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    Warnings: non-consent sex and rape; breeding; kidnap; isolation; manipulation; abuse; these men are no good.

    This is a dark!fic and explicit. 18+ only. It features Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers, and Bucky Barnes, as well as OC side characters and a reader. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.

    Synopsis: you meet three cute guys while camping but your trip is delayed when it takes an unexpected turn.

    For @boxofbonesfic hot girl summer challenge with the prompts: Girl’s Trip + Breeding kink

    Note: So this is the end... well, it’s been a ride.

    Thanks to everyone for reading and thanks in advance for all your feedback. :)

    I really hope you enjoy. 💋

    <3 As usual, I’d appreciate if you let me know what you think with a like or reblog or reply or an ask! Love ya!

    You winced as the flannel grazed the stitches along your shoulder. Thor was diligent in sewing up the gash left from your escape and you were thankful, if still a little paranoid. You didn’t trust him, you couldn’t. The three men you knew to be his friend taught you that well enough. You were impatient to be away before they caught scent of you.

    There wasn’t much to the small cabin but the few Asgardian novels piled on the table intrigued you. One in particular took on the language of the reader and you watched the strange symbols rearrange from Norse to English. Your saviour spent much of his day in the kitchen or outside, hunting. He had quite the taste for food and experimenting but you were spared the bloody preparation of the creatures he caught.

    You counted a week and felt better for it. You were ready to go, having stayed too long as it was. The only real barrier was the snow as it got deeper but that day, the sun was high and the blanket thinning. You turned back as Thor inhaled the steam from his mug.

    “I want to go,” you said, “I’m ready.”

    “It is a far way to go to town,” he countered, “did you intend to walk there upon your own?”

    “Would you not drive me? I don’t mind walking if I must,” you shrugged, “why keep me any longer when the snow is clearing?”

    “Do you even know where you are, Lady Char?” he tilted his head, “you were most disoriented when I found you and I would hate for you to lose yourself once more.”

    “Why are you keeping me here?” you asked firmly and crossed your arms, “you can drive me to town and I can find my way home from there. It would be the last favour I ask.”

    He gulped and set down the metal mug. He sighed as he stood, his size startling each time he rose. He pushed his shoulders back and pushed the hair away from his face. He neared you as you leaned against the window ledge, the cool air seeping in along the sill.

    “Why are you so eager to be away?” he asked with a smirk.

    “I can’t stay here forever,” you tried not to flinch as he planted a hand on the wall and loomed over you.

    He stared down at you and his blue eyes sparked as they clung to your face. He squinted and leaned in just a little. You heard a noise without, distant and muffled by the thick trees. You winced and held his gaze.

    “I wish my brother was here, he is much better with liars than I am,” he slithered, “but, Lady Char, if you would allow me your true name I might consider aiding you…” his eyes flicked up and he watched out the window as snow crunched, “but they might be able to tell me.”

    You glanced back and gasped as you saw two figures tramping closer from the treeline that zigzagged around the cabin. You knew Steve at once by his soldierly gate and the golden tips poking out from beneath his cap. Bucky followed at the other end of the box swaying between them, his dark beard a shadow along his jaw.

    You turned back and shoved against Thor but he had you by the collar of the flannel in an instant. He dragged you towards the door as you clawed at his thick arm and he forced you out as the hinges threatened to break from the violent swing. The large slippers threatened to slide off your feet as he urged you to the top of the steps and chuckled as he watched the approaching men.

    “About time,” he called out to them as they neared and dropped the chest onto the snowy dirt, “she’s been growing impatient.”

    “Get the fuck off of me,” you snarled as you hit his thick arm, “how could you-- How did you know? I--”

    “Darling, do you know how far we are from ‘town’?” He scoffed darkly, “you’d never make it this far on foot. I am considered rather clever by those who know me, it wasn’t so hard to determine where you strayed from.”

    “Get off,” you growled, “please, don’t let them--”

    “I mightn’t,” he said and lifted his chin to look at the men, “I found this precious little thing, so why shouldn’t I keep her?”

    Your heart hammered and the prospect of this cabin to the house of stringent rules and dystopian domesticity hardly seemed preferable. You squirmed and kept twisting your hands around his arm in an effort to break free. He twisted the collar around your neck and drew you against him.

