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    Blood Eagle. Part Four.

    Part One. Part Two. Part Three.

    Cassandra’s girlfriend is a very healthy woman, sarcastically.

    CW: Violence, non-explicit murder, self-harm


    Their first “I love you” was whispered words falling from Cassandra’s lips in the dark of their room and a heart stopping in Valeria’s chest, and when her heart had recovered, she responded in kind. Their lives were good. Valeria got good at what Cassandra taught her, and after she eventually got over her intrinsic belief that she couldn’t create anything of value or beauty, she even accepted Cassandra’s offer to teach her how to work the castle’s smithy. She got good at it too and was amazed that she was in fact capable of producing something that held aesthetic appeal, though it was also true that to her the lethality of what she created was what she was interested in more than its visual allure. Cassandra treasured the first crude dagger she had forged and a snarling figurine of a wolf’s head with a sickle between their teeth that dangled from her neck and that Valeria had made after getting better at what she did.

    Hunting with a weapon she had forged herself was a unique experience. It made the act feel whole and personal and instilled in her a proudness. She preferred to hunt with weapons suited for close-quarter encounters and throwing – though it wasn’t for a lack of skill with archaic projectile weapons –, which made hunting more difficult at times than it needed to be, but having Cassandra, and sometimes the rest of the family, at her side made sure that no prey would get away. Innocent humans were never hunted, unless their food was too scarce to otherwise sustain them, so hunting the villagers happened rarely, and most of the time, they hunted animals or lower mutants. But, Valeria wouldn’t lie and claim that her favourite times weren’t when they released one of the men from the cellars and let him believe he had a chance to escape. Men were always easier to catch because, unlike the wild animals and mutants, Valeria was generally faster than them. Watching Valeria kill a man never failed to put Cassandra into a good mood, and Valeria wouldn’t dream of complaining when that mood had the both of them distracted before they could have a chance to wash off the blood, sometimes even before they had made it out of the woods, and even when covered in it, Cassandra still managed to be overly cautious not to let foreign blood enter Valeria’s system without letting her caution be a hindrance to them.

    There was just one flaw in their happy little shared life – that there were things that Valeria intrinsically didn’t share.

    She had a good life. Despite what things had been like for her beforehand, she had a good life now, a stable home, a caring family, no threat of danger to her. Everything was fine, so why did it hurt? She didn’t want to go to Cassandra with this, not again. She had better things to do than to baby her. She didn’t have to drop everything and worry every time she felt bad.

    So, she decided to take a stroll outside, at least that was what it had meant to have been. She had heard the jeering men, and something about it had sounded alluring to her. She had waited, unnoticed, for them to give her a reason, ending up to be the wrong misogynistic inebriated joke, and she had thrown the first strike. Four men – she was fairly proud of herself that she had managed to take them all on. She also took as well as gave out, and by the time the bar had cleared of all except for them, the four were on the ground, and she was straddling one, driving her fist into his face, she felt raw, bloodied, and bruised all over, and alive. He was still violently trying to throw her off when two strong hands grabbed her from behind, lifted her off, and she was turned around to stare into wide amber eyes.

    Neither of them spoke at first.

    “I’m okay,” she finally answered the unasked question.

    Cassandra’s hands left the sides of her face, and Valeria saw the tension in them as they went to her sickle at her side, bringing Valeria’s hands forward to stop her.

    “You don’t have to kill them.”

    “Yes, I do.” Her voice would have sounded calm to anyone who didn’t know her.

    “They haven’t done anything.”

    “They have done this to you.”

    “I have done this to them. I struck first. Let’s just go.”

    “Why did you strike first?”

    “I didn’t like their faces. It doesn’t matter. They didn’t actually do anything.” There was more non-verbal pleading before Cassandra let herself be led outside by her.

    The way up to the castle was quick because Valeria let herself get carried. She noticed that Cassandra had layered two winter cloaks to come out into the cold. She must have searched the whole castle to notice that she had been gone, or maybe someone had seen her leave and told her. Still, for her to come out like this, into this temperature – she must have been gone longer than she had thought.

