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  • rhys-ravenfeather
    25.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Full offense, but ‘villain/antihero who comes to realize the error of their ways and make a conscious effort to become a better person’ will always be a thousand times more interesting to me than ‘cackling supervillain who just wants to watch the world burn/hurt as many people as they can’.

    #rhys-ravenfeather signing in #i know i already made a post like this yesterday but like... #earlier i had a conversation with someone about my portrayal of a CERTAIN character on my rp blog and like... #i knew i'd probably end up having a talk with someone about this sooner or later #and i myself have admitted that my version of this character is basically an oc at this point with how different he is from his canon self #but now my brain is being mean and having me doubting my writing abilities. again. #tw: vent. kinda? #this isn't meant to attack anyone or anything like that i guess i just kind of had to get this off my chest. if only to reassure myself? #okay to reblog
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  • lesbianutahime
    25.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #those two ships are valid though they're bi4bi and t4t #oh and rika/yuta of course but they were little kids #stsg is basically canon i'd say but it'll never be confirmed so #worst part is people being agressive about ppl who don't agree like.....it's just a manga in the end #anon#asks #i need to stop repeating myself omg
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  • skipperslog
    25.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    kess kess kess kess

    #this looks like trash no w but genuinely i love her so much #resistance oc real its true like if the moust doesnt care about resistance its mine now #kess kando canon #kando is pronounced with doe like deer at the end
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  • ficsforeren
    25.01.2022 - 5 hours ago
    #i don't know why i'm like this guys #i swear i'm all about happy endings too #but like... #writing bad endings feels like a drug to me #i literally can't stop #i enjoy it too much 😭 #i'll try to think about some other way to end the series but #no promises for now #the secrets between us canon
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  • ficsforeren
    25.01.2022 - 5 hours ago
    #so uh... yeah #i mean like #a bad ending doesn't really mean that they'd die #.....right? #😏😏😏 #i'm kidding you'll be allright jamie #chapter 3 and 4 will have A LOT of fluffy and smutty scenes #they're gonna stay in a lake house! YAY! #eren chopping off some woods... shirtless... wiping off his sweats with the back of his hand #eat reader's kitty on the picnic table for lunch #you know #some domestic malewife stuff 😏 #never let me go canon #never let me go review
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  • ficsforeren
    25.01.2022 - 6 hours ago
    #please watch the video it's literally the way i imagine him would react 😂😂😂 #he'd be smirking about it 24/7 #asking you subtle questions #giving hints that he knew about that one video you got in your gallery #still sitting inside your phone even years after you got married to him #he's not even mad that you've got a whole-ass video of you making out with pieck #he would think it's SUPER HOT #but at the end of the day you know he's going to ask you a question: but i'm the better kisser right? #and if you answer with pieck that grin he's been sporting all day? GONE #better say goodbye to his cock cause he's DEFINITELY not fucking you tonight #the last song canon #in another life canon
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  • aftgficrec
    25.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
    #fic #neil josten/andrew minyard #kevin day & nicky hemmick #kevin day & the foxes #kevin day/jean moreau #kevin day/dan wilds #kevin day & andrew minyard #au: no exy #au: kid fic #universe: post canon #universe: canon divergent #universe: pre canon #theme: fluff & angst #theme: angst #theme: angst with a happy ending #theme: trauma #theme: emotional hurt/comfort #theme: hurt/comfort #theme: mental health isssues #theme: character study #tw: suicide attempt #tw: self harm #tw: homophobia #tw: internalized homophobia #tw: hate crime #tw: assault#tw: alcoholism#tw: depression #tw: implied/referenced torture #whowhatme
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  • sunbentsky
    25.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Ecaterina skipping town after promising everyone she’ll solve their problems with no intention whatsoever to actually do that

