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    Hunting the Hunter (6/?)

    “You have no sense of self-preservation, and I’m starting to wonder how you ever became the Eikon Slayer.”

    “I became the Eikon Slayer because I have no sense of self-preservation. What type of normal person looks someone’s god in the eyes and thinks yeah I can fight that. I can win too. Pretty sure we’ve had this conversation already.”

    “Not with me you haven’t.” There, back in control. Problem solved. It was easier to be annoyed with Hero. Annoyance was an emotion he could handle.


    Zenos and Hero start to meet the tribes of the Steppe and it finally sinks in for Zenos that the Warrior of Light is a disaster.

    Finally making it to the Steppe felt like waking up after a long dream. The Vault left Hero damaged and heartbroken, full of rage that he used to fuel himself until Thordan was dead at his feet. “I’m sorry for your loss.” He had whispered to Aymeric shortly before boarding Cid’s ship to head to Azys Lla.

    “For my loss? I’m not the one who lost someone dear to them.” In that moment Hero understood Aymeric knew about his love for the silver haired knight.

    “Because when I came to Ishgard I did not intend to leave you an Orphan, Aym. I am sorry for your loss.” He knew the words chilled Aymeric, the edge to his usually cheerful voice had even scared himself a bit. Still, he got his vengeance, and it left him empty. Empty when he found the scions one by one, empty when he fought, and slaved, and served, and did everything he could to keep from losing anymore friends.

    Empty when he failed.

    Empty when Minfilia left them.

    Empty when Papalymo died.

    Empty until Rhalgar’s Reach.

    Zenos beat him, for the first time in what felt like ages he was faced with his own mortality. He was looking his death in the eyes, and was judged undeserving. He had lost so much he hadn’t deserved to die in battle.

    The hole inside him filled with anger. For the first time in months he felt something- rage.

    Zenos had attacked him where it hurt the most, his pride. Calling the Miqo’te pathetic as Hero knelt at his feet before turning away. Hero had not gone into that fight expecting a challenge, by the time he realized Zenos was not his average over confident opponent it was too late. He was wounded and beaten. Zenos lit a fire in him that was unquenchable, he burned with fury and indignance until they crossed blades a second time. This time Hero was ready- and it wasn’t enough. He gave his everything and fell again, but this time Zenos saw the fire in him. The fact that Hero sought him out to try and reclaim his pride.

    The speech he gave was the most oddly motivational thing Hero had ever heard. Live. For the moment between seconds, live. So he had, he walked into the Steppe prepared to grow stronger until he could win. Until he could face Zenos in battle and see the tall proud Garlean on his knees. Zenos put the blade to the flame, the Steppe quenched the metal to strengthen it. Out here Hero wasn’t the Warrior of Light, he wasn’t anyone special, he was just another warrior of the steppe. If he’d been born Xaela Hero would have been home here, instead he was a Miqo’te who had found yet another place to call home.

    Bringing Zenos here felt like introducing a friend to his family, even though he was an outsider himself, Hero was still Khagan until the next Naadam. As far as he was concerned, it was just another title to ignore. Something impressive to say, but in practice? All it meant was responsibility, and in a few months he wouldn’t even be Khagan anymore. Unless they insisted he participate, in which case…

    Fuck he’d be doing this the rest of his probably short life.

    That wasn’t important right now. Hero grinned back at the Elezen sharing Sassy’s back with him. “Okay! Welcome to the Azim Steppe, this is where I went after we fought our second time, it’s how Hien and I managed to pull together an army in such a short amount of time.”

    “You tamed the Xaela of the Steppe?”

    “Oh no; no, no, no. Oh fuck no. Y’see there’s this thing called the Naadam.” Why not tell him the whole story, oddly enough? He trusted Zenos with the information. “It was the hardest fight I’ve had my life- Sadu is insane for starters, I swear to all twelve gods she’s functionally immortal because fuck if I can put her down longer than ten seconds. The last time we fought I barely managed to stop her from dropping a meteor on my head! Then there’s Magnai’s ego, don’t get me started.”

    “If you do not wish to talk about it, then why not focus on our objectives? You said you would teach me conjury, did you not?” Hero paused and looked at Zenos as if he’d sprouted a second head, shit, he remembered that. “Or were you lying to me?”

    “Not lying, just kinda slipped my mind.” Now he was lying. Which is why he maintained eye contact instead of looking away, trying to smooth things over with charm.

    “You wouldn’t last a day in Garlean politics.” Zenos snorted and shook his head, which Hero considered a win anyway. “What will I need to try and make use of this body’s aether?”

    “A cane or crook, all natural materials, preferably wood. Well-treated wood seems to channel the forces of earth, water, and wind better than anything else. A good cane is little more than a blessed tree branch to be honest. We’ll buy one here in Reunion and then I’ll take you to the Dawn Throne.”

    “Is that where the ruling tribe is?”

    “Not exactly? The Oronir and Buduga tribes both live there, but currently the Mol are in charge.” He wove through the stalls of Reunion, trying to remember which of the various vendors had the best weapon prices. Wood was rare out here on the Steppe, making a good cane that much more expensive. If he wasn’t bad at carpentry Hero would just by the materials and make one himself but of course he couldn’t be skilled at everything.

    “Then why are we going to the Dawn Throne?”

    “I feel like you’d fit in better there? If I hadn’t fought for the Mol on Hien’s behest I probably would have joined the Oronir or the Buduga. The Mol are a more pacifist-leaning tribe, usually they stay out of fights like the Naadam, but their Gods declared last year that they would fight- before I showed up mind you. Of course, first I needed to pass a trial to become an official warrior of the Steppe and that was honestly pretty fun.” He paused and considered for a moment.

    Zenos made a good point, last time he came the only reason he’d wound up having to kiss Magnai’s most radiant ass was because the Oronir had won the Naadam a year prior. If he wanted Zenos to fight by his side as a Warrior of the Steppe, they’d need to ask the Mol permission to go through Bardam’s Mettle first. It would also provide a good chance for Zenos to practice conjury.

    “You know what, you’re right. Let’s go visit the Mol first.”


    Hero had bought him a cane and some robes instead of his light armor. The quality of the fabric was good enough, but the robes were made to fit an adult male Xaela and not an Elezen. Which meant they barely fit at all. The cane though, he couldn’t understand how something made of wood could channel so much power. It was nothing like the metals and mechanima he was used to working with. Still, Hero had appraised them with a careful eye and even promised to ask someone in the Mol to help adjust the outfit for him.

    In the meantime he chose to ask Hero more about the Naadam itself, which was turning out to be a mistake. Although Hero did try to make the story entertaining for the flight, it turned out to explain more about why he didn’t want to discuss the Oronir Khan. Namely, how he captured the Miqo’te and his companions to press them into pledging fealty to him.

    They were flying into Mol Iloh by the time Hero finished ranting about the whole ordeal. “So then I take it we’ll be avoiding the Dotharl and the Oronir at all costs then?” The way Hero spoke about them almost lit a spark of jealousy, when the Miqo’te spoke of fighting Sadu and Magnai he came alive. Something surged through his beast and he became a flurry of wide gestures and manic smiles.

    “Avoiding them? What- no! They’re my friends! I want to introduce you to them too.”

    “Hero you just told me they’ve both tried to kill you.”

    “So did you, and look where we are.” To Hero it was his usual shit-eating grin, all teeth, freckles and bright blue eyes, a genuine smile that he hadn’t worn in ages.

