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    You will finally find what you have really been looking for for this very long time.

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    #miraculous ladybug #marinette dupain cheng #adrien agreste#lady noire#chat noir #I found a cat brush ehhehege #my art#ml fanart
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    25.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    werid pet peeves I have in the Miraculous Fandom

    - The Mari nickname that the fandom gave to Marinette (It really bugged me when Miraculous was beginning, not really as much now)

    - When people call Marinette, Marynette (-_-)

    - when people call Cat Noir by french name and Say CHat Noir, instead of Shat Noir (I hope you all what I’m talking about)

    #miraculous ladybug#miraculous fandom#miraculers #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir #miraculous confession #werid spots and claws shit #marinette dupain cheng #chat noir#cat noir #tales of ladybug and cat noir
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    25.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    I keep myself from visiting the 'Adrien falling for Mari' related posts/YT videos because the comments on such posts are INFURIATING. The "bUt ADrIeN iS sO bLiNd" meme is OLD and has become trite. Adrien is NOT blind. He's NOT the one at fault here.

    He has been sheltered his whole fucking life. He's spent his time only with the likes of Chloe and Felix neither of whom share a very healthy relationship with him. He has been so much sheltered that his won instincts don't do him much good. With controlling parents like the Agrestes, who even decided what his childhood dreams were supposed to be, people expect Adrein to "see through Mari"? Really? I don't know if it's just teens and youngesters, but the fandom shitting on Adrien for not SeEiNg tHrOuGh MarInEtTe usually has no problem with Marinette being a creepy stalker? Miraculous literally is the first show where I don't ship the main characters because how borderline toxic its female lead is. I'd feel worse for Marinette had she actually been a victim here. She's not. She's never even confessed her feelings to him. Whenever he even tried to remotely gauge her feelings, in her flustered state, it was MARINETTE who ended up dodging his questions and giving up on him. How is that Adrien's fault? She doesn't even talk to him properly. Why should it be HIS responsibility to understand HER reaction and not HER responsibility to make him understand what SHE feels about him?

    Sexism in this fandom is so blatant. From the writers to the fandom — y'all gotta give Adrien some fucking break.

    #tales of ladybug and cat noir #marichat#chat noir#ladynoir#ladybug #adrien and plagg #adrien deserves better #adrien agreste#miraculous #miraculous season 4 #miraculous ladybug
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    25.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    “Nous somme tous Fou” du Chat de Cheshire de Alice au Pays des Merveilles

    “We’re all Mad” by the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

    #folie#madness#eyes#yeux#clown#sourire#smile#chat#cat #alice in wonderland #crazy#fou #noir et blanc #black and white
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    25.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Nino: *sends cat video*

    Adrien: Haha my cat does that too!

    Nino: You have a cat?

    Adrien: .....No

    #incorrect quotes #miraculous: tales of ladybug and chat noir #mlb#miraculous#miraculous ladybug#adriene agreste#adrien agreste#nino lahiffe#my post#plagg #the cat is plagg idk if that was clear
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    25.09.2021 - 13 hours ago
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  • color-me-meow
    25.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    How does Adrien not remember seeing a peacock brooch in his dad's room when he stoll the book... like I know it's in camouflage but come on. It doesn't see a little odd to find a peacock brooch next to a book that has that peacock miraculous in it.... and then a peacock villain starts working with hawkmoth.

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  • aeonghaseyo
    25.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    After reading the latest episode in @zoe-oneesama 's Scarlet Lady AU I began wondering how Marinette makes her dolls 🥺

    #miraculous ladybug#miraculous #miraculous tales of ladybug and cat noir #scarlet lady #scarlet lady comic #scarlet lady au #marinette dupain cheng
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  • aeonghaseyo
    25.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    How about i do anyway, just go back to your salting corner and fuck off

    Please just... let people enjoy things. You're worse than fandom police.

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  • bisexualasshole
    25.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    why “people will say we’re in love” from the 2019 broadway revival of oklahoma is the ultimate love square song

    so for this situation we gotta picture curly is chat noir/adrien and laurey is ladybug/marinette.

    analysis under the “keep reading” tab to not clog the tag

    we’ll start with the opening. 

    obviously, the entirety of paris are ladynoir stans (as they should be) and we see people constantly questioning the ever-so-elusive heroes on their relationship status. ladybug (laurey) begins to tell chat noir (curly) what he needs to stop doing in order to prevent people from thinking they’re a couple.

    this is where we get into marichat and ladynoir. obviously chat noir has given ladybug flowers many many times, in many different colors and forms (i.e. throwing bouquets at her). 

