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    25.09.2021 - 23 hours ago
    #resident evil #resident evil 3 #carlos oliveira#brad vickers#reviledit#gamingedit#gamediting#my gifs #video game gifs #myresidentevil #yes carlos was on vacation #what about it???
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    25.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Capcom...pls stop....

    #I can't handle the thirst anymore #Carlos Oliveira#RE3 #Resident Evil 3 remake #virtual photography#my shots #pls don't repost them
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  • moonlit-void-to-the-far-unknown
    24.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    So I have played

    Re: 2 remake

    Re: 3 remake

    Re: 7 *still playing but almost done*

    And Re: 8

    The list of humans in these games I would let ruin my life is…

    Leon Kennedy, rookie cop or him in the later games which I hear he gets real gruff and ready to murder. I love him, and I want to be loved by him. And his VO and Mocap actor Nick apostolides is amazing and talented at art and being super rad. He loves the RE games and is just super cool.

    Ada Wong, do I need to explain this one? No it’s ada wong, she did all of Re: 2 in heels and a mini dress. Like. An icon

    Jill Valentine, ‘mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry’ if that doesn’t explain the energy that Jill holds. Idk what will. She holds that BDE. And Nicole Tompkins? Her VO and mocap actor? The sweetest human I would die for.


    Nikolai Zinoviev, don’t you judge me, he’s got that pure neutral evil vibe. Like not chaotic evil, not lawful does evil for his benefit. Also the energy of ‘on your knees’ and I like that. Also he’s played by Neil newbon who makes my heart go pit pat so.

    Nemesis, NOT IN A MONSTER FUCKER WAY. I just, I want nemmy to be like my friend. Like idk he would protect you if you programmed him to. Alright. STARS!!!

    Ethan ‘BEST DAD IN HISTORY’ winters, I would die for this man, I would kill for this man, I will accept no Ethan slander 10/10 the best dad, and husband. DUDE TOOK ON MOLD PEOPLE, A CULT VILLAGE OF LYCANS, LOST HIS HAND MULTIPLE TIMES! All for his wife and baby. Like. Best man to ever man.

    Chris redfield, THICK MAN I WANT TO CRUSH ME. Like he is rough and ready to rumble and would also be soft with you. So daddy in all words. Jeff shine kills it again. God he’s so cool.

    Lady Dimitrescu, the goddess, the mother who we all want, gay icon, ace icon, just the best. I want her to be my mother and also wreck me sexually. Also Maggie Robinson her voice actor and performance capture actor, is the sweetest most wonderful soul. I love Maggie.

    Karl ‘hobo man’ heisenburg, daddy. I want him to destroy me, and make me things out of metal. And just love me. And Neil newbon his VO and Mocap actor, Makes my heart do flips in the best way. So. That’s a plus.

    I’m conclusion I love the resident evil games and yes.

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  • aceoddity
    24.09.2021 - 2 days ago


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  • thatgoblin
    24.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    The Job - Part 3

    Summary: MacKenzie ‘Mac’ North is a computer programmer and IT specialist for Tricell Pharmaceuticals. When she discovers that her employer had been creating weapons of mass destruction, she blows the whistle on them. Even in her paranoia, she was not prepared for the two mercenaries that track her down snag her off the streets. Now she has to figure out how to get free as well as navigate their charms and good looks.

    Warnings: Kidnapping, romance novel hijinks, Carlos and Leon or mercenaries for hire, smut, will update with each chapter.

    The second motel was much further North than I had originally thought. We were nearly to the state line in the corner of the state. Maybe another two hours and we’d pass into Idaho, but the weather that had started to wane at one point was back to being sheets of rain. The motel this time was more of a hotel with everything inside. That didn’t mean it wasn’t just a regular sleeze motel with walls keeping the outdoor elements out. It did have a small town pizza place in the front part at least. So, food was easy to access at least. Leon was the only person anyone saw, getting the key from the office before he led us to our room on the second floor.

    Once there, we set up like we had in the previous room. It was a king size with a small table and chairs with a tv and a shower and bathroom. The locks were all put in place as our bags were put at the foot of the bed. The only difference was that this time, Carlos and Leon revealed they did have more weapons than a knife. Large pistols, two each, were put into the nightstands on either side of the bed. This new development made me extremely nervous, reminding me that this romcom could turn into a thriller any moment.

    “I didn’t know you two had guns,” I asked, looking at the side tables. Every fiber of my being was saying ‘DO NOT TRY!’ I did not have a good history with guns nor did I want to tell them that.

    “Since we have an extra team looking for you, it’s in yours and our best interest to not be caught with our pants down,” Leon said as he looked at me. “I know you’re an adult and know everything but-”

    “I won’t touch them,” I said, cutting him off. “I don’t know how to use them and I don’t want to.”

    “Good girl,” Leon said with a nod. The new rain that had come through was colder than before, probably from winter closing in and the higher we went in altitude just made things colder. Which meant that the run from the car to the motel soaked us to the bone and again, the room was freezing. I took my spot on a chair, curled up to hug myself and try to stay warm. I didn’t have any long sleeved clothes or a jacket, which meant just bearing through it.

    “Do they have laundry here?” Carlos asked, digging through clothes.

