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  • axolotl-mynameoutloud
    21.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Are we sure its Carlos house/ condo/ apartment?

    I'm thinking about putting my money on the Strand House being on fire. Hear me out:

    1. Yes, he's shirtless, but he could be shirtless in the Strand House in TKs room.

    2. Stairs, yes, but there are stairs in the Strand House (at least according to pictures/ concept somethings...I think?)

    3. We've got pictures/ stills(?) from the episode with Owen in a hoodie. And yes, maybe he heard that his son in law was in danger (and possibly TK too) and went to look/ help. But the stills looked more like "in the middle of action" instead of after and I'd hope that the priorities are put the fire out first and then we can call and wait for the in-law to arrive. Idk Owen with a hoodie on scene has more "I was already there or about to be there" vibes.

    4. There's a synopsis with "blablabla new roommate Mateo and Owen" or smth? Lets not talk about the uncomfortable vibes here. Why would Owen need a roommate? His house burned down and he doesn't want to be in his son's love nest. Thats why. The Strands look for a new home and TK is like: "Nah, I'm going to room with the love of my life. Thx for the invite." aka Tarlos move in in EP02x12? (Also he's drunk and in need of an intervention? Probably because his Big Great Love moved away pregnant with someone else's baby, he has this hero-not-deserving-life thing going on (PTSD?), his son is mooving out without him and his fucking house burned down.)

    5. I dont want Carlos house to burn down :(

    6. Have I already mentioned that I could be -and probably am- wrong and clowning myself?

    #911 Lone Star #911Ls#Tarlos#TK Strand#Carlos Reyes#Owen Strand #Mateo and Owen rooming together makes me uncomfortable from the Boss and Probie perspective
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  • bristrandd
    21.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    carlos, icing tk’s head: how would you rate your pain, ty?

    tk: i’d give it no stars. it hurts like a bitch, and it’s inconvenient.

    #911 lone star #incorrect 911 lone star #carlos reyes#tk strand#tarlos #it’s late at night && i thought it was funny #bc im hilarious 😻
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  • the-wardrobeintocamelot
    21.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    911 LS - Saving Grace - Liveblogging Pt. III

    Judd feels so guilty. No. Sweetheart. He always blames himself. Sweet baby.

    And Tommy yelling at Judd to not give up on Gracie.

    "There's a very fine line between romantic and creepy." Bahaha, truer words have never been spoken.

    TK and a pink hoodie. I feel like this is gonna be the new yellow hoodie.

    TK trying to be positive for his big brother. GYAH.

    Marjan's eyes are watering and UGH I CAN'T WHENEVER JUDD CRIES. He just can't handle being loved.

    These group hugs hurt so good. Mateo is like squished in the middle. TK getting prime shoulder territory and Carlos getting in on it too.

    (Carlos lookin' fiiiiine AF as per usual. Jesus).

    Oh shit. Of course it was a drunk driver. FOX NOBODY ASKED FOR THESE PARALLELS.

    Judd is going to kill someone and everyone here knows it. FUCKKKKK.

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  • howtosingit
    21.04.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #I really do love it #I mean let's be real - I put a lot of rafa into my carlos when I write him in fics #because it's impossible not to #he's just an incredibly appealing person #rafael silva#carlos reyes #I bet there's one writer who doesn't spend a lot of time with rafa on set though 🤨 #should be interesting to see how 2x11 is written and how much carlos we actually get in it #Anonymous#asks
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  • unadulteratedflowergarden
    21.04.2021 - 8 hours ago

    wait, wait, wait, just one second! when Judd found out that Graces dad was cheating on her mom and then they had dinner with Tommy and Charles and then Grace got up and left and Judd, Charles, and Tommy were left talking and he said something about how her dad “never thought Judd was good enough for his baby girl” and Tommy was like “cause you aren’t” and Judd was like “yeah I know” and looked all sad. After watching the episode from last night once again, he probably still hates himself for looking her straight in the eye and lying to her, lying straight to her face and her looking so hurt after. he probably never forgave himself for that and is gonna spend the rest of his life trying to prove how much he loves her. trying to make up for that one moment. and now I’m gonna go cry again 🥲

