b/6018 mf-30109 (Pack of 3)

    Kataria Fuser Film Sleeve LBP 2900 3000 LBP 3000 3112 1210 i-SENSYS LBP-6000/6000B/6020/6020B lbp-6000/6000b/6018 mf-30109 (Pack of 3)

    Price: (as of – Details) user Film Sleeve LBP 2900 3000 LBP 3000 3112 1210 i-SENSYS LBP-6000/6000B/6020/6020B lbp-6000/6000b/6018 mf-30109 (Pack of 3)

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    #canon lbp 2900b driver
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  • natearchie
    28.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago
    #anon #thank you! this makes a lot of sense #i hope my response makes sense i just. #*waving my hands in the air* we got some canon date stuff! let's talk about it! #meta
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  • fivepebble
    28.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    random scenario my brain came up with in my au

    post with image description

    #fpart#dsmp#dsmp au#quackity #that's a fan-character not a canon one btw
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  • addisonmilfgomery
    28.10.2021 - 44 minutes ago
    #i have the WORST writer's block rn but i am SO excited for this AU #I havent fully planned everything out yet so a lot of this might change #but its gonna be a fun lil slowburn hehehe that Im sure of #ALSO alternating povs so we can fully experience the mutual pining lmao #Also would you guys prefer a full AU (like all characters in the story eg magic as students) or #canon divergent AU where its just meredith and addison and its like a pre canon AU story #I already have an idea of what I wanna do but I'd like to hear what yall think too so dont be shy send an ask lol #ask
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  • nightmanatee
    28.10.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    it really drives me crazy how many people tend to hate chloe in lis1 while completely loving her in comics/bts. the thing is it`s the same chloe all the time. she`s the same person at 16, 19 and 20+ years old it`s just the fact that the first lis portrays her in the "ugliest" way possible: struggling with depression.

    and i know i know it would`ve been easier if she was all joking and carrying and loving in the first lis as well but she`s not. her actions her emotions her character over all is the result of long lasting depression after losing 3 of her most important people (damn she asks you to kill her at the end of the 5th ep wasn`t that obvious?).

    and i also know that most of your takes are lighthearted and i hope that you really like every chloe possible but it just makes me very very sad how people tend to hate on person the second they`re not "perfect". and i also understand if you don`y quite like her behaviour or else but i really hope that you understand what she`s been through.

    #i love every chloe even the darkest one #i am also in love with the idea of chloe getting better with max in the comic #it`s canon now that she`s happy #also comic chloe is still somewhere inside the lis1 chloe #and bts chloe is still somewhere inside the lis1 chloe #chloe price#lis #life is strange #life is strange before the storm #lis1
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  • wangsxiansmusic
    28.10.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    Hello. My name is Wen Chao. You misplaced my trouble. Prepare to run away.

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  • cicciototano
    28.10.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    my magical garden 25 🌺🍀🌸🌼❤️☮️💖 #pieropelosphoto #canon #fiori #flowers #garden #arboretum #colors #peace&love https://www.instagram.com/p/CVkKwG7stIR/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • thebleedingeffect
    28.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I keep thinking about how it's actually canon in my au that Niki just found a random piglin child in the nether and instead of running away, ya know, like someone with self preservation and the knowledge that their sounder must be incredibly close by- nah, hey kid want to talk to a human for the first time ever and also pls don't bite me I have no idea if nether rabies exist

    #<3 i love niki so incredibly much but here she's head empty. fuck my friends im gonna go to hell and talk to this gremlin i found instead #its canon that she tied back his hair and was startled by actually seeing shit SJSJS #niki: are you okay please tell me i didnt hurt you please god #techno. getting the equivalent of a headband: 👁👁 #he just got a big old red bow now. if i knew how to freaking draw i would do it. #anyway NIGHT im gonna go pass out now and think about kid techno <3
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  • allanodyne
    28.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Let's give this another try

             by AllanOdyne

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