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    The Cullens arriving to high school on one of these bad boys

    #tandem bikes #for every vampire family trying to blend in #they put edward in the back when he’s in one of his moods #the cullens#edward cullen#alice cullen#rosalie hale#emmett cullen#jasper hale#esme cullen#carlisle cullen#twilight #forks high school #midnight sun #the twilight saga #new moon#twilight eclipse#breaking dawn#toxictwilight#mypost
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    Rosalie: Here’s a fun Christmas idea. We hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing, you have to FIGHT whoever else is under it.

    Carlise: Rose no.

    Leah: Mistlefoe.

    Edward: Please stop encouraging them.

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    @carlislecullen if you see this pls help me with my Latin and French. I'm dying💀

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    Unorthodox - An Embry Call x vampire!fem!Reader Story - Part 5

    A/N : I first started editing this part when I was at the beach, slowly burning my ass off. Now, I'm in my hotel room in the middle of a storm, making a hotspot from the data on my phone. So, I'm sorry for any mistakes; I really tried to make it work.

    A/N 2: The part is cringey, so bear 🐻 with me.

    A/N 3: LIGHT SMUT again

    No of Words: 4200+

    Through the parts, mentions of: Abusive relationship, Attacks, Hunt, Illusions, Loneliness, Mental health, Murder, Sex / Sex language / Sexual activities, Suicide, Swear language, Wild imagination

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    (Y/N)’s POV

    I was lying on my bed, sheets softly covering my forever frozen body. Embry was now sleeping beside me, chest exposed and sweaty, covered in bedsheets from the waist down. His face was peaceful, little drops of sweat still left all over. He fell asleep with me in his arms, but I wanted him to sleep comfortably, so I carefully slipped out of his arms, still staying beside him.

    Thinking back to what happened about an hour ago ignited a fire in me that I only felt when I was with Embry. It was the first time I felt emotions of pure love and lust at the same time. It was only with Embry that I felt absolutely lovestruck, appreciated, and loved. Only he made me feel the most intense emotions I had ever felt.

    I turned my head to look at him. He was breathing lightly, lips slightly parted, pieces of hair stuck around his forehead. I reached out to stroke his cheek lightly, and he shivered slightly in his sleep, due to the sudden temperature difference. And then, he just smiled. He smiled in his sleep, and my undead heart just melted at the sight.

    I didn’t know if it was because of the mate bond, of being an imprint, or something else, but I knew that I was in love with the wolf sleeping next to me. I knew that I did not give a care in the world about anyone, but this man. I knew I would do anything for him to be happy, no matter the cost or the risk. I knew that if anything happened to him in the battle with the newborns, I would take my revenge, and then my own life.

    I knew right away, from the moment I first saw him at the graduation party, that the sun had shined upon me. He filled my life with warmth, passion, and a reason to live and fight for. I knew at that moment that I would do anything for him, and I had to do anything and everything for him.

    I stood slowly from the bed, careful as to not wake up my wolf. Walking over torn pieces of clothing, I quickly ran to grab a baby doll I had abandoned on a chair in a corner of my room. I knew what I had to do to help Embry, but I knew he wouldn’t like the idea, so I would have to go behind his back, and I needed a cover-up story.

    I stepped out of the room, trying to be as quiet as possible, which was usually easy for a vampire, but not for a vampire with a wolf mate who had a hearing that seemed sharper than a regular vampire’s. I practically jumped down the stairs; I couldn’t waste a second, as I ran towards my study room. I opened and closed my door swiftly, and ran to grab my laptop.

    I had no time to waste, as I started booking a leisure trip for the pack and their imprints - Sam and Emily, Jared and Kim, Paul and Rachel, Embry, Quil, Leah, Seth, and Jacob, hoping that he would be physically capable by then. I knew that Brady and Collin were too young to travel with the others, and they wouldn’t be allowed to join, so I couldn’t include them in the trip.

    I had to find a sufficient time frame for my plan, so I decided on a trip to Los Angeles, which wasn’t too far from here to elicit any complaint I couldn’t defend, and I could have an actual excuse as to why I could not go with them. Nobody would like to see a person shining like diamonds, or rather a disco ball, out in the sun. Plus, Los Angeles and the glamorous life of Hollywood stars had always been a dream of mine, though I never actually decided to visit; theoretically, I could make myself look “normal” in other people’s eyes, but I just never took the chance to go.

    That is why I wanted to give my newfound family the time of their lives. I booked a full-package experience for a full week, starting Monday, which was only 4 days away. At first, I thought I could really use two weeks without the pack around, but I knew that they would get suspicious, and would not agree on leaving the Rez unprotected for so long. I would just have to make everything work within a week. I’d make sure they left early in the morning of Monday, so they would have plenty of time to explore everything.

    Thankfully, I was able to book them a lot of tours in museums, governmental buildings, theatres, theme parks, and so many more. I made them a list of suggestions, based on things that they may like to see, experience, and taste - which was pretty difficult to do, and I really tried to search what people around there liked.

    I also made sure to book them 6 double rooms in an expensive seafront resort which seemed just beautiful, and they would be able to enjoy the beach and good weather. By booking a double room for Leah, I was trying to make her enjoyed a whole room for herself, hoping that she would find a company, and have..some fun while she was there. I knew it would most likely be difficult for her to find peace when she’s surrounded by all these people, but I hoped she could at least enjoy herself, away from pack responsibilities.

