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  • Hi! I’m kinda bored at the moment, so I’m taking requests from people for things related to Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 3, some Fallout 4 and TF2! OCs are very, very welcome, I love people’s characters!

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  • @amultiudeofmuses (Lana + Amelia SR) — “Hello daughters.” Timothy smiles as he walks towards them. Don’t mind his clothes, they had been doing a bit of acting in his last lesson at school.


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  • Idea for a scene

    The Reptile ravers/ Herp Squad peeking in on a doorway

    With Setsuna’s head on top, Tatami on bottom, followed by Tsuyu, Setsuna’s body,Habuko, and Emi

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  • So I’ve got a question for you guys.

    Are mentioned characters (who never make an appearance in a franchise) considered canon or are they OCs in fanfiction?

    I’m asking because, like, in the HTTYD Fandom, we have mentioned-but-not-shown characters such as Chief of the Shivering Shores, Viggo and Ryker’s grandfather, Dagur’s granduncle, Stoick’s father, Stoick’s grandfather, and several others. Would they be considered canon, or rather OCs since they’re only mentioned so who they are is entirely dependent on our portrayals of them?

    I had plans to write some fanfics for mentioned characters like these but wasn’t really sure how I should label them.

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  • My fic has been updated! Find it here and find the updated playlist to go with it here.

    Super excited about this new chapter. It’s longer and there’s character development and more canon characters making appearances. The next chapter’s already in the works and it’s the start of a 3-parter. Ambitious, right?

    See you next week, I update on Wednesdays!

    #World of Warcraft #WoW#fanfic#amwriting#fic#OCs#my ocs#canon characters #i reject your canon and substitute my own
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  • Hey everyone! My name is Jordan (he/them, 22) I’m still on the hunt for someone to write with. I have OCs I’ve never written, and I’d love to find other OCs for them to interact with!

    I’ll try to make this brief…


    • OOC Talk and world-building
    • Improv— making it up as we go!
    • Marvel and Witcher (I’ve written Steve Rogers, Loki, Geralt, Jaskier, & Yen)
    • LGBTQA+ friendly, Sm*t friendly, and Fluff friendly


    • Abusive/manipulative characters
    • Being forced to play a certain gender

    I’m 100% OKAY with:

    • Retcon
    • Breaking canon
    • Writing for multiple characters at a time
    • Writing in script style OR paragraphs!

    Now, about my OCs.

    LYRIC SUN: Male, mid 20s, metal singer (face claim is Andy Biersack), gave his soul to save his sister and has been forced to steal souls for Lucifer ever since; kind-hearted, tries to act tough but is actually very sentimental, loner, enjoys harmless troublemaking, uses his contract with Lucifer to bring murderers to justice

    EZRA DEWITT: Trans male, early 30s, librarian and professor (no face claim yet. He’s tall with a soft build, curly short brown hair and brown eyes and scruff), modern-day wizard; no backstory for him yet— let’s make it up as we go?

    RAIN: Nonbinary (amab), late 20s, traditional craftsmen (no face claim yet. They are short, long straight black hair, bright blue eyes, slender, sharp facial features), modern-day elf who escaped from their hidden clan in Sweden to live among the humans, disguised as a human with their ears folded in.

    I hope that wasn’t too difficult to read! I’m really looking forward to meeting you! :3

    #rp partner ad #rp partner search #roleplay partner search #writing partner wanted #1x1 rp search #oc#original characters#canon characters #please for the love of god-
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  • Resurrection

    Carlos Mendoza, a 19 year-old inmate, has dreamed of joining the Third Street Saints to honour his brother’s memory and his wish comes true after he helps a mysterious woman escape from prison. Her goal: re-establish the Saints as the rightful kings of Stilwater. But what happens when he is partnered with a girl named Ellie … who is haunted by her own traumatic past?

    Genre: Crime / Romance.

    Pairings: Ellie/Carlos, Johnny/Aisha and Michael/Trevor.

    Thoughts? :)

    Taglist: @ocfairygodmother @randomfandoming1 @barbychan4ever

    #grand theft auto v #saints row 2 #fanfic crossover #gta v fanfiction #gta v ocs #ellie philips #ryan de santa #skylar philips snider #canon characters#carlos mendoza#pierce washington#shaundi#johnny gat#michael townley #michael de santa #trevor philips#franklin clinton#trikey
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  • Quite tempted to do a prequel for Sleepwalking. I haven’t decided what the title will be, but it will basically provide an insight into Michael and Trevor’s lives in North Yankton. :)

    #megan speaks#plot bunny #grand theft auto v #gta v fanfiction #gta v ocs #skylar philips snider #ryan de santa #canon characters#michael townley#trevor philips#trikey
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  • I kinda think of this as a headcanon wherein ocs and sonas live in the same universe as the canon characters.

