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  • darthbloodorange
    31.07.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    We Can't Keep Going On Like This

    Rating: Teens and Up Characters: Steve Rogers, James ‘Bucky’ Barnes Pairings: James ‘Bucky’ Barnes/Steve Rogers Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe Warnings: Referenced Sexual Content (But nothing more than that) Major Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hurt Steve Rogers, Hurt Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers Needs a Hug, Bucky Barnes Needs a Hug, Hospitals, Established Relationship, Quadruple Drabble

    Summery: Steve and Bucky have a chat after Bucky is called out on a mission that landed them both in hospital.

    For the @stuckybingo​’s Flash Bingo prompt  “Hurt/Comfort” [Card 2; prompt #1] (Link to Card)

    + Bonus Challenge: Write all five dialogue prompts in a single, coherent conversation.

    Read below or on AO3 >HERE<

    "You promised me- You promised," Bucky hears as he wakes up. He opens his eyes to see Steve leaning over his hospital bed, looking beaten and tired.

    "Hey, I'm alright," he mumbles.

    "Bucky. You promised me that you wouldn't take any more dangerous missions like this. And I  had to pull your ass out of the fire!" Steve says, burying his head in his hands. "We can't be fathers if we keep going on like this."

    "I have a plan," Bucky tries to assure.

    "Is it a good plan?" Steve huffs, dropping his hands to look up at buck with his red-rimmed eyes. "Because- Because if you keep going back on it, it can't be much of a good plan." The man laughs without humour.

    "Steve... Hey, we'll work it out," he says. "I promise."

    "Like the last time you promised?" Steve says, looking away.

    Bucky's heart pangs in his chest, hurting for the both of them. They both wanted to be fathers so bad. But if that's to happen, Steve was right, they had to settle down. They couldn't keep going on like this.

    "We'll get there, Stevie."

    Steve lets out a tired sigh, his eyes downcast.

    Bucky takes Steve's hand in his own, pulling it to his lips, kissing each of his bruised knuckles.

    After a while, Steve attempts to pull his hand back, but Bucky doesn't let him.

    "Very cute, now give that back," Steve says, the corners of his mouth curling up into a small smile.

    "That?" Bucky laughs.

    "My hand," Steve grumbles, pulling away. "You know what I meant."

    "No," Bucky says, tugging at Steve's hand. "C'mere," he says, attempting to pull Steve over onto the hospital bed.

    Steve shakes his head, "No, you're... I don't want to jostle your injuries.

    "You won't," he says, tugging Steve towards him again. This time Steve allows himself to be pulled onto the bed. "Fine. If only to stop you moving around so much."

    "Whatever you want to tell yourself," Bucky says, grinning as Steve curls up against his chest.

    "Tell me a story," Steve says, once he's settled. "From when you were growing up."

    Bucky flashes Steve a smirk, slipping his hand under Steve's shirt. "or a can tell you about all the ways I want to fu-"

    "Maybe this will keep that big mouth of yours shut," Steve says, pressing his lips to Bucky's, silencing him.

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  • a-mossy-spider
    31.07.2021 - 33 minutes ago


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  • darthbloodorange
    31.07.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    When they were younger, Steve and Bucky dreamed of growing up to be like the Knights that sometimes passed through their small town to the city.

    Bucky was chosen to become a Knight, leaving Steve behind.

    Years later, Steve met the Wizard Abraham Erskine, who granted him strength and cured his health. Going on to become one of the Kingdom of Brooklyn's most renowned Knight.

    On one of his quests, he comes across an old friend, Bucky, and sparks begin to fly..


    For the @stuckybingo​​’s Flash Bingo prompt  “Historical” [Card 2; prompt #3] (Link to Card)

    Love Between Knights - Kind of a ShrunkyClunks AU. Bucky has his Winter Soldier body, but isn’t the Winter Soldier. (... Or not yet, at least?)

