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  • stfuimprojecting
    25.10.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    i’m rewatching jatp and tell me why i only just noticed that they set out a plate for rose when they’re eating dinner :(( and that they rush to hide it from victoria :(

    #julie and the phantoms #jatp#julie molina#ray molina#carlos molina#rose molina#tia victoria #this made me so sad
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  • fiddlepickdouglas
    22.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Viva Las Vegas, Pt. 21 - The Tension

    Summary: Sunset Curve Alive AU, Willex, how will they get through?, 2.6k

    @trevor-wilson-covington is the bestie who makes these lovely edits, we stan supportive friends

    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20

    Sighing and propping her head up with a fist, Victoria stared at the various things spread out on her desk. Nada tenía sentido. She wished she could drop this case, that the logical side of her could overwhelm the curious one, and continue enjoying what was left of her sabbatical. However, it seemed that the case demanded to resurface like a ghost with unfinished business.

    Julie had explained everything Luke told her, and it only layered on the oddity. The Caleb Covington she had met all those months ago was an entirely different person to the boys. Whoever she’d seen was a charitable man creating opportunities for disadvantaged youth; Luke and his friends described him as an extortionist. She had wanted to think they were just being disgruntled kids until she had gone with Julie to pick up Luke from the police station.

    Seeing Willie had thrown a curveball. Victoria looked back on when Alex had asked her about opening old cases, and then finding that poster on the pier. It was easy to understand why Alex had been so curious. The reason she’d been on the pier that night was because Julie had mentioned the boys being there and that’s what had prompted her to take Carlos, so it only made sense that they’d both seen the same thing. Now there was a file open in front of her with the kid’s image staring back up, haunting her even more than ever.

    Picking up the photo, she sighed.

    I need to be sure, she thought to herself.

    By looks and name alone, it was easy to believe why Alex had made that conclusion, and it had Victoria already arguing between her head and her gut. It was very possible that somehow, by some miracle, he was right. The alternative to that was...much more complex.

    The phone on her desk rang, jolting her out of her thoughts. That was odd, since she technically wasn’t supposed to be in her office. Warily, she picked up the receiver.


    “Victoria, it’s Ray,” her brother-in-law’s voice came through the speaker. Of course. “Sorry, I tried calling your house first and figured this was the next place to check.”

    “Well, you caught me,” she said, trying to hide her exhaustion behind her chagrin. “Que pasó? You need me to look after Carlos again?”

    A sigh came from the other line and immediately a weight settled in Victoria’s chest. She braced herself for some unpleasant news.

    “Rose has been off chemotherapy long enough that we can try surgery,” Ray told her solemnly. It was easy to hear how hard he was trying to keep his voice steady. “I’m trying my best to be optimistic, but Julie’s pretty nervous. I don’t blame her; she’s had a lot going on.”

    Just then, Victoria wanted to smack herself. This sabbatical was supposed to have been about supporting her sister and her family. While solving a missing person’s case wasn’t a bad thing, she knew she was using the work to distract herself. And she was positive that Ray sounded better than he was really doing.

    “How soon is the surgery?” she asked. She hated the lump of uncertainty that was developing in her throat.

    “A week from this Thursday,” Ray told her. The uncertainty gripped Victoria tightly and she had to shake her head to release some of the tension.

    “Tan pronto,” she exhaled. “I can imagine Julie must be stressed. But what about Carlos?”

    “It’s hard to tell. I think he’s putting on a funny act, but it’s been getting me through most days and I don’t think it’s fair to try to...pop the bubble just yet.”

    Victoria simply nodded, although he couldn’t see it. Thank goodness for Carlos and his sensibility. He’d gotten part of that from Rose, she knew, and while it brought out mixed emotions, the good ones outweighed the bad.

    “You’ve been pretty strong about this so far, Ray,” she said. “Let me take care of a few things for you this week while you spend some time with Rose.”

    “I appreciate it, but don’t let me take away any time you have to see your sister as well.”

    “I’ll take my opportunities, but you’ve been trying to handle those two on your own too much,” she insisted. “You need this.”

    She heard a small sniffle on the other line and couldn’t help the wave of empathy washing over her. It hurt to hear her brother-in-law in so much pain.