    chat noir actually HAS been canonically proven to “please [marinette’s] folks too much,” even if he didn’t know that they were ladybug’s folks. (hence the marichat from weredad)

    now i know chat noir is the comedian out of the two, but i think the “don’t laugh at my jokes too much” line is PERFECT for mari/lb to say, because it is immediately followed by this response.

    which is just about the most chat noir flirty response ever.

    here i can imagine chat noir gazing at ladybug (particularly the gaze after ‘i’ll never leave you, kitty’ from hack-san) AND marinette gazing at adrien in the pink bubble background scenes that i live for.

    first of all, it’s obvious that these two bitches collect things from each other. honestly more of an adrienette trope than any other, but i still feel like it’s applicable seeing as chat noir does constantly give lb roses.

    now we move onto curly’s verse.

    first of all, curly flirts the way chat noir does almost down to a t and it makes me so giddy.


    but for real. marinette DOES take the trouble to bake adrien’s favorite flavor of macaron, and chat noir does love the stuff that comes from tom and sabine’s bakery. 

    in truth, ladybug FINALLY praises chat noir’s charm to his face, not counting the number of times she admits it when he’s not there. either way, she does praise his charm AND proceeds to look vain with him when he flirts.


    it’s almost like theres a major romantic theme in their storyline that centers on standing in the rain together...

    okay, moving on.

    i just think this is a cute lil thing. they have held hands a fair amount, even if it wasn’t an actual romantic intention (besides oblivio and the beginning of chat blanc, of course)

    i’m not crying thinking about the new york special.... you are....

    alright so anyways that’s my spiel i rest my case.

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  • miraculously-incorrect-quotes
    25.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Alya: I HAVE THE FOOD!

    Marinette: Oh great! You are a life saver!

    ......What is this?

    Alya: Your favorites! I made taquitoes, Mac and cheese, little hot dogs..... What?

    Marinette: Alya! This is for Mr Agreste!

    Alya: You know, you don't need to call Adrien that...


    Alya: Also, I assumed that this was a craving? There was a battle today so... WHAT!?

    Marinette: Gabriel.

    Alya: Oh. crap.

    Marinette: Yeah.

    Alya: Well, we can call the Mac and cheese pasta a laya, the hot dogs bratwursts, and the taquitoes orderves!

    Marinette: The chili fries?

    Alya: .......chili fries.


    Gabriel: This pasta is...decent. What did you call it?

    Marinette: Pasta a laya *winks at adrien*

    #inspired by: gilmore girls #marinette dupain cheng agreste #marinette dupain cheng #adrien agreste#miracu battles #the miraculous tales of ladybug and cat noir #gabriel agreste#the snob#alya cesire
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  • gwennavierre
    24.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Potential spoiler stuff, based on available information about future episodes...





    So. I was reading about the unaired season 4 episodes and in one episode we're told that shadowmoths identity is revealed to someone. Then we're told that lila and felix come back in later episodes (as more than just background classroom scenes in lilas' case).

    THEN it says the season finale has lila being centered.

    This along with the titles of the last two episodes leads me to believe that lila is the next villain, which I have loathfully suspected and I am not happy.

    I can't even watch the episodes she's centered in because she angers me so much. No freaking 14 year old should be that vindictive and powerful WITHOUT added power from a miraculous and now she's going to be the BBEG??


    I may actually stop watching the show and that makes me very sad.

    Anyway, am I just overreacting or are others upset about this possibility too?

    #mlb#miraculous ladybug#lila rossi #ladybug and cat noir #ml spoilers #tales of ladybug and cat noir #new villain#ml ladybug #miraculous les aventures de ladybug et chat noir
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  • ghostpainters
    24.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Ladybug and Chat Noir take a coffee break 

    What do you do when patrol is slow on a Thursday night? Well, if you’re Chat Noir you grab a couple old jackets and buy a hot coffee for yourself and the lady. If you’re Ladybug, you recognize a sweet gesture when you see one...because maybe your partner isn’t that annoying after all...OK fine, you’ve got a crush on him too. 

    #ladybug and chat noir #tales of ladybug and cat noir #miraculous les aventures de ladybug et chat noir #miraculous ladybug#ladybug#chat noit #marinette dupain cheng #marinetteladybug#marinette fanart #marinette dupen chang #miraculous adrien #adrien x ladybug #adrien agreste#ladynoir#adrinette#cudles#cute #cute and cuddly
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    24.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    medibang and i now have a strained relationship 🙃

    #miraculous ladybug#miraculous#adrien agreste#chat noir#cat noir #my (sucky) art #miraculous fanart #miraculous ladybug fanart #adrien agreste fanart #chat noir fanart
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  • street-smarts00
    24.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    If Only I Could Tell Her

    This isn’t MHA related but I wanted to post it on here after I posted it on A03, I’ve had writers block recently but no need to fear I've got lots of ideas coming!!!

