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    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Rex breaks down after the pithy funeral he holds for the legion of brothers he couldn't avoid murdering.

    "It's not murder. You didn't kill them, Rex." (Rex does not believe her)

    He's inconsolable. Agony had never had a taste before. He'd never worn grief like he wore his armor, familiar to the point where he was scared to take it off because he knew then he would be left with nothing.

    "You need to get up, Rex. We have to go."

    Get up for what? The Republic is scattered under the shallow graves before him, blood swallowed by impassive grey dust on the moon it was lucky to crash on.

    "Rex. We need to go."

    Ahsoka tries her best to heft him, grunting in pain and frustration and sympathy when he doesn't move. Maybe she could throw him over her shoulders the way she'd had to carry some of the bodies off the destroyer. He can smell the blood and char on her montrals.

    Rex is on his feet. Ahsoka's hand is in his, as cold as the moon around them. Ahsoka asks him a question he doesn't answer because he no longer has a voice. Rex is as thin and sparse as the dust that blows across the mounds laid out before them. Rex is grief that's sickly familiar the way his brothers' now-dead language is.

    He's on the starship, leaving Rex discarded and empty, laid before Jesse's grave like a final apology.

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    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The Bad Batch characters top spotify artists without explanation

    •Hunter: lil nas x

    •Echo: fall out boy

    •Tech: lady gaga

    •Wrecker: twice

    •Crosshair: gorillaz

    •Omega: loona

    •Rex: elton john

    •Gregor: doja cat

    •Howzer: pitbull

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  • milf-sawgerrera
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Am I making a Star Wars What If? but it’s Saw dying instead of Steela (Lux dies too) and it all happened because Rex took Ahsoka’s place on Onderon? Yes, yes I am.

    Is Rex and Saw super gay and does Rex go a bit crazy from grief like Saw? Maybe…


    Star Wars What If

    but I make it whatever I want it to be.

    #star wars#clone wars #star wars prequels #bad batch#rouge one#what if #what if? #marvel what if #captain rex#saw gerrera#steela gerrera#my writing #oh it makes me cry but also fillled with determination #I’m going to try my best to get each character correct #rexsaw#sawrex
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  • ann-i-inthestars
    21.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I condensed all the OC clone origin names to one story, did some edits and smoothed the lilttle drabbles out to be more cohesive and well rounded.

    #star wars #the clone wars #sw clones #sw clone oc #original clone commander #original clone characters #clone captain rex #clone trooper jesse #clone trooper boost #clone trooper stone #clone trooper fives #clone trooper tup #clone trooper dogma #I think i got all of them #I love these boys(and gal) so much #clone ocs are my babies
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  • bookshopangel
    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Little Cody got a new house today.

    The littlest Commander, overseeing my desk:

    Oh good, his husbands are home.

    And Waxer is downstairs, welcoming you to this fine establishment. xD

    #star wars#clone wars#commander cody #i love me the orange creamsicle boy #obi wan kenobi #captain rex #clone trooper waxer #I DONT HAVE A MATCHING BOIL IM SORRY #gratuitous photos of my desk
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  • gockcobbler519
    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Watch "Clones - In Your Head" on YouTube

    #excuse me i didn't want to cry after work #but here i am #star wars#tcw #the clone wars #tbb#sw tbb#tbb tech#crosshair#tbb echo#tech#tbb hunter#captain rex #arc trooper fives #Youtube
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  • multifandomnonsense
    20.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Rex: Earlier I said "hit the lights" and Hardcase punched the light switch and broke it

    #star wars #the clone wars #incorrect quotes#captain rex #clone trooper hardcase #the 501st
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  • mintywriteswritings
    20.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Current sexuality: Rex saying "I'm no Jedi"

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  • honkanderson
    20.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I've been practicing making good lines when I draw so I decided to do it with one of my favorite copy-paste men!!! its basically ripped right from a frame out of Victory and Death, but its just for practice so I can do my own poses and things later since I'm new to digital stuff

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  • rebelpitstop
    20.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    The Commanders and the Captain

    Summary: You tease Fox, Cody, Rex and Wolffe. Consequences hit you fast

    Paring: Fox x Reader, Cody x Reader, Rex x Reader, Wolffe x Reader

    A/N: I blame @thefact0rygirl, @djarrex and @spaceydragons for bullying me into writing this

    Warnings: PinV sex (multiple times), fingering, orgasm denial, unprotected sex, kinda anonymous sex(not really, they keep the helmets on while you guess who they are), dirty talk

    You couldn't help the laugh you let out as you walked into the clone quarters. You tried to stifle the noise with a cough, but it was pretty obvious what you thought of the situation. Eyes of the four highest ranking and most highly decorated soldiers of the GAR turned to you.

    “Good evening gentlemen, I’m supposed to debrief Marshal Commander Cody, Marshal Commander Fox, Commander Wolffe and Captain Rex, but it appears I’ve been given wrong information. The only soldiers here are shinies.” The four men groaned.

    “Very funny.” Wolffe rolls his eyes, then proceeds to return to glaring at his bucket, as if it had personally offended him.

    “We’ll get them fixed up once we’re back on Coruscant.” Fox is sat on one of the beds, flexing to ensure the armour fits and moves comfortably.

    “Well, don’t you worry. No matter the armour, I’d be able to tell who was underneath it all. Especially if it was you four.” You walk over to the desk in the center of the room, placing the paperwork down. You didn’t notice the four men exchanging looks behind you, or the fact that Wolffe had started to move over to the light switch. “Right-”

    “How sure are you about that ma’am?” Something in Cody’s voice sent a shiver down your spine, you turn to look at him. He stands up, coming over to stand just in front of you.

    “Pretty sure, why?”

    “Well, we’ve seen the way you look at us.” Cody smiles down at you, thumb coming up to brush across your lip. “You think you can hide that?”

    Your heart moved to your throat. Were you that obvious? Before you can spiral any further, a voice cuts in.

    “You should’ve seen her during blaster training.” Rex pipes up, “Bet she was soaked through.”

    You remembered the day well. Every three months, high ranking soldiers are brought back in for testing, procedure to ensure their reaction times were still up to par. Fox, Rex, Cody and Wolffe had all come back in, laughing and joking. The same way you’d always seen them, but something changed once they were placed on the battlefield. Objectively, you’d known that the way they act around you couldn’t be the way they act in the heat of battle. But knowing and witnessing are two entirely different things. Watching them act with such deadly precision had left you squirming. That night, you came on your fingers to the thought of them.

    Then the lights go out.

    Your heart moves to your throat. What the fuck were they doing?

    When they come back on, all four soldiers stand in front of you, helmets on.

    Tension hangs heavy in the air.

    “Did you know that the newer armour can detect heart rate?” The vocoders in their helmets help hide any subtleties that would tell you who was speaking.

    “And what does it tell you, soldier?” You take a step towards them, unable to hide how breathy your voice has become.

    Chuckles come from the helmets.

    “That someone is very, very desperate.” A hand moves to the back of your neck, squeezing ever so slightly.

    “Why don’t we play a game? You guess whose fucking you, you cum. You get it wrong, you don’t.”

    “Ohhh, they liked that, check out the heart rate.” Shit, this new gear was going to get you into a whole world of trouble. The hand on the back of your neck forces you to look at its owner.

    “Do you want this?”

    “Yes, yes please. I’ve wanted this for so long.” A series of groans respond to your confession.

    “On your knees.” Every time they speak, it's someone new, it's disorienting. But maybe if you can keep them talking, you can guess who it is.

    You drop to your knees in front of them as they pull their cocks out. Perhaps one day you’ll be able to tell them apart by that alone. The sight makes your cunt clench, all for you. They slowly begin pumping themselves and you let out a pitiful whine.

    “Problem?” You glare up at the helmets, then look back at their cocks.

    “That’s my job.” you pout.