    “Thank you,” he replied, voice trembling.

    “Hey, whatever happens,” Victoria said, feeling tears welling in her own eyes. “We’re going to make it through.”

    The rattled sigh on the other end agreed with her. It let whatever she was holding back start leaking out in hot streaks down her face.

    “Escuchas. Somos familia, y lo vamos a vencer juntos.”

    Ray took in a deep breath but didn’t entirely regain his composure.

    “Ya, lo sé Ya sé.”

     Alex sat behind his drums, trying his best to tune them. With the mid-November air, he wanted to keep everything in good condition. Since moving all the equipment back into Bobby’s garage, they hadn’t actually come together to practice for nearly a week. He was a little grateful, because once he had finally gotten home from Flynn’s place, the temper his father had served put him in no condition to want to see anyone. He still owed Willie a phone call. Thankfully, he’d had enough foresight to warn Willie that might happen. But after a week of not getting to hash it out on his drums, he needed this.

    Luke and Reggie were messing around unplugged on their guitars, all of them waiting for Bobby to arrive on his own property. They had agreed on seven-thirty, but it was at least fifteen minutes after. Whatever Luke was strumming was slower than his usual speed, and he looked distant.

    “Luke, everything okay?” Reggie prodded gently, resting his bass in his lap.

    Shaking his head, Luke simply continued playing. It was more to say ‘can’t be interrupted’ than to say he wasn’t fine, but Alex picked up on both messages.

    “Hey guys,” Bobby said as he finally entered the garage. His eyes were glued to what looked like some kind of letter and he stopped a few meters in, not bothering to grab his guitar.

    “Welcome to practice Bobby,” Alex said, laying on the sarcasm because he really couldn’t stand everyone else being so gloomy. He’d been excited to get out of the house, so the last thing he needed was the rest of the guys bogging things down. Still, Bobby didn’t look up.

    “Whatcha got there?” Reggie chirped, his tone already out of place for the clouds settling on Bobby’s face. In turn, Reggie’s expression became concerned. For a moment, Bobby simply stood there shaking his head, too angry to speak. The rest of the guys got up and circled around him, each trying to get a proper view at the letter in his hands. Reading the first few lines, Alex shut his eyes and sighed.

    “It’s a court summons,” he said. So much for having band practice to release the pressure.

    “He can’t do that!” Luke exclaimed.

    “Looks like he can,” Bobby said.

    Reggie simply pouted as he slumped into the armchair. Alex needed to pace. He hadn’t been sure what Caleb would do with them, since they no longer had to see him at the studio, but this only confirmed how low he would stoop.

    “He’s saying we stole his music?” Luke went on angrily. “He took our music and ruined it!” Grabbing a fistful of darts hanging from the board on the wall, he began to thrust them as hard as he could, not bothering to aim at the target.

    “I didn’t read the whole thing,” Reggie said. “But what does he want? Money? To send us to jail?”

    Alex took in a deep breath to calm his already brittle nerves before listening to Bobby.

    “‘Reparations will be negotiated between the prosecutor and the defendants as represented by their attorneys,’” Bobby read.

    Breathing deeply wasn’t really doing the trick. Alex wasn’t sure if that was worse than a definite answer. Because of course Caleb would force them to make a deal. There was no end to his tactics, it seemed. Once he had control over someone, he meant to maintain it for as long as he could.

    “How are we supposed to agree on anything when that bastard pushed all of us into obeying his every word?” he blurted. “It’s not like we could give him money if that’s what he wanted.”

    “Money is the least of our problems,” Luke inserted, chucking a dart at the wall and letting it miss the board by several inches. “The one thing that all of us have is our music. If Caleb does his worst, we might lose every chance of having people hear us play ever again.”

    “I don’t wanna do anything else,” Reggie lamented. “I’m nothing without the rest of you.”

    “Don’t say that, Reggie,” Bobby responded, a hurt look on his face. All Reggie could do in return was blink in surprise, and Alex snuck a look over at Luke. The tension that had risen fell as quickly as it came; there wasn’t going to be any sudden confessions today, but it was progress.