    Timeline Au yup! That’s what Im gonna call it! No one can tell me otherwise!

    As soon as I can come up of more headcanons on this one! Coz it’s been a lazy week lately! And I have so much to work on! Ma sketchbooks almost full of doodles of ocs.

    Regarding this au, I HAVE BIG FUTURE PLANS FOR IT.

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  • image

    I haven’t posted in so long and the first thing I post is my latest interest, lmao. 😂 The extra images are to zone in on the details.

    #toh #the owl house #the owl house eda #eda#Edalyn#Edalyn Clawthorne#eda Clawthorne #eda the owl lady #oc#original character #oc x Canon #original character x Canon #v’s art#digital drawing #this took my 5 to 6 hours WTF #eda the owl house #it’s 4am #why am I like this #I’m just really gay #v#Toh v#v Toh#Toh oc #the owl house oc #oc the owl house #oc toh
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    [Yes, I know it’s odd that I don’t have any Batman OCs, or at least none that I came up with completely on my own. I have no idea why I don’t. XD]

    Zephyr Makedon Anemos

    Age: 17

    Identifies As: Intersex

    Pronouns: They/Them

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Height: 5'10"

    Species: Human (Demigod)

    Eye Color: Slate Grey

    Hair Color: Raven

    Favorite Food: Bean Burritos

    Zodiac Sign: Libra [October 21]

    More About Them: Being the child of Zeus and Iris, the ex-goddess of rainbows, has both its perks and its downsides. While they can control the weather and the forces involved with it, they sometimes have trouble managing their powers, meaning they sometimes do things like raining on their own head. Zephyr is usually shy around new people, but is very charismatic once they get to know you. They prefer to be alone most of the time, because that is when their creativity flows most freely. They love working on poetry and art, listening to one of their many vinyls, or reading. In contrast to their personality, they have a very gothic aesthetic and like wearing gigantic platform boots. Oh, and they wouldn’t be caught dead without their cloud shaped industrial piercing. Zephyr is usually easygoing, but can get a little hotheaded if provoked.

    [Note: While they weren’t originally meant as an OC for any particular fandom, I sometimes like to make them a Teen Titan and Raven’s live interest.]

    Rebel Elvira Gypsum

    Age: 19

    Identifies As: Demigirl

    Pronouns: She/Her or They/Them

    Sexuality: Asexual Lesbian

    Height: 5’ 2"

    Species: Human

    Eye Color: Greyish Blue

    Hair Color: A Different Color Almost Every Week

    Favorite Food: Cinnamon Buns

    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio [October 31]

    More About Her/Them: Rebel is extremely confident and boisterous. Her loud, booming voice can clearly be heard from anywhere in a room, and she is so blunt that it may be hurtful to others sometimes. Zephyr is her best friend, and she’s gotten into several fights in order to protect them. She has these odd prophetic visions where she can see the footprints someone is about to make, but she has to discern where those footprints will lead. She has a grand total of twelve piercings, half of which she did herself. Rebel is also a pastel goth, meaning that she loves to mix bright and cute outfits with black accessories.

    Evanya Efstathia Effervesce

    Age: 20

    Identifies As: Cisgender Female

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Sexuality: Bisexual with a Female Lean

    Height: 4'11"

    Species: Satyr

    Eye Color: Lemony Yellow

    Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

    Favorite Food: Butter Rolls

    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn [December 22]

    More About Her: Evanya is very stubborn when it comes to her ideals and morals. She’ll stick up for her friends regardless of the consequences, which often lands her in deep trouble. She’s a sucker for self care and is almost always spoiling herself with a snack or a new outfit. While she loves looking her best, there’s almost nothing she enjoys more than getting dirty and working in her garden or inventing new contraptions to make her housework easier, as she lives alone. This is a huge change from her earlier life, as she had the largest family in her village. Evanya is a bit of a flirt, but you can’t really understand much of what she says because of her thick Scottish accent.

