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    Flynn: This is my girlfriend, Julie, and her boyfriend, Luke, and his boyfriend, Reggie, and their boyfriend, Alex, and his boyfriend, Willie and-

    Carrie: Alright, pack it up, Fleetwood Mac. I don’t have all day

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    Since When Are Latin People Scared of Heat?

    “What’s this?” Rose asked in amusement. “Since when are you afraid of heat, mija?”

    “Since the sun decided it wants to kill me,” Julie groaned.

    Read it here. Tag list under the cut - ask to be added or removed.

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    i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)

    moodboard is just for vibes, not what reader looks like!

    3. Stars

    Pairing: Guard!Bucky x Princess!Reader

    WC: 3.7k

    Sneak Peek: “The way he says your name makes your heart beat faster. You want him to keep saying it, chanting it like it is the only word he knows.”

    Warnings/Tags: none that I can think of

    series masterlist ☁ / ao3

    AN: for some reason i really enjoyed writing this one so i hope you all love it!! thank you for all the love on the previous chapters <3

    please let me know if you would like to be added to my taglist!

    Chapter 2 / Chapter 4

    You and James spend most of your time in the library. Since Steven and Samuel are the only two suitors to have arrived, you only spend part of your day with them. James is easy to be around, you find, and he is always willing to read the books you recommend. On a particularly rainy day, you and James sit in the library blanketed in a pleasant silence. It is only until you are interrupted by a knock on the door that you realize how long it has been.

    “Darling, I have someone here for you to meet,” your father says from the other side of the door. James quickly stands, helping you up from the couch, and you smooth out your skirt. You open the door once James is situated and smile at your father.

    “Yes, father?” You reply gently. The king steps aside to reveal the newest suitor. Before he speaks, your suitor drinks in your presence, and you feel your stomach drop as his eyes rake over your figure. The man is tall, with sun-kissed olive skin reflecting his time spent outside. He wears a black suit with a black dress shirt that fits him perfectly.

    “Sir, your daughter is absolutely breathtaking,” the man says as he approaches you. He reaches down to your side and holds your hand in two of his, his skin like fire against yours. “My name is Brock Rumlow,” he says, bringing your hand to his lips. Brock’s gaze flickers back to the man behind you and a grin creeps onto his face. “I’m the prince of Tedral.” Your heart sinks and you hear James’s breath catch. “It is an absolute honor to meet you, princess.”

    You try to slip your fingers from Brock’s grasp, but his grip is tight and unrelenting. You turn back to look at James, but his expression is unreadable. He has gone pale, fists clenching at his sides. “You look familiar,” Brock says to James, cocking his head slightly. “Where do I know you from?” James takes a step toward you, looking for a way out of the situation.

    “My name is James Barnes,” he replies tersely. “You don’t know me well.” Brock raises a surprised eyebrow, clearly amused by James’s response.

    “No, I think I know you quite well, James. You said your last name is Barnes. You wouldn’t happen to be George Barnes’s son, would you? That father-son duo really did a number to my father’s troops.” From the corner of your eye, you can see James stiffen at his words. “But we nipped that in the bud, I’m sure you remember.” Brock smirks and you want nothing more than to smack it right off his smug face, but you know you can’t. James shakes his head and gathers himself before speaking.

    “If you will excuse me, the king and I have business to attend to.” James nods to your father and the two men walk down the hall. As he walks away, he turns to look back at you. You swear you see fear in his eyes. Brock scoffs a bit and pulls your arm to bring your attention back to him.

    “That was dramatic,” he says under his breath. “Now, Y/N, why don’t you and I get to know each other better?” The way your name slips from his tongue makes your skin crawl. You can’t say no, though, so Brock escorts you out of the library and into a small study across the hall. It used to be your sister’s study. She would spend hours in it writing her beautiful stories. It hasn't been used since she left.

    “So, Brock,” you say, breaking the tense silence that has fallen over the room. He shakes his head at your words.

    “Please, call me Rumlow.” You nod and gaze out the window, more clouds were coming in, and it looks like the rain will pick up.

    “How was the trip here? I wasn’t expecting you here so soon.” Rumlow chuckles to himself and looks at you, eyes drinking you in.

    “It was as pleasant as one could expect. I was hoping to arrive before the other princes, but I see I’ve been beaten,” Rumlow replies somewhat snarkily. “I guess I’ll just have to try extra hard to win you over.” Given Tedral’s history with its bordering countries, you wonder why your father invited him to court you. It would be a smart move from a military standpoint, but Astrines is very civil and has good relations with most countries; your country rarely is involved with war.