    #9 1 1 lone star #9 1 1 ls #grace ryder#judd ryder#saving grace#tk strand#carlos reyes#mateo chavez#paul strickland#marjan marwani#9-1-1 2x09 #9-1-1 saving grace #9-1-1 lone star saving grace
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  • bristrandd
    21.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    unpopular opinion???? but i don’t want an engagement for tk && carlos. at least not yet.

    i want to see all those slow moments, and for them to go through all that fun relationship stuff before they get engaged.

    like meeting with the parents, date nights, mornings in bed, out together with the crew, them meeting up at work. those type of things

    are we going to get this? probably not but what’s life w out a little faith?

    i also want to mention how tk was so antsy about not wanting to rush the relationship so it would really contradict the whole alex story && his insecurities

    #911 lone star #911 ls s2 #carlos reyes#tk strand#tarlos #just me?? #hope not #n e ways im scared bc theyre not in slow burns stills 😃😃
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  • alwaysablossom
    21.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Dedicated to @alilypea, who wrote this amazing fic called “Flowers” and then put this idea in my head about the boys covered in flowers. Covered in flowers didn’t work my love, so I sat them beneath cherry blossom tree and gave them flower crowns instead! Hope you like it!!

    Also Dedicated to @aliceschuyler, who when I first posted had a lot of kind words for me and mentioned about the cuddle in Displaced! I hope you like this, even though I displaced them from the couch! 

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  • tempest07
    21.04.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #911 lone star #911 lone star season 2 #tarlos #grace and judd #grace and judd ryder #Carlos Reyes#tk strand
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  • schlep76
    21.04.2021 - 10 hours ago

    👨‍❤️‍👨 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒 𝒾𝓈 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒 ❤️

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  • alexmanesroswellnm
    21.04.2021 - 10 hours ago

    he is just so beautiful

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  • djdangerlove
    20.04.2021 - 11 hours ago

    If the bar from the flashbacks in 2x09 is the same bar from the pilot....the Ryders shared their first dance at the same place Tarlos did.

    For science, somebody reblog this and do the thing with the side by side gifs.

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  • tarloss
    20.04.2021 - 12 hours ago

    When Carlos was talking to that other officer in the hospital and TK looked over at them, I really thought it was Carlos’ ex or something and TK was being jealous 😂

    #911 lone star #ratlos#tk strand#carlos reyes #911 lone star spoilers
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  • midnightstar66
    20.04.2021 - 13 hours ago


    Wow that was one hell of a mid season premiere for 911 Lone Star. I loved it! This show just keeps getting better and better! I'm so impressed with the skills, writing, directing, and emotions that come out of every episode. These actors are so fantastic through bringing these beloved characters to life.

    I LOVE GRACE AND JUDD💙💜 The Ryders are the sweetest thing to exist on 911 Lone Star.

    I love that we got to see the beginning of how they met and their relationship, it was not at all what I was expecting, but I thought it was sweet. Beautiful couple who deserve the world.

    Really love that we got to see more of Tommy and Charles' connection to the Ryders and how they are. Those are some of my favorite scenes because it does a great job of writing Captain Vega into the show. They all work so well off each other. Really enjoyed the flashbacks and finding out about the Vega twins as well as the scene in the hospital when Charles told Grace and Judd they were the godparents❤

    The flashbacks with Judd, his friend and the mom were so heartbreaking, but I liked the background to Judd's character and how Grace supported him through it.

    Okay I like the actor William Allan Young (Grace's dad/Benjamin) and seeing him and Rob in the same room both preventing Judd from doing something stupid, was great. It made me miss Code Black so much, both were once on that show. That being said Grace's dad was annoying and I'm so happy she followed her own heart and did what she wanted to become a 911 dispatcher.

    Judd has so many people who care about him and Grace, they really are a family. That hug was precious.

