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  • forevermore-quoth-the-kitten
    20.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Wayne Family Try Not To Laugh Challenge - Inspired by my Discovery of Smosh Pit

    Bruce: *mouth full of water on a stool*

    Jason: *walks out and stands there silently for about five seconds.* sup dad

    Bruce: *mouth drops open as the others ooh and gasp*


    Dick: *in the seat with water in his mouth*

    Tim: *puts an apple by his foot and squats, looking up at Dick*

    it’s silent for about 8 seconds

    Tim: its fruit by the foot.

    Dick: *sudden spit take*


    Steph: *in the seat drinking water as Damian walks out wearing a sky maskand holding a sharp looking katana*

    Damian: slowly leans close to Steph, who leans away a bit* . . . I’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty-

    Steph: *loses it*


    Tim: *waiting in the seat as Jason walks out behind him wearing a white mask*

    Jason: *slowly walks into Tim’s field of view, silent*

    Tim: *sees Jason and nearly spits*

    Jason: I’m Jason . . . but you don’t know which one.

    Tim: *shoulder’s shaking as water dribbles down his chin*


    Jason: if I don’t laugh I’m leaving!

    Dick: *from behind the partition* I got you Jay!

    Jason: you better *drinks a mouthful*

    Dick: *throws a plastic bird over the wall as he screetches* what do you MEAN Robin’s can’t fly?!

    Jason: *spit take*


    Dick: *hotseat*

    Damian: comes out in a plastic Batman mask

    Dick: *almost laughs*

    Damian: *in a perfect mickey mouse voice* you got any drugs?

    Dick: *spits almost all over Damian*

    Jason: *from the other area* what the fUCK demon brat?!


    Tim: *hotseat*

    Steph: *limps out n the batman mask. stops next to Tim and sighs, her clothes on her haphazard and kiss marks on her face* Catwoman’s in heat again.

    Tim: *chokes on his water*

    Steph: *moving to rub his back while laughing* don’t die!

    Jason: cackling in the background

    Damian: that’s not funny Todd

    Duke: *from behind the camera with Cass* that’s freaking hilarious dude


    Dick: *hotseat*

    Bruce: son we need to talk. *Dick raises an eyebrow* I’m sorry to tell you, but Leslie got the results back. the reason Barbara broke up with you is because you . . . are a slut.

    Dick: *spits and the others lose it in the background while Bruce walks towards there* you get back here and say that again to my face! *he snaps at Bruce’s retreating figure*

    Steph: he just dID! *wheezing*


    Damian: *waiting*

    Jason: comes out in a short fluffy skirt, a fake corset, a half formed Red Hood mask and a red cloak* *stands next to Damian* yo, it’s 50 bucks an hour.

    Damian: *turns to look at him and turns back away, losing his water for the first time* *cackles*

    Steph: why did that work?!

    Damian: Hooker Little Red Riding Hood! *falls off his stool, Jason catches him*

    Jason: told you, now pay the fuck up

    Dick: *out of view behind the divider* why did we bet on this again?

    Tim: *also out of view* because Damian is a stone cold bastard and we didn’t think anyone would would get him, much less Jason

    Damian: *still cackling as Jason drops him* I’m getting a new bike *sounds very pleased with himself*

    Steph: oh f*beep* off

    #try not to laugh #Smosh pit#smosh tntl#but wayne's#bruce wayne#dick grayson#Jason Todd#Tim Drake#Stephanie Brown#Damian Wayne#cassandra cain#duke thomas #jason's a hoe #but only when he wants to be #damian can do voices #he cannot be trusted #he can and will use them #he used donald ducks while wearing cat ears #pretended he was catwoman hit by some of ivy's new pollen #dick freaking lost it man #duke is thoroughly enjoying this #especially Jason's bits #hard to make him laugh but he's great at making others laugh #jason got steph to split by saying he put hot sauce on is pancakes instead of syrup #tim broke at the star wars pickup lines Jason used on him #Dick broke when jason did a funny about all of his favorite cereals having dildos in them as prizes #and said each time 'as least its not shit. what's the dietary info like . . . oh never mind' #he shamelessly uses bets to get money from his family to buy shit #hes a broke boi
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  • silentknights
    20.10.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    [ID: Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain as Batgirls against a teal sky with blue buildings and a yellow moon. In the first image Stephanie fires a grappling hook. In the second Cassandra is running. End ID]

    You're amazing. Amazing, and kinda scary. Scary is a good thing!