    Two of them step forward, and immediately, you know who they are. Ranking is drilled into the soldiers from the day they’re born. Even in a situation like this, no way the lowest ranking would step forward first.

    “My pleasure Marshall Commanders.” You hear a choking sound come from under the helmet, but before they can comment, you lean forward and take one of their cocks into your mouth. Your hands reach out to your sides, taking the cocks of the other two men into your hands, and keeping the same pace. As you pull off the cock, you hollow out your cheeks, and swirl your tongue around the tip. The sound of moans through the vocoder fills the room. You move to the second cock, repeating your movements. The broken groans and your name on their lips went straight to your pussy. Fuck you wished you had a hand free.

    You clench and shift, hoping that it will give you some kind of relief. It does, for a moment, then one of them, Wolffe you’re pretty sure, lets your name rumble from his chest, and it's no use. Hearing how much pleasure you’re giving these men you adore, it’s a drug you can’t get enough off.

    “We wanna finish on you, mesh’la, mark you as ours.” You pull off his cock, looking up at them all.

    “What’s stopping you?” A litany of swears follows your declaration, and you shuffle back, kneeling in the center of them. Quickly, you strip off the top half of your body, leaving it bare for them to cover.

    “Next time, you’re taking your time when you do that.”

    They cover your neck, chest and stomach, chanting your name like a prayer as they do.

    “Look at you, all for us.”

    “Such a fucking whore for us.”

    “Knew you were a slut, from the day I saw you.”

    “Look so fucking perfect covered in our cum.”

    They stand there panting, admiring the view. Ensuring they’re watching, you drag a finger between your tits, collecting their cum, and suck it clean.

    One of them moves forward, grabbing you under your arms and lifting you so you’re laying on the desk in the middle of the room.

    “Such a fucking tease. But your first guess was right, so you deserve a treat.” His gloved fingers move down to between your legs, thumb playing with your clit as two fingers slip in. Your knees clench, trapping his arm. You feel movement behind you, and two sets of hands move to your tits, starting to tease your nipples. Another hand moves to your cunt, one man focusing on your clit while the other stretches you open. It's overwhelming, being the focus of all this attention from insanely handsome men.

    The fingers in your cunt, curl and twist, attempting to pull every drop of pleasure out of you they can, Cody. The fingers playing with your clit are teasing, pulling back any time he watches your body become too tense, Rex. One of the soldiers on your tits seems desperate to taste, but unwilling to break the rules of the game, Wolffe, the other soldier is focused entirely on your pleasure, seeming to try and gauge what you like most, Fox.

    Its an embarrassingly short amount of time before you cum, screaming their names as you do. Even without their faces, you can tell they’re very smug. But you’re still not satisfied.

    “Please, please I want…”

    “What do you want mesh’la? You have to tell us.” The voice is teasing, but you can sense the desperation underneath, the need for you to tell them how much you need them, and only them.

    “I need your cocks, please, I’ll do anything.” Your body is sweaty, chest sticky, you want more, you’ll take everything and anything they give you.

    “We’ll see what we can do.”

    Again, the lights go out. When they come back on, they’ve changed position, and you no longer have any idea who’s who.

    After a brief game of rock, paper, scissors, at which you roll your eyes, one of them steps forward. He stands between your legs, pumping his cock ever so slowly.

    “I’ve waited so long for this.” With a single thrust, he pushes into your cunt. The stretch pulls the air from your lungs and your nails dig into his pauldron. His pace is slow, measured, that ruled out Rex. He didn’t seem itching to mark you up, that ruled out Wolffe, leaving only Cody and Fox, so you took a chance.

    “Cody?” The silence afterwards told you everything you needed to know. Slowly, the soldier moved in close, the side of his helmet pressed against your cheek. His fingers dug into your hips, sure to leave bruises.

    “Wrong.” He pulls out entirely, thrusting back in hard.

    “Fox, Fox, Fox!” You try to remedy your mistake, but its too late, you guessed wrong.

    “Such a shame, I was so looking forward to feeling you cum on my cock, perhaps another time.” You’re desperate, pleading with him, begging him. You can feel the pressure in your abdomen building, but the consequences of disobeying would likely be worse.

    With your name dripping from his mouth, he cums in you. It feels delicious, but you look up at the ceiling, praying to the maker that you don’t break. Slowly, he pulls out hand brushing your cheek.

    “Such a good girl for me.” You whine, whether more at the loss, or at the feeling of his cum slowly dripping out of your cunt, you’re not quite sure.

    “You guessed me wrong mesh’la, means I’m going to have to fuck you next.” Cody then came to stand between your legs, casually using his fingers to scoop up cum and finger them back inside you. “And you won’t be allowed to cum.”

    You push up onto your elbows, incredulous.


    “Seems only fair. Don’t worry, they’ll make it worth it.” Just as you were about to complain, he thrusts into you, and all thoughts are forgotten. The only thing you can focus on is fighting every instinct in your body, screaming at you to just let go. Cody, the fucking tease, rests his hand on the top of your cunt, not making contact with anything senstive, but allowing you to fantasize about the prospect. Desperately, you tried not to think about how good the stretch of him felt, or the fact he was cum from someone else to fuck you. Just as you think you’re about to lose it, he groans, head falling to your chest as he spills into you.

    “You have no idea how badly I want to kiss you right now.” It was barely above a whisper, a declaration meant for your ears alone. You smile softly, resting your hand on the back of his helmet.

    “Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea.”

    He pulls out with a filthy sound, leaving you feeling empty and overly sensitive. As you’re wallowing in self pity, hands begin to move up your thighs, and you look up at the helmet. The third soldier is standing between your legs now, you pull him closer with your legs. The chuckle that comes from the helmet tells you everything you need to know.

    “Hey there Rex.” A soft laugh confirms your suspicions.

    “How did you know?”

    “You’re more playful than the others.” His hands move to your waist, thumb brushing the soft skin. Slowly, almost painfully, he pushes in. Something about knowing you can cum with him this time adds an extra delicious feeling to him.

    “Please, Rex, I can’t handle much teasing.” Your hands go to his neck, pulling him close to you.

    “As you wish mesh’la.” A hand moves from your hip to your clit, and he starts up a steady, hard pace. You drown in the feeling of him, euphoric at the fact you had now earned the right to chase your high alongside him. You could feel him in your throat.

    The hand on your waist digs into the soft flesh there, determined to leave marks of his own. God, you wanted so badly to be able to mark these men up, make it clear who they belonged to. Just as you were following that thought, Rex teased your clit, and all thoughts fled your mind. Your body begins to tense.

    “Just like that, let go, you’ve been so good to us.” You shatter, clinging desperately to Rex’s armour as you cum. He follows soon after, his cum mixing in with the others. You don’t even notice him pulling out, or the fact that as he did, cum began to drip out of your cunt and form a puddle on the floor.

    A hand moves to the middle of your back, pulling you up to face them. A smile forms on your lips.

    “Wolffe.” Your voice is soft, and your hand moves to brush the side of his helmet.

    “We don’t have to do this, I can-”

    “Wolffe, you’re very sweet, but right now, I want you to fuck me.” You can sense the smile under the helmet as he nods. Carefully he lays you back down, his body folding over yours. Eyes watching your face, he pushes in. A low groan reverberates from his chest.

    “Fuck, still so tight for me.” The sound as he fucks you is filthy, filling the room. You feel unbelievably full, Wolffe’s cock, and the cum of three other men inside you. One of Wolffe’s hands moves up to your throat, just resting there to let you know that he could if he wanted to. A stream of filth pours from his lips to your ear, promises and praise. Your legs wrap around him, pulling him impossibly closer. With no warning, your orgasm hits you. A whine pulls from your throat as Wolffe fills you up one last time. As he pulls out, you realize you’ve never felt this full before. Four loads of cum. As you attempted to sit up, you felt a glob of it drip out of you and fall onto the floor with a particularly wet sound.