    “Look,” Luke said, leaving the dart board and coming back toward the rest of the guys. He put a hand on Alex’s shoulder and it was calming enough to stop the pacing. “I don’t know how we’re gonna make it out of this as a band, but...we’re always a band.”

    Reggie got up from the armchair and joined them, all forming a circle and placing their arms on each other’s shoulders. Alex could feel all of their elevated heartbeats, and his hands were still shaky. At the moment, he wanted nothing more than to thrash on his drums until his entire body was sore. And then maybe he could finally call Willie.

    “We always have each other,” Reggie stated, looking around for the reassurance that he was correct. They all nodded and bowed their heads together in a huddle. Closing his eyes, Alex slowly felt his breathing become steady. There was a few minutes of reverent silence, all of them drinking in the intense sense of unity that had come upon them.

    Footsteps could be heard from behind and the guys parted to see Julie walking into the garage, Flynn in tow.

    “Julie?” Luke said softly, mildly bewildered as he stepped toward her.

    “Hey, is this a bad time?” she asked, fidgeting with her hands.

    “We just got some pretty bad news,” Bobby said. “So, sorry you had to turn up now.”

    “Oh,” Julie fell back a little, prompting Luke to subconsciously lurch forward.

    “I mean, what’s new?” Luke joked half-heartedly, barely able to lift the corner of his mouth into a smirk. “It’s good to see you.”

    Alex watched Julie’s face return the tenderness as she looked up at him. It made him feel an even greater need to talk to Willie. The sadder look in her eyes worried him, though.

    “How about we all sit down?” he suggested. “Looks like you’ve got something on your mind, too.”

    “That’s actually just what I came for,” Julie replied, quickly turning back to Flynn, who wordlessly moved toward the couch. “Thanks, Alex.”

    “Sorry, it’s all bad news,” Alex’s exhausted voice said on the other line. “Well, not all bad, for Julie’s mom, but still scary.”

    Willie was happy to finally hear from him, but it was all so heavy. Now he wished more than ever that he’d had a better sense of warning to talk the guys out of breaking into the studio.

    “Alex, it’s not you who has to be sorry,” he said. “I wish none of you ever had to deal with Caleb.”

    “Hey, I already told you, this isn’t your fault,” Alex assured. “I promise, if I thought anything was, I would say so.”

    “Yeah, but even back in Vegas I wasn’t happy with him. I could’ve said just a little more and then you guys wouldn’t be in this kind of mess.”

    Alex chuckled, albeit solemnly, “When I saw Caleb that first time in the studio, all I wanted was to ask him about you. I would’ve worked with him if it meant I found you eventually.”

    The warmth that grew in his chest at those words chased out any guilt Willie had been harboring. What would he do without his boyfriend?

    “I miss you,” he muttered into the receiver, hoping Alex could hear his smile from the other side.

    “Well, I finally have some freedom so I think we can arrange something,” Alex said, his tone clearly conveying a smile back.

    A tap on his shoulder notified Willie that Kyle was anxious to finish closing and get home.

    “Hey, I gotta get going. But uh...I’m actually free most of this weekend, so show up whenever you want.”

    “Don’t give me ideas,” Alex teased.

    “Don’t do anything I would,” Willie teased back.

    As they said goodbye and he hung up, Willie kept a small smile to himself while he did the last of his duties. He punched out and followed Kyle out the back door, skateboard in hand.

    “I will say, you’ve got a weird arrangement with him being the only one who can call,” Kyle commented as he got out keys to unlock his car. “If I could, I’d install a line at your place for you.”

    “Thanks, man. You’re cool for letting me use it here,” Willie said.

    “Well, it’s nothing. You look happy every time.”

    He had to bite his lip to avoid grinning like a goon.

    “Alright, get your gay little ass home,” Kyle said. “And be safe!”

    Willie headed out with a chuckle, stepping off on his board into the evening. He still seemed to struggle with those guilty feelings, but he tried to remind himself of what Alex said as well as Flynn. They were right. While making it out to LA was hardly something he could credit himself for alone, he’d made it. Caleb didn’t deserve to live in his head. Easier said than done, but at least he knew that and could remember it.