    “So?” he prompted.

    “We didn’t walk all this way just to go back empty-handed,” Bucky drawled, “don’t be ridiculous.”

    “Mmm, but I did not agree to a gift, this is a trade, what do I get for my trouble?” Thor insisted, “I would settle for this… creature.”

    “No, she’s ours,” Steve said, “but we will bring you what we owe you.”

    “And what do you owe me?” Thor challenged.

    “Another girl, if that’s what you want, when the spring comes, we’ll bring you some company,” Steve offered. The way he spoke of women like cattle to be traded made you rage and you writhed against Thor, “two, if that’s better for you.”

    “One,” Thor huffed, “one will do.”

    He marched you down the steps as you kicked out. The borrowed slippers flew into the snow and you gritted your teeth as the other men approached from the front. They grabbed your legs as Thor’s large hands rounded your neck and you were angled towards the opened box.

    “Please, don’t…” you held onto Thor’s wrist, “you can save me. You’re a hero--”

    “Not anymore,” he forced you into the chest and Bucky pushed your arms in gruffly.

    “Shut up and watch your fingers,” Bucky snarled as Steve grabbed the lid.


    The slam of the lid cut off your shriek and the lock clicked into place. You lifted your head and dropped it against the bottom in defeat. You knew it. You knew it and you did nothing but you were too weak to run and too lost to make it far. If you’d even thought of sneaking out, you’d have just as good a chance of wandering back to that prison. 

    Why hadn’t he just let you freeze to death?

    “Back to basics, girl,” Bucky taunted through the box and suddenly it lurched.

    “Assholes,” you hit the lid with your fists, “monsters!” you barked, “I fucking hate you.”

    “You know,” Bucky chuckled, “doesn’t quite have the same effect from in there.”

    Steve hushed Bucky and tapped on the lid, at least you assumed the soft rapping was him as he bid you to be quiet in a low tone. The box swayed as you heard their boots crush the dirt and snow beneath. You closed your eyes and sniffed.

    Stupid, so stupid. To think that you could ever escape. Every misstep, every foolish idea, every misplaced hope raced through your mind and sank heavy on your chest. Why couldn’t you stop? It was easier to just give in. Laila seemed happy, hadn’t she? 

    No, she was hollow and hewn to their hold. She was not Laila, she was what they made her, and you wouldn’t be any different. You knew that but you just couldn’t accept it.


    You didn’t try to count the days, that only made it worse. You laid in the dark and didn’t think. You were exhausted and slept through most of the mind-numbing void. You were disturbed by your meals and the short time allotted just to keep you in existence. It was all so base and barren.

    You ate without tasting, spent your time in the bathroom in a blur, and your steps back to the box grew harder and harder. Some days, they carried you. Some days, you didn’t know which of them was there to wake you. 

    Then there was a sudden change. You weren’t just tired, you were sore. Your joints and limbs were cramped from your seclusion in the chest. Then the sickness set in. You could hardly hold down even the blandest meals. 

    When you puked into your hand while walking back from the bathroom, you were certain that was it. Your body was shutting down, you were dying. Your mind was so far gone your body was done.

    “Sweetheart,” Steve’s voice was dull in your ears as he pressed the bottle of water to your lips. You drank only to wash away the acidic burn in your throat, “good girl.”

    He set the bottle down and returned with a cloth to clean your hand. You sensed his shadow but just sat and waited. You stared at the box, your coffin. You imagined it being lowered into the dirt.

    “Hey,” another deeper tone came from down the hall. It was always just one of them these days, that you noticed, that you were aware of. Footsteps neared as you curled your shoulders and shuddered, “honey?”

    Sam knelt beside you and touched your chin. He tried to make you look at him but you wouldn’t. He felt your forehead then his hand trailed back down and he pushed up the flannel that smelled of your sweat and filth. His hand spread over your stomach and you winced.

    “You didn’t notice?” Sam sneered and you raised your head. You glanced over at Steve with a confused blink.