    A chorus of swear words came from the men now coming to surround you, all of them pulling their helmets off.

    “You did so fucking good for us mesh’la.” Cody whispered into your ear as he pressed kisses to the back of your neck.

    “You have no idea how stunning you looked.” Fox said as he ran his hands soothingly along your hips.

    “Just perfect, so good.” Rex’s hands began pulling your hair off your face and neck.

    “You are more than I ever could’ve imagined, you have no idea what you mean to us.” Wolffe pressed a kiss to your forehead as he spoke.

    “Lets clean you up, shall we?” Cody picks you up as the others follow behind into the showers. You were impossibly worn out, fully ready to pass out, but as the men surrounded you, calloused hands trying to wash you ever so softly, you realized you’d never felt more loved.

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    20.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    I don't like being catcalled

    But Wolffe has my full consent to growl, bark, howl, whistle, and make whatever expression he wants about me*

    *So do Crosshair, Hunter, Rex, Fives, Howzer, Wrecker, Tech, and Echo.

    #clone simp#commander wolffe#clones#clone troopers #the bad batch #clone force 99 #captain rex#captain howzer #bad batch echo #bad batch tech #bad batch wrecker #sergeant hunter#commander crosshair#ct 9904#bad batch#tbb#star wars#howzer #arc trooper fives #arc trooper echo #fives my beloved #wolffe my beloved
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    20.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Obi-Wan, teaching Ahsoka to drive: Okay, you're driving and Anakin and Rex walk into the road. Quick, what do you hit?

    Ahsoka: Oh, definitely Anakin. I could never hurt Rex.

    Obi-Wan, massaging his temples: The brakes. You hit the brakes.

    #obi wan kenobi #anakin skywalker#star wars #star wars the clone wars #incorrect star wars quotes #incorrect the clone wars quotes #ahsoka tano#captain rex #incorrect clone wars quotes #star wars incorrect quotes
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  • showerthoughtsonly
    20.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Cold Mornings, Warm Arms

    Rex x f!reader

    Synopsis: You’re a bridge officer, which apparently requires some rather early morning emergencies. Waking up suddenly and often early, you suffer from something you call ‘morning shivers’ more often than not. The Domino twins are insistent that this is something their Captain should remedy, but you’re not quite sure... yet.

    A/N: My morning classes give me morning shivers and I’m a cuddly person. That’s it. That’s the inspo. Happy reading, loves!

    Warnings: None that I can think of!

    You yawned on the bridge of The Resolute, fist against your open mouth as you attempted to jerk yourself awake. Early mornings were practically a prerequisite in the Grand Army of the Republic and though you were verging on your eighteenth standard month in the military, you still had yet to adjust your circadian rhythm to match the rhythm of the ship.

    There was an officer’s lounge that had a coffee machine, but that coffee was like drinking caffeinated mud puddles and you hadn’t had the time to run inside before you had gotten called up to the bridge to check on the systems. Everything was fine, of course, but you really weren’t looking forward to the horribly burnt taste of the longue coffee. To be honest, you don’t know why you had been taken on board. The clones were highly competent and your assistance was rarely, if ever, needed. However, it was a job and it made you feel like you were providing something towards the war effort, so you continued doing what you were doing.

    “There’s our favorite nattie!” Fives’ voice was supposed to be indistinguishable from his brothers’, but you could always tell. Despite them all having the same vocal chords, they all had different pitches and tones, inflections and vocabulary. Maybe it had something to do with different squad’s trainers, maybe it had something to do with their innately different personalities. It didn’t matter to you, but it constantly confused the boys and other natbots on how you could distinguish them.

    “Hey, Fives.” You said, punctuated by another jaw-splitting yawn that had the boys in the hallway chuckling at your exhaustion. Not quite in the mood for their ribbing, you tiredly knocked your knuckles against the ARC’s breastplate and shouldered past him and his twin, Echo.

    Normally, you would love to engage in their shenanigans, but your limbs felt like falling off all at the joints. You had tossed and turned for a while last night, gotten up to get a quick workout in to wear yourself out, knocked out for about three hours and then had gotten kicked out of your wonderfully warm bed to the cold, steel walls of the command deck. The surrounding air was still freezing and your crisp grey uniform was doing little to nothing to keep the chill out.

    “Tired, sweetness?” Fives seemed to not take the hint and fell into step beside you. Echo fell on your other side and you felt two arms, one from each soldier, lock around your shoulders and waist respectively. Oh, the boys felt like personal heaters on both your sides, their body heat sinking absolutely deliciously into your greys.

    “Oh, Fives, you have no idea. I don’t suppose I could convince you to carry me to the officer’s lounge to my shitty coffee?” You pleaded, looping your arms around your favorite ARCs’ waists to bring them closer. Most of their body heat was selfishly absorbed by their thick, heavy armor, but a bit of it leaked out

    “Mmm. He could, but I think the Captain would have his shebs if he did. No one wants to see the gal they’re sweet on in the arms of another lad.” Echo teased, pinching your waist when you groaned in response. The boys had been insistent for the past three months that the Captain harbored amorous feelings for you, teasing the both of you left and right when they could. In fact, you had heard whispers of a betting pool centered around guessing when the two of you were going to get together and how.

    “Will you guys stop it with that bantha-dung and just carry me to the lounge?” You asked, pausing your steps so both the boys drug you between them. Neither of them even paused as your feet began dragging on the floor, effortlessly carrying you to keep up their pace. You missed the meaningful glance they shot each other before Echo let go of your waist. Fives swung you up over his shoulder, his dumb shoulder pauldrons digging into your stomach and temporarily knocking the wind out of you as they continued on their way. You swayed back and forth with each of his steps, slowly relaxing on the harsh plastoid of his pack in an attempt to get another few winks of sleep.

    You must have knocked out for a while because the next time you opened your eyes, you were wedged between the two boys, Fives’ arm stretched behind you protectively on the couch with a mug full of steaming caf on the caf table in front of the couch you were reclining on.

    The lounge was busy enough for an early morning, higher clone personnel and nat-borns filtering in and out of the room.You settled further against Echo, cradling your caf mug close to your chest in an attempt to gather more warmth, gently closing your eyes once more.

    A cough had you startling awake to see a certain Captain frowning down upon you and the twins you sat between.

    “Don’t you all have someplace to be right now?” He said. His bucket was tucked by his side tightly, but you figured he would have his arms crossed in a stern pose if he had the free arms. The ARCs didn’t move, besides Fives leaning over to check the chrono on the wall.

    “No, sir. We got another twenty to relax before the day really starts up, sir.” Fives reported with a shit-eating grin. “You’re welcome to join us, ‘specially if you bring that blanket on that chair over there back to us. I think our favorite nattie is a bit cold.” He said while gesturing to the fuzzy communal blanket neatly folded over a far chair in the corner.

    Rex tensed a bit, watched Fives scoot away from you and pat the now empty space between him and you, and shook his head with a sigh.

    “Just make sure you are where you need to be when you need to be there.” He muttered, walking away. You thought that was the end of that and turned to face Fives better, shooting him a deadly glare over the rim of your caf mug. He meaningfully glanced to the side of the room and you followed his eyes to see the Captain pick up the blanket he had mentioned and march back over the room to you.

    “Here you go. Stay warm, nattie.” Rex muttered, handing over the fuzzy blanket to you with a soft smile. Your eyes widened a bit and the flush that hit you from head to tail warmed you more than the two personal space heaters you called friends to either side of you. He marched back out of the room to get a start on the day and you watched his departure with wide eyes and a dancing heart.

    “Oooooo, nattie’s got a crush!” Fives shouldered back up to you, wiggling back and forth. Echo laughed and crushed you to his side tighter. You hissed as the sudden movement spilled a bit of your caf and struggled to get up to no avail.