    He took a small detour through a park and played around on his board for a little while. At the moment, it was Flynn’s words that reverberated in his mind. You’re just a kid. Skating made him feel like a kid. He was pretty sure he’d used it to remain sane back in Vegas. Even knowing it was while skating that he’d lost his memory, and he’d let himself get lost in the desert, it never bothered him. Willie would skate till he died.

    After successfully getting out a few ollies, he rode the rest of the way home. Stopping just before he got to the steps that led down to his room, he picked up his board and lifted the key that hung around his neck to unlock the door. Something was off, though: the door didn’t need to be unlocked. It was already loose. Light came from underneath, but he heard nothing from the inside. Carefully turning the handle, Willie made sure to enter slowly, trying to ignore the pounding in his chest. He would use his board to break over anyone’s head if he had to.

    As he came in full view of the room, he froze and balled up his fists. There at his drawing desk, Caleb sat, holding Sheldon in his lap and stroking him. The man simply peered at him, one eyebrow raised in that familiar skeptical glare Willie had grown to hate. No words came to his mind; any ability to fight was immediately frightened away. He was a deer out in the open and the hunter could kill him point blank.

    “Hello, William.”

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  • curvesomesunsets
    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago
    #jatp #julie and the phantoms #ray molina#carlos molina#mywriting #ask games with atlas
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    20.10.2021 - 5 days ago
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  • dearjohnmybeloved
    18.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Carlos: Who the fuck-

    Ray: Language.

    Carlos: Whom the fuck-

    Ray: No.

    #jatp #jatp incorrect quotes #carlos molina#ray molina #i refuse to believe this hasnt happened #source: tumblr
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  • jatp-fandom-hub
    18.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    JATP Fandom Current Events - Oct. 18 to 24, 2021

    Here’s a quick list of what’s happening in the JATP fandom this week!

    JATP Sci-Fi Week (October 18th to 24th)

    The JATP Fantom Awards are accepting nominations until October 30th!

    Phantomtober (October 1st to 31st)

    JATP Secret Santa Sign-Ups are open until October 31st!

    Coming soon:

    Willex Week 2: Electric Boogaloo (October 25th to October 31st)

    The JATP Angstravaganza (November 7th to 13th)

    JATP Citrus Fest (November 7th to 14th)

    JATP Craft Week (November 15th to 21st)

    For a full list of upcoming events, check out the JATP Fandom Hub (navigation page here, calendar here). You can submit new events/projects or updates about existing events at any time, and if you have any questions, check our FAQ!

    Please signal boost to spread the word!

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  • latinposeidon
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Carlos realises that Reggie likes watching YouTube so whenever he goes to school he just “happens” to leave his laptop open on a playlist he thinks Reggie would like

    #it’s full of guitar cooking and ghost videos #and reggie absolutely starts crying when he realises he’d made it for him #carlos pretending to be mean to the boys then being quietly sweet is beloved #he’ll vague luke whenever he thinks he’s in the room but when the guys go busking he drops off a couple new picks in the studio #coz he’d overheard julie telling flynn about how luke somehow managed to lose his despite it being literally attached to his soul #julie and the phantoms #jatp#carlos molina#reggie peters
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  • wishfulstargazer
    15.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Flufftober Day 12: Butterfly Kisses (sleepy kisses prompt)

    fandom: Julie and the Phantoms 

     relationship: Ray Molina/Rose Molina; Ray Molina & Carlos Molina & Julie Molina

    words: 643

    rating: T

    summary:  After Julie's band plays the Orpheum for a second time, Carlos is tired and Ray is nostalgic.    



    Ray Molina never missed an opportunity to hear his daughter sing. 

    She had been so sad and so terribly quiet after his wife's death. The year that she couldn't sing or play the piano had been terrible for everyone, but Julie's special musical bond with her mother had left her mourning a mother, a collaborator, a mentor, and a role model all at once. Her "silent year" was now mercifully over, and he rejoiced to see her bounding around a stage and belting out music with her new band. Although he was banned from the garage while she rehearsed with her bandmates, he didn't consider it breaking the rule to stand outside and listen.

     If tears often poured down his face during those rehearsals, he wasn’t ashamed. A man of faith, Ray believed his wife was still hearing their daughter, wherever she was. That didn’t mean he couldn’t miss holding her in his arms while they both marveled at Julie’s voice. 