    Vashti Fairuza Jahandar

    Age: 21 (in elf years)

    Identifies As: Transgender Female

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Sexuality: Straight

    Height: 7'0"

    Species: Elf

    Eye Color: One Chocolate Brown, the Other White

    Hair Color: Deep Blue

    Favorite Food: Lemongrass Cakes

    Zodiac Sign: Taurus [May 5]

    More About Her: Vashti is headstrong and independent, always refusing to let anyone tie her down. She wrongly believes that only the weak show emotion, so she rarely every shows affection or changes her expression. She was born with the Sight of Times, a rare gift among elves that grants her the ability to see into the future with her white eye. In addition to this, she is extremely athletic and skilled in multiple forms of hand-to-hand combat. Because of her talent, she has developed a large ego, which sometimes ironically overshadows her abilities.

    Betty Ripple

    Age: Unknown

    Identifies As: Agender (with a feminine gender expression)

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Sexuality: Unknown

    Height: 5'4"

    Species: Unknown

    Eye Color: Emerald Green

    Hair Color: Platinum Blonde with Black Roots

    Favorite Food: You Don’t Want to Know…

    Zodiac Sign: Gemini [June 9]

    More About Her: While Betty may have a sweet and nurturing exterior, what’s on the inside is the exact opposite. In the olden days before her imprisonment in her own locket, she ruled with an iron fist. She’s overly vain, spending most of her time gazing at her reflection in a mirror as opposed to doing something productive. When she ruled Vashti and Evanya’s world, she refused to let anyone come near her locket, which led to the rebellion concluding that it was the source of her power. They staged a coup and sealed her inside, but she’s biding her time until someone becomes curious enough to make a deal with her and release her…


    Kage Kobayashi

    Age: 16

    Identifies As: Cisgender Male

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Sexuality: Questioning/Bicurious

    Height: 5'9"

    Bending Element(s): Earth/Metalbending

    Eye Color: Sometimes Hazel, Sometimes Green (it shifts in different lights)

    Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Favorite Food: Steamed Rice (especially when it has bits of broccoli in it)

    More About Him: While Kage is extremely shy when he meets most people, he is charismatic and funny around his friends to the point that he might get almost obnoxious. He would risk his life for a friend and is very obsessive when it comes to his earthbending technique. If he can’t be perfect and he can’t be the best, he beats himself up about it until he can’t take the pressure anymore. As you might expect, Kage’s temper can flare up at unexpected times, especially when he sees anyone at all being mistreated, but like every earthbender eventually has to learn to do, he keeps grounded and focused when it counts most.


    The Doctor/The Vagabond (depends on where in the timeline you are)

    Age: 624/716 (again, timeline-dependent)

    Identifies As: Cisgender Female/Male (also timeline-dependent)

    Pronouns: Any

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Height: 5'7"/6'1" (guess what? It’s timeline-dependent!)

    Species: Time Lady/Lord

    Eye Color: Sky Blue/Chocolate Brown (do I even have to say it anymore? It’s time dependent.)

    Hair Color: Blonde/Mousy Brown (time dependent)

    Zodiac Sign: Aries [March 26]

    More About Her/Him: When the Doctor was in the Academy, she took on the same title as her father as a reminder of how close they were before he ran off. She found it hard to move out of her father’s shadow whilst working in a high position in the Citadel, and her new name only served to plunge her deeper into its darkness. Only after her escape from the Time War and her violent regeneration after being shot by a Dalek did she begin to come out of her shell. The Doctor eventually found herself on Earth, where she crossed paths with Claire Sanders, a companion she knew she’d always been destined to find. The Doctor’s fiery personality, along with her amazing intellect and lack of common sense, threw the pair head first into trouble. At one point, the newly named Vagabond did not play her cards right and was beheaded via guillotine. She shed her teenage appearance and regenerated once more, now a slightly older looking and lanky man. The rest of the story is still, well, waiting out there somewhere in the vastness of space.

    (If you want to read more about the Vagabond, I’ll post their full story.)