    Up at the castle, Cassandra was patching her up in a bathroom with practised ease when Valeria broke the silence while she cleaned her burst skin.

    “How did you find me?”

    “I followed your scent. Do you have any idea what it did to me to smell your blood mingled with the scent of four drunk, angry, and aroused men? Do you know where my mind went? I would have butchered more than just them. We would have been starving this winter with all the blood I would have wasted.”

    “I didn’t think that far ahead. I didn’t think you would be there.”

    “And you would just show up beaten up at the castle later?”

    “I didn’t think that far ahead either.”

    “I don’t understand, why did you do it? Did they do something?”

    “It wasn’t about them. It was about me.”

    “Why would you do this?

    “I wanted – I don’t know. Release? To feel something. To hurt something. To hurt.”

    She dropped the cloth and pulled Valeria against her chest.

    She hadn’t thought it through the way she did now, with this sort of clarity that saying it out loud brought along with it, and with the realisations came tears.

    “I’m not doing okay.” She whimpered.

    “You’ll be fine. You’ll get through this.”

    “I don’t even understand why.”

    “You don’t have to, not yet. It will take time, but you have to stop hiding from it and drowning it out with this. You won’t heal if you don’t address it. When I told you not to hide your pain from me it also applied to pain that wasn’t physical and that you didn’t understand. When I made you exercise until you dropped the last time you were overwhelmed, it wasn’t to numb the pain, it was to work out the issue at hand. That isn’t a long term fix. I’m not letting anyone do this to you again.”

    “I know. I just didn’t want to bother you with this.”

    “Bother me.”

    A silence settled until Valeria said, “I don’t understand what’s wrong with me.”

    “You were abused your entire life. It left scars. That is the most obvious cause.”

    “I don’t know. Maybe. Probably.”

    “These things can linger even if we don’t see the connection.”

    “How do I deal with this?”

    “By building healthier responses to it than starting brawls in a bar. You are no longer alone, Valeria, and you don’t have to do this all on your own. Trying to talk about it might help.”

    “I just feel wrong when I get like this. There is nothing good enough. There is nothing that feels real enough. It’s all just hollow. Getting hurt and seeing someone breaking under my hands just feels better. It feels real. It feels like something. It feels good.”

    Cassandra leaned back so she could look her in the eyes. “I get that. I used to hurt myself. I have a few scars from when I was still human.” She peeled back her sleeve. She had shown them before but not explained what they had been from. “I felt wrong too, and I didn’t know what was wrong with me or how to handle it. I still don’t know if there is something wrong with me, but I no longer care now. I have come to accept who I am, and I have learned how to handle some of my worst emotions. I hid behind locked doors. What I want you to know is that you don’t have to do the same. I am here for you. I care about you and when you are feeling overwhelmed you can always come to me.”

    She proceeded to bandage her wounds as they talked, and when it was done, they returned to their room, and by then, both their agitation had faded away, and in the dark of the moon-lit room, there was only gentleness left in Cassandra’s expression. Cassandra held Valeria’s face in her hands, looked down at her through the dark, and said, “I love you, I care about what happens to you, I want to help you heal, and I won’t let anyone hurt you. No one lays a finger on you.” Her words were quiet, and they burned into Valeria’s skin like a protective enchantment. Cassandra leaned down to kiss her slowly, and Valeria’s hand came up to pull her closer by the back of her neck. That night, Cassandra made her feel loved. It felt like the life returned to her, and she wondered how it could have ever gotten as bad as it had during the day.

    Things improved after that. Not all of Valeria’s days were good days, but Cassandra knew that on some days the damage of her past lingered more than on others, and she learned to spot the signs, no matter how hard Valeria still tried to hide them instinctually each time. Valeria, in turn, learned to let Cassandra in when this happened and gradually stopped pretending she was fine when she was not. Cassandra was good at providing both comfort and release when her emotions became overwhelming and Valeria herself didn’t know how to handle or understand them. They found that anything that was strenuous or allowed her to work out her, usually unfocused, anger, worked well. Hunting, sparring, or spending time down in the dungeons were often the most potent remedies when it got bad. On other days comforting arms and shared solitude were enough. The more she opened up, and the more time passed, the better she got, but it was a slow process, and it would take time.

