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  • agentem
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago


    Oh Scott really is gonna die, huh?

    #young avengers#Cassie Lang #kang the conqueror #Jonathan Majors #ant man and the wasp Quantumania #Scott Lang#Paul Rudd
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  • karlyanalora
    02.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    MCU Writing Prompts

    Feel free to use, share, and reblog. Send a number in an ask and I will write a story using the prompt somewhere in it. Beware, some may turn in multi chapter fics. (Especially if people ask for more:)

    Friday sounds like she’s fighting, which is odd for an AI. Tony can actually hear punches being thrown. “There’s a foreign entity in my systems, Boss,” she says. Tony’s about to ask her for more details when a familiar voice hijacks the call. “Sir! Who is this interloper?” Tony’s eyes widened. “Jarvis?”

    Steve looked up at the kid in a hoodie and a mask. “The Hobbit has a sequel?”

    Bucky remembers Howard. Remembers killing him and his wife and vaguely remembers that he knew him. He feels awful about it. He can’t remember when he did it. But he remembers they left behind a kid, an actual kid. Bucky knew one thing: he had to take care of Tony Stark.

    Just because Clint is a dad does not make him a good babysitter. Unfortunately, no one had informed Scott of that fact.

    “You want girl advice?” Natasha asks, one eyebrow raised. “Yeah,” Peter says, “I want to be the best guy friend I can be. MJ and I are just friends.” Natasha does not believe that one bit, but she’ll humor the boy.

    “Wanda, there is more to modern TV than the Brady Bunch! I want to show Steve Star Wars.” Bucky huffed. Wanda crossed her arms and glared at him. This was not what Tony was expecting when he woke up this...what time was it anyway?

    The moment Steve met Dum-E and U, his heart melted. They were way cooler than anything at the Stark Expo. And they were friendly enough to let him use the workshop as both a place to build and somewhere to study the coding books he checked out from the library. However, lacking an English audio feature, they were unable to inform him this was actually Tony’s workshop and not available to other Avenger's Tower residents. Not that they would have kicked the nice man out anyway.

    “It’s a practice date, Steve, just to get you back in the hang of it,” Sam said. “It’s a real thing,” Bucky assured him. “I already checked in with Natasha and she says it’s cool, but you’re going to ask her out like you would any other girl. For practice, you know,” Clint said. Natasha had not been informed of any “practice dates” but she says yes with a genuine smile anyway.

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  • mysadcomedylife
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    mcu kate bishop, cassie lang and peter parker would be such an amazing and chaotic trio

    kevin feige pls make this happen

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  • regardsfinch
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    so in the comics there the young avengers. so far in what ive seen of the mcu all but the hulkling have been introduced in some way. (which is super interesting to me)

    Cassie (stature) -> antman

    Kate Bishop (hawkeye) -> hawkeye

    Eli Bradley (patriot) -> the falcon and the winter soilder

    Speed (tommy dont-remember-his-last-name) and Wiccan (billy yeah-dont-remember-this-one-either) -> wandavison

    Ironlad (technically not introduced as Kang, but Harley Keener could work due to his relationship with tony) -> iron man 3

    vision (sort of, not the new vision, but im just going to count old vision) -> a lot, wandavision could also work as a major example

    the only one left here is Hulkling (teddy altman) unless im missing someone? anyway. highly highly highly recommend reading these comics

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  • fangirls-just-want-to-have-fun
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    so this thought came to me because of this post I just reblogged, but it just occurred to me that every member of the Young Avengers (because that’s absolutely happening in the MCU now we all know it’s happening) are canonically Gen Z 

    and I honestly don’t know what to tell you other than how fucking hilarious is it going to be to see an entire team of dumbass Gen Z kids try to save the world like come on tell me that won’t be the funniest thing you’ve ever seen 

    #I'm definitely gonna be making way too many posts about gen z young avengers now #I am absolutely LIVING for this concept #and I just love them so much #cause I just realized that all this shit is happening like three years or so in the future #so they're all ABSOLUTELY gen z #young avengers#hawkeye#kate bishop#tommy maximoff#billy maximoff#kamala khan#elijah bradley#cassie lang#america chavez#riri williams#harley keener#marvel #mcu phase 4
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  • comicsiswild
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    Ant-Man (2020) #5

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  • shadowwingtronix
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    "Yesterday's" Comic> A-Next #1

    BW's "Yesterday's" Comic> A-Next #1

    Guys, shouldn’t you be focusing on the same target? A-Next #1 Marvel Comics/MC2 (October, 1998) “Second Coming!” WRITER/PENCILERS: Tom Defalco & Ron Frenz INKER: Brett Breeding COLORIST: Bob Sharen LETTERER: Jim Novak EDITOR: Bob Harras (more…)

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  • yellow-roseman
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    This is a stan acc for Anna Marie LeBeau, Wanda Django Maximoff, Kate Bishop, Cassandra Lang, Cassandra Cain, Cassandra Sandsmark, Jason Todd, Harleen Quinzel, Pamela Isley, Bartholomew {Bart} Allen, Timothy Drake, Kon-El Kent, Barbara Gordon, Jessica Drew, Peter Parker, Courtney Whitmore, Bobby Drake, Natasha Romanoff, and Yelena Belova.

