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  • ilikemymendarkandfictional
    24.06.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    How does one write Rex when you've got Crosshair on the brain? 🤔🙃

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  • hrtiu
    24.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #rexsoka#captain rex#ahsoka tano#tcw #the clone wars #saddddddd #rex had a lot of armor
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  • spectralthings
    24.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A look at some of the earrings going into the shop at 5 PM PDT tomorrow June 24th, and a sneak peek of what will hopefully be in the shop Sunday or Monday!

    Tomorrow we’ll have Loki, Boba Fett, Mando, Satine, Nite Owls, Captain Rex, and Tech. I’m also hopping to sneak some Chopper, Empire, First Order, Black Widow and some without designs in, but we’ll see How fast I can work! They’ll definitely be there Monday though!

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  • heidiss
    24.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Dear the Bad Batch, I love each of you with whole my heart, but if some of ya ever call Echo "no human for 100%" again I'm gonna beat your asses. Really hard.

    Yeah, this thing has a meaning. First of all, flowers: yeah, they're blured, but still: these are rosemary and hyssop. Rosemary in the language of flowers means "memories" and hyssop means "humility" and "reborn/ cleansing". I also wanted to draw rosehip flowers, as a sign of "healing wounds", but they didn't look well in the composition


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  • wonderlandleighleigh
    24.06.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #Fic#au#Luke Skywalker#Captain Rex #And the fear of Senator Amidala and her size 5 1/2 boot up your ass
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  • idontunderstandartandwriting
    24.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I will BEGGING someone to draw Onderon Arc Outfit Rex in high heels to impress Saw and his rebels.


    #star wars#clone wars#commander rex#captain rex#rex#onderon #PLEASE IM BEGGING ARTISTS #rex in high heels is powerful #artist on tumblr
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  • astriloquiis-art
    24.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    boyfriend 🥰☀️

    #Rex#captain Rex #mjs art things #Star Wars#ct 7567#commander Rex#tcw #the clone wars #clone Wars fanart #Clone wars Rex #Rex fanart #captain Rex fanart #captain Rex art
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  • dindadjarin
    24.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    OK SO I was supposed to post a Rex fic based on Episode 7 of TBB but I got sick and didn’t get to do it before Episode 8 came out. I’m almost done with it now, bc I’m feeling better, and I’m wondering if I should post it anyways even though Episode 8 is already out?

    #I’d post it tomorrow max #let me know if y’all would read it #the bad batch #captain rex#tbb
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  • dangerousstrawberrypie
    24.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Me Watching the Last Episode of the Umbara Arc

    Krell: *is the worst*

    Me: "How has Master Plo not pantsed you, dragged you around the track, and left you in the dumpster behind Dairy Queen while he takes the Wolf Pack for sundaes?"

    Rex: *is ALL the stressed*

    Me: Someone get this man some pie, a nap, and a Xanax.

    Dogma: *does the thing*

    Me: "Someone promote this man! Taking initiative, leadership skills, and prevented yet another iM So eeEvIlllL monologue."

    Seriously, this show is emotionally turbulent.

    #arc trooper fives #captain rex#clone wars #the clone wars #i am fraught with emotions #plo koon #clone troop dogma #these episodes should've come with pie and a warning #umbara arc#dammit palpatine #i just wanna hug captain rex #and fives #and basically all clones everywhere
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  • kaiotic15
    23.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I guess I should actually be posting my art here if I make any to get in the habit so!

    Rex and Ahsoka comfort doodle(?)

    Sketch? Sure.

    Yes, I unfortunately have the handwriting of an elementary schooler.

    #star wars#ahsoka tano#captain rex #the clone wars #post order 66 #doodles
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  • blxckmccn
    23.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Ahsoka: *enters the jedi temple at night and through one of the balconies*

    Anakin: *turns on a small light and gives Artoo little pats* Do you want to explain where you were, Snips?

    Ahsoka: Uh, I was with Master Kenobi─

    Obi-Wan: *spinning slowly around in his chair* Wanna try again?

    Ahsoka, laughing: Just kidding, I was with Rex!

    Rex: *from across the room* Nice try.

    Ahsoka, panicking: With Senator Amidala! I was with her!

    Padmé: *coming out of the shadows* Oh, no, I don't think so.

    #disaster lineage#anakin skywalker #obi wan kenobi #sw prequels#padmé amidala#captain rex#ahsoka tano#star wars #the clone wars #artoo is tired of their sh*t #star wars incorrect quotes #tcw incorrect quotes #incorrect star wars quotes
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  • thefact0rygirl
    23.06.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #asks #thots with m and vee #post-o66 rex #dom!rex #he is just so pretty #like murderous pretty #but just #he is so nice to look at #even in that musty poncho #captain rex #captain rex x reader
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  • phantom-of-the-keurig
    23.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Okay tell me your favorite clone and why in an ask and I’ll reward you with a picture of one of my many pets

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  • theyreondanatooine
    23.06.2021 - 7 hours ago
    Rex felt the corner of his mouth twitch. “Bit more excitement than we bargained for already, huh?”
    “Yeah,” Ahsoka said, “but we do live for the excitement.”
    - Always in Motion is the Future, chapter 10

    In an AU where the worst of Order 66 is averted, Ahsoka takes over as General of the 501st while the war winds down so Anakin can stay on Coruscant with his family.

