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    AU where tosh n owen live and john convinces jack to let him join on probationary trial and andy is like to a new copper "this is jack and his husband ianto and their girlfriend gwen and her husband rhys...and tosh and her boyfriends owen and john. careful 2 out of the 7 are fear biters and ones undead and idk who atm..."

    #personal#team torchwood#torchwood #everyone lives au #toshiko sato#owen harper #captain jack harkness #ianto jones#gwen cooper#rhys williams #captain john hart #poor newbie #they just stand there dying of confusion #lol
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    09.05.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Amphibians :0

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  • iwasnotaslasher
    09.05.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Sam: You know, Steve gives Tony flowers everyday.


    Sam: I wish you'd do that too.

    Bucky: Okay.


    Bucky: *gives flowers to Tony*

    Tony: ???

    Bucky: Dunno, I'm confused as well.

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  • fandom-blackhole
    09.05.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Sinful Sunday

    AN: Alright everyone, here it is this week, and I just gotta say that they all are VERY sinful this week so go crazy lol. I do have a taglist for this now, so if you want added just let me know! (Also ik this is super early, but it is almost 3 am and I stayed up late writing these, and skipped a THOT and I just wanna wake up to validation)

    Sinful Sunday Masterlist

    So this THOT bloomed from the idea of Modern AU Captain Rex, who is still a captain in the army so you rarely get to see him because he is active duty.....

    Rex was finally home on leave after months of being away on missions and leading men into dangerous battles. After being separated for so long it was hard to believe that you were actually cuddled up to him with his chest to your back watching a movie in your living room. The movie that was playing had been some movie that released while Rex had been away and he had specifically requested to watch, saying he thought it looked good. But here you were, neither of you paying attention to the movie, at all. It had started innocently, Rex just running his hand along your hip and thigh as he actually watched the movie. But it was very obvious that the touches didn't stay innocent long no matter how much he tried to fake it. Soon his hand started moving its path more towards your inner thigh, then higher up your inner thigh, high enough that with each pass he brushed softly against your clothed core. It wasn't until Rex was working his hand into your sweats and panties that you grabbed his hand and groaned out, "You wanted to watch this." Rex replied almost immediately, and in a whispered, almost needy, tone right in your ear, "Sorry darling, but I just can't help myself, I havent seen you in so long." And with that he pushed his hand out of your grip and slid his fingers right through you wet lips, brushing over your clit making you whine, and shoving his fingers as deep as possible into you, drawing out a gasp of his name from your lips. Rex only took enough time to groan about how wet and warm you were before he started fingering you like his life depended on it. As always Rex knew where to hit inside of you to bring you the most pleasure, and as he did he kissed and sucked on your neck. As Rex's fingers sped up you couldn't help but to grind down against his palm and when your clit was pressed into his palm you couldn't stop the shout that passed you lips, and you could feel the smirk that spread across Rex's face when you did. You felt yourself get closer and closer to your peak, and as Rex felt you start to tighten on his fingers he made sure that with every grind of your hips your were rubbing your clit on his palm. It took you no time at all to reach down and grab his hand over your clothes as you moaned out his name and came explosively all over his hand. When you finally caught your breath, you looked over your shoulder to look Rex in the eyes, only to find them blown wide in lust and him growling, "I hope you're ready, because I am far from done with you, darling."

    Okay so another clone boi is getting a THOT this week and it is the sexy and grumpy Wolffe and his biting kink that he soooo has and I refuse to believe otherwise......

    The first time the two of you actually had sex you had been surprised when Wolffe had buried his teeth into you shoulder as he came. You hadn't brought it up after, especially considering he hadn't broken any skin and only left teeth marks and a decent bruise that you would run your fingers over in the coming days while he was away on a mission. After that the bites and nips started happening more often, and you couldn't help but enjoy the feeling and the colorful marks he left for you that reminded you of him while he was gone. Neither of you brought it up, but it was obvious that both of you enjoyed it.

    It wasn't until after a particularly long mission that when he was getting ready to go down on you, you gently pulled his hair to pull him away from you. And while avoiding eye contact you mumbled out asking him to bite and leave marks all over your thighs, and well, Wolffe didn't need to be told twice. Immediately feeling list flow through his veins Wolffe praised whatever deity was out there for giving him the perfect significant other, and went to town. Wolffe liked and gave soft nips to one thigh first before kissing a spot by your inner thigh and following it quickly with his teeth. He repeated that action two more times on that thigh before switching to the other one and starting the whole process over again. By the time wilffe was finished both of your thighs were covered in marks that were already bruising and you were a squirming mess. Wolffe, running out of patience and just wanting to fuck you silly and leave a few more marks an your shoulders, stood quickly and slammed into you with a grunt.

