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  • Foloril,

    I envy you this task, the ultimate challenge of a merchant’s abilities. I wouldn’t give this opportunity to anyone but the most charming and persuasive salesman I’ve ever seen.

    Think of the possibilities! No one knows what trolls want, what they might buy, or how poorly they will bargain. And you’re going to find out! They’re not very bright and they usually have lots of stolen gold, so the profits should be enormous! You’ll be renowned for opening a brand-new market for our goods, making us the envy of merchants across Cyrodiil.

    Don’t deal with anyone but their leader. That’ll be the biggest troll around. They don’t speak, but gestures, grunts, and displays of goods will get your selling points across.

    Best of luck, Foloril—we’re all counting on you! Don’t forget to smile!



    Cyrodiil Import and Export Company

    –Note found on a dead High Elf, near a troll

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  • Remember when we collectively shit on ‘hipsters’ cause they rejected 'main stream’s stuff?

    I just heard like, the 20th commercial for the NF show Ratched and each time I hear it, the more turned off I get. Like, my natural reaction to advertising in capitalism is to NOT want your product.

    What if that backlash to 'hipsters'bwas capitalist propaganda? Meant to make us feel safer in name brands and with frequently advertised things?

    I dont know anything about advertising beyond what’s casually on the interwebs air if anyone has more knowledge, please feel free to step in.

    #capitalism#advertising#'main stream' #thoughts at capitalist work
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  • @noblepeasant That’s not completely true. It’s not just semantics. Ancaps also champion landlord rent, waged employment, and interest banking among other things, as voluntary free market transactions. They refuse to acknowledge the state’s roll in creating the artificial scarcities and barriers to market entry. They champion small business owners as “job creators, helping the poor find the capital they need,” or they lionize landlords as much needed “shelter providers for the poor.” They are grossly uninformed about history or economics, or they have built a false moral identity around their political-economy, and they refuse to listen to anything else. 

    Ultimately, it also comes down to tactics and strategy. Ancaps think the government needs to get out of the way, so business owners, money lenders, stock brokers, and landlords can follow the path of least resistance. For them, minimum wage laws are standing in the way of a poor unemployed person at least getting paid something for a job, “The government is keeping that woman impoverished, because someone can’t hire her for $3 an hour, which would be helpful for someone living on the street.” I know. It’s stupid.

    The Left, real Anarchists, however, see that no person should have to go seek a job from a boss (not that living and acquiring things doesn’t require effort). So, when the Left talks about Wobblie or Knights of Labor tactics at the work place, e.g. slowing down production, sick ins, or staying in on strike, ancaps think it’s unethical. When the Left destroys capitalist property (which I don’t recommend), the ancaps think it is unethical. When we on the Left talk about jubilees and not paying our debts, or rent strikes, these ancaps think they are within their moral authority to defend those debts and properties, because they think such property was ethically begotten, in spite of the millions of government laws.

    In other words, they usually only see how the government monopoly affects the middle class, and think such regulatory monopolies don’t impact the poor’s ability to be equally independent. The government is just preventing the middle class from making more profits from the poor, so the middle class can build more nice apartments, restaurants, and new technology for us poor folk.

    It’s almost like ancaps believe in the capitalist dream myth that it’s not a pyramid scheme, and that if everyone worked really hard, everyone last one of us could become a landlord and business owner, and none of us would have to pay rent or work for a boss. Although they don’t say that.

    Ancaps think they understand the difference between free markets and capitalism, but they understand neither, at least not any better than a liberal, republican, or any other statist understands it.

    #ancaps vs Left #capitalism
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  • I just LOVE the idea that being open to change and accepting everyone is a “left politics thing”. Like its okay to opress and discriminate people because its “conservative”. 

    What’s “conservative” about your ideas? The idea that people with no european heritage should be slaves and are lower than everyone? The idea that women dont deserve rights? The idea that people who arent straight and cis deserve to die? Yeah, that was the case mere DECADES AGO. Not even a century! A few fucking DECADES. 

    Your ideas arent “conservative”, they’re close minded and oppressive! 

    Oh, and BY THE WAY no. Their existences dont “bother” you. Your life will literally be the same if there’s equality or not except your child is gonna be miserable and you might have a slave at home. 


    If you oppress people just for your own fucking gain, you’re not a “conservative”, you’re a fucking facist asshole. These people arent bothering you, you’re just a fucking moron with no basic morales.

    Because that’s what morales should be. Finding happiness in the simple things and not interfering with other people’s happiness unless it breaks someone else’s. Someone’s “existence” doesnt affect you AT ALL

    Bitch. If you take pleasure in doing things that ruin other people’s lives and let your happiness go away because they’re BREATHING, YOU’re the problem. NOT THEM.

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    At a time when so many are hurting, the very, very, very rich should not be getting much richer. By taxing the wealth gains made by just a few hundred billionaires during this pandemic, we can provide health care for all.”

    - Sen. Bernie Sanders

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  • The 40 hour work week makes me feel like my weekend is already almost over and it’s Thursday…

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  • Quick rant before I lose my marbles: capitalism and corporate greed is the root of all the world’s problems.