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  • mollyhats
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago
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  • thatclichedwriter
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    i wish people would stop including kamala, riri, miles, etc in mcu young avengers fan posts - they have their own team!!! it’s called the champions! kamala leads it! it’s globally active and focuses on doing good! just because they’re young and avenger-adjacent (or former avenger) doesn’t mean they’re young avengers, they have their own thing!

    it’s a team of primarily poc teens who formed their own team after splitting off from the avengers because they were disillusioned with what the adults were doing. it’s a fundamentally different team from young avengers because young avengers is about legacy, about stepping up when the avengers weren’t there, who for the most part has some familiar connections to existing avengers (except kate i guess) while the champions is more anti-avengers, about splitting off and doing their own thing because they don’t agree with the avengers fundamentally.

    i love young avengers and i love the champions, but they are two completely different teams whose membership has never collided, from two different generations and two different themes or mottos, and it does a disservice to them both when we try to combine those teams into one when they really have nothing to do with each other.

    let peter parker be part of the main avengers team, instead of forcing him to join teams he was never part of.

    let the young avengers be an entirely separate team, coming together by legacy but remain together by choice, let them be the chosen family that main mcu avengers strived for but never really grasped. let kamala, sam alexander and miles join the avengers if they wish. let them choose to form their champions team because of their beliefs, values and choice. let eli and kate lead their own team while kamala leads hers.

    marvel has a history of re-casting to age up the characters - elijah richardson, hailee steinfield and kathryn newton (cassie’s third!!! actress) are all in their twenties. in the comics, tommy and billy meet in their teens after dying and being reincarnated, but they can easily recast to be in their twenties. xochitl gomez is 15 but in the comics, america was a kid when her parents died and her origin started, and she will likely have her origin story in dr strange 2, but she met the young avengers when she was older. young avengers members are primarily a millenial/zillenial in the comics right now, with billy and teddy having gotten married and kate having a career as a PI and david and america both in college together during america’s solo run, even if eli’s been mostly absent for years (bring eli back) and maybe mcu could reflect that with a team in their twenties rather than teens when they start out, letting them be young adults as well as young avengers. let them party, have jobs, get engaged. mcu avengers were made up of people in their thirties and forties, people who were real adults and had careers and families. let the young avengers tell a different story, of people who are adults but somehow not completely adults, who is out of school or pursuing higher education and still figuring things out and being a hero at the same time. let them be young - not kids, not complete adults, but somewhere in between.

    let the champions be the teenage hero team, made up of teenagers and led by teenagers, reflecting all the activist teens and politically aware teens that exist. let them be teenage kids actually played by teen actors. let them be avengers, let them have mentors, let them grow beyond their mentors and come into their own. let them be independent and have their agency and not be infantilized. let them be in high school, let them be living with their families, let them have a normal teenage life and a hero life.

    let the champions be champions and young avengers be young avengers.

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  • fact-dogsarehappiness
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    My problem with the mcu right now is that Billy and Tommy are kids but Kate, Cassie, and Elijah are adults which means no Young Avengers and I’m not pleased

    #and we don’t even have Nate or Teddy yet #marvel cinematic universe #marvel#wandavision #falcon and the winter soldier #hawkeye#billy kaplan#tommy shepard#kate bishop#elijah bradley#cassie lang#young avengers
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  • worstloki
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #loki thinking luis and lang knew they were together and then abruptly realizing they Do Not #the whole crime gang plus loki lowkey not letting them know he has magic on heists??? #scott babysitting cassie but needing to go out and be antman for a bit so dave kurt and he are now watching her and have no clue what to do #loki pretends he can do magic tricks with cards and stuff but actually using magic sxdfghjnk
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  • keenerkey
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Aight marvel imma need Peter, Harley, Kate, Shuri, and Cassie in a scene together real soon 😌

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  • bobbimorses
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    hawkeye: kate bishop #1

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  • guardianjameslight
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    After watching Hawkeye I have an idea for animated series about those 5 years after Infinity War which would show how did people dealt with it, not just Avengers but also normal people like Dane, Cassie, Sarah, some Eternals and others. It could also show how Clint begun his Ronin career. It could be titled "Blip".