    And because my head is full of THOTS for Boba, here is a tiny THOT that is literally just giving Boba some head....

    You were honestly kind of suprised that you managed to get Boba to sit on the edge of the bed and agree to him letting you pleasure him for once. But now, as you kneeled between his thighs, with his thick cock standing tall in front of your face you wondered where you should even begin. And what was making it worse was that Boba was watching your every move intently. You gingerly reached out and wrapped a hand around the base of his cock, noting that your fingers didn't even wrap around completely because he was so thick, and then you leaned forward and gave the head a small kitten lick that dragged a small grunt from Boba. Feeling a bit more confident you wrapped your lips entirely around the tip and sucked and ran your tongue around it and over his slit, which is what cause Boba to tangle his fingers in your hair and pull slightly, grumbling about no teasing. Smirking, you pull back and spit in your palm before wrapping your hand around his base again and start moving your hand up and down at a nice steady pace. Then you smile up at him before leaning back down and swallowing as much of his cock down your thoat as possible, which wasn't as much as you would have liked. Boba cursed, and you could feel his hips twitch wanting to thrust up bjt he held back. Then you went to work bobbing your head and pumping your hand in time, while curving your tongue along the under side of his cock. You stayed at this pace, occasionally pulling off for air, before plunging him down your throat again. At some point you look up to meet his gaze at the same time you cup his balls and that's when you saw his resolve break. With a curse Boba's hand in you hair tighten more than you thought possible and he apologized quietly before lifting his hips to start fucking your mouth and throat. It didn't take long at all before you felt his cock twitch and balls tight, before he pulled out so his head was the only thing still in your mouth and he spilled everything, completely filling your mouth and some dribbling out with the spit trailing your chin and neck.

    Haha, did I hear more Sub!Din? No, well too bad, here's some filthy Din getting pegged.....

    You weren't sure how you got into this situation entirely, but maker you were so turned on by this turn of events. The original plan had been to only put the strap on and give Din everything he had ever given you and more. But the second you put the strap on this time, you instantly went into a power trip, and from the way you had Din on his knees licking and sucking on the plastic cock you were currently sporting, well you think it would be safe to say that he too was enjoying the turn of events. Grippimg onto his hair you tsked at him and made him look you in the eyes, "Oh, pretty boy, if you are gonna suck my cock, you're gonna have to do it right. Open up for me." The second he did you groaned at his obedience and you cooed out good boy, before slowly starting to slide the dildo into his mouth, you gave him a few shallow thrusts,  before slowly and steadily pushing the entire thing down his throat, which him only gagging once. You groaned and gripped his hair telling him, "Kriff, you're such a good boy, why don't you suck this cock for a minute and then I'll fuck you like I promised." As you spoke you saw his own cock twitch between his thighs before he started bobbing slowly on the strap. Like you promised, it only took about a minute before you got impatient and pulled him off and you leaned down to kiss his forehead and told him to climb onto the bed and lay down.

    You quickly followed and kneeled between his thighs, throwing one legg over your shoulder and keeping the other on you hip as you pressed into Din slowly and watched his eyes close and forehead wrinkle up in pleasure. Once you were fully inside you praised him for taking you so well and rewarded him by pumping his weeping cock a few times, which resulted in a long groan and a choked, "please!" Abliging him you started giving small harsh thrusts, circling you hips, a d trying to find the spot that made him moan your name so sweetly. The second you hit his prostate you knew because he did just that and you drilled into him while smirking and watching the flush flow across his face, ears, neck, and chest. The sight was beautiful and hot and you told him just that, which pulled a whine from him as he turned his head and buried it in the pillow. You spent alot of time at this pace and angle praising him and pouring as much pleasure into Din as possible, but then he brokenly whimpered out your name and a "please...moOore." Smiling you lean down to his ear and say, "Only because you asked so nicely, pretty boy." And you pulled almost completely out of him before slamming back in, and you grabbed his angrily red cock and started pumping it in time with your thrusts. Din didn't stand a chance to hold out much longer and after a handful of quick thrusts and pumps he was cumming all over you hand with a shout as you continued to rail into his prostate to dragon his pleasure. When you were satisfied that you couldn't give him anymore, you gently laid down his legs on the bed, and slowly and carefully pulled out of him, before standing up intent on cleaning him up so the two of you could cuddle peacefully.

