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  • primepanels
    22.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Everything Old Is New Again

    *Cough cough*Justice League of America #21-22, 1963*Cough cough*

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  • jusocietyofwhatever
    20.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Happy Fathers Day to:

    Alan Scott, his kids don't know what to get him. Maybe a pride flag because they don't know their father enough. I doubt it though, just spending time with him would be good enough for him.

    Jay Garrick who doesn't have actual children but is nearly everyone's grandfather, especially for the flash fam so he's probably getting cards or a new sweater to add to the collection.

    Ted Grant, who forgot he had a son to begin with so I doubt he's receiving anything from Tom. Maybe a group gift from the Gym like new gloves. Or a cheesy fathers day card from Dinah.

    Rex Tyler, who is dead so Rick isn't particularly doing anything other than mopping around or spending time with Jesse.

    Johnny Chambers, Jesse is doing the same with Rick

    Carter Hall, ?????? Poor Hector. His dad neglected him. He is absolutely not getting anything. Not like he'd remember what day it is anyway.

    Ted Knight, uhhhhhhhh he's also dead(?) and so is David. Jack likes his father but he's busy being his own so maybe he'd send his dad like a tie or a tool he needs for inventions.

    Wesley Dodds, not... Really. I mean he was a father figure to Sand but boy was that relationship a bit more toxic than the Bat/Robin apprenticeship.

    Lawrence Crock, he's ISA but he's one of the better kick ass dad's... Sometimes. He's still a supervillain and turned his daughter into a weapon but he deserves some love.

    Henry King Sr., I really shouldn't be saying happy fathers day to you because of all the SHIT you put Jr. Through...

    All the legacy characters would send letters of gifts to their predecessors honestly or you know... Visit Graves.

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  • coldhvrt16
    20.06.2021 - 4 days ago


    A/n: Cheater!Steve x Reader/ Beefy Tattooed!Bucky x Reader.. Just a painful one shot, after reading a few reader x Bucky on Wattpad I fell out of love with Steve. So I wrote this. You are a complete badass. Enjoy

    Warnings: swearing, cheating, breakups, angst.

    Summary: You get home from your job at S.H.E.I.L.D. And find some things out about your relationship you never saw coming,

    Word count: 700

    Listen to You & Jennifer by Bülow. It really sets the vibe.


    Cheater Steve x Reader / Beefy Tattooed Bucky x Reader.

    "Babe, I'm home" You say sitting your keys on the counter of Steve and your kitchen.

    "Hey, y/n, I'm in the study, can we talk about something?" Steve called out.

    "Yeah hold on let me take my shoes off" You slide off your pumps and walk to his office.

    "What's going on?" You ask and sit on the edge of his desk.

    "I fucked Sharon." He blurted out. Seemingly un-guiltily

    You start laughing really hard.

    "Y/n?" He asks taken off guard.

    "Wait why did you, as you put It. 'Fuck Sharon'. Do you want to end this?" You ask still laughing slightly.

    "Well, yes, you see, Sharon is just better, in many aspects." He avoids eye contact and you burst out laughing again.

    "This is rich." Your loosing your shit

    "Are you okay?" He asks

    "Oh I'm good it's just" you catch your breath then Your phone starts ringing.

    "Hold on let me get this" It's Bucky. That's hilarious.


    B: " hey doll So I was thinking."

    You: " wait- get a load of this. Steve was fucking Sharon this whole time"

    B: "are you kidding. Your going to tell him right?"

    You: " yes actually just getting to that part. Should I tell him the details about how you bent me over this desk right in his office and made me cum harder and more times than he could ever dream of?"

    Steve sat there flabbergasted.

    You: " oops seems like I just did. Well Buck I gtg. I'll see you tonight. Your place."

    Call ends.


    "Sorry that was your bestfriend. And the man I've been, how did you put it 'fucking'. How do I say this. He's just better in EVERY aspect." You laugh a little standing from your perch.

    "Close your mouth dear or you'll swallow a fly." And you walk out to pack your things.

    He follows you out of the room.

    "You've been fucking Bucky?" He asks like he is hurt.

    "Mmhmm." You reply nonchalantly

    "Like James Bucky Barnes?" He says again

    "Yes. Keep up dear." You finish unloading your drawers into your suitcase.

    "Your just going to leave?" He asks hurt.