    Gah this show is amazing. I love this show so much! ❤❤

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  • marjansmarwani
    20.04.2021 - 14 hours ago

    hold me steady

    1.2k || ao3

    When his co-workers share the news that the drunk driver responsible for the accident is in the hospital, Carlos knows that Judd hears too. So he keeps an eye on him, follows when he wanders away, and catches him before he falls. 
    A 2x09 Coda (that really didn’t need one but a little more Carlos never hurts)


    Carlos Reyes wasn’t a stupid man, and he wasn’t blind either. 

    He saw the look that had come over Judd’s face at the news that a drunk driver — the drunk driver — was in the hospital as well, with minor injuries to boot. He appreciated being in the know but he couldn’t help but wish that his co-workers had had more discretion, that they hadn’t dropped that bomb in the middle of the waiting room; outside the room where Grace Ryder lay in critical condition.  

    But what was done was done and Judd knew now, so Carlos kept an eye on him. On a typical day, Judd Ryder was a reasonable and stable force. Judd Ryder facing the possibility of losing his wife was another person entirely. He had once joked that Grace was 99% of his impulse control, but Carlos had a feeling that was more true than anyone wanted to let on. 

    So when Judd slipped from the edges of the 126 crowd in the middle of the waiting room, Carlos followed. 

    He watched as Judd let himself into another hospital room, coming up and hovering outside the door. At first, it seemed that he was just talking, so Carlos almost let him be. There was nothing he could say to this man that he didn’t deserve and Carlos wasn’t about to be the one to tell him otherwise.

    But then Judd’s hands were on the other man and Carlos cursed and rushed inside, reaching out to pull Judd away. 

    “Leave him be Judd,” he called out as he approached, reaching out a firm hand to grab the firefighter’s arm, “he’s not worth it.” 

    He was caught momentarily by surprise when Judd lashed out, turning away from the man in the bed and striking out at Carlos, but only for a moment. In the next moment his instincts took over and he reached out and caught the fist flying towards him. He pushed it down and gave Judd an unimpressed look, “Maybe if you weren’t about to fall over this would be a fair fight. What the hell do you think you’re doing, Judd?”

    “This sonofabitch needs to pay for what he did to Grace,” Judd spat out. “He’s nothing but a waste of space and she…”

    He trailed off with a harsh sob and Carlos felt whatever anger he was feeling towards the older man fade. He stepped forward, putting himself between Judd and the figure in the bed and placed a hand on Judd’s arm, cautiously this time. 

    “She’s not dead Judd,” he reminded him gently. “But you would be if she knew what you were doing. Do you really think this is what she would want?” 

    “Yeah well, thanks to this lowlife we might never know what she would want.” 

    Carlos raised an eyebrow, “Are you really counting your wife out so quick? She’s tougher than that and you know it. Besides,” he continued when Judd showed no signs of swaying, “wouldn’t she be the first to say that it’s not up to us to decide who deserves a second chance? And that the best thing we can do is forgive?” 

    There was silence, for a moment. The panicked breathing of the man in the bed and the beeps of the machines surrounding him were the only sounds as Judd processed his words. Carlos was studying him, hand still tight on his arm as he tried to think of anything else he could say; any other argument that would make Judd see sense and prevent him from having to arrest his friend for aggravated assault. He was saved the trouble by Judd wilting, folding in on himself as the tears came again. 

    “I don’t want to forgive him,” he confided. “I just want my wife back.”  

    Carlos swallowed and squeezed his arm, unsure what else to say. He had felt that pain before, when he had almost lost TK. Back then they had just been starting, just starting to fall in love but the fear and grief of possibly losing him had still almost toppled Carlos. He couldn’t even imagine being in Judd’s shoes; facing the possibility of losing the person you loved the most after so many years. 

    “Hurting him is not going to make that happen any faster Judd,” he told him eventually. “All that is going to do is bring you more trouble that you don’t need right now. Let the law handle him; I’ll make sure that he doesn’t get away with anything. I promise, okay?” 

    Judd nodded and Carlos heaved a sigh, releasing his grip on Judd’s arm. He was about to suggest they head back when the door swung open and a frantic looking Owen and Mr. Williams rushed in. They froze, taking in the scene before them, eyes landing on Carlos standing between Judd and the man in the bed. 

    “Grace is awake son,” Mr. Williams said after a moment, “and she’s asking for you.” 