     So when her band booked their gig at the Orpheum, he was there, with Victoria and Carlos. When they played a school dance, he volunteered to chaperone. And just as quickly unvolunteered when his daughter almost died of embarrassment. 

    That particular night ended in a compromise. Julie live-streamed their performance on youtube  and Ray watched it from home with Carlos over pizza and chocolate milk.

    When they were asked back for a second evening at the Orpheum, though, there was no keeping him away. Julie’s tía wanted to come along again, so they decided to make another family evening out of the event. 

    The band debuted their new song, and the Molinas applauded wildly. 

     After the concert, Ray took everyone out for celebratory milkshakes, then drove Tia Victoria home. Flynn was spending the night, and she and Julie chatted excitedly all the way home before heading up to Julie’s room.

    “Good night, niña,” Ray called out to his daughter as he gently shook Carlos awake in the front seat. “Goodnights” floated back toward him on the evening wind, and he guided his son carefully through the dim courtyard and in the front door. As he passed the threshold, he remembered all the nights of carrying this same boy in his arms after he fell asleep in the car, his wife holding the door and beaming fondly at both of them. The girls had turned on the foyer lights, and Ray hit switches as the pair crossed the room, before lighting up the staircase, Carlos still heavily leaning on his arm, they began mounting the stairs until his tired son started to shake himself awake.

    “Can do it...myself…” Carlos murmured, trying to speed up.

    “Of course you can, hijo,” Ray encouraged, while extending an arm in front of him.--just in case his sleepwalker took a tumble back down the staircase.

    Carlos opened the door to his room and started in with a mumbled “G’night,” but Ray wasn’t quite ready to let his youngest go.

     He pressed a quick kiss to the top of Carlos’s head, and his son pivoted and wrapped his arms around his dad for a bear hug. “Thanks Dad.”

    “I’m proud of you, son. I wish your mother could see you and Julie now. You both astonish me every day.”

     “I miss her, Dad. Nights like tonight more than ever.”

     “Me too, Carlos. Me too.”

     After exchanging enthusiastic smacks on each other’s cheeks, Carlos shut his door and Ray headed to bed himself.

     “I can’t burn the midnight oil the way I used to, Rosie,” he murmured as he bent to unlace his shoes. “Of course, I never could quite keep up with you.”

     Ten minutes later, as he drifted into half-sleep, he thought he felt a gentle brush against his eyebrows, then his cheeks, then his lips. “I never minded slowing down just a little for you,” his dream visitor murmured.

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  • wendinella
    12.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    here's my piece for the @jatpzine ! my topic was the molinas so i really wanted to draw a piece that included rose 🥺🧡 this project was so so much fun to work on and i'm really grateful i got to be a part of it with so many amazing people!!

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  • oleffx
    11.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    i wanna see julie teaching reggie how to use youtube so he could play edge of great on the laptop during episode 9

    #i know the show says reggie used carlos's laptop to listen to music #honestly i just want julie teaching the boys social media #julie and the phantoms #reggie peters#julie molina#jatp#netflixwewantjatpseason2
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  • the-entitties
    11.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    happy spoopy season.

    imagine the molinas and the ghosts putting together a haunted house together.

    “no it’s not cheating. we’re just taking advantage of our resources.” “glad our deaths can be helpful to you.”

    “no moaning, they can’t hear you. just move things like normal ghosts.”

    “guys, the scooby doo theme song isn’t scary, pick a better song to set the mood.”