    #I’m so frustrated by work right now #tell me why I had to write the schedule 3 different times #this shit is so disorganized #20 hours of overtime is cool #but at what cost #the store can’t function with an eight of the staff #rant#retail#corporate#capitalism#marbles#sanity#insanity#evil#disorganized#over time#overtime#covid19
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    Truth: It’s capitalism that creates the political environment which makes it possible for fascism to spread made worse with corruption.

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  • (Context: I took a week off work last week because I had been working for 100+ hours a week since May)

    Me, walking out off the air terminal with a mask on: hi mamma, hi babbo

    My mom, maskless and with a MAGA hat: look at our little capitalist, coming to visit!!!

    Me, who is taller than her and a moderate: … you know I’m only doing this so I can pay for college, right?

    My dad: take off the mask and let’s go.

    (I’m back from vacation but am now in self quarantine until next week. Thankfully my quarantine doesn’t interfere with my job)

    #coronavirus#moderate#capitalism #I’m not a capitalist #I’m just really poor #and wanna afford college
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  • 😉👌🌞⚘🥳🎁#neolife #neolifefamily #neolifeinternational #neolifelifestyle #neolifeclub #money #business #prosperity #wealth #capitalism #capital #health #friends #colleagues #colleaguestofriends

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  • Alexander Rabinowitch – the Bolsheviks Come to Power.

    This is by far my favorite Soviet history book. It captures the moments that lead Petrograd 1917 to revolution. The war-torn country, growing anti-Tsarist attitudes as the common people are thrown through a meatgrinder. What really grabbed me was the level of dynamism behind the organizing. There are so many committees and leaders that the Bolsheviks remained a popular group among the Russian workers, peasants. If I could declare the book to read on the Russian Revolution, this is it.

    Ludo Martens – Another View of Stalin

    Stalin’s time was the golden age of socialism in the USSR. After death, his name has been dragged through the mud constantly by revisionists and anti-communist cold warriors. Smearing the good name of communism and socialism, egalitarian and liberation ideals that are possible in this world. It’s a spirited and rousing defense of Stalin, deconstructing the various myths and lies surrounding the General Secretary. Fun Fact: did you know that Staln tried to resign no less than 4 times but was denied by the Politburo?

    Pat Sloan – Soviet Democracy

    Pat Sloan lived and worked in the Soviet Union for several years. He gives a great rundown of the constitution and the political structure of the USSR. It’s quite fascinating considering the level of interaction that Soviet citizens have with their political system. It’s especially dispiriting when you contrast it to the US – your vote is little more than a token permitted by the ruling classes. It’s a great over-view of the Stalin-era system and a welcome breath of fresh air, recommend it to a friend who’s a bit skeptical of Soviet-style democracy or sell it to them as ‘council democracy’.

    Herbert Aptheker – The Nature of Democracy, Freedom and Revolution

    Herbert Aptheker is a Marxist writer. This slim book is a 126 pages long. You can breeze through in three days or three hours depending on your schedule. It’s an excellent examination of liberalism, bourgeoise democracy & an argument for the necessity of revolution. This was the first among a few books that opened my mind to Marxism and lead me to Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

    Joseph Stalin – The Foundations of Leninism

    I finished this one recently. It’s an excellent book on the building of a revolutionary party. Stalin was a concise and blunt writer, memoirs and authors have remarked on his direct personality. This is a must alongside Marxism and the National Question which I will read soon. Marxists.org also has a great archive, you can check it out by clicking or highlighting the link.

    Robert Thurston – Life and Terror in Stalin’s Russia 1934-1941

    We’ve all heard about Stalin’s Red Terror. This book is an excellent refutation of the notion that Stalin had complete control and by snapping his fingers, got what he wanted done. The days of the USSR in the 1930s was a frayed time. There was considerable lack in competency with the NKVD and other aspects of the Soviet system. The passages on the reform efforts for the penal and judicial system in Soviet Russia are remarkable.

    R. Thurston is a neutral source. He still blasts Stalinist Regime or his crimes, but he’s honest on the hard data: the USSR was a massive improvement in the quality of life for it’s citizens. Thinking about the Tsarist Russia regime under Nicholas the 2nd, the USSR was a great development for the people of Russia.

    Karl Marx & Frederick Engels - The Germany Ideology

    This where we come to the development of Marx’s dialectical materialism and historical materialism. It’s a piece of work in which the duo worked out their understanding of history and society. This is an essential text to read. I recommend speaking to some Marxists on Communism101 Subreddit. You don’t have to read all of it, just a few sections here and there. The base and the superstructure are the most important aspects of their analysis and make it important in revolutionary education.

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    Saw this on Facebook and need it to share it with all of you.

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  • money is a scam

    back to barter

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  • Judaism and Capitalism | David Gordon

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    GIVE me the timeline where biden is a marxist PLEASE

    #conservatives threatening us with a good time once again #2020 election#biden#trump#us politics#usa#america #the communist democratic party of america lmfao #democratic#socialist#socialism#left#leftist#leftism#leftwing#progressive#left wing#capitalism#anti capitalism#class struggle#marxist#marxism #eat the rich #no war but class war #biden is centre right
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