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    I like to think that Bela, Cass, and Dani probably take naps under the sunbeam that comes through a window in one of their rooms. Just imagine a buggy cuddle pile of all three of them under the ray of light, and throughout the day when it changes angles they all subtly shift to follow it.

    Alcina is very amused by this aspect of her daughters' behavior.

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    Dark Blue

    Pairing: Bela Dimitrescu x (Fem!Daughter of Poseidon)Reader

    Summary: You needed to be away from the ocean. From your father. He never told you about what he did to a mortal woman under Athena's care. You despised him since. A castle should do... Right?

    Warnings: Mentions of R@pe, Attempted R@pe, Family Issues, Blood

    A/n: So, here’s my story of a Child of Poseidon... Where the kid despises her own father. 

    “Greek Tragedy” - The Wombats [Play this when House Dimitrescu, Joan and Cordelia go to the beach] 
    "Dark Blue" - Jack's Mannequin


    You needed out. So you did. You’ve left everything tat had given your status as a demigod. Especially to a demigod to Poseidon; one of the big three Greek Gods. You went to the surface; land. You weren’t sure how to take the news when some poor sap had mentioned what happened. The mortal maiden’s name was Medusa.

    Quite a charming name if you tell me...

    But, your father you see... Like his brother Zeus... Has a high sexual drive. You weren’t a fan. To say the most. You no longer want contact with your father after you eavesdropped on what happened to the maiden.

    I don’t care where I’m going... I’m just going to get away from the ocean. I have to... I can’t be here anymore...

    You ventured out. Far... Far... Far away from home. You didn’t care. As long as you were away from your now deadbeat father. You weren’t sure where you were..

    Lost is where we are.. Nice job Cor...

    You found yourself out of your range of territorial knowledge. IF you had actually taken those hunting lessons from Artemis, you would know your way around through any form of forest out in the world. 

    “By gods I’m so lost...” You shiver against the cold winds, “Now... I’m pretty sure I’m too far north... Good.. I’m far from any kind of water..”

    Just because you’re a demigod... Doesn’t mean you’re immune to everything that the world has to offer. If you wanted body heat, being a child of Hephaestus would have been handy. 

    “But here we are... A kid of Poseidon stranded out here in the cold...” You congratulate yourself, sarcastically

    You still tread through the cold tundric grounds as you continue to try and find shelter. At least find a temporary shelter.

    Mother better not come and try to find me... I should find somewhere to settle... Eventually... But right now, the top priority is to find somewhere...

    That was when you took a glance upward: a castle. Nestled in the dead part of the mountains.

    Good... Maybe the people here will let me stay for a little bit...

    You walk up to the cold metal doors and place your hands upon them. You look at your fingers; your fingertips began turning purple.

    Better make it fast...

    You push all of your body weight onto the door and push through them, nearly knocking yourself onto the floor. You search around for any kind of fire place.

    "Did you hear that sisters?! Someone's here!!" A feminine voice echoes through the castle halls, followed by a maniacal laugh


    Your mind raced as you had limited places to hide. You could hear the footsteps. Many... However, they were far still. But, you could feel the vibration on the floor, they were closing in fast. You bust out of the door and dash out of the entry hall. You pivot to your right and burst through the doors. However, in the heat of trying to hide, you immediately ram yourself into someone. It wasn’t much of a scurry as the other woman had you pinned to the ground.

    "Well well well, what do we have here?” The feminine voice asks

    She takes her sickle and gently runs it across your cheek. You felt like there was paper uncomfortably gliding across your skin. But she stops. She takes the sickle away and gets off of you.

    “Wh-What are you?!” She asks, beginning to back away from you

    “What do you mean?” You sit up, touching your cheek

    You look down at your fingertips.

    Oh... Right...

    In the place of your fingertips, was blood. But, not the crimson shade type of blood. It was turquoise colored. With a hint of gold.

    Typical for all Gods and demigods alike. At least, for the God of the Oceans and his offspring.