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  • stuckylokanefan
    20.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    *Part 2 of the Bat Family Halloween*

    Cassandra Cain: Bruce, I would like to dress as Hawkeye for the Halloween outing.

    Bruce Wayne: Of course, but you don’t have to ask me for permission. *notices Damian Wayne looks annoyed and upset* Son, what’s wrong?

    Damian Wayne: Because you were going to be Iron Man, I wanted to be Spider-Man because Tony and Peter a father and son type of relationship. But Drake took that away from me.

    Bruce Wayne: Couldn’t you both be Spider-Man?

    Damian Wayne: No, there are already too many Spider-Man variations in this costume group.

    Bruce Wayne: I see, I will do anything to make it up to you.

    *Damian Wayne perks up*

    Damian Wayne: Really? Alright, I want to dress up as Loki and Rachel should be involved in this too and she wants to dress up as Jane Foster as Thor. You know the final thing that would make me very happy.

    Bruce Wayne: Fine, Harley can be an official member of the Bat Family.

    Damian Wayne: Excellent, I already talked to her and she will be Deadpool.

    *Damian Wayne is a Lokane shipper*

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  • incorrectbatfcm
    20.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Steph: Do you think lava would taste spicy?

    Cass: Please do not eat lava.

    Tim: Actually, since Lava is Molten Earth, it would probably taste very bland and dusty.

    Steph: Tim you're the only one here who understands me.

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  • thebluenebula
    20.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Steph: Why is there a screw in my bra?

    Tim: It's probably from your brain.

    Cass: I didn't think she had any left up there.

    Steph: Very funny.

    Steph: .....

    Steph: No, but seriously, how'd it get there?

    #This is based on a conversation I had recently #We still don't know how it got there #dc incorrect quotes #batfam incorrect quotes #batfamily incorrect quotes #stephanie brown#spoiler#cassandra cain#orphan#batgirl#black bat#robin#red robin#tim drake
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  • sporkberries
    19.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    POV: they are judging you

    #tim and cass my beloved #i feel like people forget theyre really close in canon #tim drake#cassandra cain#red robin#batgirl#batfam#dc#my art
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  • nocticola
    19.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Reading 2021: Shadow of the Batgirl by Sarah Kuhn; Nicole Goux (2019): 17.10.2021

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  • our-happygirl500-fan
    19.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Cass & Steph cameo in the main Batman story this week

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  • varsity-jerk
    19.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Name Signs for Batfam?

    Heyo, so I headcanon that the Batfam all know ASL and use it frequently in the house because Cass finds it easier than spoken English. So, Deaf Tumblr users, I'd love to know if you all had any ideas for name signs for the Batfam, since it's traditionally something given to someone by the Deaf community, and, as a hearing person, it feels a little weird to be coming up with my own name signs for them.

    #deafcommunity#batman#batfam#cassandra cain#asl#name signs#dc comics #okay i know what i said but what if the Deaf community in Gotham was completely aware of the fact that Bruce Wayne was Batman #specifically because Cass gave him his sign #and the sign is a letter b held up near the temple like the Batman suit ears #just a though #but again that's just the ramblings of a hearing person #no need to pay them too much heed
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  • spider-perkins
    19.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    stephanie brown in batman #115

    #ft cass and babs #shes so beautiful #im so excited for batgirls #my only issue is ya know babs not being in a wheelchair #:///#stephanie brown#batgirl#batgirls#cassandra cain#dumb comics#tuesday spoilers
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  • suspiciousbluejay
    19.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    CHAPTER 28 IS UP!!!!!!

    This is either the 2nd or 3rd to last chapter!!!! So get ready the revel is coming.

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  • youngjusticeslut
    19.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    SPOILER: Additional Characters in YJP Revealed!

    According to this article, several new and returning characters will play a role on Young Justice: Phantoms. New speaking characters include Onyx, Cassandra Cain, and Talia Al Ghul!

    We’ll also see the return of Sportsmaster, Sensei, and Arsenal. 

    As always, take everything with a grain of salt, but this is nice to see!

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  • lxncelot
    19.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    45 batman: wayne family adventures icons

    please like or reblog if you save/use

    credits not necessary but appreciated

    find them under the cut or on my icon page!

