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  • DC fans trying to remove Amber Heard because they hate her

    Marvel fans trying to remove Brie Larson because they hate her

    Like why the fuck do these petitions to remove someone from their fucking job ? These people did nothing wrong

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    Carol and my wife have so much in common… my god, I have a type. 

    Fearless (2019) #3

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  • Captain Marvel #13 - “The Last Avenger II” (2019)

    written by Kelly Thompson
    art by Lee Garbett & Tamra Bonvillain

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  • STAR #4 (OF 5)

    Variant Cover by JEN BARTEL
    Star’s been on a journey of self-discovery, and with the help of some unexpected teachers, she has managed to learn more about both herself and the powers of the Reality Stone now bonded to her. She’s also still on the run from some of the most dangerous villains in the universe, who will not stop until they wield the Reality Stone themselves. But it’s Star’s second confrontation with Captain Marvel, the woman who killed her, that will cut the deepest. When the dust settles, what will be left of…anything?
    32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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    I just realised that this is Warlow from true blood!? Or at least he looks like him. Anyway Warlow Hive stand up!

    I also just imagined Sookie saying ‘Warlow’ 🤭

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  • Captain Marvel by Pat Broderick

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  • Don’t like Lana but i do LOVE that gear

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  • The killfile on Bruce Wayne at the Daily Planet is locked down with two-factor authentication, with Clark and Lois each knowing only one factor and nobody else having access. The one at WHIZ Media isn’t even at the station, Billy Batson keeps the zip drive duct taped at the bottom of the clothes hamper in his room.


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  • Please don’t scroll past this just yet. And 140+ of you are going to see this post on your dash, are you just gonna scroll past it? Bc please prove me wrong about this. Please listen and spread the awareness

    So I went on a small rant to my best friend, and it started out bc I was pissed about fans petitioning against Brie Larson as Captain Marvel.

    Like no, Brie does NOT deserve that. It’s not her fault over half the characters in every movie franchise are white.

    Like I am also very pissed off bc almost every main character is white. Yes there are characters who aren’t but are there any Indian characters? No? And I’d love for someone to prove me wrong on this, I genuinely would.

    But literally, I’m Indian, I was born in India, my parents are Indian, and I’m brown. So it’s practically impossible for me to go into any store which sells Halloween costumes for movie franchise and pick out a costume where the character is INDIAN OR EVEN REMOTELY BROWN.

    Like there is Black Panther, yes, but that’s still African American coming in which is honestly a BIG STEP. There’s also James Bond now, also a huge step.

    But there still isn’t ANY DECENT representation for Indians. Like honestly all the representation I get (as an Indian) is some weird stereotype with overprotective, weird parents. That’s all I get as an Indian. That’s literally all of the representation I get.

    So What I’m saying is I’d absolutely love for there to be a main character even REMOTELY similar to me in a movie franchise. You have no idea how happy it would make me.

    But before you start blaming actors for playing characters who are inherently white, start with the characters themselves.

    And create characters who are of races which haven’t been represented yet.

    Create characters who are Islamic, who are kind and passionate.

    Create characters who are Iranian, who are amazing.

    And please, create characters who are Indian, who break the stereotypes.

    Please just create characters of different races who break their stereotypes.

    I’m sick of no representation.

    Since you did read this all the way, please help me spread awareness of this and reblog. And if any of you know a main character in a movie franchise which is Indian please tell me. Thank you.

    Honestly I just want representation

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  • Wait can someone explain to me why Captain Marvel was changed to a white woman? Like, was it just racism or is she like, a different person than the first captain Marvel?

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  • You were at one of Starks elaborate parties, he didn’t get to throw them often now that Morgan was around, so you and Carol always tried to make it since seeing your Avenger friends didn’t happen much because Carol and you are always on different planets.

    She was wearing a suit with a rose in her breast pocket, her hair was neatly coiffed and her smile was dazzling as always. You wore a dark red dress that matches the hue of the rose on her suit. You had a black leather jacket on over it and black heels. She thought you were stunning and wanted to not go to the party and instead spend the night with you.

    When you two walked in you were instantly greeted by Steve and Bucky as well as some journalist. Carols nerves pricked at the way Bucky looked at you. The look of infatuation and lust, his eyes didn’t stray from your face that she noticed. If he looked at your chest in any way, she would’ve sent the photon blast.

    The publicist, Will, she learned was his name walked away to go kiss Starks ass, you took off with Bucky (being best friends and all) and you two went to go get drinks. Steve nudged her shoulder, “easy there, sparky.”