    “Yeah, I saw a gift shop too. I’ll stop by there before grabbing food,” Leon nodded. “Go ahead and take a shower.” I looked up from staring at a random point on the wall, trying to mentally block out the cold.

    “What?” I said, keeping my iron grip around myself.

    “Go take a shower to warm up,” Leon sighed. That feeling of him putting up with a child came back again, but then again he kinda was.

    “Ah, okay,” I nodded. I didn’t even have socks on, just my yoga pants and shirt that felt suctioned to my body. My boots were again set aside to dry, but at least the warm water would feel good. “Do I have a shower buddy again?” I asked, prepared to give Carlos a show again.

    “Yeah, I’ll be in there,” Leon said. “Might hop in there too. I hate being in wet clothes.”

    “Don’t you fucking dare get in that shower with me, you long limbed nightmare,” I said, looking at him wide eyed.

    “Okay, A. I was kidding and B. that’s really fucking rude,” Leon said, glaring at me. If I insulted them, then it wouldn’t be so awkward. I could deal with being seen naked if it’s not sexual or I’m not attracted to them. It’s easy. You just shut off the part of someone in the same room as you being naked. I’ve done it before with locker rooms, I could do it again with them. But the fact that I find them attractive, not to mention made out with one of them, puts it into a weird gray area of something I wasn’t sure about. They had kidnapped me, but were now protecting me from a hit team.

    They didn’t seem like the stereotypical bad guys. They weren’t good people, but they weren’t the television bad guys that look Jacked and scarred up. The two men looked like they could be my neighbor or coffee store love interest. While their actions were jarring and frightening at times, they themselves weren’t scary. So when things were acting normal, like the poker game or watching TV I almost forgot they had kidnapped me and we weren’t friends on some road trip. It was a messed up thing, but my head was pretty messed up right then.

    “Sorry,” I said, standing up only to make a face. “I really need to get dry clothes on, I don’t like feeling like I’m sitting in a wet diaper. Sitting down was almost tolerable, but standing up now. . . It’s just not good.”

    “Come on,” Leon said. His own boots and coat were shrugged off before he moved to grab towels for us. Carlos stripped his shirt then sat on a towel on the bed to watch TV. I went right to the bathroom with him, letting him shut the door behind us. I struggled a bit, but managed my yoga pants off as Leon took his place where Carlos had been before. Just sitting on the toilet with his phone out. It was my shirt that was giving me problems.

    I had turned away and got it above my chest when it felt like it was vacuumed sealed in place. I huffed softly, struggled more, but had to concede and ask for help.

    “Uh, Leon,” I said, still facing away. “I need some help. The shirt’s stuck.”

    “If we hadn’t grabbed you, I know for sure those guys would have had a cake walk,” Leon said with a sigh as he stood up.

    “Yeah, I know. I’m a defenseless damsel in distress. Now come save me from my own shirt,” I said.

    “Hold still,” he said. “You’re all tangled up and struggling isn’t helping.” I could hear him huff and sigh as he managed to peel the shirt slowly from me. “There, you’re free,” he said, tossing the sopping wet shirt onto the sink.

    “Thanks,” I said, turning around to give him a pursed smile and small nod. Leon’s eyes locked with mine then quickly went south.

    “No, thank you,” he said with a snort. My entire body went hot as I slapped my hands over my breasts.

    “Oh god, just shut up and turn around so I can finish getting undressed,” I hissed. Leon chuckled, but did turn around. Glaring at his back, I fought my underwear down and off before getting in the tub. I turned the shower head to the side before I turned it on to let it warm up. Then I turned it back and let out an audible groan at the wonderful hot water turning my freezing body into relaxed mush.

    “I’m really glad that I took shower duty now,” Leon said. “Is this what happened with Carlos?”

    “No!” I snapped, sticking my head out from behind the curtain. “He played on his phone the whole time.”

    “Figures,” Leon said with a nod. I went back to showering, relaxing again. A minute or two passed before I heard Leon humming. It was soft, but I could make out the melody. It sounded like some older song, maybe country. I swore I knew what it was, but couldn’t put my fingers on it.

    “-just ‘cross the border and into the city,” he sang softly. It made me pause as he just kept going before stopping.

    “Keep going,” I said. “You have a good voice.”

    “You should be showering,” Leon said, not answering my request.

    “You should be too,” I said, firing off my mouth without thinking.

    “I should be?” He asked. I couldn’t see him, but I knew he had a smirk on his face.

    “Get in here,” I said with a sigh, closing my eyes and trying not to feel stupid about this.

    “You sure?”

    I had to pause a moment at that. Was I sure? Hell if I know, but he asked it in the first place. The thought of seducing them came back to mind, but did I really want to get rid of them when they were probably the only ones to keep me safe, at least for the time being? That bad guy thing came back to me and once again took away from the stereotype. Maybe it was Stockholm Syndrome or maybe I was just lonely and touched starved into desperation for a connection even with my kidnappers, but. . .

    “Yeah, I’m sure,” I said, nodding even if he couldn’t see it. Standing there and facing the faucet as I scooted forward so much I was almost past the stream of water, I listened as my previously calm nerves spiked at the sound of his clothes being taken off. What was I doing, what was I doing, what was I doing!? A burst of cool air brought me out of the sudden panic. I heard him step up behind me, so close I could feel the hair on his chest touching me.

