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    Even A Devil Can Break- Chapter 3 (Y!Casino! Quackity x Female Reader

    Even A Devil Can Break- Chapter 3 (Y!Casino! Quackity x Female Reader

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 (Currently Reading) Chapter 4 (In The Works)

    Summary Of The Story- Y/N was friends with Quackity ever since they were kids, but once Las Nevadas gets formed Quackity finds out about Y/N's greatest strength, which makes him use her for his own benefit, not caring if he traumatized his main obsession.

    Summary Of Chapter-  When Ben leaves to go to a near by village, and when he’s gone, the Las Nevadas crew break in, but instead of seeing Y/N, they meet something unexpected, an entity named Ebba

    Word count- 1,990

    Warnings- Panic Attacks, People Breaking Into Someone’s House, Cursing, Manipulation And Lying, Spying, Yandere Tendencies

    Author’s Note- This is based on the characters they play, NOT the people themselves

         Y/N and Ben walked back home, Taco and Burrito following behind. As the group walked home, the sun began to rise.

    “Wanna watch the sun rise?” Ben asked.

    “Sure,” Y/N said, before running towards a hill.


    “HEY GET BACK HERE!” Ben yelled in a joking manner, Taco and Burrito following after.

        Y/N got tackled by Ben, making them fall on the hill together. As the sun began to rise, Y/N turned to Ben and asked.

    “What do you think happened to Emiko?”

        Ben froze, remembering their 6 year old sister.

    “I don’t know, I haven’t seen or heard her after L’manburg blew up, you don’t think…” Ben asked.

    “Nah! Us (L/N)s are quite invincible creatures, especially us, Emiko is most likely alive and well, we’ll find her, promise,” Y/N said.

         Y/N was also worried that Emiko might be dead, but she didn’t want to think about it too much.

    “Come on, let’s go before someone attacks us,” Y/N said, helping her brother up.

        Once they got home, Y/N walked to her room and sat down at her desk, pulling out a black journal with different gems surrounding it, written in white ink was “The Days Of Y/N L/N.” Y/N always wanted to keep track of events just in case anything was to happen for where she lost her memory or Ebba needed to know something, because Ben said Ebba doesn’t share any of Y/N’s memories because he didn’t remember him. She had this book ever since she was 4, so in the beginning of the book, the handwriting was messy and almost unreadable, but the more you read the neater it got. Y/N dipped her quil into the back ink and began to write.

    “March 16th 2021, 9:56Am,     After a long ass time, I got a message for Bg Q, inviting me and Ben to this place called ‘Las Nevadas,’ Taco called it a dollar store Las Vegas. That dog may have an attitude, but man do I love that dog. Once we got there, Quackity had this massive scar on his face, he said he didn’t want to talk about it, which was understandable. Quackity introduced gambaling to me and Ben, we hate it, we have the worst damn luck. At the end of the tour, Quackity asked if me and Ben wanted to join Las Nevadas, Ben and I said no due to us being scared Las Nevadas would get blown up, just like L’manburg, we already lost our parents due to it and our sister went missing due to it, Las Nevadas looked beautiful but, we couldn't risk losing each other, not after that incident. Quackity seemed to be understanding, but I could sense anger from him-”

         Y/N felt another presence in her room, making her stop writing and looked around. Y/N saw a cup that was green on her desk.

    “I don’t have a green cup…” Y/N said before picking it up.

          Y/N knew for a fact no one came in, she could hear noise for at least 1oo miles, but during this she made it at least 5 miles, and she heard no one come in. She looked at the cup and remembered that she hadn't brought a drink upstairs in a long time. She placed the cup on a chair and sat down on her’s, looking at the cup. “Uh, hello? Are you just a normal cup or a person?”

    “What’s a cup?” The green cup asked, before turning into a human like figure, but had slime on his head and shoulder, but besides that he looked human.

    “What you just were- You know what, forget it! Who or what are you and what do you want?” Y/N asked.

    “I’m Charlie! And I’m a slime! What are you? You don’t look human, from what I’ve seen,” Charlie said in an innocent tone.

    “A demon hybrid, now why are you here?”

    “I’m supposed to be spying on someone! And you look a lot like them, are you their copy?”

    “Spying… Who sent you?” Y/N asked, grabbing her staff.

