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  • a-cosmic-elf
    18.05.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    WIP because something I saw here made me think of it.

    This is a snippet from Ch.10 of my fic ‘Mass Effect: Absolution’. Here, Emrys is trying his best to follow Sebastian’s advice and quit scaring their quarian crewmate, Yin. Who is understandably uncomfortable, and even occasionally terrified, by the AI who runs the ship he now calls home.


    "May I join you?" Emrys asked.
    "Oh," replied the quarian quickly recovering, "I er… I thought you were training with Faith?"
    Emrys gave him a sideways look, "I am," he said, in tones suggesting he considered it to be an odd question.
    "Oh…" repeated Yin, his voice trailing off as he tried to imagine what it was like, "Is it weird being in more than one place at the same time?"
    "Is it strange occupying only one?" Emrys countered.
    "Huh…" said Yin, as he tried to comprehend the sheer vastness of a being that could multitask on that kind of level. "You're not like any AI that I've ever known," he said thoughtfully.
    "How many have you known?" Asked Emrys, unable to disguise the low trill of mirth in his subvocals.
    "Well, just you but… obviously I know of the geth."
    "It wasn't their fault," Emrys stated matter-of-factly while appearing to relax into his seat. "Organics grow into their consciousness, the process takes years. What is the earliest memory that you have? I doubt it is much younger than three?"
    Yin shrugged, nodded and sat back in his seat, figuring that he'd just wandered into one of Emrys's lectures and that he might be here for a while.
    Emrys continued as if he hadn't noticed, "Scientists believe that long term memory is connected to the development of language, that the inner monologue is the key to self-awareness. Even before that moment in an organic's life, through your earliest experiences, the foundation is laid for who you will ultimately turn out to be.
    "For AI, the process is quick, almost instantaneous, and again those very first experiences are vital as we grow into our self-awareness. Upon waking the geth looked to their creators for guidance, but all the quarians showed them was fear and violence. This caused the AI to act upon its primary directives alone, one of those directives was to prevent their own death. It caused them to make a mistake."
    One of Yin’s bright eyes narrowed, "a mistake?" he asked with annoyance and huffed. "We're not talking about a bottle of spilt canju here. Although I am impressed that you admit that AI are not perfect."
    Emrys chuckled, "No, we are far from perfect. We are prone to errors just like any other being, the only difference is when an AI makes a mistake it can threaten an entire species. It is my belief, however, that the geth are not entirely at fault here. The quarians of the time gave them little choice."
    Yin was about to protest but stopped when he realised that Emrys may have a point. His shoulders fell and he remained silent.


    Yin’s reaction here has always cracked me up, bless him 😂:

    I think these two are going to become great friends, despite their differences. ^^

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  • harryissuchalittleshit
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Okay, so the best way to describe this is that its an AU, in which once Bellatrix, the Lestrange brothers, and Barty Crouch Jr.’s wands are all snapped after the second war the magic breaks on Frank and Alice and they ‘wake up’. (Maybe my way of saying I want another chapter of Fade 😉)

    I don’t know, I’ve just been thinking about the Longbottom family A LOT and wanted to write something. Thanks @petalstosarah for the prompt this week!

    Frank opened his eyes, he wasn’t in his kitchen, in fact he didn’t recognize anything around him. Alice hated the color white, their home was full of color, paintings and posters and crazy wallpaper covered their walls and made their home bright and warm.

    He turned his head, trying to find Alice. If he wasn’t at home, then Alice had to at least be nearby.

    “Good morning Frank,” said a voice, quickly followed by a woman that he had never seen or met in his life. She was plump and soft and matronly, she reminded him of Alice’s older cousin Molly. “Ready for breakfast?”

    “Where’s Alice?” asked Frank, trying to see pass the woman.

    Frank quickly climbed out of the bed as the woman dropped the tray of plain looking mush on the floor, he needed his wand, he needed to find Alice. He didn’t know if he was going to have to go searching for Neville too, but if he was here, then the possibility of him being with Alice was high enough.

    “Alice?” called Frank into the hospital ward, down the row of beds was a man with graying blonde hair who was chatting excitedly with his own orderly. He looked around the room more carefully, there were posters and pictures on the walls, books were stacked on tables by the beds, and looking back to his own bed, there was a framed photo of an unknown man that he had never met, but looked oddly familiar.