    I was really excited about the trip as if I was going with them. Thankfully, because it was a road trip, I didn’t even have to get them fake IDs and passports, which wasn’t difficult anyway. Being a vampire, the Cullens and I had to make fake documents all the time, considering that we were moving around and trying to blend in with humans, so we had our trusted forgers for that.

    It wasn’t just the fact that I had to put my plan into action, and I had to send the pack away to have enough time and space. I was also so grateful for them helping in the battle, though I kind of knew that, me being Embry’s imprint and Bella being Jacob’s best friend/person of interest, were already two extra reasons the pack wanted to get involved in the battle, apart from the obvious reason of protecting the people of La Push and Forks.

    I realized I didn’t even know what time it was until I turned to look at the cuckoo clock hung on the wall on my right. 5:30. The planning took me some time, but I still had time to go back to my room and cuddle with Embry. I quickly closed my laptop and put all my notes away, in a drawer. I exited the study room at vampire speed and ran up to my room.

    Thankfully, Embry had not woken up yet, still sleeping peacefully. He was radiating so much heat, and I didn’t realize how much I missed that until I lay down beside him. I tried to sneak into his arms, but he must have felt the sudden temperature difference in his sleep, as he shifted around, and his eyes opened slightly.

    “Hey, babe.” His voice was hoarse and made me sexually frustrated, though I tried to play it cool.

    “Hey, baby. I’m sorry if I woke you up. I didn’t mean to.” I told him apologetically, stroking his face lightly. For a few moments, he didn’t say anything; he only pulled me closer in his burning embrace, his arms tightly wrapped around me.

    “Em..Embry?” He hummed. “Aren’t you going to ask me where I was?”

    He laughed softly. “I don’t want to be noisy, baby. I trust you. Plus, I understand it may be difficult for you to just close your eyes and stay still for hours and hours.”

    I couldn’t say anything back to him. He said he trusted me; it was the first time that I felt I could be myself - my true self - in a relationship. My first relationship was controlling, to the point of being abusive, prompted by the environment and people around us. Of course, we were both vampires then and, thankfully, I managed to escape and save myself from my ex’s possessiveness and abuse.

    At that moment, I knew I wanted to give Embry the best life he could have. Again, it wasn’t the imprint or the mate bond that told us all these; it was this weird, unorthodox, interspecies relationship that, normally, would make no sense.

    But, somehow, what Embry and I had made sense; it wasn’t absurd; it wasn’t foolish; it wasn’t wrong. It just wasn’t. Though unnatural, it felt so right, so real, so powerful. It just felt right. I knew where I wanted to be, and I knew who I wanted to share my immortal life with. Being with Embry gave me clarity, sense, and purpose, and I didn’t want to lose that.

    “God, I love you.” The words came effortlessly out of my mouth.

    Embry giggled. Such a beautiful sound. “I love you, too. So much.”

    He placed a kiss on my forehead, which lasted a few seconds. I lifted my head, looking at him deep in the eyes, as I moved closer to him, and kissed him on the lips. The sweet little kiss turned passionate and intense in a few seconds, as Embry kissed me back, cupping my face with one hand.

    I felt numb under his touch, his hand burning my face, making me crave more. With one swift move, I turned us around, me climbing on top of him, our lips still attached to each other. I was practically straddling him by now, completely naked underneath my babydoll, as I was feeling his heat and prominent arousal, which made me extremely horny by now. My body needed him. I needed him.

    He must have sensed my impatience, as he slowly moved his hand up my torso, lifting the babydoll at an annoyingly slow pace. I whimpered under his touch, as I broke the kiss, taking the babydoll off of me, and throwing it somewhere across the room. Looking back at him, his eyes were roaming over my breasts down to my thighs, as he grabbed both my thighs, holding me in place.

    “I will never get tired of this.” He smirked, looking up to my face, his voice still hoarse, deep, intoxicating.

    I leaned down, kissing him once again. “Me neither.”

    “Are you in the mood?” He smiled cheekily.

    “For you? Always.” I kissed him once again before we went on to enjoy a long morning.


    I swore I was feeling so calm and content; I felt as if I could fall asleep. Embry was sleeping peacefully once again, his hands wrapped around me. The sun was shining through the windows - one of the few times we had good weather in Forks, filling the room with warmth, but nothing compared to Embry’s warmth, which had become a guilty pleasure for me, creating a million new senses against my skin.

    I turned my head around to look at my bedside clock. 10:53 am. It was kind of late, but I did not really care. If I could, I would never leave this bed. But, I was really hungry from last night - not the kind of hunger Embry could satisfy. The kind of hunger that came inherently from being a vampire. I turned towards Embry, placing a kiss on his forehead, as I slipped away from his embrace.

    I stood up from the bed and went straight for my closet. I picked up some underwear from the drawer, and then a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt, which I quickly put on, deciding to shower after the hunt. I then walked towards the small desk in my room, grabbing a pen and a piece of paper. I wrote down “I’ll go hunting. Be back in an hour. Love you ♥️", and left the note on my side of the bed for Embry to see.