    “Hand me the shampoo,” he said softly. I leaned over without question or hesitation to hand him the shampoo. I figured he’d wash himself and then we’d trade to rinse off. No. Leon poured the shampoo onto my head and began to wash my hair. In my head, awkward shower sharing would happen, but this was a whole new level. It was very relaxing and I didn’t think about it when I leaned my head back with my eyes closed to help with keeping the soap out of my eyes. I was very guilty of having soft hums and sighs come out of me, but really, it was a very sweet gesture and despite the situation, despite our previous interactions, it endeared me to him. “Keep your eyes closed,” he said before guiding me under the spray of water to rinse.

    Letting the water wash the soap away, I pressed myself back against him. While it was probably a bad move, I knew it was going to take things in a very different direction. Leon wrapped his arms around my shoulders loosely to hug me close, letting the water run down the rest of his body. Leon was taller than me, the shower head only came to his forehead which meant the top of my head hit just under his chin and his hips were right at the top of my ass. It was a little bit of an awkward position, but it felt nice overall. Up until this point I had initiated everything, which was good. I felt more in control and less trapped. Which made it easy for me to pull away enough to turn around to face Leon.

    I looked up at him, his hair slicked back and his face relaxed as he regarded me. I reached up to place my hand gently on the side of his neck as my other rested on his side. Leon closed his eyes, taking a moment to enjoy the touch before wrapping his arms around my middle as he leaned down. His lips and mine met in a soft, tentative kiss. We were feeling each other out and the longer the shower ran then more I felt myself let my guard down. Our hands began to slide around, touching and exploring each other.

    The kissing deepened, our tongues testing the waters slowly as his hands found my ass to cup and squeeze as I splayed a hand on his back and groped his ass with my other. The steam filled room seemed to enclose us in our own world, letting us get lost in each other for a brief moment. I could have stayed there for so long, but it had to end. Carlos was in the other room and the water would run cold eventually. But I wasn’t the one to break the spell.

    Leon slowly withdrew to nuzzle me and press his forehead to mine. “We should get back out there,” he said softly before stealing another small kiss.

    “Yeah,” I said, catching my breath. I didn’t pull away though. I stayed close to keep touching him as I stole another kiss.

    “You are going to be so much trouble, Short Stuff,” Leon said with a sigh.

    “You’re one to talk,” I said. He reached behind me to turn off the water, effectively breaking us from our dreamland. I stepped out then he followed before Leon grabbed the towels and handed me one. It didn’t take but a few minutes before we walked out in our towels to find Carlos snoring on the bed. He was still sitting on his towel but laid back on the bed from his sitting position with the TV on a late afternoon sitcom rerun.

    “Guess someone got bored,” Leon said, rolling his eyes. I giggled softly as he moved to the bags to grab clothes. I moved to turn down the TV a bit from it’s previous dull roar only to be hit in the face with clothes. “Heads up,” Leon said with a smirk.

    “Ass,” I said with a huff. He was already halfway dressed in pants when there was a knock on the door. Carlos shot up as Leon and I froze. Leon put his fingers to his lips and motioned for Carlos to go to me. I clutched my towel for lack of anything else to hold onto as fear shot through me. Hit men didn’t knock did they?

    “Just a sec!” Leon called as the person knocked again. He moved quickly to the nightstand, pulling it open to grab both guns. He tossed one easily to Carlos before moving to the door. Carlos ushered me into the bathroom where we turned off the light and pulled the door to, but didn’t shut it completely.

    “Here, stay down low and behind me,” Carlos said, helping me to the floor and under the exposed sink. I didn’t say a word as I tried to keep from shaking. Fear from the past began to push forward, but I did my best to keep myself from freaking out entirely. Slow, deep breaths from my nose and out my mouth as I focused on the feel of the cool tile under me helped me be able to block most of the situation out. I could hear Leon talking to someone at the door, but I couldn’t tell what about. A few minutes of keeping myself calm and centered as much as I could in that situation, the bathroom light flicked on. My eyes shot from where they’d been staring at the void in the dark, which turned out to be the toilet, to Leon and Carlos who stood above me.

    “Who was it?” I asked softly, feeling my breathing quicken again.

    “It was just the manager, offering a free dinner because no one can go anywhere in the storm,” Leon said softly. “You guys can come out now.” Both men looked shaken as they stared at me. Had they been as scared that it was the hit men as I had? “Get some clothes on. I’ll get dinner in a bit,” Leon said before walking away. There were so many emotions going through me and part of me wanted to run after him to feel protected and consoled, but the other part of me yelled about how he was doing this as a job. This wasn’t some fantasy novel where I’d fall in love with two men and we’d live out a polyamouros fairy tale. This was real life and I’d been kidnapped by these two men as this was their jobs. Carlos said the job was easy despite the hit team. Which meant that at the end of this little road trip they’d be handing me off to some stranger for whatever reason.

    “Come on,” Carlos said gently. His touch on my arm pulled me from my thoughts as he helped me up, but he too provided no comforting hug or words. Instead, he just walked out with me. “I’m gonna get a shower.” He handed Leon his gun before heading to the bathroom.