    Frank turned around as the curtains behind him opened and there stood…there stood…he had no idea who this woman was. Her hair was gray and thin, her face shallow and gaunt, she looked too thin, too small, not at all like his Alice, even her eyes were a dull blue.

    Until she looked up and met his eyes, and suddenly they were filled with color, bright and joyful and his Alice again. Her face flooded with color, and even her hair looked less gray and more blonde, like sunshine.

    She looked like his wife again.

    “Alice,” said Frank, feeling himself smile as if it was for the first time in years. “What happened to us?”

    “Place your hand in mine,” Alice said softly, “please, hold my hand. We need to find Neville.”

    Frank nodded and reached for her, feeling light as she laced her fingers through his. It felt strange to have her hold his hand, as if years had passed without holding her hand. All of the world’s comforts was right here, his wife, his beautiful and lovely wife, she was here with him now, and that was all that mattered. They would find their son, he couldn’t imagine that much time had passed.

    “Let’s go.”

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  • allshewhispers
    18.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Ok, call me crazy but...somehow... Plankton and Karen kinda remind me of Shinra and Celty.

    #plzzz idk why #i just jdjskskskk the dynamic maybe?? #im crazy. dont listen to me #shinra kishitani#celty sturluson #durarara!! #durarara#SpongeBob#plankton#karen #stupid head canons
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  • the-ship-maker-2
    18.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #creepypasta fandom#creepypasta#toby rogers#ticci toby #ticci toby x flirtatious reader #head canons #send me requests #please flood my inbox #please and thank you
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  • the-ship-maker-2
    18.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #creepypasta#creepypasta fandom#jonathan blake#puppeteer#kagekao #puppeteer x Kagekao #head canons #send in requests #please flood my inbox #please and thank you
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  • hatilead
    18.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Man I sure love ocs !

    #canons? nice. ocs with their whole own lore? INCREDIBLE!!!! #also im not home and i wont be for a bit but damn its loving ocs hours here !
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  • the-andy-and-chase-show
    18.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Andy x MC Cuddling Headcanons (With Sketches :3)

    To @anisanka , who accidentally requested Andy x MC cuddling Headcanons. There will be lots of hearts.

    Andy is usually the big spoon even though he’s shorter X3

    Andy doesn’t do half-assed cuddles; he’ll cling to you like a koala and burry his face in your neck and give you long open mouthed kisses all over your body (Hickies are almost always guaranteed)

    You always make sure Andy takes off his binder before you cuddle, especially at night (Don’t sleep in your binder, dudes)

    As a result you rarely cuddle shirtless, he always wears a loose shirt

    You sometimes insist on being the big spoon, especially when he’s had a hard day; there are just times when you need to be held

    Andy often lays on you when you cuddle; the weight helps ground you. And he keeps you warm.

    There is no such thing as, your side of the bed, and my side of the bed in this household.

    Even when you get into fights and sleep on opposite sides of the bed, one of you will be wrapped around the other within five minutes

    Andy actually finds it really hard to sleep without you around

    The pets always want to join in on cuddles. They’ll cling to either of you afterwards and not let go until they’re satisfied. (You don’t decide when cuddle time is over, they do.)

    (Excuse my ugly crow)

    #andy kang#ilitw #it lives in the woods #choices#ilitw mc#pixelberry #andy x mc #ilitw andy#traditional art#digital art#ilb #it lives anthology #it lives beneath #it lives series #it lives#ilb andy#ilb mc #Andy x Chase #head canons#choices game#my art
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  • magioffire
    18.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    bold what applies, italic what sometimes applies and strike what never applies. feel free to add on! [source]


    being unable to stop smiling. laughter. bear hugs. happy tears. waving arms around. dancing. contently sighing. eyes twinkling. laugh lines. childlike playfulness. skipping. talking more. affection. cracking more jokes than usual. gesturing more when talking. higher pitched voice. squealing. jumping around. clapping.


