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    SOO YEON How To Love

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    it’s gna be cheaper to sew my own bench cushions but my god the effort

    #* #i need basking tape and none of the craft stores near me carry it #she whined
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    #carrie on my wayward son #same
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    i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)

    moodboard is just for vibes, not what reader looks like!

    12. Sun

    Pairing: Guard!Bucky x Princess!reader

    WC: 3.6k

    Sneak Peek: Don't you dare tell me how to love.

    Warnings/Tags: none that I can think of

    series masterlist ☁ / ao3

    AN: I hope you all enjoy this chapter, I had a really hard time finding my groove while writing it but I am really happy with how it turned out <3

    please let me know if you would like to be added to my taglist!

    Chapter 11 / Chapter 13

    You step into the en-suite bathroom with Winnifred and are greeted by the sight of dozens of wedding dresses. Though you don’t want to marry Loki, you can’t help but feel a little excited by the prospect of trying on the dresses. Winnifred unzipped the first one, and you step into it. After a few minutes of gawking at the incredible designs, you notice the faint green shimmer that it gives off. There are flecks of gold in the beading, and your stomach tightens. Winnifred had mentioned that Loki selected the dresses. You should’ve been expecting that he would have added bits of himself to them. You step out into the main room and see Bucky shifting uncomfortably in his chair. When his eyes fall on you, all bets are off. He devours you with his gaze, and you feel like you’re about to melt.

    “What do you think?” You ask, giving him a little spin. Bucky runs a gloved hand over his jaw and sighs, allowing his eyes to roam over your body. The dress fits well, and you feel good in it, but you wish you were trying it on under different circumstances.

    “You look beautiful, Princess,” Bucky says, completely enraptured by your appearance. Winnie steps out from the other room and fiddles with your skirt, but you can tell she loves the dress by the tears welling in her eyes. You repeat this process dozens of times with each dress, but every time you put on a new gown, you feel exhaustion creeping its way into your head. You’re tired of trying on dresses you haven’t chosen for yourself, tired of planning a wedding to a man you don’t love, tired of parading yourself around in front of the only person you want to be with but can’t have. Bucky had told you last night that he would handle the plan, and you have faith in him, but as the day goes by, minutes tick on, you’re starting to worry that it won’t work.

    After trying on ten more dresses, you’re begging Winnie to end it. You can’t decide which one you like best, they all look the same to you. Part of you feels terrible, Loki had picked them out just for you, but at the same time, you don’t love Loki. You don’t particularly care about his feelings. It’s more of a formality right now.

    Winnie steps out of the en-suite, leaving you to stew in your thoughts for a few moments when Bucky walks in. You’re slumped over in a chair in the corner of the room, a fluffy robe wrapped tightly around yourself. He can see how tired you are, so he pulls you into a hug once he closes the door.

    “Winnie says you’re in the homestretch, Y/N. You can do it,” he whispers against your hair. His breath is warm and comforting; his smell envelops you, and you melt into his embrace. At times, it feels like with just a look, Bucky can turn you into a pile of goo, and honestly, that doesn’t sound too bad right now.

    “Piles of goo don’t have to get married,” you mumble into his chest, earning you a laugh. He shifts you in his arms so he’s sitting in the chair and you’re positioned on his lap.

    “A pile of goo? Is that what you are right now?” He asks, teasing you. He nudges his nose against your jaw, and you nuzzle him right back. Simple touches like these are hard to come by with him, so you treasure the moment. You never want to leave this little room, never want to leave his embrace.

    You take a few deep breaths to try and calm yourself, you’re nearly done with the whole ordeal, and when it’s over, you can go to your library and disappear in a book. “It’s how I feel,” you groan. “Did you talk to Sam and Steven?” You can feel Bucky tense up a bit at your question, but you need to know. It’s been eating at you.