    “That’s very kind,” you say, not sure how to respond to his statement. “What do you like to do in your free time?” It’s hard to get a read on Rumlow, he keeps his guard up, but he looks pretty comfortable in every situation. He’s overly confident.

    “Well, I serve in my father’s military, so I enjoy training and learning from him about his strategies.” His response doesn't give you much to go on, so you nod and continue watching the clouds roll in. Rumlow doesn’t ask you about yourself, seemingly not interested in learning about you despite it being his idea to talk.

    “Have you had the chance to tour your residence?” You question, trying to start a conversation with the man at least.

    “No, I came to find you straight away. I believe, though, that my father is expecting me to meet him there soon.” With that, Rumlow stands and bows to you, heading out to find his father. For a man who is supposed to be competing for your hand, he doesn't seem to care much about you. You make your way back into the library and find your book. As the rain begins to pound on the windows, you get comfortable on the sofa and lose yourself to the story.

    You are thankful to find that none of the suitors will be joining you and your father for dinner that night. You would only be seeing them during the day when you wished up until the ball. After that, there is a more planned schedule, though no one felt it necessary to tell you what that meant for you. Before going to eat, you make your way up to your room to change out of the dress you’d been wearing all day. You change into a pair of flowing pants and a plain shirt, opting to go barefoot to dinner. When you push the doors to the dining room open, you find only one place setting. It seems your father has more pressing matters to attend to. You serve yourself and take the time alone to start your new book; though it isn’t really new, you’ve read it many times before. It is a collection of poems by E.E. Cummings, your favorite poet. Your father would surely scold you if he found your reading at the dinner table, but you don’t particularly care. The quiet pattering of raindrops on stone is the perfect sound to read to, and you allow the beautiful words of E.E. Cummings to put you in a trance.

    “Princess?” The voice startles you, and you place a hand over your chest to calm your racing heart. You turn and see James standing in the entryway.

    “You scared me,” you say, laughing a bit. James smiles and walks over to you, peeking over your shoulder at your book.

    “My apologies, princess. I had been trying to get your attention for a little, and you seemed so focused.” You shake your head and gesture for James to take a seat at the table. He obliges and relaxes into the chair.

    “And for what do I owe the pleasure?” You ask, pulling your legs up into your chest, another thing your father would usually scold you for.

    “I think your father and I finished up the security plans for the ball,” he replies, tucking a loose strand of hair behind his ear. “And he mentioned that all the suitors were at their residences for the night, so I figured it would be a good time to apologize for the way I acted earlier today.” You quirk an eyebrow at James, not sure what he’s referencing.

    “I’m sure you’ve done nothing that needs apologizing for, James,” you say reassuringly.

    “The way I spoke to Rumlow was uncalled for, and I acted unprofessionally. I shouldn’t be projecting my feelings like that.” James fiddles with his gloves, and you reach out, placing a hand over his.

    “My father told you to apologize, didn’t he?” James opens his mouth to speak, but you shake your head. “I have never been fond of Tedral, but I am coming into courting with an open mind. I am so sorry you had to go through that, James. I wish there were something I could do for you.” James looks down at your hand on his, and you pull it away, worrying you went too far.

    “I appreciate you saying that, princess.” For a few moments, you sit in silence, listening to the storm, but you can tell that there is more he wants to say. “What are you reading?” He asks, looking at the cover of your book.

    “It’s a collection of poems,” you reply, handing him the book. “E.E. Cummings is my favorite poet, and today I felt him calling.” James thumbs through a few pages, his eyes bright as he scans the words.

    “Would you read one to me?” He asks, handing it back to you. As you grasp the book, your fingers brush his, and you blush even though he is wearing his gloves.

    “Okay,” you say softly. “Do you have one in mind?” James shakes his head.

    “Whatever you pick is perfect.” You nod and scan through the book, not looking for any poem in particular. You come across one of your favorites and figure that James may like it.

    “This one is called [somewhere i have never traveled, gladly beyond],” you begin, looking back up at James. He smiles and gets comfortable, signaling for you to read.