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  • coleisqueer
    31.07.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    When someone asks what the focal point of the Cap trilogy is:

    #marvel#mcu#stevebucky#stucky #captain america: civil war #cacw #captain america: the winter soldier #catws #captain america: the first avenger #catfa#wintercap#wintershield#steve/bucky #steve x bucky #steve rogers #steven grant rogers #bucky#bucky barnes #james bucky barnes #james buchanan barnes #the winter soldier #winter soldier#nomad #the white wolf #white wolf#captain america #steve rogers/bucky barnes #steve rogers x bucky barnes
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  • solution4all
    31.07.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 3 Recap: I'm Here for Zemo

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 3 Recap: I’m Here for Zemo

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 3 — out April 2 on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar — finds all our characters in murkier waters, or descending (further) into them. Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) helps orchestrate a prison riot that allows Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl) to escape. We are briefly reunited with former SHIELD agent Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) who has stuck her fingers in black…

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    #anthony mackie#black panther#captain america #captain america civil war #daniel bruhl#disney#disney plus #disney plus hotstar #emily vancamp#erin kellyman #falcon winter soldier episode 3 zemo ayo black panther wakanda download watch online the falcon and the winter soldier #flag smashers#florence kasumba#hydra#kari skogland#malcolm spellman#marvel#mcu#sebastian stan#wakanda#wyatt russell
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  • mobylace
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Nothing but respect for my captains

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  • buckysfaveplum
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    okay i’m def going to give y’all my fic soon but for now here are some bucky x reader headcanons... yes these will probably be in my fic

    - he has memory problems. maybe u just asked him to remember something u need at the store or something random. but because of all the wiping he went thru, he sometimes has a hard time remembering little things
    - he says he only likes 40s music, but he would 100% love ur music taste. even if he didn’t really like it, he would just love how happy it makes u. ur favorite songs would immediately become his favorite
    - he hates the subway. it’s too loud, too many people, just too much. he’d try to walk everywhere in the city. even if it was like 40 blocks. i mean he’s a super soldier tho so he’d have no problem - u however, are not a super soldier. he’d take the subway for u tho. he’d try his best not to let it overwhelm him, he’d try to be calm as he could for u. - but u know him and would always be there to cover his ears and help him relax <3
    - he owns no short sleeves when u first get together. he doesn’t hate his arm. but with all he’s going thru trying to adjust back into a normal life, he wouldn’t want the added stress of bearing his arm to the public - this changes tho when u come into the picture - u luv his arm. it’s a part of him - u love every part of him - so yeah once u guys get together he starts to get more short sleeves
    - he’s super protective - sometimes too protective - he doesn’t mean it to be controlling or annoying, he just knows how horrible the world can be and never wants anything to happen to u - ever
    - this is kinda obvious (i think at least), but he definitely prefers his short hair. it was the first thing he did after steve left. to try and get some sort of his old self back
    - he’d leave u little notes all the time - like if he runs out or something. when he leaves for therapy, u’d find a little note on the counter telling u where he was going and that u he loved u - he’d also just leave cute little notes for u because - like ‘u look so beautiful today’ or ‘u made me smile this morning. thank you’
    - he loves going to museums. tho he was around from the 40s to the present, he didn’t get to see the world. he loved going to the museums in the city and learning about everything he missed
    - u show him the Hobbit movies and he flips out - wait til u show him Lord of the Rings
    #Bucky Barnes #bucky barnes imagine #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes fic #marvel#Avengers#fanfic#headcanon#tfatws#captain america#caatws#Winter Soldier #the falcon and the winter soldier
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  • mmmmmmmmarvel
    31.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The Avengers broke up. We're toast. Broke up? Like a band? Like the Beatles?

    #CACW#thor ragnarok#thor 3 #captain america civil war #thor odinson#hulk#marvel#marveledit#mcu#mcuedit#marvelgifs#dailymarvel#*m #my friend told me thor 3 and cacw happened at the same time and i just thought it was hilarious #that the mcu had their darkest and lightest movie /tonally/ #occurring simultaneously on the timeline #that's ridiculous hahahahaha #cap and tony are in the middle of a divorce and meanwhile thor just saw hulk's p*nis
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  • smilesthroughfandoms
    31.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Sam Wilson, at some point in the future, probably: So, yeah, this really sketchy lady is hiring all these bootleg Avengers—

    Clint Barton: And Natasha’s kickass little sister.