    "Oh did you want to move out? Because that works too I'll just have James come over..." you trail off

    "That's not what I meant and you know it." A knock on the door sounds through the hall.

    "Ahh, that'd either be your slutty mistress, or my ride. " you joke

    "Come in" you call out.

    " we're in the bedroom" you call again

    Moments later your relieved to find Bucky standing in the doorway, all 6"3 of his tattooed buffed body.

    "Well it was mine then" you say shrugging.

    "Dill you want me to get that?" He asks.

    "Sure. Thanks." He grabs your bag

    "Steve" he says

    "Buck" Steve relpys.

    Bucky leave the room. You cross it to stand closer to Steve.

    "Well it's been, something, I guess. Nice playing house with you. I may even miss it." You stand on your tip toes and capture his lips in your own. A strong passion and pain filled kiss. You truly don't want to go. This mask your wearing begins to slip as he grabs your waists but you pull away.

    " Goodbye Cap. See ya at work." And you walk down the hall out of the door and get into the passenger seat of Buckys truck.

    Then you let yourself break. You start sobbing.

    "Hey, doll it's alright. " he comforts.

    "He didn't care. He never has. I have him EVERYTHING buck. And he didn't even care That I told him I was ducking his best friend!"

    You fall further apart.

    The truth is you have never been untrue to your relationship and you had devised the plan quickly after Bucky called.

    The one thing you we're supposed to tell Steve however, that you were with child, fell between the cracks, and instead you spun a web of lies about an affair. And your left, pregnant and alone. Without your rock. Lord knows Sharon is in her way over now.

    Taglist: @lana-isabelle @itsgonnabeohtay

    #beefy bucky#tattooed bucky#cheater steve#steve rogers #james buchanan bucky barnes #bucky barns x reader #pregnant #steven grant rogers #sharon carter#y/n#self insert
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    19.06.2021 - 5 days ago
    #cat grant#calista flockhart#katherine grant#supergirl#mbm #reminder that cat grant gave us smartphones #also katherine is the reason why i cant imagine carter having none other than a perfect father who loves him very much just like his mom #can you image carter feeling as heartbroken as cat in that first gif #i can't #and i won't
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  • ot5ismyhome
    19.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    22. I’ll make this feel like home

    To read from beginning click here.


    Wanda was astonished by the memory of Steve that she had seen. It was something he had never talked about. He had shared with her many memories of him during the war but not this one. Sometimes she noticed that he would look sad while remembering the past but she had brushed it off as missing his old life.

    “I’m sorry, Steve,” Wanda said softly, gently gripping his shoulder.

    “It’s okay. It’s nothing” he said trying to brush off. Wanda noticed the small tear drop at the corner of his eyes. Steve blinked back to avoid crying. Bucky had also noticed the change in Steve’s mood but he was lost on what had happened. When he moved closer to console him, Steve excused himself and left.

    “I’m going after him,” Wanda said looking at Bucky.

    Bucky nodded.

    Wanda went out of the lab to check up on Steve. She found him in a small room. He had his head buried in his hands. Wanda sat close to him and enveloped her hands around his shoulders. He rested his head on her shoulder. After some time passed, he started talking.

    “What you saw back there…”


    “That’s before the Council was formed. After the war, a group of mercenaries were the sole power across America. Every one of us regretted fighting the war but some were enraged that they were made to fight. Due to the war many new vampires were created. The older ones despised the newcomers. They decided to kill off the newcomers and establish their own set of rules. Foreigners were allowed to escape.”

    “Well, Peggy asked me to save Sousa. She was free to return to Britain while Sousa was taken to be executed. That memory… uh… the one you saw was…”

    “When you saved him.”

    Steve nodded.

    “You did the right thing”.

    Steve sighed and looked away. “If it were only that simple” he said more to himself than to Wanda.

    After moments of silence, he started talking again. “During the war, I lost Bucky in a mission. Or I thought I lost him. The loneliness was maddening. When the mercenaries came afterwards, I stood against them. I went for days without sleeping or feeding properly. I roamed the streets like a mad man.” New tears streamed down his face. His voice was barely a whisper, “I hoped that one of the fights would be my last.”

    Wanda held on to him tightly and let him cry into her shoulders. It hurt her to see him in this state. She consoled him and tried her best to encourage him.