    “I… Bucky’s been--”

    “Bucky…” Sam sighed as he took his hand away and stood, “she can’t stay in the box. Look at her. Even if she wasn’t… she’s barely there. She doesn’t know where she is--”

    “Hell, I’m in hell,” you croaked as you leaned back against the chair, “I know where I am, who you are, what you’ve done…”

    “Honey, shhh,” he hushed as he turned back to you, “we’re gonna get you back to your room and laying down, alright?”

    “No, no,” you waved him away, “just put me back… in there.”

    You pointed to the box and stood. You staggered and he caught you. He held you against him and bent his knees to scoop up your legs. He lifted you and cradled you gently.

    “Come on,” he said.

    Steve led the way and opened the door. You closed your eyes as you went limp in Sam’s arms. The room was worse than the box. The room let you hope. The room was too big. The room had rules. The room meant the men came more often and stayed longer. The room meant you would live.


    The rosy scent of the bubbles eased your mind and body. You reclined against the porcelain as you slowly awoke from your daze. You felt fractured and fragile as you closed your eyes against the harsh glare of the bathroom light. You let the tension of your muscles flow into the water.

    You groaned as the water cooled and the voices came clearer from the next room. You tried not to focus on them but the words began to make sense. You sat up and your back ached as you turned your head.

    “Bucky, goddamnit, how could you not see that she’s obviously pregnant?” Sam hissed, “do you know what could’ve happened?”

    “Took her long enough,” Bucky snapped back, “I didn’t… think, but she’s fine, isn’t she?”

    “She’s… she will be,” Sam said but his words fizzled back to a drone.

    You looked down and your lip quivered as you saw the roundness of your stomach. Your hand fell to feel the curve and tears pricked. You shook your head as your breath grew shallow and you realised they were talking about you. You were pregnant.

    You screamed and flailed in the tub, water splashing violently as you began to sob. It couldn’t be! It couldn’t! This was the final straw, the final link in the chain around your neck. No, no, no.

    “Get her, she’s gonna hurt herself,” Sam said as the men rushed in.

    Your arms were seized and stretched above you as you were forced to your feet and another grabbed your legs. Your back was turned against a broad chest and you were lifted from the tub. They carried you out into the bedroom and set you down on the bed, Bucky holding your wrists and Steve restraining your thrashing legs.

    “Honey, honey,” Sam got up beside you and caressed your cheek, “you need to calm down, come on. Breathe, in, out--”

    “No, no, no, no, no…” you whined as you turned back and forth frantically, “why did you do this to me? Why?”

    “Shhh, baby, it’s good, it’s all good,” Sam coaxed, “you can see your friends now. Don’t you want to see your friends?”

    You stilled and let out a jittery breath. You gulped as the tears streamed down your temples and into your hair. You sniffed and nodded.

    “Yes, I do…” you whispered, “but I can’t… this…”

    “Honey, you did good, look at you,” he reached down and rubbed your stomach, “you’ve made us so happy.”

    You stared at him in horror and stopped fighting the other men. They let you go cautiously and you grabbed Sam’s hand.

    “I want to see them right now.”


    You sat on the couch in a flowered dress and waited. You couldn't help but rock with anxiety as you chewed your thumb. Bucky sat across from you and watched with half a smirk. The old anger spiked and for a moment you wanted to hit him. Then it died and you crossed your arms to quell the brief lapse.

    You heard Laila first, then Jasmine. You stood and turned with a smile as they entered but it fell as they eyed you with suspicion. It was almost as if they didn’t recognize you. You hardly recognized them. Laila was so big, she waddled, ready to pop at any moment, and Jasmine was smaller, but hardly, both much larger than you.

    Your heart sank and you touched your stomach. You looked behind them at Sam and Steve and saw how they leered at them. So content to watch the women in their condition, even more helpless than those girls back at the campsite.

    “Lai, Jas,” you breathed.

    “Sit,” Bucky ordered from behind you.

    You cringed and swallowed your spite. That old feeling was coming back. You turned and sat on the couch. Jasmine and Laila came around and sat to your right. Sam and Steve stood behind the sofa and Bucky watched with his chin up from his perch in the arm chair.

    “I’m so happy to see you guys, I…” you were almost speechless, “I missed you.”

