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    • Interview question: Complete the sentence. “I may not look it, but actually I’m…”
    • Felix: Literally starving right now.
    • Jen: [flirtatiously, into the camera] So in love with you, baby~
    • Elise: Questioning all my life choices.
    • Zahir: A fan of horror movies.
    • Shine: Thirty sewer rats stacked together in a trench coat.
    • Everyone:
    • Jen: …Can I still change my answer?
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  • Some things I could imagine happening between my boyfriend and I’s fursonas and OCs:

    1. Fang has his two friends over- Boris and K9- and they’re all playing a dumb game of Truth or Dare. Because K9 “Isn’t a wuss”, he picks dare. Fang clears his throat and asks for a pizza. Already realizing how he shouldn’t have said dare, K9 reluctantly pulls up his phone.

    “What do you want?”

    “Get is a medium pizza. Split it in half. One side just plain cheese and the other sausage. For Sirus.”

    K9 sighs.

    “Is that all?”

    “Cheese sticks.” Sirus hisses while he stares K9 down and K9 proceeds to hate himself more as he puts that in.

    “Are you going to at least share?” K9 asks the two boyfriends, whom are cuddling on the couch.

    “No, you owe me.”

    And, as usual, Fang was right. That dipshit always owes Fang money.

    2. Sirus literally tying into Fang and playing Rocket League while they both wait. Fang has no idea how to feel about this.

    3. Sirus tends to fall asleep in a variety of places around the house. Fang finds him napping in the corner of the couch curled up, under surfaces, and sometimes lodged in weird spaces like behind the couch or on the floor, plopped down right where that perfect, single ray of sunlight hits.

    4. Fang makes breakfast for Sirus before he leaves to work. He likes to leave sticky notes for him too.

    5. Something tells me Sirus’s diet is 5% spaghetti and the other 95% is Fang’s boy syrup (hAh boy syrup).

    6. Sirus catches Fang listening to one of his songs. He’s humiliated, super flustered, and flattered at most. Then Fang proceeds to ask him if he’d like to make a song with them. Sirus melts, as per usual.

    7. Sirus gets lonely super quickly when Fang isn’t around. Fang works most weekdays, so Sirus is usually home by himself. I feel like to cope with his loneliness, he’d call his friend Styrix over to hang out.

    But he’s still lonely.

    So he whips out his phone and begins to call Fang. When Fang answers, Sirus whines.

    “Fang, honey, I miss you… I’m lonely and it’s been foreverrrr…”

    Right in front of Styrix. Poor guy is a third wheel.

    8. Fang has flowers in the front yard. Something tells me Sirus waters them if Fang forgets. Something about that is super cute.

    9. Fang definitely squish’s Sirus’s cheeks.

    10. Sirus blushing when Fang and Styrix begin showing off how impressive their maws are. He just has this dumb obsession with how big Fang’s teeth are.

    11. They probably both have a height difference fetish to be honest.

    12. Sirus REFUSES to let go of Fang’s tail and probably has gotten lost in it several times. He sleeps with it and is just obsessed.

    13. Fang makes a self-deprecating joke and Sirus stops him and makes him eat his words. Sirus makes a self-deprecating joke and suddenly he’s showered with gifts, a fancy dinner is planned and probably some one-on-one sexy time. Nice.

    14. Them. Freaking out over Monstercat artists. Essentially my boyfriend and I on that field.

    15. I feel like Fang pays Styrix to cash in on his weird shenanigans.

    16. If Styrix ever met Boris and K9 and got along with them, they’d all be the chaotic, stupid boy group to constantly annoy Fang and Sirus. Not that they don’t already, just the floor may be coated in soap one afternoon.

    17. Boris and K9 are British so that means they don’t exist.

    18. Fang and Sirus have like no friends and chronic crippling depression.

    19. Sirus definitely likes to get Fang “excited” before important work meetings just for his own enjoyment.

    20. Sirus definitely squeezes into weird spaces for no reason. He gets stuck often and needs his heroic boyfriend to get him out.

    21. FANG. AND SIRUS. SINGING TOGETHER. ABOUT. THEIR. LOVE. Or just in general, that’s cool too.

    22. Fang and Sirus dressing edgy together.

    23. Fang is having a breakdown so he dabs on some glittery eyeshadow and sticks on some bizarre long lashes and Sirus walks in and casually asks to be done too. Just to accompany Fang.