    Ebony Thanatos Addams-Glicker

    Age: 15

    Identifies As: Genderfluid

    Pronouns: It/Its or They/Them

    Sexuality: Androsexual

    Height: 5'5"

    Species: Almost definitely human

    Eye Color: Dark Brown (they look almost black)

    Hair Color: Jet Black

    Favorite Food: The Souls of Their En… I Mean Deviled Eggs

    Zodiac Sign: Leo [July 28]

    More About It: Ebony is the only child of Wednesday Addams and Joel Glicker. It lived most of its early life in an old Victorian mansion near its grandparent’s manor, it’s only contact with the outside world being trips to the local morgue, where its mother worked as the county coroner. They spent a majority of their time hanging out with their Great Uncle Fester and being homeschooled by their father. After years isolation, their parents have decided to enroll them in the nearest town’s public high school in order to get them acquainted with children their age. Unsurprisingly, hijinks are about to ensue this school year. Ebony is a very bright child, but it unsurprisingly inherited the eccentricity associated with its mother’s side of the family. They are very quiet most of the time, not because they’re shy, but because they think that actions speak much louder than words. Some of their favorite activities include fencing with their Grampa Gomez, playing Grave Tag with Fester, messing about with their cousins Buboe and Typhus, and dissecting frogs.

    #new oc maybe? #new oc new oc new oc #new oc i guess #new ocs#new oc#oc#oc roleplay #oc x canon #my ocs are my babies #ocs #dc oc rp #dc ocs#dc oc#original character#fester addams #the addams family #gomez addams#wednesday#wednesday addams#uncle fester#chicken strips #addams family oc #satyr character#elf character#demigod character#teen titans #raven × oc
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  • image

    I did this the other day, yeah, a fake screenshot of the gang and my precious baby Vannesa 👁️👁️

    I’m sorry, i love her so much dkznnz

    Anyways lemme tell ya that I’m working on some new jojo ocs-

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  • image

    Quinn and Kurt represent two types of gays:

    Quinn is the “repressed gay”, who struggles with her contrasting feelings towards Rachel because she feels attracted to her, but she’s also scared of these new feelings, so she hates both herself and the person she has a crush on for causing them. That’s why she draws a grotesque caricature of the girl she’s in love with, but at the same time she surrounds the figure with hearts.

    Kurt is the “out of the closet gay”, who is confident about his sexuality and freely embraces his feelings of attraction. After a period in which he tried to hide/repress this part of himself, he finally accepts it. He’s in love with someone and instead of trying to keep his crush away from him (for example through bullying like Quinn initially did with Rachel) he tries to get near Blaine and form a relationship with him. That’s why his drawing is more simple and serene, he doesn’t need to cover his feelings.

    #i’m just ranting #but 👀 #if rib weren’t cowards #make quinn fabray a lesbian 2020 #quinn fabray#rachel berry#glee#dianna agron#glee cast#tv show#faberry#kurt hummel #canon gay character #wlw headcanons#glee headcanon#glee hc#glee meta#short meta #just my thoughts #wlw suggestions#wlw concepts#glee characters #kurt x blaine #quinn x rachel #rachel x quinn #blaine x kurt #glee tv show #chris colfer#darren criss#parallels
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  • That moment when you have a growth spurt and get to rub it in people’s face's 

    I’m so happy I finally finished this!  Been working on it for awhile

    Kyle get’s a growth spurt over the timeskip! He’s been a shorty for most of his life and now that he’s taller, he has the urge to rub it in a little

    As you can see, Luffy is a bit pouty about this turn of events lol


    Luffy/One piece © Eiichiro Oda

    Kyle/the art © Me

    #one piece #one piece oc #one piece canon character #oc original character #fan character #one piece fan character #oc x canon #luffy #monkey d. luffy #kyle#suzuki kyle
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  • The babies. The idea of them married warms my heart to no fuckin end,,,, 🥺

    I did this a while ago for my Twt RP account of Jade that NONE OF YOU WILL SEE—

    #jade astrum #ben 10 oc #fanart #my art stuff #ben 10 #ben 10 omniverse #ben tennyson#naturaverse au#original character #canon x oc #oc x canon
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  • machine gun kelly’s new album came out and it’s the only thing i’ve been listening to since it released it fuels my modern au TrAz so much i have  listened to banyan tree interlude for several hours on repeat now

    Quick doodle because I FUCKING MISS THEM AHHH idk ill probably refine it when im free but i am Somewhat Drowning in Schoolwork and Commissions

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  • Oh don’t mind me, I’m just toeing the extremely thin line between “minor canonical character who has no personality” and “OC”

    #the CHARACTERS are technically canon #but everything about them is made up by me because canon reveals nothing but their existence #hmmm#dawnmist talks
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  • #we stan canonically bi characters #the owl house #th#luz noceda#toh luz
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  • #I’ve had a lot of people ask this tbh #no these aren’t my characters- they’re just my designs!! #I just have fun doodling :) #also the blog is currently focused on a Reverse AU so its even farther away from canon #mod answers
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