    “Look at how bright that blush is, vod! I don’t think it could get any brighter unless we painted it on her!” Echo said brightly, rocking you back and forth in a brotherly hug. You three were getting weird looks from the two other nat-borns in the lounge, but you could honestly care less.

    “I don’t have a crush. Crushes are things for children and irrational idiots.” You protested, finally managing to wiggle out of the tight embraces, a feat within itself. “I’m going to go get a head start on the day, I’ll see you guys at lunch.”

    The boys’ cooing and jeers followed you all the way out of the lounge until the door slid shut behind you, effectively blocking their voices from echoing further. After a few more sips of the burnt caf, you dumped the rest in a refresher sink. That conversation woke you up more than that watered down caf ever would.

    The rest of the day was slow, slow enough that you had the time to ponder about what the boys were really getting at. There really wasn’t a flying chance in hell that the Captain actually had any feelings towards you. Any inappropriate for work settings feelings anyways. You had been assigned to The Resolute right off the bat. As you were stationed on the deck, you had quite a few interactions with Rex, allowing you a pretty solid work relationship with him. You shared lunch a couple of times, walked to the 79’s once or twice and had a couple other normal close coworker things together.

    But as much as you hated to admit it, those damn ARC troopers were right. You were emotionally competent enough to identify a crush. At first, you tried to pass it off as infatuation. Rex was a pretty attractive young man about your age - looks wise - and was honorable and reliable. But by those standards, you would be crushing on almost every man on the ship you had interacted with thus far.

    There was something about him that made your heart sing a little louder when he was near. That made electricity zip through your body and linger in the areas that he casually touched. This wasn’t puppy love and it most certainly wasn’t a brief infatuation that you could work around forever. You had a massive, heart-breakingly large crush on Captain Rex that you couldn’t get past, no matter how hard you tried.

    The realization that you were crushing on this man had really hit you about six months ago and you had dutifully stayed silent throughout the entire thing. You had an inkling of a feeling that both Jedi on the ship knew, between the looks they gave you and the way they paired the two of you up a ridiculous amount, so you knew that they wouldn’t care if you pursued something, but that wasn’t the problem.

    The problem was that you were an overwhelmingly pathetic mess of a person when it came to romantic relationships. You struggled with confessing feelings and expressing your emotions to others. It was a vulnerable experience that you weren’t completely comfortable with. Especially in a job where a confession or relationship gone wrong would inevitably lead to you leaving the ship that you now considered to be a home. You would miss your boys and the ship too much if you were to leave.

    You were content with being coworkers and considered yourself to be lucky to be friends with the man that made your heart sing. At least, that’s what you told yourself until the next morning rolled around.

    Once more, you were stumbling around a half empty ship, half asleep after checking up on the systems and subsequent electronics that had been malfunctioning. After fixing the problem, you were on your way to the lounge, shivering and wondering if you should answer the call of your warm bed sheets instead of moving forward with your day.

    You trudged through the entrance of the lounge with your sole attention on the caf machine, tucked into the far corner of the room. The small shivers that racked your body had yet to stop and you miserably fought back the idea of the stiff, but warm cot that awaited you after your shift. The shivers would stop, eventually. Probably after your warm caf. You liked to call them morning shivers because you normally only ever got them in the morning after peeling yourself out of your comforter and sheets.

    “Rough morning?” Captain Rex’s voice had you nearly jumping out of your skin, tearing your eyes from where you had been watching the caf drip at a depressing rate to where he was sprawled out on the couch with a holopad in hand. The Captain’s armor was stacked neatly to the side and you had to avoid raking your eyes over his form for longer than what might be considered socially acceptable.

    He himself looked pretty rough, you noted. Well, it was - you glanced down to your wrist - three in the morning by standard Coruscant time. It seemed like he had yet to go to bed, judging by his slumped shoulders and red eyes.

    “Yeah, just a bit. Caf, Captain?” You offered politely, reaching down to grab an empty mug before even hearing his answer.

    “Yes please.” Rex said. The whirr of the caf machine and the tapping of his pen against the pad consumed the next couple of minutes before you sat down again by his side, a respectful two feet of space between you. The plush couch was warm and soft, worn from nearly two years of soldiers and nat-borns sitting on it. It still didn’t stop those kriffing morning shivers.

    You set Rex’s mug down and grabbed your own holopad from your bag. “Send me some of those forms you’re working on, Captain.” You said, not even bothering to request it. There was no current work for you at the moment, so you might as well help get him into bed a bit quicker.

    There was silence for a couple seconds, then, “Thank you, I really appreciate that.” Rex said. An email promptly popped up after that on your holopad, with a couple of attached document to it. You were quick to get to work on them, eager to move forward to the day.

    “Hold on, you’re shivering again.” Rex interrupted, grabbing that same fuzzy blanket from yesterday and slinging it over your shoulders carefully. The action brought him much closer and suddenly you were very much aware of the heat that seeped from the man who was now pressed ankle to shoulder against you.

    You could already feel the heat rising in your cheeks at the sweet gesture. The blanket was deliciously soft and warm. It was already slowly soothing those morning shivers you got, though apparently not fast enough because Rex made a dissatisfied noise before mimicking Fives from the morning before; wrapping a strong arm around your shoulders and tugging you into his side further.

    And oh! He was so comfortable to get close to, just having one of his arms wrapped around your shoulders made you feel safe and secure, and it didn’t hurt that he smelled pretty great too. Honest to the Maker above, you only meant to close your eyes for a second before getting back to the reports.

    It was only when you woke up to a similarly sleeping Captain wrapped around you with the two Domino twins giving you shit-eating grins four hours later that you realized that this might be a bit more of a problem than you originally thought.

    “Crushes are only for children, now, are they ad’ika? Echo crowed in a hushed voice. It was a struggle to move with Rex’s thick arms cradling you close to his chest, but you managed to move those arms from your upper back to lower and wiggled up an arm to point an accusing finger at the two.

    “You will say nothing of this. I was just tired.” You hissed. The blanket slipped from over your shoulders to pool around where Rex’s arms were still wrapped tightly around your figure.

    “Oh, absolutely. We won’t say anything, but I can promise nothing of the holopics that have already been taken and sent.” Fives said, giggling like a little boy. You took a swipe at him and the two boys practically danced away, laughing as loudly as they could without waking up Rex.

    You wiggled around a bit awkwardly, tapping gentle fingers on Rex's cheek in an attempt to wake him up. His face scrunched up rather cutely before he peeked open those beautiful brown eyes of his. A gentle flush swelled to match yours and his arms loosened a bit.

    “Goodmorning, Captain. You should probably make your way to those barracks now to get a couple hours of sleep.” You whispered, smoothing your fingers carefully over his forehead stress lines to bring him further into consciousness.

    The Captain cleared his throat. “This may be considered an inappropriate request, but could… would you care to join me?” Your heart hammered away in your chest, emotions welling up in your chest and constricting your throat. Rex must have taken your sudden inability to answer as a stark refusal, because he immediately tried to amend his request.

    “Or not. I- ya’know, you just looked pretty tired and you fell asleep so easily earlier and that was the best I’ve slept in a while and-.” He was cut off by you gently pressing a finger against his rambling mouth. You tried to ignore how plush his lips felt against your finger and swallowed to clear your throat in preparation to answer.

    “I’ll come cuddle with you in your bunk if you carry me there, Captain.” Your words brought a giant, adorable smile to his face. Gentle hands interlaced with the finger resting against his lips and your breath caught in your chest as he kissed the inside of your wrist.

    “Of course, m’lady.” He said, rising up slowly and gently pushing the blanket away to rest on the back of the couch before cradling you to his chest and standing up. You nestled yourself closer, resting one hand on a nicely sculpted shoulder and the other on his chest while tucking your face into his neck and taking a deep inhale of his wonderfully pleasant smell.