    “Somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond
    any experience,your eyes have their silence:
    in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me,
    or which i cannot touch because they are too near
    your slightest look easily will unclose me
    though i have closed myself as fingers,
    you open always petal by petal myself as Spring opens
    (touching skilfully,mysteriously)her first rose
    or if your wish be to close me,i and
    my life will shut very beautifully,suddenly,
    as when the heart of this flower imagines
    the snow carefully everywhere descending;
    nothing which we are to perceive in this world equals
    the power of your intense fragility:whose texture
    compels me with the colour of its countries,
    rendering death and forever with each breathing
    (i do not know what it is about you that closes
    and opens;only something in me understands
    the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses)
    nobody,not even the rain,has such small hands”

    When you finish reading, you realize how lost in the poem you have become. The words flow from your mouth like a prayer, well-rehearsed and heavenly. You shut the book gently and look back up at James. He catches your gaze, a kind smile gracing his lips, eyes crinkling in the corners.

    “That was beautiful, Y/N,” he says softly. The way he says your name makes your heart beat faster. You want him to keep saying it, chanting it like it is the only word he knows. A blush creeps across your face, and you drop his gaze, hoping James doesn't notice.

    “Thank you, James,” you reply. “Have you eaten yet?” You ask, trying to change the subject. James shakes his head, and before he can protest, you hop out of your chair and go into the kitchen to grab him a plate and silverware. When you return, James tries to tell you he doesn’t need you to wait on him, but you insist that it is no trouble at all for you to put some food on a plate.

    “You didn’t have to, princess,” he says, pretending to be upset with you, but he can’t hide the smile on his face as he eats.

    “But I wanted to,” you reply, settling back in your seat. “Plus, it’s what friends do,” you assert, raising an eyebrow to emphasize your point. James rolls his eyes at your words but laughs. Growing up, you never really had friends, just people your parents told you to spend time with. You consider your sister your friend, but not by choice. It is nice to have James as your friend, you felt like you could say anything to him, and he would give you an honest response. He would treat you like an equal. Though, part of you knew that you were beginning to develop feelings for your guard. You were a hopeless romantic, which you blame on the many romance novels that you voraciously consumed. Before James, you’ve only ever had little school girl crushes on people, never have you wanted someone in the way you want James. He makes you feel like you are floating. You reprimand yourself silently for your feelings, you have only known the man for two weeks, and you will be married soon. You also doubt that James doesn't have someone in his life already. A man as charismatic and handsome as him would have a wife, no doubt. You don't have the heart to ask, though.

    “Read another one,” James suggests, flashing you that boyish grin. You smile back and shake your head as you open the book again. As you read, you sneak glimpses at James. He seems so comfortable as he intently listens to you read. He occasionally closes his eyes, and you wish you could hear his thoughts. He isn't nearly as easy to read as you imagine you are. You wonder if he feels the way you feel, if he’s noticed the way you look at him.

    You spend the next three days getting to know the suitors. Steven takes you horseback riding, Sam teaches you to shoot a bow and arrow, and Brock insists on playing chess. Each day is busier than the last, and you grow more unsure as the days go by. You can’t see yourself spending the rest of your life with any of the men, but your father assures you that it will get easier as time goes on, and he reminds you that there is still one more suitor for you to meet.

    The final candidate for your hand arrives the day before the ball. He and his court arrive at the castle at dusk, just as you are finishing dinner with the other suitors and your father. James escorts you outside to meet the man, and you feel your fingers buzzing with nervous energy. The car at the front of the procession stops just at the entrance to the gate, so James walks you over. A tall, slender figure slinks out of the car, and you find yourself staring at the raven-haired man. He shoots you a teasing grin and walks over to you and James. As he approaches, you can’t help but stare into his bright eyes.

    “My goodness,” he says breathily, taking in your appearance. “You are far more splendid than I could have hoped.” James takes a step back as the suitor reaches for your hand. You curtsey, and he bows, kissing your knuckles.

    “It’s a pleasure,” you say, unable to tear your eyes away from the man. He smiles again, flashing his perfectly white teeth.

    “Loki,” he supplies. “Loki Laufeyson of Jotunheim.” You nod as he places your hand on his arm, indicating that he would like you to show him into the castle. James takes the lead, occasionally throwing glances back at you to check in. You smile and wordlessly express that you’re okay. James knows how tiring it is becoming to always be around the suitors. He will check in as frequently as he can.

    “Are you looking forward to the ball tomorrow evening?” You ask Loki, craning your neck a bit to look up at him. He gazes down at you, eyes glimmering in the light.

    “Yes, I am,” he replies gently. “I am especially looking forward to getting to dance with you, princess.” You laugh lightly, shaking your head, knowing how poorly you dance.

    “I am not very good on my feet,” you say, and Loki pretends to gasp at your confession.

    “Oh, I doubt that, but even if you are not the most graceful, you just need the right partner.” Your eyes focus on James with Loki’s words in your head. The right partner. But Jame’s isn’t an option. Even at the ball, he won’t be allowed to dance with you. He’ll be working on keeping you safe. You try to focus your energy back on Loki.