    “Jiaying found me one day. Knowing about the state in America she had come here. She saved me. She gave me a purpose. I’m glad I met her.”

    “I'm glad that you met her too. Or else I wouldn’t have gotten you as my family.” Wanda kissed his forehead wiping his tears away.

    “I’m also glad to have you, kid. And I don’t want to lose you” The words ‘too’ hanged on the air without being uttered.

    “You won’t.”


    Wanda roamed around the Zephyr in search of Bucky. She wanted to talk to him. She found him assembling the necessary equipment.


    “Could I just stay with you?”

    “Sure. I didn’t know you liked my company” he teased her.

    “Well. Daisy is getting advised by Coulson and Steve and Natasha are busy.”

    “I’m the last option? That hurts” he chuckled. Bucky closed the bag containing the field kit. He kept it aside and hopped on the table.

    “Spit it out.”

    “What?” Wanda looked surprised.

    “You want to speak something.” It was more of a sentence than a question.

    Wanda had wanted to talk with him. She decided to get it out. “It’s just whenever I look into someone’s mind, I end up bringing bad memories.”

    “Don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s not something you are able to control”

    “I can’t keep provoking everyone around me.”

    “Then learn to control it. Whenever you had used your powers, the other person was emotionally vulnerable.”

    “I think I’m done with this. The training was a bad idea”

    “Two important things. First, I’m not going to allow you to give up on yourself. And second, the training was my idea. So, don’t blame it” Bucky said the second line with a mock insult making Wanda smile a bit.

    “Give it another try, now” he continued.

    “You mean?”


    “You are fine with it?”

    Bucky nodded with a gentle smile. Wanda hesitantly took his hand in hers. She controlled her mind and tried to enter Bucky’s mind. This time it was easier for her. Wanda’s mind was filled with a similar sensation of cloudiness as she entered his mind. She found herself in an old apartment. She saw Bucky getting ready to go out somewhere. He was checking his appearance in the mirror.

    “Come on, Buck. We are getting late” a voice called out to him. Wanda recognised that it was Steve. By Bucky’s clothes and hairstyle, she knew they were in the 40s.

    Bucky and Steve shared a hasty kiss before they exited the apartment.

    “Where are we going?”

    “The future.”

    They got into Bucky’s car and Wanda followed them. She had been to 40s memories before but only she was able to observe the things around her. She noticed that the street was filled with war propaganda pamphlets. The posters were stuck in every building. The street was filled with pedestrians rushing through their lives.

    Wanda was intrigued by the board reading, ‘World Exhibition of Tomorrow.’ She was delighted when Bucky parked the car and the duo walked out to the expo. She excitedly followed to find that it was Stark Expo. She kept close to the couple not wanting to lose Bucky. They stopped in front of a large stage hosting a shining red car.

    From the buzz, Wanda understood that they were waiting for Howard Stark. The crowd burst into cheers when the man of the hour walked onto the stage.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, what if I told you that in just a few short years, your automobile won’t even have to touch the ground at all?” Howard continued, “With Stark Gravitic Reversion Technology, you’ll be able to do just that.” He smiled at the crowd as he pressed the button and pulled up a small level.

    The car buzzed and lifted above ground. It hovered in the air making everyone gasp at the marvel in front of them. There was a fizzle followed by a small explosion and the car crashed down.

    “I did say a few years, didn’t I?” Howard gave a charismatic smile.

    The crowd erupted applauding the genius in front of them. Wanda hollered to show her friend.

    “Imagine really living in the future where there are flying cars,” Bucky said looking at Steve.

    “Wishful thinking, Buck”

    “It’s time. I got to leave.”

    “Yeah, I know”

    “Don’t do anything stupid until I get back” Bucky said his face serious. He walked away slowly.

    “How can I? You’re taking all the stupid with you.”

    Bucky shook his head looking at his lover. He walked back and hugged Steve.

    “You’re a punk”

    “Jerk” Steve called out hugging him back.

    The scene dissolved. Wanda felt herself being pulled out of the memory. She looked up at Bucky and gave a smile.

    “That is a beautiful memory.”

    “Yeah, it is” Bucky grinned like a fool reminiscing the past.

    They noticed Steve leaning against the door, his arm folded in the front.



    “Still standing here”

    Both the men chuckled. Steve ruffled Wanda’s hair and slung his hand around her shoulders.

    “Got stuck with her, uh?”