    “I talked to them. They’ll be letting me know soon.” You nod against his chest and pull away. He still stays close as you scrutinize your appearance in the mirror. “You really do look beautiful, Y/N,” he adds quietly. “Whichever dress you choose.” Bucky steps out, and Winnie comes back in to help you into your final dresses.

    In the end, you decide to go with one of the plainer dresses. It has a full skirt and a beautiful bodice with a corset back. The corset is laced with a silky green ribbon that you’re sure will match Loki’s green accent perfectly. You like the dress, but you’re hoping you’ll never have to wear it.

    You stand in your bathroom doing your hair before bed when you hear a knock on your door. You check to make sure your robe is appropriately protecting your modesty before checking who it is. When you pull open the door, Bucky is on the other side. He rubs his jaw nervously, and your stomach sinks. It’s bad enough he’s at your door this late, but the look he gives you isn’t good.

    “Bucky, what’s going on?” You ask in a hushed tone. You’re not sure who may be around to listen. He takes a step toward you, and you let him in your room. Bucky paces for a moment, and you just watch. Clearly, he needs time to think about what he’s going to say. It doesn’t help your nerves.

    “Sam and Steven are ready to meet,” he eventually says. Your heart stops beating in your chest. Depending on how this meeting goes, your situation might be helped. But if it doesn’t go your way, you have no other options. You’ll have to marry Loki.

    “Okay, right now?” You glance down at your robe as Bucky nods. You figure you have time to change, so you slip on a sweater and some sleep pants before slipping out of your room with Bucky. He doesn’t hold your hand; instead, he places one on the small of your back and guides you toward your library. The contact grounds you, but you suspect Bucky isn’t doing it for you. Maybe, he needs to touch you just as much as you need to touch him. Maybe it’s a comfort for him as well.

    Bucky knocks on the door in a pattern you recognize that he uses with other guards, and the door opens just a sliver. He gives you a look as if to say, here goes nothing, then pushes it open. Sam stands behind the door, and you spot Steven looking through a stack of books near the couch. When you enter, they both stand at attention and stare at you. You quickly realize that your clothes are inappropriate for meeting with two princes, but you can’t find it within yourself to care. Desperate times means you don’t have to worry about a dress code.

    “Good evening, Princess,” Sam and Steven say nearly in unison. They shoot each other funny looks and laugh a little, but it dies quickly when Bucky draws everyone’s attention back to the present.

    “You said you have news,” he says directly to Sam. Bucky’s jaw tenses, and you slip your fingers between his in an attempt to comfort him. He glances down at you, and you can see his eyes filled with something sad yet hopeful. He still has faith that everything will work out.

    “Yes,” Sam says, glancing down to where your hand joins Bucky’s. “My father has agreed to the merger.” You feel like all the air has been sucked from your lungs as your eyes shoot to Sam. His eyes have that familiar twinkle in them, and before you can stop yourself, you tug your hand from Bucky’s and wrap Sam in a hug. He embraces you, pulling you up off the ground for a moment, and squeezes you tight.

    “Thank you, Sam. Thank you so so much,” you say into his neck. He runs a comforting hand along your back and sets you back down.

    “Of course, Princess. Anything for you.” He gives you that perfect smile, and Steven walks up, clapping Sam on the back.

    “My father said he is also willing to help in whatever way we can.” You reach out and hug Steven, who welcomes the embrace. You’ll always be grateful for their help; you’re not sure how you’ll ever repay them. When you pull away, you find your way back to Bucky and tuck yourself into his side. When you look up at him and see that beautiful smile he so rarely gives out, your heart fills with hope. “We want you to be happy, Princess.”

    “Perfect,” Bucky says, gazing down at you. You can hear his heartbeat pick up in his chest. He’s just as hopeful as you are. “We will tell the King first thing tomorrow morning.” Sam and Steven promise to check in after your talk with the King, then make their way back to their residences. You stay wrapped around Bucky, unable to believe that it is all working out. After a long moment, he picks you up and carries you over to the couch, placing you gently on his lap.