    “It’s just blood,” You chuckle, “Why are you afraid of it?”

    You lift your shirt and begin wiping at your cheek, hoping for the blood to stop seeping through.

    "Here..." The woman comes up to you

    She wipes the still seeping blood onto her gloved finger. You watch her in slight disgust as the drop of your blood enters her mouth.

    “Tolerable,” She sighs, but the sigh sounded like... A pleasureful moan

    Do I really taste that good?....

    You opened your mouth and was about to speak to her further until you hear many other footsteps.

    “Bela... What’s going...” A red-head’s voice trails off

    Standing beside her...

    “Joan Arc?” You call out

    “You know her babe?” The read-head looks at her lover

    “Cousins,” Joan answers

    “Distant cousins really,” You answer, standing on your two feet, “But I know who she is.”

    You still hold onto your now dry-blooded cheek. 

    “Looks like the eldest one got to one of the big three’s kids,” Joan teases you

    “How could you tell?” the blonde asks

    “Her blood,” Joan points out, “Her blood is turquoise... But, if you’re one of the big three’s kids... Well, depending on which, if you’re like her, turquoise with a hint of gold. Hade’s kid, a hint of rainbow. Zeus’ kid... It’s just gold...”

    “There’s more than just you out there?” the red-head asks

    Joan nods, “What are you doing here Cordelia Luna?” 

    That was your name... You didn’t like it but you learned to live with it.

    “After finding out what my father did to Medusa the other day...” You begin explaining, “I couldn’t live with someone like that anymore...”

    “Won’t he come looking for you?” She asks

    “Most likely,” You sigh in annoyance, “But, better to live far from the ocean yeah?...”

    “Daughters... What’s all of this.... Commotion?” a Tall woman asks

    “Alcina, this is my distant cousin... Cordelia Luna,” Joan introduces you to the tall woman

    “Oh my... Another one has stumbled upon my castle,” Alcina sighs, “Is she?”

    “Like me, yes. Just... The Daughter of Poseidon...” Joan chuckles to herself, scratching the back of her head

    “Am I supposed to know what that means?” She asks

    “No,” You say, “But, you honestly don’t need to believe me... I only need somewhere to stay for a little while. Just until I figure out what to do.”

    “Very well,” Alcina sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose

    The five of you watch Alcina walk away, down the stairs, disappearing into the castle. 

    “Can... Anyone show me where the nearest wash room?” You ask, breaking the silence

    “Come with me,” The blonde instructs

    She grabs you by the wrist  and begins dragging you with her. 

    She budges the doors open with her shoulder and pushes you into the lush bathroom. 

    “Whoa...” You gape in the marble and gold-lined bathroom

    “Do you... Need help?” The blonde asks, kind of hopeful that you’d say yes

    “I... Can get everything else from here,” You sigh, “Thanks though...”

    “Bela...” She says, coldly

    “Huh?” You turn to her, already stripping your shirt off

    “That’s my name,” She says

    You could easily see her head ever-so-slightly tilted down. 

    “Bela?...” You ask her

    She snaps her head up from looking at your torso.

    “I like that,” You slightly smile, “Thank you... For not killing me.”

    “Your welcome Cordelia,” Bela smiles, turning to the door

    My name rolls off her tongue so... Good... Whoa whoa whoa chill out Cor...

    *Bela’s POV* Bela goes to check on her new guest. She lifts her gloved finger, ready to gently knock on the door to check on you. However, she notices the door was cracked open. She pushes the door open slightly to seeing your body fully submerged. 

    “Cordelia!” Bela yells

    She practically leaps onto the bathtub rim and reaches into the scolding hot water, reaching for you. 

    “What what?!” You ask her, hearing the panic in her voice

    “You-you were submerged and-I thought-thought you were trying to-” Bela tries to speak

    “Bela,” You say calmly

    Your damp fingers emerge from the water and gently caress Bela’s cheek. 

    “Fun fact,” You chuckle, “I can be submerged in water for long periods of time. Hearing my own thoughts help clear them out.”

    Bela lets out a sigh of relief as she begins laughing. then it hit you. You were bare naked before Bela.

