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  • #HonoringVets those who #gaveall in #PearlHarbor #SomeGaveAll #GoNavy #Sailors #Marines #Airmen #Compassionate_Use #Worldwide #OneCannabisNation #Vets #Disabled and #Caretakers #Morale #Welfare #Recreation #Humanity has a #Voice #RiseUp #PatientsOverProfits #Freedom lives in You
    #Repost #tridentprotectiongroup (at Pearl Harbor National Memorial)

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  • Going on now Tonight come check it out and #Chill a bit, #Events #Party

    #Compassionate_Use #Worldwide #OneCannabisNation #Vets #Disabled and #Caretakers #Morale #Welfare #Recreation #Humanity has a #Voice #RiseUp #PatientsOverProfits #Freedom lives in You #VinceresCompassionClub (at Vincere’s Compassion Club)

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  • Ed and Junior

    this is a fiction WIP that I really came to enjoy quickly so I’m sharing for feedback and to encourage myself to finish !!! Please read I will love you for eternity 💜💜💜

    Ed was eating breakfast, and Willie Nelson was singing on the radio. A yellow porcelain bowl struggled to hold how much cereal Ed put in it, and there was a wet halo forming on the table from where the milk spilled over the edges. A newspaper crossword stared back at him from the table, half finished. A turquoise stone pen lay across the puzzle. A mug of coffee sat on its top right corner, black but for a spoon of milk and drop of honey. The mug left rings too. Stains from thousands of previous breakfasts covered the table, dried and eroding circles of exactly two sizes that spread across the faded wood with dizzying repetition. When Ed was stuck on his crossword, he took to studying these rings and his old table. He looked deep into them and lost himself in their orbiting hypnosis. He circled his fingers lazily inside ridges of varying depth and thought about inevitability until a clue to follow would come to his mind and bring him back to the crossword.

    “Dissipate,” Junior said and he turned off the radio. Ed jumped at his voice. He’d been standing behind Ed for a few minutes without Ed noticing. He did this. “Fuck you,” said Ed. Junior exaggerated his chores through the kitchen, capped the milk and returned it to the refrigerator, put the cereal and honey back in the pantry, tossed the pantry closed so it’d shut loud. Ed filled in 74 down when Junior’s back was turned.

    “You gonna come with me to lunch? You haven’t seen Jack and Claire since we were kids. They miss you.” Junior’s words floated out into the kitchen and didn’t land anywhere. Ed studied his table. “Claire was talking to me last week about Saturday Sounds. She’s got a record now, Dad. You made her want to be a musician back then. Jack still has a bookmark you gave him when he was in third grade. Uses it all the time. He’s published.” Ed continued tracing circles in his table and tried to focus on the crossword, Junior not sounding much different to him than a gnat with a lower-pitched buzz. “You know, they just want to talk to you for a while. They’re staying at Jack’s mom’s. Mrs. Iris only lives a mile away.” Ed screeched his chair back and drank the milk out of his bowl, picked it up along with the mug. He walked around his table the long way to the sink to avoid Junior, clattered the cereal bowl into it loudly. Junior was standing in front of the refrigerator, and Ed navigated around him like he was a spill to get the milk back out. He slid over a step to the pantry for his honey and then to a coffee pot that was at least ten years newer than anything else in the kitchen, and he refilled his mug. Holding the carafe in his hand like a pitcher of beer he looked at Junior for the first time that morning. “You try to get me to leave this house one more time and I’ll break this pot over your god damned head.”


    Junior had trouble bringing the box in through the door. It was almost too wide and he worried he might have to open it up outside and bring it in piece by piece, but he was able to inch it through. He had to take his hands in from the side of the box and hold it from underneath, gripping hard with his fingertips for a few seconds until he was beyond the door facing enough to take a better handle of it again.

    When Junior got to the kitchen, he set the box on the dining room table proudly, right in front of where Ed was sitting. Ed looked up to Junior and back again at the box. “Should’ve gotten you a table instead,” Junior commented. He looked at the worn sides of wood that had rounded into gummy edges, the ringed stains that sprawled across its surface. He noticed Ed looking over the box and grinned proudly again. He took his keys to the box the way Ed used to go at Junior’s Christmas presents, same motion, side tape first and then a long jagged slice down the center. The box popped open by itself, the air it had trapped inside finally able to escape and breathe again. It was one of those state of the art coffee makers that had stainless steel and a heavy, sixteen-cup pot, equipped with a milk steamer and espresso machine and a tap for hot water. “There’s not a better machine out there. I spent a month picking this thing out. I’m also an expert on coffee machines now, if you’d ever like to know about them. I must have read a thousand reviews of coffee makers in the last four weeks. There’re more varieties of coffee maker than there are flowers. At least Amazon would have you think so, the month I’ve had. Anyway this is the one. Can’t find a better unit. It’ll do anything you want it to.”