    “Quackity from Las Nevadas said I can’t tell you.”

        Y/N froze before sighing.

    “Why did he send you?”

    “Can’t say.”

    “Jesus this will be hard, he seems to have the mindset of a naive 5 year old child, but in a man’s body…”

    “Hm, what’s your status with Q?”


    “Ugh, what is he to you?”

    “Oh! He’s my best friend!” Charlie said.

    “Ok… What did he say before he sent you here?”

    “He said to spy on a girl that looked like this,” Charlie said, before showing Y/N a picture of her that was covered in slime due to Charlie’s hands.

    “Got him.”

    “So Big Q sent you? Can you give him this message,” Y/N said with a sinister smile.

    “Sure!” Charlie exclaimed.

          Y/N wrote down on a piece of paper before handing it to Charlie.

    “Don’t read it until you give it to Quackity, Understand?”

    “Yep!” Charlie said, before sliding under her window which was locked.

    Meanwhile with Charlie…

    “I really want to open it, but that lady said not to.”

    “Charlie, why are you back so early?” Quackity asked.

    “That lady wants me to give this to you!” Charlie said, showing him the letter.

    “So, she saw you…”

    “No! She just saw a green cup and it was me!” “Ugh…” Quackity said before grabbing the letter.

    “Fuck off Big Q,. Pull something like that again you’re gonna get another scar.                                                                   From,                                                                           Y/N.”     Quackity crumbed up the letter and threw it far, before looking at Charlie who was in the water fountain.

    “CHARLIE GET OUT OF THERE! YOUR GONNA CONTAMINATE THE WATER!” Quackity, pulling him out before pinching his nose.

    “Wait… Charlie, you can change your appearance to humans, right?”

    “Yep! But it took hundreds of years for me to take this human form.”

    “Forget it, humans don’t live that long, Charlie, can you look for these people and send them here for me?” Quackity asked, giving him pictures of different people.

    “Sure!” Charlie said, before running off.

    Back at Ben’s house…

    “Y/N, who were you talking to?” Ben asked, walking into Y/N’s room.

    “Quackity sent a spy on me.”

    “Dead ass?”

    “Dead ass.”

    “Bruh… Anyways, I’m going to go to the village a few miles away, wanna come?” Ben asked.

    “Nah, I’ll stay here.”

    “Ok! Don’t mess up anything while I’m gone, got it?”

    “Yeah yeah.”

        When Ben left, Y/N began to make a cake, she had an unhealthy addiction to sweets, cause it helped with the pain and trauma she had, but luckily she was immune to diseases like diabetes. When she finished the cake and was about to eat it, her window broke and saw a hand unlock and open the door. Y/N ran up stairs, only knowing that she was in danger because in her peripheral vision, she saw a diamond axe. She locked her door and looked for one of her netherite swords, starting to have a panic attack and her hands began to shake.

    “WHERE IS THAT PIECE OF SHIT?!” Y/N thought as she looked through her chest.

    “Bell? Are you in there?” Quackity asked, axe in hand as he was outside her door.


    “Wait, Y/N has 2 lives left, right?” Fundy asked.

    “Yes?” Quackity said, confused.

    “Why don’t we just kill them?”

          The room went silent as everyone looked at Fundy with an ‘Are you an idiot?’ face.

    “Hear me out, I’ve worked with Y/N in the past, she said that she’s more than willing to die, but being killed for a selfish or manipulative reason terrifies her, and she’s scared of how painful it would be. Possibly taking away her 2nd life would make her more cooperative due to her being scared of being gone for good?”      Quackity thought about it, before saying.

    “You make a good point, Fundy, we’ll do it.”


    “FUCK OFF YOU NO WINGED DUCK!” Y/N said while throwing stuff from her chest behind her.

          This made Quackity snap as he began to hit his axe against the door, The Shining style. Y/N began to see her legs grow longer and felt a massive headache as her horns got bigger. Y/N gripped her head and curled up in her corner as she felt like she couldn’t breath, tears going down her face. Once Quackity got the door weak enough, he kicked it open, with the rest of the Las Nevadas crew behind him, but instead of seeing Y/N, they saw a passed out Ebba in a corner. Sam walked towards Ebba, confused. He took his sword out, but stopped mid-way when he saw Ebba’s eyes shoot open.