    “Hey!” Wanda cried pushing him away. “It was him who convinced me.”

    Steve laughed. He asked, “I was thinking of something. Instead of just looking into our memories, you can try showing one’s memory to the other.”

    “Is that possible?” Wanda wondered.

    “I get where he is going. Like Loki did.”

    Steve nodded. “Yeah, he saw other’s memories with your aid. Then we could also do that”

    “Okay” Wanda smiled with excitation. “So, who’s the scapegoat?” she asked, looking between the two men.

    Steve and Wanda exchanged a knowing glance and turned their attention to Bucky.

    “You have gotta be kidding me.”

    “You agreed to help me.”

    Wanda interlinked her hands with the two vampires. She first singled her thoughts and stopped her mind from wandering randomly. She slowly prodded it to enter Bucky’s memories. The Zephyr dissociated and the surrounding started getting clouded. She felt the familiar sensation. Wanda found herself in the back of a small van.

    The place was crumpled and barely a place to stand. Various electronic gadgets were scattered around. Bucky and Sam were looking intently at a screen. Wanda noticed it was security footage of Scott going through a building. In the nearby screen, a static image was displayed. The realisation suddenly hit her. She looked back at the screen Scott was seeing. She recognised the place. She tugged on Steve’s sleeve and was surprised when she was able to make contact.



    “You can hear me?”

    “I did reply. So yeah.”

    Wanda playfully nudged him with her elbow. She motioned to the screen and both of them turned their attention to the video of Scott. Steve’s eyes widened as he looked at the all too familiar corridor.

    “What is he doing in my company?” Steve cried.

    The duo followed Scott’s movements. He expertly disabled the alarms and set out to his destination. He came to halt at the back of the building. He accessed the secret panel in the wall which revealed a hidden door. Scott disabled the lock of the door and went in. He started working on the vault having the Draught.

    “Draught of Frost Blood, here I come” Scott commented as he opened the vault.

    “Wait! Isn’t it Draught of First Blood” Bucky intervened.

    “What? No man.”

    “I read it somewhere” Bucky shrugged.

    “It doesn’t make sense”

    “How does frost make sense?”

    “Loki. Winter. Frost.”

    “I agree with Bucky in this one” Scott spoke over the comms.

    “Enough of chit-chat folks. Scott, take the vial and get your ass back here.”

    “Got it.”

    Bucky playfully rolled his eyes and looked at the screen monitoring Scott’s moves.

    “I knew Pym got lucky was just a bunch of bullshit” Steve swore.

    Wanda chuckled. After we get out, it's going to be one hell of shit show she thought to herself. She watched Scott open the locker and take out two vials of Draught and pocket it. 

    “You never noticed the missing vials?” Wanda smirked.

    “Shut up.”

    Wanda laughed.

    Scott proceeded to close the lock and reset the alarm. He made his way out without any disturbances. Bucky and Sam high fived each other as Scott walked out of the building.

    “Now everything is set,” Sam said, pressing some buttons. The original security video started playing and the loop was cut off.

    Bucky climbed to the front of the van. Scott took the wheel.

    “Where to?” Sam asked from the back.

    “Let’s deliver it to Pym, then hit the bar,” Bucky said.

    “I’m going to kill him once we get back,” Steve muttered, making Wanda laugh.

    “What about our deal?” Scott asked eagerly.

    “I will change you once Pym duplicates it” Bucky promised.


    Wanda exited Bucky’s memory taking Steve along with her. They were back in the Zephyr sitting with Bucky.

    “Steve, I can explain”

    “You jerk,” Steve shouted, chasing Bucky around the lab. Wanda laughed at the playful fight between the two.


     Chapter 23 (coming soon)

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    14.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Hawkman vol.5 #27 (2020)

    Writer: Robert Venditti Penciler: Fernando Pasarin Inkers: Oclair Albert & Wade Von Grawbadger Colourist: Jeromy Cox
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    11.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    hi everyone. i’m lucy, and i’m a writer! 💫

    i’m new to marvel / mcu tumblr, and i will be posting my own fics and rbing recs of the awesome stuff i read too ♥

    i’m so excited to join this part of tumblr! here’s a little bit more about me. please feel free to say hi :) or drop your fav fic/blog recs 📖 i love making new friends hehe 🤗

    see u around ~

    #marvel fanfiction#mcu fanfic #bucky barnes x reader #wanda maximoff x reader #carol danvers x reader #natasha romanoff x reader #sharon carter x reader #sam wilson x reader #<- stuff i anticipate writing as of now! subject to change w time :3 #if u have a request send it in and i might just grant it #can u tell most of this is probably gonna b smut lmao #edit: wait i just saw that this post came out in tags after the 5th ffff #anakin skywalker x reader #im. trying something #intro#pinned#op
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    02.06.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    14. Bloodline

    To read from beginning click here.