    I took my mobile from the bedside table, looking for any messages. I had a few messages from Alice, Rosalie, and Carlisle, asking me to meet them as soon as I can. I responded, telling them I’ll be going hunting if they wanted to meet up. Within a few seconds, I got a response from Rosalie to meet them at their house, and we could all go hunt together. I sent her a text, telling her I would be there in 5 minutes, as I locked the phone, placing it in the small fanny pack I took with me when hunting.

    I turned back to look at Embry one last time before I ran down the stairs. I quickly wore my boots and ran out of the house.


    I arrived at the Cullens’ house in less than a minute, choosing to jog instead of fully run. I was met with the whole family waiting on the porch. They all smiled upon seeing me, but their smiles were still cautious, not entirely happy and content to see me.

    “What’s going on? Why did you want to see me?” I asked them, getting slightly worried as to why Rosalie, Alice, and Carlisle would text me, requesting to meet up with them.

    “I’ve been having some visions about you since yesterday, but, because of your proximity to the wolves, I cannot see something definite.” Alice spoke first, putting an actual effort to call them “wolves” and not “mutts” like she usually did. “Care to explain?” She had a slightly disapproving look on her face.

    “I’ve been..thinking about something, a plan, and I was..planning it.” I shrugged.

    “What kind of a plan?” Alice continued.

    “I want some kind of redemption..for Embry, a way to restore his relationship with his mother.” I turned to look directly at Esme. “And I will need your help, Esme.”

    Her face did not change an expression, always looking at me kindly. She very much reminded me of my own mother. “How can I help you, (Y/N)?”

    I told her my plan, which, after a few minutes of consideration, she agreed to. She was more than happy to help me and Embry, knowing how difficult and fragile a mother-son relationship can be. I always swore that Esme was the link that kept everyone in this family together; Esme was a wife, mother, lover, protector, friend. In my mind, she would have adopted me or anyone else if she could. She was a giver of love, and she was naturally kind-hearted and understanding.

    Edward was the first to oppose the plan. “So, you are just going to walk into Quileute territory? (Y/N), are you crazy? If they find out, imprint or not, they will never forgive you, even if it’s for Embry’s sake! Embry will never forgive you!”

    “I’m ready to take the risk then." I replied calmly.

    I knew that there was a high possibility of everything going sour too quickly, but my mind was fixed on restoring Embry’s relationship with his mother. I knew that if I were him, I would give everything to have my mother by my side; just like him, I had to keep my secret from her and go away to not hurt her more than I already had when I left her, my father, and my brothers behind.

    Edward must have read my thoughts, as he didn’t say anything else on the matter. He only walked back and went back into the house. Esme walked towards me and wrapped her arm around mine.

    “How about we just go hunt?” She asked me, smiling. I simply nodded, and we walked towards the woods, closely followed by Carlisle, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper.

    It was sort of a “tradition” for the Cullens to either hunt all together or in groups. Now, that I was here, it was also easier for them to hunt in the middle of a sunny day, covered by an illusion of the Cullens being regular humans, hiking in the woods, not vampires who sparkle in the sunlight.

    Midst hunting, my phone began ringing. I looked at the others and told them I’d be back in a minute, as they proceeded to continue hunting. I looked at the caller ID. It was my house number. Embry.

    “Hey, babe. Why did you call? Is everything okay?”

    “Hey, baby. Everything’s fine - I was just a little worried. I woke up a few minutes ago, and I didn’t know where you were. I found the note, but I didn’t know exactly when you were coming back.”

    “Oh, yeah. I’m with the Cullens. Did something happen? Should I come back now?”

    “No, no, no need. It’s just..Emily called. She asked if we wanted to go visit them for lunch. The whole pack will be there, but we don’t have to go if you’re not comfortable with that.”

    That was the perfect opportunity to tell them about the trip. “No, no, it’s totally fine. Just give me some time to come back and get ready.”

    “No worries. We still have a couple hours, so take your time, okay? I love you.” I heard him smiling through the phone.

    “I love you, too.” I told him before hanging up. I hunted for about an hour more before I went back to my house to get ready.


    I was taking deep, unnecessary breaths, as we drove closer and closer to Emily and Sam’s house. I let Embry drive my Cadillac because he really wanted to. He was so excited, like a little kid when given a new toy. I, on the other hand, was getting more and more nervous and aggravated, holding onto my bag tightly.

    “Are you nervous?” Embry smiled cheekily, turning to look at me.

    “Well, yeah! It’s the first time I get to meet Emily. And Kim and Rachel.”

    “Mmmh, at least Brady and Collin won’t be there. They’ll be eating with their families.” He laughed lowly.

    “Brady and Collin are kids. I’m not intimidated by kids! I’m nervous about everyone else judging me.”

    “Don’t be. They love you already. Okay, not “love”, but they do like you. You are a good one.”

    “Okay, but, still, I’m a vampire walking into the reservation. How well will that go?”

    “They know you’re my imprint, (Y/N). They won’t harm you, and you won’t harm them. Okay?” Embry smiled encouragingly, grabbing my hand in his, and giving it a light squeeze.

    I let out another sigh. “Okay.”