    “Kay,” Leon said with a nod as he put the guns away. I picked up the clothes that had been playfully tossed at me not five minutes before. There was no thinking as I dropped the towel to dress quickly, privacy was a silly dream anymore. A pair of jeans and another large band tee with some camouflage boy briefs were pulled on. I stayed quiet, letting the TV fill the silence between me and Leon. There was no reason for me to be upset. I was cargo for them. A means to an end for money. That was it.

    Leon pulled on his shirt as I crawled onto the bed to sit at the headboard, my designated spot that I could be in without being bound, to watch TV because it was the easiest thing to do without having to talk or interact with the others. It seemed Leon was content with that option as he kept his distance from me as well. What was I supposed to do with these feelings? Why did I have them? I get kidnapped then latch onto my captors?

    It had been easy to get lost in that with how they acted. Cool and relaxed and familiar with each other and me. How did my guard get let down so quickly in one day? I was an idiot. That seemed to be the only answer. The stereotype of being book smart but not street smart was proving to be true. I really was a fool. The only good thing was that I was reminded of the situation and my place. Romance was not an option in any form, not even friendship. I’d just have to build up that wall to keep the slip up from happening again.

    “Have you checked the weather?” Carlos asked as he came out in a towel from the bathroom. I hadn’t even realized how much time had passed. It was dark outside with no signs of the rain stopping completely. It had slowed down to a drizzle at least, but still rained.

    “I’ve been waiting for the news to come on,” Leon said from the small table where he was doing one of the puzzles.

    “Alright,” Carlos said before suddenly dropping the towel.

    “What the hell!?” I cried as I stared at him, unable to look away. It was a shock to my sad system and I didn’t know what else to do other than just stare and make note that Carlos did not have a damn tan line on his body.

    “Come on, man!” Leon cried, throwing the puzzle box at his friend. “What’s your deal!?”

    “Nothin’,” Carlos said with a grin before moving to grab his underwear. I swore I wasn’t going to compare the two men, but. . . Leon was. . . Well he had more girth and Carlos was longer.

    “I’m going to go get dinner,” Leon said, huffing as he shoved his feet into his boots before walking out. Carlos locked up behind him before he pulled on the rest of his clothes. I turned back to the TV, ready to just finish out this kidnapping without talking much. Could I even try to get help from anyone? They kept me on such a short leash that no one probably even knew I was here in the room, let alone anything about me missing. What was I going to do even if I got away? My old job had a hit out on me and I didn’t know if the FBI even got the harddrives. Even if, a very big if, I came out okay, what was I going to do with my life? No one would hire me again, I’d have to either go back to school or even just get some minimum wage job because no one in their right mind would hire a whistleblower.

    What if I had to go to court and be a witness? God, why did I have to do the right thing? I just wanted to go back to my life before, even if it was bleak with no real friends or connections, at least then I wouldn’t be in a no name motel in Nevada with a hit team after me and being held captive by two men who were driving me crazy.

    “Hey’,” Carlos said, putting a hand on my shoulder. “What’s wrong?”

    Really? He was going to ask what was wrong?

    “Where do I begin?” I snapped, turning to glare at him. “I’ve been kidnapped and am being taken who the hell knows where, I have a hit team after me for exposing company secrets, said secrets may or may not be in the FBI’s hands, they may be in a random sewer for all I know, I have very confusing feelings, I’m tired, I want to go home, and I just want my old life back! That’s what’s wrong!” Tears began to run down my face as I pushed his hand away. “Just leave me alone! I’m just another job, you don’t need to be checking on my feelings!” They weren’t my friends. They weren’t my boyfriends. They were barely acquaintances, so there was no reason for them to be nice and checking on me. “Just leave me alone,” I said softer as I wiped my face. “You kidnapped me, you shouldn’t be asking how I’m feeling.”

    “Why do you say that?” Carlos asked, taking a seat on the bed.

    “Because nothing is going to happen other than you two dragging me across the country to drop me off somewhere and leave,” I said as tears began to pour. “I’m not special or even necessary for anything other than the job. I could be tied up in the tub and it’d be the same thing as me sitting out here because it ends the same. So, stop trying to be my friend, because all it’ll do is just mess with my head more and I’d rather hate you two than think maybe there was a connection of any scale. Which is a stupid thought because it’s been one day and I am not some desperate damsel in distress ready to like someone who pays me the slightest attention.”

    Carlos was quiet for a moment before he sighed. “I have a confession to make,” he said. “I was planning on squelching on the deal.”

    “What?” I asked, sniffing as I wiped my face again.

    “I was gonna convince Leon to squelch on the deal so we could help you get the files to the right people,” Carlos said as he stood to grab the tissues from the side table. He handed them to me, which I took slowly as I looked at him. “Look, what we do is very subjective. Leon won’t fess up to it, but a lot of things we do aren’t that bad.”

    “You said you kill people then deliver them,” I said.

    “No, we said we deliver dead people. So. . . If someone needs a body smuggled for reasons, we don’t ask too many questions,” Carlos said. “We also don’t regularly kidnap people. Usually we fetch people who have skipped bail and the like. We don’t break the law unless we have to or if it’s not killing someone. We’ll steal a giant hockey trophy from a billionaire's estate sale, but we try not to kill people unless necessary.”

    “I feel like there’s a story there, but I don’t have the capacity to deal with it right now,” I said with a sigh before I blew my nose into a tissue.