    24. If Fang is too anxious to check out in a store, Sirus will do it. And vice versa.

    25. Fang sitting on the couch and Sirus is curled up around him, napping and purring.

    26. Fang’s constant expression is simply just flat out exhausted and angry. His brows are always furrowed and you can visibly see how little sleep he got. Same with Sirus; his face is usually void to most emotion. Suddenly they see eachother and smiles explode on their faces and they become a hugging, kissing mess.

    27. They hold hands in public.

    28. Fang playing guitar and singing to Sirus during a hill picnic. He’s a hopeless romantic like that.

    29. Sirus watching Fang furiously and precisely brush his precious teeth.

    30. If any sort of mention of “parent” is brought up, I feel like Sirus would deck somebody on the spot if Fang’s around.

    31. Although I do, Fang doesn’t make jokes about his dead parents. Please don’t. His feelings will be very hurt.

    32. Fang makes weird fox noises at Sirus, probably.

    34. Sirus likes to go get his hair cut and every time Fang freaks out over it and insists taking a few pictures to keep for himself.

    35. Neither of them would ever ask for the other’s passwords to anything. Privacy means everything to them.

    36. Sirus cheering on Fang deepthroating whole eggs.

    37. “E.” “Agreed.”

    38. Don’t touch either of them. They don’t like being touched. Funny because nobody wants to be around them anyways.

    39. Fang LOVES cooking for Sirus. He will cook anything Sirus wants and do it out of the blue. I can imagine Sirus minding his business playing Xbox with his friends and suddenly Fang walks in with a plate. It has a sandwich on it. He cut the crust off and cut it into triangles. On the side, some cinnamon applesauce. As he sets the food and a can of soda for him down he says,

    “Here, sweetie. I made you something to gnaw on. If you need absolutely anything else, let me know, okay?” And he goes and kisses Sirus on the forehead and Sirus is all blushy and everything. Sirus tells him he loves him and briefly explains to his friends his boyfriend’s odd, caring nature.

    40. In case I haven’t mentioned before, Fang is super motherly toward his boyfriend and just in general. He cleans and cooks idly like some sort of NPC.

    41. Fang, Sirus, Styrix, Boris and K9 all on the floor playing DnD.

    “Can I roll to fuck the dragon?”

    “No.” - Probably Fang.

    42. Fang using a laser pointer to play with Sirus.

    43. If alcohol is mentioned you will be bashed in the head by your mom, Fang.

    44. Fang casually walking up to Sirus with a broom and several other things in his other hand asking for help making a cover art for a song.

    45. Fang humming Sirus to sleep.

    46. If Fang doesn’t hear from Sirus in ten minutes tops (nice) he will probably sob in a pillow hoping he didn’t do anything wrong.

    47. Spoiler alert, Fang and Sirus never fight and always come to eachother maturely if something is up. It’s usually fixed in seconds but Fang is an anxious mess and wants his precious boyfriend to be happy all the time.

    48. Fang hates his birthday and the day it’s on. Sirus goes out of his way to make it enjoyable for him.

    49. Styrix texting and calling Sirus at like 6 AM to the point Sirus wakes up and just questions his existence.

    50. “I have this pretty bad stomach ache… I don’t know from what though.”

    “Mm… Could it have something to do with the fact we cooperatively ate two large pizzas together?”

    “Couldn’t be.”

    51. Fang is hemophobic. Not so much if he himself bleeds, but if Sirus bleeds as much as a paper cut he will literally pass out.

    52. They definitely sing in the car together.

    🎶“When you say I’m the only one I must admit it!” 🎶

    53. Fang sucks ass at games, but Sirus doesn’t mind at all when it comes to him. When it comes to anyone else, however…

    54. Fang’s room is freezing cold so they kind of have to snuggle.

    55. Homemade dinner is common from Fang. If you go over to have dinner you’re in for something special.

    56. Sirus loves Fang’s food. I’d imagine Fang cooks steak one night and Sirus is hesitant until he tries it. He then concludes he only likes Fang’s steak. (Nice.)

    57. Pet names galore. They love gushing over eachother like weirdos and never ever leave eachother alone. They’re so dumbly in love.

    58. Fang and Sirus making out on Styrix’s couch and Styrix is just like “This is fine.”

    59. Fang and Sirus have Styrix over and say something relatively dirty. Styrix is an innocent, good-looking dumbass and just furrows his eyebrows and questions what’s going on. This is hard for everybody.