    We arrived a minute later, and Embry parked between a jeep and a motorcycle. As soon as I opened my car’s door, a pungent smell hit my nostrils and made them burn. I tried not to show how much it affected me, but Embry saw and started laughing, as he came by my side, taking my hand in his, and entwining his fingers with mine. The pack must have smelled me just like I did, as I saw them coming out of the house, but still kept their distance. It was only Emily the one who came forward to hug me, much to Sam’s attempts to keep a distance between us.

    “Hey, (Y/N)! It’s so nice to finally meet you! Embry has told us so much about you. Welcome to the family!” Her embrace was tight and secure around me. Though she had the stink of a wolf on her, she also smelled wonderful - like a mix of garden flowers and morning dew.

    “Hey, nice to meet you, too. Embry has told me a few things about you, as well.”

    She pulled away, stepping back but still smiling. She walked beside Sam, who extended his hand towards me, to shake it. I took his hand and shook it, nodding. His handshake was firm and quite formal, just like him.

    “Hello, (Y/N). Thank you for coming.” His human voice was quite deep, just like his laughter.

    “Thank you for having me.” I smiled at him, actually grateful to be there.

    I expected handshakes from the other wolves as well, but I was quite surprised when, instead, I received a group hug from Quil and Seth, who seemed quite excited for me to be there. Jared and Leah came forward to shake my hand like Sam did, but they both smiled widely while doing so. A young woman on Jared’s side waved at me, smiling.

    “Hi, I’m Kim. Nice to meet you.” Her voice was warm and melodic.

    “Hi, nice to meet you, too, Kim.” I smiled back at her.

    Jacob and Paul simply nodded at me, not willing to come any closer. A young girl was standing beside Paul, and I assumed that it must be Rachel. She looked cautious, though she slightly smiled at me, and I smiled back.

    “Aren’t you supposed to be sparkling?” Quil joked, and Seth giggled.

    “Why don’t you leave (Y/N) alone?” Emily scolded the two boys.

    “It’s okay, Emily.” I smiled, turning to look at the two young wolves. “I thought you may find it weird, so I chose to hide it.” With that, I broke down the illusion around me, showing off my exposed arms and neck which were sparkling brightly by now, almost blinding the others around me, who turned their backs at me to protect their sensitive eyes.

    “Okay, let’s go back inside, don’t you think?” Embry proposed and everyone practically ran into the house. He didn’t leave my side, though he still had to close his eyes. I laughed at him and helped him walk inside, taking his hand in mine.

    Emily and Sam’s house surely felt like a home - it wasn’t the warm brown tones of the furniture or the walls. It was the overall warm, home-like atmosphere that radiated off of everyone. They weren’t just a pack and their imprints - they were an actual family. They were loud, happy, enthusiastic; they reminded me of my own, human family, and I couldn’t help but smile at the sight.

    “(Y/N), come here with us!” Emily called me out from the kitchen, where she was still preparing food with the help of Kim and Rachel.

    I smiled back at Embry, letting go of his hand. He kissed my cheek lightly and encouraged me to go join the girls. I walked awkwardly through the living room and towards the kitchen, leaving my bag on a chair. The smells coming out of the oven were incredible, but not delicious or appetizing for vampire standards.

    “I’m really sorry you cannot have anything, (Y/N). We just wanted to meet you, so I thought lunch would be a good opportunity. You knew, the boys will be eating, and will probably be too lethargic to annoy you or anything else.” Emily smiled apologetically at me.

    I smiled cheekily at her. “Actually, that was a really good idea. I don’t mind at all, you know. Anyway, can I help you somehow? Chop anything? Put something on the table?” Helping with anything around would be much better than standing around awkwardly.

    “Yeah, sure! Can you chop the salads? I’m trying to make the boys eat more vegetables, but they constantly fight back when I try to force them to eat even a little bit.”

    I laughed, imagining Emily trying to force the boys to eat their greens, like the wolf mother she seemed to be. I grabbed some of the lettuce, and chopped it rather quickly, followed by the tomatoes, the cucumbers, and some parsley. Emily seemed impressed as she started putting the salads together, adding some corn, and asking me to get them to the table.

    I put the salad bowls on the table, as I was watching the guys running around Emily’s backyard, playing American football. They all seemed happy, and Embry was practically glowing - a smile on his face so bright, my skin could never compete. I smiled unconsciously - my biggest fear was the pack being too nervous and upset about me being here, but they seemed to be relaxing a bit, just like I was now. Leah came by my side.

    “You love him, right?” I turned to look at her. She was looking at the guys outside. I could not detect any particular feeling of discomfort or worry in her voice, but a wistful look on her face.

    I turned my gaze back at the boys. “Very much. I have never felt like that for anyone in my life before - true love and adoration.” I whispered, hoping only Leah could hear me.

    “He loves you, too. Very much. He wants you to be safe. He was worried the others would not accept the two of you together, or they would try to harm you. When you went to the clearing alone, he almost lost his mind. I’ve never seen him run so fast as when he ran to get to you. You were the only thing in his mind.”

    Leah’s lips were parted, and the melancholy never left her face. “He’s lucky he found his imprint, and you are lucky to have found your mate. Don’t ever let go of each other. What you two have is special.”