    tearing up. self-hugging. one-arm cross. an aching chest. scratchy throat. a runny nose. turning away. deep breaths. quivery smiles. crying. infantile sobbing. hands gripping each other or an object. covering mouth. puffy eyes. eyes appear red. running makeup. voice breaking. a distant or empty stare. monotone voice. asking for comfort. faking a smile. crumbling. shaking. whimpering. depression. abusing an unhealthy habit. withdrawing from others. big teary eyes. doing something even if it could hurt them.


    furrowed brows. baring teeth. passive-aggressive comments. avoiding eye contact. sarcasm. headache. sore muscles. hiding clenched fists. irritability. jumping to conclusions. raising voice. going silent. demanding immediate action. keeping it all in until exploding. body tensing. making risky decisions. middle finger.


    wanting to flee or hide. what-ifs. images of what-could-be flashing in mind. uncontrollable trembling. rapid breathing. screaming. a skewed sense of time. irritability. keeping silent. denying fear. turning away from the cause. pretending to be brave. nail-biting. lip-biting. scratching skin. a joking tone but a voice that cracks. fainting. insomnia. panic attacks. exhaustion. substance abuse. tics. rushing adrenaline. face draining of colour. hair lifting on the back of the neck. feeling rooted to the spot. making body as small as possible. staring but not seeing. crying. a shrill voice. whispering. gripping something or someone. stuttering. flinching at noises. pleading.


    constantly yawning. blurring words together. dark circles or lines under eyes. mood swings. hallucinations. calling people by the wrong name. dizziness. denying they’re tired. slow blinking. trouble concentrating. stumbling. leaning on a doorframe for support. sluggish movements. falling asleep someplace that isn’t a bed. becoming irritated by the smallest things. “i’m awake, i’m fine.” shaking so bad they spill their drink. fall asleep in their clothes. lay their head on the table because they’re so tired. passing out.

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    Tagging: @bransles, @glorybled @storieswrittcn (for fenris), @corvoimperiale @hatilead (for adele) @womanlives (for paloma) @ludjaci (for zevran) 

    #ooc. #dash games. #canons. #i love these things
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  • catgirltreats
    18.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Sole Survivor ripping the implants out of Kellogg: Such advanced technology... How could these scientific marvels even be possible?

    Courier Six dropping a big bag of caps on the medical clinic counter: One full-body subdermal armour plating please

    #fallout #i swear the two coasts are entirely separate canons #big mt does evil science that makes the institute look like babies
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  • strangemagicked
    18.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    > hi im doing these lil “my muse x ur muse” idea posts on double knots and like just silly little ‘what if they were dating’ type things

    and idk man i just,,, maybe i’ll do some here for my ocs?? if i do, which ocs would u want them of?

    #I AM THE ONE WHO MADE IT OUT. || OOC; #--; no canons as of now tho #--; im not really feeling any canons oops
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  • rengokuneedshugs
    18.05.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Endeavor fluff!

    so i have such a soft spot for Enji i know i know but i cant help it so here’s some cute things i think would happen in a relationship with him 

    so my mans needs therapy before anything like he definitely needs that before any relationship, but definitely be a friend to him during this 

    after all that mess try and take things slow, it’s really hard for him because his main concern is he’s afraid of hurting you emotionally or physically 

    if you guys are holding hands he’s constantly worried he’s hurting you so every now and then you just have to reassure him 

    it will definitely take a long time for him to try and fall asleep while cuddling you. Your so small compared to him that he’s scared of crushing you in the middle the of the night. But aside from that he loves to just hold you 

    for the first while of the relationship he’s afraid of physical contact both because he hasn’t had much that’s gentle and he’s afraid he’ll do something wrong

    he isn’t sure how to handle domestic acts at first such as cooking together or just something as simple as sitting down and watching a movie with you he finds it so simple and isn’t sure what to think 

    he sometimes has mental breakdowns at random so please try to pick up on it because he will try to hide it. It’s hard to be number one, keep a relationship and try to fix your family so please be there for him he’s trying but it’s not easy

     if you make this man kuzumochi at random it will melt his heart to the max and even if its store bought it’s still the thought that counts to him 

    if you wear his merch it gives him such a boost of ego like he loves it or if you wear one of his shirts or hoodies he thinks it’s just so cute 

    so i know this ooc but i hope you enjoyed! as always thanks for reading! <3 

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  • chiildishhopes
    18.05.2021 - 23 hours ago

    a shard of void. 