    “Another story for another time,” Carlos said with a smile. “I wasn’t going to let you get killed or hurt. You could save a lot more people than anyone else I know and that’s a bit bigger than taking you to some guy in New York state for who knows why. Leon would agree, but he’s hard headed, so ignore him for now.” This couldn’t be that easy. It felt like it was pandering to what I wanted to hear.

    “Why should I believe you and you’re not going to just tell me this to get me to go along with it then dump me in New York?” I asked, looking down to start folding a tissue, letting my nervous fingers pinch and roll the soft paper.

    “You really can’t, I get it,” Carlos said with a shrug. “But, we won’t take you past the Cabin. We’ll keep you safe there till we can figure out how to make sure your files get into the FBI’s hands.” I stayed quiet, trying to wrap my head around this. A small part of me believes him, but the majority said it was just to placate me. I might survive, but there were not a lot of options for much else in my life.

    “Whatever you say,” I said. “There’s not a lot I can do about any of this, so. . . Okay.”

    “Okay what? ‘Okay you believe me and will pep up a bit as we work together to stop an evil corporation’ or ‘Okay just leave me alone to sulk because Leon hurt my feelings after we screwed around in the shower?’” Carlos asked.

    “We did not screw around in the shower!” I cried, swatting Carlos’s arm. He just laughed and let me hit him. “We. . . May have kissed and touched each other’s butt, but there was no diddling.”

    “Well then, that’s a turn of events. I thought with how long you were taking, you two were definitely getting busy,” Carlos smirked. I swatted him again, but he just laughed and took it. “So, what do you have to lose by not giving up on life yet?”

    “What do you mean?” I asked, halting my assault on him.

    “You looked like you were in the execution chair not ten minutes ago,” Carlos said. “You had to be thinking of something bad for that look to come over ya.”

    “Well, I was sad and upset,” I admitted. “The situation I’m in doesn’t end well no matter how you look at it.”

    “That’s true,” Carlos nodded. “We don’t look too closely at our jobs a lot. We just do what we need to do and go. Your’s is the first job we’ve had where there was more at stake than just a paycheck.”

    “Yeah? I’m sure in your time you’ve kidnapped plenty of girls who have given the doe-eyed look,” I said with a snort.

    “Not really,” Carlos said with a wince. “That may have been more talk to scare you into behaving. We don’t really kidnap people. We retrieve them. They’re mostly kids taken by fighting parents or people with bounties on their head. No real kidnapping involved.”

    “Okay, so you’re telling me you don’t do this usually, but somehow managed to pull it off nearly flawlessly this time?” I asked. Something wasn’t adding up. He made it sound like they were just guys for hire for mostly legal things. That’s a big step from kidnapping.

    “I never said we didn’t do things like this before we were partners,” Carlos said with a wink.

    “Wait, what does that mean!?” I cried, moving to my knees when he stood up. “You can’t just leave it like that and expect me not to question if you were a serial killer or not!”

    “Well when we get to the Cabin and you’re alone with us there and nothing else to do, then maybe you can harass Leon into telling that part,” Carlos said as he pushed me back to sitting. “Mean time, have you come out of your sadness castle enough to not sulk?”

    “I don’t even know what that means,” I said, rolling my eyes.

    “It means, I wanna be friends with you and help you so don’t shut us out,” Carlos said softly, kneeling next to me to tuck a piece of hair behind my ear. “We’re unlikely friends, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends at all.” I looked at him, seeing and feeling what he said was genuine. What’s more was that I wanted to believe him. I wanted the three of us to come out on top, but that tiny nagging part that was saying it was a lie wouldn’t let go. “Okay, you don’t have to believe me or trust me, but we’ll show you.”

    “Show me what?” I asked, watching him as he leaned in closer.

    “That we’re not going to leave you,” he said before gently kissing me. I wanted to pull away and shove him off the bed, but the touches were so sweet and gentle that I had to challenge that voice in my head. If it was a lie, so what? It all ended badly for me and if I believe it’s a lie the whole time, when they deliver me to whoever paid them to kidnap me it won’t hurt. It was a messed up way to think, but then again, the whole situation was messed up. In the end, I didn’t want to live in my dark castle alone. Even for a little while, I wanted this.

    I let out a soft sigh as I wrapped my arms around his neck to pull him closer. Carlos moved easily, shifting up to lay on the bed with him on top of me, straddling my hip as he kept kissing. The soft touches turned into grabbing, needy hands as I moaned into the kiss. Our lips parted to let our tongues slip against each other to taste one another. My hands slid from where I had wrapped my arms around his neck, down his chest and belly to go under his shirt. He and Leon were pretty different in the body hair area and body build. Leon was lean with muscle, but not ripped like some action star though and I loved it. Carlos was built more like a tank with dark hair smattering over his chest to trail down his toned belly. A few moments of feeling him up was all it took for him to pull back to take off his shirt.

    “You’re turn,” Carlos said as he helped me pull my shirt off. His lips immediately went to my breasts, kissing and nipping at them before latching onto a nipple.

    “Oh fuck,” I gasped as he swirled his tongue around it as I ran my hands up and down his back. His hands held him up as he rubbed his scruff over my skin to leave it burning and marked. I was lost in the small amount of work that was being done. Then again, I hadn’t had someone this talented with their tongue ever. Carlos kissed my skin as he moved to my other nipple, sucking and biting it as well. How the hell was this turning me on so quickly and easily!?

