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  • this is going to be a long story but i would appreciate if you listened. my dog was attacked two days ago by a stray german shepard (i live out in farmland so I have NO IDEA where he came from). I was letting her out to go potty (she was on leash) and he immediately attacked. Mind you, I’m almost six months pregnant so I let go of the leash out of fear he might hurt me too. It’s making me tear up even saying this but I knew that dog was going to kill her, i went back into the house and grabbed the bat and when he was pinning her down (and i knew it was safe for me to) i hit him as hard as i could across his back and then again and he fell and couldn’t move. It was horrifying to watch and do. Ama is 75 lbs and i could barely help her get into the house. I couldn’t leave her out there just incase. I called my boyfriend and animal control and they took the german shepard. We got Ama to the emergency vet as soon as he got home. We dropped her off and then went to the emergency room, me and the baby are okay (thankfully). Ama got severely injured, her left back leg is broken and she has deep bite marks on her body as well as a severe rip in her ear (going almost half way down). We were finally able to take her home this morning but she’s still very hurt and can’t walk by herself. Ama is only 1 ½ and my emotional support animal. I’m having a really hard time with seeing her like this, especially because I’m pregnant and seeing her getting mauled like that was really scary.

    I usually don’t do stuff like this and I’m sorry in advance. Our savings barely covered half of Ama’s bills and we’re waiting on the bills from the er. I have to take time off of work to take care of her and because I’m experiencing extreme anxiety and panic because of what happened, not to mention the fact that i cry ever time i see Ama just laying there and getting scared every time someone moves. I hate asking for money, I know a lot of people do it and I’m sure you guys are tired of seeing posts like this but if you have a spare dollar, anything, it would help so much. Even if you can’t donate i appreciate all of you for being here and for those I’ve become close with that support me.

    My venmo and cashapp is @ smokeychokeme

    Don’t judge but I also have many many nudes from when before i was pregnant that I’m willing to sell at a cheap price. I’ll even give a sample before you buy.

    Thank you for listening ❤️

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  • [ not a post about something beige i’m sorry ]

    hi. i’m currently struggling with money , and due to not being able to work because of health i’ve come on here as a last resort. i need to buy some groceries and i currently have no money to buy any. the money i had was spent on water, gas & electric and the wifi bill.

    if anyone can spare some money, it would mean the world to me - even just simply £5 would be truly heartwarming. please don’t feel guilty if you can’t, but a simple reblog would really help.

    message me for my paypal or cashapp. ♥️ thank you.

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  • buy my dropbox! over 100 nudes for only $30!!

    dm me <3

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    snap: hayleyjaynegd

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  • Anyone has cashapp 💔can send me $10

    Cash app : $adena286

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  • Needing fast cash!

    Dm me for special content prices for the next 24 hours only!!!!!!

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