    Junior continued unpacking the machine and it took him over an hour to assemble the thing properly. He tried talking to Ed the whole time but Ed wasn’t having it so he talked to himself. When it was finally done, Junior beamed as he made the machine’s first pot. He’d come prepared with a brand new tin of Bustelo and the smell of the grounds invaded Ed’s kitchen like a siren when Junior peeled back the sealing. He made the coffee a bit stronger than was called for, the way Ed used to when Junior was a boy. Junior continued trying at Ed’s conversation while the pot blackened, with no real success. Within minutes though, the machine sang a shrill, major-keyed theme to announce its completion and Ed winced like the song raised a fist at him. “Two and a half,” Junior said as he looked at the clock on his phone, “as promised. Sixteen cups. Damn.” He shook his head in awe of his purchase and his good homework. Now Ed rose from his seat at the table and moved toward the coffee machine. He poured himself a mug and a spoonful of milk into its center, watched the chemistry of his coffee shift. A few moments later he squeezed a drop of honey into it, and it stretched down into the middle of it like a loogie. He returned to his chair and was quiet a moment and sipped his drink before announcing to no one in particular, “Don’t bring another new thing into this house again.”

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  • 💯 #trudat

    #Compassionate_Use #Worldwide #OneCannabisNation #Vets #Disabled and #Caretakers #Morale #Welfare #Recreation #Humanity has a #Voice #RiseUp #PatientsOverProfits #Freedom lives in You #Repost #alltribes #allpeople #people #PeopleOverProfits #Freedom (at Phoenix Tears)

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  • Come chill at the Adelanto Stadium Socal
    #KushStockFest #SecretSesh #Events
    #Compassionate_Use #Worldwide #OneCannabisNation #Vets #Disabled and #Caretakers #Morale #Welfare #Recreation
    #SocalVets #ByThePeopleForThePeople #repost (at Adelanto Stadium)

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  • Happy #Danksgiving from #Compassionate_Use #Worldwide

    #OneCannabisNation #Vets #Disabled and #Caretakers #Morale #Welfare #Recreation #Humanity has a #Voice #Keepitreal ❤✌

    *All content shared under Fair Use for a social purpose the people have a compelling interest in under 1st amendment protections and free rights exercise. (at Seattle Washington!h)

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  • Medical Cannabis Heals! Now can I get a witness ??? ✊??? 💯✌❤
    #MikeWise #Activist takes #Portugal #MedicalCannabis #Evangelism #Healing #Cannabis and #Nature #Compassionate_Use #Worldwide #OneCannabisWorld #Vets #Disabled and #Caretakers #Morale #Welfare #Recreation #Humanity has a #Voice #RiseUp #PatientsOverProfits #Freedom lives in You #PowerToThePeople #PowerToThePatients #Repost #OG_LABS_GENETICS #SocialWelfare (at Porto, Portugal)

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  • Centro De Congresso da Alfandega So Porto

    #Compassionate_Use #Worldwide #OneCannabisWorld #Vets #Disabled and #Caretakers #Morale #Welfare #Recreation #Humanity has a #Voice #RiseUp #Patients  #PatientsOverProfits #Freedom lives in You
    #MikeWise #Activist #Porta #Portugul #PowerToThePeople #KeepHopeAlive #PowerToThePatients #SocialWelfare to the #People by the People for the People #Repost #Love #Joy #Peace #PowerOfLOVE #Events (at Centro De Congressos da Alfândega Do Porto)

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  • #Respect #GoNavy #AllGaveSome and #SomeGaveAll #SEAL #MikeMurphyChallenge #Heroes #Sailors and #Marines #Warriors #Veterans #Day #2K19 #TheOnlyEasyDayWasYesterday

    #Compassionate_Use #Worldwide #OneCannabisNation #Vets #Disabled and #Caretakers #Morale #Welfare #Recreation #Humanity has a #Voice #RiseUp #PatientsOverProfits #Freedom lives in You (at North Island Naval Air Station, Coronado)

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  • #Events #Cannafam #ComingUp #VinceresCompassionClub
    #Patients Family Feast and #PotLuck coming up.

    #Compassionate_Use #Worldwide #OneCannabisNation #Vets #Disabled and #Caretakers #Morale #Welfare #Recreation #Humanity has a #Voice #RiseUp #PatientsOverProfits #Freedom lives in You

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  • Whump Prompt #76

    A whumpee that hugs everyone longer than normal, is less talkative, and always holding back tears. Everyone keeps asking them if they’re okay and the answer is always, “I’m fine.” Because the whumpee just wants to be alone and doesn’t want everyone worrying about them.

