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  • Guess what time it is.

    Really, you’ll never guess!

    New Avengers Vol 2 23: “The New Dark Avengers versus Skaar, Son of Hulk”

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  • carol danvers aka captain marvel.

    I’ve Been Fighting With One Arm Behind My Back. What Happens When I’m Finally Set Free?

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  • Carol: That sounds like a terrible plan.

    Natasha: Oh, we’ve had worse.

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  • I actually can’t wait to see Maria Rambo 🥰😭 I wonder if Carol knows about all this reality bending stuff Wanda’s doing and what Carol would do if she did know

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  • spyrkle4 said:                                                                

    Dude WHERE do your find your “x is the bh6 equivilant of y” things??? I’m??? How do you connect the dots??

    The short answer is that I do a lot of exhaustive, unnecessary research.

    That’s also the long answer, too. XD

    (Warning: This post is long.)

    One of the things that I always keep in the back of my mind is that even though there isn’t the fancy Marvel introduction that they have on all of their shows, Big Hero 6 is still a Marvel property.  They’ve had their own series and even  showed up to help Spider-Man during the “Ends Of The Earth” event:


    So with it being Marvel, it affords all of the opportunities to throw little nuggets to tease the audience.

    Now, I have no proof that the following is intentional, or anything more than just a shout-out because I don’t think they actually can do direct Marvel references since the show is a Disney Original (don’t know how it works), but if you squint, the shadings of the Marvel mythos are still there.

    Examples like.

    1.) Karmi either being a shout-out or a direct counterpart to Kamala Khan (which I’ve discussed before at length)


    2.) A blond-haired woman with power and smarts that she’s in awe of for a long time before having a falling-out with?


    Oh, you thought I was talking about Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers).

    Nope, I’m talking about Liv Amara.


    (Yes, I know that’s Di, but go with me on it.)

    Liv Amara.

    AA LivMar



    3.) What Karmi gets turned into?


    You can’t tell me that’s not a re imagining of a Skrull.


    4.) Momakase’s transformation into…whatever that was?  Obviously a shout-out to Lady Deathstrike.


    5.) The one that I theorized more recently about Juniper being a reference to Dazzler:


    6.) And then there’s Boss Awesome, which while not immediately recognizable, his reputation and success screams Captain America (sans shield, of course):


    7.) Not to mention the fact that Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic) and Dum Dum Dugan are in the movie (granted as pre-release material).  They show up in Fred’s recommendation letter:


    8.) And if you even want to go further, you can see Callaghan and Granville as mirrors of Nick Fury and…Nick Fury from S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Two people as the all-knowing heads of their institutes.  I can see it.


    So the stuff is there.  You may have to squint or turn your head to the side a little bit, but it’s there.

    @iamaddictedtocoffee​ and @billiejean485​ have gone over a lot of this stuff with me, and they’ve even opened my eyes to some of the similarities to Marvel characters.

    If @baymaksu​ has a Uno Reverse AU, then the regular Big Hero 6 Universe is…a Wild Card?  You can change the color, but it still is the same gameplay.

    That’s why I like to include other Marvel characters in my story, like Robbie, Peni, Doreen, Kate, and others.  Because if you really look at it, they’re not really that out of place.

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  • 365 DC Comics Paper Cut-Out SuperHeroes - One Hero, Every Day, All Year…

    January 17th - Bulletman

    Jim Barr had been the son of a police officer who was murdered in the line of duty. Barr decided to avenge his father by devoting his life to justice, ultimately entering into the field of ballistics. Barr would go on to develop a chemical compound that greatly enhanced his strength and durability. He later created a gravity regulatory helmet that enabled flight and super speed. He used his new abilities to become a costumed crime-fighter. The bullet-like shape of Barr’s helmet resulted in his being referred to as the ‘Bulletman.’ He had numerous adventures as Bulletman, joining up with Captain Marvel on some of these escapades. The hero would ultimately become a member of Captain Marvel’s Squadron of Justice. Bulletman first appeared in the pages of Nickel Comics #1 (1940).

    #365 DC Comics Heroes #DC Comics#Bulletman#Captain Marvel#Shazam #Squadron of Justice #cut-out#paper art
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  • Summary: This fic is based off a request from an anon after some speculations that have been made on my blog.
    Brie enlists the help of the reader to get a date with a girl that reader knows from class, only for unexpected feelings to be caught. Drama/angst/fluff to come!

    Pairing: Brie x Reader

    A/N: Part 3 is here! Apologies for the slight delay! The next and final part should be out soon! As usual, any feedback is much appreciated, so I look forward to hearing what you think! Enjoy!

    Please do not repost my writing anywhere without my permission.

    PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 4


    Originally posted by tlgads

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  • Billy covers the entirety of the Triwizard Tournament while he, as Captain Marvel, investigates the mystery behind Harry’s inclusion into the said tournament.

    Ao3 I FFN


    “Very Good Colin.”

    Colin preened at the praise as he and Harry got inside an empty classroom, desks pushed aside, leaving a big space in the middle apart from the velvet covered black board facing five velvet desks and chairs.

    “I try to Mr. Batson sir.”

    Ludo Bagman stood at one end of the black board talking to a witch in green while Durmstrang’s champion sat at the classroom’s corner, silent as the grave. Beaxbaton’s champion, Fleur Delacour was animatedly talking with Hogwarts’s other champion, Cedric Diggory. In another corner, Colin was animatedly discussing things with William Batson, the writer from the Mudblood Magazine.