    “You like that, Sweetheart?” Carlos asked, coming back up to press a kiss to my gasping lips.

    “Yes, don’t stop,” I said, panting softly against his lips. Adjusting himself, Carlos moved to one side as he kept kissing me. He reached down and easily unbuttoned my jeans so he could reach in. I gasped loudly as I felt his hand curl around my groin. He didn’t even go past my underwear, barely touching me and I was already going to cream myself.

    “Easy, easy baby,” Carlos said as he stilled his hand as he moved to kiss along my jaw. “Don’t cum just yet. I wanna make this last. Just relax and let take care of you.” It wasn’t like I could argue with that. His hand pulled from pants to peel them down my body then repeated that with my underwear, leaving me bare before him. I felt myself get slick from just his gaze on me. That wasn’t exactly fair.

    “So you get to see me, but I don’t get to see you?” I asked, sitting up. He raised a brow at me, a smirk spreading on his lips as I unbuttoned his pants. Carlos did help in getting them off, changing his position to allow me to slide them off his legs and hips to expose his growing cock.

    “Now you see me, baby, what do you think?” Carlos asked as I crawled back over to him, straddling his hips.

    “I like it, a lot,” I smirked as I leaned down to kiss him hard. I held myself off his body to keep from grinding on him, but that didn’t last as his hands grabbed my hips and pulled me to him. I moaned into his lips as he began to slide me along his cock, using my slick to lube him up. My hips easily caught up, taking a mind of their own to hurry the pace as we clutched each other. I was getting close, whimpering and panting as I felt that coil inside my belly tighten. But then Carlos pulled me off him to let the cool air hit us and I couldn’t help the almost pained cry that came out of me when he did.

    “I said easy, this isn’t over yet,” Carlos said, panting hard. I nodded, groaning as he helped me lay on my back before he nestled himself between my legs. I swallowed hard as he moved to lift my legs over his shoulders, letting him get up close and personal with my wet mound. Without hesitation, he began to slowly lick up my slit to open me up more. A string of expletives left my mouth as he did that and kept doing that. My nerves were so sensitive and tender around my clit that anything could be looked at and I’d feel pleasure.

    “That’s it, let Sir take care of you,” he said before he pressed his lips to me and hummed. My hands were immediately in his hair as he began to blow on my hot skin. The entire series of actions were driving me wild and I prayed he didn’t stop again. Blubbering words left my mouth as he kept going, thrusting his tongue into me before circling my clit with the tip of it.

    “Fuck! Carlos!” I cried out, shaking as I felt my climax come close again. “I’m going to cum!” Before I could though, there was a knock at the door. It was loud and sudden, making Carlos jerk away from me, but the familiar grunt told us it was Leon.

    “Coming!” Carlos called, smirking at me as he got up. He grabbed a towel then threw it at me before wrapping one around his waist. I scrambled to put the towel over me as Carlos didn’t pause to check I did. He let Leon in, who was holding a large pizza box and several shopping bags. What else had he bought?

    “Wanna tell me what’s going on?” Leon asked, looking between me and Carlos. Was he going to be mad that me and Carlos were messing around? Would he be jealous? I wasn’t sure, but my face told him pretty quickly that I was worried. “You can’t just ask to have some time? You gotta be an ass and just try to fit it when I leave and you don’t know when I’ll be back?”

    “Well I hadn’t actually intended to go this direction. Mostly cuddling and napping, but it is what it is,” Carlos said with a shrug.

    “Wait, you’re not. . . Mad?” I asked Leon as Carlos locked the door.

    “Yes, but not at the fact of you two having sex. It’s more a courtesy thing because I’m guessing he hasn’t let you cum yet?” Leon asked as he took off his coat and boots.

    “Um, no, I haven’t yet,” I said, feeling my face heat up more than when Carlos’s scruff was scraping my skin.

    “We were getting there!” Carlos baulked. “I was taking my time and we were having fun. I don’t know the last time she’s had sex or been properly fucked.” They both paused then turned to look at me as I sat with the towel wrapped around me.

    “Uh, maybe 4 or 5 years ago, I think” I said, trying not to think too much about it.

    “See! She needs to have a big one to really appreciate it,” Carlos said. “If she just has small ones then it’ll be a let down, but the ladies like the teasing and the big ones,” he said with a grin.

    “That’s not the point, don’t be rude and forget to tell me next time,” Leon said, flicking Carlos in the ear. “Now are you going to help her finish or should I?”

    “Wait, what?” I said, looking at them.

    “Do you want me to finish you or for Leon to?” Carlos asked as he moved to sit on the bed next to me. Leon followed suit, sitting on my other side.

    “I, uh, oh fuck,” I said as Carlos reached out to rub my leg closest to him. What the fuck what I doing? This was going beyond my realm of thought. To have these two men offering to make me cum while one was planning to help me tell the FBI and the other was planning to finish the job? Leon’s hand quickly brought me out of my flustered haze, making me look at him.“Both, but take turns?” I asked.

    “Alright, that sounds good to me,” Carlos nodded.

    “Same here. It’s not the first time Carlos and I have shared someone,” Leon said, looking from me to Carlos as his hand slid further up to touch the edge of the towel that was dangerously close to my aching heat.