    Laughter called your attention as you entered the hallway and the two of you paused to look over a group of boys in blue, Fives at the center projecting a picture of the two of you cuddled together. Echo caught sight of the two of you and let out a wolf-whistle.

    “Get it, Captain!” Echo called, bringing the rest of the boys’ eyes over to you. A collective call of cheers and ribbings followed you both as Rex promptly turned and near sprinted away. You glanced up to see a blush spread all the way down his neck.

    “Told you he was sweet on you, nattie!” One last call followed you into the CO’s barracks, which were mercifully empty. Rex dropped you on a cot and was quick to bring you back to his chest, hiding his expression in the nearest pillow.

    You carefully drew circles on his chest with a finger, pondering if you wanted to take this last affirming step. There was no reason you shouldn’t. From what had just happened in the lounge, it was pretty safe to assume the Captain also harbored feelings for you. Steeling your nerves, you tilted your head up and smoothed a hand to the back of his head to bring his forehead to yours. You wanted to have his eyes for this.

    “Rex. Are you sweet on me?” You asked. Rex swallowed and gave a quick, jerky nod in response. A beautiful heat spread through your chest, reaching out to your fingertips and toes.

    “Good.” You murmured, tilting your head slightly to sweetly brush your lips against his. He audibly inhaled before pressing forward a bit, locking his lips against yours firmly. You both held for a moment before breaking away and curling further into each other, legs tangling and hands finding each other’s.

    “Sleep time?” Rex asked. You nodded, brushing another peck to his chest before closing your eyes, heart dancing in your chest. Lips pressed in a crowning motion across your brow and you let out a happy sigh.

    Unconsciousness was quick to sweep you again, swaddled safely in the warm arms of your Captain. You really hoped that this was how those early morning were going to turn out from here on out.

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    Rex, trying to comfort Cody: What's the problem? Anxiety? Low self-esteem? Obsessive thoughts of random arson? I've been there with General Skywalker.

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    Rebels Rex x Fem!Reader (18+)

    Warnings: sad backstory, mentions of drinking, fluff, mutual pining, bonding, friends to lovers, kinda slow burn, sex pollen, feelings, authority kink, p in v, oral sex.

    You have a crush on Captain Rex and your abilities allow you to join him on your first mission. Unfortunately, you run into purple flowers and the captain is the only person who can help you.

    Word count: 6500+

    The smell of the blaster plasma didn't make much difference to you anymore, you had grown accustomed to it over the past few months and were used to the distinctive scent. This allowed you to focus on what was really important, which was hitting your target from twenty meters away. You have already mastered shooting from fifteen meters, and you had to admit that you had a knack for shooting, although you had never held a gun in your hands before.

    "I don't know how you do it." A female voice to your right spoke up. It was early in the morning and there was only one person with you - your friend Erna. "I'm in a good position, stabilizing my breathing, and it's still not working!" She fuked angrily, trying to burn a hole in blaster with her eyes. You looked away from your target and shifted your gaze to her.

    "Relax, I don't know either." You smiled in her direction and with a groan, girl grabbed her blaster again and aimed it at the shield.

    "I think I'll just stay with the tools." She muttered under her breath and you too went back to shooting. Your target was already mostly burned from the plasma, but there were still white marks on it that you intended to cover over the next few minutes. Your aim didn't stop you from comforting your friend, and you were grateful to yourself for having mastered the skill of divided attention.

    "You're a great mechanic, I'm sure you'll be useful to them." You stated, not taking your eyes off the target. "Besides, the rebellion is now gathering who they can."

    "Also true. But they're still nothing to the empire." She replied quieter, and you didn't comment.

    It was a bitter truth, but Erna was right. The empire was powerful, harsher than the republic, and would crush its opponents under the force of the weapons it carried. You didn't believe the rebellion would ever be able to achieve the same; there were too empathetic and righteous individuals within it.

    Still, you preferred to join the rebellion rather than support the empire; so did most of the people on your planet and Erna, so they paid for this decision with their lives.

    You didn't remember most of what happened the night the stormtroopers entered your town and began searching for the names of people who had previously expressed objections to the occupation. Your mind defended itself against the trauma with displacement, but you remember the color you saw immediately after regaining consciousness when someone pulled you out from under the rubble of your own home.

    A beautiful, golden brown.

    "You're getting better and better." She complimented you, and you modestly agreed with her. You didn't even have to try very hard to hit the center and you soon had to go replace the shield to train further. "They'll probably assign you to a mission soon, maybe even with Rex himself?" The next bullet passed the shield by a few centimeters and you heard Erna snorting with laughter. You looked at her with reproach in your eyes and the girl smiled broadly. "Distracted?"

    "I promise you'll be my next target." You growled, feeling the embarrassment creep into your cheeks. She didn't do anything about your threat, just rolled her eyes.

    She was the only person who knew about your growing feelings for the captain with each passing day, and she missed no opportunity to tease you about it. You were lucky in that you knew you could trust her and she wouldn't tell anyone (you only missed having the rest of your friends start making fun of your crush), but often her comments were so ambiguous that you were afraid someone would finally figure it out.

    And that would be humiliating.

    After all, he was amazing! More than once you saw women drooling at the sight of him, yet he was still alone. Why would he pay attention to you?

    "But think to yourself, you're good enough to go on a mission with him. You're left alone, it's nighttime because, after all, missions often last weeks, romantic mood around a campfire..."

    "Romantic shooting down imperial ships." You closed your eyes and got teary. " Dreams." You went back to shooting at the target, this time the one in front of Erna. "I may be able to shoot faster and more precisely, educate myself and so on, but I'll never match his skill. He's a flesh and blood soldier! With years of experience, working alongside Jedi! And all I know how to do is this." A few shots were all you needed to shoot the first letter of your name on her shield. Erna looked up at you satisfied, and before you had time to ask the reason for the sulky grin on her face, you jumped when someone placed a large, warm hand on your shoulder.

    "For me, that's impressive enough." There was a note of amusement in the captain's voice and you couldn't help but tense up. You turned your head in his direction. There was a soft smile on his lips, as usual he was dressed in the remnants of his armor and kept his blaster at his belt. He must have come to practice, you had never seen him at such an early hour, but you didn't complain. Any opportunity to be near him was a good opportunity. "And why not? Your skills are improving fast. I'd be more than happy to examine them." He took his hand from your shoulder and you could already feel yourself longing for the nice warmth his touch gave you.

    "It would be an honor, I, I, thank you." You stammered. "I mean, sir, yes sir."

    "I'm glad to see your enthusiasm." He winked at you and you thought you were going to faint. He was in an exceptionally good mood. "And I'm glad you have such a great opinion of me. Now if you'll excuse me, I also need to practice!"

    You both nodded your heads and looked at his receding silhouette for a moment. He set up a shield thirty meters away and you felt a sense of pride as he hit his weapon right in the center, completely ignoring the recoil.

    "Hey." Erna whispered your name, getting your attention. "Shoot a little more and then we're off to breakfast. And stop looking at him! It's obvious."

    You quickly reconsidered, and after theatrically giving your friend some advice so it wouldn't be that you left right after he came in, your friend didn't fail to laugh at your surprise at seeing the captain. She assured you, thankfully, that he came in after you had begun to praise him and that he had heard nothing of the romantic shooting of ships!

    He was amazing and even though you were never meant to be anyone but friends, you were glad that he was the object of your interest. He charmed you with his charisma, knowledge and those beautiful golden brown eyes. No wonder you had a crush on him, he saved your life.


    You had to admit that at first you had a hard time getting used to the complete change of surroundings. Being in the rebellion was a very different life from the one you had led before, but thanks to the wonderful people, you got used to the established rules.

