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  • strfruitz
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    Astro Notes: Capricorn Edition (2) ♑️✨

    Can apply to any personal Capricorn placements/stelliums/heavy 10th housers

    TW: These notes are a bit deeper and touch on sensitive topics. There are mentions of sex, death, substance abuse, and eating disorders

    ✨ Capricorn karma is very real. Saturn rules karma. If you intentionally try to play a cap, you will eventually get your karma for it. Whatever house you have Cap or Saturn in your chart is where people get their karma for doing you dirty. For ex, I have cap venus in my 7th house and I swear none of the people I’ve dated that did me wrong are in happy relationships. But this goes both ways. Caps are the type to talk shit about someone and then immediately trip on a curb lol. Capricorns should try to live honestly and virtuously in order to create the best lives for themselves. No cutting corners or misusing power to take advantage of people. R Kelly is a Capricorn and it took years for him to be brought to justice for his crimes against children and women, but his career and life is essentially over at this point. Capricorns can contribute a lot culturally, but once shamed, there is little chance for redemption. Hitler is another awful Capricorn moon that deeply abused power.

    ✨ Capricorn is represented by the devil card in tarot. Lords of the underworld. Most Caps have dark sides that we hide well. This means Capricorns have a ton of depth that most aren’t aware of. Most of us are deeply self aware. Caps should evaluate themselves and their behaviors from time to time. Caps can have a lot of inner demons stemming from childhood that we bury deep down. Caps can suffer from addictions and have substance abuse issues. Mac Miller is a Capricorn and unfortunately a representation of this. He often spoke on and rapped about his challenges with navigating life. He was fully aware of his addiction and still had trouble with his sobriety, eventually leading to a tragic death. (RIP) Caps should be careful with their vices, otherwise it could lead to their demise. You are the only one that can free yourself.

    ✨ Regarding being ruled by the devil card, caps can have a vicious sex appeal. It’s very earthy and rooted in reality, which attracts plenty of suitors. A mysterious mixture of sensuality from earth and ice from Saturn. I would suggest to Caps to explore and get more comfortable with their sexuality because it can benefit us greatly as we get older. Caps are the type to be have the best sex they’ve ever had in their later years. A confident cap that’s truly comfortable in their own skin?? HOT HOT 🥵 (s/n: Caps can be very interested in BDSM lol)

    ✨ Capricorns take loyalty VERY seriously. It takes us a while to genuinely trust people and let them into our worlds, so when we do? It’s for life. Cause have you ever seen a scorned Capricorn? This is where that emotionless behavior comes in strong. They can become some of the coldest, robotic, unforgiving individuals you have ever known when they feel wronged. Do not earn a Caps trust and then destroy it. You will never get it back and they will ice you out like nobody’s business. You simply no longer exist to them, after they get their vengeance of course, if they are that type. Depends on the rest of the chart. If you fuck over a Capricorn/Scorpio? Godspeed lol.

    ✨ We are especially careful with romantic interests. A lot of Capricorns don’t seriously date people they don’t see a future with. And if we are just dating for fun, that person will not have access to us in our entirety.

    ✨ Venus in a woman’s chart represents her essence and the way she expresses her femininity while Venus in a mans chart is the kind of woman he is attracted to and how he would treat her. Cap venuses treat relationships like business investments lol. Cap Venus women play no games when it comes to relationships. We take romance seriously. No time for bs here. Being so practical, it takes a lot for us to fall in love. We can be indifferent towards our suitors for a while before we trust them. Cap Venus women lovee gifts, vacations, luxury, etc. Megan thee Stallion is a Cap Venus and her entire discography is representative of that. A good song is “Sugar Baby”.

    Cap Venus men on the other hand adore women with that particular mindset. Their type is powerful, independent women who take no ones shit. The kind that wants a man, but never needs him. That makes him feel even more special if she chooses him. They could like older, mature women with more experience, so they could prefer her to take the lead in the relationship. The Weeknd is also a Cap Venus and his music represents his type well. Some good songs are “6 Feet Under” (A cap woman anthem lol) and “In the Night”.

    ✨ Capricorns are very intuitive as a feminine sign. The irony is that people have a hard time reading us, but we can see through most people like glass. We can tell your true intentions most of the time. We know if someone is being themselves or pretending. We have no time for phony folks or people pleasers. We respect authenticity.

    ✨ Capricorn suns with Sagittarius mercury are your goofier caps that take life slightly less seriously. Hilarious people. Everything is a joke to them. The most confrontational combo. Capricorns with Capricorn mercuries are your sticklers who are more cut and dry and view life in a black and white way. Very satirical, dry humored people. They will insult your intelligence so smoothly that you won’t even realize they just called you the dumbest bitch on the planet. Capricorns with Aquarius mercuries are more detached from the outside world and individualist. God complexes. The visionaries. Absurdist humor. Most misunderstood combo.