    With that, Leah left my side and walked out of the house to join her brother and the other pack members. Emily called me back to the kitchen, and I went back on helping her.

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    carlisle returns a few treasures from esme’s human life. ao3. 
    wrote this a couple nights ago but it fulfills prompt #12 of this list so I’m including it. 

    He knew his wife wasn’t painting, sketching, or doing anything of substance. It had been months since charcoal met paper. One of the special papers, there were dozens of types of special papers, how she knew the difference between each one puzzled him endlessly. At least he could tell the difference between a sims and a doen. 

    Cold knuckles thumped against polished oak. She had refinished the fixtures of the houses before … 

    She greeted him with a smile, not a hello, dog earring her novel as she did so. 

    The heels of his shoes hesitantly clicked against the hardwood floors three times as he entered the ‘art’ room. 

     “I have something for you.” He said, staring at his feet. “Something I should have given you a lot sooner. I was… frightened? I don’t know exactly. I suppose I thought it would make things worse. Back when I was foolish and thought the pain could get worse, I now know better.” 

    She let him search for the words uninterrupted. Despite this his eyes focused on anything but her. Whatever grief he held in the marrow of his bones she held it twice over. How self obsessed was he to think he could possibly make that worse? 

    To make it any better? 

    “I know better now,” he whispered with a cold laugh. A light hand fell on his right forearm, he slipped his left hand out of the self embrace and placed it over hers. A gentle squeeze before he continued his lament. 

     “I  find myself clutching to everything of his I still have left…  Hoping those years will come back, I suppose.” He shrugged, a small concession to the relentless waves of sorrow that had battered his soul for nine months. Nine months and three days, to be precise. 

    “I realize you haven’t been so fortunate. If we can describe it as fortunate. I don’t know how you’ll react to this… and that terrifies me.” She was the one who gave a squeeze of assurance this time. “You might hate me, and I understand. You might hate this, and I will understand that too. Whatever may be will be. And your feelings, whatever they will be, are not wrong.” 

    The latter part of that statement was an idea he had to make a conscious effort to believe over the years. But when it came to this, he wholeheartedly believed it. He was coming to learn that grief was a tricky spiteful thing. 

    He blinked a few more times, eyes refocused on the room the realtor had described as a perfect nursery, they turned it into an unused art studio. When he slowly met her gaze and he was greeted with a gentle smile.  The left side of her mouth upturned, not fully, the dimple was still concealed in the round cheek. The right side of her face stuck in the impassive pose it had seemed frozen in recent days. A flicker of light in the dark gold eyes, not enough to crease the crow’s feet he missed desperately, but a reassuring warmth. 

    He kept her hand in his as he silently led her out of the room, down the hallway, a turn right, a free hand reached for his study’s doorknob. He pulled her into the room, her heels dragged into the ground as soon as the not quite foreign smell hit her nose. 

    He dropped her hand and motioned to the orangish brown leather trunk suitcase that sat in the middle on the middle of the heriz rug. ‘George E. Platt’ still stamped on the side. 

    “As I said, I ought to have given you this sooner. You don’t have to open it if you don’t wish to - but you need to know you could if you like.” 

    “How?” She stammered. 

    “When we realized what happened… I couldn’t fathom no one knowing what happened to you. Forever wondering, although that would have been helpful for me, but I couldn’t let you just disappear…  So I went to the house you were staying in, and I lied and asked if she would allow me to send a few of your things to your family? She did. She spoke highly of you.” 

    “Adele,” Esme whispered, a question - convinced her memories were falser than fiction. 

    Carlisle nodded before he continued. “I did send a few of your inconsequential effects to your parents. As your husband I apologize for that. As a man who understands their loss, I support the choice.” Her arm slipped around his, her shoulder rested ever so lightly on his shoulder. “And as that same man, I am once again making that choice by returning the items in this trunk to you… The rightful ow- mother.” Caramel locks whacked his bicep as his wife’s head whirled seventy degrees to look at him. 

    “You can’t possibly mean?” She whispered with a frown when he failed to elaborate. 

    “Adele let me have a few things of his. I’ve been holding onto them for you until the time was right and I have realized that I am not the one who decides when the time is right… or if it will ever be.” 

    Esme stood frozen, posture rigid. Her eyes looked almost hazy, however impossible that may be. He slipped his arm out of the stiff embrace and moved to turn her towards him. Desperate to stop the wails he knew and dreaded or the immobile hours long episodes he dreaded even more. 

    “You don’t have to do anything with this-” as the words slipped out of his mouth his wife slipped out of his hands. 

    In a second she was crouched on the floor in front of the trunk. She ran an index over the dusty lid before cautiously opening the latched buckles. The top of the case opened torturously slowly, as Carlisle crept closer to her. He took a seat on the floor without a word. 

    She lifted the drab brown house dress that lay on top of the pile of belongings out. “It’s a chicken feed bag,” she whispered with a ghost of a smile. 


    “Mhm,” she hummed and passed the folded garment to him. She pulled out a few more dresses and coats he had stuffed into the luggage, at Adele’s insistence. 

    He waited with bated breath when her fingers met the first miniature garment. She brought it out of the trunk ever so cautiously. Lowering it to her lap with an embrace reminiscent of a nervous new parent. 