    “And I suppose you think you are that partner?” You ask, somewhat teasingly. It is bold of you to speak to him in such a way, but Loki doesn’t seem to mind.

    “We’ll just have to find out, my darling.” Your father greets you at the door and gives Loki the exact rundown he’s given the other suitors. You almost trip walking up the stairs of the castle when he calls you the name, but you catch yourself and pretend like nothing happened. The smirk Loki wears tells you that he noticed, though.

    “Everyone is eager for the ball tomorrow, so I suggest you get some rest,” your father says to Loki after his spiel.

    “I was hoping to take the princess stargazing tonight,” Loki replies, looking down at you. The king sighs and checks his watch.

    “I suppose there is still time for that. James, would you mind?” Loki then looks to James, clearly sizing him up as if the two were about to fight. James puffs up his chest a little, and you can’t help but giggle at the display.

    “It would be no trouble, Sir.” With a nod from your father, Loki turns to walk back out to the grounds.

    “James, is it?” Loki asks, turning back to your guard.

    “It is,” James replies somewhat shortly.

    “Be a dear and fetch a blanket for us, won’t you?” You can tell James is holding back a scowl by the way his mouth twitches, but he turns on his heels to get the blanket. “Now, my darling, what is your favorite constellation?” Loki asks as he looks for the perfect spot to stargaze. You look up to the sky, trying to think.

    “Andromeda,” you finally say as James approaches with a blanket. He hands it to you, and you give him an apologetic smile, which he returns.

    “A lady of good taste,” Loki says, taking the blanket from you and spreading it on the ground. He helps you sit and you lay down beside him, keeping distance between your bodies. “My favorite is Eridanus.”

    “I’ve never heard of that one,” you reply, searching the sky for the familiar patterns.

    “Not many have,” Loki supplies. He turns to look at you, and you feel yourself blushing under his gaze. “But my dear, the stars have nothing on your beauty.” Your breath catches in your throat, and you spare a glance at the prince. Though it is dark, his eyes shine brightly, flecks of starlight glimmering in them.

    “You are too kind,” you whisper, turning to look back up to the heavens. Loki laughs and does the same. He points out a few other constellations you’ve never heard of, and somehow, each time you blink, it seems like there are more stars than there were before. Somehow, they are brighter than the minute prior.

    You’re not sure how long you and Loki have been lying out watching the sky, but James informs you that it is time to head inside. The prince insists on walking you back into the castle, instructing James to take care of the blanket. You walk arm in arm with Loki, still in wonder of the sight of the sky gleaming so beautifully. When you arrive at the doors of the castle, Loki bows deeply to you, and you curtsey politely at his gesture.

    “Sleep well, princess,” he says, kissing your knuckles. “I cannot wait to see you tomorrow at the ball. I know you will look absolutely ravishing.” He doesn’t wait for you to respond, turning on his heels to find his residence. James appears at your side, breaking you from the trance.

    “I’ll walk you to your room,” he says, a concerned look plastered on his face.

    “What’s wrong?” You ask as you walk up the stairs. James shakes his head and holds the blanket close to his chest.

    “There’s something strange about that man,” he mumbles, clearly deep in thought.

    “I didn’t notice anything,” you reply, and James laughs dryly. You can’t help but feel a bit hurt by his action, but try not to think anything of it. James is trained to look into every detail of a person, so maybe he is focusing too heavily on one aspect of Loki’s personality. You reach your bedroom door and face James, waiting for him to speak. He keeps opening and closing his mouth like a fish. It would have been funny if he didn’t look so worried. Finally, he turns to face you, and the creases in his forehead soften.

    “Goodnight, princess,” he says, smiling a bit, though it doesn’t reach his eyes.

    “Goodnight, James.” He nods and opens your door for you, always the gentleman. You change out of your clothes and slip into a pair of flowy shorts and an oversized shirt before collapsing onto your bed. James’s demeanor dominates your thoughts as you try to fall asleep. You’re not sure what it is about Loki that set him off, but hopefully, all would be well tomorrow at the ball. Just thinking about the event fills you with dread, but you tell yourself to push through. If not for you, for your father. You owe him as much.

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    Julie hummed along to the music as she pinned the pieces of fabric together, smiling when Flynn turned up the song.

    "We probably could've started this a couple days ago." Flynn said as she placed the sparkly purple fabric in her sewing machine.