    You tried to hug Jasmine but she leaned away and glanced at Laila. They frowned and looked back at you.

    “You’re bad,” Jasmine said, “why have you been so bad?”

    “What?” you winced.

    “You ran away,” Laila said, “you left us… left the children.”

    She embraced her stomach and rocked it as if it was a baby already. You scrunched your nose in confusion and disgust. You looked at both women, closely. You saw little more than shells, molded to the shape of their keepers. 

    You peeked over at Sam. He watched you and you knew you couldn’t fuck this up. You made yourself smile. 

    “I’m sorry I was bad… but you didn’t miss me?”

    “Of course we did,” Jasmine said snottily, “but when you’re bad, it hurts all of us.”

    You nodded, uncertain what to say. You sat back and hung your head.

    “I’m going to be good now,” you said quietly.

    There was a silence. You sat and waited for anyone to say anything. You couldn’t speak because if you did, you would say something wrong. You knew it. That sour taste in your mouth begged to escape.

    “Congratulations,” Laila said, “you must be three, maybe four months?”

    You lifted your head and batted your lashes. You wiggled your nose and kept from crying. Your cheeks hurt as you held your smile.

    “Thank you, and you’re so… big,” you gulped.

    “Almost there,” she said and you saw her throat tighten, “I think it’s a boy,” she bit her lip and looked up at Steve then she leaned in and covered her mouth to whisper. You bent to hear her as she spoke over Jasmine’s stomach, “Steve thinks it’s his.”

    The girls giggled at this and sat back and you tried to mimic them as best you could. You were quiet as they quickly descended into chatter about their hopes for their children and everything they still had to do before they arrived. 

    You listened and felt the final snap as you gaped at these strangers. They were not your friends. Not anymore. And you were not you. You belonged to these men, just like that child in your stomach.


    #sam wilson#steve rogers#bucky barnes #dark sam wilson #dark steve rogers #dark bucky barnes #dark!steve rogers #dark!sam wilson #dark!bucky barnes #sam wilson x reader #steve rogers x reader #bucky barnes x reader #fic#dark fic #dark!fic #series#staycation#mcu#marvel#captain america#avengers#falcon#winter soldier#tfatws
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    Young, dumb and broke

    Y/n : I might be young and dumb, but at least I’m not broke.

    Natasha : That’s because I manage our finances. If I left them up to you, you’d be young, dumb and on the streets.

    Y/n : Hell yeah! That’s why I preach, get yourself a sugar mommy kids!

    Natasha : Y/n, no.

    #incorrect quotes#marvel imagines #marvel incorrect quotes #natasha romanoff #natasha romanoff imagines #natasha romanoff x reader #bucky barnes#captain america#sam wilson #sam wilson x bucky barnes #loki#peter parker
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    Presenting: the amazing Sam Wilson, portrayed by Anthony Mackie, being the voice of reason and having more than one brain cell in CACW. Also, the fact that T'Challa is a king but Sam is just "you like cats?" hahaha. Love him.

    CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR (2016), dir. Joe & Anthony Russo

    #cacw#sam wilson#falcon#captain america #he may be snarky but he has a point
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    Marvels Popularity Poll . . .