    Taglist: @ollovaemisc @googiebeankat @shellyc9 @vikingqueen28 @altarsw @rosegoldarti @groovinomicon @jessaminejaylinnreaper @randomfangir12718 @moodsare @virgil-nonbinary @embonbon @meabravo @joculatrices @evensisacaption @saveatruckrideoptimusprime @hayley-the-comet @blackmarketmummy @callme-eds @fuckyeahbeskar (crossed out names are ones I couldn't tag, sorry!)

    #sinful sunday #captain rex x reader #rex x reader #commander wolffe x reader #wolffe x reader #boba fett x reader #boba x reader #din djarin x reader #din x reader
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  • whoreforbuckybarnes
    09.05.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    "You like it, huh?"

    pairing: Avenger!Bucky x fem!innocent!reader

    summary: Bucky is returning home after a long mission and he decides to prepare you for when he's back

    theme: smut

    warnings: poorly written smut, but I'll get better lmao 18+ MINORS DNI Bucky is in charge of you, orders, praise kink because I'm a whore(forbuckybarnes), daddy kink, f! and m! masturbation, dirty talk

    words count: 1531

    a/n: I hope you like it!! Likes and reblogs are more than welcome, asks and messages are open for anything <3

    The moment you've waited for the entire day has come. Finally you and Bucky can see each other after a long time, even if it's from a screen.

    Bucky had to fly away from you for a mission with the Avengers and hasn't called you since. He texted everyday, letting you know he was safe and everything was going alright. But when he said that they were coming home, you were the most excited person in the entire world.

    He texted you to be ready at around 9 PM, because at that time he would be on the quinjet, flying home.

    You're wearing his shirt, the one he gave you when he left. Underneath, your breast is hanging freely and your legs are uncovered, just your panties hiding your private parts.

    You open your laptop, put it on your desk and wait for it to ring. Your bed is positioned in front of the desk, so you decide to sit cross-legged on it. The t-shirt is long enough to cover your thighs.

    You sip from the water battle and you almost choke on it as you hear the classic FaceTime ringtone. You try to look good as much as possible before you press the green button.

    Bucky's blue eyes appear on the screen. His smile lights up his face. "Hi, doll," he says, waving with his hand.

    "Hi, Buck," you wave back. Your eyes start to water for the joy of finally seeing him after weeks.

    "How was the mission?" you ask him trying to make conversation. There's so much to talk about so this could be a nice ice breaker.

    "Always the same: kicking some bad guys, saving people, finding clues and being a hero."

    They actually couldn't say anything about the mission, they were top secret, especially for you being a civilian.

    You smile at him and his joke. "I miss you so much," you admit to him, as if you hadn’t told him so many times by text.

    "I miss you too, babe," he replies, looking around if there's someone listening to him.

    "Everything's okay?" you ask worried about his behaviour. He doesn't answer, but instead he gets up and closes the door of his room.

    When he finally sits down, he starts to watch you rubbing his chin. "You're wearing my t-shirt," he notices.

    You look down. The long, grey shirt, with a Nirvana logo printed on, still has his perfume. He doesn't know how many times you slept with it since he's gone. The scent of mint and tabacco would deceive your mind, making you think that he was there next to you.

    "Yeah, it is," you speak still looking at it. Finally you land your eyes on him and you notice that his look is different. It's more mischievous now and he has a smirk on his face.

    "What about it? You don’t like it on me?" Your lower lip trembles and your big eyes look sad.

    "No, baby girl, I don't like it at all. In fact I want you to take it off," Bucky replies. He's still rubbing his chin, but this time he's sprawled in his chair.

    You do as he commands and take off your (his) shirt. Your chest is completely naked and, at the sight of it, Bucky straighten and takes an hand on his crotch.

    "You did it on purpose, didn't you?" Bucky speaks in a rough voice. His eyes wander all over your body, as far as he can see from the screen.

    "What did I do, Boo?" you say, playing innocent.

    He sighs. "What must you call me in these situations?" His voice is getting deeper and deeper and, as you hear it, you immediately feel a pressure on your lower belly.

    "Daddy," you answer quietly. Your eyes are low on your knees, while you torture your fingers.

    "I didn't hear you," Bucky firmly states. His hand is moving on his crotch still covered by his sweatpants.