    “Thank you, Bucky,” you say into his neck. Your fingers gently pull his hair from the bun, allowing it to fall on his shoulders. You think he should wear his hair down more often. It looks beautiful. He sighs as you run your fingers through the slight curls, scratching his scalp delicately to relieve tension.

    “There’s no need to thank me, Princess. I couldn’t let you marry Loki. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.” You continue to massage his scalp, and Bucky allows his head to lull, giving you the full weight.

    “Even if I had married him, I think we would’ve found our way back to each other at some point,” you reply quietly. Your fingers work around to the back of his neck, and you feel goosebumps erupt on his skin.

    “He wouldn’t have allowed that.” His words sound final. He doesn’t want to argue about Loki right now. You decide not to push it and continue massaging his head. Part of you wonders, though, if Bucky has other reasons for disliking Loki. You like how protective Bucky is of you, and you’re not going to deny that you quite enjoy his possessive nature, but there’s always been something different about Loki. All of the suitors seemed to dislike him, but you’ve never heard of any concrete reason why. It couldn’t be because they were all threatened by the raven-haired prince. Everyone had an equal chance with you from the beginning. You tell yourself that later, once everything is settled, you’ll ask Bucky about it. But until then, you are content with the little bubble of happiness you’re in and the man who sits beside you.

    The following morning, you put on one of your favorite dresses and go through your routine, trying to keep yourself calm and collected. You go through your talking points in the mirror and remind yourself to keep your head high, not to cry, and to remember what this is all for. It’s for your future, for your future with Bucky. It’ll all be worth it in the end; he’ll understand.

    You make your way to your father’s office but find that he isn’t there. You ask the guards at the palace entrance if they have seen the King, and they quickly tell you where he is. You find him near the pond, sitting alone watching the water. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen him here. He tends to stay cooped up in his office. Bucky keeps his distance as you approach your father, but it’s comforting to know he is nearby.

    At the sound of your footsteps, the King turns his head and smiles gently at you. He makes a motion for you to sit beside him, so you do, gazing out at the water. From where you sit, you can see your reflection beside your father’s. You’re the perfect picture of a monarch and his daughter, it’s everything a King could ask for, and you know deep down that you’re about to ruin it all.

    “Father, I wanted to talk to you about my wedding,” you say calmly. You don’t want him to immediately expect what you’re going to say. Though your father has never been one to yell at you, he is quick to anger with others. You don’t want to be on the receiving end.

    “Yes, of course, my dear. Pre-wedding jitters are quite common. Even your mother and I had them.” He places a hand on your face and tucks some of your hair behind your ear. The gesture nearly brings you to tears.

    “It’s not that, I--” The words catch in your throat when you see the love in your father’s eyes. He doesn’t know how much the idea of marrying Loki hurts you. He doesn’t understand how painful the entire courting process was.

    “You don’t love him,” the King says, filling in the words you were unable to speak. He nods and looks back at the water. It ripples as the wind blows over the surface. “Love isn’t always instant, Y/N. It needs time to grow; you need to give it time to bloom. Loki is a good man. He seems to care deeply for you. I am sure that as you spend more time together, you will grow to love him.”

    “I can’t love him,” you say, staring at your reflection in the pond. “I can’t.” The King turns back to you, and you feel his eyes searching your face for what you’re going to say next.

    “You haven’t given him much of a chance, dear. You--”

    “I am already in love,” you interrupt, not wanting to hear more of your father’s words. His eyes go wide as he tries to figure out who you could possibly already be in love with. At your words, Bucky steps into your view, and the secret is out. The King notices Bucky’s presence and puts the pieces together. He quickly stands and walks over to Bucky, clearly fuming about the situation.

    “You’ve been consorting with my daughter?” He asks loudly, causing you to flinch. Bucky takes it, not letting his emotions get to him, though his jaw ticks, and you know he’s frustrated.

    “Sir, I understand why you would be upset, but I love your daughter. It’s not how you think it is.” Your father huffs and laughs in disbelief, turning back to you. Under his gaze, you stand and walk over to him. You stand in front of Bucky as if protecting him from your father.