    ✨ Capricorn placements can be the jack of all trades. Many of us have that thing that we primarily focus on mastering, but we can be interested in a lot of other topics as well. We love to learn new things. A cap is the type of person that you can never truly know because we will always find a way to surprise you with the depths of our knowledge and skills.

    ✨ Capricorn rules the teeth, bones, and knees, so remember to do your stretches and be careful with your movements. We are prone to injuries in these places. I broke my first bone when I was 6 years old. Take care of your teeth as well. Go to the dentist regularly.

    ✨ When Capricorns are at their lowest, we suffer from restriction mindsets. We feel we don’t deserve to have joy, which is really sad actually. A lot of caps can have issues with disordered eating, possibly not even on purpose. Caps can be obsessed with having power and control, so when we feel that we are spiraling, we will take matters into our own hands in other ways.

    ✨ Even as children, caps are precocious, determined individuals. Quirky little weirdos honestly lol my favorite books in childhood were A Series of Unfortunate Events. Cap children are the type to read dictionaries for fun and spit out random facts and information for no reason. Very curious minds that thrive on mental stimulation. It can be difficult to find a place as a Capricorn child. We often felt ostracized even at a young age. There is a maturity present that could rival any adult. These are your old souls and because of this, Cap children could prefer to hang out with older people. If you know any Cap children, try to remind them that they are still kids at the end of the day. We take on responsibilities so young that a lot of us wish we had someone to do that for us. Adult caps can benefit greatly from inner child work.

    ✨ Finally, CAPRICORNS!!!! I HOPE YOU’RE LISTENING!!! REMEMBER TO TAKE A BREAK!!!!! Your career/work isn’t going anywhere!!! Please use your PTO to go on vacations and your days off to relax. Working yourself into exhaustion isn’t going to make you happy. Only tired and resentful. You have value outside of your achievements, I promise. Remember to eat well, rest, and do things that have no “real” purpose other than genuinely bringing you joy. Take care of yourselves please. It is impossible to be all things at once.

    That’s all for now, folks.

    Capricorn notes pt 1.

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  • astroismypassion
    26.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Another Composite question

    Do you guys have any experience with Capricorn Rising? And Neptune in the 1st house or Saturn in the 1st house in Composite chart? :)

    #still asking for a friend lol #i’m that friend #astrology#composite chart#capricorn rising#capricorn ascendant#capricorn#pisces rising #neptune in the 1st house #saturn in the 1st house #composite
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  • llviragoll
    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
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  • llviragoll
    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Leo Sun Taurus Moon Aquarius Rising ENFP (f) x Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon Scorpio Rising INTJ (m) *relationship*

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  • astrroloaries
    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    I will roast your boyfriends in a moment

    but you can ROAST mine here are his placements: gemini rising, sagittarius sun/7th house, aries moon/11th house, capricorn venus/8th house & capricorn mars/9th house

    #roasting our bfs #roast#fun#astrology#zodiac signs#txt post#gemini rising#sagittarius sun #sun in 7th #aries moon #moon in 11th #capricorn venus #venus in 8th #capricorn mars #mars in 9th
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  • kubrickscube
    26.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Random sayings that I had that I correlate with aspects and placements:

    Every placements and aspects mentioned here are the ones that I have or know someone that have it. In short, this is like a personal astrology observation. : ) edit: the last quote is from the YouTuber called MacDoesIt whom I love to watch.

    Venus in 12th: Is the fabric soft?

    A tired Cancer Sun Sag Moon: Can I Uber my kid to your home for a day?

    Everyone to Moon in 11th: Go ask who that is.

    Mars in 6th in Capricorn: I dare you.

    Venus in Aquarius: I met with a friend who did my medical test for free. I tried paying him but he wouldn't take it. So, I proposed that we go to the Mall's comfort room and there I sucked him dry.

    Capricorn Sun Leo Mars: My ass shouldn't be this fat, but if you say it looks good then I have no complaints.

    Pluto in 7th: I need you.

    Same person, but it's Saturn in 1st: On second thought...

    Jupiter-Mercury in Synastry: *laughs at the slightest dumb stuff or pun they see/hear*

    Pisces Rising to a Sagittarius Rising: You can't just strip your clothes as soon as you enter the door.

    Mars-Ascendant: One more?

    Mars-Venus: You don't want that.

    Jupiter-Ascendant: Just spread peace and love while simultaneously teaching them why they're wrong.

    Every Sagittarius Sun/Dominant that I know: Bad bitch *points at self in the mirror* KNOW WHAT YOU ARE.

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  • mermaidastrology
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Earth Sign Risings, Taurus Rising, Virgo Rising, and Capricorn Rising, come across as dependable and practical. They might appear kind of boring at first. You often have to get to know them to see the more fun and exciting parts of their personality.