    “What the hell…” Ebba asked, his voice sounding like three people were talking at once. Ebba looked up and saw a diamond sword in his face.

    “WHAT THE HELL?!” He yelled, jumping up with his staff glowing purple.

          The group froze, looking at Ebba who was about to bonk Sam on the head.

    “You don’t know who we are?” Foolish asked.

    “Oh why of course I do- NO I DON”T YOU IDIOT! Sorry~ I have these outburst sometimes, can’t control it, but no, who the fuck are you people?” Ebba asked, floating out of the corner before sitting on Y/N’s chandelier.

    “I’m Quackity, and this Charlie, and Fundy, the one you yelled at is Foolish, and the one holding the sword is Sam.”

    “Hm, Well I’m Ebba. Where am I, I don’t remember this place,” Ebba asked, floating around the room, looking at Y/N’s bookshelf.

    “Well you’re at y-” Charlie started before getting his mouth covered by Quackity.

    “Y/N got kidnapped and we went looking for you!” Quackity said, nervously.

        Ebba slowly turned his head towards Quackity, giving him a menacing look.

    “Ok… Well I’m gonna go now, you’re boring me, I’m only around for so long!” Ebba said as he broke Y/N’s window with his staff.

    “WAIT! Did you say you were bored?” Quackity asked.

    “Yes, ARE YOU DEAF?!”

    “No, but I know a place where you’ll never get bored,” Quackity said, smirking sinsterly.

         Ebba stopped in his tracks before turning his head around fast, with excitement in his eyes.


    “If you come with us, I can show you.”

          Ebba nodded as he followed the group as they left. Once the got back to Las Nevadas Ebba admired it.

    “This place looks gorgeous…”      Charlie showed Ebba the slots, and unlike Y/N, he got diamonds every time. Quackity was shocked before asking how.

    “I, Black, was a casino owner when I was alive, I know how to always win, the house may always win, but that applies to ALL houses!” Ebba said, only having one voice talk this time, his form looking more demonic before going back to normal.

    “Not,” Ebba said, bending down so he was eye level with him before booping Quackity’s nose.


    “One,” He said, booping his nose every time, he said, before laughing and walking off with his riches.

    “He’s good!” Charlie exclaimed.

    “Like gambling!”

    “Yeah, like gambling…” Quackity muttered.

        Quackity brought Ebba to his office, sitting him down. Quackity pulled out a contract and placed it on the table.

    “Since you said you want to join Las Nevadas, you must sign this contract, which says if you betray the country or try to leave, we have every right to hunt you down and kill you, or bring you back here.”

          Ebba hesitated, thinking about what would happen if he joined, because that would mean Y/N would be bound to this place, what would happen if she tried to leave. Sighing, and thinking about how miserable he would be without this fun place, he signed it and handed it to Quackity. Quackity took it and looked at it for a few seconds, Ebba couldn’t see his face due to the paper, but Quackity had a sinister smirk on his face, before moving the paper away from his face before saying.


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    Me @ c!quackity

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    Plot spoilers for Even A Devil Can Break

    Ebba will be introduced in chapter 3 due to the Las Nevadas crew almost killing Bell, Ebba cannonicly doesn't share Bell's memories, so Quackity will install lies in Ebba's head making him trust the Las Nevadas crew, Ebba will be a MAJOR character after this. And boy will things get messy with this boy in town.

    #dream mcyt #dream smp x reader #casino quackity x reader #Quackity #quackity x reader
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    #dream smp#dsmp#myct#quackity#las nevadas#casino quackity #yes i know his shirt is white but i (foolishly) drew this without a reference #im not going to change it tho #it looks good
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    haha dsmp comfort character goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    just dealt with really bad stuff so i wanted to do doodles aaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    Even A Devil Can Break- Chapter 2 (Y!Casino! Quackity x Female Reader

    Even A Devil Can Break- Chapter 2 (Y!Casino! Quackity x Female Reader

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 (Currently Reading) Chapter 3 Chapter 4 (In The Works) 

    Summary Of The Story- Y/N was friends with Quackity ever since they were kids, but once Las Nevadas gets formed Quackity finds out about Y/N's greatest strength, which makes him use her for his own benefit, not caring if he traumatized his main obsession.