    “I love him, and I can’t marry Loki knowing that my heart belongs to someone else.” The King opens his mouth to speak again, but you don’t allow it. “We have a way to still merge Astrines with another country so that my marriage to Loki will no longer be necessary.” Your father looks between you and Bucky but doesn’t speak.

    “It’s true, Your Grace. Samuel Wilson of Tobrax and his father have agreed to merge their land with Astrines with no marriage.” The King takes a few steps back and stares in bewilderment at you. He shakes his head, and you can see his usually bright eyes darken at your defiance.

    “This is not up for discussion. This has never been a debate or something you get to just disregard on a whim. It is your duty to marry a prince, it always has been, and it always will. You will marry Loki and join Astrines with Johtunheim as you have agreed to, and that is final.” Your heart threatens to crack at his words, but Bucky places a comforting hand on your back, and it takes everything in you not to fall to the ground.

    “You don’t understand,” you say, stepping toward the King, “I have it all figured out, Samuel is such a nice man, and he’s doing this because he cares about me.” All he does is stare at you. The disappointment seeps from his eyes and his presence, and you feel frustration rise in you. “Father, please, just listen,” you beg as your father shakes his head. He thinks he knows, but he doesn’t understand anything. He couldn’t possibly understand.

    “No one ever does these things for nothing in return. The world doesn’t work that way, Y/N. And you want to risk this all for what? You don’t even know if you want to marry James. I can’t just let you throw all of this away.” Your pulse thunders in your ears almost so loudly that you can barely hear your father.

    “Sir, I love your daughter. Even if she decides she doesn’t want to marry me, the Princess will be free to marry whomever she chooses. She won’t be forced into an arrangement she doesn’t want, and Astrines will still prosper.” Bucky moves to stand beside you again, pressing his arm to yours in solidarity.

    “You know mother wouldn’t have wanted this! She loved you. She would’ve wanted the same for me!” You’ve never yelled at your father, and clearly, he hadn’t expected you to raise your voice.

    “Your mother always wanted what was best for you, Y/N. And right now, that is my decision. She would’ve wanted you to save this country. Without you doing your duty, we have nothing. We will fall, and everything your mother and I worked for will be gone. Is that what you want?” Your chest tightens, and you feel like you’re about to cry, but you won’t allow yourself to do that. Not now, not when your father thinks that he’s won before you’ve even had a chance to fight.

    “I didn’t choose this! I haven’t had any say in any part of my life ever. I didn’t want any of it to happen this way, but I am trying to find a solution, don’t you see that? Mother taught me how to think for myself, and she always told me to fight for what I believe in. That’s what I’m doing now.” At the thought of your mother, you feel a renewed strength. She had always told you how strong you are, and now you know it. Now you see it. It’s all because of her.

    “Why didn’t you say something before? You had plenty of time to voice these concerns. We could have talked about it. You only want out because you’ve fallen in love with someone you can’t have. Are you sure that isn’t why you want to call it all off? How do you know you truly love this man? You barely know him?” Bucky takes a step forward to intervene, but your hand shoots out, stopping him. This is your battle.

    “What was I supposed to say to you? You would’ve called me selfish and done what you’re doing now. You would’ve had me do it anyways. And don’t you dare tell me how to feel. You fell in love with mom the second you saw her. You told her after a week of knowing her that you loved her. Don’t you dare tell me how to love.” A branch cracks in the distance and Bucky flinches. You try not to focus on it but rather on the face your father makes as he processes your words. He knows it is hypocritical to say that you don’t love Bucky. You have him caught. You can practically see your father’s defenses falling. His shoulders drop, and the tension in his face fades. Now all you see is sadness in his expression.

    “I don’t know what I’m doing without your mother, Y/N.” You take a step toward your father and take his hand in yours. You know what he’s going through, how lost you’ve felt since the death of your mother. Nothing feels right anymore, even years after she died. Instead of telling him verbally, you pull your father into a hug and show him just how much you understand. He hugs you back, embracing you tightly, and for just a moment, everything feels okay.