    #ECATERINA ABOUT: i spend a lot of nights on the run and i think i'm lost and can’t be found #ECATERINA VERSE: fc5 #i'm an obsessive completionist but my playstyle does NOT equate what she'd do lmao #she doesn't have a single gram of protagonist energy in her body #her canon ending should be locking herself in a bunker from day 1 and letting everyone sort it out among themselves #ideally with some well placed cameras and the ability to taunt them over radio but that's asking for too much isnt it
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  • vellichor-virgo
    25.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    absinthe (makes the heart grow fonder)

    blew off my schoolwork to write yet another fun little night's daughter snippet that doesn't fit into canon. inspired by the song “absinthe” by idkhow.

    tw/cw: alcohol, sexual innuendos, and a smidge of romance

    “If anyone asks,” Aedan says as Pollux passes the alcohol into his hand, “I’ve suddenly taken ill and retired for the night.”

    “From Alcott’s lofty claims—” Iliana gestures with her chin toward the bottle, “—that may end up being true before night’s end.”

    We’re sitting in a circle on the dining room floor, all dressed to the nines for the ball that we can faintly hear through the stone walls. It’s not yet midnight, but all of us have given up on the event. The night has been extraordinarily boring, even by my standards, so when Pollux cornered each of us in turn with a wicked grin and a bottle of spirits “strong enough to make you see stars”, it didn’t take much convincing for us to follow him and leave the ballroom behind.

    Now, in a room lit by the flickering glow of a single lantern, we watch Aedan put the bottle to his lips. He grimaces, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand before passing it on. “I think Iliana may be on to something.”

    It’s Maia’s turn next. The first sip makes her cough; she nearly spills the alcohol down the front of her soft pink gown. “Gods above,” she splutters, hastily shoving the bottle in Iliana’s direction. “Where the hell did you get this from, Poll?”

    Pollux’s mouth curves into his trademark smirk, brimming with mischief. “I made a new friend. Some emissary’s son. He was… very generous.”

    Iliana takes a delicate sip and winces, but manages not to cough. Then she arches a brow at Pollux, pointedly eyeing his mussed hair and his shirt, unbuttoned to his chest. “Easily convinced, more likely.”

    Pollux’s grin widens. His face is flushed, and there’s a hazy gleam in his eyes. I wonder just how much of the bottle he sampled on his own before he tracked us down. “It’s not my fault I’m as charming as I am handsome.”

    “Harlot,” Maia mutters, drawing a laugh from me.

    Pollux jabs a finger toward me. “You, Lady Celena, are not in a position to mock me.” He points between Iliana and me. “Did you think nobody noticed that mark on your neck? The one that happens to be the exact shade of red Ashstone paints her lips?”

    My hand flies to my neck. Maia and Aedan both start to laugh. When I peek at Iliana’s face, I see that she’s trying not to smile.

    “Did you know?” I ask her.

    She holds her hands up in surrender. “I didn’t notice. Honestly.”

    “And here I thought you were a good liar.”

    Her smile breaks free, spreading across her crimson mouth. “The colour suits you, Lena.”

    Blushing, I take the bottle from her hands and lift it to my mouth. The bitter herbal taste hits me before the burn does, fierce enough to make my eyes water. Warmth pools in the pit of my stomach.

    “At least I wasn’t trading kisses for terrible liquor,” I say to Pollux, sliding the bottle back to him. The others burst into raucous laughter.

    Pollux shakes his head at us, but he’s still grinning. “Ungrateful wretches, the lot of you.”

    night's daughter taglist: @elhuei @writingbyjillian @wildswrites @mel-writes-with-her-dragons @zmlorenz @ghostsinthecupboards @cream-and-tea @chazzawrites @wannabeauthorzofija @strangerays @honeyscript @kahaaniyaa @viskafrer @hiddenhistoria @wisteria-eventide @ambsthom @bloodandmonsters @the-orangeauthor