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  • funnypages
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    First appearance of Cassie Lang

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  • giveamadeuschohisownmovie
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Concept: The future Young Avengers miniseries features a scene where Scott Lang, Wanda Maximoff, and Clint Barton all gather together to watch over the team and make sure they don’t get themselves killed. While on their lunch break, Scott and Wanda bond over their respective kids, then turn to Clint and ask what he thinks of his daughter being a superhero.

    Clint answers, “Kate’s not my daughter, what are you two talking about?”

    Then we cut back to Scott and Wanda, who are both extremely confused because they could’ve SWORN that they were father-daughter. 

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  • comicsiswild
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Ant-Man (2020) #1

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  • elisaphoenix13
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Secret Life of the Animals

    It was a nice, warm day where she could enjoy the sun with her master while the rest of the humans spent the day adding onto the cabin. Not only was she helping to watch the smaller humans, but she always kept an eye on her animal companions. 

    At the moment, Emir was enjoying a spot in the sunlight with Flynn happily curled up in between his paws and being groomed. Tibbs and Alpine were playing with each other by chasing or batting at the other while on or around Emir, Gerald was grazing on some grass, and Pudge was snoozing in Athena's fur. She didn't mind the owl nesting on her every once in a while since he was very gentle about it. He only went for her loose fur so it was rare when he grabbed something that was firmly attached. 

    "Stop biting my ear!" Tibbs yowls and runs over to Athena to hide behind her.

    "I barely touched you." Alpine says and Athena huffs.

    Just like her master had to take care of the other humans, she had to take care of the other animals. Of course their masters took care of them, but sometimes they would get into trouble that Athena would have to stop before it actually started to cause a problem.

    "If you can't play nice, then find something else to do." The wolf says.

    "Let's go look at the fish!" Alpine suggests before running off toward the recently dug koi pond.

    "We can't touch or Gramps will get mad again!" Tibbs calls out as he dashes after her.

    "Noisy." Pudge clacks his beak and ruffles his feathers.

    The cats must have disturbed his nap, and while he complained, he didn't fall back asleep again. He was content to look around the yard and watch the humans work while comfortably nestled in Athena's fur. 

    "Do you want to go look at the fish Flynn?" Emir grumbles softly and licks his head.

    "Uh-uh. They're big and scary." 

    Emir chuffs. "I'm big and scary."

    The fox rolls onto his back and giggles when the tiger starts grooming his belly. "No, you're nice! The fish spit water at me."

    "Don't you take showers with your master?" Athena asks.

    "Daddy uses warm water and I like it!" Flynn exclaims. "I like the hot air too!"

    Athena couldn't fault him. The girls had used the hair dryer to dry her fur before and it did feel heavenly. She liked the days when they would pamper her with a bath and then some good, thorough brushing, and she even tolerated any excessive grooming. Like the time they painted her nails and put on a ribbon collar instead of her usual one she wore out in public. Her master never put it on her unless they went out to the store or something. He respected her beauty without it. He even said she was too proud and graceful for it to wear it 24/7. Only Alpine, Tibbs, and Flynn wore collars all day. Like Athena, Emir didn't wear his all of the time, and Gerald and Pudge didn't need them.

    "Let's take a look at that leg." Stephen suddenly says from beside her and he gets up from his chair to crouch by Athena to examine her bandaged leg.

    It was healing wonderfully but still caused her pain sometimes, but her master always tried to make her as comfortable as possible. He had been even more attentive since she was injured because of the hunter, and she knew he had been extremely upset when it happened. Even her master's mate was mad. He tended to her leg whenever Stephen was gone and she always made sure to give his hand a grateful lick or two.

    "Does it still hurt?" Flynn asks with a soft whine as Stephen wraps fresh bandages around her leg.

    "Sometimes." Athena answers honestly.

    "Why didn't Daddy heal you? He healed me when it happened to me."

    Athena rumbles softly. "Your master was already hurt and weak. He needed to recover himself. I'm alright."

    "He did help her a little bit when he was better." Emir adds.

    "Oh, okay." Flynn flips back into his belly to get up and stretch. "Come play with me Emmy!"

    "Alright, alright."

    Emir gets up after a loud yawn, getting up to stretch himself before lumbering after Flynn when the kit takes off. In the meantime, Stephen had returned to his chair to pick his book back up, and Athena rejoined him in keeping an eye on the little girls. The wolf loved all of the children. They were strong and kind...but she always paid extra special attention to Valerie. Athena could tell she would need the most protection because she was shy and peaceful. She avoided confrontation and any interactions with strangers unlike her siblings. Lucy was just a baby, but she had no issue telling other humans if she was having a problem.

    Athena had actually been a victim of one of her foam blocks, but she knew to take it as a compliment. Lucy was smart and only threw hard blocks at people she didn't like.

    "Gerald, you know you're not allowed by the garden." Athena reprimands suddenly when the alpaca starts making his way over to the fence surrounding it.