    To Zenos it was an arrow through the heart, just as painful as it was endearing. Was it flattering that Hero didn’t treat him any differently from others? The emotions he felt sickened him more than the awkward ride on the draft chocobo. So he ignored them, just like his youth. They were unbecoming of a prince; princes didn’t get jealous over savages and their wild hearts. Inhale through the mouth, exhale through the nose. “You have no sense of self-preservation, and I’m starting to wonder how you ever became the Eikon Slayer.”

    “I became the Eikon Slayer because I have no sense of self-preservation. What type of normal person looks someone’s god in the eyes and thinks yeah I can fight that. I can win too. Pretty sure we’ve had this conversation already.”

    “Not with me you haven’t.” There, back in control. Problem solved. It was easier to be annoyed with Hero. Annoyance was an emotion he could handle. “Are you sure it’s alright that I’m here with you?”

    “Trust me, if anything Cirina’s already got a pot of tea brewing for us both. The Mol are guided in their daily lives by their Gods and are surprisingly good at knowing exactly what is to come. They predicted our triumph in the Naadam even though they usually don’t participate at all.” Zenos’ education did not include the Xaela of the Steppe, he knew nothing about the differences between the tribes or their beliefs.

    That did not mean he wished to remain ignorant. Knowledge was a form of power on it’s own, and he had ever been a model student. Devouring books like most children would sweets, savoring the lessons of history as one would a three course dinner. Knowing less on a subject than someone else was a rare moment for him, and Hero sounded like he’d studied the culture of the various tribes personally. It made him hunger for more.

    “Tell me more.”

    “Ah- well we’re here, why don’t you let me do the talking and you can listen? Here, the Khan’s- the Tribe Leader mind you- her yurt is this way.” Of course Hero was in no hurry, where Zenos wanted to just go inside and get done with the task so they could move one, the Miqo’te walked slowly to their destination. Stopping frequently too. The first time to leave his draft chocobo with the Falcon Porter to be taken care of, then again, and again, and again to greet every single Tribe member they passed. He never used their names, but he knew them. How is your leg? How are your children? Is that the newborn he’s grown so big! How was the wedding? Are you settling into the new tribe well? Zenos was starting to understand why Hero was so bad with names.

    Because he made it a point to try and know everyone. Instead of names he used nicknames, mnemonics to help him remember everyone around. Trivial knowledge, nothing important. Hero was a wealth of useless information. “Hero. The Khan.”

    “Right- right- take care!” Hero bowed to the group he’d been talking to and finally stopped greeting with more than common pleasantries, so they could make their way to the large yurt in the center of the camp. “Okay so Cirina is going to be the sweet girl in pink, her Grandmother is the tribe’s Khan and is super pleasant to talk to. I’m just checking in with them about us going through the Mettle and then we can officially call you a Warrior of the Steppe! Okay? Okay.”

    This plan kept getting more and more complicated, weren’t they out here to relax? Of course, Hero was still a beast at heart, his idea of relaxation was fighting.

    At least they agreed on something. “You do plan on teaching me conjury at minimum, right?”

    “I figured we could do that in the Mettle. You could practice while we fight our way through.”

    “My apologies, it sounds like you expect a man who has never before been able to manipulate aether in his life to simply pick up a cane and begin to heal you while battling monsters for his life in a trial to test his worth as a warrior.”

    “You know, it sounds pretty bad when you put it like that.” Zenos wasn’t going to fall for that pitiful pout again, those big blue eyes, the droop in his ears like a pet that was being punished for chewing on his master’s slippers. Oh no, not this time. He was growing wise to how the Miqo’te manipulated people around him with words and over-expressing his emotions.

    “Because that is exactly what you are doing, Hero, do not give me that face. That is not how one trains in a new discipline.”

    “That’s how I learned. They gave me a cane, told me how to fling rocks and cast cure, then set me out to fight every monster I saw in a hundred-fulm radius.” That was it, that was his secret. He wasn’t trained at all, he simply brute forced his way into learning how to slay gods with no actual schooling. If Zenos wasn’t angry enough to storm back to Eorzea to throttle all of Hero’s teachers he’d laugh. No wonder the Eikon Slayer had been so weak to him their first fight.

    He was never trained. It was all natural talent. Natural savage talent. He’d never cared much for conquest, but in this moment Zenos wanted nothing more than to burn Eorzea to the ground and salt the ashes for good measure. “You have no idea how to actually train someone, do you? No wonder you keep putting it off.” Getting angry would do no good here, why ever would he expect savages to have actual training for their adventurers. Why bother? If one dies, another three apply to take their place. Schooling required organization and focus.

    “No I don’t. Sorry? I know you want to learn but I have no idea how to teach you. I shouldn’t have even offered because the best I can do is show you some of the most basic spells and explain how to do them, then just kinda let you practice while I…” Hero paused and sighed for a moment, looking up at him with a sort of resigned smile, “While I take the blows for you so you can focus on learning how to channel aether in combat situations. You’re right, starting in a trial like the Mettle is a bad idea, but there’s some monsters nearby we could practice with?”

    “I’ll change back into my armor, if I am going to be recognized as a warrior of the steppe, I want to do the challenge as something I am familiar with. Afterwards, you can teach me how to heal. Mayhap you should heal while I fight? I can try to observe your magics and practice them myself later.”

    “That sounds like a plan.” Hero holds open the door to the yurt for Zenos before stepping through himself. “Hey, sorry for the short notice, I was in the area with a friend and decided to drop by?”

    “Oh! Hero, the Gods said we would have visitors today, come take a seat. We have much to discuss.” When Hero said she was small and pink he wasn’t kidding, soft pink hair, pink outfit instead of the red he saw everyone else wearing. Auri women always looked so doll-like to him, but of course, everyone looked small in his eyes. Even as an Elezen his height put him at eye-level or above with nearly everyone. The devotion to their Gods was off-putting but he kept his mouth shut for now.

    “Thank you Cirina, oh right- meet Zenos. I was going to ask if he would be allowed to run the Mettle with me so we might fight side-by-side in the Naadam.” No one here would know him, and it kept Hero from having to lie and make up a name, fair enough.

    “That was actually what we needed to discuss, this year we will not be participating. The Mol had their year, and next year will belong to whomever the Steppe needs most. If you would like to fight on behalf of another tribe, you are welcome to. Since you are not a full member of our tribe but you are still Khagan, we thought it would be best to let you choose if you would like to leave or not.”

    Hero’s eyes snapped up in a way Zenos was fairly certain meant the Miqo’te was taken by surprise. “This is not your tribe?”

    Cirina shook her head and smiled, “While Lord Hien considers our Tribe his own, he asked Hero to fight on our behalf. There are rituals he would have to do to become a full member of our tribe, and no one ever asked if he wanted to. So I am asking now.”

    “I-” Hero froze, looking for all the world like he had no clue how to answer. It was odd seeing the other at a loss for words. His mouth opened but no sound came out. “I don’t want to be rude, the Mol have been kind to me and…” Oh, that was it. Expectations. Hero was a slave of his own making, bowing to the expectations of everyone around him. Eorzea’s pet savior. Their leashed monster. Bile rose up in Zenos’ throat at the thought. Hero was stronger than him and still let other people tell him what to do, how to think.

    Who to be.

    “Hero, if you decide to choose another tribe, there will be no bad blood between us. I know you do not believe in our Gods, it would be rude of us to expect you to follow our laws without letting you decide for yourself.” Cirina must have seen it too, her gentle voice was soothing and lacking a hint of condescension. A sister talking to a brother as opposed to a mother talking to her child.