    #this has been me for a month irl #whump#whump prompt#whumpee#caretakers #i want to be alone #sad#emotional whump#crying#hugs#quiet
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  • In the time of rising mountains
    In the age when life was new,
    The trees were the rulers of life on earth
    And the world as a forest grew. 

    I posted an old recording of this a while ago, and I’m so happy to find one now that’s not a grainy cassette rip - and with some new instruments and harmonies that give this song some truly magical depth.  “Caretakers,” written by Bill Sutton, performed by Bill and Brenda Sutton.  It’s the kind of song that shifts between realism and fantasy in a beautiful way…and the kind of song that makes me cry.

    #caretakers#bill sutton#brenda sutton#fantasy#filk#ose #wasn't sure about tagging this ose since it's not TRAGIC exactly #but...it does make me cry
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  • ╰ ✦ ˚⊹  DO YOU EVER get tired of caretaking others  You catch yourself feeling unseen or neglected.  Exhausted by it all, you start to feel resentful.    Is it on them for always needing & not paying attention to your needs or you for not  demanding  to be heard?

    Can you relate? 

    Even the STRONG need a person who’s willing to stop & question if they give as good as they get and RECIPROCATE.  Even if it’s just time to time.   

    That one person who’s always got your back?  Make sure you really got theirs too. 

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  • No, honestly, HONESTLY…the best comedy in The Last Jedi is the Caretakers constantly giving Rey the “will somebody get this bish outta here?” stink-eye.

    #TLJ #Rey of Jakku #Rey from Nowhere #Lanais#Caretakers#Ahch To#Star Wars #The Last Jedi #Star Wars musings
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  • A follow-up on my last RWT on the Whump Triangle and Whumper Archetypes.

    Our wonderful caretakers; masters of gentle hugs, brushing the hair out of feverish faces, sympathy grimaces, blanket location and laying, and, of course, the best possible at headpats.

    But even though caretaking is generally a gentle practice, there’s all sorts of variants on caretakers that bring new variety to the post-whump experience.

    Our base caretaker - who comes in as many variations and flavours as our whumpers and then some. Caretakers, well, care for the whumpees around them. They might pretend not to, or mask it under other emotions, but deep down they worry for their team. Some caretakers want to protect their team from harm, others specialize in taking care of them after the harm; some are good at physical caretaking, others better at emotional or mental caretaking. Bottom line, though, caretakers care.

    Maybe they’re the oldest on the team, or the biggest, or they’re the “team mom” type. An overprotective!caretaker can be an inadvertent whumper sometimes – or at least an annoyance. They get flustered or angry or actually impose limits on their whumpees and try to protect them from themselves.

    Sometimes, the overzealous nature of these caretakers pushes their whumpees to take unnecessary risk – and now we have a guilty caretaker (yes, that’ll be an archetype).

    I have several characters who fit this bill (Sarge and Rookie in relation to The Scorpion mostly). Often filled by a whumpee stepping into caretaker shoes, these caretakers don’t wanna help their whumpees. Not really. But they’re obligated to.

    Maybe the whumper has some information about another captive teammate, or the whumper’s the only one with knowledge of an antidote for the poison circulating in the city, or the caretaker’s job is the keep the whumper alive (a la Dr. Fainleaf saving an enemy agent for later interrogation, or Sarge having to keep The Scorpion alive because police).

    Maybe they don’t treat the person they’re caretaking too softly or carefully. Maybe they dig their fingers in a bit too hard or turn a tourniquet too much. This is also a great fit for a tsundere kind of a character.

    Oh my, we’re getting into the whumpee-caretaker crossover territory.

    Exhausted!caretakers are just trying their best. They may have drastically varying personalities – Dr. Fainleaf vs Ver, even – but they have one constant: they’re fucking dead-ass tired. Maybe their movements are sluggish, or they’re shaking because they’ve had too much coffee, or they have a headache but they push through. Whatever happens, these caretakers push their own pain aside to caretake for their whumpees.

    I find this isn’t as much a full-on archetype as it is a sort of transitory state. Most caretakers will run into a time when they’re exhausted. That said, I think some caretakers are more apt to fall into this state more frequently. (Lookin’ at you, Dr. Fainleaf.)

    Aka the “I’m done with your shit, stop taking bullets, you dingus” caretaker.

    The Angry!Caretaker has reached the end of their rope. Or maybe they never had rope to begin with, and that pisses them the fuck off. They’re less apt to be sweet and more apt to give heck. Like the exhausted!caretaker archetype, these caretakers often aren’t always angry (except Ver and Major – they’re always angry), but they just reach the end of their rope.