    “B-Bela... Can I get a towel?...” You say, trying to cover yourself up

    Bela snaps out of her daze and stands, letting you back down into the water.

    "Ow..." Bela sighs

    "Sorry," you sigh, "Guess i just really needed my head cleared..."

    You change back into your now freshly washed clothes as you enter the main hall. Where, the four familiar figures wait for you.

    "It's okay," Bela comes over and gives you a towel, "I'm just glad you're not dead..."

    *Cordelia's POV* "What is it?" You ask, unconsciously sitting next to Bela

    "I know things tend to get lonely here in the castle," Alcina starts, "But as soon as spring hits i want to take us all to the beach."

    Your body suddenly tensed.

    "Cordelia?" Bela calls to you

    You look at Joan, and Joan nods. As if she knew what you were already on edge about.

    "Sorry I-uhhh... Need to step out a moment," You say as calmly as you could

    You quickly make your way up the stairs. Anywhere really. You make your way up to the second floor and burst into the first door you saw. You clutch at your arms as you begin feeling your breaths become short and staggered.

    "Cordelia?" A voice calls from the doorway

    You pivot your foot and see Bela; standing in the doorway, concern crossed her face.

    "What's wrong?" She asks, slowly coming up to you

    You allow her to place her gloved hands on your shoulders as you try to calm yourself down.

    "Are you... Afraid of the beach?" She teases

    When you look up at her, her smile drops.

    "What is it?" She asks, her concerned nature coming back

    "I came... I came from the ocean..." You stutter

    "That's not possible," Bela chuckles

    "It is... When you're Poseidon's kid..." You sigh, wiping your tears away, "I need to tell you something... About my father. Why I'm here. Of all places..."

    Bela seats you down at a table, her sitting in the closest chair to you.

    "So... Your father... God of the Oceans..." Bela remembers, "He kicked you out?"

    "More like I ran away," You correct her, "Something that happened between him and one of Athena's priestesses centuries ago..."

    "Centuries?" Bela asks, "What-"

    "Let me explain Bela," You sigh, "I already hate mentioning it..."

    "Sorry," Bela slumps into the back of the chair

    "As I was saying..." You begin again, "One of the priestesses was doing her usual prayer to the Temple if Athena... I guess my dad found that certain priestess so beautiful he 'needed' to.. Seduce her... Well, 'seduce' is really an understatement... Because from what I understand he... Raped her in that very temple..."

    "Oh my god..." Bela gasps

    You look up at her, not sure if she was dramatically saying it or she was actually surprised.

    "Athena couldn't confront my father as he.. Was one of the biggest gods in all of Greek History... But, she unfortunately had to punish the victim. I guess... It was so that that priestess won't experience the same thing again." You continue explaining

    "What happened... To that Maiden?" Bela asks

    "She was turned into a Gorgon," You answer Bela's question, "For every glance a mortal had laid upon her eyes, they'd be turned to stone."

    "Cool superpower, more like a perk really," Bela smiles

    "Yeah she's dead," You add, "But the head is supposedly on Athena's shield. So a useful item in battle."

    "Is that why you?..." Bela's voice trails off

    "Knowing what my father did and not be held accountable for it... I can't live with someone like that," You groan, "I can't atone for what he's done... He needs to see that for himself. But being the God he is... He's too full of himself to actually see the damage he had done..."

    "Cordelia," Bela says, leaning over to touch your hand, "Thanks..."

    "For what?" You look at her

    "Being open enough to talk about it," She says, smiling

    Maybe... Staying here won't be a bad idea...

    Come spring time, the snow was melting, the temperature was warming up. You didn't have much to pack other than the clothes you came in during the winter time. Bela fortunately, was kind enough to lend you dome of her own clothing.

    "You sure about this?" Joan comes up to you, "You don't really need to go if you don't want to."

    "Joan I'm fine," You smile, "Besides, I got Bela."

    "Ohhh so you two are getting snuggly with each other huh??" Joan teases you

    "Well.. You see... Listen here Joan," You stutter, trying to find the right words to muster together

    "You ready?" Bela comes up behind you

    "Yeah," you smile, turning to her

    You follow her out to a carriage where Daniela, Cassandra and Alcina were waiting for the three of you.