    “Thank you.” Hero let out a sigh, ears drooping slightly and tail shifting closer. “I think once I’m done taking him through the Mettle, I’ll introduce Zenos to some of my friends in other tribes. Maybe I’ll find a place for myself with one of them.” So much of his time spent on people who were beneath him. His so-called friends. Zenos would have scoffed if he wasn’t trying to feign politeness.

    Until Hero smiled back at him, so-called friends. He was one of those friends. Someone Hero was helping just because he felt like it. Because he wanted to help. Despite everything he felt himself smile back. “Shall we go then? It would likely be best to start while it’s still early in the day.”

    “Oh- yeah that’s probably for the best.” Hero stood to bow to Cirina. “Take care, and thank you. All of you.” Instead of walking past he offered a hand to help Zenos up, and Zenos took it.

    The pair walked out and back to the Falcon Porter without exchanging a word, not until they were in the air and Hero let out a huge sigh of relief. “That went better than I expected. I wasn’t sure they’d let me go like that- or even agree to… Wow. That was more than I could have hoped for.”

    “Sounds to me like they realized there was no claim over you to begin with.”

    “You’re probably right but I still appreciated it.” Hero’s ears wiggled a bit as they headed west towards the mountains. “Okay! Onwards to adventure, and finally fighting side by side. As friends and confidants, right?”

    “Right.” Friends and confidants… He could kick himself for waxing poetic like that during their last battle, it had given the Miqo’te the wrong idea. Still, he could enjoy the moments until their next fight. Until he had his body back.

    Until he was Zenos yae Galvus once more.

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    Sasha and the Frogs [Ch.18]: Froggie Lickin’ Good

    [Archive Of Our Own]


    So, this chapter was the most gruelling experience I had in writing. The story itself is okay but I was in development hell for weeks.

    So, this chapter is based on “Lily Pad Thai”. Now, I love that episode; it’s fun and enjoyable and of course, is chock full of Thai cultural references, something I am very familiar with (considering I’m Malaysian). 

    BUT!!! It’s a filler episode. It adds nor gives anything other than a little bit of world-building and even then, not so much. The central characters - Stumpy and Albus - are also basic as heck with very little character. A lot of potential though but not much is utilized. Still, it’s fun to watch.

    However, I wanted it in anyway because I decided a path for Sasha’s redemption arc. And that starts with helping normal people with normal things. So yeah, while I still think it’s a mindless filler, it’s not in this fanfic.

    Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it and I’ll see you all soon! Ramadhan season is kicking my ass.

    tagging a few folks: @srbleck @orkquistor @kaminos-hangout-corner @lmjdraws @plagueofsoap @writeroffanfiction

    Note to self: Write a rant about all the difficulties in making this.

    #amphibia#sasha waybright#fanfiction #sasha and the frogs #satf#amphibia fanfic#roleswap au#stumpy amphibia #fanfiction.net #ff.net #ao3 #archive of our own #sasha and anne switch places #amphibia au#canon divergence #lily pad thai
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    Idk what I’m doing but this thought for a fix popped up into my head and I started writing it. It’s a Zemo x reader fix that’s based on some of the events from the FATWS. This is just a small portion of what I have written so far but there’s still a lot of work I need to put into this before releasing a full chapter.

    Let me know what you guys think!

    Summary: The reader is an Ex-Avenger, having left the group after the the Battle of Sokovia. Sam and Bucky reach out for her help to solve the mystery of the new super soldiers, the Flag Smashers. Tensions are high and Zemo just seems to make everything worse.

    They had started off by telling you about how Sam had given the shield away to the government and them proceeding to pick a new Captain America. From there they told you about the Flag Smashers, a group of radicals, who they believe has taken or were given the super soldier serum that Bucky and Steve were given. They paused for a moment before Bucky started talking again.

    “We knew that only a few people would be able to help in the search. We had gone to Berlin to see Zemo-“ Sam quickly interjected, “And Bucky over here decided it would be a fantastic idea to bust him out of jail.” Shock had filled your face. “I’m sorry,” you had stood up shaking your head. “You broke Baron Zemo out of a high security German prison?”

    They both glanced at each other before they nodded their heads at you. “And where exactly is he now?” Tilting your head in annoyance at them. “I’m where ever you need me to be, dragâ.” All three of your heads turned to see Zemo. “Care for some cherry blossom tea?” He says waving a pot in his hand.

    Sam and Bucky seemed used to his presence, you however do not. You were always conflicted on your opinion of Zemo. You knew he framed Bucky and re-brainwashed him, but seeing the aftermath of Sokovia made his reasonings make a little too much sense to you.

    #helmut zemo #helmut zemo x reader #the falcon and the winter soldier #baron zemo #zemo x reader #canon divergence
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    Chat, honey? I don’t think this is a pun war you can win ^^;

    #my artwork #luka x adrien #lukadrien#miraculous ladybug #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir #adrien agreste#luka couffaine#chat noir#viperion#canon divergence#fanart#vipernoir #//been a minute since i did lukadrien stuff #//working on it! #//enjoy this though!
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    Ok, but if John never met Sherlock that day and never followed him on the crime scene...

    He'd probably still go around with that damned stick, thinking he's really psychosomatic.

    Sherlock: the good doctor [a spin-off]

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    Expanding on this post. I imagine the split from canon to go a little something like this:

    Harry Potter is left on the doorstep of Privet Drive 4 and the tabby cat turns the corner and disappears from Surrey. Minerva McGonagall apparates to the outskirts of Hogwarts’ wards and maybe stands still in the November night, still stiff from a day spent on a wall, and watches the lights flicker in the castle’s windows. And maybe that is when the news, the impossible news, the news she hadn’t wanted to believe set in.

    Voldemort is dead. And so are the Potters her students James and Lily are dead.

    Protective, kind, just Lily and bold, boisterous, caring James.

    And maybe she turns her back to Hogwarts-classes aren’t taking place anyway and her absence has been dealt with for a day already-and blindly makes her way down to Hogsmeade. She passes by the lights of the Three Broomsticks, where the jubilant and noisy celebrations ring so wrong within her. Past the dark windows of stores still partially fortified from years of war until her shoulder pushes the door of the Hog’s Head open.

    Aberforth Dumbledore is just closing up when she stumbles in and orders a firewhisky in a monotonous voice. He knows her as he knows every teacher, from going for a drink and chat away from impressionable students’ eyes. But he knows her with a proud posture and clear eyes-a far cry from the witch in front of him. So he cleans up around her and locks the door and windows with a spell as he tips off her glass and fills one of his own.

    Halfway through her third glass (not firewhisky, but something harmless that burns just as badly he keeps under the counter for the odd student on a dare) Minerva starts talking. About Lily and her refusal to give up on friends. About James and his skill in Quidditch and Transfiguration and abysmal grasp on the theory behind it. About relief after eleven years of war and the number of years leading up to it and how can they celebrate when so many are gone? About James and Lily’s little son, just past one, left alone with muggles, with a letter, next to the milk-And Aberforth’s alarm bells start ringing.

    He may never have had children of his own, but he once had a sister he loved dearly and whom he took care of for long, too short years. Who had been harmed irreparably by people who didn’t understand magic. Leaving a magical child with muggles is the worst idea since dementors. And leaving a magical child of over a year (don’t they walk by then?) alone, outside, IN NOVEMBER does decidedly not sound particularly bright either, how in Merlin’s name did the boy end up in that situation? Oh, his brother had decided that would be the best course of action for the child? On the grounds he “has to be kept from his fame”? And only that? Are you quite certain the lad has nobody else left in the world, Minerva? Sirius Black is his godfather? That sounds about right, he and James snuck in here a couple of times, dragging those other two along. Well there you have it, Black must be worried sick if he can’t find his godson. Give the Potter boy to him, who knows what could happen to him in a muggle neighbourhood.