    “Champion number four!” Bagman declared, gaining everyone’s attention. “Come on closer Harry, we’re here for two things, publicity and the wand weighing ceremony.”

    “Wand weighing?” Harry questioned.

    “Wands are a wizard’s or witch’s most important tool, is it not?” Bagman grinned. “We’re just checking if they’re all fully functional,” He assured. “The expert’s with Headmaster Dumbledore, they will be here soon.”

    “Not going to introduce me Ludo?” The witch in green outfit prompted.

    Viktor, interested at what was going on, stood behind Cedric and Fleur.

    “Sorry, this is Rita Skeeter.” Bagman introduced.

    “I am Rita Skeeter, I write for the Daily Prophet.” Skeeter pushed Bagman a little sideways and approached the three champions. “You probably heard of it.” She smiled as she shook each champion’s hand. “It’s you we don’t know.” She approached the Potter, and dragged him towards the other three champions. “You’re the juicy news.”

    Harry couldn’t help but wince at the remark. He’s been the ‘juicy news’ since he was a year old, supposedly killing Voldemort. He’d rather have someone else take the spotlight, someone have eternal glory, thank you very much.

    “What quirks lurk beneath those rosy cheek?” Skeeter continued her spiel as she brushed Fleur’s cheeks. “What mysteries do the muscles mask?” She squeezed Cedric’s and Viktor’s respective shoulders. “Does courage lie beneath those curls?” She ruffled Harry’s already messy hair. “In short, what makes a champion tick? Me myself and I want to know, not to mention my rabid readers.” She chuckled.

    “That’s all well and good Rita, but would you respect our champions’ personal spaces?” William smiled. “Mr. Diggory and Mr. Potter we meet again.”

    “Hello Mr. Batson.” Cedric and Harry greeted.

    “Because you’re an 'oh so established news magazine’.” Rita growled.

    “We may have struggled for a few months Rita, but our article about Pettigrew and the subsequent articles has since turned out to be such a big hit that we had to reprint for more.” William grinned at the witch. “But alas, today’s not about us, it’s about them.” William gestured at the champions.

    “For our lovely guests, I am William Joseph Batson, writer and editor-in-chief of the Mudblood.” William smiled as he noticed the Bulgarian and Frenchwoman’s narrowed eyes. “Yes, I am quite aware that it’s a word not used in polite society.” He assured the two champions. “However, it is my firm belief that I can turn something bad into something good, just like how we can make stones into a flock of birds.”

    “I’d like you four to meet my Photographer for this article and the subsequent articles for the Triwizard Tournament, Mr. Colin Creevey.”

    “You’re having a child do an adult’s work?”

    “A professional starts somewhere Rita, why not have Mr. Creevey start as early as now.”

    “I really thank you for this opportunity Mr. Batson.” Colin expressed his gratitude then flashed a picture of his mentor.

    “Please Colin, you can call me William like we agreed to last year.” The man simply ruffled Colin’s hairs. “The Headmaster is already aware of this, the Triwizard Tournament won’t be my article, it’ll be nephew’s, he’s just using the loo.”

    “And where would you be?” Rita challenged.

    “There are a lot of events happening in the Wizarding World Rita, hence we delegate.” William smiled. “In any case, my nephew’s at the same age as Mr. Diggory, Colin I trust that you take care of my nephew.”

    “You can count on me William.”

    “I’ll be off now.” William exited the room.

    Rita was speechless at the man’s audacity, trivializing the resurrection of a long time event such as the Triwizard tournament.

    Well his loss.

    A moment later, a boy entered the classroom, wearing muggle clothes to boot.

    “Billy Batson at your service.” The boy introduced himself with a salute.

    Harry couldn’t help himself but snort at the boy’s antics. He could tell that he was mocking a lot of shows on the telly.

    “Hey Billy, your uncle paired us up again.”

    “Holy Moley! That true Colin? Neat!”

    “Batson sends a child to do his job?” Rita exclaimed. “How unprofessional can he be?!” She stomped her way towards the newcomer. “Aren’t you supposed to be in a school young man?”

    “Actually no Ms. Skeeter.” Billy replied politely. “Uncle William is home schooling me using the things he learned at Ilvermorny, besides I’m already of age, hardly a child don’t you think?”

    “You’re American? He attended Ilvermorny?”

    “Born and raised.” Billy shrugged. “Enough about me, this day isn’t about me, it’s about them.” He gestured to the champions.

    “If you don’t mind Ludo, I’d start my interviews with the youngest champion.” Rita humphed before she dragged Harry away from the group.

    “If you don’t mind Mr. Diggory.” Billy smiled.

    “Sure.” Cedric shrugged.

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  • I’m not gonna finish this. Anyway, was redrawing this scene from Shazam :/

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    • Captain Marvel
    • Ghost
    • The pink lady from GotG that grabbed the Power Stone
    • The guy who made stormbreaker
    • The fucking cat
    • Kraglin (this one made me really happy for some reason)
    • Killmonger’s dad
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  • Plz just wrap me up


    *photo of a guy sitting at an out door table with a coffee.

    The table has a big cardboard piece of paper with the words printed “ Captain Marvel ( Shazam) is a Muscle Bear) change my mind *

    Classic meme.

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