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  • A Vampire Hitsu for my Elvy friend’s Birthday!!! @its-captain-hitsugaya have a vampy bean <3

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  • Almost Everytime I See A Bleach & Harry Potter Crossover With My Boi Hitsugaya…

    Toshiro: I got to go.

    Snape: Better wait for that bell.


    Snape: WELLLLL IF YOU LEAVE I’ll call your mom after class!!


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    Are we, in the Bleach fandom, ignoring how Jump Force has Toshiro turn into a badass adult as his ultimate?

    And he’s taller than Ichigo in that form.

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  • Some DiamondDust Rebellion Thoughts…

    There was one thing that annoyed me about the movie that seemed to be a repeating theme.

    It is constantly said that Toshiro murdered Kusaka during their duel, but shows that the Stealth Squad were the ones to do the actual killing. All Toshiro did was use his sword to block Kusaka’s. Never once did he swing it to attack.

    And yet, Toshiro will go on for many years thinking he murdered his best friend. Toshiro was even willing to give up Hyorinmaru so that the duel wouldn’t have to happen. He didn’t want to fight the only friend he ever had.

    Even Kusaka says that Toshiro was the one to kill him when he knows that Toshiro wasn’t the one who ran him through! You’d think he would remember that little moment.

    Am I the only one who wanted to smack Kusaka upside his dumb head for being such an idiot? His need to drag everything out and be super extra and dramatic ended up causing Toshiro to suffer a lot more than he already was.

    He’s a terrible excuse for a friend.

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  • I’m not especially fond of Hitsugaya (too serious for me) but I like his duet with Matsumoto and moreover, I love Hyorinmaru (an ice dragon, that’s awesome!). :D

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  • אז מה היה לי בשבועיים האחרונים (27.10 - 7.11)?

    - חצי גיימפליי של פרסונה

    - שלומפי (החנות בקינג ג׳ורג׳ בתל אביב ליד הסנטר שמכרה צעצועים ופיגרים של דיסני) נסגרה

    - שנת הלימודים האקדמית נפתחה

    - מנהיג דעאש חוסל :)

    - יתושים עקצו אותי :(

    - יס פלוס יוצאת לדרך

    - משחק הידידות עם נבחרת ברזיל

    - התחלתי לערוך את התמונות מאייקון

    - ראש ממשלת לבנון התפטר

    - מירוץ הלילה של תל אביב

    - ספין אוף אחד של משחקי הכס התבטל ומלחמת הדרקונים החל את צילומיו

    - מחאת האמנים נגד הרב פירר (שיתביישו להם)

    - ליל כל הקדושים

    - מתיחות בדרום

    - העצרת לזכר רבין

    - נכנסתי לנטפליקס

    - ראיתי ביטלג׳וס (מצחיק, אבל ציטוטים לא תמצאו ממנו)

    - בליזקון

    - שביתת רעב במגזר הערבי

    - טקס MTV אירופה

    - המופע של הרב פירר בוטל :(

    - אסתר אהרונוביץ׳ :(

    - אורלי, גיא ודיוויד פרנקל

    - יאיר נתניהו וההקלטות

    - אירוע חשוד במטוס בהולנד

    - הכנתי מודעת פרסום

    - שפכים מהרשות הפלסטינית מזהמים את חוף בית ינאי :(

    - מסיבת האלווין

    - ארז אוחיון קיבל כוכב מישלן

    - הועלו חשדות נוספות על אלירן מלול (מי שרצח את מיכל סלה)

    - קניה ווסט רוצה להיות נשיא ארה״ב (אוי ויי)

    - 30 שנה לערוץ הילדים (איך הזדקנתי, אלוהים…)

    - בנט מונה להיות שר הביטחון

    - 30 שנה לנפילת חומת ברלין

    - שמועות על איחוד של חברים

    - גל חום בארץ

    - עוד פלונטר פוליטי בממשלה

    - נהריים חזרה לירדן

    - חולי פיברומיאלגיה יזכו לקצבת נכות :)

    דו״ח צפייה

    יאנג ג׳אסטיס - פרק 24, עונה 3

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  • Quando você pesquisa o significado de beleza no google aparece fotos do Hitsugaya. 😍😍😍

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  • Rating: Mature (injury and wound description)

    In which a lower-ranked member of the Tenth Division realizes that, cold and imposing though he seems, his captain is a nothing more than a lost child crying for a friend, and that watching a child die is almost a thousand times more painful that watching his captain die.

