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  • both me and pidge will break your kneecaps if you make fun of our height. i almost threw down with lance once. 

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    • Hand on the waist-pull-forehead touch gets me SHAKING okay
    • It’s such a soft, intimate thing to do and there aren’t words for how much I love it
    • My knees go weak sitting down when I see that on screen
    #love things#tropes#canons#otps #all the couple things #the forehead touch tho #it's the perfect finish #not even kissing #anyway#writing#writer things #writers gonna write
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  • Everyone may have up to three face reserves for free. You can gain an additional one by doing an intro and another for entering our contest. You may reserve one canon character from the series (anime, game, manga, etc.) You can also get up to one faction leadership position if you desire it. You may reserve a leader or second in command for each faction. Remember to leave your alias so we know who to attribute the reserves to.


    Adria Arjona - Peaches

    Chris Evans - Kero

    Chris Pine - Kero

    Dominic Sherwood - Kero

    Freida Pinto - Sloan

    Gemma Chan - Nightmair

    Jack Falahee - Kero

    Katherine McNamara - Link

    Katherine Winnick - Pandora

    Sam Claflin - Kero


    Blue Oak - Link

    Colress - Kero

    Cynthia - Pandora

    Red - Mother


    Payday Leader - Kero

    Ancient Power Second In Command - Link

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  • Does this count as a Mean Boys spoiler…?

    #chapter 6 is gonna be like #mean boys#canons #kinda?? #this has been a joke post
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  • Silent Hill Symbolism: Vincent

    Does anyone else follow thegamingmuse on YouTube? I love her videos so much. Please enjoy this one about how Vincent is a terrible person

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  • #out of memories #headcanons#canons #also they could annoy eath other to death tho #>x)#thegrimdarknarrator
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  • You may reserve three canons upon pre registration. You get an extra reserve for doing an intro for a total of four, and an additional for entering the competition for a total of five.  Please include your alias when reserving.

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  • Today on “Mean Boys things that are canon, but I don’t know when/if they’ll show up in the comic so I’m telling you in text form”: You know how Austin’s whole deal is that he has a really detailed photographic memory, and that’s why he can always tell WTF Bellamy’s trying to do?

    Well, you know what else his memory’s good for? Drawing.

    And since he also likes superhero comics, he draws a lot of fanart and posts it online. He’s not a shipper, but he draws a lot of everyday scenes, crossovers, and sometimes also stuff his little sister (who you’ll meet at the end of this chapter) asks him to draw. But he doesn’t reveal much else about himself, so when people talk to him they’re absolutely shocked to find that the artist with such captions as “My little sister asked me to draw Wonder Woman riding a dragon, so here’s the result!” or “Tried my hand at a costume redesign for a bunch of heroines so I won’t need to get embarrassed about my mom finding my drawings” is a) male and b) fourteen flipping years old.

    (Of course, a side effect of that is that Austin knows social media and fandom, and he has seen some stuff. You think he’s innocent? He has gazed into the abyss, even if he’s found himself a comfortable place away from the madness.)

    #he has learned not to touch ao3 with a ten-foot pole #mean boys#canons
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  • image

    Site canons, reserve them now while you can. 

    Storm Family:

    Mark Hamill (Father 50s - 60s), Emma Thompson (mother 50s - 60s), Sebastian Stan (Ellis Storm Taken by Tony 33), Noah Centineo (Son 20s college student), Katie McGrath* (daughter 20s - 30s)    Logan Lerman* (Cousin),  2 open faced cousins (30s)

    - A Stormy History -

    In the 40s the Storm family came into fruition with Eugene Storm Andrews who dropped the Andrews and went by Eugene Storm. One of the first movie stars to change his name for stardom. His children inherited the Andrews name, however if they wanted to make it big they had to use Storm, that was the only rule for the Andrews family. Those that wish to remain under the radar keep the Andrews family name, and yes, there are a few that chose not to go into Hollywood.

    There are many sides to one story, and the Storm’s family history is no exception. From battles with drugs to divorces, and marriages it’s all public knowledge and a downside of being part of a famous family. The Storm family is as dysfunctional as the next family, however their dirty laundry is usually aired for the world to see. So imagine trying to make a name for yourself, when everyone already knows your family’s name and tries to lump you in with the rest of the clan.

    Park Siblings

    Johnny Yong Bosh (big brother 40s), Jon Cho (big brother 40s ), Ming Na Wen (Big sister 40s ), Grace Park (Big sister 40s ), Mizuki Nana (Little sister 30s ), three open siblings, 

    - Park Siblings -

    Known in the Asian theater as the famous Park siblings this family is half actors and half musicians, but all family. Some adopted, some blood related but all equally talented and just as famous. From Asia to the Western Continents, how well known they are is up to their players.

    Adopted by some of Asia’s best casting and music agent couple, some born to them, they wanted to make a family name something to be looked up to.Monroe Family - Lawyers of the stars

    Robert Downey Jr (Father 50s - 60s), Gwenyth Paltrow (Suggested - Mother 50s - 60s ), Nina Dobrev (Suggested - Daughter 20s - 30s ), Tom Holland (Son 20s), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Uncle - Brother to RDJ 50s - 60s ), Holly Marie Combs (wife to JDM 50s - 60s ), Open son or daughter ( 20s ), Dylan O’Brien (Suggested - Son of JDM 20s)

    - Monroe & Sons Firm -

    When a star is in trouble legally they will find a member the family firm to take into court in their corner. Mr. Monroe also doubles as an agent or manager, mostly for his own son that decided to be an actor instead, but he does have the experience and expertise.