    #icon#icon pack#b:wfa #batman: wayne family adventures #wayne family adventures #barbara gordon icons #bruce wayne icons #cassandra cain icons #damian wayne icons #dick grayson icons #duke thomas icons #jason todd icons #stephanie brown icons #tim drake icons
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  • asongofstarkandtargaryen
    19.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I know the Batman is the mentor to all younger bats however the relationships between Barbs and Cass/Stephanie are also based on mentorship.

    Barbara saying she's proud of them got me emotional and I'm sure Cass and Stephanie would also love to hear it (and probably have heard it at some point because Barbara unlike some other bats can pay a compliment when it's needed).

    I just love these three batgirls and I'm glad we're getting a comic focused on them and their bond.

    On a semi related note, look how terrified Dick, Barbara and Tim seem when they thought Cass and Steph are in danger. What can I say? Bats loving bats.

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  • bookobsessed1412
    19.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Can I see a Batman/White Collar crossover where young!Neal gets adopted by the BatFam because he tried to con them or something and they immediately just thought that Bruce had found another one and was all like ‘B! Why didn’t you tell us you adopted another one!’ And if Neal even tried to deny it, it would be taken as Neal saying that it’s just supposed to be temporary or something and everyone just thinks he’s in denial? And then he eventually accepts it. He even becomes Robin for a time, maybe switching out with someone else every other patrol. And when he graduates from Robin, he decides to do the undercover missions for the justice league where they need stuff to be stolen for some reason or another. Then he becomes the CI.

    I’ve seen a relatively new one where Neal accidentally cons his way into the Wayne family, but the summary says that he manages to get away after about a year or two. I want him to stay.

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  • incorrectbatfam
    19.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Duke: Marvel or DC?

    Cassandra: I don’t like superhero movies.


    Duke: I’m afraid we can no longer be friends.

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  • chachacancan
    19.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I like to think that Bruce, who is a decent parent thank you very much, has his kids taking up at least one extracurricular activity growing up so they can at least socialize a little.

    Only vetoed activity: combat sports. Bruce does not want Damian breaking a 10 yo white belt in half at the local dojo.

    So Dick did swimming lessons and then a little competitive diving. Took his lifeguard class later as a teen and even worked part-time at the local pool. He still likes swimming and it’s great workout.

    Jason, before he died, volunteered at the school library, and he used to play peewee and bantam hockey with the Gotham Intrepid youth club. When he came back he took up bouldering and indoor rock climbing, not that Bruce is stalking him or anything. He still volunteers for a bunch of local associations that operate downtown.

    Tim did swimming, too, but when the other guys started getting real tall at competitions and Tim remained kinda short, he joined a cycling club instead. They do bike outings a few times a year — it’s nice. And he’s also a volunteer for the uni Pride Centre.

    Stephanie’s part of the debate club in high school and then at uni she participates in the model United Nation association. Then she uses her debate club experience to argue with Bruce about fencing, and while Bruce still believes that allowing his children to be around civilians with weapons is still a horribly bad idea, he allows it.

    Cassandra volunteers at the local community centre in a free ASL class every weekend, class that by now, most of her siblings have attended, and then she also does gymnastics with other peers her age. She doesn’t want to participate in competitions. She’s a little crowd-shy, but she does it just for fun and Bruce comes to see her at practice when he can — that’s enough for her.

    Duke is part of the cheerleading squad in high school. And he and his teammates also do increasingly complicated yoga to compliment their training. It’s an acquired taste for Duke, but it winds up being of of his favourite activities, and he keeps it up on his own.

    Damian refuses to participate in any activity at school. And it takes a while to find something he enjoys. Eventually Bruce makes a deal with a ranch that’s an hour away, and Damian gets to do horseback riding there, where he has a horse in pension. He gets to ride his horse, and he learns to take care of the ranch animals there, so the commute is worthwhile.

    And Bruce? Bruce logs in Zoom once a week and attends a virtual cooking class with other parents and manages to make something edible.

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  • butwhyduh
    19.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I like literally never posts art but I had an idea I couldn’t get out of my head until I drew it. I KNOW Cass has never been Robin. But she definitely deserved a Robin cover but they didn’t give her one because she would smoke the boys. 🥵

    #no background we die like Robins #cassandra cain#black bat#orphan #batgirl dc fan art #batgirl #dc fan art #Cassandra cain art #my bisexual mind couldn’t resist
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  • thatrandomweirddude
    19.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Cass 😎

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