    The arousal on the lower half of your body increases as you speak again. "Daddy," you say louder.

    "That's my girl," you hear him talk. "Now, put your hand on that little nipple of yours," he orders and you obey.

    Your hand is running from your stomach to your breast, your fingers squeeze and pull your nipple. Your head falls backwards for the excitement.

    "You like it, huh? Just imagine those are my hands and run them all over your body," he tells you directly what to do.

    Your eyes close immediately and your hands start to caress all your exposed skin. Just the thought of his hands on you is turning you on. You feel your core throbbing, in need of attention. But you know you can't take initiative.

    But you can beg.

    "Daddy, please," you say with a trembling voice. He just knows your pussy is already wet, but he wants to take it slow.

    You hear him unbutton his pants and lower them on the knees. He still has his boxer on, but you can clearly see his boner begging for being released.

    Bucky's is massaging his cock over the fabric as he speaks. "Let's take it slow, alright doll? You know I missed you so much, we can't rush things, right?"

    You nod in response and he continues to talk. "Now, I want you to take your little fingers and suck them, can you do that princess?"

    You obey immediately. Your slender fingers enter your mouth and you start to suck them up. They're getting soaking wet just as much as you cunt.

    "Yes, just like that, good job," Bucky is still massaging his dick as he watches you carefully. "Imagine that you're sucking my big, hard cock.

    You like that, don't you? Of course you do."

    He finally decides to pull out his hard-on and starts to jerk off as he watches you.

    "Where do you want my cock?" he asks you, panting as he moves his hand quickly on his boner.

    You mutter, still with your fingers in your mouth. Your other hand wanders on your body exactly where you want his.

    "Answer me," he orders in a steady and harsh voice.

    "In my pussy," you admit, taking your fingers out of your mouth and then put them back immediately. You want him to screw you so bad.

    "In your little pussy, that's right," he says. He's sprawled on his chair again.

    "Now be good and spread your legs for me."

    Your eyes lights up when you comply to him. You open your legs and your wet pussy is almost dripping.

    "Take your panties off," he says and you obey without complaining.

    "You look so fucking hot right now," he admits, accelerating his hand on him.

    "Daddy," you try to talk, but your voice trembles. The arousal and your throbbing clit are begging for attention. And you want it too.

    "May I touch myself?" you ask permission to Bucky, because he's in charge of you. He’s the one who has to tell you what to do.

    "You want to finger you? Then do it," he gives you his consent. And your hand fly down on you and land on you clit, finally.

    Your pussy is already dripping wet when you start touching yourself. Your head falls backwards as the arousal assails you and focuses on your lower belly.

    "There you go, sweetling, just like that," Bucky praises you with his not so steady voice anymore. He's moaning as his hand moves faster on his cock.

    "Put in your fingers for me, now. Imagine they're my dick and fuck yourself."

    You immediately stick two fingers in you. Your walls clench at the contact and it gives you shivers down your spine.

    You close your eyes and you picture Bucky on top of you, banging you 'till everyone would know his name.

    "You're doing an amazing job. I can't wait to screw the fuck out of you when I'm back."

    Bucky's words make you accelerate. You whine his name in the desperate need of him. You feel near the orgasm and he's the only one that can make you do it.

    Also Bucky is moaning as he wanks off watching you. "I want to hear you moan, you know I love the way you moan."

    Your fingers move in and out easily and quickly. You really try to imagine Bucky as he fucks you and that is increasing your arousal. The pressure on you cunt demands to be released.

    "Daddy, please, — you whine — I'm gonna come." You part your lips, moaning horribly loud, as he likes it.

    "Come with me princess, look at me." He as well is very near to orgasm.

    You look at the screen and he does the same. Your eyes match with his blue orbs and you let him know that you're his, by whining his name out loud.

    "Are you ready?" he asks you with a trembling and fatigues voice.

    After a few seconds you come undone on your sheets, moaning horribly loud. Looking at your mess and hearing you, he comes too.

    The both of you are panting heavily.

    He smirks. "I can't wait to taste you again."

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    09.05.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    Sorry folks! I’m sure to do better next time!