    She traced the lace trimming on the chest of the piece. “He would have been swimming in this.” 


    “He was so small. Six pounds, I think… didn’t feel like it,” she smiled to herself as she toyed with the hemline of the garment. 

    She silently went through a few more infant garments, keeping the pile neatly stacked in her lap.  She lingered on a cream bonnet for some time. She cradled it in her palm, an emotion he couldn’t quite name, and had never seen before, danced across her face. The small hat eventually joined the treasured pile. 

    He knew that was the last of the articles of clothing. There were a few more assorted items in the trunk, little trinkets he hadn’t thought valuable at the time but Adele insisted Esme’s family would want, and thus he not only kept them he wanted to. 

    A porcelain doll emerged from the trunk. Dressed in an almost identical bonnet and gown to the ones Esme had held to her chest minutes earlier.  “She gave you this?” 

    When Carlisle nodded a faint smile pulled at the corners of Esme’s mouth. “It was her’s and then her children’s and their children’s and then…” she trailed off as she laid the doll to rest on her soft lap. A hand instinctively nestled under the porcelain neck. 

    He assumed their evening of sorting was done but a gasp broke the heavy silence that had made up most of the night. His hand automatically reached out to her elbow. Clenched between delicate fists was a quilt, he had almost forgotten about that, he had used it as packing materials. He gently moved the old dresses out of his lap as he moved closer to her. A hand on her back as she brought the patchwork comforter to her face. Her nose placed over a floral cotton for less than a second before a sob escaped her lips. Her face buried in the quilt as he pulled her into his arms, doing his best not to disturb the delicate collection of items on the ground. 

    He listened as the clock ticked incessantly as her breathing calmed. Over thirty moves of the minute hand later her head lifted off his chest. The blanket still clenched against her heart. 

    “It smells like him.” 

    His fingers ran through the messy curls as she dryly wept into the blanket once more. Eight more moves of the minute hand later and she came back up for air. 

    His chin rested lightly on the top of her head as she began to whisper. He didn’t know if he was the intended audience, if anyone was, but he listened nonetheless. “My students made it for me.” She held the blanket out a little so he could see the heartfelt construction. 

    A collection of squares and diamonds, and fabric cut and pieced together to look like flowers or birds. A small quote embroidered on the right edge. He immediately recognized it as her handwriting. 

    “Shlof Mayn Kind?” He asked as she ran her finger over the raised thread. 

    “Sleep, my child,” she whispered. He knew the translation, he knew the song. He was asking for the meaning, which she seemed to understand a minute later. “It’s a lullaby. Whenever he would get a little restless I would sing it and he would calm right down.” A hand rested over the side of her abdomen, as if she was feeling for a kick that was long gone. She sunk further into his embrace when her hand was met with frigid stillness. “They all signed it,” she eventually said. 

    He softened his grasp as she leaned out of his arms ever so slightly. He watched as she turned over the blanket, revealing three dozen embroidered names. “One of the mothers did it. She got all the students, even the ones I didn’t teach, to write their names and then she went over it.” Her index traced the green cursive ‘Thank you, Mrs. Platt.’ 

    He reached out and ran his finger down the list, her eyes tracked his movement. The glint of familiarity on her eyes that always appeared when she told stories of her unruly farm days or deliriously joyful days teaching. His finger halted one name from the end of the list, the last being ‘Baby Platt.’

     There in the handwriting he’d recognize until the end of time was a careful ‘Edward Cullen.’ 

    Esme couldn’t remember the name of the school she worked for, she worked with younger children. Their paths most likely would have never crossed but there he was. 

    The tearless sob was practically instantaneous for both of them. Six ticks of the minute hand more and Carlisle was in control of his breathing. This fact only made the wrack of Esme’s frame seem more violent. He held her tighter with every shaky breath. When whispering sweet nothings and quiet affirmations accomplished nothing he began to hopelessly hum. As the unmelodic music went on he realized he had transitioned to the tune of the old lullaby, rocking her ever so slightly as he did so. The shake of her shoulders became slightly less dramatic; and he transitioned to ungracefully singing the cradlesong. 

    “Thank you, Carlisle,” she whispered. 

    He repeated the verses again and again, eventually the clock hit 10:12. It was official, his son had been gone as long as Esme’s had existed. Nine months, three days, and seven minutes but at least their names remained.

    #soph's stories#esme cullen#carlisle cullen#twilight fanfiction #i know i took the idea that esme's students made her a quilt from somewhere and i cannot remember where #attempting to queue this let's see if it works
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  • emmett2wavy
    19.06.2021 - 18 hours ago

    The Cullens’ first impression of the nomads they come across:

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  • twilightlovenotashamed
    18.06.2021 - 22 hours ago

    This scene is incredible. There was an interview that said Jackson was just supposed to jump at Bella a little bit. However, everyone was surprised when he threw himself at her with his crazy eyes. This is their genuine reaction. They were shocked!

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  • eggxeggxegg
    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    I was looking at the twilight renaissance tag and I have been enlightened by new (well at least for me) headcanons I fully embrace.

