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  • —Mierda… —Exhaló—. ¿Qué demonios fue eso?

    —Dime tú. —Me recosté contra la pared—. Un momento bailaba y al momento siguiente, metías tu lengua por mi garganta. “

    #arizona y carter #carter y arizona #carter#carter james#Arizona #i love u #i love you #love#te amo#amor #amor y dolor #amore triste#amistad
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  • “—¿Es eso suficiente? —preguntó entregándome mi teléfono de nuevo.

    —No —Todavía estaba sonriendo—. Creo que necesito un poco más antes de volver.

    —¿Fotos o besos?

    —Ambos. ”

    #arizona y carter #carter y arizona #amor#amore triste#carter james#carter#arizona#te amo #te amo a ti #te amo más #te amo mucho #libros#romance#enamorado
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  • “Querida Arizona,

    No voy a molestarte con bromas ni gastar tiempo diciéndote sobre lo que pasa en casa o lo que me pasa a mí porque eso no importa. No sin ti aquí, de todas formas.

    Así que voy directo al punto.

    No era en serio ninguna maldita palabra de las que te dije en el aeropuerto.

    Sí te amo. Te amo de “esa forma” y era mucho más que sexo lo nuestro. Solo quería asegurarme de que te fueras a seguir tus sueños en lugar de quedarte por mí, porque siempre voy a estar para ti. Siempre.

    Si hubiera sabido que lo que te dije te haría aplicarme la ley del hielo o me dejarías de hablar, puedo prometerte de que nunca lo hubiera hecho o que me retractaría en un latido.

    No hablarte por unos días fue diferente.

    No hablarte por unas semanas fue una tortura. No hablarte por MESES fue (y es) insoportable.

    Siempre has significado el mundo para mí, pero no me di cuenta cuánto hasta que te fuiste…

    Me voy a dormir pensando en ti… esperando escuchar tu voz antes de cerrar los ojos. Despierto esperando tenerte en mis brazos, y solo hay tan pocos días que seré capaz de estar cuerdo sin ti…

    Por años hemos bromeado sobre por qué no puedo tener una relación por más de seis meses, y la respuesta ha estado justo en mi cara todo el tiempo: Tú.

    Estoy muy seguro de que ha sido desde cuarto grado, porque ahora más que nunca, sé que se supone que esté contigo, y se supone que estés conmigo.

    Me perteneces, Ari, siempre lo harás…

    Eres más que “solo” mi mejor amiga, y nunca quiero ser “solo amigos” otra vez.

    Sinceramente (enamorado de ti), . Carter”

    #carter y Arizona #arizona y carter #amor#amigos#te amo #te amo mucho #te amo más #te amo a ti #arizona#Carter james#libros#enamorado
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  • My son is literally playing on the floor saying Dada over and over and over and OVER


    Mama or something jfc.

    He cries when he’s tired of playing and he cries “dada” and I’m like 0.o honestly??

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  • My baby said his first word


    He’s being rocked to sleep right now and he keeps saying “dada” over and over while falling asleep.

    He actually really loves his dada

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  • image

    ok but yall have heard these right?!?!

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  • Always tweakin’ something on my males…

    #Carter James#TS3 #The Sims 3 #I'm never happy with their faces #even in TS4 #it's such a struggle
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  • “He cute and all, but he not my nigga and we don’t go together.”

    - Sloane

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  • Been struggling for an hour trying to make him cute…I give up.

    #TS3 #The Sims 3 #Carter James
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  • This is so pure.

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  • (vía https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvqjqKM2WKM)

    Everyone check this please! This guy made two songs about Isak and Even and he’s going to release a full album about SKAM next month

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  • Parallel Universe Carter James

    You know you’re the man of my dreams
    Oh, Even please don’t leave
    You said that you would leave her for me

    #Carter James#Parallel Universe#Skam #Isak and Even #mind blown this is fucking amazing #music#audio
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  • Playing the whisper challenge, and I got really cheesey. Hehehe

    Basically, the idea is someone wears headphones and music oud enough they can’t hear what the other person is saying. You say phrases they have to guess what you’re saying by reading your lips. 10/10 game! (#thewhisperchallenge) 

    Anyway, I was with Carter playing and we’d play for a while. So when it was my turn to say a phrase I said, “just kiss me.” And he said, “wear t-shirts?” LOL
    I kept repeating it until he jumped at my face and caught on. 

    Sorry for this post, this was just super cute to me :)

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  • the PERSONALIZED JINGLE from ADAM - Carter James got it =D

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  • Brett’s been taking bets with so many people on what Carter will weight and what he’ll look like, so I’m going to get your guys bets.

    I think he’ll be around 6p12oz to 7p4oz, and have Brett’s dark hair and my blue eyes.