    “While we’re here and getting to know each other better,” Carlos said as he rubbed the inside of my thigh as he looked at Leon. “Earlier when you saw Mac under the sink, scared and shaking, you left immediately instead of comforting her. Do you think you should have checked on her?” Leon was quiet for a moment as Carlos and I looked at him.

    “Yeah. I should have,” Leon said. “I’m sorry I didn’t and just left.”

    “Thanks” I said, giving him a soft smile as I reached over to get his arm a squeeze.

    “Also Leon,” Carlos said. “We’re not taking her to the contact. We’re going to make sure she’s safe and we’re gonna save the world.” Leon just groaned and covered his face.

    “We need new jobs. If you get soft on me again and we end up adopting a rare salamander we have to steal, I’m kicking your ass,” Leon said, pointing at Carlos as the other man grinned.

    “Carlos’s not soft, in fact he’s quite hard,” I said, under my breath.

    “You do not enable his treachery, MacKenzie Jean,” Leon said with a huff.

    “Jean? That’s not my middle name,” I said with a snort.

    “Well it is now,” Leon grunted. “I am sorry I left you like that. Especially after our moment in the shower. It wasn’t right.”

    “You’re forgiven,” I said, moving to my knees as I let the towel drop. I took his face in my hands to turn him to me before I leaned in to kiss him. It was much like the slow, curious kiss we first shared in the shower. His hands slowly raised to rest on my waist, pulling me close to straddle his clothed thigh.

    “Oh, you are trouble, Short Stuff,” Leon said with a smirk. “You want to watch right now?” He asked Carlos, looking at the other as he rubbed my sides.

    “Go right ahead. I wanna watch,” Carlos said as he got up from the bed to pull a chair over to sit in. He draped a towel dramatically over the seat before sitting as Leon and I watched. Leon groaned in irritation as I just giggled. “Proceed,” he said, waving a hand.

    “How did I get stuck with him?” Leon grumbled as Carlos sat there grinning like a fool.


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  • polarisbibliotheque
    24.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Random Resident Evil Carlos Oliveira Headcanon

    (even if you aren't a RE fan, I strongly suggest listening to this song and reading the lyrics, because it's one of the most beautiful things on earth, that's it)

    So, I have accepted in my heart Carlos Oliveira is Brazilian (I've mentioned that in another post on my main blog) and he's just 100% the kind of guy who'd LOVE a band called Skank.

    He'd just take his car for a three hour long drive to the beach on a lazy, golden saturday morning, aviator sunglasses on, wind playing with his hair and this song going on the radio while roughly singing:

    (I translated the lyrics for you down below, 'cause he'd be the type to know it by heart and love it for the meaning)

    Answer, by Skank
    A lot more than the time that we lost It also stayed behind what got us together I still remember what I was reading Only to know what you thought Of the verses I did And I'm still waiting for an answer
    Un-do the wind What is inside Of this place that no one else has stepped in You're seeing what is going on In this notebook I know there's still...
    Your verses so mine, that I ask In my verses so yours that wait for you to accept them At peace I say that I am the old one of that who goes ahead No further, I stay where I am I rather keep distant
    A lot more than the time that we lost It also stayed behind what got us together I still remember what I was reading Only to know what you thought Of your verses
    So mine, that I ask In my verses so yours that await for you to accept them At peace I say that I am the old one of that who goes ahead No further, I stay where I am I rather keep distant (x2)
    Un-do the wind what is inside Of this place that no one else has stepped in You're seeing what is going on In this notebook I know there's still...
    Your verses so mine, that I ask In my verses so yours that await for you to accept them At peace I say that I am the old one of that who goes ahead No further, I stay where I am I rather keep distant (repeat 'til end)
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    Bustin' makes me feel good!

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  • darling-i-read-it
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    #Chris Redfield x reader #Ethan winters x reader #Leon Kennedy x reader #Albert Wesker x reader #carlos oliveira x reader #Karl Heisenberg x reader #resident evil imagines
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    23.09.2021 - 3 days ago
    #carlos oliveira #resident evil 3 remake #yes please
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    Drawing dump from Instagram 👹

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    23.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    i just wanna steal fictional men’s gender is that too much to ask for

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  • rondanchan
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    hi carlos

    #carlos oliveira #resident evil 3 remake #resident evil 3 #resident evil#re3 remake
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    RE Crack Drabble 46B

    Y/N: Chris! *runs into his office to look gor him, but he's not there* Chris! *runs to his room and he's not there* Chris! *runs outside and he's not there*

    Nikolai: What are you shouting for? *looks at Y/N as he leans on his window frame*

    Y/N: *looks up at him from the backyard* I'm looking for Chris so I can find out what the hell a pumpin is!

    Nikolai: A pumpin? The fuck is a pumpin?

    Y/N: I don't know! *shrugs*

    Jill: Why are you two yelling? *walks behind the house to give them a look*

    Y/N: *looks to Jill* What's a pumpin?

    Jill: Do you mean a pumpkin?

    Y/N: Yeah, that's what I said.

    Nikolai: Oh, pumpkin. They are a gourd that comes in different shapes and sizes and colors.

    Y/N: . . . What's a gourd?

    Jill: A plant that grows on a vine. Why?