    The howling of the Hollows outside was beginning to get louder, the echoing shrieks rattling the loose stones against the smooth cavern floor. Yamada Daichi - no relation to Yamada Hanatarou, as he’d explained to anyone willing to listen - cowered on the stone ground, his Asauchi held in trembling hands, the three shinigami laid out on the limestone slabs beside him in various stages of mild medical emergency. Two of the three were moaning lightly, one felled by a stab wound to the calf and the other by a long slice across her thigh, and the third was unconscious, blood trickling from a light cut on his temple where his head had struck a boulder. He glanced at them with a quivering lower lip, then tried to gather his courage, his grip tightening on the hilt of his Asauchi. How had a simple patrol gone so wrong? It was supposed to be easy - wipe out a few Hollows, then boom, done, and he’s back in Seireitei spending his hazard pay at the onsen with his buddies and spying on the girls next door. Even the Captain had said that the patrol was supposed to be routine, the clear agitation making his brow twitch when he’d joined them caused by overwork and stress rather than worry. They’d been overjoyed to see him, even if it meant that he was stressed to the point where he needed to blow off steam, because it meant that the patrol would undoubtedly be a walk in the park. And they’d still get hazard pay.

    And then it had all gone to hell. 

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    #Bleach#hitsugaya#toushirou hitsugaya#Captain Hitsugaya#whump#angst#oneshot#fanfic#fanfiction #i'm finally writing a little bit of bleach again?! #just a little #solawrites #this one oof #it hits hard I think
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  • A smol gift Hitsu for @shirostrawberry and @thelilknight (because he’s cute and I’m not good at drawing spoopy-Shiro yet)

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    jumping to day 4 (freeze) because college

    Probably my favorite captain, a frosty boi, drawing ice sucks tho

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     “Swinging your blade out of a sense of duty is what a captain does. Swinging your blade out of hatred is nothing more than petty violence. Captains don’t refer to that as fighting” ~ Toshiro Hitsugaya

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  • Like always: I do not own Bleah or its characters, if you like this please support the great anime and manga.
    I do not make any money with this. I just want to make people smile.
    English is not my first language and I had not enough time to proof read everything until now, I hope to be able to do this soon. If you find mistakes, please correct me, it could be I do not know any better!
    I really hope you enjoy this and he is not too ooc or somehting.

    Trigger warning : Mobbing and insecurities
    The reader is new in the 10th division and some people are picking at her because she is shy and clumsy, good that there is a certain white haired captain~

    Clumsy, shy and managingto get into every trouble possible, yes that was a quite accuratedescription of yourself. You were quiet sure everybody would agreewith it.
    How you even managed to get into the 10thdivision was beyond you. Still you tried your best to be helpful andmanage to put up the expectations your family had to you, even whenyou were quiet sure you were never good enough for them, unlike yourolder sister. You loved her dearly and she always says she loves youtoo, but you often wonder if she just feels pity towards you. Thelast days had been harsh on you. You just left the academy and werenew to the division, but word already spread how clumsy you were.There were people talking about how useless you must be in a realfight because of how clumsy you were, or laughing about you not evenmanage to say a proper sentence to anyone. “She will just be  aburden in a fight. Why is she even here? She will just be a dangerfor us! She should just leave. Who was so insane to put her in ourdivision?!” It were only a few people talking like that, at leastyou hoped so, but their words hurt you deeply, because you alwaysasked yourself if they are right. If everyone was better of withoutyou. You sighed. You were supposed to bring a stack of papers to thecaptains office, when you passed a group of people talking over you.One of them put his leg in your way, making you trip. You fell to thefloor trying to keep the papers in tact you hurt your wrist. Thegroup started laughing “ See she can’t even walk. So useless!"One of them said. You stood up, with out a word, keeping your headdown, what would it bring to fight? They were more and probablystronger then you, you were just a new one. Also who would believeyou in the end. You bit your treas back and walk on to CaptainHitsugayas office. In front of the door you took a deep breath. Youcould do this. When you knocked you whined silently. Your wristreally hurt. "Come in” you heard the calm voice of your captain.This was the first time you would officially meet him. The day youstarted he was in long meeting so Rangiku showed you around. Youentered the division a bit later than everyone else because you hadgotten quite sick after the academy officially ended for you. Shylyyou opened the door and took a step in “H-Hitsugaya-tai-taicho I amhere to-to bring you this papers. Rangiku se-sent me.” You did notdare to look up. “Really, Rangiku could not have done that herself!She is yet again ditching her work!” He sounded annoyed and youwinced   unintentionally. Suddenly the papers were carefully took outof your hands and a warm hand was on your shoulder. “I apologizefor my second in command. I did not mean to startle you. She justreally has a habit to upset me.  You are (y/n) (l/n) right? Iapologize for not greeting you at your first day.” “I-it reallyis n-no problem taicho” “Rangiku was right you really a quiteshy” Toshiro chuckled and you were confused. You were sure everyonealways said he was not one for emotions. So why was he showing someto you? “You know, there really is no reason to be scared right?"So that was the reason. He felt your fear. Of course he noticed, hewas a captain after all. Suddenly there was a hand on your chin,which made you look up into beautiful celestial stone eyes whichseemed to look at the deeps of your soul. "You have been crying"That was not a question. You tried to get free but he was not havingthat. Out of nowhere he held you wrist carefully in his hand "Howdid you get hurt?” “…I…I -I just tripped…I am a bitclu-clumsy”
    He nodded but you had a feeling he was not buyingit. Still he let go. “Thank-you for the papers, now go, it is latealready, you should rest. The first days must have been quiteexhausting.” You just managed to nodded and had trouble not to runout the door. His eyes on you felt like you were a open book to himand you felt strange around him.