    "Ready girls?" Alcina asks

    "Yes mother," Bela says

    You nod as you follow Bela into a carriage. You were never one for carriages. You always traveled on foot, by water or by Hippocampus. 

    “You’ve never ridden a carriage before?” Bela asks, looking at you

    You shake your head, “I travel by foot, water or a Hippocampus.”

    “What’s a-” Bela tries to ask

    “Never mind,” You sigh

    Your body tenses again as the carriage ride takes seemingly forever to reach the ocean line. Bela looks over at you and notices how your nails began digging into the lavish seat you were seated upon.

    “Here... Let me help you...” Bela whispers

    She removes your hand from the seat and holds it gently. You look up at her in astonishment. She simply smiles at you as she leans on your shoulder. You ease your grip on the cushion below you and lean onto her head.

    “Bela,” Alcina calls

    “Yes mother?” she asks

    “Would you promise me to phone me every night?” She asks

    “Yes mother, but... Why are you-?” Bela tries asking

    The carriage stops.

    It was lavish with a hint of rustic. You thought you were all going to stay in one giant seaside mansion. Not many small cabins next to the ocean. 

    “You two will be staying at this cottage here,” Alcina opens the window

    “Thank you mother,” Bela smiles as she begins stepping out of the carriage 

    You follow suit and the turn your head over your shoulder. Joan was sending a wicked smile your way. You scoff at her and hop out of the carriage as you unload one of tlyour bags, but help Bela with a couple of hers.

    "You do know were only going to be here for the weekend right Bels?" You ask her

    "Never know what happens," Bela makes a point

    "Fair enough," You say, "But, everyone else is also not going to be that far off proximity from us."

    You follow Bela into the cabin as the both of you set down the luggage in the master bedroom.

    "You have a problem with us two being alone?" Bela asks

    "Why would I?" You ask

    Bela turns and walks up to you, cornering you against the wall.

    "I have something special for you tonight..." She smiles

    "Do... Do you now?" You choke up

    “You should probably go to the bathroom to.. Freshen up,” Bela suggests

    “Yes ma’am,” You wink 

    When night time fell, you were in the bathroom, freshening up per Bela’s suuggestion. You place your palms on the countertop, observing the mark on your upper inner forearm that you hates so much.

    I wish I could burn it off and call it a day...

    However, your thoughts were short-lived as you heard a crash noise from the other side of the wall.

    "Bels?" You call out to her, opening the bathroom door, "You okay?"

    Just as you look up, your eyes widen. The room was dark... You couldn't tell who it was but all you knew was your girlfriend was underneath a mysterious figure. The figure’s hips settled between her legs... The figure was covering Bela’s mouth as her head is turned to your direction; her eyes screaming for you to help.

    "Get off her NOW!!" You scream

    Your legs break out into a run as you forcibly remove the figure off of Bela. 

    “Phone Alcina and the others!” You yell, “I got this freak!”

    Not knowing the lengths of your own power when outside of water, you launch yourself and the figure outside. With the moonlight illuminating the man's facial features.... Your eyes widen.

    "Po...seidon?" You call out to him

    Your surprised expression suddenly turns to anger as you further plunge yourselves into the cold waters below.

    *Bela's POV* Bela felt the weight lift off of her when you had lifted the figure off of the ground with such strength and force. Enough force to send both you and the figure hurdling out of the cabin. When Bela regained herself, she leans over and reaches for the phone. It only had three numbers; to the other cabins. She dialed every single one.

    “Bela.. darling what’s wrong?!” Alcina asks

    “Someone... Someone broke into Cordelia and I’s cabin,” Bela cries, “Cordelia is fighting him right now..”

    “Okay Bela.. Calm down,” Alcina reassures her daughter, “I’ll gather every one else, just stay there and keep an eye on Cordelia.”