    There are no clouds today. The sun shines brightly in the sky. You feel warm from your father’s embrace but also from the sun, and though you haven’t really come to an understanding with your father, you have new hope.

    “Please don’t make me marry Loki, Father. I’ll show you that I can do all of this with Sam. I won’t let you down. I promise.”

    “What will the King and prince say when you tell them you won’t marry Loki,” the King asks as he pulls away. That’s the part you aren’t so sure about. “Surely, they will not be willing to support this new agreement with Tobrax. Are you sure you’re willing to have Jotunheim as an adversary?”

    “Whatever the consequences, I am ready to face them. Samuel and I will make a great team, and we have the support of Eflos as well. I will tell the princes as soon as possible.” Your father nods and after a few long moments of silence, walks back to the palace. You’re surprised at his willingness to leave you and Bucky alone, but you don’t say anything. Bucky takes your hand in his and kisses your knuckles lightly.

    “You’re incredible, Princess,” he says against your skin. You just hum in response, perfectly content with the silence. Bucky pulls you closer and wraps his arms around your waist. Together you sway to the sound of the wind in the trees, rustling the leaves. Birds chirp in the distance creating a beautiful melody.

    It’s perfect.

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    I love kids so much

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    Okay, I guess I’m just very much an anomaly here, but wow Discord is my least favorite platform to use. I only ever use it when I’m a part of zines/big bangs, but WOOOW it makes me so anxious and like I’m not keeping up with chat updates because I go to work for 8-9 hours and then there’s suddenly a BILLION things I need to check back on. (That and like, recently I feel like I’m just talking too much/annoying the ever living fuck out of the author I got paired with.) I can’t wait for this last fandom project on my plate to be over, which sucks because I am genuinely so, SO jazzed about the piece I’m working on for this fic. But honestly, my general feelings of anxiety about using discord make this hard to keep the excitement going. Idk man, I’m not good at this shit😑

    #I miss forums and group chats #idk they just have a different feel to them to me I guess #also I hate always being the one to carry a conversation jfc #rant
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    While watching SATC I noticed Carrie is always explaining herself to someone who didn’t ask. One notable one was with Nina Katz and then with Burgers friends after he broke up with her in a post it note. Why would a woman in her 30s need to explain herself to people who she’s not even friend with 😭

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    oh my god the bts of zenit players with dogs is just pure gold 

    #my personal favs serdar kissing a puppy like 10 times #and barrios carrying one of the youths pretending he's a puppy
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    I really miss Carrie Fisher

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    yo does anyone know what baz’s actual football uniform number is…. asking for science <3

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    love it when my mom reacts to me being emotional about a show or book reacts with "mhm" and a emotionless/bored expression just to change the subject to something else. thanks for validating my interest and passions mom, really:)

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    Carry On Countdown Day 13 - Cooking/Baking

    "Our ancestors cast in choirs."

    I bought this music note cookie cutter the other day, and what better way to break it in than to make something Wayward Son related!

    The icing is still blue because I ran out of food coloring. Oops. But blue is my favorite color, so I'm not complaining.

    I play viola, so everything is in alto clef. 😅

    #one of the stems broke on a half note so i had to do some emergency surgery on a spare eighth note #also i'm pretty sure i missed a couple sharps in the key signature #oops but oh well #carry on countdown #coc 2021#carry on#wayward son#baz pitch#amazing grace
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    "The Matrix: Resurrections" Trailer 2

    “The Matrix: Resurrections” Trailer 2

    Barely a week after the release of the second teaser, Warner Brothers has dropped a bigger dive into the movie and the story is beginning to take shape. I think it’s interesting to note that in the picture above, a few of the faded echoes bursting from Carrie Anne Moss are actually someone else. Dive in here: From the projected original movie existing in-universe to the faint recreation of…

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