    Summary Of Chapter- Y/N and Ben get an invitation from Quackity inviting them to Las Nevadas

    Word Count- 1,135

    Warnings- Cursing, mild bullying (With Black And Emotional), gambling,

    Author’s Note- This is based on the characters they play, NOT the people themselves


         Y/N was at Ben’s house, playing music with Ben, they were singing ‘American Healthcare’ as they danced around the house. Y/N moved in with Ben after a creeper blew up her house. Y/N’s dogs, Taco and Burrito , immortal twin shapeshifting pomeranians, were sitting on the couch, Taco fighting Burrito as the brother and sister did their thing.

    “There's one more thing I gotta do

    'Cause with God as my witness

    You corporate piece of shit

    I did not become a doctor just to suck the devil's dick!”

          The doorbell rang after they said that. Y/N opened the door and a letter was on the floor.

    “Bruh…” Y/N said, before moving her hand up, making the letter get off the ground and follow her.

          Grabbing the letter, Y/N flipped it over and written on the front was.

    “To Y/N L/N

    From Quackity.”

    “Big Q? Haven’t heard from him in a while,” Ben ssid, getting off the piano he was using to play the music.

    “Yeah, last time I heard from him was after Ghostbur died. I wonder what he wants,” Y/N said, before opening the letter.

        Taco and Burrito turned into their human form, 8 year old blonde haired boys with Taco wearing overalls and Burrito wearing a sweater with pants.

    “Who’s that from?” Burrito asked, peering over Y/N’s shoulder.

    “YEAH!” Taco yelled.

    “Big Q.”

    “Dear Y/N,

     Sorry you haven’t heard from me in a long time, I’ve been rather busy lately and didn’t really have extra time, but I’m contacting you now because my big project is almost complete, and I’m inviting you (And Ben if he’s still, you know, alive,) to come to my new country Las Nevadas! Here’s a map of where to go, or you can keep walking around until you see a big sign that reads Las Nevadas, can’t wait to see you again.



    “Las Nevadas?” Y/N asked.

    “Not surprised Q thought I was dead, I did die, twice…” Ben said, rubbing the back of his neck.

    “I still have 2 so I’m good,” Y/N said, remembering when she got assassinated.

         Y/N walked outside and looked at the stable she and Ben made, and that was when Black and Emotional started to argue.





    “CAN YOU TWO SHUT UP!?” Y/N yelled.

         Black and Emotional stopped before disappearing. 

    “Fucking demons…” Y/N said.

         Y/N was sitting in a tree, watching the sunset, Y/N and Ben both came to an agreement that they were going to go to Las Nevadas at night, because it was cooler at night. Once the sunset, Ben, Taco and Burrito walked out of the house.

    “You ready?” Ben asked.


          As they walked, Y/N couldn’t help but wonder, what would Las Nevadas look like, she imagined Las Vegas, a place she was more familiar with since she was there when she was younger with her mom for various reasons.

    “Look!” Taco said.

          Turning their heads, a large sign that read “Welcome To Las Nevadas!” written in bright colors.

    “Hm, guy really got it in for himself,” Ben said, before walking towards the place.

    “Too bright from what I normally see,” Burrito said.

    “Same,” Y/N said.

          Once they passed the sign they saw a big city and a big Eiffel Tower.

    “Ben, Y/N?” A voice from behind them called out.

          Y/N and Ben turned around and saw Quackity, but there was something that Y/N noticed immediately.

    “GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE!? IT’S WORSE THAN MINE!” Y/N said, grabbing Quackity’s face and looking at his scar.

          Quackity just giggled before rubbing the back of his neck.

    “I don’t want to talk about it.”

    “Damn Big Q, you really out did yourself,” Ben said.

    “BEN! You’re still alive? By how many times you’ve put yourself in danger I’m surprised you’re still here, how have you been?”

    “Eh, decent, how about you?”

    “Good,” Quackity said, straightening his tie.

    “Hey boys,” Quackity said to Taco and Burrito.

    “Hey,” the twins said.

    “Come on, let me show you guys around!” Quackity said, wrapping an arm around Y/N’s shoulder before walking off.

         As Quackity showed them around, he introduced the siblings to gambling.

    “This country is dedicated to gambling,” Quackity said, break the glass before showing the siblings the slots

    “So dollar store Las Vegas?” Taco asked.