    - Aro and Carlisle had a significantly intimate relationship and Carlisle would have stayed with the Volturi had there not been a difference in dietary philosophy

    - Aro is not that bad of a guy. Bias has tainted our opinion of him. For example, he genuinely didn’t want a fight in breaking dawn.

    - Edward is not mentally stable. Also, his perception of reality isn’t entirely accurate.

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  • molina-hoe
    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    remember those senior girls in high school who would “adopt” a freshman. and they’d constantly say shit like “that’s my lil’ baby freshie!!1!” and they had some kind of mother complex even though the age difference was only 3-4 years. that’s how i see carlisle and edward.

    #i know someone else just said he could’ve EASILY claimed to be his brother and no one would’ve batted an eye #but i’m reiterating #twilight#twilight renaissance#carlisle cullen#edward cullen
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  • gisellelx
    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    My most detailed but subtle headcanon is that Carlisle is super into coffee.

    It started as a way to make people wave away his alertness: they would think he was awake because he was a caffeine junkie. He would just make sure that he was often seen getting coffee as he worked, and he was the generous guy who would make it even back when it had to be hand ground and steeped. When office pots became commonplace he was the helpful colleague who out of his own need was always refilling the percolator.

    When it started to become common to bring a travel thermos to work, he started making a cup at home so that he would smell human. When Starbucks became commonplace, he developed a standard order (venti skim latte with three shots or a doppio in a tall cup: the cup is important because he has to hide that he’s not drinking it). This quickly evolved into him realizing that since coffee was getting more complicated and he was supposedly such a big coffee drinker, people would expect him to have opinions.

    So the need to seem like he knew what he was talking about coupled with his general obsessively curious nature has meant that nowadays he has gone full on craft coffee at home. Esme vetoed him roasting his own beans, but he has a very expensive burr grinder. He has a thin-spouted electric kettle and a Chemex and he blooms his grounds and stirs them as he’s making the pourover. It has turned into a little bit of pre-work meditation and everyone knows not to bother him when he’s at it even though they all think it is ridiculous.

    Then he takes his cup to work and someone goes “ah your coffee smells great” and he’s all “it’s this wonderful single-origin fair trade yirgacheffe that I have shipped directly from Ethiopia” and they are all “yeah this level of snobbery tracks” and so it adds to his mystique and the general sense of “Carlisle is really rich and really weird, so when he does something strange, don’t look too closely.”

    What he doesn’t know is that a tiny part of his mind that he can’t access anymore remembers going to the London coffeehouses in the 1660s with his best friend. The scent makes him happy and peaceful and he doesn’t even notice that’s what’s happening.

    He just really likes coffee.

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  • bisexualemmettcullen
    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Esme: Did you really tell everyone Edward was your SON!? WHY WOULD YOU NOT SAY BROTHER


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  • bisexualemmettcullen
    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    carlisle has made one ☝️ joke in his entire existence and his name is edward anthony masen cullen

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  • ilguna
    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Angst Masterlist (c.c)



    Carlisle takes care of you when you’re sick.

    big deal

    after blowing an exam in college, Carlisle is there to comfort you.

    #ilguna #angst masterlist carlisle cullen
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  • ilguna
    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Fluff Masterlist (c.c)



    Carlisle is there for you when you begin to feel down again.


    Carlisle goes missing after the vampire hunt, and when you find him, you can’t bring yourself to do what you were taught to.

    #ilguna #fluff masterlist carlisle cullen
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  • hellthoroughly
    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Why bother going to high school when you could just avoid people or be hot, useless adult children of a rich doctor who Simply Vibed?

    #twilight renessaince#twilight saga #the twilight saga #twilight #carlisle’s real power was dragging everyone into the charade too #simply write music or punch boulders all day my dudes #Edward could have just Liked School and left everyone else to their business #someone sees them and they just say oh I’m carlisle’s cousin Emmett! #you can not eat humans and also just Do Your Thing #these days they’re just like yeah I work remotely #and people are like oh that’s nice #there’s truly no reason for anyone but Carlisle to chill with mortals!!! #unless Edward ignored the Cullen’s being like ah yes another day around sentient food I cannot eat #how personally enriching
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  • twilightinanotherlife
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Awfully big brained of me to ship Carlisle x Earnest. And Alice x Jessamine. And Bella x Edythe. And to say that Bella is a vampire hybrid. Big brained indeed.

    #carlisle cullen #dr. carlisle cullen #earnest cullen #carlisle x earnest #earnest x carlisle #alice cullen#jessamine hale #alice x jessamine #jessamine x alice #bella swan #vampire hybrid!bella #edythe cullen #bella x edythe #edythe x bella #twilight#twilight au #life and death #life and death crossover #my au
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  • twilight-writingorwhatever
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    why do i have this amazing idea for a story but when i try to write it, it just feels like a chore? have i become so illiterate?

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  • teamfamcullen
    17.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    I feel so bad for Edward 😅

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  • twilitty
    17.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    this shit scared me so bad

    @stepheniemeyer I thought the new book was out and died

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  • jupitar-baby
    17.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    her eyes (an edward cullen x reader)

    Chapter 4

    credit to the artist

    previous chapter

    warnings: none that i know of

    I walk into my bedroom running a hand through my hair, Edward following me. "Alright let me change then I'll give you the gift" I walk to my closet grabbing one of the shirts he gave me and a pair of shorts as I walk to my bathroom and change.