    Wood Family

    Clint Eastwood (father 50s - 60s ),  Kristin Chenoweth (Suggested - mother 50s - 60s ), Chris Evans (son 30s), Scott Eastwood (son 30s (Possibly a fraternal twin to Evans), Stephen Amell (Son 30s - 40s), Open faced sister ( 30s ), Cousins - Chris Hemsworth (30s), Liam Hemsworth (20s)

    - Wood Family PR Agency -

    Most of the members of the Wood family are part of the PR agency of the same name. These folks will help your stars look better no matter what it is they’ve done, or at least they will try to while battling their own public relations nightmare.

    Behind the scenes of the Wood family they are always trying to clean up their own mess. Messing with their image is the black sheep of the family (Chris Evans) who despite being told he’d be disowned, still acts up and gets way too much negative publicity. “I’m just trying to have a good time, who cares why I do what I do, life is too short to be boring.” Is one of his most famous quotes. Will the bad boy ever straighten up and clear up the Wood name, or will Mr. Wood have to legally disown the boy and take away all his money.

    Danny Glover (Father 50s - 60s ), Angela Basset (Mother -  50s - 60s ) Donald Glover Childish Gambino (Son 20s - 30s ), Tessa Thompson (Daughter 20s - 30s), 


    - We’re all stars here. -

    It started with Mr. Mitchell and the kids just kind of caught on to it. Multi-talented group of artists making a name for themselves.


    Sylvester Stalone (PR agent open age ), Dwayne Johnson (Stunt double/actor open age), Scarlett Johansson (Model/actress 30s), Taylor Swift (Musician open ages)

    - Names in lights -

    The faces here are suggestions, names are open, some are PR agents others are famous but not from famous families. 

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  • Mobile-Friendly character stats below the cut.

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  • I always forget how much I enjoy drawing my duck princess tbh

    #kona does art #canons#Ahiru Arima#princess tutu #old art new post #queue
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  • i wanted to thank a very good friend of mine for dealing with my DBZ hyperfixation so i doodled him a quick Goku

    #kona does art #canons #dragon ball z #son goku#dbz #old art new post #queue
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  • a Ruby I did awhile back at the V7 announcement 

    #kona does art #canons#rwby#ruby rose#queue #old art new post
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  • #ask #mod!lyra #canons
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  • haber cabros

    • Campeche sabe hacer comidas con combinaciones bien ojetes que por alguna razón satánica terminan sabiendo bien. (Roo es un fanático de los elotes empanizados con oreo(?))
    • Es bueno dando madrasos (Esto no se si cuenta como una cualidad equisde)
    • Sabe hacer de pirata y partirte la madre a cañonazos

    y ya no se mas, ese wey solo existe, no hace nada con su vida

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  • Ok Infinity Train? Obviously a masterpiece. Excellent show. Wraps everything up pretty nicely. I just have one question.

    …why the flipping heck does the train have canons attached to the engine? We know the canon is used by the conductor and tulip within the train but that’s obviously not what its designed for. So what is it supposed to do and who (or what) is one-one trying to shoot at?

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  • Been thinking quite a bit about the team mascot lion in Mean Boys. You know, this guy:


    First of all, he has a name now and it’s Snowy Silvermane. (His mane is normally gray, it’s just purple here due to the filter.)

    So basically the team has a plushie of him and, boys being boys, they have fun with it. Some fine examples:

    • The first joke was holding him up like Simba in The Lion King.
    • When that got old they started doing more Lion King jokes, often involving the football team’s similar, but not identical, mascot plushie. Cue taking pics and uploading them on social media.
    • They started with “Can you feel the love tonight” and when someone commented that the plushies were both male lions Bellamy replied they were boyfriends. Later they did “Long live the king” with the same plushies; when asked if they weren’t supposed to be boyfriends, the team made up a story about how they found out they were brothers, broke up, and hated each other now.
    • One thing led to another and they started photographing Snowy in different situations and outfits, like chilling at the pool with a drink or sitting in class. He now has his regularly-updating Instagram account.
    • One time someone made a 4/20 post with him and got in trouble with the school. (The post was taken down.)
    • Another time someone posted a pic of him in a bikini to protest the dress code. (“Snowy says dress codes suck because he’s always naked and it doesn’t distract anyone either!”) That also caused trouble with the school.
    • One of the teammates has mad Photoshop skills and regularly edits Snowy into weird/dangerous/impossible situations. It never caused any trouble except for that one edit of the plushie smoking.
    • Snowy comes along on every trip and the boys enjoy acting like he’s alive. “You made Snowy sleep without a blanket! He’s gonna freeze, you monsters!”
    • Snowy reaction pics are the #1 team group chat meme. There is one for everything.
    #in the evening i sometimes get possessed by chaotic teen energy #mean boys#webcomic#canons
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