          Quackity paused and his eye twitched, before turning around with a fake smile.


          Quackity gave the siblings 3 diamonds each and showed them how to use the slots.

    “I have the worst luck…” Ben said, banging his head on the wall.

    “Same,” Y/N said.

    “Aw don’t be like that,” Quackity said.

          As the group left, Y/N asked.

    “Quackity, did you really just invite us here just to talk to us, or do you have something else in mind?”

         Quackity made a popping sound before turning around.

    “Well, I’m asking you and Ben to join Las Nevadas.”

    “Quackity, you know what happened to L’manburg, Wilbur blew that shit up, and our parents died during that, I don’t want the same thing to happen to Las Nevadas, not again…” Ben said, crossing his arms and looking down at the floor.

    “Yeah…” Y/N said.

    “I understand your concerns, what happened to L’manburg was… Awful so to speak, but I promise the same thing won’t happen here.”

    “How can you be sure, Quackity?” Y/N asked.

    “This world is dangerous and unpredictable, and since Wilbur’s back, he can blow this shit up!” Y/N said.

         Quackity thought for a moment, before looking at the siblings.


    “Huh?” Ben asked, confused.

    “That’s your choice, I can’t force you to stay if you don’t want to,” Quackity said, before turning around and walking off.

    “Come and visit at any time!”

          Ben looked at Y/N and Y/N looked at Ben.

    “That doesn’t sound good,” Black said.

    “What do you mean?” Y/N asked, turning to look at the man that looked exactly like her, but looked more like a boy and had a suit with a skull pin and a top hat with a skull pin.

    “I’m not sure if y’all noticed this but, Big Q is acting, off,” Emotional said, popping out of nowhere and was peering over Black’s shoulder.

    “You’re just being paranoid, Emotional, as always.”

    “I’m not this time, I’m being serious, Y/N, so please, we can’t come back here again!”

         Y/N ignored the pastel colored demon before following her brother as they left Las Nevadas.

          Quackity walked back into his office and sat down in his chair sighing.

    “I knew this was going to happen.”

    “Charlie! I have a job for you to do!”

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    🎵Welcome to my casino lads

    Are you down for a deal tonight?

    Let’ see if the luck is in your hands


    (not canon/au)  the song is called greedy and i swear to you its sounds like its ranboo singing :0 I've been working on this for a while now but who knows when ill actually finish it 

    #ranboo fanart#ranboo#ranboolive#ranboo au#dsmp#dream smp#animatic#digitalart#mcyt #au where ranboo is helping quackity in the casino #not canon #the song greedy sounds like its ranbo singing it
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    Thinking about how this became this...

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    Even A Devil Can Break- Chapter 1 (Y!Casino! Quackity x Female Reader

    Even A Devil Can Break- Chapter 1 (Y!Casino! Quackity x Female Reader

    Chapter 1 (Currently Reading) Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 (In The Works)

    Summary Of The Story- Y/N was friends with Quackity ever since they were kids, but once Las Nevadas gets formed Quackity finds out about Y/N's greatest strength, which makes him use her for his own benefit, not caring if he traumatized his main obsession.\

    Summary Of Chapter- Just small parts of childhood and the rest is when they’re adults.

    Word count- 1,495

    Warnings- Slight manipulation, Alcohol, Schlatt (His character can be triggerng)

    Author’s Note- This is based on the characters they play, NOT the people themselves

        Y/N walked out of her home with their torn up black and white bunny in their hands, their mother, Hope, telling them to be back before sundown. Y/N’s devil-like tail swung back and forth as she walked into the beautiful forest that was nearby. Her brother, Ben, older than her by 5 years, was in a nearby Village hanging out with his friends, and her mother and father were baking in the kitchen. Y/N sat at the beautiful stream that was far into the forest, watching fish and squid go by.      Y/N heard twigs being broken, and it was coming from a big tree next to her, she looked up and out came a yellow winged boy. The boy looked up and Y/N’s unreadable face and her tail swung in curiosity, her horns glowing F/C, and her small demon wings going up a bit.

    “Hello!” The boy said.

    “I’m Quackity! But you can call me Big Q if you want, what’s your name?” The boy named Quackity asked, Y/N pausing before responding.

    “Y/N, Y/N L/N,” Y/N said, before looking back at the stream.