    Her mother hangs up. Bela rushes off of the bed and scrambles for some sweats she didn’t realize that were yours and rushes outside. There, Alcina, Daniela, Joan and Cassandra had just rounded the corner around the cabin. Bela broke into a run and dropped her entire self into her mothers’ arms. Bela turns when she hears you grunt. 

    “Cordelia!” Bela attempts to run over to you

    “No!” You yell, “Stay there!” 

    *Cordelia’s POV* Your head gets knocked against a rock. Not enough for it to be bashed open. But, it was a bad cut. You stagger onto your feet, your teal blood trickling down the side of your head and seeping out from your mouth. You wipe the blood off of your mouth but you look down; your blood was glowing.

    “Why are you here?” You growl at your father

    “That woman there...” He only says, “She... Captivated me...”

    “And you think sexually assaulting her was the best option?!” You raise your voice at him, “She captivated me too! But I’m not like you! I will never be like you!” 

    “Of course you will kiddo, you’re my kid,” He says, trying to joke around with you

    “Don’t,” You chuckle, “Don’t...”

    “Why not?” He asks, “You’re home now... Your mother misses you...”

    “I can never go home...” You sigh, “After finding out about your little... Many affairs... Many that have ended in sexual assault that you are too proud to admit?! I could never live with someone like that...” 

    You begin backing away from your own dad, who had beaten you to a pulp. 

    “Besides,” You sigh, and grunt in pain, “I think I’ve found where I belong...”

    You turn your head to Bela and the others. Bela smiles at you and you smile back. 

    “Fine...” Poseidon says, uncheerfully, “But... If you ever want to have a sit down and chat... You know how to find me...”

    You watch your father dive back into the ocean. You fully turn yourself back towards Bela and begin walking towards them. Alcina’s grip on her daughter eases and Bela breaks into a run after you. 

    “Cordelia!” Bela calls for you

    When the whole ordeal was settled, everyone had returned to their own cabins as you and Bela returned to your own: Bela seats herself in your lap as she wraps a bandage around your head.

    “I captivated you huh?” Bela asks

    “Yeah... But, I didn’t think that.. My dad would...” You sigh

    “Hey...” Bela finishes the bandage on your head, “But, you did save me right before then right?..”

    You nod, “I guess so.”

    Her palms rest against your cheeks as you look up at her.

    “Are those my sweats?” You jokingly ask

    “Shhhh,” Bela leans down and closes the gap between your faces

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  • lavender-rosa
    19.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    🥀Dimitrescu Daughters moodboard🥀

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  • spacehumanwrites
    19.09.2021 - 8 hours ago
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  • countdraluka
    19.09.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#novitiate#lady dimitrescu #bela dimitrescu x maiden #cassandra dimitrescu x maiden #daniela dimitrescu x maiden #the soldier
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  • schnuffel-puschel
    19.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I See them

    And think of them in Dino-style

    ...good luck Winter's

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  • riicemochii
    19.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    commission for @/gneissshorts on twitter/instagram of a VERY intense dimitrescu family game night lol

    #art#my art#fanart#digital art #clip studio paint #resident evil #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #resident evil fanart #resident evil 8 fanart #resident evil village fanart #lady dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu #bela dimitrescu fanart #daniela dimitrescu fanart #cassandra dimitrescu fanart #commission#commissions open
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  • angstyanon0
    19.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    *Bela Dimitrescu giving a 10 minute speech on why she should be the class president*

    *Bela sits back down smiling confidently*

    *Alcina Dimitrescu is so proud*That’s my girl🥺

    *Daniela walks up to the podium*

    Daniela: *burps into the mic* “and that’s why you should vote for me”

    School: cheers

    Alcina: *puts her head in her palms so embarrassed*

    Cassandra: *lifts Dani on her shoulders with the rest of the school cheering*

    Daniela: *wins the election*

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  • legguk
    19.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    watch me obsess over nicole's lives with the others va's<3

    ( this is nicole and paula as their characters playing the game! )

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  • andromeda918
    19.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Am I making my mom a Cassandra doll for her birthday because I was too lazy to do an Other Mother or Lady Dimitrescu doll while simultaneously working on a Sally doll for my aunt’s birthday that was a month earlier therefore putting myself in a lot of stress because I don’t have the correct materials?