    I’ve recently saw a post poll, ranking male marvel characters that I personally found disheartening. First and foremost, I’m a person who respects one’s individuality to express their freedom to support whomever they like. Point, blank, peridt. But the concern that’s currently haunting me, is the lack of respect for Marvel’s diverse male characters.
    Now, I’m going to mention that I only saw the results and not the list of the voting criteria(s). So whatever question(s) that was asked, I don’t know.
    But what stood out, was the only Person of Color that appeared on that list was ranked last. And that was The Falcon.
    It’s not a surprise for those who see my posts know that I adore Anthony Mackie. But Marvel wasn’t my first rodeo with Mackie. Nope, thanks goes out to Spike Lee and the movie that Anthony appeared in.
    Despite my support for Anthony, the amount of disrespect that his character received before he became the new Captain America, and as of recent, is just straight up hatred which I personally find ridiculous. To devalue a character such as The Falcon, who played an important part in both Captain America and the Avenger movies, is something that People of Color have to deal with on the daily in the real world. And now apparently, in the Superhero universe as well. But this little essay/rant isn’t about the disrespect of The Falcon, but the lack of acknowledgement or recognition for Black Panther as well.
    Despite the loss of such a great man who played a phenomenal character, the disrespect of him not even ranking, rendered me speechless. And that’s a tall order to do.
    I vividly remembered Black Panther kicking butts in the Avengers movies; supplying some Avengers and their buddies vibranium gear. And in the End Game, being the one of the first set of people along with The Falcon (Let’s not forget) to stand beside Steve when Thanos kicked his butt and broke the shield. I also remembered after all the top notch Superhero’s went down in the End Game fight, it was black folks (My Southern dialect is kicking in now) that appeared first in the portal. But yet and still, even in a “popularity poll” (Honestly, thinking back, I believe it was just that) we can’t even ranked or get higher then nine.
    My frustration isn’t about the ranking of the other characters. At this point, it is what it is. My frustration is, as being a Person of Color we would like to be treated equally. And for just a moment, not have to fight for the respect that “I” believe we rightfully deserve. Even in the Superhero universe.
    I’m sure there are at least a million topics like this out on Tumblr. You can now count mine as a million and one.
    Much respect goes out to all People of Color in this Marvel/Superhero world. But greater respect and love goes out to both Chadwick Boseman and Anthony Mackie.
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    Drink it in🤤

    #bucky x you #bucky x female reader #fatws bucky#bucky barnes #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes imagine #bucky barnes x y/n #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky barnes x you #dbf!bucky #beefy!bucky #boss!bucky #demon!bucky #dilf!bucky #marvel#mcu fanfiction#the avengers#captain america
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    i've been recommending a lot of fics lately, but this one is particularly good - “Lighthouse” by glittercake

    it is pretty dark in a very real sense, please read the tags before you start! also, if you need support you can use the helpline (i'm not sure if all the numbers are up to date, but I tried to find as many as possible plus add websides)

    Telefon zaufania dla dzieci i młodzieży (PL) 116-111

    Telefon zaufania dla dorosłych (PL) 116-123

    Kids Helpline (AU) 1800-55-1800

    Safe helpline (worldwide) 877-995-5247

    Samaritans (worldwide) 116-123

    You'll find more here

    back to fic, it's alternative universe - doctors, graphic descriptions of violence, abuse, leaving abusive relationship, friendships, slow burn, recovery, angst with happy ending

    summary (by author):

    "This guy’s trouble. Bucky knows that in his bones. It’s not bad trouble, is the problem, it’s good. Sam is so goddamn inherently good and if Bucky even touches that with a ten foot pole—fuck if he even looks at it—it’ll turn to shit. He can’t afford another move to yet another city because his colleagues started recognizing Brock’s fist prints on his face. But Sam is a ridiculously bright glowing light, a beacon, and Bucky goes toward it like that idiotic moth to the flame."


    If you know of more helplines please send numbers or links and remember the most important thing is your mental health!

    #sambucky #sam x bucky #fanfic#ao3 fanfic #james bucky barnes #bucky barnes#winter soldier#white wolf#sam wilson#captain america #the falcon and the winter solider spoilers #steve rogers#sharon carter#brock rumlow#doctor au#slow burn#recovery #angst with a happy ending #violence #please read tags
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    #when you still look hot af while being brainwashed

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    Captain America

    Please support me on Patreon!

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    @buenfin​ sent in:  “  you got a plan or shall i just duck-and-cover?  ” - Sharon

    SWEAT DRIPS DOWN SAM’S TEMPLE. Eyes dart too and fore. Brain comes up empty for a plan. He’s all out of luck.

    “Yeah, duck and cover sounds good. I’ve got nothing.” Not one of Wilson’s more finer moments. But he can’t bat 1000 every time.

    #buenfin #buenfin / sharon #{     ★.     }          𝚒𝚗𝚝.      /      answered #{     ★.     }          𝚒𝚗𝚝.      /      captain america   -   𝟎𝟒.
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    I want to ask advice from the Marvel fandom! I surprisingly have never watched any Marvel film apart from Doctor Strange and one Cap film. I've seen all of Agent Carter and loved it though.