    The next day Rangiku sendyou again to bring him her papers and yet again you had to stumbleinto the same group of people. This time they pushed you into a walland after that even kicked you on the ground. What had you done tothis people. You realized by now that they were new just like you.You recognized them from a lesson. Still you were afraid to tellanyone. It was five against one and they said you would pay if youtold anyone. You remembered they were quite good fighters and hadquite a reputation in the academy, so you figured it would be betterto just stay quiet. You could handle this you told yourself, as youstood in front of the doors again. This time the papers had landed onthe floor and you really hoped he would not notice. You knocked andhe asked you in. You held your head down, so he could not see yourpuffy eyes “He-hello Captain, Rang-ran” “It’s okay just putthem here.” You did as you were told and wanted to leave when hecalled out to you “Tripped again?” There was something in histone, warning you to be careful with your answer “Y-yes Taicho.”“You’re alright?” “y-..yes Tai-taicho” “You can go now"You felt saver now thinking he had dropped the topic "Oh and (y/n)NEVER lie to me again.” His voice was full of authority. Youwinced. He knew. He knew you were lying all along. He  sighed:“ Iwill not force you to talk for now, but if I continue to find you inharm” His voice grow soft for a moment “ Or at the bridge oftears” he got back to cold and authority “ We will talk aboutthis, if you like it or not. I expect my subordinates to be  honestwith me, (y/n).” You just nodded. “So now we have that behind us,are you gonna talk to me?” Your legs began to tremble, you werestraight down, scared, even terrified to speak up. Scared of whatwould happen, what they would do… Suddenly your legs give in andyou were sure you would fall, but two strong arms caught you.“Careful there” His voice sounded warm. “Come with me” it wasnot like you really had an option. He took you on his arms and jumpedwith you out of the window onto the roof. It was already dark outsideand got a bit could. He put you down onto the roof but pulled youinto his sight putting an arm around your shoulder making you leaninto him. Just now you realized you started to cry, how pathetic, youthought, but you could not stop. What was your captain now thinkingabout you. “hush…it will be alright, everything will be alright,you will be okay.” Toshiro softly spoke to you. “I-I ams-so-sorry Hi-hitsugaya ta-taicho” “Don’t be. It really is quitealright. It is okay to show your feelings. I now know that, thanks tothis stubborn Kurasaki” He muttered the last part. ( If you do notunderstand this reference whatch bleach the movie ^^) “That meansit is also okay to cry sometimes. Also you are still so young. Youare even a little bit younger then me, which is quiet nice actually"he admitted and it made you smile for a sec before another thoughtrun through your head "But …I-I am just a burden to-to you…everyone…” you whispered but he heard you. Your breath caught inyour throat when a hand began to stroke over your head in a calmingway. “And who, may I ask, has but such a harming thought in yourhead? I can assure you I do not see you as a burden and I do notthink you will be to anyone.” “Bu-but I.. I am so clumsy..surely..If.-if it should come to a fi-fight” “Surely you would do great(y/n). You know who decided that you would be put in my division? Ichoose you personally. I like to take a look at the new shinigamisand look out for potential before they are send to the differentdivisions by the academy. I choose you because I saw and still seequite a potential in you and was worried because you are so youngother divisions would give you a hard time, but here I am as theircaptain so much younger then most of my subordinates. So I figuredyou would be able to work on your abilities here without having todeal with being underestimated or treated like a child. Yes you areclumsy, more than that to be honest but I saw you in training a fewtimes after you caught my interest. You are  even in training reallyclumsy, but you are just clumsy as long as you think about that youcould fail. There was an other girl in your team. I think you arefriends and some of the