    As you were still a little away from becoming a full-fledged soldier, you spent your free time helping Gavinov, the young lieutenant who had taken you under his wing. You were practically his assistant; you helped him share reports and brought him coffee, which combined with training took up almost your entire day. It wasn't until late in the evening that you would meet in a large group for dinner together, where you and Erna would gossip about the events of the past day, and sometimes the older soldiers would tell their war stories.

    So Rex was someone who was often asked to tell something interesting, and each time you sat propping your cheek against your fist and listening to his pleasant, warm tone of voice. Erna joked that your pupils were turning into hearts, but you didn't care. As long as you could listen to him, you were content.

    "It's late." Your friend muttered, glancing at her watch. "Tim held me up extra long today. I'm going to go to bed, you coming?"

    "In a moment." You stated, finally taking your eyes off the captain. "I want to ask him something."

    "Condoms are on the top shelf, protect yourself."

    "Thanks, I'll remember." She patted you on the back, and you stood up after a moment. Most people had left and there were only a few of you left in the cafeteria, including Gavin and a few higher-ranking individuals. Rex was also already heading to his quarters (as a captain he had a separate one) and you wanted to catch him before he disappeared into his bedroom.

    "Captain?" You called out uncertainly after him, but to your luck, he heard and turned around. Rex said your name and smiled slightly, and you jogged over to him in the meantime.

    "Good to see you! Doesn't Gavin give you too much of a hard time?" He asked, putting his hands on his hips. Despite the bags under his eyes, he exuded awe with his posture, though in your case, it rather caused butterflies in your stomach. You squashed them inside you and cleared your mind, not wanting to say something stupid.

    "Since I learned to make him his favorite coffee he walks around less fussy." You smiled as well, but returned to the subject, not wanting to take up his precious time. He needed to get some sleep. "But I'm not about that, I wanted to ask, do you really think I'm ready to go on a mission?"

    "Yes, I think you could start." He said, and veritable sparks of excitement sparkled in your eyes. "If you yourself want it, of course. I have no intention of forcing you to do anything, missions are often hard, and you are young. You have a lot of life ahead of you, are you sure you want to put yourself at risk?" He asked, and his normally cheerful tone of voice changed to a worried one. He was worried about you...!!!

    "I'll go anywhere, as long as it's with you!" You said right away not wanting him to think you were having second thoughts. He opened his eyes wide at your confession, and you quickly noticed the ambiguity of your words. "I mean! For the rebellion of course."

    "Of course." He laughed quietly. "Someone needs to search the area near the base tomorrow. I was going to do it myself, but this will be a good test of how you handle the field. Are you in?"

    "Sure!" You grinned and the man put a hand on your shoulder. His hand was pleasantly heavy.

    "That's the spirit! Be in front of the main entrance tomorrow at 0005, take rations for three days and a sleeping bag. We'll be gone a while." You nodded vigorously, feeling the excitement coming on. "Now I suggest you go to bed, you need to rest."

    "Yes, sir. Thank you!" You took his hand off your shoulder and squeezed it in your palms before letting go. You tried to walk steadily, but excitement took over and you almost run towards your room. Rex laughed at your vigor.

    "That's my girl." He muttered under his nose, but shook his head after a while. He also went to his room, because he had to pack. He wasn't planning on doing rounds tomorrow, but he wanted to help you gain confidence.

    There were lovely sparks in your eyes when you got excited.

    You rushed into the room and turned on the light. Erna was already in bed in her pajamas and most likely asleep because she groaned at the sight of the lamp and furrowed her brow at the sight of you.

    "What do you want?" She groaned, and you slammed the door behind you. A big smile appeared on your face and she already knew something was up.

    "Me, tomorrow, the mission, Rex, three days alone." Said in one breath and it took her a few seconds to process the information. When she did, however, she opened her mouth in surprise.

    "No!" She shouted in disbelief. "No, I don't believe it, come here!" You threw yourself at her and with a squeal you started rolling on the bed. "You freakin'...! How did you do that!" She asked, sitting up, and you lay down in her place and put your hands under your head.

    "I asked if I could go on the mission already, he said yes and he was going on a discernment tomorrow so I'm going with him!" She slapped you on the shoulder and you were sure someone heard your joyful shouts.

    "No way, we need to celebrate." She said, leaning under the bed. She rummaged under it a moment and pulled out a Corellian whiskey, tucked away for a rainy day.

    "When I have a mission tomorrow!"

    "Well that's it, you need to relax! Looking for glasses or do you prefer it from the thread?"


    Erna and you, well, you didn't get much sleep that night. You doubted anyway whether you'd be able to sleep given all those feelings that were accumulating inside you, but at least you packed up and were outside the entrance ten minutes early. The captain arrived a moment after you, apparently also wanting to be on time.

    You had heavy backpacks on your shoulders and were dressed in loose clothing with a sweatshirt in your backpack. The planet you were on was covered with forests, which gave some shade, but it was generally warm, so you were content with short sleeves. The captain too and for the first three minutes in which he explained the hike to you, you were more focused on his muscles.

    "...We'll get to Base 3, where we'll leave the speeder, and there we'll have to walk on our feet. Later that day we should reach 3b, a kind of abandoned building that we use as a base camp. There are no beds, but windows, a door and a fireplace, so there will be a way to stay warm." He said, and you looked at the number of miles you had to walk.

    "Do you think we can get through this in three days?" You asked uncertainly, and the man rolled up the map and tucked it into his backpack.

    "If nothing happens, it's routine, so if we delay for a day nothing will happen." He replied, strapping his backpack to the special straps on the side of the speeder. You did the same from the other side and after making sure you had enough fuel, the man sat behind the wheel. He patted the seat behind him and you hesitantly threw your leg over the seat noticing that there wasn't much room and your hips were in contact with his. "Ready?" He asked, looking over his shoulder.

    "Like never." You added yourself reassurance with a smile. He suddenly took off and moved ahead, so you grabbed onto his waist, not wanting to fall. You had ridden a speeder before, but you didn't expect him to start up so suddenly! Besides, it was a good excuse to embrace him.

    You hooked your hands where his armor wasn't and felt his stomach. He was tense, hard. You didn't want to move your hands to avoid groping him, but you had solid reason to believe he still had a lot of muscle on him.

    You stopped the saliva pouring from your mouth and looked out from over his shoulder, watching the road you were traveling. You haven't had a chance to visit like this before, so you watched everything with interest. It promised to be an interesting three days.

    After an hour of fast driving, you arrived at base 3. There were several people in it who were watching the sky day and night. You stopped the speeder at their place and told them that if you didn't come back in a few days something had happened. You didn't know any of them before, so it was nice to meet new faces even if you only spent a few minutes with them.

    "Now the challenge begins, we enter the jungle." Rex said, and you struggled to find any path among the huge trees.

    "Imagine walking here in high heels." You muttered, carefully taking each step. Rex didn't impose a fast pace (yet), so you allowed yourself to be attentive. The blaster was clipped to your belt, but it was small enough that it didn't bump against your leg.

    "I don't have to imagine." He stated, and you threw him a curious look. He scratched the back of his neck and looked away. "That was back in the days of the clone wars, let's just say that hanging out at the bar with my brothers often ended in bets and... sometimes I lost."

    "Captain, I didn't know you from this side." You said cheerfully, and he smiled under his breath.

    "Rex alone is enough." He looked in your direction and this time you didn't look away blushing like a teenager. You were finally alone and you didn't want to waste any opportunity to get close to him.

    Walking on the rooted ground was a challenge, but you got used to it after a while. As you walked you talked a bit, Rex telling you about the plants you encountered and their properties. A lot of birds were flying above you and Rex said that this was good, because it meant that it wouldn't rain. Then you took a short break to eat, and you continued to talk, making your way through the bushes.

    You tried to remember as much of your conversations as possible, he was not only a brilliant soldier, but he also had a massive knowledge! Not to mention that when you stopped at the water to wash your hands and face, droplets trickled down his neck and chin and you barely contained yourself not to stare.