        There was an awkward silence after the two hybrids introduced themselves, and Quackity decided to break it.

    “I have something cool to show you, wanna see?”

         Y/N thought for a moment, but was cut off by 1 of her 2 demons, Emotional.

    “DON’T GO, HE’S GONNA KILL US!” The pastel colored demon exclaimed, black tears falling from his eyes, only Y/N could see them, which bothered her.

    “Ok,” Y/N said, following Quackity while ignoring Emotional’s cries.

        They walked for about 30 minutes, getting deeper into the forest. Quackity moved a bush and showed Y/N a stash of weapons and potions.

    “What are these for?” Y/N asked, confused on why he had so many.

    “When you live alone in the wild, you can never be too safe, and also mobs.”


    “Yeah! You do know what mobs are, right?”

        Y/N stared at him before slowly shaking their head, mouthing no. Quackity grabbed one of the iron swords and gave it to Y/N, along with a healing potion.

    “Take these home and meet me here again tonight,” Quackity said eagerly.

    “Why?” Y/N asked, confused.

    “You’re going to fight some mobs!”

    “Ok…” Y/N said, looking down at the sword as it showed their face.

        Y/N waved goodbye as the sun began to set, Quackity fastly waved goodbye until Y/N could no longer be seen.

    “A friend…” ---------------     Y/N was in her middle school math class, her teacher, Mr. Harris, talking about lord knows what, while Y/N was starting to fall asleep, one of their friends, F/N, kicked the back of her chair.

    “OW, what the hell, F/N?!” Y/N whisper yelled, her tail going straight to their friend's neck. “Look,” F/N said, pointing to the doorway to see Quackity beckoning Y/N to follow him.      Y/N sighed before lowering her tail and turned to look at F/N.

    “Cover me,” Y/N said, before running out of the classroom.

    “Y/N L/N GET BACK HERE!” Mr. Harris yelled.

    “MR. HARRIS, Y/N has been really sick lately and they said she felt like she was about to throw up, so maybe that’s why she left.”

    “Oh…” Mr. Harris said in embarrassment, before going back to teaching.

         Y/N grabbed Quackity by his shoulders before looking at him annoyed.

    “What do you want, Big Q…”

    “We’re skipping.”

    “And, look at this,” Quackity said, pulling out an invitation.

    “It’s from Schlatt,” Quackity said.

    “He wants us to come to his party.”

    “Ok…” Y/N said, uninterested.

    “Q, are you sure he invited me? You’re friends with him, not me.”

    “He said to bring you, see,” Quackity said, handing her the letter.

    “Imagine how popular and powerful we’ll be if people see we’re hanging out with him,” Quackity said while Y/N read the letter.

    “It’s just petty middle and high school popularity Quackity, it won’t mean anything when we’re adults.”

         Quackity looked at Y/N with a hint of anger in his eyes, before going back to normal.

    “Y/N… It’s not just some ‘petty’ high school popularity, Schlatt’s family are pretty powerful, being friends with him can benefit you, Y/N,” Quackity said, putting his arm over Y/N’s shoulder, smirking sinisterly, but Y/N was too busy reading to see it.

        Sighing, Y/N agreed to go, before following Quackity off of school grounds.

    “We’re going to be in trouble,” Y/N said.

    “And?” Quackity asked.

    “My parents have been saying they keep getting calls from the school about us sneaking out.”

    “Hm,” Quackity said, amused. ------------

         Y/N walked down the halls of her high school while Schlatt and Quackity ranted about one of their classmates, Wilbur. Y/N couldn’t care less about what they were saying, she was too busy with their thoughts.

    “You listening?” A gruff voice asked, in an annoyed tone.


    “Yeah, what do you want?”      When the trio turned the corner, the halls were packed.

    “Rush hour…” Quackity mumbled.

    “Yep,” Schlatt said.

        While the trio walked towards the lunch room, people turned their heads to look at the group. Y/N, Quackity and Schlatt were what people called a threat. And this made them the most popular kids in school, much to Y/N’s dismay and Quackity’s excitement. The trio noticed it got quiet all of a sudden and noticed people were staring at them.

    “What?!” Schlatt said, making everyone run off.

    “Freshmen…” Quackity said.