    *hides unfinished Cassandra doll behind my back* …………No………….no I am not……………….

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  • cavemangifs
    19.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    HC where Luiza is one of the few Villager’s with access to the four Lord’s residences (with more of a ‘Mother’-like sense to Alcina and the others, than Miranda) especially at House Dimitrescu; Alcina-Miranda; the endearing Mother-Daughter relationship between Alcina-Cassandra; Female Villager/Cassandra. [I deliberately created a GIF of the Dimitrescus with one of many of their similarities, which is their smile].

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  • cruncherzz
    19.09.2021 - 22 hours ago
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  • hausedimitrescu
    18.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Dimitrescu women would adopt Gage from pet sematary and I won’t be told otherwise.

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  • lepusrufus
    18.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    I just realized that something Cassandra and Nicole would have hilarious arguments about would be different idioms/ Nicole not understanding a romanian idiom like

    Cassandra: it's like being caught between a hammer and an anvil

    Nicole: You mean "caught between a rock and a hard place"???

    Cassandra:... man english really sucks the poetry out of everything doesn't it

    #cassandra dimitrescu x maiden #unhinged maiden™ my beloved
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  • highlifeboat
    18.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Alcina: Do you any of you girls want a glass of wine?

    Cassandra: Yeah, I'll have one.

    Bela: Yeah, me too.

    Daniela: Ooo! I'll have one!

    Bela: Excuse me?

    Cassandra: What the fu-You're like twelve.


    Daniela: I'm literally only three minutes younger than you two.

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  • animefans-stuff
    18.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Four Lord's with an s/o who likes to draw.

    Warnings ; none. Just fluff.
    Note - I won't include Moreau because, I still don't know how to write for him.
    - I also don't know if this has been written before but, uh enjoy.

    Lady Dimitrescu + her daughter's

    Lady Dimitrescu and her daughter's love all of your drawings.

    They could all sit down and watch you sketch something for hours.

    Dimitrescu will hang up your drawings and paintings around the castle. With your permission of course.

    Her daughter's bring you all kinds of things to draw Daniela once brought back a lycan.

    If you ever run out of art supplies then Lady D will head straight to The Duke and buy whatever you needed.

    Daniela will ask if you could try teaching her how to draw. Of course you agree and spend the rest of the day, teaching her how to draw. Of course- Bela and Cassandra will also want to learn how to draw.

    If Lady Dimitrescu has to attend to whatever Miranda needed, she'll bring one of your pictures with her. It makes her feel comfortable and happy.

    She'll invite Donna over and show her some of your work.

    Karl Heisenberg

    He might act like it's a waste of time but deep down he really loves it.

    Heisenberg melts whenever you draw/paint a picture of him. He'll hang it up somewhere in his factory.

    In return he might try making something for you.

    The only problem is the lycans. Some of them have tried biting or chewing on some of your art stuff.

    Of course, Heisenberg deals with them. After all, he'd hate to see you get upset over your stuff getting damaged.

    He'll show your art to everyone.

    Gets annoyed whenever Alcina says something about your drawings.

    Like said before- He's tried drawing you something, of course he doesn't think it's any good. But as long as it makes you happy then he's happy.

    Donna Beneviento + Angie

    They both love it.

    Angie's completely fascinated by your art work. She'll ask if she can try painting a picture of you and Donna.

    Some of the other dolls are also fascinated with this strange activity. They'll usually sit next to you and wonder, why you put strange colors on paper. And if it's any fun.

    I like to think that Donna knows how to draw.

    When she isn't busy, then she'll either sit next to you and watch. Or help you with a drawing.

    Angie also trys helping you.

    Speaking of Angie, almost every day she'll run up to you with a new picture, hoping that you'll like it.

    Donna finds this adorable.

    Donna might ask if you could sketch out some new design's for the doll's.

    #lady demitrescu x reader #daniela dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu #resident evil 8 x reader #resident evil 8 headcanons #karl heisenberg x reader #donna beneviento x reader #angie beneviento #idk what else to put in the tags
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