    60. K9 and Fang are talking. K9 briefly mentions his daughter and Sirus just “Wait, how old are you?”

    61. Fang is really closeted. Yet is cool with usual PDA and won’t hesitate to stand up for his homosexuality.

    62. Soda.

    63. Sirus, a 5’3 petite Canadian Lynx absolutely tops and dominates his 6’1 fox boyfriend.

    64. Both of them are covered in questionable marks and scars. They both try to hide it.

    65. “You’re adorable!” “No! You are!” And then they make out to make a point.

    67. Their relationship is 40% wholesomeness and 50% other kinky dirty shit.

    68. Fang’s closet is just full of questionable things he’d rather only Sirus see.

    69. They definitely do this.

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  • victoria and rumpleteazer go on their first date to the roller rink cause victoria tells rumpleteazer that she doesn’t know how to skate so teazer is like i have GOT to teach you

    #canons #and victoria sucks at skating so she has to hold onto teazer the whole time 🥺
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  • this is what bimbo tried to slide down


    mungojerrie and rumpleteazer just looked on in awe because that’s something not even they would try and they still have not tried it out of respect for bimbo’s legacy

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  • A reminder that Cadiz was once a fortified city.

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  • Their ambition led them further into the stars, to a planet they could call their own, far-flung as it is. Youngest of the three major houses, House Lazarevic has kindled their dominion through staunch but capricious determination, and as such, the minor houses that have sworn their loyalty are scattered sporadically across all corners of Athena. Nevertheless, the Lazarevici have persisted within their various industries, propelled to renown with their strong business ties and tireless ethic. Despite their mettle and pluck, the other major houses had only ever seen them as an interloper, insignificant in their remoteness—but all is set to change, to turn into itself, for with the Lazarevic discovery of terra victus on Tartarus, everything is no longer set in stone.


    • HEAD OF HOUSE: Yelena Lazarevic (NPC)
    • MODUS OPERANDI:The Lazarevici and their sworn houses are an industrious sort, driven by their aspiration to elevate Erebus and House Lazarevic above all others. Thorough and tireless, they exhaust all possibilities and avenues, resulting in strong ties to major businesses and deep involvement in many core resources—to the point where they may be seen as the threat they’ve always wanted to become.
    • CULTURAL TOUCHPOINTS OF LOYAL HOUSES: Slavic, Russian, Scandinavian, East Asian, Inuit
    • MINOR HOUSES: ~75

    For information on the house members and canon opportunities, please continue reading. We will be previewing four canons, but the rest will be available at site opening.

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  • Clinical and auspicious. Once considered secondary to Ladon, now growing in power due to their foothold in technology, education, and medicine. Responsible for most of the major technological advancements in the last millennia. They once had a foothold in the Terra Victus industry, but is losing that control after the Tartarus discovery.


    • HEAD OF HOUSE: Radha Sikandar (NPC)
    • MODUS OPERANDI: For the Sikandars and their sworn houses, nothing is as noble as the pursuit of knowledge. They amass their fortune from intellect and invention, focusing not only on the betterment of themselves, but on the betterment of Athena. With their eyes always toward the future, there is very little that escapes their notice and involvement.
    • CULTURAL TOUCHPOINTS OF LOYAL HOUSES: Middle Eastern, African, Indian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Southeast Asian
    • MINOR HOUSES: ~75

    For information on the house members and canon opportunities, please continue reading. We will be previewing four canons, but the rest will be available at site opening.

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  • Austere and traditional, House Ladon is an ancient house–the oldest in the Athena planetary system. To have the strongest ties to the motherland is its own advantage, and for that reason, House Ladon boasts a massive number of minor houses. As access to labor and auspicious planetary conditions are part and parcel to Ladon’s unyielding reputation as titans of the agricultural industry, most other planets find themselves reliant upon the family and their extensive network. But existence through centuries and millennia creates an ugly strain of hubris, and as Ladon’s long reign has continued through the Great War and beyond, they are not willing to concede to any sort of change.