    Sam: And Natasha’s... wait she had a what?

    Bucky Barnes, to tired and old for this: Yeah this sketchy lady is assembling her own Avengers team. We don’t know if she wants to make us look bad or fight us or something but we kinda need all the help we can get.

    Sam: Especially since we can’t get ahold Danvers of Thor and his space pirate friends—

    Bucky: And the racoon who wanted to buy my arm.

    Sam: Where was I when this was happening?

    Clint: So, yeah, Strange, think you can help us out?

    Dr. Stephen Strange, annoyed, turning to look at Wanda using dark magic to search for her kids, Spider-Man pointing at his many variants, Loki crouching down on the floor trying not to have a panic attack, and Ant-Man about to dunk a basketball onto a laughing Kang the Conqueror’s head, turns back to the trio: Yeah I’m a little busy at the moment.

    #loki series #multiverse of madness #ant man and the wasp quantumania #spider man no way home #falcon and the winter soldier #captain america and the winter soldier #wandavision#dr strange#loki#sam wilson#bucky barnes#clint barton#black widow#yelena boleva #kang the conqueror #scott lang #hope van dyne #captain marvel#carol danvers#wanda maximoff #guardians of the galaxy #rocket raccoon#thor #I’m just gonna call this my prediction of the MCUs storyline in the future #like its funny to me #80% of the Avengers are headed towards civil war two electric boogaloo #and then the remaining 20% is just dealing with the absolute collapse of reality #like the difference in storylines here #lokius#sylvie laufeydottir
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  • ive-been-playing-human
    31.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    That's MY captain!

    #fuck yeah steven #modern cap would surely be an UNBEARABLE SJW who calls everyone he disagrees with hitler and I LOVE HIM FOR IT #steve rogers#marvel comics#616#captain america#Avengers (1998) #i refuse to go back and tag my other posts with marvel comics #i will be using ''its only poland'' as an argument now and i dont know anyone who would undestand it so imma have to have a history class pr #epared
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  • kram6496
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Shameless Flirt

    Carol Danvers x Reader

    You were trying really hard to pay attention when you felt a familiar presence slide up right next to you. Most would know her as Captain Marvel but you know her as Carol, among other things.

    “Hey gorgeous,” she says with a smirk, “you come here often.”

    You can only roll your eyes at her, “this is where you and I work so yeah often”

    She lets out a little laugh. Carol really does have the best laugh you’ve seen. And then she has to go and ruin it.

    “That’s a nice outfit,” she compliments, “it would look great on my bedroom floor.”

    You can feel the heat increase in your face.

    “Carol!” You whine a little unconvincingly, “will you stop?”

    She doesn’t even hesitate, “that’s not what you and I were saying last night.”

    You face turns the brightest shade of red possible. This woman’s gonna be the death of you.

    “Danvers-(L/N)!” You hear Captain Rogers calling out to you. She just had to flirt with you in the middle of a debriefing.

    “If your wife is going to have all your attention, then maybe you guys should just head out.” Steve says with a look that says oh bother.

    Carol’s eyes light up as she grabs your hand and pulls you out of the room in a flash.

    “Honey, you just had to shamelessly flirt with me during a debriefing” you chuckle as you’re dragged down the hall by your bride.

    “Speaking of debriefings…” she jokes with you again. You can only roll your eyes at her.

    Carol Danvers, she’s known by many names: shameless flirt, Captain Marvel, Avenger, love of your life.

    #mcu fandom#mcu imagine#marvel imagine#mcu fanfiction#marvel#mcu #carol x you #carol danvers #carol danvers imagines #carol danvers x reader #captain marvel#marvel fluff#marvel humor #carol danvers x y/n #carol danvers x you #captain marvel imagine
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  • doyou-remember
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Update: surprisingly, mum is team cap.

    Also, when she saw Sharon and Steve kissing she said, I quote "so... it stays in the family" (I don't know if the translation is ok, but I think you get it)

    I was just like "huh, just wait until Endgame"

    I think that Scott is his second favourite. Can't blame her.