    What movies should I start with? Avengers? Spiderman? Which generation of movies?

    You guys are the best.

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    why didn't steve rogers just....use a parachute? and not crash head first into ice?????? parachutes were invented in 1783, and had been used throughout the 1900s ://

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    A new adventure awaits inside our walls, will you take a chance and become a resident?

    Kosmopolites is a Marvel alternate universe roleplay hosted on discord. In this group, characters come to live in the Manhattan skyscraper known as the Kosmo building, a luxury 50 story apartment complex that is rumored to be the hardest to get a vacancy in. The real truth however, is that there is something weird going on in the building, something supernatural that is said to have stemmed from the foundation the complex was built on. Its presence attracts people who have dormant powers or have remained in the shadows after discovering they had abilities due to the government’s strict policies against supers. Now, with a building where more and more creepy things are happening each time and it’s tenants feeling their powers emerging, there is no telling what is to happen next.

    Charas in poster: Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) Note: Faceclaims chosen on ad are not final and you are free to use who you want.


    #marvel rp#discord rp#marvel roleplay#marvel rpg#mcu rp#discord rpg#discord roleplay#comics rp#fandom rp#roleplay#rpg#avengers rp#avengers roleplay #natasha romanoff rp #tony stark rp #iron man rp #captain america rp #steve rogers rp #black widow rp
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    Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 5 Recap: Black Captain America

    Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 5 Recap: Black Captain America

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 5 — out April 16 on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar — felt like a season finale in some respects. After that surprise end in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 4, which saw the (now former) Captain America/ John Walker (Wyatt Russell) murdering a Flag Smasher in cold blood, the Marvel Cinematic Universe hit the reset button of sorts. Sam Wilson/ Falcon…

    View On WordPress

    #anthony mackie#baron zemo#black panther#captain america#daniel bruhl#disney#disney plus #disney plus hotstar #emily vancamp#erin kellyman #falcon winter soldier episode 5 review valentina allegra captain america download watch online the falcon and the winter soldier #helmut zemo #julia louis dreyfus #kari skogland#malcolm spellman#marvel#mcu#power broker#sebastian stan #valentina allegra de fontaine #wakanda#wyatt russell
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    "You're my mission."

    -- Bucky Barnes

    #bucky barnes#marvel#quotes#marvel quotes #bucky barnes quotes #captain america quotes #captain america
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    it took seven to make a thumbnail but oh lord my seventh masterpiece is here!!!! with closed captions!!!!

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    Masterlist ✨

    Prompts List : 

    Touch Prompts - Prompts for inspo for your requests 

    Kiss Prompts - Prompts for inspo for your requests

     Prompts List - Prompts for inspo for your requests 

    Steve Rogers / Captain America :

    Angry - Fluff - Steve get’s angry and the reader calms him down 

    Sick - Fluff - Steve is a little too clingy when sick

    Oliver Queen / The Arrow :

    Stressed - Fluff - Oliver is stressed as hell but the reader helps a lot

    Jealous - Fluff - Oliver get’s jealous and does some bad stuff but reader is there to assure him she loves him and to calm him down

    Birthday - Fluff - Happy birthday to you girrrrlllll

    “You did what?!” - Fluff - based on the episode where barry allen  and  oliver queen switch bodies 

    Roy Harper : 

    Monster - Fluff and a tiny bit of angst - Who knew the Mira Kuru could even make a fearless hero afraid 

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    Prompts List

    1 : "I never thought I'd ever be jealous about that"

    2 : "people are staring at us" "well, lets make them jealous"

    3 : "Nothing to worry about I'm not going anywhere"

    4 : "I love you, only you baby, no one else"

    5 : "Jealousy doesn't suit you, I'd rather see you smile more"

    6 : "Hey, look at me, I'm yours and no one can change that"

    7 : "why would I be jealous, I'm not jealous at all"

    8 : "I wanna kill him"

    9 : "I don't like them looking at you like that" "remember you're the only one who can look at me all night long"

    10 " whatever it is, you can tell me"

    11 : "I'm here for you"

    12 " I'd come for you, no matter where you are, if you need me I'll be there

    These are only a few quote prompts but i will be updating this list often

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