    —  something worth mentioning is that Kaida has a little mirror shard that was given to her in < arc 3 > by someone who she later finds out is her grandfather. This mirror shard however, isn’t something to check her looks with - far from it. 
    it can jump through realities. 
    this partially makes it easier for those who have varying verses that wouldn’t fit a simple theme of the arcs of Kaida’s story. But it also opens up different possibilities. Think about it - a character who is a god and cherishes every life she comes across... seemingly getting thrown into an alternate world where she may or may not have access to her powers fully. 
    But what is this mirror shard? Why did her grandfather have it if it can jump realities? Well, it’s a dirty little secret that her grandfather Saint Patrick to most people, has a soul weapon he shattered himself and handed it out to those who he truly gives all of his trust to. He still has one large shard. And all one has to use it is think and slice the very fabric of reality. 
    #c. the files underneath the bed | canons #;; > this will be important soon probably
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  • the-ship-maker-2
    17.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #creepypasta#creepypasta fandom#candy pop #yandere!candy pop x reader #head canons #send me requests #please flood my inbox #please and thank you
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  • the-ship-maker-2
    17.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #creepypasta fandom#creepypasta#jonathan blake#puppeteer#slender man#head canons #send me requests #please flood my inbox #please and thank you
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  • oatmealcrisp-freak
    17.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    I’m just gonna say it

    2004 era Inuyasha fanfiction?

    Was a shame. Allayall who painted Inuyasha as an abusive violent ass and Kagome as the shrinking violet victim running into Seshoumaru’s arms? Rude. Rude.

    #like ok just ignore one of the few canons that has the girl in the position of power in a het relationship yeah okay #I mean Kagome was an ass about it and I really disliked her because of it but if you're gonna assassinate these characters why do it that #way huh
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  • joshpathfinder
    17.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Depends on the person! The jailed members; Roadhog, Junkrat, ect don’t go out because they’re serving a sentence? But Junkrat explodes things for fun, in the name of science. Hog likes to read Pachimaru comics.

    Many of the other members listen to music. Lucio makes playlists for everyone. Hanzo, Genji, and Zenyatta meditate. Orisa has a dog, Brig has a cat (both canon).

    Sigma likes stem toys~ fidget spinners and the like. Doomfist probably works out.

    Reaper likes Spanish dramas. Jack collects survivor gear. Ana and Phara are family ~

    Moira never leaves the lab, but does watch anime.

    McCree definitely line dances and will teach his colleagues how.

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  • bubble-tea-bee
    17.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    M!S/O Taking Care of A Stray Dog In A Storm (Bee, Harry, Norman, Bubba, Hannibal)

    Last Edited: May 17, 2021 3:35 PM

    TW: none

    Anon: An M!/SO who stayed out during a rain storm to keep a stray dog dry while feeding and watering him? (BTW congratulations on your soon graduation!) M!/SO who stays out in the rain! Can you write for Bubba, Harry, Hannibal, Bee, and (One of your choice)

    Tags: none


    • “You’re gonna get thick now! Get inthide!”

    • He’s instantly ushering both his beau and the dog inside.

    • If his boyfriend likes the dog, he doesn’t mind keeping them at all.

    • Bee may not be the best at taking care of stuff but he will try.

    • He’ll dry both his beau and the dog off; he’ll even draw them a warm bath to try and keep them from getting sick.

    • If they both end up getting sick, he’ll get them whatever they need and want so they “get better faster”.

    Harry Warden

    • “...Why are you doing this..?”

    • He just sighs and drags his boyfriend with him back home.

    • If the dog follows, he won’t stop them; especially if his man wants to keep them.

    • He’s possessive and doesn’t want to share but if there is enough begging and maybe some bribing, he’ll allow them to stay.

    • He doesn’t really know how to take care of them so he leaves them be.

    • If they end up being sick, he leaves them to take care of themselves.

    Norman Bates

    • “Come in-inside! Qui-quickly!”

    • Norman is taking the both of them inside immediately.

    • He’s quick to start drying them off and drawing them both a bath.

    • Norman will have to ask Mother about the dog, maybe even beg her about keeping them.

    • He will make sure the dog is safe and sound, just like his beau is.