    "We probably should've." Julie laughed as she looked at Flynn's calendar. "A week is cutting it close."

    "Why didn't we start sooner?" Flynn asked.

    "We were procrastinating by spending time with our friends." Julie joked, perking up when her phone buzzed. "Oh, Luke wants to FaceTime." She tucked her curls behind her ears, checking her lip gloss in her mirror.

    "Aww, that's cute. She thinks her boyfriend won't think she's adorable." Flynn crossed her arms, a smile on her face.

    Julie scrunched her nose as she accepted the FaceTime, grinning as she saw him and Bobby sitting on a rooftop. "Hi, Luke! Hi, Bobby! I'm gonna put you guys down here." She arranged their Starbucks drinks to lean the phone against them, fixing the fabric on the dress form to her liking.

    "Hi, boys!" Flynn called with a wave and a smile, getting to work.

    "What are my girls up to on this lovely afternoon?" Bobby questioned, sipping his Pepsi.

    "Making Julie's Halloween costume."

    "A week before Halloween? Brave move, Jules." Luke teased.

    Julie laughed and shrugged. "Procrastination makes you make brave moves. So what are my boys dressing as for Halloween?"

    "I guess now I have to be Chris." Luke chuckled.

    "Ooh, I would love to see you dressed like him, baby." Julie grinned.

    "I'm gonna be a skeleton." Bobby answered.

    "Fun! I'm gonna be a tiger." Flynn said.

    "Cool! I think Carrie told me she and the cheerleaders are going to be Josie And The Pussycats." Luke said.

    "Hope I don't get sick right before her party." Bobby grabbed his phone when he felt it buzz, letting out a chuckle. "Speak of the hot pink cheerleader. Hey, Care."

    "Hey, Bobble!" Carrie waved, gracefully falling back onto Nick's couch. "Nick and Reggie are bored of cheating-" She turned to give a look to the boys, "at Mario Kart and Willie and Alex wanted to talk to you."

    "We weren't cheating!" Nick yelled.

    "Carrie's just mad she isn't good!" Willie called her out.

    "Yeah, what Willie said." Alex laughed.

    "Hi, Magenta! Hi, boys!" Luke called

    "Hi, Carrie! Boys!" Julie giggled, still pinning pieces of fabric together for Flynn to sew. "Ok, so that's the top pinned. Now we just need to measure and cut the pieces for the jacket and the pants." She listed off, looking at the pattern pieces Flynn made.

    "So pretty much, we're gonna be here a while." Flynn laughed.

    "Julynn, my girls!"

    "Flynn's there? Flynnie!" Reggie called, leaning over the couch. "Hi!"

    "Hi, Reggie! Can I ask what the boyfriends' couple costume is?"

    "Mario and Luigi!" Willie and Alex smiled.

    "Red Ranger!"

    "Yellow Ranger!"

    Carrie scrunched her face up, faking a gag.

    "Cute!" Julie smiled.

    "Nauseatingly so." Carrie nodded. "Everyone ready for my party next week?"



    "So ready!"

    "I am!"

    "Julie and I are still working out our costumes."

    "And by that, Patterson means he's gonna spend five minutes next week picking stuff out of his closet and throwing on his white guitar and Julie and Flynn are sewing Julie's costume as we speak."

    "Yeah, that sounds about right." Carrie smiled. "I'm so excited for this party. It's gonna be the biggest I've thrown."

    "Sounds epic, as usual." Julie chuckled. "Flynn and I have a costume to finish sewing so I'm piecing out. Adios, my loves." She held up a piece sign and ended the FaceTime, going back to pinning and sewing.

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    Flynn: Carrie is homophobic

    Julie: You can’t keep saying that about things that inconvenience you

    Carrie, appearing behind them: Also I’m a lesbian

    #flynn: *immediate queer panic* #julie and the phantoms #jatp#flynn#carrie wilson#julie molina#flynn jatp#carrie jatp#julie jatp #flynn x carrie #carrie x flynn #renew jatp #incorrect julie and the phantoms quotes #jatp incorrect quotes #julie and the himbos #renew julie and the phantoms #incorrect jatp quotes #carrie is a lesbian #flarrie#jadah marie #savannah lee may #jatp shitpost #julie and the fat ones
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    JATP Fandom Current Events - Oct. 25 to 31, 2021

    Here’s a quick list of what’s happening in the JATP fandom this week!

    The JATP Fantom Awards are accepting nominations until October 30th!

    Phantomtober (October 1st to 31st)

    Willex Week 2: Electric Boogaloo (October 25th to October 31st)

    JATP Secret Santa Sign-Ups are open until October 31st!