    Just for reference I have naturally blonde hair and blue eyes, but I was born with red hair(it fell out before I was a month old and didn’t come in again until I was almost 5 YEARS).
    Brett has dark brown hair and brown eyes

    Winner gets a special gift mailed from me to you :)

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  • I got my first pregnancy stretch mark! :D

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  • Melissa woke to a gentle shake of her shoulders, opening her eyes slowly and looking directly into the face of Carter James. A confused look crossed her face as she tried to remember exactly what had happened and exactly where they were, but her mind was unable to fully comprehend anything concerning the crash. Her blue eyes moved around swiftly as she attempted to take in her surroundings, noting that they had landed in a clearing, a few meters from the burning airplane. The smell of smoke and the view of multiple mutilated teenage bodies was a constant reminder of what had happened, and it frightened her. Was a nearby mangled body that of one of her friends? She could feel herself wanting to cry out, but the searing pain in her chest stopped her. She could feel herself struggling to breathe, as her chest started to close and her lungs refused to allow oxygen into them, and she could only groan as a response to Carter’s questions. She rolled onto her side, ignoring the agonizing pain in her lower leg and attempted to push herself up into a sitting position, but fell to the ground as she realized that she couldn’t put pressure onto her right hand. She held out her uninjured hand for Carter to take as he pulled her to her feet and immediately she felt her chest start to ease up, but the pain in her lower leg started to increase and she realized that walking a far distance would definitely be a problem. Glancing at her purple, swollen hand she fought hard to put the discomforting pain aside as she racked her brain for a plan of action. 

    Panic. Panic wasn’t something that Melissa was familiar with, because she was never one to allow that feeling to determine her decisions in a serious situation or even to acknowledge that she ever felt panicked or distressed. But panic was all that seemed to consume her fellow peers as they cried out for their missing friends and family members, pulling up burning parts of the aircraft and discovering dead bodies. Despite the pain she felt for her multiple injuries and the struggle it took for her to breathe, she offered kind words of reassurance to the people she passed, telling them not to panic but to make their way calmly towards the plane where they could determine how many survivors there were and how many people needed medical attention. Carter followed after Melissa aimlessly, calling out to his friends and even his sister and as Melissa watched him tear up parts of the pane searching for them, a look of sympathy appeared on her face at the sight. Melissa knew that the tragedy would have taken many people, and that finding her friends alive was a very small possibility. But she couldn’t help but study the faces of the burned corpses, as she tried to identify Dallas, Elliot and even Ryder. The thought of finding her best friend disheveled and burned, made her eyes tear up and she had to push the thought from her mind in an attempt to not throw up. 

    Calling out for help as her and Carter made their way towards the airplane, they heard Tabby Golding calling out for Illiana and after embracing the Freshman, relief washing over her that at least someone else she knew had survived the crash, they continued on across the beach. And after stumbling upon an unconscious Illiana Melvin a little way up the beach, Melissa offered to look for help near the plane and left Tabby and Carter to tend to Illiana as she made her way towards the plane, ignoring the constant pain in her lower leg as she staggered forward. The pain in her chest had returned and she had to slow her pace, breathing deeply as she tried to call out for help, loudly at first but then it turned to a whisper as the pain in her chest became unbearable. Before she came to the point of stopping completely, Easy Kane appeared at her side. Wrapping her arms around him tightly, in an attempt to keep herself in an upright position, she murmured a few words to let him know that Illiana was unconscious and that Tabby and Carter were with her, a few meters down the beach. Watching him hurry away, she dropped to the warm sand, unable to keep herself up any longer as her chest began to close again and she started to cough uncontrollably. 

    Panic, hysteria, terror. Words that Melissa barely associated with, came to mind as she realized that she could no longer breathe. The pain in her lower leg and her hand became irrelevant as she coughed, attempting to get the smoke that was in her lungs, free. She spluttered, trying to scream out, but stopped when she barely had enough energy to keep her eyes open. She started to quietly sob as she thought of her parents and of everything that she had yet to accomplish in life; there was still so much she wanted to do and now it would all be over, after seventeen short years. This is it, she thought as her eyelids became heavy and she started to slip in and out of consciousness. She groaned painfully as her chest began to heave and was unable to recognize the soft voice of Claire James as she dropped down beside her, feeling her weakened pulse and calling out to her. Claire’s voice sounded distant, like she was a million miles away and Melissa couldn’t bring herself to flutter her eyelids open to let the brunette know that she was there, but barely hanging on. After a while, Claire got to her feet, whispering a word of apology to Melissa as she ran back towards the airplane. Melissa wanted to call after her, to let her know that she was still alive but she couldn’t even find the energy to form a few simple words, that is until she heard Ryder Evercade’s worried voice as he gently shook her.

    Melissa couldn’t explain why she had not stopped breathing completely a few moments earlier, until she realized the reason that she had been holding on for so long. Ryder. She wanted to give up as soon as he appeared next to her because at least she knew that he was alive, but she found it hard to ignore the urgency in his voice as he continued to shake her. She forced her eyes to open slightly as she groaned a few words to Ryder, coughing softly as she did. She didn’t know how long she listened to him talk before she heard Illiana’s voice and Easy’s mumbling voice in the background. And before their words could fully process in her mind, she was pulled up into a sitting position and an inhaler was thrust into her mouth, and she was told to take a deep breath. She did as she was told and after a few breaths, she could feel her chest opening up and her lungs allowing new oxygen into her body. She breathed a grateful thank you to her friends before leaning against Ryder for support, a small smile appearing on her face as she looked at the horizon. The sunset was fast approaching and the magnificent view was the only thing that seemed to give her hope that everything would be all right in the end.

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  • TO: carterjames@tarverprep.edu, elliotharrington@tarverprep.edu
    FROM: blissbettencourt@tarverprep.edu
    SUBJECT: Hey!
    BODY: Danica, Lux and I are going to throw a party after that festival tomorrow night and obviously, you aren’t invited. Just kidding.

    Teensy, teensy, teensy favor? I love you both….

    Carter, can you handle mixing some drinks for everyone? I don’t think that many people will come since it’s the night before the trip and everyone will want sleep.

    And Elliot, will you help with the food department?

    Did I mention I loved you both? ‘Cos I do.

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