    Minerva and Aberforth keep talking for the rest of the night. And bit by bit his staunch refusal to take his brother’s word as gospel on anything resembling childcare and his willingness to listen to her rambling contemplations and worries enable Minerva McGonagall to allow her own judgement free development, unhindered by decisions imposed by one Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

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    What's that?


    Oh, you mean just one of the infinite number of dimensions in the multiverse?

    Sure, what about it?

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    A series of one shots / perhaps chapter fics set in canon with a bit of canon divergence exploring the “what if” situation of Tsukasa and Kou slowly bonding. Five one shots are out now and this will be my new pinned until I finish the series or it goes on an unannounced hiatus :)

    #the boy and the ghost #toilet bound hanako kun #jibaku shounen hanako kun #tsukasa yugi#minamoto kou#friendship#love#canon divergence#mitsuba sousuke#yashiro nene#hanako kun#tsukou
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    I think all of the problems and bad things that happen in this story simply would not happen if my and my friends' characters were present within the plot. Sorry to canon but we're different xoxo

    #shut up gunky #ocs#self shipping#oc #oc x canon #oc/canon#f/o#fictional other#self insert#selfshipping#canon divergence#fuck canon #this is about JoJo part 5 #yall if Daphne was there she'd change the WHOLE game. #shoutouts to my gals Blue Cev and Toast #xoxo ladies we would fuck it upppp
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @clearwillow​!!!!!!

    I may have borrowed inspiration from her art too you can find here on pixie I couldn’t find it on tumblr but you can still see the glory there


    Rated E for SMUTS

    Shout out to my beta’s @fawn-eyed-girl​ and @hnn-wnchstr​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shout out to @lemonlushff​ for helping brainstorm for our fabulous fandom artist!!! Soooooo appreciated!!! <3

    This was it. Graduation. Kagome had finally made it! She was finally done with school! How she had succeeded, only the Gods knew. She even did better than she had in middle school! In all honesty, her and Inuyasha’s relationship had matured over the couple years they spent looking for jewel shards, finding and finally defeating Naraku, and just learning more and more about each other. 

    As Kagome became more mature, her temper dampened and her reactions were more subdued, especially when it came to a certain undead priestess. While the young highschooler loved Inuyasha with all her heart and obviously didn’t have a love-life outside of the silver-haired man who brought her to and from the feudal era because of their travels, she had decided to be happy for him.

    Not many lovers were brought back from the dead. A lot of couples didn’t get a second chance.

    Don’t get Kagome wrong; she still got jealous, hurt, and sometimes even mad, and she would need to take some time to process her emotions, making sure she knew that they were normal feelings that she could feel. It just wasn’t okay for her to act out on them in a hostile way. 

    Inuyasha had also become softer, kinder, and even a little more conscious about how he made her feel, and would often try to make it up to her. Not that Kagome said that or expected anything to make her wounded pride or heart feel better, but the thought the hanyou put into his actions definitely made her heart soar. It just reaffirmed that it hadn’t led her astray--that Inuyasha truly deserved the love and care she could give, even if it wasn't reciprocated. That was okay. She was young in her era.

    And after she graduated? Kagome could dedicate more time to finding the final shards and then move on with her life. The distance would do her some good. She could finally go out on dates, not have lame excuses, and could maybe find someone who would fill her heart as much as her golden-eyed hanyou. 

    Sighing, Kagome’s name was called and she walked onto the stage to take her diploma from the principal of the school. She bowed in thanks and bowed to the other teachers and administrators that stood on the stage. After she turned from them, she looked out to the audience for her mother, grandfather, and younger brother. What she saw shocked her almost into tripping off the stage; the beautiful silver mane of Inuyasha.

    He was wearing normal clothes--his hair was tied back into a high ponytail and his ears were hidden under a ballcap like usual but...wow. Her heart skipped a beat. She hadn’t expected to see him at her graduation, let alone wear modern-day clothing…

    Kagome blushed and made a small wave at him--at her family before returning to her seat in the middle of the auditorium with her friends. 

    The day was clearly full of surprises. 

    After the ceremony was over, all the students of the graduating class had their diplomas in hand, Kagome made her way towards the exit. Her friends were hot at her heels, but she couldn’t find herself to care. She had to get to Inuyasha and ask him why he was there and why he had dressed for the occasion. Her heart raced within her chest as it filled with happiness and excitement she tried to dampen down thinking he was just doing this as a friend--the only friend who could come through the well.

    Sango and Miroku had given her a present--a fine silk yukata that she could use for… something fancy. Kaede had given her a special medicine grinder that originally belonged to her deceased mother, something Kagome vehemently tried to give back but, Kaede had told her as she was like the daughter she had never had, she wanted it to be passed down to someone, even if it was not used. Shippo presented her with a special wooden statue of a fox he had made--proving that he was truly a little artist and her helpful instructions had really helped him grow. 

    Inuyasha had been the only one not to bestow a present upon her--which suited her fine. She hadn’t expected anything and the fact she already got so much already had made her tearful on more than one occasion. 

    This was gift enough--him being there for her, or even their friends.

    “Mama!” Kagome cried when she finally found her mother within the crowd.

    “Oh, Kagome dear! Congratulations!” her mother greeted her with a tight warm hug.

    “Congratulations, granddaughter,” her grandfather said from beside her, earning him a tight squeeze as well.

    “Yea! Thank God you passed!” Sota teased, making Kagome glare at the ever-growing weed of a parasite that was her brother.

    “Thank you,” Kagome said happily, and then turned to the man of her dreams that she had day and night--the man that consumed her thoughts, possessed her body, and had a full claim upon her soul and heart. “Hi--I can’t believe you came,” she added blushingly as she held the diploma in front of her chest with both hands. She was embarrassed, flushed, and beyond happy he was able to join her family on this big day.

    “‘Course I came. You--You worked hard for uh--this. It’d be dumb and heartless of me not to--especially when all our friends got you shit; I figured I’d just give you support, or whatever, since I’m the only one who can cross over the well,” he stammered as he turned his face away to conceal the light pinking of his cheeks. 

    “Thank you, Inuyasha. It means a lot.” A lot more than you’ll ever know.

    He stared down at her, finally meeting her eyes, and his gaze made her nearly shiver. Gods. If only his eyes could talk. Kagome found herself taking a step towards him, as he stepped towards her as well. The hanyou cleared his throat and started scratching the back of his neck. Why was he so nervous?? Was there something he needed to ask her? Something he needed to talk about with her?? Just as he had taken a large breath and looked like he was about to say what was on his mind, their moment was interrupted by Eri, Ayumi, and Yuka as they shouted her name, stumbling through the hoards of people, “KAGOME!”

    “Oh, hi guys,” Kagome greeted, twisting to face them while also taking a step so they weren’t all in her space. Inuyasha took a step forward, his chest pressing against her back, making Kagome’s face redden and her body quake with the desire for more. She loved that Inuyasha so freely allowed her to grasp his hand, shoulder, lean back against him, and that he even carried her all over the plains of Musashi.