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  • immortalink
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    so apparently there is a site which makes a poem for the personal placements in your natal chart

    i love that for me lol

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  • strfruitz
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    Astro Notes: Capricorn Edition (1) ♑️✨

    Can apply to any Capricorn personal placements/stelliums/heavy 10th housers

    ✨ People with multiple earth placements or rising can have serious resting bitch face. ESPECIALLY Capricorns. Speaking from experience, I’ve been told that I am hard to read. This is also something I’ve observed in other Capricorns. We have a naturally straight faced look that reads “do not f**k with me” lol

    ✨ If you want to know if a Capricorn has a crush on you, it will not be obvious. They actually might be a little cold towards you. This is because having feelings makes us malfunction a bit. It’s a defense mechanism because we are secretly terrified of rejection.

    ✨ If a Cap does indeed have a crush on you, we will observe you from afar before interacting. This is because we are collecting information and strategizing, similar to Scorpios. We need to know if you are safe to interact with. You’ll know a Cap likes you when they find random reasons to just be in your presence, give you things, help you with tasks, or try to find common interests with you.

    ✨ We value our peace and solitude more than anything in the world. A Capricorn is secretly in love with you if we want to spend a lot of our free time with you, even if that means sitting in silence. We have very little patience with being bothered. We likely won’t say it, but you are very special to us if we go out of our way to see you.

    ✨ Capricorns often gravitate towards other Capricorns. Even if you know nothing about astrology. This is because we see ourselves in each other. We can feel like home to one another. I personally don’t care for two cap suns in a relationship just because egos can clash, but it would be great for friendship since they challenge each other. Moon and sun, moon and Venus, or literally any other personal planet synastry would make a great romantic partnership based on natural mutual understanding.

    ✨ Capricorns have to be intellectually stimulated to be interested in someone. We typically don’t like shallow people. We like people with a story. People who are intelligent and knowledgeable in multiple topics. We love to talk about our interests with people we trust.

    ✨ Capricorns are stereotyped as being boring, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Most caps I know have a very chaotic side to them that we only show to those we trust. A lot of Caps are actually pretty goofy and have well developed senses of humor. Caps can have really cute quirks too. We’re black and white when it comes to our business, but when it’s time to have fun? There’s no restrictions there honestly lol

    ✨ Since we are ruled by Saturn, which rules time and responsibility, Capricorns age in reverse. Both mentally and physically. We’re born mature due to feeling extremely old in spirit and eventually let loose as we get older. The world feels less heavy on our shoulders as we age and realize things dont have to be so serious all the time.

    ✨ Capricorns LOVE music. We use it as an escape or a comfort thing. We can be really into the technicality of music. Capricorns have the best playlists tbh. We love moody, more melancholic music, especially when we’re sad. I’ve noticed a lot of caps are into rap as well. A lot of us play instruments too. One random thing I’ve noticed is Capricorns usually have one favorite artist that they’re very defensive over. Like if someone were to say that artists music is bad?? Cap is not having it because we consider our taste to be impeccable and that is a direct attack 😭

    ✨ Another misconception about Capricorns is that we’re emotionless. A lot of us are actually sensitive af and have so many feelings that it’s overwhelming, so we just don’t deal with them at all. Processing emotions is a task for us. That’s why so many of us use work as a way to avoid them. Cancer and Capricorn are sister signs after all. We just deal with our feelings in completely different ways. Having both in your chart is stressful af lol

    ✨ On that note, oh Capricorn moons 🥺 as a sun and venus, I have such a soft spot for you guys. One of the most caring, giving people I know is a cap moon. I just wanna give all capricorn moons a big hug because you’ll never ask for one, but you need it. This is one of the toughest cap placements to have in my opinion. The moon is all about our emotions and inner world and Capricorn doesn’t do so well here. Cap moons are uncomfortable with excessive emotionality and have a massive fear of being perceived as weak. You guys matter not for what you accomplish, but for who you are as a person. Y’all are very special, even if you don’t realize it. Y’all do not have to suffer in silence like you think. It’s okay to feel guys, even if you don’t want to tell anyone about it.

    ✨ Capricorn women are iconic AF! Since we take our craft so seriously, we can be the best at what we do. Capricorns are able to put aside their feelings when working. A lot of Cap women have high status and powerful reputations. Cap women are also innovators in their respective fields. Capricorn rules the 10th house aka the height of the chart, which represents how the world perceives you. This applies to Capricorn midheavens as well. Rihanna is a Cap midheaven who is known for being a successful businesswoman. Very talented, memorable women. Some notable Capricorn sun females: Sade, Aaliyah, Betty White, Michelle Obama, Lori Harvey, Irina Shayk, Eartha Kitt, Nicole Beharie, Issa Rae, Mary j Blige, Hayley Williams, Flo Milli, Blue Ivy Carter, Dolly Parton, Tiffany “New York” Polard etc

    Not sure why I felt like exposing us like this, but I hope this helped you understand Capricorns a bit more because we are extremely misunderstood. More soon!!!

    Capricorn Notes pt. 2

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