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  • Honestly I am so tired after yesterday’s discussion. People came to me saying that it’s ok to photoshop. That pointing out the photoshop was diminishing the nurses. What in the fresh hell is this quarantine. The nurses didn’t edit a thing, they tried to share the truth, but someone thought the truth wasn’t enough. I feel really bad for them now, they are working so hard and people don’t think it’s enough. But I was so shocked with the comments saying that it’s fine to lie and photoshop the nurses faces, that the fact that the pics are edited should remain unknown. I didn’t even care that much about the photoshop, I was trying to point out that the originals are still bad. But all that I learned is that you don’t even need fake news, people just read whatever they want. 

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  • Uuuh so. Today on Instagram someone posted that picture of the Italian nurses, but the photoshopped one. I saw many comments just saying “It’s Photoshop!!” so I said (for some reason, i don’t know what came over me) “These are photoshopped but the originals are pretty bad /:” I. was. LYNCHED. I still don’t understand why, because I was defending the nurses, like “yeah the pics are photoshopped but they are real” so like??? They were saying I was downplaying the nurses hardwork and stuff. HOW???. a lot of people understood what i was saying, but I am receiving messages calling me crazy and out of my mind. I showed the original pictures and you can see it’s bad, but not like the photoshopped ones. aaaa and i can’t sleep now. I hate the internet sometimes.

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  • Why in the FUCK the old people from the building keep coming here to give us stuff???????????? STAY HOMEEEE STAY IN YOUR APARTMENT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA If you want to talk we can scream from the window 

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    March 23, 2020

    There is no such thing as boredom when u have tons of work to do. And when you can work on your PJs.

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  • OK finally some decent news: I’ll start working from home on monday. I’ll buy 3 liters of juice, some carbs and I’m good for 2 weeks of quarantine. I’ll bake bread tomorrow (it’s Mabon here!). I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. 

    #quarantine#social distancing#coronavirus tw #I'm feeling much better now #I hope everyone is doing ok #mabon#carrietalkstm
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  • Honestly, the studyblr community on Tumblr is stressing me out more than helping lately. The stress of productivity is making me worry even more, and I still have to go to work. Idk maybe I should take a break and only enjoy calming pictures of plants. 

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  • I’m glad that the state I live  has only 8 cases of Covid-19 but the governor already prohibited events with more than 50 people, the schools will close in a few days, as will museums and stuff like that. I see a lot of restaurants already focusing on delivery and takeout. There’s still a lot of people around Brazil that are using the “vacation” to go to the beach, but still I’m glad some people are taking it seriously. I hope that when winter arrives things won’t be so bad. 

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  • My friend is sick and couldn’t come to work. She has a fever and is feeling really bad. The city said that if you had the Covid symptoms, you should call a number and they would send a doctor to your house. She called it, and they said she had to go to the hospital. Great, now if she has the virus, what will happen to everyone that is in the hospital with her? 

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  • Also everyone in giving tips on social distancing so I’ll give some too from last year when I spent 40 days at home because of blood pressure and the heat wave. I did leave the house to go to the market some days though.

    • Take a shower, I’m begging you
    • Brush your teeth 3 times a day (or clean it if you can’t stand brushing).
    • It’s ok to spend the day in your PJs, honestly.
    • I watched about 100 documentaries during those days, I am now an expert in mid 20th century fashion and the russian royal family
    • I watched a lot of YT videos too
    • Play some RPGs using Discord and Roll20- Good as hell and great for that socializing fix.
    • I read half a book. in 40 days. you don’t need to read 200 books man, chill
    • Taking naps is great
    • Organizing your wardrobe is fun
    • Change the bedsheets a bit more because you will spend a lot of time in bed
    • DIY face masks are interesting
    • You don’t need to be productive. I did absolutely nothing during those days, I was bored AF but it was what I could do. I missed my friends, sure, but the internet is there for you.
    • Not that staying home all the time is a good thing, you should go out when you can, but you can survive this hard days.
    • Write a journal if you can. I didn’t and I regret it.
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  • I hope everyone is doing ok tbh. I hope everyone is washing their hands a lot, not just using alcohol. There is no more alcohol or normal face masks at the drugstore near my house, but they are basically worthless anyway for healthy people. So why? Is it just panic? 

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    🦋 March 12, 2020 | 12/100 Days of Productivity

    • Face mask before washing my hair
    • Went to the market 
    • Went to the store to get new brushes
    • Ate a lot of healthy food
    • Bujo time but it ugly

    Pictured: Office mug and office view

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  • March 10, 2020 | 10/100 Days of productivity

    I went to the health care center to get the iron pills and to the Pastel (fried dough) place  to get some mozzarela and cheddar pastel and that is it. I walked so so much I was exhausted when I got home so I just watched some YT videos. BYE. 

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  • 🍅 March 09, 2020 | 09/100 Days of Productivity  🍅

    • Went to the veggie market
    • Finished annotating this month’s study book
    • Made veggie tortilla for today’s lunch
    • Bujo time
    • Dancing! My poor knees :c
    • 30 minutes of crochet
    • Uploaded my pics and videos to Google Photos! Finally! 
    #100 days of productivity #10/100 days of productivity #txt#coralcottage#carrietalkstm
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  • Both of my knees are bruised, I should stop dancing and go back to pilates. I didn’t do anything wild, just kneeling a bit fast is enough to have purple marks

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  • I am reading “How to dress well on a shilling a day”, a book from the 19th century and: people had so many gloves!!!!! You had to have 8 gloves. Also:

    • 1 summer bonnet 
    • 1 winter bonnet
    • 1 summer hat
    • 1 winter hat
    • winter pair of boots
    • summer pair of boots
    • as many ribbons and flowers you get your hands on
    • ostrich feathers for those hats

    But I find lovely the idea of having plenty of accessories and ribbons to add to your dresses and hats, instead of having 50 dresses. I love me some minimalism. 

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  • Update on my BFs situation: I am so proud of him aaaaaaaaaaaaa he is doing so well at the course, he is even helping other people! Don’t give up, people, it’s never too late to go back to school and get that degree! 

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  • Tonight I’m breaking into my BFs house before he arrives from class to bake him a pizza. I have the key so it’s not really breaking in. Also, he knows I’m going so it’s not really a surprise. But I felt like sharing because I’m very excited >:O

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  • My dream job if the world was fair would be to own an antique store but everything would work because the job would mainly be me fixing old stuff and making it work again, shine it and paint it and people would be able to use the old stuff C:

    #carrietalkstm#Idk #I just wanted to share #I love old stuff #byebye
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  • I am a bit nervous because I’m going to the dentist in 1 hour and I fear this time I’ll have to use anesthesia, but I hate it :C At least I’m used to this dentist and she is honestly the best I’ve ever been to. 

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  • I started reading A Little Princess this week during lunch and MY PALS I love the Alfonso Cuarón movie (1995) but this book is SO good!!! My poor little Sara always making me cry, I wish I could get the rest of the day off to read the rest :C But it’s ok, I’ll keep on reading during lunch breaks. 

    #a little princess #frances hodgson burnett #little princess#txt#qq#carrietalkstm
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