    But this was a little different. It felt a little more intimate. This wasn’t... Just... It was hard to describe how different than normal. In the Feudal Era it was more… free. It was just them and Sango and Miroku. Sango and Miroku had married after Naraku’s death and were already expecting (twins according to Inuyasha and Shippo per the two separate heartbeats that resounded within Sango’s womb) so being around them, in their marital bliss, Kagome and Inuyasha’s slight touching--things that seemed fairly normal for friends to do--seemed typical. Nothing unexpected. Just an everyday kind of norm.

    Here though? In her era, with her family, at her school? It was just more...intimate. If that made any sense at all.

    “Oh! Inuyasha came!” Yuka announced.

    “How sweet; were your travels alright getting here?” Ayumi asked.

    “Kagome! You said he wasn’t coming!” Eri chided.

    “I honestly didn’t know--I thought he was uh--” Think think think! Traveling?? Indisposed? Away??

    “I wanted to surprise Kagome. Her mother helped me,” Inuyasha informed sharply as he wrapped his arm around her waist, making Kagome flush further. Did he realize what he was doing?? Did he?? This wasn’t like Koga show-boating, this was uh--very boyfriend-y kind of stuff!!

    “Aw! That’s so nice of you to come in from out of town to be here for Kagome’s graduation. Will you two spend more time together in the summer since we won’t have school?” Ayumi asked earnestly.

    “Uh--” Kagome blushed, trying to cover the fact that Inuyasha’s not living in town was actually a cover for a fact that he was from the past. Feudal Japan. Ya know. Five-hundred years ago.

    “I hope so. It’s hard when she ain’t around,” Inuyasha said gruffly, making the girls oh and awe while Kagome sputtered knowing he was referring to the fact the hunt for the jewel shards couldn’t be found if she wasn’t around.

    “That is sooooooo sweet!” Eri cooed.

    “Is your mom okay with you staying alone with him?” Yuka asked in a hushed voice. But Kagome knew Inuyasha could probably hear everything in the school yard that was being said.

    “‘Course she is. We’ve been staying alone together for the past three years now. Why would that change?” Kagome probably would wear a permanent blush upon her face until she died from mortification. 

    “Kagome!” Ayumi gasped.

    “Wow--you’ve been holding on some serious details,” Eri commented.

    “We’ll have to hear more from you later; we gotta meet with our families,” Yuka pointedly said, making sure Kagome knew she wasn’t going to be able to get out explaining what happened during Inuyasha and her ‘sleepovers’.

    “Congratulations, girls,” Kagome’s mother said from behind them as she stepped forward to greet the young highschool women.

    “Thank you, Mrs. Higurashi!” they said in unison as they bowed formally before turning to leave.

    “Well, shall we go enjoy some oden? It’s your favorite, Kagome,” her mother asked.

    “S-Sure,” Kagome agreed as she started to walk away from Inuyasha until he kept a firm grip on her waist. “Inuyasha?”

    “Huh? What?” Inuyasha asked as he started to pivot his way to follow her mother as if nothing was weird by the way he was holding her so closely.

    Okay. In his era during battles, yes. This wouldn’t be considered odd or even out of bounds at all--this would be normal. But here? In front of her unnaturally quiet family?? It was strange. Was there a better word than that though? Uncanny? Eerie? Unreal?

    Sighing, and trying to swallow her embarrassment so she could just savor the closeness to her hanyou, Kagome smiled up at Inuyasha and proceeded to follow her family back home with the half-demon’s arm wrapped around her.


    After dinner, Kagome’s mother invited everyone to watch a movie--a Disney classic. Pocahontas. It was actually a fairly dark film. How her mother had ever let her watch it when she was younger, she’d never know.

    Inuyasha watched and seemed to be uncomfortable with the plot, something Kagome understood since it really painted a picture of prejudice and racism towards another being… which was something he had experienced his whole life. He sat next to her on the couch, his hair still pulled up in a high ponytail, but his ears uncovered. Said ears were dipped down in what Kagome could see was sadness.

    The young miko scooted herself closer so that she could make the first move. Laying her head on his shoulder, she took his hand that was resting on his jean-covered thigh in hers and squeezed. His amber eyes met her caramel brown and she smiled softly as the ‘Mine Mine Mine’ song played in the background sang by the British soldiers as they dug the land up in search of gold. “It’s okay. I promise there’s a...happier ending.”

    Okay. It wasn’t totally happy. John Smith had to go back to London to get medical treatment and Pocahontas had to stay to help both groups of people learn to work and live together in harmony. 

    Damn. What a movie. The songs were good, but the story overall was darker and a little sad. Maybe Inuyasha could see the message, though, that there would  be people who would accept him for who he was, though?

    In some parts of the movie, Inuyasha's hand grasped hers tightly, in others, his thumb caressed over the skin he could reach. Kagome snuggled into his cotton tee-shirt, trying to show him how she never saw him as a monster or a savage--but instead, just as Pocahontas had seen John Smith: another person who was simply different. And that there was nothing wrong with that.

    Once the movie ended, Sota got up, startling Kagome off of Inuyasha before anyone else took notice or made a comment about how close they had been. Her younger brother asked their  mother if he could go to his friend Hiro’s house, who had texted and asked him if they could have a sleepover. Her mother said she would drop him off because she and Kagome’s grandfather also were going to stay with one of his elderly friends to start renovations on their shrine.

    “There are leftovers in the fridge and enough ingredients for breakfast. I left some money if you guys need to go to the store for any other supplies, alright? Do you need anything else, my dear?”

    “No Mama, this is already more than enough. Thank you so much,” Kagome thanked.

    Her mother embraced her and kissed her temple, before stroking her hand down the other side of her head down to her cheek. “We are just so proud of you, Kagome. You made our family proud today. Especially when you have been trying so hard in both worlds.”

    “Mama…” Kagome said tearfully.

    “Follow your heart, dear,” her mother whispered into her ear before pulling away to wink and kiss her forehead one last time for waving to Inuyasha and rounding up the rest of the Higurashi's out the door.

    “So, did you enjoy the movie?” Kagome asked as she turned back to the oddly quiet hanyou.

    “I guess.”

    Kagome giggled, unable to hold it back. “Did a kid’s movie upset you?”

    “Keh. No. Just dumb. They shoulda punished that fatass more who shot the at the lord wearin’ the clothes made from animals.”

    “He was going to be. That’s why he was tied up and going back to his homeland.”

    “Oh... The lord over him got fair dibs to punish him??”


    “What about...ya know. The girl that sang and the guy who took the shot for her father?”

    “Well, I actually haven’t really watched the second one. I heard it wasn’t good. But I’m sure they will meet again. They really did love each other. So much so they were able to look past their differences and even unite two different groups of people.”

    “What if…”

    Kagome stepped closer to the hanyou, and tried to look into his  conflicted golden eyes. “What if what?”

    “What if...the well closes when we finish collectin’ all those damn shards?”

    “Oh…” Kagome had once thought of that herself… She had buried the thought deeply, hoping it would never be the case. But obviously, Inuyasha had also wondered the same himself. Or the move had at least stimulated the idea. Averting her eyes and moving an arm across her body, she gripped her other arm and tried not to let the thoughts upset her as she answered. “I… I don’t know.”

    “Would you… stay with us?” Inuyasha asked, his voice somewhat hopeful, just like the day she had promised to stay by his side when he had declared he would protect Kikyo no matter what.

    And therein laid  the problem: Kikyo. If the undead-priestess wasn’t in the picture, the equation, then--

    Kagome would happily stay in the past… She would more than want to be with Inuyasha for the long term.

    But he was bound to Kikyo. Not her.