    Y/N: Because they have them for sale at the grocery store and I want one, but Leon said to wait and ask Chris and Claire to take me to a pumpin patch but I didn't know what a pumpin was still.

    Claire: What about a pumpkin patch? *walks around the house to find Jill*

    Y/N: Claire, can we go to a pumpkin patch?

    Claire: Of course! They open up in another couple of weeks so we can make a trip of it!

    Y/N: A couple of weeks? *whines* But I don't wanna wait.

    Nikolai: Remember what I taught you about patience, Kroshka.

    Y/N: That if I'm good and wait and ask nicely then you'll let me orgasm?

    Nikolai: Most of that. But the pumpkin will be the orgasm.

    Carlos: *follows the voices and walks in on the last part* What the fuck?

    Master List of Drabbles

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    I made this silly but hot edit of my fav resident evil boys and I just wanted to share it with you <3



    #submission#lovingdino#resident evil #resident evil edit #chris Redfield#carlos oliveira #leon s kennedy #karl heisenberg #this is beautiful 🥰 #you have fed the simps….. #confession#thirstpost
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    Carlos Oliveira x Lazy!Reader

    1.) He likes to be lazy with you. Like he will lounge around with you for like a week while watching movies, playing video games, and other things.

    2.) When there is stuff to do though he will make you do them. He will also make sure you eat, shower, just take care of yourself in general.

    3.) Laziness is also quality time with Carlos, he will make the best out of it. He always will cuddle you and be lazy.

    4.) He can be super lazy too, so it's a plus in your side. When he has to go to work though, and you don't want him to leave he will feel so bad.

    5.) Lazy Carlos is the best Carlos. He gets to be the snuggliest person on Earth. He will whine if you move. Like he will legit whine like a puppy dog.

    ~Thanks For Reading~

    #gaming#resident evil#carlos oliveira#carlos re3 #carlos x lazy!reader #carlos oliveira headcanons #re3#re3 remake #re3 carlos oliveira #re3 headcanons #re3 remake headcanons
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    i’ve decided to actually make my tumblr useful and to actually like put out a list of people i’ll write for and yeah. i will not write smut. all y/n, reader, [name], etc. will be gender neutral unless stated otherwise by the ask

    i’ll write (platonic or romantic) for:

    leon kennedy

    chris redfield

    ethan winters

    karl heisenberg

    carlos oliveira

    billy coen

    albert wesker

    the 10th, 11th, and 13th Doctor

    Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

    Spencer Reid

    Rick Flag

    Most MCYTers

    no smut, no incest or “non-con”, nothing like that. fluff and angst are more my style. i will delete requests that make me uncomfortable, such as requests that are more pointed towards “helpless females getting saved”, and “wattpad y/n” because of my dysphoria so i’m very sorry. but please send in requests!

    #doctor who x reader #heisenberg imagine #the doctor x reader #albert wesker #wesker x reader #albert wesker imagine #ethan winters #ethan winters x reader #chris redfield imagine #leon kennedy imagine #carlos oliveira imagine #johnny the homicidal maniac #johnny the homicidal maniac x reader #spencer reid #spencer reid imagine #rick flag imagine #mcyt x reader #georgenotfound x reader #dream x reader #sapnap imagine#lovers-demolition
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    can people start writing more carlos oliveira x male reader fics or am i gonna have to do it myself

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    Resident Evil Sexuality Headcanons (Leon, Chris, Carlos, Karl)

    Leon Kennedy - Now I know what you’re thinking. This guy, with all his flirting towards the ladies, has gotta be straight, right? Well, surprise! He’s actually bisexual! (And yes, this includes our lovely trans brothers, sisters, and enby siblings.) Growing up when he did, Leon’s not entirely sure how to properly flirt with anyone outside of the expected cis-woman category, but as he gets older through the series, he starts finding it easier to calm his nerves and ask those fellas and nonbinary peeps out. 

    Chris Redfield - Hardcore demisexual/demiromantic. Chris doesn’t have a preference regarding his partner’s gender, but he needs to build a sense of trust and bond with the person before he develops any feelings or attraction. Don’t be fooled though because once that connection is formed, Chris can get quite the sexual appetite. (Cuddling is still his go-to though. He’s a tired man in need of a long rest, preferably with his arms around you and your head on his chest.)

    Carlos Oliveira - I’ve seen this headcanon around a fair amount and I couldn’t be more thrilled... Carlos, our sweetheart with muscles of steel, is pansexual. He’s always been open-minded and thus never had a problem with his identity. As more resources are available, he actually keeps up with trans health research and queer safe sex options to ensure he can take the best care of his partner, whoever that may be. 

    Karl Heisenberg - Karl’s not a man that cares for labels. After being controlled by Miranda for so long, he doesn’t like being shoved into a box. On the other hand though, he also hates when people assume he’s straight. He’s happy to fuck anyone and while he doesn’t admit it easily, all he wants in a relationship is a friend, someone that’ll stay by his side through thick and thin. To solve this, Karl simply says he’s queer. It’s quick, gets the point across, and doesn’t require him to dig into nitty gritty details. 

    #leon kennedy #leon s kennedy #chris redfield#carlos oliveira#karl heisenberg #resident evil x reader #pride headcanons #were you at all surprised? #the day i headcanon a character as straight is the day i die
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