    Long ago

    Jean, The First Vampire transformed only five of her loyal subjects, Loki, Thor, Hela, Charles and Ororo. The five ancient vampires could never turn anyone like the First Vampire did. Whoever they turned would lose their mind and go feral in a few days. Loki came up with a solution. He knew about a human bloodline which ran parallel to the vampires. Loki had been tracking them ever since he found out. He had a hunch that they would find the solution. 

    Loki walked along the trodden path leading to the small adobe. The brick structure was the only building in the vicinity. The pastel paint was peeling off the walls and windows had accumulated dust. The bushes were overgrown around the house. There was smoke coming out of the chimney; the grey smoke mixing with the summer breeze. The woodcutter would have probably gone to the forest. Loki was glad about that as he didn’t want any witness to see what was about to happen. Loki knocked on the door of the house and waited for it to open. After a while, a woman in her mid-thirties opened the door. She looked friendly but tiredness was etched onto her face. Her dark red hair was tied up in a tight bun. Her clothes were worn out but clean. Seeing Loki her eyebrows furrowed. She wasn’t expecting any visitors.

    “Who are you?”

    “Pardon me. I’m Thomas, the neighbouring king’s messenger.”

    “I don’t understand.”

    “I just want some and water to continue my journey.”

    The woman eyed Loki suspiciously. He continued, “My horse… My horse was washed away by the flood in the river. I walked the whole way here. Please. Yours is the only house in vicinity.”

    The woman relented and allowed him to come inside. She went into the kitchen and fetched him some food and a pitcher of water. When she gave the offerings to him, an unexpected thing happened. Loki pulled out a knife and slashed her neck. She dropped the pitcher and the bowl as her hands cupped her neck. He produced a small cauldron out of thin air and collected the dripping blood. The woman tried to shout for help. But the action brought more blood. She gargled and choked as the blood poured out of her throat. Loki held her as her blood drained into the cauldron. After he had collected what he wanted, he pushed her to the floor. He snapped his fingers making the cauldron vanish. As he was about to leave, he saw a small figure lurking in the corner of the room. It was a small girl. Her features starkly resembled the dead woman.

    Loki advanced towards the little girl making her cower back. “Don’t worry I won’t hurt you.” He kneeled near her and pressed his hands to her cheeks. Immediately, her eyes glazed over. When she returned to normal, Loki was long gone. And she remembered nothing of the incident.

    Loki concocted a potion using the blood as one of the ingredients. The potion helped the new vampires. It stopped them from becoming feral.

    Since then, Loki kept track of the bloodline and harvested a family member every once in a while. He had ensured the bloodline carried on to the next generation. He had always made sure one person was there to carry on the legacy.


    Present time

    Loki wanted to track the bloodline. She would hold the key to attain his spectre. He beckoned Hope and Scott. They curtsied before him and waited for their orders.

    “I need you to find this girl,” he started. He filled his minions on the details and dismissed them with a wave of his hand.

    Hope and Scott roamed the night city without any clue. They didn’t even know about that bloodline till tonight. They ended with many wrong leads. They were about to give up when a thought struck Scott.

    “We could approach Luis. He had always been good at these stuffs,” Scott suggested.

    “Are you stupid? We can’t endanger the work by confiding it with anyone else.”

    “Okay. You go back and tell him we have failed”

    Hope trembled at the thought. She didn’t want to anger the ancient vampire. And he had given them a task and they were going to complete it.

    “Okay. Call Luis.”

    The duo met Luis in a bar. The place was crowded and the music was pumped up to full volume. The three cramped into an empty booth.

    “Hey man, I didn’t see you for quite some time. If you’re looking to get back into business, now is the good time” Luis started talking. He noticed Hope, “Is this the girl you were saying about?”

    Hope frowned at the two men. “Before I punch him, make him shut up.”