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  • afotartec
    11.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    La DOP de la Granada Mollar de Elche comienza la temporada con la previsión de recoger 50.000 toneladas

    La DOP de la Granada Mollar de Elche comienza la temporada con la previsión de recoger 50.000 toneladas

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  • latinposeidon
    11.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Anyway JatP as BDG quotes

    Alex lecturing the boys on the importance of drums:

    Willie waking Alex up at 4am with no explanation:

    Julie waiting for the boys to show up at the Orpheum:

    Reggie after Carlos jokingly asks for his bass in payment for borrowing his laptop:

    Willie in the middle of his fifth existential crisis of the week:

    Alex as soon as he gets even slightly stressed:

    Luke learning what recitativo accompagnato is just so Julie and Alex will stop ranting at him about music theory:

    Flynn on her ninth soda when Julie asks for her help booking a gig:

    Julie when the band is famous and constantly getting questions about the holograms:

    Literally all of them at any given moment:

    #I haven’t done any of the reading I need to do for my lectures yet and I’m making bdg memes instead 🧍🏼 #julie and the phantoms #jatp#alex mercer#reggie peters#willie jatp#willie nolastname #willie wilbur williamson #willex#julie molina#carlos molina#luke patterson#flynn taylor
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  • im-swimming
    11.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Carlos uses the boys to help with his homework once they’re used to having ghosts around (with Julie’s permission and translation, he can’t see them and Luke’s handwriting is still TERRIBLE) and he wants help with history homework. Because “ghosts are super old right?”

    He passes a piece of paper across the table

    What can you tell me about the french and Indian war?

    All of the guys get instantly offended “dude we are literally younger then your dad”

    #they are by at least a few years #this lives in my head #julie and the phantoms #fhsjsksksk #julie and the phat ones #jatp#julieandthephantoms#carlos molina#julie molina#luke patterson#alex mercer#reggie peters #julie and her himbos #ray molina
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  • latinposeidon
    10.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Reggie makes friendship bracelets for everyone he meets and he has a huge pile of them that he circles through

    #one time alex was being alex and reggie just took off his bracelet and put on luke’s instead #it was the meanest thing he’d ever done to him #……. reggie made alex’s rainbow bracelet and you can’t prove me wrong #by the time willie starts hanging out with them he already has a friendship bracelet ready to go #just immediately ‘oh hey you’re here! here’s a bracelet I’ve got a matching one :D’ #he makes one for ray and asks julie to pass it on for him #ray finds it very sweet and he absolutely wears it #julie and the phantoms #jatp#reggie peters#alex mercer#bobby shaw#luke patterson#julie molina#willie jatp#willie nolastname #willie wilbur williamson #ray molina#carlos molina
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  • latinposeidon
    08.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I just love the idea of Carlos getting bored and trying to annoy the guys. Like whenever he thinks one of them is around, he'll just start talking about Trevor Wilson to try and get a rise out of them. Just every time he's talking to his dad, he'll ask about a different gig Ray photographed for him, and it cuts to Luke sitting on the counter and just glaring at him

    #he's too petty to actually leave #on one hand >:( bobby stole my music #on the other '........... i wanna know what our gigs could have been like' #so every time he ends up just sat there watching and getting slowly more and more pissed off #julie and the phantoms #jatp#carlos molina#luke patterson#alex mercer#reggie peters#ray molina
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  • taylorwilsons
    08.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    where’s that post someone made forever ago where Julie wouldn’t even speak after Rose died and it was Carlos who finally got her to talk again because he opened up about how much he missed their mother after losing her and not hearing Julie’s voice felt like he had lost her too? that was good shit right there

    #julie molina#rose molina#carlos molina#jatp #julie and the phantoms #seriously if anyone knows where the post is! i wanna read it again!
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  • nonbinarycryptic
    08.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    My mom watched Julie and The Phantoms today, she is very sad now

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  • latinposeidon
    05.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Carlos absolutely bought a Trevor Wilson shirt to annoy Luke as soon as he found out about The Scandal and it works every single time

    #he may support julie and her band but that doesn't mean he won't mess with the ghosts #just chilling in the living room in a crooked teeth shirt playing get lost as he asks ray about the gigs he'd photographed for trevor #and luke's just in the background going >:( #julie and the phantoms #jatp#carlos molina#luke patterson#bobby shaw#trevor wilson
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  • latinposeidon
    04.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Wait but like,,,,, imagine if the photo Carlos found had the guys’ names on it but didn’t actually show who was who and instead of googling them, he just decided to guess. So when he actually meets the guys he points at Luke and goes ‘you must be Bobby’ and Luke just looks so offended

    #he calls alex luke and alex has never been that tempted to fight a child #julie and the phantoms #jatp#carlos molina#luke patterson#bobby shaw
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