    • HEAD OF HOUSE: Caelum Ladon (NPC)
    • MODUS OPERANDI: Due to their long history, the Ladons and their sworn houses are considered the most culturally refined throughout Athena. However, their cultivated arrogance and continued obstinacy to maintain the status quo breeds resentment among the other major and minor houses.
    • CULTURAL TOUCHPOINTS OF LOYAL HOUSES: British, Irish, French, Germanic, Greco-Roman, North, Central, and South American, Canadian, Native American, Polynesian
    • MINOR HOUSES: ~100

    For information on the house members and canon opportunities, please continue reading.  We will be previewing four canons, but the rest will be available at site opening.

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  • It was Mara’s idea to begin color coding the potions. Even though she still labels the bottles and vials the old-fashioned way, tossing in a bit of food coloring or magically created color into the bottles helps in quick-identifying the potions. It’s now common practice among the witches of the Kindheart Coven. 

    • Purple = healing potions or potions used for pain. Heals quickly and relieves most pains almost instantly. Also temporarily increases power, energy, and psychic shields. Ingested or dabbed/poured onto wounds
    • Blue = sleeping potions. Temporary cures sleeplessness, lasting only a few hours. Ingested. 
    • Red = potions used for offense and destruction, usually something volatile or involving fire. Usually poisonous or toxic if ingested. Thrown, spilled, or dumped to use or activate.
    • Pink = love potions. Used to manipulate romantic or lustful feelings. Ingested. 
    • Green - defensive potions. Used particularly to create physical (but often invisible) barriers or temporary psychic shields. Also used to boost powers and energy. Ingested, but can also be thrown spilled, or dumped to activate physical shields and wards
    #canons#canon; Andy #.Andy. #canon; Mara #.Mara. #canon; Vinnie #.Vinnie. #canon; Danica #.Danica. #canon; Wren #.Wren. #canon; Neoma #.Neoma. #the kindheart coven
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  • i always call jemima jem and then i get the jem themesong stuck in my head

    so for that reason i am making jemima a huge jem fan 

    #canons #she wants to dye her hair pink
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  • Victoria pining hard for Rumpleteazer as she watches her slam into a plexiglass door on her rollerskates for the 3rd time that day

    #canons #she slammed into the door all 3 times because she was looking at victoria #idiot lesbian distracted by cute girl
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  • Rococo spends her lunch breaks helping Plato tape new names over the existing candle names because she thinks it’s hilarious but her names for them are a hundred times worse than Plato’s

    #yes i WILL post about my ocs here im sorry but i must #canons #they're technically not headcanons bc i own this au so i will tag them canons
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  • Skyline with Canons, Lahore Fort, Pakistan, 1978 - (کینز کے ساتھ اسکائی لائن ، لاہور قلعہ ، پاکستان)

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  • AKUTAGAWA RYUNOSUKE - Random S/o relationship headcanon thing (Non-kink)

    So I was listening to the drama CD’s for Bungou stray dogs with @we-justhere over Discord and we began swooning over Akutagawa. He doesn’t like taking baths and I thought that was strange but he has a reason I didn’t realise: He can’t use Rashomon without clothing! Dazai told him to be ready for anything and he looks up to Dazai. But it also means that he feels vulnerable without his clothes and it made me think….but what if he ever got a s/o?

    The idea that someone will eventually sleep naked with him….and that person will be the one he trusts Implicitly! Letting his guard down completely around them by sleeping without clothes. I mean this could go two ways: If the s/o is more dominant, he could feel like they could also protect him, like he doesn’t need to destroy or protect this time. I imagine him finally dropping his power and his guard for them as he finally feels safe <3 As if sleeping doesn’t make you vulnerable anyway!!!! Ahhhh!!! <3 w <3 Or maybe he gets a weaker s/o and puts on black, linen trousers so he can summon Rashomon to protect them should they need it D’; but leaves his shirt off to show he’s still comfortable with them~

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  • image

    Adelle’s Fate (platefall); 

    She does not survive. She was walking to get Genesis from her home in Sector Seven. Her baby boy was her only concern, even as she watched it start falling she accepted her death, knowing that was it for her. 


    Genesis’ Fate (platefall);

    Genesis however wasn’t even in sector seven when the plate was dropped, the event that made him orphan. He was at the Leaf House studying hard when suddenly a loud noise like the earth itself was furious and when his teacher yelled at him to stay put he rushed out to see what happened only to see… such damage, so much… so many rushing into their sector, sobbing.  He waited there all through the night for his mother to show up… But when she never comes, he returns to the leaf house without a goal or a family any longer. 

    #canons #canons; her son
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