    As soon as I was done I walk out to see Edward on my bed reading one of my books. I walk over and lay down next to him "Nice book" I say

    "Thanks, I haven't read this book before" "That's surprising" I sit back up and walk over to my desk grabbing my sketchbook and flipping through the pages before ripping one out and walking back over. He sits up and places my book down "Here, I drew this the other night" I sit next to him and he takes it. "It's cool" He smiles and looks up at me "Thanks, that's all I wanted to give you"

    "You sure?" I nod with a smile "Yeah I'm sure" I lay my head on his shoulder once more and he lays his head on mine.

    "Bella and I broke up" "Really?" "Yeah, she's upset that I'm friends with you" "Well that's stupid" "In the end, she asked me to choose her or you, and I chose you ultimately"

    I smile "Thanks...but you didn't have to" "I did,  because you are more amazing than her in many ways" I blush and hide my face in his neck.

    "Hey, can you look at me for a second?" I move my head and look at and he looks into my eyes and he leans in and his eyes flicker to my eyes then my lips.

    I lean in also my blush spreading now, I lean in also, and as our lips are about to touch he speaks. "We really shouldn't do this" "But it makes it all the more fun doesn't it" He smiles and his lips press against mine, it takes me a second to register what's happening but I kiss back. I pull away soon after and we look at each other in the eyes.

    "Ed..." "Don't talk" We both kiss again, this time he pulls me onto his lap and my hands move to grip his hair. I pull away panting and looking into his eyes "Edward..." He sighs "I, really needed to kiss you Y/n. I just"

    "Edward" He finally looks me in the eyes and I smile "It's ok...it felt, good" I climb off his lap and lay down and he adjusts to lay down next to me.

    "Can we talk about...this at a later date, maybe after my party?" "Yeah...of course. But Y/n-"

    "No, no talking right now Ed, I'm tired so...goodnight"

    I turn away to look from him making my back face him, and I pull the blanket over me. Trying not to face him. I close my eyes as tightly as I can. 

    - skip to about a week later -

    I walk into the school, my headphones on blasting music. Ignoring everyone around me. I hurry to the office to try and transfer to another school, what do you expect from me? I'm a Mikaelson, we run. 

    I wait there until Ms. Jannene can help me, I can hear Edward walking to me making me hide my face. "Y/n-" "We shouldn't have done that Edwards, we shouldn't have kissed. It...it isn't right"

    "What do you mean?" I walk out of the office and he follows behind me, "Meet me at your place after 2nd period." "Why?"

    "Just do it ok, I need to tell you something, that everyone should hear" I walk to class and he follows. Damn, forgot I had my first period with him. 

    - small skip -

    I sit on the couch as everyone stares at me. "So, there is something I need to tell you guys, Carlisle already knows, along with Esme, but, this is the answer to the question everyone has asked me"

    "Who are you?" Rosalie says and I stare at Edward in the eyes. "I'm a vampire" "What do you mean"?

    "So, here's the short version. I fell through a portal where I'm from, we have witches. And I fell through it and ended up here in a different universe. Learned about the difference between our vampires and yours, you guys sparkle in the sun, I can burn, that's why I have this ring. Here your eye color changes depending on your diet, and you guys have cults, that's weird. You see where I'm from I'm one of the most powerful vampires there are. I'm called an original, the original vampire's to exist. Me and my siblings are all originals when the ones that are alive. Can't be killed unless I've been stabbed with a stake made from the wood of a white oak tree, which lucky for me does not exist here, I can be stabbed with a regular stake, it just won't do anything. I can be like mummified but only with a silver dagger dipped in white oak ash. I can control peoples mind's, along with vampires. But there is a plant that can help me not do that, it's also pretty painful to me. It's called Vervain. Oh and I grow like ugly dark veins under my eyes, and my eyes turn darker, and of course, fangs. My vampire look, alcohol helps with the craving for human blood, I'm a 'vegetarian in a way. Food is also edible, and I can sleep perfectly fine. I can't have kids, that's a no. I'm still technically alive but dead." I say and I look at Carlisle "I think that's about everything I told you, right Doctor?"

    "Yeah, it's about right" I lean back "I love it here, I really do. But do you know how difficult it is to be away from my brothers and sister? I miss them, all, dearly. I don't know if I'm ever going to be able to go back. But here in Forks, feels like I'm home in a way. Esme has been, sneaking in animal blood into my lunches. To help me feed, otherwise, I won't be able to, function. I'll start to crave human blood, and that isn't good for anyone here in Forks. I'm what we call a ripper, it's like an addiction that's very difficult to stop"

    "So, Carlisle and Esme knew about this before us?" Edward asks and I nod. "Yeah, it's. Hard to tell someone that I'm from another universe." I give him a tight smile. "Did you guys know I'm going to turn 1023 years old in a couple of days, I am older than any of you" I stand up "Now if you excuse me, I'm tired. I haven't slept in a week, good bye" I walk out of their living room to the front door existing the house, speeding to my own.

    I can't wait for my birthday party


    @deviljoonie @onechaoticbih @cleverzonkwombatsludge @annasdani

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