    “Tell me about it,” Y/N agreed. ------------      Quackity, Schlatt and Y/N were at some club drinking, well, more like Quackity and Schlatt, Y/N was still drinking, but not as much as the other 2. Y/N giggled at the thought of Schlatt or Quackity getting alcohol poisoning. Y/N just got back from traveling around, and when she got back and found out her friends were president and vice president, she thought reality was messing with her mind, again. But nope!

    “Boy, what happened while I was gone?” Y/N asked.

          Quackity explained all the events that happened to the best he could while in his drunken state.

    “Well, it was nice seeing y’all again, need anything you know where to find me,” Y/N said, standing up, grabbing a staff that was next to them.

    “Oh, and don’t call me to drive you home, don’t die!” Y/N said, before leaving.

        Y/N walked out and called her brother, Ben, to pick her up. When Ben came around he looked at her with annoyance.

    “Why did you call me out of all people?” Ben asked, as Y/N walked into the passenger seat.

    “Because you’re my big bro and you’re suppose to help me out,” Y/N said in a teasing tone.

    “And because I’m a bit too loopy to drive, so.”

    “Ugh,” Ben said as he started the car and drove to Y/N’s house.

    “Thanks Brother!” Y/N said, leaving the car.

         Ben just rolled his eyes and smiled, before saying.

    “Call me if you need anything, ok?”

    “Ok ok! Bye!” Y/N said, before entering her house.

    “I hope it doesn’t happen again…” Ben thought with concern, before driving off.

         Y/N flopped down on her couch before scrolling on her phone, the house was dark, and only her phone was the source of light, besides the torch she had on her  table. Y/N’s staff wasn’t really her’s, it was the entity she named Ebba, Y/N didn’t have any memories when she was Ebba, she only knew what people told her. According to Ben, who was the first to see Ebba, was that Ebba’s a guy, was around 7’0, had puffy curly white, Y/H/C hair, his wings were puffy yet sharp, he had blue, yellow and black eyes, all mixed together in both, his voice was like an eco, and like three people were talking at once, his tail was a lot longer the normal, and was red, and his horns where like their mom’s, around 8 inches long, he wore this suit that was covered in fancy design, he had black streaks coming from his eyes, and last but not least, his staff, the staff represented Emotional, Black and Y/N, it was blue, black and (F/C), it had wings coming from it that were blue, it had rings that floated around it that were black, and it’s ball part was (F/C). When Ebba left, only the staff remained.      According to Ben, Ebba was quite, interesting, he would have these massive mood swings, he could go from manipulating someone to crying tears saying they were going to die. Y/N always thought if she would ever get memories of Ebba, since she knew nothing about him, besides that he only comes around 2-5 times a year and whenever Y/N became mentally unstable, but Ebba would only be around for about a day or a week, depends on how bad Y/N’s mentality is. Y/N liked the staff that stayed behind, she tried to learn how to use it, but it only said that only Ebba can use it, so she just carried it around with her. Y/N started to drift off before falling asleep.

    #casino quackity x reader #yandere dream smp #c!quackity #Quackity #dream smp x reader #dream smp
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  • theghostofblackbunnymask
    13.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    Chapter 1 plot of That Casino quackity fanfic

    I used Bell's name even though it's going to be an X Reader so I can know what I'm doing

    Chapter 1 Plot Child!Bell is walking towards the lush green forest in front of her home, her mother, Hope, and her father, Riku, both were in the kitchen baking brownies, cookies and cake, and her older brother, Ben, was in the near by village hanging out with his small group of friends. Bell sat next to the stream and watched as fish swam by. Bell's tail swung back and forth and her poker face stared at a tree. And as she thought, a boy with yellow wings fell out of the tree she stared at, the boy looked up and and saw Bell staring at him. The winged boy introduced himself as Alex, but said people called him Quackity. Bell hesitated before shaking his hand, saying her name was Bell. Alex saw Bell's horns, tail and small little devil's wing. Alex asked his she was a demon and she nodded, he asked if she can fly, she said yes, but perphered to float. Alex and Bell started to mess around and become friends Middleschool!Bell looked up at the ceiling of the math class she was in, getting tired of hearing the teacher speak. Bell glanced at the door way and saw Alex beckoning Bell to follow him. Bell left without a word, getting yelled at by the teacher on the way. Alex left the school and Bell asked where they were going, putting on the black and white bunny mask her little sister, Emiko, made for her, which was oddly well done for a 1 year old. Alex said not to worry, so she didn't High school!Bell walked down the halls as she listen to Alex and their new found friend, Schlatt, rant about their classmate, Wilbur. Bell, Alex and Schlatt were what people would call a "threat." [Insert reasons why]. Bell sighed in frustration due to Black annoying her, which caught Schlatt and Alex's attention. Bell said to continue, and they did. Adult!Bell was in some high class bar as she watched Quackity and Schlatt drink their lives away, while thought about them getting acohol poisoning, making her giggle. Bell was told that Alex and Schlatt won the election, which surprised her, Bell was supportive, yes, but, something changed about the 2, and Bell didn't like that, not one bit. Bell left Alex and Schlatt so she can find her missing sister after they graduated, and Bell came back when Schlatt and Alex became president and vice president. When Bell smelled the scent of cigarettes, she pinched her nose and yelled gross while Alex and Schlatt laughed.