    The hanyou was looking rather pitiful though--from fear that their close, deep, and meaningful friendship could ever come to an end. Kagome couldn’t find it in her to break him. What was a little lie to keep Inuyasha on his feet? To keep his head on straight? 

    “Yes.” Her response, while quiet and what could have been viewed as hesitant, was received rather well by the half-demon when he was suddenly in her space.

    Who was she even kidding? Would she be able to stay away even if the well closed? No. She loved Inuyasha. Her heart and head would always remain in the past. Even if the well never closed, Kagome wouldn’t be able to kid herself into finding someone as adventurous, caring, strong, wild, and amazing as the silver-haired man that stood before her.

    Her breath was nearly knocked from her when his hands gripped her arms tightly as his eyes searched hers for something that she wasn’t sure of...It truly confused her. Inuyasha wasn’t one to be distant, but he also wasn’t one to be so oddly vulnerable with his eyes alone.


    “You’d… You’d really stay with me? With us? On the other side? You really would?”

    “Y-Yes… I love--” Crap. Cover. Quick! Cover! “I love everyone so much. How could I ever leave? You guys changed my life. And I don’t know if I could ever truly move on from that--from you guys. My friends and my family-- I love them too. But I’m a better person and I’d serve a higher purpose in the past.”

    “Is… Is that the only reason you’d stay? To be a miko?” Inuyasha asked, suddenly upset by her carefully worded response.

    “What do you mean??” Kagome gasped hopefully.

    “Kagome… I know everyone got you sumthin’,” Inuyasha said bashfully as he pulled away a little and began to fiddle with his jeans and shirt, as if they were too tight. “I--I did too--”

    “Inuyasha, what has you so nervous??”

    “Keh, I ain’t nervous,” he denied as he stopped fidgeting and crossed his arms over his chest.

    “Inuyasha…” Kagome warned.

    “I ain’t!!”

    “What is going on? Please, you’re making me anxious. Do you--Do you not want me to stay??”

    “Fuck! Where’d you get a dumb idea like that??”

    “You being all--weird! I don’t know!”

    “Look! That’s def not what I was tryin’ to say!”

    “Then what are you trying to say??”



    “Fine!!!” Inuyasha shouted in an exasperated growl as he threw his hands over his head. “Fuck! Look--I just--I don’t wanna look like a complete and utter dumbass!”

    “Why would you think that? You’re actually one of the smartest people I know.”

    “Keh. Don’t flatter.”

    “But you are!”

    “Whatever. Look,” he groaned, “I… I ain’t good with words and shit. You know that. Three years together probably has proven that.”

    “Obviously. That’s why you should just say it, so we can work through it before we go to bed. It’s already kind of late.”

    “I uh--I asked your mother what to get you.”

    Mama? “You asked her? Why didn’t you just ask me?”

    “Our friends all surprised ya! And their advice was fuckin’ useless.”

    Kagome giggled and yanked on Inuyasha’s crossed arms to get them to relax to make him sit back on the couch with her rather than in the hallway. “So… their ideas weren’t what you wanted?”

    “No. Bouzo was dumb. Sango was too much. Kaede was…” Inuyasha coughed and blushed as he looked away. “And Shippo was childish.”

    “Those seem… like fairly real possibilities,” Kagome said carefully, kind of disbelieving that Sango’s idea was too much. She was usually always right on the mark, as she understood demon culture and humans the best out of them all.

    “Yea. So. I asked your mother,” he repeated as he began twitching around again. What was wrong with him??


    “Look. I think it might be dumb but… maybe--maybe you’ll like it,” he added hopefully as he finally pulled something from his pocket. 

    Kagome pulled his hand towards her so she could actually see. Whatever had Inuyasha shaking like a leaf she had to know about. Just for future reference for when he pissed her off so good--

    Oh. My. Gods… Kagome thought in shock, dropping her hands from his as she gazed down at the ring that laid in the palm of his hand. “I--Inu--Inu--that’s--”

    “Was your mother wrong?? She said this was a custom you guys did in this era…”

    “Do--Do you know what that--that--that--” Gods Inuyasha had finally done it! Inuyasha had broken her brain!!! He was handing her an engagement ring!!! 

    “You just said you knew I wasn’t as dumb as rocks; ‘course I know what it is.”

    “Inu--but--oh--my--why??” Great speech. Good questions. Kagome should just crawl in a hole. The one day Inuyasha is able to converse better than her had finally made its appearance.

    “What do you mean ‘why’? Because I wanna be with you Kagome.”

    “What--I just--What was Miroku’s idea???”

    “Trust me, you don’t wanna know,” Inuyasha scoffed.


    “I’ll--” Inuyasha blushed as his eyes shifted back and forth before finally away, “I’ll tell ya later.”


    “Too similar to Sango’s.”

    Okay, now Kagome was completely dumbfounded. What the heck had they put in Inuyasha’s mind??

    “So…” Inuyasha questioned, clearly uncomfortable with Kagome’s lack thereof response.

    “I just--What about Kikyo?”

    “What do you mean, what about her?”

    “Inuyasha! You love her!”

    “Keh. Not in the way you’re thinkin’.”

    “What does that even mean!? I caught you guys multiple times--”

    “Kagome. Kikyo was the first person I opened up to after my mother died. Sesshomaru basically tried to kill me anytime we came into each other’s paths. Humans and demons were no better. Kikyo agreed to talk to me and not try and kill me every time I saw her. She was killed because we couldn’t trust each other. Yes, Kikyo will always hold a place in my heart but--

    “But she isn’t you, Kagome. No one can ever take the place of you. Kikyo and I--it would never have worked. Being with you--traveling with you as my friend…” Inuyasha paused as he tried to find the right words. His eyes looked at her, diving in deep for an unspoken connection that they had formed over the past three years. Kagome bit her lip, waiting intently for the next words to leave his mouth--to clear up any other remaining doubts that clouded her heart. 

    The thoughts that consumed her darkly. How he had liked her kisses better. How he dreamt about her. How they just fit so much better together… How he was so much softer with her. Tender. How Kikyo was more beautiful and more regal than her.

    But--But was Inuyasha finally going to put her negative images to rest? Would he finally unplant the seeds of worry and despair from her heart?

    “Kikyo and I woulda never been able to travel the way we do. Kagome… You showed me true kindness. True selflessness. And I--”


    “I… I…” Kagome finally gave up on trying to pull anything further from him at the moment. So, she put him out of his misery and leaned up and forward to place her lips upon his.

    She felt him gasp and tremble before his mouth began to move tentatively with hers. Kagome pulled away sooner than she would have liked, but she wanted to make sure her answer was understood. Inuyasha looked down at her in confusion, making her heart burst from happiness from how hard her hanyou was trying to do right.

    Kagome looked down at his hand holding the ring still, and then reached out slowly to take it in her own. She placed the plain silver band with the circular, beautifully and smoothly cut diamond in the center. It fit so perfectly. 

    “Yes,” Kagome whispered finally after she had studied the beautiful ring for what felt like an eternity.

    “What?” Inuyasha asked as his ear twitched madly.

    “Yes--I’ll--Yes--I want to be with you. I want--I want to live with you. I want to make you happy, in whatever way I can. As long--as long as that’s what you want,” Kagome choked out as she felt her eyes fill with tears of joy.

    She had never imagined this day would have ever come. That Inuyasha--the surly gruff hanyou--would ask her to marry her in the sweetest most endearing way. He had even gone out of his way to ask her own mother. 

    “I--I’ve never wanted anything more, Kagome.”