    The JATP Fantom Awards will be open for voting from October 31st to November 28th! We’ll update this post with the direct link once it’s been released.

    Coming soon:

    The JATP Angstravaganza (November 7th to 13th)

    JATP Citrus Fest (November 7th to 14th)

    JATP Craft Week (November 15th to 21st)

    For a full list of upcoming events, check out the JATP Fandom Hub (navigation page here, calendar here). You can submit new events/projects or updates about existing events at any time, and if you have any questions, check our FAQ!

    Please signal boost to spread the word!

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    Prompt 6: Superheros

    Soo... I chose 3-Below and made Julie and the guys Akaridions!!!

    I just thought this was cool!


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    A Wreckingball, Three Himbos and a Dragon Walk Into a Studio...

    Magic has been passed down in the Molina line for generations, but usually it is small magic - manipulating light, helping plants to grow. When Julie shows promise for greater things, her parents insist on a full magical education to realize her inner potential. She could do great things one day with her magic - if she was not so distracted by the cute bookbinder teaching her how to make her spellbooks, that is...

    Read it here. Taglist under the cut - ask to be added or removed.

    @kybee1497 @futurearchaeologyprof @flynn-taylor @valiantlyweepingdreamer @fairylightsandrainydays @willexmagic​ @leafygween​ @hey-there-juliet​​ @fireflyingaway​​​ @sunsetphantom​​​ @kennysbirthday​​​ @cucumbers-and-olives​​​​ @williexmercer​​​​​​ @michelangelindraws​​​​ @sunsetcurbed​​  @waiting-for-my-hogwarts-letter​​​ @sapphossidechick​ @fandomscraziness22

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    Yep still can’t see this as anything other than dance hater!Luke. Coz if he knew Julie didn’t like Carrie, you’d think he’d have said something when Reggie openly enjoyed their performance. Like dude was either in awe or openly grinning the whole time, but Alex was the only one he chastised. Luke absolutely just went >:( no dancing >:( and didn’t even realise she disliked her

    #it’s so funny agskdhsis #he finds out julie’s a dancer and he just goes 😞 I have to like dancing now don’t I god damn it 😞 #julie and the phantoms #jatp#luke patterson#alex mercer#reggie peters#julie molina#carrie wilson
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    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    just finished rewatching episode 2 and when carrie pushes her way to the front of the stage she looks so genuinely freaked out. especially when she first sees at luke. like more than just confused, she looks shocked. almost like she’s seen a ghost (lmao). and all throughout bright, carrie looks so contemplative. like it’s more than carrie being pissed that she’s been upstaged, she looks like she’s questioning everything.

    i know that canonically carrie doesn’t know who the boys are, but i can’t help but think that she does. even if it’s just an inkling, like something she hasn’t thought about in years but all of the sudden it’s coming back to her. like carrie watches her dad grieve all her life. watches him listen to an unknown demo over and over again as he looks through old pictures. something she’s learned to ignore as she got older and now she’s being confronted by it all over again. but it’s insane to think that your ex friend’s hologram band is somehow your dad’s old band from the 90s who all passed away, so of course she’s gonna be in denial. explain it all away with impossible holograms, because even that’s more likely and believable than your dad’s best friends being back from the dead.

    like i know that it could just be carrie being confused by julie performing again with a band of boys no one knows. annoyed by being upstaged. but i just think it’s way more interesting for carrie to be in the know. like hey guys who are my age but are also basically my uncles. your deaths severely traumatized my dad and i had to live with the fall out :))))

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  • stfuimprojecting
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    i love how dirty candi isn’t like for the male gaze. like yes, their outfits and dances could be construed as “sexy” but it’s obvious that isn’t for that. their entire aesthetic is glittery and hyper feminine in a way that most men would find obnoxious, like their target demographic is so obviously and unapologetically fellow girls and it makes me so happy!!

    #i really don’t get why people think she uses her dad’s fame #they do completely different genres #and most people her dad knows would scoff and roll their eyes at dirty candi #or try to change their image into something edgier and sexier #like yes she name drops her dad #but who wouldn’t? that’s typical industry stuff #id rather someone be honest about their connections than underhandedly uses them without admitting to it #also they are so camp #i’m obsessed#dirty candi#dirty candy#carrie wilson#kayla jatp#jatp #julie and the phantoms #jatp rewatch
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  • short-and-gay-like-me
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Owen Wilson with glasses my beloved

    #ayoo shitty vision gang #owen wilson#waow #he and my European history teacher have IDENTICAL vibes #everything. the voice the humor the mannerisms #except he doesn’t look like him AT ALL aside from being an older white guy #he looks more like Michael from the good place #but now I’m getting off track. carry on
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  • midnight-star-world
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago


    CMT 10-2-21

    So today I will be bringing you the Hottest 20 Country Music Videos for the week of 10/2/21 from CMT (Country Music Television). So let's get started right now.