    #schlatt #casino quackity x reader #Dream SMP
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  • theghostofblackbunnymask
    13.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    I've had this Idea in my head for a while because I've been reading a lot of Yandere!C!Quackity x reader fics due to bordem

    Should I right a fic about this? I will and I don't give a shit if someone says no

    Also yes I may be a girl but Bell has 2 demons named Emotional and Mr. Black who are both guys and they are part of Ebba, even if Ebba has Bell's body type (hourglass), Ebba's still a guy

    #casino quackity x reader #yandere dream smp
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  • iampossiblycool
    12.06.2021 - 5 days ago


    okay but if scar from the lion king was a human hed look like how we all envision Casino Quackity , I mean he even has the scar HJNQWDJNJD

    #dream smp#minecraft#quackity#casino quackity#scar#lion king #has this been done already #i need art
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  • korist
    11.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    beanie bros

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  • sootcraft
    11.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    It only just hit me that Quackity denying Wilbur entry into Las Nevadas is likely suppose to be a parallel to Wilbur denying Quackity into L'manburg back when he first joined...

    #quackity#wilbur soot#dream smp#las nevadas#tntduo#tnt duo #( AAAAA- Goddamn Casino!Quackity and his Wilbur and Schlatt parallels this man-)
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  • airett
    10.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    #i want to learn more #i read this hc where quackity is like the master of like cards #which makes sense bc casino #but my brain was like #that. new hyperfixation #so yea!!! #ian!!!
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  • b3l0v3ds
    09.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    #casino quackity isnt real #nyx rambles #anon my beloved
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  • sylum
    08.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Okay so I have a little theory? I dont know if it makes sense or not it's kind of out their in probability.

    So I dont think Technoblade was or is going to be the one to break Dream out of prison.

    I think it's going to be George.

    Let me explain

    George cannonly doesnt have any enemies on the server, mostly because hes asleep most of the time. But at the same time its canon that George can pull things from those Dreams into reality, like the potato and the nethorite armor.

    He also has DreamXD under his thumb too, not in a malicious way either.

    George has unlimited access to anything he wants through DreamXD, TNT for example.

    Because remember, everyone else on the server isn't fond of Dream at all, but our dear Gogy still is.

    And he misses Dream, he still cares for him. In Quackity's stream we first see George standing right outside the prison, not quite entering it. Why

    Why was he there?

    #hellion's 🔪 anon#dream smp #dream smp techno #quackity#casino quackity #dream smp theory #dream smp foolish #dream theory
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  • souldovadora
    08.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    i did this and then wilbur happened


    #c!quackity #!charlie slimecicle #quackity lore#casino quackity#las nevadas#doodle#dream smp#platonic#or#romantic #but i prefer platonic i guess #alina draws and thats that #dream smp art #fanart#painting#drawing #dream smp fandom #comic#kiss#bestie#bff#goals#parenting#eye scar#wings#slime#duck
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  • niceimafan
    08.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Feeling brave. Might start my casino arc, idk

    #dreamsmp. quackity. #this counts as a fandom post. #i made one. one picrew based off of a casino arc and here i am getting all dressed up and for what #casino arc fit kinda fire tho? #casino arc#quackity #c!quackity #this can also be interpreted as just about c!quackity so ha #dreamsmp#dsmp#dream smp
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