    Click for better resolution!

    #ahsoka tano#captain rex#star wars #The Clone Wars #swtcw #star wars fanart #rexsoka #one day i'll figure out tumblr resolutions #today is not that day
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  • eyayah-oya
    23.06.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #shon'laar au#sirens au#shon'laar#clone cadets#commander cody#commander wolffe#commander fox#commander ponds#commander bly#captain rex#alpha-17 #kaminoans are awful #i am so excited about this au guys #please read and share #this is going to be amazing
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  • misscorp
    23.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Echoes Of The Past

    Tags: No warnings apply. Tagged to Bad Batch 1x04 (post episode). Hunter sells Echo. Friendship. Brotherhood. Team dynamics. Echo questions if he is more machine than man. Parallels Vader in that both are more machine now. Echo’s past trauma and abuse at the hands of the Techno Union is prevalently featured.

    Characters: Echo, Tech, Wrecker, Hunter, Rex (flashback)

    Summary: Echo’s reflections on Hunter having sold him as a droid brings back an echo of the past with simple words that offer him some needed hope and solace.

    The words came to Echo as he lay in his bunk.

    “You’re not machines. You’re men. Good men. And I am honored to serve with all of you.”

    The woman who had spoken those words hadn’t been speaking to him. Well, he amended as Wrecker let out a loud snore from his own bunk. She hadn’t been speaking directly to me, anyway.

    The Jedi General in the blood-red robes had been speaking to a trio of troopers wounded during one of the battles occurring on the planet of Anaxes. Her soft words had resonated with Echo, soothed some of the torment careening around inside of him. He needed to hear those words following his rescue from the commerce guild, Techno Union. Needed to know his cybernetic enhancements didn’t make him any less valuable to the Republic.

    To his brothers.

    His greatest fear was he’d be sent back to Kamino for reprogramming.

    Or worse.

    Many sent back to Kamino for additional medical treatment never were seen or heard from again.

    Echo didn’t want to end up like that. Not after narrowly avoiding death. He begged Rex not to let them send him back to Kamino if his physical or mental condition was deemed poor. Rex assured him, as well as Generals Skywalker, Kenobi and Windu he was fit enough to help them take Anaxes.

    Rex even stuck up for him when his loyalty was questioned.

    “Your place is here,” Rex told him after he joined him on board the Marauder. “With your brothers.”

    Echo hadn’t been so sure about that.

    He had seen the way the regs looked at him. Some with pity, others with curiosity, but most with a mixture of distrust and uncertainty. Rex glared down any he caught staring at him. Inside, though, Echo knew he wouldn’t ever be looked upon as the soldier he once was.

    To the regs, he was more machine than man.

    A tinny basically.

    Like the head-clanker himself.

    His cybernetic enhancements had made him an outcast among his brothers. Something Hunter pointed out to him when he invited him to join their squad.

    “Your path is different.” Hunter indicated the four standing behind him with a jerk of his head. “Like ours. If you ever feel like you don’t fit in with them… well, find us.”

    Echo had been torn as the four walked back to the Havoc Marauder. Part of him wanted to go with them. To become a member of their team. He fit in with them. Didn’t feel as awkward or out of place.

    However, his loyalty was to the 501st.

    To General Skywalker.

    To Rex.

    He owed them for having saved him from the stasis chamber Wat Tambor plugged him into.

    Good soldiers were loyal to their squad-mates.

    To their commanding officers.

    Rex helped him make his decision when he said to him, “If that’s where you feel your place is.” The hand on his shoulder tightened for the briefest moment. “Then that’s where you belong.”

    Echo didn’t regret his decision to go with Hunter and the other members of Clone Force 99.

    He was different.

    Like them.

    However, he was also different from them, too.

    The Seppies had not only replaced his damaged lower torso and legs, but they fixed a socket attachment to his right arm that allowed him to interface with computer systems. They also placed a neural implant to the back of his head so they could siphon off the battle plans he and Rex came up with.

    Both made him useful.

    And valuable to shopkeepers like the one on Pantora.

    Echoes Of The Past

    #echoes of the past #https://archiveofourown.org/works/31791445 #Star Wars #arc trooper echo #Bad Batch Hunter #Bad Batch Tech #Bad Tech Wrecker #Captain Rex#Bad Batch#1x04 #Star Wars fan fiction #Echo appreciation#MissScorp works
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  • kamino-coruscant
    23.06.2021 - 8 hours ago
    Rex waking up some sleepy Jedi

    The Clone Wars 3.17 | Ghosts of Mortis

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  • clonethirstybitch
    23.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I firmly believe that Omega had at least heard about who Rex was. Cause yall know Echo has been telling her stories of all his time with the 501st.

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