    “What do you mean.” She said flatly, “I was nothing but kind.”
    “No, you were straight up giving him the death stare.” Steve said flatly.

    “But I didn’t say anything mean.”

    “I could tell you were thinking it.” He smiled.

    “Can you blame me?” She asked, and pointed to you laughing with Bucky. “She’s absolutely beautiful.”

    “Yeah well he’s a scumbag but he writes good things about Stark and the Avengers, we need to stay on his good graces.” He said kindly, “which please, to save me the headache of listening to Stark whine, please be nice.”

    She huffed a laugh as you and Bucky returned with glasses in both of your hands. You handed her her Black Russian and sipped on your drink.

    “What’d ya get?” She asked, even though she already knew the answer.

    “Strawberry margarita on the rocks.”

    “With a sugar rim?” She asked, quirking her eyebrow.

    “Of course.” She nodded her head and sipped more. She watched as you licked the sugar off of your lips, “it’s like crack.”

    She laughed and the four of you continued to talk, you guys rolled your eyes and smiled at Tony’s speech and clapped when it was over, Steve drank through his whiskey and you volunteered to get him another.

    You went off to get the drink and Carol continued observing people, she spotted Will watching you. She was on fire, watching him with contempt as he walked over to you. She watched for your signal which was tucking your hair behind your ear. She knew you could handle your own but also knew that having strangers talk to you got overwhelming.

    But you were smiling to whatever he was saying, jealously flared in her gut which she then scolded herself for because she knew you were faithful and more into women than men. But she couldn’t help it. That jerk thought he had a chance and knew that you two were together and have been for four years now. The press has covered enough of the two of you that Will should know.

    *Switch to Y/N’s POV*

    You wanted to take a fork and jam it into your eye.

    You knew exactly what he was doing, trying to get dirt on Carol. You were trying not to be rude but also not seem interested.

    You just wanted to get Steve his drink and go back to talking to them but no, being nice sucks.

    “So, do you wanna go out sometime?”

    “Um, no.” You shook your head, “I’ve been in a relationship for about four years now.”

    “Then you need a change,” he leaned on the bar and moved closer, putting a hand on your knee

    You swallowed, uncomfortable and tucked your hair behind your ear, giving the signal, you could feel Carol’s gaze the entire time. She walked up a lot faster than you expected, “what’s going on?” She said angrily, her eyes were practically glowing as the zeroed in on the hand on your knee, “the fuck you doing?”

    His hand shot off your knee instantly, “I was ju-just-”

    “He was asking me out and not taking no for an answer,” you said, wrapping an arm around her waist.

    “First of all,” she held up a finger, “when someone says no they mean it, and second of all,” she held up another finger she’s my girlfriend, so fuck off.“ She hissed.

    He scurried away and Carol looked at you, you were still sitting on the seat, so she wrapped her arms around your neck and pulled you towards her. You wrapped your arms around her waist, inhaling her sandalwood scent.

    "Not that I’m complaining about where my head is,” you said from her chest, “but it’s okay.”

    “No it’s not,” she said from the top of your head, “I was watching and I could tell you were uncomfortable, therefore, it isn’t okay.”

    “Sweetheart,” You said as you pulled away, “I’m okay, I also missed you so I wanted you over here.” You leaned in to kiss her which she happily kissed back.

    When you pulled away she said, “I try not to get too jealous, I know you aren’t gonna do anything, but it just pisses me off that these people think they have a shot.”

    “Well they don’t.” You bit your lip, “why don’t we get out of here and prove how much I belong to you?” You quirked your eyebrow.

    She looked at you with wide eyes because she’s not used to you saying this stuff, “well, I’m not going to say no to that.” You knew she wouldn’t say no, besides you wanted tog et out of these heals.

    You guys got Steves drink, said your rounds of goodbyes and quickly left, because well, you had activities to get to.

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  • “There’s a lot and back and forth that comes with the two of them, which kind of creates a little bit of tension with the rest of Starforce. Like ‘Why do they have a special relationship and why isn’t it me?’— Brie Larson

    #the entire starforce wants to date Yon but he only wants Carol confirmed #captainmarveledit#captain marvel#brie larson#marvel#jude law#carol danvers#yon-rogg#yonvers #captain marvel edit #marvel edit#my edits#jl edit#jude
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    Follow to see the same picture of Goose the cat everyday

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  • That scene in Captain Marvel where Vers says she ‘Wanna fight?’ followed by her being punched and falling is so funny lmaooo

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