    It was quiet most of the time, and you even saw a moose! You didn't know if it was a moose exactly, but it looked a lot like one. Rex said they were harmless, but it was better not to approach because it was a wild animal after all, so you just took a picture for Erna with your holopad and decided to send it to her tonight, when you had some time.

    You felt a little more like you were on a sightseeing trip rather than a mission, but sometimes you'll have to complete such tasks too, so you weren't complaining.

    Everything changed after a few hours. When you reached the building where you were to stay, you felt how tired your legs were. And it was only the first day.

    First day with him, you thought, peeking at the captain walking on your left.

    "Go inside get your sleeping bag ready, I'll see if the chimney is plugged. I wouldn't want to get us smoky." He stated, and you agreed. The inside turned out to be a bit richer than you thought. There were no wild animals in it and it smelled a little bit, but after opening the windows the unpleasant smell quickly blew out. Under the fireplace were two armchairs, unfortunately not suitable for sitting because of the amount of springs that were sticking out of them, but there was a carpet, which fortunately was fairly clean.

    You thought it would be worse.

    Rex returned moments later. It turned out that the previous expedition that had stopped here had left brushwood in the cabinets, which you had packed into the fireplace. The captain lit the wood, it was already getting dark outside the window and you couldn't help feeling that it was quite a romantic atmosphere.

    You sent Ernie a picture of a moose and she wrote you back right away, asking how the captain was doing. You answered her that it was very pleasant, to which she wrote you back with an eggplant emoticon.

    You giggled and Rex looked at you.

    "What are you laughing at? Not at me, I hope." He stated with a raised eyebrow, and you quickly hid the holopad.

    "Never in my life. Erna writes me stupid stuff." You stated, and the man nodded with understanding.

    "I get it, ladies' business."

    "You could say that." You muttered, covering yourself more tightly with your sleeping bag. You sat leaning against the side of the chair and stared into the fire. You were alone with the captain, it was amazing. He was currently looking at a map and counting something in his mind, then writing it down on a piece of paper. The fire illuminated his face and you wanted to write this moment down in your memory.

    The long march was giving and you yawned, feeling more and more sleepy.

    "I'll take the first watch." Said the captain, and you trembled hearing him lower his voice on purpose so as not to accidentally rouse you. The man noticed this. "Are you cold?"

    You weren't cold, quite the opposite. The fire itself provided you with plenty of warmth, and combined with the sleeping bag it was perfect.

    "A little." You admitted.

    "Do you... Want to get closer?" He asked uncertainly, not wanting to offend you. "I'd give you a blanket if I had one, but..."

    "Yeah, sure." You interrupted him. He was leaning against the opposite wall, so you quickly crossed the room, without pulling off your sleeping bag, and sat down next to him. You wanted to rest your head against his shoulder, but he stopped you with a motion of his hand.

    "Let me take this off, it'll be more comfortable." He said, pointing a finger at his armor. You nodded and the man efficiently took it off and placed it on his other side. Then he leaned his back against the wall again, tucked one knee under your stomach and put his arm around you.

    You thought you would be more tense, but how quickly you relaxed and melted in his arms was incredible.

    You immediately closed your eyes and muttered something unintelligible under your breath.

    "Are you comfortable?" He asked, and you just snuggled your face tighter into his chest and the expression on the man's face softened. It was hard for him to stifle the familiar feeling in his heart when you were so close, and he couldn't stop himself from stroking your tender skin with his fingers.

    Ever since he pulled you out of the rubble, it was like love at first sight. You clung to him in that moment, and he reassured you by saying he wouldn't leave you. It was the first time he had felt like this; he had never experienced anything like that before. Ashoka had told him that soulmates often felt such a bond, but he didn't believe in that concept. He tried to keep his feet firmly on the ground.

    Up until then, he had tried to keep his distance; he could see that you were clinging to him, but you were young compared to him. You deserved someone better.

    Still, he couldn't resist the arrogant idea of taking you on a mission and having you all to himself, if only for that short time.


    When he woke you up at night for the changing of the guard, you were lying in his lap. You apologized to him for invading his personal space, but he had no problem with that.

    He himself leaned against the wall, but when he fell asleep, you settled him down to rest on your shoulder. You were soft, the wall not really, it was for his comfort.

    You set out early in the morning. You had breakfast, Rex complained about his aching back and being older, and you wrote Erna off and got ready for another full day of walking.

    Rex knew the path by heart, but he still asked you to map out your path with a map and compass. You managed to map out your exact route and received a pat on the back in return.

    You walked better and better, avoided the roots involuntarily and didn't even get caught in any spider webs. However, you had a delay and night had fallen and you were still not in shelter. Only Rex was wearing a helmet with night vision and he had to hold your hand so you wouldn't get lost.

    That didn't stop you from stumbling every now and then though, and no matter how hard you strained your eyesight, the crescent light couldn't give you the visibility you wanted.

    "Do you see that meadow? Where those purple flowers are?" The captain asked, and you nodded. "There's another building over there. It even has a couch. Just a little more, kid."

    This proved to be enough motivation for you. Although your legs were sore, you made it to the meadow. The captain let you go to open the locked door, and meanwhile you noticed that your shoe had come untied. You bent down to tie it and then purple flowers caught your eye. They had a golden center and smelled beautiful. Beautiful enough that you leaned over to smell one.

    The pollen fell into your nose, and you puffed. The captain laughed at your reaction and helped you up.

    "Do you know what those flowers are?" You asked, and Rex took off his helmet and turned on the light (electric!).

    "No. I haven't seen them anywhere else but here." He muttered, then pointed to the door on your left. "This is the only building with working water and electrical equipment. There's a refresher there, make yourself at home."

    The urge to dress up and wash off the dirt was eager enough that you wasted no time. You took a change of clothes and locked yourself out of the door. It was a really small refresher, there wasn't even a mirror in it, but the warm water quickly closed your mouth and you relished the feeling for a few minutes. Then you blew your nose, wanting to get the pollen out of your nose, and were surprised when there was nothing on the paper. Tou shrugged your shoulders and returned to the living room fresh and smelling like flowers, where Rex was sitting on the couch doing something on his datapad.

    "I'll take the first watch." He informed you, and you sat down on the couch. You stared out the window and once again a great drowsiness overcame you. You closed your eyes and let your mind wander where it pleased. The sound of water announced to you that Rex was also washing himself and you couldn't help but imagine what he looked like naked. Was he more muscular, or did he have a dad bod? Was his skin all over his body as rough as on his hands and was what he had between his legs...

    You opened your eyes and shook your head, feeling the wetness between your legs. Sure, you happened to think about him during private moments in the shower, but now? At a moment like this?

    You weren't some animal to start masturbating while he was in the bathroom. He could walk in at any time, and while the vision of inviting him in to have fun with you was tempting, you preferred not to risk it. Above all, he was a mentor to you, someone you admired, and you preferred not to ruin what you had built, because of your hormones.

    When you tried to sleep a second time, you succeeded without much problem. Tiredness had taken over.

    "A... yo... okay? Wake up." A masculine, familiar voice snapped you out of your sleep. It took you a moment to remember where you were. Rex touched your cheek and leaned over you worriedly, and it wasn't until you moved that you felt a pain in the pit of your stomach that radiated all down to your pulsating pussy. You squirmed and groaned, feeling the heat in every cell in your body.

    "I don't think so."You hissed in pain and immediately tried to rise to a sitting position. With that, you tensed your stomach and felt your arousal pour out of your entrance.

    The man propped you up with his hand under your back and knelt beside you.

    "What's going on? Did you catch a cold?" He asked clearly concerned, and you clenched your legs together, wanting at least some relief. The slightest pressure on your clit made you clench your teeth and moan. You were so sensitive. "You were squirming in your sleep, so I woke you up. Maker, you're burning."