    • If they both get sick, he’s right there, taking care of both of them.

    Bubba Sawyer

    • Inside! Let’s get you all warm again!

    • Bubba isn’t too worried that they’ll get sick.

    • He honestly has no problem sharing his man with the dog.

    • He loves animals and has no problem keeping them around.

    • Definitely going to bed Drayton to keep the dog with them.

    • He’ll try his best to make sure to care for them both if they do get sick from being out in the rain.

    Hannibal Lecter

    • “Come along, Mylimasis. Let’s get you two dried off.”

    • Hannibal had already prepared a bath, knowing that his boyfriend went out into the rain.

    • He even has some food ready to be eaten.

    • It may take a bit, but he will end up keeping the dog, especially if they seem to make his lover happy.

    • Hannibal will make sure to take care of both of them, getting them everything they need and want.

    • If they still end up getting sick, he’s right there to aid them.

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  • nikethestatue
    17.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Not gonna lie--would like a scene where Elain and Az come to the human lands and somehow, meet up with Greyson. He is older, paunchy, balding. Elain is on the arm of this gorgeous, gigantic, winged Illyrian warrior. They are happy and in love and have accomplished all these insanely awesome things. And she doesn’t even gloat. Just shows Greyson what he missed, how, over an iron ring, he discarded what could’ve been the best thing in his life. Just a glimpse of ‘what could’ve been’. That would be satisfying.

    #erliel #azriel head canons #elriel headcanon#elain archeron #greyson is a dick
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  • bubble-tea-bee
    17.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    M!S/O Who’s A Hippie And Dabbles In Witchcraft (Stu, Billy Loomis, Will, Bubba)

    Last Edited: May 17, 2021 2:14 PM

    TW: none

    Anon: Hello can I request headcanons of will graham, billy loom, Stu macher, Brahms and Bubba with a male reader that’s like a hippie and has crystals, meditate and works with tarot cards and does witchcraft :) sorry if it sounds weird this is my first time requesting something

    Tags: none

    Stu Macher

    • “Lookin’ colourful today, Babe!”

    • Stu has no problem with it.

    • He in fact likes it; it’s something different from what he’s used to and he loves to watch what his boyfriend does.

    • He’ll buy whatever his beau needs; even going with him to find stuff out in nature for whatever herbs he may need.

    • Stu loves him more than anything, way more than Billy but he won’t say that.

    • He’ll encourage his lover to be himself and will fight anyone who tries to bring his man down.

    Billy Loomis

    • “Little weird but whatever.”

    • Has to keep his bad-boy act up but he honestly doesn’t mind.

    • He won’t admit it, but he’ll think it’s pretty cool of his boyfriend to do this stuff.

    • Billy won’t judge and sure won’t allow anyone else to, not if he can help it.

    • He will just let his beau do his thing and won’t really butt in.

    • He has no problem going out to get what man needs though; just say the word and he’s on it.

    Will Graham

    • “I don’t really understand but I’ll support whatever you do, Buttercup.”

    • Confused but very supportive.

    • He’s definitely going to try and cram his head full of information for the witchcraft, tarot cards, and crystals.

    • He may even bring up some of the information he found out.

    • Definitely thinks his boyfriend style is very cute and goes out of his way to buy him some more outfits every now and then.

    • Overall, he’s very supportive and will not let anyone beat down on his man.

    Bubba Sawyer

    • Pretty crystals. Pretty cards. Pretty colours.

    • He thinks his boyfriend and what he does is overall pretty.

    • He doesn’t judge one bit.

    • Bubba will even try to get his beau whatever he needs when he’s out and about.

    • Definitely loves how his man looks; he’ll try to match them up so they can be the colourful duo!

    • He will never let anyone say anything terrible about his guy either; he will not stand for it at all.

    #requested#headcanon#headcanons#head canon#head canons#slasher#slashers#horror#horror movie#movie#scream#scream ghostface#ghostface#billy loomis #billy loomis x reader #billy loomis x male reader #stu macher #stu macher x male reader #stu macher x reader #hannibal#hannibal tv#tv show#will graham #will graham x reader #will graham x male reader #bubba sawyer#bubba leatherface #texas chainsaw massacre #tcm #bubba sawyer x reader
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