    “What about the jewel?” she tried to joke before his now empty hand caught her chin to make her eyes find his.

    “If people weren’t dying, I’d say fuck the jewel.”


    “Being a demon--not even that trumps what I want and how I feel for ya.”

    Kagome didn’t stop herself as she launched herself at the hanyou that sat next to her on the couch. Her lips were frantic, demanding, and she hoped telling.

    Telling of how much she loved him.

    Telling of how much she desired him.

    Telling of how much she wanted to be with him forever.

    Inuyasha growled hotly into their kiss and wrapped his arms around her body as her hands busied themselves by tugging at the hair tie keeping his hair tied up. His hands found themselves beneath her white blouse, untucking it from her navy and gray pleated skirt. 

    Kagome freed his hair and threaded her fingers through his hair tugged, startling him into opening his mouth and allowing her to push her tongue into his. He tasted sweet, like nectar and fruit, something Kagome never would have expected to try--and she knew by the way his tongue had begun to stroke against her teeth and tease her own, that he was just as thrilled and elated as she was.

    “Kagome,” he breathed into her mouth, making her whimper and want to hear him weak, vulnerable, and desperate. The idea that she was making him so tender, so wanton in need, made her feel like she was burning. It didn’t help that where his hands wandered was igniting flames across her hot and flushed skin beneath her too tight shirt. 

    She finally got his hair tie undone and the silver thick mane fell around them. As her hands quickly latched onto his ears, to stroke them fondly--something she always wanted to do without having to rush so that she could feel the silky texture beneath her fingers and to also show him how much she adored every part of him. Human and not.

    He moaned into her mouth and she felt his weight fall upon her body. Inuyasha was heavy. There were a couple of occasions she had tried to drag him around when fumes of toxins became too much for his poor sensitive nose. Kagome knew that when Inuyasha became dead-weight, how absolutely heavy he actually was. So, it shouldn’t have surprised her when she collapsed under his weight onto the floor.

    “Fuck! Ya ok??” Inuyasha asked, pulling his lips away from hers as his worried eyes scanned over her body. Kagome began to giggle uncontrollably and his face turned into a scowl. “What?”

    “It’s just--us.”

    “What about ‘us’?”

    “Just seems right--I just--I can’t believe I let everything roll around in my head that badly--that I was so mistaken about how you felt about me.”


    “Did you always know I loved you?”

    “Not… Not always. But when I finally got it through my thick head I--I knew I needed to get better.”


    “I built ya a hut--if--ya know, you said yes, we had somewhere to go back to.”

    “You built us a hut??” Kagome asked tearfully.

    “‘Course I did. You deserve--everything Kagome. The fact that you even said yes--”

    “I would have said yes even if we would have had to live in a cave together, Inuyasha. I love you. I want to be with you,” she confessed as she cupped his cheeks to bring his face back down to hers, kissing him with everything she had as her hands continued on their journey to push up his shit so she could caress his abs. The only times she had touched him so intimately was when she was dressing his wounds--cleaning them and then wrapping them up in gauze.

    Now? Now she could touch him freely and not worry about rejection or the awkwardness that could happen between them because he had asked her to marry him--he had built a house for them.

    By Gods… his stomach was so amazingly toned. The way his muscles twitched beneath the tip of her fingers as she brushed them teasingly up and under his tee-shirt, exploring his body in ways she only had in her dreams--the only place she’d never been able to control herself.

    His mouth pulled away from hers again and he gazed down at her with his darkened molten glowing hues, his breath just as ragged as hers, as his hands brushed over her peeking abdomen from where her shirt had been pushed up and become untucked from her skirt, tickling her in a delightful way. 

    “Kagome…” Her name was spoken like a prayer, a plea. Said miko knew exactly what he was asking--permission to go further. Compliance on her half to let him undress her and see her body outside of accidental terms. She swallowed and nodded, as the words got stuck in her throat. 

    His claws grazed her belly and she shivered as the shirt was lifted up. Kagome dropped her hands to his, making him pause and brows crease in confusion. Giggling, she began to unbutton her top from the bottom up, letting him see the expanse of her upper body, only covered by her white lace bra. Her breasts were pushed up, and spilled slightly over top. 

    Inuyasha's eyes watched her with great intent, and when the final button was unlatched, his face buried itself into her neck, littering it with kisses and nips from his sharp teeth. Her breath hitched and she felt herself grow wet as there was a throbbing between her legs, making her need to pinch her thighs together to soothe the ache.

    How did he make her feel things no one else had before? 

    His mouth moved down to her shoulder, then her collarbone, and he laved towards the center of her chest, making her body writhe from the anticipation of where his mouth was headed. Kagome’s breath faltered when she felt Inuyasha's nose inhale at her cleavage before he nuzzled her bosom. Her legs found themselves parting with his help, his hands pulling them wide before he laid down upon her body with his between her thighs, stroking her bare legs lovingly. His tongue snaked out, and after worshiping her mounds, he nipped them before taking her bra between his teeth and pulling the thin white garment away from her chest. Her arms came around him, locking about  his shoulders, digging her nails into the fabric of his shirt as she found the bottom half of her body began to grind against his hardened groin.

    “Wait--” she whined--oh, that was embarrassing, but she was breathless and eager for more and couldn’t find herself to care. Just as she was about to release the hanyou from her grasp, Kagome felt her bra slacken and the unmistakable sound of tearing as Inuyasha ripped her destroyed garment from her. “Inu--Ahhhhhhh!!” Gods. She was going to chastise him and admonish the fact he couldn’t and shouldn’t destroy her clothing when she could have just as easily removed it with a simple flick of her wrist. But, his mouth engulfing her breast--his tongue swirling around the pert nipple and his teeth grazing her areola made her have a different kind of sound and effect coming from her lips.

    His teasing had her body wanton with need; her hips with bucking and rubbing against him in a heated frenzy as she moaned unabashedly for more. His mouth switched to the other mound and his hand snaked down between them and shot up her skirt, through her underwear, and began to knead itself between her folds. 

    Kagome felt her consciousness slipping as it was becoming harder and harder to focus. Inuyasha was making her feel things--stimulating her in ways she never thought possible. She was hot. She was flushed. She was covered in a sheen layer of sweat, glistening with the struggle her body and mind were encountering. Her stomach felt tight--like a coil was being stretched out, like it it might snap. But the feeling of pleasure washed over her like the waves of the ocean during a hurricane, pushing her farther and farther out to sea, away from her body, making her float in the great abyss of the mysterious water.

    “Yash--” she said brokenly as his finger hit a more sensitive part between her soaking lips, making her hips thrust wildly against his hand as her voice wailed after his knuckle stroked against the nub again, bringing her closer and closer to breaking in two, closer and closer to the edge or mountain peak she was somehow climbing in an erratic pace. First she was flailing and being pulled out into the middle of the ocean, now she was on the highest mountain top.

    What was Inuyasha doing to her shaking and delirious body and mind??

    His other hand came off of her hip, letting her hips go wild against his talented fingers, and began tweaking the other neglected breast. Just as his teeth clasped the other nipple as his knuckles pinched her nub, Kagome cried out in bliss as she felt her pussy spasming, her body stiffened, and she felt herself grow even wetter, making her panties so damp they were completely ruined. 

    Gasping and panting, she came down as Inuyasha slowed his ministrations against her. He lifted his head and brought his mouth back to hers, catching her lips with his. They moved at a languid pace until she came back to herself. No longer was she being swept out into the middle of the ocean abyss, no longer was she being hurled up onto the mountain tops. No. Now, she was lying on the tatami floor, covered by a beautiful man with silver hair that curtained them from the outside world.