    "Rex." You groaned, feeling the tears come to your eyes. "It- It fucking hurts."

    "Where does it hurt you?" He inquired, and if you could have been more embarrassed, you would be. You didn't want to say it, so you shifted your gaze down to your legs and the man, thinking you had some kind of wound, pulled the sleeping bag away from your bottom.

    You would have laughed at his shocked expression when he saw a large stain in the area of your crotch and a distinctive smell came to his nose.

    You felt his hand tighten on your back and you covered your mouth with your hand, not wanting to moan in front of him. You felt each of his touches several times more intensely and barely restrained yourself from touching yourself. It was a pain you could not describe. It was cumulating in one place, but you felt it all over your body.

    "Rex, what's going on?" You looked up at the man. He seemed as confused as you, but he immediately put his hands on both of your shoulders, regaining his composure.

    "Did you eat something I didn't know about? Cut yourself, smell something?" He asked, and all your attention was focused on his face, which was so close. You leaned in to kiss him, but at the last moment you shook your head, controlling yourself.

    "No, just these flowers." You muttered weakly. Rex looked away focusing. You were getting warm, so you grabbed the edge of your shirt. Rex grabbed your wrists before you could pull it off.

    "I think I know what these flowers are." He said slowly, and you moved your hips rubbing against the couch, wanting to feel anything. Your eyes rolled back and the man cursed in a language you didn't know. "It's an aphrodisiac, I've only heard of it and... I didn't expect it to be here." He admitted honestly, and you barely paid attention to his words. You needed to feel something.

    You slipped off the couch and sat on his lap. Your pupils were unnaturally dilated and before he knew it, you embraced him and pressed your lips to his.

    He breathed in violently, but didn't move away. He couldn't, he didn't want to. He couldn't count all the times he'd dreamed of tasting you and when he finally felt it, he didn't want to stop.

    But it wasn't you, so he pulled away.

    "You need to control yourself, it's not you, it's the aphrodisiac." He said, and you looked down. His pants had visibly tightened under the pressure of his hardening cock. You smiled at the sight, but he grabbed your hand, so you didn't have time to touch him. He said your name warningly. " I can't help you, listen to me..."

    "I love you Rex." You admitted without a shadow of hesitation. "From the beginning." You felt his grip on your wrists weaken. "Ever since you helped me I've always looked only at you." He let go of you and you embraced him. " You can't tell me you didn't notice that."

    You moved your hips higher and moved them rubbing against him. He furrowed his brow and lowered his gaze.

    "I noticed... I heard, you were talking to Erna the other day." He admitted, and you pressed your lips to his cheek. It still hurt, damn you, but his closeness was able to overshadow any pain and you were able to stop yourself from lashing out at him like crazy. What's different with words, you mean every word, but deep down you knew that if it wasn't for the aphrodisiac you would never have said that to him.

    "Please Rex, it hurts so much." You said, moving with your lips to his jaw. He swallowed saliva and tentatively placed his hands on your hips.

    "I don't want to take advantage of you." He whispered, simultaneously moving his head away, giving you better access to his neck.

    "You won't I promise." You sucked on his neck and the man bucked his hips into you.

    "Mesh'la." He howled, and you moved away to look at his face. His cheeks were adorably red. "It's been so long."

    "It's alright, sir." You rested your hands on his chest and looked at his darkened with lust eyes. "Take what's yours."

    It was enough for him to stick to your mouth again. This time he wasted no time and put his hands on your thighs before rubbing against you. You moaned into his mouth, finally feeling the friction you'd been missing. His beard scratched your cheeks pleasantly and Rex himself quickly began to pull your pants down.

    When it landed on the floor nearby, Rex scooped you up again. This time he sat down on the couch and had your breasts on level with his mouth. He licked his lips and sucked on your one nipple without warning.

    "Call me captain again." He muttered between kisses.

    "Anything for you, Captain." You replied and got up only to take off your pants and panties. His heart almost stopped at the amount of wetness you were pouring out and it motivated him to get rid of your shirt as well.

    "Shit, Rex." You grabbed his neck with one hand and went to the button of his pants with the other hand. He growled, feeling your fingers try to pull his hard dick free. "I want more!"

    "Don't worry beautiful, I got you," He assured you, and after kissing your collarbone, he helped you open his zipper.

    He had been without a woman for so long, he didn't have time for it, and since he met you, no one else could make him hard as you.

    His stamina remained the same, however, and he was going to show you something that these young boys would never show you.

    "Lie down." He said, and you hastily leaned your back against the couch. He leaned over you and took off his shirt before getting to work. You couldn't help but put your hand between your pussy lips. He was beautiful, sexy, everything you've ever dreamed of.

    "Rex, please ..." You looked at him pleadingly and his cock twitched. That you acted on him flattered you, but you needed something more, something real.

    He leaned over you and kissed you again. He put one hand beside your head and the other pointed his dick at your entrance.

    He gathered wetness on his tip and teased you at the same time, so you put your legs around his waist and tried to pull him closer.

    "Not Rex." He grunted, and you shivered at his harshs, soldier tone of voice. His eyes darkened even more and no longer resembled your beloved golden brown; they were even more beautiful. "Captain."

    You jerked your head back, feeling him go full length inside you. However, the Aphrodisiac relaxed you so much that it didn't hurt you at all. On the contrary, you felt nothing but pure ecstasy.

    Rex groaned as he felt your grip on him. He wanted to wait for you to get used to his thickness, but you started wiggling your hips, asking him to provide you with a friction.

    "Shit, Rex! I love you," You repeated and the man hid his face against your neck. You were tight, warm and wet, he had to focus not to cum here and now. "so kriffing much!"

    "Sweetheart." He groaned, moving faster and faster inside you. You cried his name taking turns with 'Captain' and it felt like a dream, because there was no other name for it. "You're amazing! So warm, a-and welcoming!"

    "Only, only for you." You reassured him and the man moved away from you a bit. He straightened up and put his hands on your waist, changing the angle.

    In this way, his manhood perfectly brushed against your most sensitive point. You closed your eyes, unable to do anything but put yourself in his hands.

    Seeing you were close, Rex began rubbing your clit between his fingers. It didn't take you long to cum, clenching your hands on the sheets. You tensed and Rex had to concentrate to keep from coming too. Your blissful expression was the most beautiful he had ever seen in his entire life.

    You lay there for a while and breathed deeply. Rex was afraid for a moment if he had exaggerated,, but when you reopened your eyes and still had the lust in them from moments ago, he knew it wasn't going to end anytime soon.

    "Once again, Captain, please." You spoke softly and Rex leaned over you to kiss you again. He knew that if he would do it at the same pace as before, he would come before you. So he came out of you, andbefore you had time to protest, he settled between your legs.

    "I love you too." He admitted then dove between your thighs. You felt his lips against your pussy, and his beard was scratching your groin.

    During this trip you got a taste of many new things, but the most important are the love you offered him and he gave it back, satisfaction and taste of his tongue.

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    Worried big brother Rex

    The Clone Wars 7.04 | Unfinished Business

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    Behold, the sequel to Haili Cetare that nobody asked for, and I’m writing anyway-- This Does Not Spark Joy, Commander.


    “Oh, come on. Just one rocket launcher?”
    “No. I already said no.”
    “You said no to three, not one.”
    “I hereby refuse to install any number of rocket launchers.”

    And also:

    You could take the brothers out of the military, but Rex figured it wasn’t that simple to take the military out of the brothers. Especially if it was put there intentionally. 

    I’m not actively working on this, but I added a few lines the other day and read through my whole draft. I’m gonna pick at it between chapters of and your people for stress relief, see how much I can accomplish XD

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    Rex is: with Bly shooting droids
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    Rex: Fives... Fives: Oh no, 'Fives' in b-flat. Fives: You're disappointed.

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