    #i've never drunk absinthe before and you can tell #google wasn't cooperating w me on what it tasted like so i ended up switching the description to vodka halfway through #we're just gonna call it Ambiguous Fantasy Alcohol okay #also i think this is the first time ive ever written Canonically Together celiana #my writing#night's daughter#ch: celena#ch: pollux#ch: aedan#ch: iliana#ch: maia #ship: celena x iliana #friendship: maia x pollux #friendship: celena x pollux
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  • potatoesandsunshine
    25.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    would u all still love me if over the course of the next month i pivoted to writing specifically legend of vox machina fic with no regard for original canon. i know u all love me rn it's ok

    #I can't WAIT for shit to change i LOVE adaptations #me throwing over my nuanced relationship dynamics from hundreds of hours to go all in on 20 min of pike & grog interaction #i mean this will end up like. there will be a soup of canons in my head where i take my favorite things from both and make them one thing. #it's like how w star wars theres the eu that happened for me and the eu that didnt happen for me
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  • uppertwist
    25.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    I'm gonna like genuinely say golden heart golden ring was somehow the worst spin-off I've read w jjba. Like Jorge Joestar had at least? A fun time ig? This just messed with canon and made the characters ooc not to mention decided to sexualize Trish like a uh concerning amount and the writing style was just really odd. Idk if you enjoy it power to u but it was smth that I definitely can see why people don't really talk about it a ton.

    #twist rambles #like uh on top of just? a really weirdly paced plot where they felt like it was trying to fit way too much in and in such a short book #like idk i feel phf got a more solid ending in comparison if ur looking for a non canon part 5 ending? #not to mention the fucking main character going to Illinois USA to go on a like adventure? and its like???
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  • spixi
    25.01.2022 - 15 hours ago
    #intersex genderfluid kid so canon omg #gonna answer these because ive only got three episodes left and i dont want it to end fjfkdkdjd #spicy answers #zip my love 💖 #soul eater
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  • the-sugar-crash
    25.01.2022 - 18 hours ago
    #i will say #I do like the last line #I feel like it's a good ending #again I'm sorry #redacted asmr #redacted head canons #redacted damn#damn polycule#redacted polycule#redacted gavin#redacted freelancer#redacted lasko#redacted damien #redacted d.a.m.n #d.a.m.n. #redacted huxley#himbo #d.a.m.n. polycule #artist headcanons#freelancer headcanons #gavin x freelancer #fluff#mental illness#found family #in case you can't tell I don't beta read #like at all #gavin x freelancer x lasko x damien x huxley
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  • a-quest-for-epithets
    25.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    i still absolutely despise what happened to molly in 141 and i will never accept the canon HOWEVER. i am writing a fun and sexy post that potentially allows me to enjoy kingsley as a character while also celebrating that molly is Totally Alive And Well

    #im reading the wiki just for a couple of  notes and uh #boy. #tal rly just had kingsley go off and be a pirate on his own several years down the line or something. #that was the ending he got. good lord #taliesin i think your characters are wonderful but i will never understand what the FUCK you were on with this one buddy #he rly said oh kingsley said yeah im not molly also i hate this coat that molly adored and wove his soul into so im gonna ditch it i guess #also im gonna be a pirate and NOT be with yasha #and i'm gonna hang out with fjord and jester for a few years and then i'm just gonna steal a ship and abandon them and be the plank king. #girl what. #imagine having a campaign that centres around found family and the importance of platonic relationships #and then ending it with 'anyway the couples stay together but everyone else fucks off and does their own thing' #COULDN'T be me #oh no i'm still salty #ANYWAY MOLLY SYMPTOMS SYNDROMES POST COMING UP #i just gotta sensitivity read it #not tagging this one i don't think anyone needs to read my hatred i just needed to vent again #bc thinking about kingsley and his ending in canon makes me want to [redacted redacted redacted]
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  • rsmrymnt-tea
    25.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    *cherry picks which parts of canon i enjoy and it's typically some of the world building, a few plot points that feel important to me personally, and some characterization*