    "I was just going to look."

    "No you were not. Go back to the grass." Athena glares at him when he turns to look at her and then growls. "Don't even think about it! If you spit on me, no one will give you a treat later."

    Gerald lazily walks over to a patch of grass. "Too much effort."

    Athena snorts. Gerald only seemed to put in effort if something good to eat was involved. She still hasn't decided if that was a blessing or not.

    "Hey, hey, hey! Get your toe beans out of the pond!" Peter yells and rushes over to shoo Tibbs and Alpine away from the koi pond. "You guys know better!"

    The two cats run back over to Athena and Pudge where they sit and lick their paws dry. Or at least Alpine did. Tibbs' paws were drier than a bone and showed no evidence of trying to pet the fish. Alpine didn't care as much for the humans rules. Just enough that she wouldn't get into too much trouble.

    "I told you. You got me in trouble with Dad." Tibbs complains.

    "You're a wuss." Alpine says between licks and Tibbs hisses.

    "I am not!"

    "That's enough." Athena sighs. "Maybe you can go play with the girls or take a nap in the sun to stay out of trouble."

    "Where are Flynn and Emir?" Tibbs asks.

    "Over there playing, I'm sure they'll let you join them." The wolf answers and lays her head down. "I think I'll take a nap myself."

    "Last one there is a milk-drinking kitten!" Alpine exclaims and then dashes away again.


    Athena officially understood how her master felt every day. Having to keep the other animals out of trouble was tiring and even exasperating, but she couldn't deny that the liveliness was nice. It used to be just her and Tibbs - and Gerald when they went to the lake house - and since he was so well behaved, it was always quiet. But ever since Flynn and Alpine came, things got a little louder. And so did Tibbs because he couldn't back down from Alpine's challenges. Flynn always cried whenever he couldn't be with Quill or when he ran around with his collar on; he loved the bell on it and no one seemed inclined to take it off. Emir only roared or got loud when he was protecting someone, and Pudge only made noise until someone let him inside.

    "Pudge! Come get this bug!" Diana calls from the tent area where the girls were.

    "Will he actually come?" Cassie asks.

    Diana shrugs. "He has before."

    Pudge perks up and carefully flies off of Athena. "Time for lunch." He coos happily and Athena chuckles.

    "Enjoy." She calls after him as he flies away.

    Well now that she didn't have a bird using her as a nest at the moment, Athena took the chance to get up and climb onto the lounge chair next to Stephen. She rumbles softly when he absently starts to pet her head, and she lays her head on his stomach and closes her eyes. She was glad she met him. Of course he had been a potential mate when she did, but when he turned back into a human, she had been disappointed. But then he let her come home with him and she was so happy that she didn't have to be alone anymore. 

    This had been two of the happiest years of her life. She wanted for nothing and returned the favor by remaining at his side and protecting the family. And of course babysitting the other animals. Someone had to keep them in check, and it wasn't going to be Gerald.

    "You're probably ready for lunch too aren't you?" Stephen croons to her. "I'll feed you before I start lunch for everyone else. I'll rope Wanda and Laura into helping."

    "Oh, they already started." Steve says as he walks by. "They said to tell you to stay put."

    Stephen snorts. "Well you won't hear me complain, but I still need to get food for the animals."

    "Harley's doing it." Steve chuckles as he rejoins the others to help carry the lumber.

    Tony and Clint had been the ones using the saw all afternoon. Clint had experience from building his house, and Tony drew up the blueprints. Stephen, the girls, and the animals were a safe distance away from the tools, and the noise wasn't as bad so it didn't bother them much. Athena was used to all sorts of noises anyway. In fact, she was happy to doze until Harley brought out her lunch and called the other animals over to eat, and then she carefully hopped back down to the ground to chew on her steak. Emir got a much bigger portion and Flynn always gnawed off what he could eat and left the rest to the tiger so no one gave the fox his own portion anymore.

    "You better slow down or you'll choke." Emir grunts as he tears a chunk of meat away.

    "It's good!" Flynn yips.

    "Well I'm not going to eat it all until you're finished so take your time."

    "You're like a dad." Alpine teases in between mouthfuls of kibble.

    "Just an attentive big brother." Athena comments, tearing at her own steak as Pudge returns to nest in her fur again. "How was your meal?"

    "Crunchy." Pudge chirps.

    "Eww." Flynn whines.

    Athena wasn't sure if it was on purpose, but at that moment, Tibbs loudly crunched on his kibble. With his mouth open. Probably on purpose, she muses as Flynn whines in disgust again.

    #supremefamily#stephen strange #mama bear au #peter parker #diana stark strange (oc) #steve rogers #athena the wolf #emir the tiger #flynn the fox #tibbs the cat #alpine the cat #gerald the alpaca #pudge the owl #cassie lang
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