    Number 20 belongs to Hardy who is new to the list this week - Give Heaven some Hell.

    Number 19 belongs to The Zac Brown band who are new to the list this week - Same boat.

    Number 18 belongs to Thomas Rhett who is dropping 7 spots this week - Country again.

    Number 17 belongs to Priscilla Block who is moving up 1 spot this week - Just about over you.

    Number 16 belongs to Lainey Wilson who is dropping 15 spots this week - Things a man oughta know.

    Number 15 belongs to Kelsea Ballerini featuring Kenny Chesney who are moving up 1 spot this week - half of my hometown.

    Number 14 belongs to Walker Hayes who is moving up 1 spot this week - Fancy like.

    Number 13 belongs to Jimmie Allen & Brad Paisley who are staying in the same spot as last week - Freedom was a highway.

    Number 12 belongs to Jon Pardi who is moving up 2 spots this week - Tequila little time.

    Number 11 belongs to Jason Aldean & Carrie Underwood who are moving up 6 spots this week - If I didn't love you.

    Number 10 belongs to Luke Combs who is moving up 2 spots this week - Cold as you.

    Number 9 belongs to Lady A who are staying in the same spot as last week - Like a lady (On set version).

    Number 8 belongs to Kenny Chesney who is moving up 2 spots this week - Knowing you.

    Number 7 belongs to Ryan Hurd with Maren Morris who are moving up 1 spot this week - Chasing after you.

    Number 6 belongs to Elvie Shane who is staying in the same spot as last week - My boy.

    Number 5 belongs to Old Dominion who are moving up 2 spots this week - I was on a boat that day.

    Number 4 belongs to Lee Brice who is moving up 1 spot this week - Memory I don't mess with.

    Number 3 belongs to Carly Pearce who is moving up 1 spot this week - Next girl.

    Number 2 belongs to Jameson Rodgers featuring Luke Combs who are moving up 1 spot this week - Cold beer calling my name.

    Number 1 belongs to Scotty McCreery who is moving up 1 spot this week to take the top - You time.

    And that's a wrap for the Hottest 20 Country Music Videos for the week of 10/2/21 from CMT (Country Music Television). Thanks as always goes out to CMT for doing their weekly Country Music Video Countdowns. And thanks as well goes out to you for taking the time to read this weekly list. See ya all next time.

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  • skywalekersart
    23.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    — Make 'em say Another preview of something I did for @jatpzine! This was a desktop wallpaper of our favorite Dirty Candy!

    home ✧ instagram ✧ more... please do not repost or edit

    #carrie wilson#jatp #julie and the phantoms #jatp art#jatp fanart#dirty candy#dirty candi #savannah lee may #fanart#art #julie and the phantoms art #julie and the phantoms fanart #netflix#subject: jatp #color: new palette #year: 2021#project: jatpzine #type: character drawing #support: digital
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  • angelofarts
    23.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    You Make Me Better (We Make Each Other Better)

    “I have more people in my support system! I have a boyfriend!”

    Dr. Turner turns to make a note on her clipboard, apparently not seeing the blood drain from Julie’s face. She leans back in the armchair, silently cursing herself. Why did she say that?!

    A collaboration with the INCREDIBLE @flynn-taylor​. Read the fic here. Tag list under the cut - ask to be added or removed.

    @kybee1497 @futurearchaeologyprof @flynn-taylor @valiantlyweepingdreamer @fairylightsandrainydays @willexmagic​ @leafygween​ @hey-there-juliet​​ @fireflyingaway​​​ @sunsetphantom​​​ @kennysbirthday​​​ @cucumbers-and-olives​​​​ @williexmercer​​​​​​ @michelangelindraws​​​​ @sunsetcurbed​​  @waiting-for-my-hogwarts-letter​​​ @sapphossidechick​ @fandomscraziness22

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  • stfuimprojecting
    23.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    some of my favourite lines from my most recent fic, sunburnt

    His gruff voice would reverberate throughout the room and settle deep in her chest. Carrie learned everything she knows about music on those nights.