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    09.05.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    things i hate the most re: comic-related media. when the fanbase wants a specific character to be lgbt (or a specific relationship to be canon) and the producers go "we'll create a DIFFERENT character and make them lgbt. or just make a dollar-store version of the pairing you were looking for. :)"

    #this happened with bluepulse in s03 of yj (literally just shuffling bart to some new latino like we browns are all replaceable #while jamie hooked up with a girl who was a lesbian in the comics????) #and then marvel creating a 'gay captain america' even though they damn well know we want a SPECIFIC captain america to suck dick #also making a new pyro and making him gay when mx st john allerdyce was right there
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  • striderist
    09.05.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    actually feeling a little sick to my stomach thinking about just how fucked up this shit is

    #i was looking up some stuff abt the horrible shit in hs and AHs other work and some of them were on the hs subreddit and i #GRRGRGRGRGRGH LITERALLY FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH AH FANBOYS AND THE 'ohoho freedom of speech means freedom 2 b racist n ableist' TYPE #and it just hit me like oh...... wow #people really think like this #i really dont understand why people are so fucking... unwilling to criticize media #or when they do its for the most inane and backwards reasons #read: captain marvel getting dragged bc marvel fanboys didnt like brie larson when it shouldve been criticized for the us army pandering #like goddd #i dont know #like right now.. i dont even know why im thinking abt these characters again it came on so suddenly im just trying to get it over with quick #its good timing that its exam season and almost the beginning of summer break rn ill be too preoccupied to have this last long #ive just gotta ride it out until it passes again by now ive kinda recognized the cycle #i think it came on in part bc ive been like VERY suicidal ideationy lately and my brain was like what if you fantacized about being loved #and then was also like well what if we revisited one of ur most blindly blissful periods of life before u grew a brain and also sentience #and then it didnt wait for an answer #gonna force myself not to self isolate as much this time hopefully i think thatll help also
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  • ableakmidwinter
    09.05.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    Oh my god, Sebastian Stan.

    Man, you're looking good.

    Man oh man, lemme tell you something.

    You ever seen a guy this handsome walking down the street? He's gonna get arrested, cause he's killing all the ladies.

    Look at that, look at that.

    Pow, pow, pow, pow 🔫🔫

    #tfatws #the falcon and the winter solider spoilers #bucky barnes#sam wilson#sambucky#anthony mackie#captain america #captain america and the white wolf #sebastian stan#sebastianstan#anthonymackie
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  • mejacinta
    09.05.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    The writers should've had Bucky and Sam at least acknowledge that the government were the baddies, but strangely they didn't.

    Sam only got to confront the government directly with that little pep talk in the finale, telling them to 'do better'. Corny and vague, what the writers did.

    They wasted too much time getting the protagonists to antagonize a mere government pawn (John Walker), when directly fighting against the government would've been way more entertaining to watch.

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  • fictionkinfessions
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #fictionkinfessions#ask response#dreamsmpkin #i love that ur typed so fast you typoed polar bear #thats so endearing captain puffy friend #mod party cat!
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  • augustinremi
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I have an urge to write / draw Tintin content, but I have no specific ideas so please send me prompts / concepts !! I miss creating for the Tintin fandom !! You guys are all so nice and lovely and also I miss the fun of that source material !!

    #sometimes after six months of dying victorian sailors you need a little break #tintin #the adventures of tintin #captain haddock#cuthbert calculus
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    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #bbc ghosts#pat butcher#the captain #lady fanny button #mary#kitty #robin the caveman #headless humphrey #modern world map #headcannons everywhere
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    Mother of Monsters

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  • senatorpadmeamidala
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    “star wars has always had so many female characters? why does disney want to add more?”

    Amount of fem. characters in each film

    pink = woman

    blue = man

    characters in the og trilogy:

    luke skywalker

    han solo

    leia organa

    lando calrissian

    darth vader

    sheev palpatine

    number of female characters: 1

    the prequels (not counting tcw bc i want to only use the more mainstream content):

    anakin skywalker

    obi wan kenobi

    padmè amidala

    mace windu

    qui-gon jin


    number of female characters: 1

    the sequels (not counting leia, as she has already been introduced in the ot):

    poe dameron

    rey skywalker


    rose tico

    kylo ren/ben solo


    general hux

    number of female characters: 2

    amount of *mainstream* female characters overall: 4

    men: 15

    Screen time

    Source: here

    A New Hope: 15%

    Empire Strikes Back: 22%

    Return of the Jedi: 23%

    Phantom Menace: 20%

    Attack of the Clones: 18%

    Revenge of the Sith: 17%

    Rogue One: 35%

    Force Awakens: 37%

    The Last Jedi: 43%

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