    “Luis, we need to find a specific person. You have gotta help us”

    Scott and Hope filled Luis on the information they knew.

    “You can find her?”

    “Don’t worry, man. I have got your back.”


    Scott and Hope heard back from Luis in a couple of days. They met him again in the same bar.

    “Tell me about the tip.”

    “Okay. I was in NYC last night. I decided to help myself to some good old smoothie. You remember the smoothie shop around the corner of our old office, right? As I was waiting in the line, I saw a couple of teenagers enjoying a smoothie in their car. I the remembered man, I had my first kiss with a girl was actually in a Smoothie parking lot. It was actually sloppy but good.”

    “It’s the wrong details. It has nothing to do with the story. Go.”

    Luis started narrating the story again with something slightly different. It was a long night before Scott got any useful information from him. Hope was still lost, giving up trying to follow the information.

    When Luis finished another weird story narration, Hope turned to Scott. “What?” she uttered; her face crunched in confusion.

    “The girl is in New York. She is working in Rogers Innovative” he said pushing a small piece of paper towards Hope. “This is all we need to know.”


    Chapter 15

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    The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

    The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

    JACK ARNOLD Bil’s rating (out of 5): BBBB USA, 1957. Universal International Pictures. Screenplay by Richard Matheson, based on his novel. Cinematography by Ellis W. Carter. Produced by Albert Zugsmith. Music by Irving Gertz, Earl E. Lawrence, Hans J. Salter, Herman Stein. Production Design by Robert Clatworthy, Alexander Golitzen. Costume Design by Jay A. Morley Jr.. Film Editing by Albrecht…

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    #When Calls the Heart #Nathan Grant#Faith Carter #8x12: The Kiss #edits
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    When Calls The Heart - Season 8 [lockscreens]

    Follow on Twitter: @CauMore 

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    #When Calls the Heart #Nathan Grant#Faith Carter #8x12: The Kiss #edits
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    Kara Danvers autistic idea/prompt

    Cat grant loved her son. It was something everyone knew. So to her it wasn’t any surprise when she started to realize similar traits her assistant had shared with her son. So similar in fact Cat Grant has been checking boxes in her head and is on the verge of just asking the girl if she is because Cat needs to know to make sure her assistant can be as comfortable as possible but no instead she decides to enlist her extremely amazing assistant (words she’d never say to her face) to babysit her son just so she can really see the similarities.

    Some added smaller things to help spice it up 1) Supercorp because we love 2) Cat Grant is protective of Kara it comes out when Lena shows up and Cat thinks Lena will think Kara is “weird” and upset Kara so she’s being on the pushier side 3) Cat and Carter being the BEST mother and son duo because Cat cares so much 4) sometimes if Cat notices it’s to loud for Kara she says she can sit in her office and work as long as she’s quiet because she’s in better yelling rang then outside 5) added bonus Lena is just as protective as Cat and thinks Cat will be mean to her about it 6) another added bonus Kara doesn’t need to be protected but it makes her feel so human seeing people treat her with such a gentleness and care it’s different then how the deo treats her as supergirl so she pretends to be oblivious to there fighting but loves it

    I’ll be expecting a oneshot soon if someone writes this 🧐 I really hope one of you takes it because I want it so bad now.

    I was catching up on the newer episodes and seeing young cat made me think of the early episodes. I immediately wanted to read a autistic Carter Grant fic where cat just loves her son and Kara is helpful. This lead me to find out that there are autistic Kara fics ??? AND THATS SO PERFECT I have no idea why I didn’t connect those dots I’m so slow sometimes but after reading inhabit on ao3 it made so much sense AND THEN I got this idea

    #supergirl#supercorp#kara danvers#lena luthor#cat grant#carter grant #kara danvers x lena luthor #lena luthor x kara danvers #supergirl x lena #lena x supergirl #autistic kara danvers
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    #RDR2 supercat AU #Supercat AU#Supercat fic#Supercat fanfic#Supergirl AU #Rancher!Cat #Gunslinger!Kara #Carter Grant#Alex Danvers#Lois Lane #Cowgirls & Indians
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    16.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Hawkman vol.5 #27 (2020)

    Writer: Robert Venditti Penciler: Fernando Pasarin Inkers: Oclair Albert & Wade Von Grawbadger Colourist: Jeromy Cox
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