    Back when her world started and ended with Julie Molina and the secrets of the universe could be found in the palms of two little girls, Carrie thought the sun followed Julie wherever she went. That Julie shone so bright, even the sun wanted to bask in her warmth.

    Carrie can’t help but reach out and grab Kayla’s hand. She’ll interlock their fingers. Press palm to palm and revel in the warmth.

    #i had a lot of fun writing this one #these three lines in particular make me kind of mushy #carrie wilson#bobby shaw#trevor wilson#julie molina#kayla jatp#carrie/julie#carrie/kayla#jatp #julie and the phantoms #jatp fic#dirty candi
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  • secretly-of-course
    23.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Developing a slightly different style for making comics what do y'all think?? 😃

    [image ID: a simple study drawing of Carrie Wilson. In the top left corner are pink and purple blobs and circles of different values to create a color palette. The lower half of the image shows a screenshot of Carrie, followed by a black and white line drawing of her in the same pose, then followed by a pink and purple more simplistic line drawing of her.]

    #work in progress #my art #also um i never realized her eyes were brown #carrie wilson
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  • stfuimprojecting
    23.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    bobby, ray and rose are a broken up throuple and the reason why carrie and julie stopped being friends is because it got really weird

    #jatp au #i wanna write this #i just think it would be so funny #bobby shaw#ray molina#rose molina#carrie wilson#julie molina#bobby/rose/ray #do they have a ship name? #jatp #julie and the phantoms
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  • jatp-secretsanta
    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    JATP Secret Santa 2021!

    Hello and welcome to the JATP Secret Santa 2021! I know it's kind of late in the year to begin one of these but I still believe we could create something awesome out of this!

    So here are the bascis for anyone who's interested in participating:

    1. What is a Secret Santa?

    For those who don't know, a Secret Santa is a fandom event where fans come together to give each other gifts- and recieve ones! You sign up and are assigned a person who you're supposed to make a gift for. Easy and simple. Everyone who signs up gets to make a gift and receive one.

    2. What can I make?

    Absolutely every kind of art is allowed- fics and fanart or gif sets and playlists, moodboards- all is welcome!

    3. Does it have to be Christmas-themed?

    No! There's not a theme for whatever gift you're making- when you sign up, you get to describe what kind of gift you'd like to recieve and that's how we'll give you an assignment.


    SIGN-UPS WILL START ON OCTOBER 23rd and WILL END ON THE 29th so that way everyone has time to make their gifts. A schedule will be posted soon!

    Feel free to ask any questions- ask box is always open! This is a fan event for everyone to feel safe so if anyone has any questions/concerns/suggestions feel free to send them this way. My jatp blog is @sunsetsandcurves.

    Love, MJ


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  • curvesomesunsets
    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    this world is a wonderland

    my entry for day five of @jatp-sci-fi-week, in which there is a wonderland in space and odd people for the crew of the Sunset to meet.

    A crackling sound goes through the speakers and Willie’s voice startles Reggie and Luke into truly falling over. “Guys, we found a transmission. You might wanna come and hear this yourselves.” 
    Luke is up in a flash, leaving Reggie splayed on the floor. “Sounds like something’s finally happening!” He grins and takes off. Julie stands up, vowing to return to her plate later. Carrie helps Reggie up and, together, the group follows Luke up to the cockpit. Alex greets them with a nod from his position leaning against the pilot seat. There is a frown on his face that instantly sets Julie on edge. 
    “What’s up?” Reggie asks, plastering himself to the back of the seat and putting his chin on top of Willie’s head. “Anything fun?”
    Willie lets out a dramatic sigh. “Well, you be the judge.” He flips a switch and Julie flinches at the sudden crackling noise of the transmission. 
    “Come in,” a voice speaks, before being immediately interrupted by a different, higher-pitched and much less calm voice.
    “All friendly military forces,” it squeals, before switching right back to the first voice. 
    “This is Scout Captain Alice Liddell, requesting-” 
    “Reinforcements! Lots of reinforcements!”
    “There’s a lot of fighting down here-”
    Now the second voice seems to double, as if two voices are layered over one another, one more akin to the voice of an AI while still with the intonation of a human. There is an unmistakable glee in it, traces of laughter that feel entirely out of place. Julie shudders. 
    “So you need to send more soldiers! Send lots more soldiers. I need them.” The doubled voice lowers, all of the strange joy gone. “I need them for the war.” There is a sharp crack, then the beginning of the transmission starts again and Willie cuts the radio. Silence fills the bridge. 
    “What the hell?” Carrie finally says. Julie couldn’t agree more.

    [read full fic on ao3] (tag list in the reblogs)

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