    *makes everything else riddled with headcanon*

    #which is why ive never really posted much stuff with dolasach on here in terms of like how the main story events go #or really any of my writing involving the characters dhjkfhdsf #perhaps some sort of circle where i dislike fanon but dont wanna piss people off with my headcanons #the more comfortable i am with just disregarding canon in favor of just making and consuming shit that tickles me personally the more im #like hmm... maybe i /shouldnt/ post anything actually #self & soliloquy #sal et suka #the fact that ive made it so that only like... 1 of the brothers ever falls in love with my oc changes stuff a lot and then like... #changing up how she gets some of the pacts and how lesson 16 happens for her has me really comfortable with just saying /fuck it/ to canon #plus how i dont like how a lot of s2 went and the trials for s3 #s4 doesnt even really happen for her tbh im probs just gonna pick a few things out that i liked #idk idk how i ended up like this with OM #oh thats right its because i dislike a considerable chunk of canon and fanon but still find myself attached to the boys + the one girl
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  • rosesetonfire
    24.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    fun fact: if you like art of a ship and reblog it you dont have to put "i dont like this ship but-" anywhere on your reblog! you literally do not have to do it! please stop!

    #the amount of wlw ship art i see with comments and captions that are like 'i see them as friends but this is cute i guess' #or worse just straight up 'ew i dont ship this' #like you can literally just shut up! you can keep it to yourself and not interact!! isnt that wild #why would you tell the artist that you dont like what theyre making when yoh could just be quiet and move the fuck on #we get it youre a homophobe you think girl can only be with Boy From Canon so just shut the fuck up about it!!! #im at my wits end again #saw someone doing this shit qith daisuga art yesterday like #if you like art just reblog it! if you dont then dont! if you like the art but not the ship then you can keep that to yourself because #NO ONE CARES #least of all the op who youre forcing to see your shit takes #yes this even applies to ships i dont like #when i see r*ylo art do you know what i do??? i just block or mute and move on!! wild!!!
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  • takinghisbow
    24.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    one day i rlly wanna explore kok.ichi’s life as he gets a bit older. like. i already default to writing him between 19-21 depending on the verse, but like what abt in his late 20s or his 30s??

    #[ wishlist ] #what prompted this was two thoughts #first was: would he want kids one day? because i don't know and neither does he #second was just me crying thinking abt his life post-fic in my CI fic #anyway i'm interested in this concept in UT.DP mostly in terms of rp #i'm not a big fan of exploring the implied/possible 'canon' ending of v.3 outside of specific relationships/ideas #mostly because i think the whole 'uwu the entire world was just totally chill with this' is just so. stupid. #i also just don't think there's any happy ending for kok.ichi in that sort of ending #whether he survives or it's all VR. it's just not gonna be good.
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  • heartsechoed
    24.01.2022 - 21 hours ago
    #apaise #( ic ask ; nathan brooks ) #figured i'd make this one shorter and lighter #to make up for our other longass asks :)) #just fun shenanigans with them... #me putting all my knowledge of my old tv job in this #worth for smth in the end #also time period?? no idea #maybe when they all reunite like in canon? #whichever works! #( v. eternals )
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  • vinyls-and-valentines
    24.01.2022 - 22 hours ago
    #i have. many lore ocs. ocs that only exist as part of lore but which i also flesh out in my head enough to be considered more than just a #part of lore. sometimes i forget about them but! they are usually tied to some pretty cool concepts! #anyways. dreamland fucks and it's kind of homophobic of me to only use it in canon once when kobra has to figure out how to get the fuck #back to his crew after they all die at the end of the na na na mv #/j on that 'homophobic' bit #answered#bees-your-stove#ocs#dreamland
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  • majormeilani
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    i think the conductor should pay consequences for his actions sometimes. a little. as a treat

    #me everytime i write him: #well not everytime since i only did a few times #but i like giving him consequences LOLLLL #you act like a meanie you should FEEL BAD FOR BEING A MEANIE #also say sorry for being a meanie when you go to far bc you should #friendship ended with canon conductor fan interpretation conductor is my new best friend #i'm joking about that last tag btw but JFSHSHHDHHDHFXJXJFJJDCJVKKFCJ
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