    Judd nodded and swiped a hand across his face. Carlos offered him a small smile and a light shove in the direction of the door, “Don’t keep her waiting, Judd,” he instructed, getting a razor-thin smile in return. Then, with another deep breath and a glance over Carlos’s shoulder to the man still laying panicked in the bed, Judd was gone. 

    Mr. Williams followed immediately, but Owen paused. 

    “Thank you, Carlos,” he said quietly. “If you hadn’t been here…” 

    “Of course,” Carlos replied, cutting off Owen’s implication. “He’s family, right? Anything for them.” 

    The smile Owen gave him was warm and wide, before he too spared a glance at the man in the bed and left with a scowl on his face. 

    Carlos was about to follow when a voice stopped him. 

    “Thank you,” the man said, voice wavering. “If you hadn’t been here, I think he might have killed me.” 

    Carlos froze, turning on his heel to face the man.

    “Make no mistake,” he told him coldly, “I meant what I told my friend. I will do my best to make sure that you are punished to the full extent of the law. You may have gotten lucky this time because nobody died, but I do not intend to leave any room for there to be a next time. I don’t necessarily disagree with his approach, but I don’t want to see him go down with you. I didn’t do this for you — I did it for him.” 

    With that he turned, striding out of the room and back to the gathered group in the waiting room. He plastered a smile on his face as he entered their fold, sliding into his seat beside TK without a word. The others carried on as usual, but TK shot him a curious look.

    “Judd needed to let off some steam,” he said with a shrug, “but he’s okay.” 

    TK nodded and gave him a smile, reaching out to take his hand in his own. Carlos squeezed it, winding their fingers together as he let the familiar sounds and presence of this family wash over him. And when Judd reappeared twenty minutes later, beaming through the tears to share the good news, he spared a glance for Carlos as they separated from the group hug. There was a silent thank you in his eyes and all Carlos could do was smile. 

    He had meant what he said to Owen, after all. This was his family and he would do whatever he needed to do for each and every one of them, no matter what. 

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  • unadulteratedflowergarden
    20.04.2021 - 14 hours ago

    okay so, last nights lone star episode: I am speechless. it was incredibly, best episode so far. but there is one thing, when they do begins episodes for everyone else, I need them to kinda do it just a tad different. this episode focused on Judd and grace and how they became first responders together. which their story and how that molded together was beautiful. but for tarlos for instance, I need a whole one episode of just Carlos begins so we can see him come out to his family, why he decided to become a police officer, how he first dealt with being a cop etc., I need a whole one episode of TK begins, so we can see how his parents not really being there really was, how or why he started using, when he decided that he wanted to follow his dads footprints and be a firefighter. AND THEN, after we get those two episodes we need a whole episode of tarlos begins, where it circles around their wedding day and we get flashbacks of small moments, like their first I love you, talking to other people about the other, cuddling just little moments where they realized that they couldn’t live without the other. because while grace and Judd episode was great I would have loved to learn more about their life before they met each other and growing up and their families just things like that. but overall it was an amazing episode that I plan to watch for the thousandth time tonight

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  • lovethephantoms
    20.04.2021 - 16 hours ago
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  • trkstrnd
    20.04.2021 - 16 hours ago


    source: @ronenrubinstein on twitter

    #ronen really out here feeding us content #rafael silva #i’m in love #carlos reyes#sweet boy #are they on set??? #if they are carlos is SAFE right #911 lone star #tarlos
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  • lonestar126
    20.04.2021 - 16 hours ago

    so now i’m wondering how people started to theorize that TK had something to do with it

    in the promo you literally see Owen telling TK that it was arson which implies that TK had no idea what caused the fire other than knowing it happened

    #i need people to stop giving me heart attacks #911 lone star #tk strand#carlos reyes#rafael silva#ronen rubinstein#tarlos#officer reyes #911 on fox #911 ls
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  • carlosreyxs
    20.04.2021 - 17 hours ago

    carlos reyes in 2x09

    #he has no right looking this good #like hello sir?? #let us breathe #carlos reyes #911 lone star
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