    Maybe they yell at the whumpee for being foolish or risk happy. Maybe they yell at the team leader for constantly putting everyone in danger. Maybe they’re an overprotective!caretaker who met their limit. Maybe they’re an exhausted!caretaker who is finally snapping. There’s a lot of reasons why this might happen.

    Angry!Caretakers can cross the line into Whumper territory easily.

    The awkward!caretaker isn’t quite like the reluctant!caretaker. They’re not reluctant to help their team, they’re just moreso not used to it and they fumble a lot. Maybe they’re used to being some sort of front-liner – a battlefield whirlwind, not a soft-and-gentle type. Though they mean well, they might end up damaging their whumpee more – and they pair most adorably with a calm or reassuring whumpee who tells them to take a breath and reassures them that they’re doing fine.

    A variation of this is the clumsy!caretaker, who is competent and intelligent, but not the most physically gifted.

    I wasn’t sure what to call this. This is mostly the type of caretaker Dr. Kieran Fainleaf is – invested in her role as a caretaker, but aware that it exists in a larger context. This kind of caretaker has been around the block and then some. Highly intelligent, competent beyond belief, they’re the “lead from behind” type. A tactical!caretaker is typically nihilistic and clings to realism, but knows how to present a smiling and hopeful face. They are not above lying to their whumpees to get them to feel more comfortable or safe – even if they’re not at all comfortable or safe.

    Tactical!caretakers know they will need to make tough calls. They know they can’t save everyone, and they’ve lost more than they care to count (but they do, oh, they do). They also know they can’t allow themselves to get too attached, too emotional, or too down – they need to manage themselves in order to be the best caretaker they can be. Much of what they do as a caretaker is a performance – their skills are undeniable, but they know they can’t be truly attached for the sake of the team.

    Tactical!caretakers often play an advisor-type role to their Team Leaders (if they’re not the Leader themselves), and are surprisingly perceptive and dark. They’ll often be (rarely – they know what bars to avoid to avoid breaking their image) found nursing a hard-to-drink beverage in a dark corner with a far-off look on their faces. It’s easy to whump them and I love them for it.

    Sort of a final-form of the angry!caretaker and a less positive/strategic version of the tactical!caretaker. Take a caretaker; roll them in regret, lost whumpees, and an overwhelming sense of futility; sprinkle on some alcoholism or substance abuse; and liberally dust with a jaded mindset. These caretakers struggle to maintain objectivity and neutrality – let alone positivity or hope – in their duties.

    They’re burnt out, on the verge of falling out of the caretaker category, and in desperate need of caretaking themselves.  

    Often a young or inexperienced caretaker, the helicopter!caretaker (aka “help-icopter?”) is overeager, excited, caring, and emotional. They rush to help, often forgetting steps or accidentally hurting someone, and are quick to feel guilty or useless. That said, they have great potential and are usually a social glue for the team in some way.

    Helicopter!caretakers can go a few different ways, depending on their personalities and team: they can be guided into being a highly skilled and kind cartaker, or they could end up becoming frustrated or feeling worthless and falling straight into being a whumpee.

    Related to the Tactical!Caretaker, but perhaps lacking the strategic vision those ones have, the stoic!caretaker is a person who doesn’t show much emotion when they’re caretaking.

    Mostly, stoic!caretakers don’t want their emotions to affect their whumpees - adding panic or worry to a dicey scenario won’t help anything. But there’s also a part of them that’s deeply uncomfortable with displaying emotion. Maybe they’re not used to it, or they’ve been trained out of emotion in certain scenarios. Maybe they don’t get how to be vulnerable. Maybe they think it’s weakness to admit that they’re worried.

    I love stoic!caretakers paired with emotive whumpees. But I also love stoic!caretakers with likewise stoic!whumpees. How do you get two people who repress everything to be vulnerable with each other?

    I think Tactical!Caretakers are my favourite. What are some other archetypes of caretakers that you’ve seen? What’s your favourite? What kind of caretaker is your favourite character?

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  • image

    Classic Jared. Needing 3 people to keep track of his phone.

    #who needs therapy when you can work this stuff out in the comments section of instagram #jared leto#distracted#caretakers #i laughed so hard
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  • Whump Prompt

    Don’t know what it is with me and blood loss lately but here is another one.

    Whumpee is being forced to steal something, hack something, or etc. The try every way In the world to get out of it before their friend/so/caretaker is dragged in and stabbed with a knife in the gut. They have maybe less than an hour now to get what the whumper wants before they bleed out .

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