guys were always trying to give her a hardtime and every time when they attacked her you protected her withoutthinking and your swordsmanship then was really excellent, just likeeverything else you did.” his voice was calm and warm and yourealized that with every word he spoke your shoulders were gettinglighter and it got easier to breath. Toshiro grabbed your wristcarefully and healed it. You were surprised he could, but he was acaptain after all. “Anymore injuries?” He asked and you new youhad to answer and he would know if you lied. Shyly you pointed atyour sight were the others had kicked you. He made you lay back onthe roof “ My apology” he mumbled as he pushed the black clothesout of his way, making sure they still covered you in the importantplaces. He gently rested his hand on your skin and you felt the painlessen. He helped you sit up again and then made you look at him"This injuries are not from falling we both know that. Tell me(y/n) who hurt you. I promise I will make sure they never lay a handat you or even look in your direction again.“ "I..I..” “Hey,calm down. I am here for you. I do not let anyone hurt my people. Iknow everything is strange and scary right now, but I will watch overyou and believe me you will become a real good shinigami. Do not cryanymore” “I do not know their names..captain” “Well then,show me” With that he stood up and pulled you along. “But fornow, let us get some rest. Oh and by the way, you are staying by myside. I really can not let you alone in this state and also I mustsay” He smirked “It is adorable when you blush like that”
    Youdid not even manage to answer, you just opened your mouth and closedit again. You  were supposed to stay at his side and he said you wereadorable?! You hid your face behind your hands until suddenly therewas a warm arm around your waist and you were pulled in his chest. “Iguess it can’t be helped” you heard him mutter when he pulled youclose.His smell was intoxicating yet calming and somehow it remindedyou of winter. He let you calm down a moment in his hug but thensuddenly began to tickle you until you were begging for mercy,because you were helpless against him. He stop after sometime and yourealized you began to feel really tired. A small yawn escaped you.“Come, now.” he simply picked you up from the ground which waseasy for him, since you how unlikely it my be, just a bit smallerthan him. You were never growing much. “C-captain I-I can walk onmy own…” You stammered. “Rest, captains order” was the onlyanswer you got. Since you did not know were to look you closed youreyes and before you realized what was happening you fell asleep tothe feeling of safety in his arms. When you woke up again you foundyourself on a Futon and Toshiro near to you on another. He was wideawake and his eyes were on you. “T-taicho” you mumbled thenrealized that you must have fallen asleep in his arms and he musthave carried you to his quarters and let you stay. You blushed madly.“I-I am s-so” “Stop apologizing all the time. How are youfeeling?” You felt a lot better but you were afraid that the groupof people would hurt you now, just like they said. “unbelievableyou are still that scared? Have a bit more trust in your commanderwill-ya?” He stood up and patted your head making you blush again.It is really sad that you did not see the small smirk on his facewhen he was leaving. He stopped in his track for a moment “I haveto got now, please also get ready and start with your work.” “Y-yesTaicho” “Oh and (y/n) if anyone tries to hurt you again in anywayand I mean anyway I do not care if physically or with words you callfor me. That is an order not an option by the way” You werestunned. He was really willing to go out of his way to help you, evenprotect you. He was on a much higher rank then you and you were sosure he would find your problem pathetic but he took his timeyesterday and was there for you, even tried to speak to you before,he must have been watching over you and now he even makes clear thathe will protect you.
    “Yes, …thank-you taicho” “Don’t mind it”

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  • I wish Hitsugaya Toshiro was real so I could Kiss him and make out with him 😭

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