    “Inuyasha,” she sighed into the kiss, “please…?” Kagome wasn’t quite sure what she was asking him for, but she knew if anyone, he would understand her. He always did, even when she thought he hadn’t.

    He’d made her a ring.

    He’d built her a hut.

    Inuyasha loved her, even if he couldn’t articulate it. 

    “Kagome,” he said as he brought the fringe of her bangs from her face and kissed her temple before nuzzling his nose into her hair. “You smell so good.”

    “Th-Thanks,” she stuttered as she yanked at his tee-shirt signaling him it was time to lose it since her top half was nude. 

    Inuyasha groaned and pulled himself away, sitting up on his knees between her spread thighs. He gripped his shirt and lifted it over his head, baring his brozened skin before her. Her hands traced his lower abs and then the slight trail of silver hair that disappeared down into his low-riding jeans. A deep rumble erupted from his chest as her hands dropped to the button on his jeans and unfastened it. He stalled her hands and then placed hers on her skirt. Kagome shifted beneath him, to bring her legs beneath her so she could unfasten her skirt and shimmy out of it and her soaked panties. 

    Finally, it was just them in her living room, on the floor in front of the couch, totally naked--just them. Inuyasha had always been attractive. Kagome always had fantasies about what would happen when they got older, if he picked her--dreams she had tampered down as she matured and only allowed herself to visualize during her sleep. The one time she couldn’t stop the images of Inuyasha being as tender as he was, being as gentle and loving, kissing her and touching her--

    And now it was happening. She was able to study every inch of him, just as he was able to study every expanse of her own body. Before Kagome could reach out and touch him, to finally feel his cock within her hands, Inuyasha’s lips were upon hers again. His body was hovering back over hers as he lowered her back to the floor. They fit together so well; it was so perfect how she felt within his arms--his hold. There was always no other place than within his hold that Kagome ever wanted to be. She always felt safe, protected, and needed.

    Her legs came to untangle beneath her and perched themselves on the outside of his hips, feeling the undeniable bulge of his cock right at her dripping core.

    “Kagome… are you sure?”

    “Yes…” she complied easily without hesitation. “I--I don’t want anyone else. Please? Be with me?”

    “I’m supposed t’ask you that,” he chuckled deeply, obviously out of breath. “Kagome--I--”

    “I love you, Inuyasha, please?”

    “I--I love you,” he admitted to her shock and surprise at how clear and unwavering the declaration was. Before she could say anything to acknowledge his words, to praise him for them, to make sure he knew it was alright to that vulnerable with her again and again, Kagome felt his length pressing at her tight opening and his mouth caught hers to swallow anything that she had to say. She took a breath and breathed out to relax as he began to enter her slick core. It wasn’t painless, but it wasn’t unbearable. The young miko felt like it was an uncomfortable stretch if anything--like a deep lunge that with practice, would become simmering and feel absolutely amazing when mastered.

    Inuyasha's lips slowed and he let her set the pace. Kagome always knew he was the softest puppy underneath his hardened and gruff demeanor. All he wanted was to please her and be accepted. This was just further proof as he took her gently. This was proof that he was trying to make this more for her than just him. This was proof when he didn’t move--and was waiting for her cue that it was alright to continue.

    And Kagome didn’t want to keep him waiting. She bucked her hips, feeling him shift inside her and touch something deep within her that made her vision go blurry from the feeling of rapture. The moan into his mouth, her tongue stroking his sharpened fangs, and her other thrust finally signaled to Inuyasha it was time to press on.

    He pulled back, withdrawing from her slightly only to plunge into her again.  His lips also dropped her as he groaned. Kagome opened her eyes and took in the absolutely wrecked inuyoukai who was above her; Inuyasha was feeling everything she was and maybe more. He began to set a steady pace as his teeth ground together, his damp forehead pressed against hers, his hands gripping her hips to where she felt the stinging but delightful pricks of his claws, and a deep growl within his throat. 

    Her belly began to grow taut again like before, everytime his hard cock hit the inside of her, that special place deep in her pussy grew tighter and tighter. But Kagome was just on the precipice of bliss--she needed more to send her over the edge. Whimpering, she tried to match his speed, pressing herself down onto him, trying to take more and more of him every time he would buck forward.

    “Inuyasha,” she cried, hoping he would understand what she needed as she gripped his shoulder tightly, grinding herself on his dick that was buried inside of her. 

    Thank Gods he knew her and knew what she desired; one of his hands left her hips and began to knead her clit once again fervently. 

    The torrent of emotions and sensations ran through Kagome, making her feel like she was exploding as she yelled out his name as her core gripped his length madly and wildly, the flames from her belly flowing outward to her entire body, finally making her feel fully sated and loved.

    Inuyasha snarled even louder as his head buried itself in her shoulder as if he was trying to hold on. But Kagome wouldn’t have that. No. He needed to join her in the heaven she was in--he needed to release just as she had. So, the brazen miko did the one thing she thought that would make him cum instantly; she sank her blunt teeth into his shoulders, making him yelp and start to fuck her harder and more rapidly. 

    “Inuyasha!” she begged hotly.

    Said hanyou growled one last time, loud and feral, as he bit down into her own shoulder as he stalled and she felt his cock pump his cum inside of her. Inuyasha slowly withdrew his hips again, only to press them into hers a couple more times, before he finally pulled out completely, laying flat on top of her.

    Kagome couldn’t find herself to care about his heavy body as she was euphoric.

    She and Inuyasha had had sex. They were engaged. She had a ring. She had a hut. She had graduated high-school… Everything she had thought previously to the day was completely mistaken. 

    Wow. It had been quite a day, hadn’t it?

    Her fiance’s ears twitched and his head finally raised from her shoulder and looked at her, with the most happy and fulfilled smile she had ever seen on Inuyasha’s face.

    As Kagome giggled, Inuyasha pulled himself off of her, pulling her up into his arms. She heard him shuffling around with something on the floor before he rose to his two feet, carrying her bridal style up the stairs. Confused, Kagome almost asked where he was going, but realized quickly it was too her room. She heard something drop and realized it was their clothing (including her ruined bra). He placed her gently on bed before grabbing his hakama from her dresser. 

    “Oh uh--”

    “What drawer are your night clothes in?” he asked as he tied off his hakama, stepping towards her tall dresser that held her pajamas.

    “Actually…” His ear twitched and she blushed but realized they were together. Totally together. It shouldn’t be a totally wild thing to ask, right? “Can I wear your haori?”

    “Oh, yea,” he flushed as he backed up to her desk again, taking his robe of the firerat within his hand and then gently offering it to her on the bed. “Did you--uh--wanna take a bath?”

    “Mmmm… while that sounds appealing, I think I just want to cuddle with my husband-to-be,” she said coyly, making him sputter before laughing lightly making his way back to the bed. 

    Kagome scooted herself back to give him room and let him lay down before she spooned herself to him. 

    The time in the living room wasn’t the only time they explored their bodies that night. No. They learned how they tasted, they learned other things that felt good, and they even tried different positions to see how they would feel versus others. Kagome still thought back to the picture her mother painted when she  and her grandfather had returned later in the afternoon the next day; how she had entered Kagome’s room to see Inuyasha laying on his belly, holding the pillow, completely unaware that her mother was in even there, and how Kagome was draped over him in just the haori, wearing the beautiful engagement ring Totosai had forged for her.

    Thank goodness Kagome had been mistaken.

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