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  • metalphoenix
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Bucky discrepancies

    Ok, this is so not important but Bucky’s Smithsonian exhibit has two different birth years??? The first sentence says “Born in 1916″ at at the end it says “1917-1914″??? So when was he born? Was this on purpose? Is it just a prop fluke? 

    I tend to think his birthday is in 1917 because that would only make him one year older than Steve (who was born in 1918). Anyways this is so not important but whatever. 

    #bucky barnes #james buchanan bucky barnes #james buchanan barnes #james bucky barnes #catws #captain america the winter #smithsonian#winter soldier#steve rogers#captain america#plot hole#marvel#avengers#mcu#the avengers #marvel cinematic universe
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  • flintt
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    HEY YOU- YES YOU. Are you a marvel fan looking for some other marvel fans? Do want a place where you can infodump about Wanda Maximoff? Well, we’ve got the discord server just for you!

    Marvel Cookie Jar!

    We’ve got roleplay, debates, ocs, fanfics, edits, media shares and so much more. Unfortunately, this server was just born today (much like Vision..) and theres only a few people! So please invite your friends and get this server kickstarted! Comic fans and movie fans alike are welcome!

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  • storietellers
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago


    I can't wait, y'all.

    Support me on Ko-Fi 💗

    #peggy carter#steve rogers #marvel what if #steggy#captain britain#captain america #except not really #mcu#mcu fanart#my art #women in suits #step on him #smol steve
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  • ladyloki66
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Captain America: The First Avenger

    I hadn’t heard much about this movie going into it other than Peggy Carter is a home wrecker. And I actually really enjoyed it. It didn’t try to break any molds and was just a fun super hero movie with a really good 1940’s theme. It really reminded me of movies of that time era.

    The historical accuracy was probably my favorite part. The costumes and the cars stood out especially. You could tell they did there research.

    At times the character of Captain America seemed a little bland, but I get that it’s just the 40’s feel and he’s supposed to be a 40’s style super hero. He was fine but definitely not the most interesting character. He’s something you strive to be like not a real person and understand that.

    Now that being said, I love the side characters and background character. Favorite was old granny with a machine gun but kid who could swim was great too. If I had to watch captain America let the nazi get away to rescue a kid from drowning I would have rolled my eyes. But kid was completely capable of taking care of himself. Good for you kid. I’m glad the German scientist that recruited Steve didn’t turn out to be a secret villain like he would have in 1940’s movies and he had a satisfying death.

    Peggy Carter is great. I admire a girl who is comfortable being taller than her love interest. Her fashion sense? On point. Bright red lipstick? Flawless. The romance is cute and sweet and very much like a 1940’s movie. I know what happens in Endgame and I don’t have strong opinions either way. It just feels right how they ended it- just cheesy enough.

    Final score: 7/10

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  • nonbinary-zemo
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    in the morning

    Steve: Bucky why did I hear muffled screaming at four in the morning yesterday

    Bucky: I was watching a horror movie

    *Muffled screaming begins again*



    Bucky: the horror movie's still going

    #mcu #mcu incorrect quotes #marvel #marvel cinematic universe #marvel incorrect quotes #bucky barnes #the white wolf #the winter soldier #bucky barnes incorrect quotes #sam wilson#the falcon #sam wilson incorrect quotes #sambucky #sambucky incorrect quotes #Steve Rogers#captain america #captain america incorrect quotes #steve rogers incorrect quotes
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  • rodrikstark
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    captain america: the winter soldier (2014)

    part 1

    #shayne and damien and a redheaded girl: are all in the same shot #my brain: !! !!!! !!!! #shayne topp#damien haas#saige ryan#smosh#smosh games#smoshblr#catws #captain america: the winter soldier #marvel#mcu
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  • beskar-iron
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago


    #i wanna show it to my sister #caps tw #note to self #ignore tags i’m hoping someone will see this and kno what i’m talking about #mcu#marvel#steve rogers#captain america#peggy carter #marvel cinematic universe #the avengers#avengers endgame#stevepeggy #is there a tag for this ship?? i dont really care i just wanna find this fucking post #agent carter
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