    A03 Link

    Summary: If only there was a way he could tell Marinette that he had fallen for her right then and there. So what does he do instead? Lie and say he's besties with Adrien so he can tell her that Adrien likes her back. 

     Inspired by the DHE song if I could tell her
    WC: 2.300

    Marinette placed two mugs of hot coco on the table of her balcony. The cool autumn breeze was making the nights cooler and cooler. She wrapped her blanket around her shoulders and looked up at the stars waiting for a certain someone to stop by.

    A few minutes had gone by and she heard a thump. She glanced up from her sketchbook to meet two green eyes looking back at her. 

    “Good evening princess,” he said with a cheeky grin. 

    “Hey there kitty.” 

    About two months ago after a certain encounter with an akuma, Chat Noir stopped by to check up on Marinette. At first he swore it was only to make sure she was ok physically and mentally after being the target of an akuma. Although, he couldn't bring himself to stop seeing her. He enjoyed her company and liked having someone to talk to as chat, other than ladybug. 

    Chat Noir especially needed someone to talk to ever since Ladybug kept handing out miraculouses. The idea that she didn't need him anymore was constantly plaguing his mind. But Marinette was there to comfort him when these thoughts came rushing back. He kept returning to Marinette’s balcony looking for that company and comfort, it felt like she filled this gap that he didn’t know was there. He slowly found himself drawn to her as the weeks went by. And so three nights a week, he found himself on the balcony of a girl who helped him feel safe. 

    He placed his staff on his belt and sat down on the chair across from Marinette. He grabbed some of the mugs and took a sip of her famous hot coco. “Purfect as always.” he beamed. She chuckled at his attempt to slip in a cat pun every time he spoke. 

    “Whatcha drawing?” he asked leaning over to see her sketchbook. 

    She turned the sketchbook to him, “Nothing special, just some quick sketches of a few ideas I had.” 

    “Princess, everything you do is special,” he beamed. Marinette’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink. She played off his flattery for being the same old Chat Noir. 

    “I’m not that special.” 

    His posture straightened and his voice raised slightly in volume. “Of course you’re special! You’re an amazingly smart and talented girl. If someone doesn't see that they’re crazy.” 

    She chuckled in response, “Thanks.” She closed her sketchbook and set it down on the table. “So did you ever figure out your feelings for that girl in your civilian life?” 

    Last time Chat and her spoke he mentioned this girl he was friends with that he was starting to develop feelings for. He vented how he always saw this girl as a friend and someone special to him but for some reason lately those feelings changed. Little did Marinette know he was talking about her the whole time. 

    “Ummm, ya kinda.” he placed his hand on the back of his neck. “I gave it a lot of thought and I'm pretty sure that I have a crush on her, but I can’t ask her out.” 

    “Why not?”

    He sighed, “Cause I'm pretty sure she doesn't like me. She dated this one guy in our friend group not too long ago and they broke up but I'm pretty sure she still likes him.” 

    Marinette furrowed her eyebrows, “how do you know she still likes him?” 

    “Well I don't know for sure but it's just this weird gut feeling I have.” he looked over to her and smirked, “but enough about me, is there anyone in your life that you've got the crushies for.” 

    She rolled her eyes and folded her arms, “How come now I'm being put on the spot?”

    “Because you put me on the spot and now it's your turn.” On the outside he was trying to appear as his normal cheery self, but on the inside he was hoping she didn’t like anyone. He was hoping that eventually he could get her to fall for him. But ya know a cat could dream. 

    Marinette paused for a moment debating whether she wanted to share her long term crush. Hopefully it wouldn't get back to Adrien if she told chat, and she trusted chat with her life. 

    “Well, there is this one guy that I’m friends with.” 

    Chats heart fell a bit, but he kept up his cheerful demeanor. 

    “We’ve only known each other for about a year but we’ve gotten pretty close. I got this crush on him like right after we met and it’s only grown since then. It’s kinda embarrassing.” 

    “Why would that be embarrassing!” Chat asked. 

    “Because I have trouble talking to him and I’ve tried all these elaborate ways of telling him I like him and I’ve never gone through with any of them.”

    Chat leaned his elbow on the table and rested his head on his hand. ”That’s not embarrassing, sometimes it's hard to tell the person you like how you feel. It’s scary.” 

    “Yea I guess you’re right,” 

    “Also Just to clarify, he doesn’t know you like him?” 

    “He doesn’t know,” 

    That was odd, he couldn’t have sworn that Marinette still had feelings for Luka. couldn’t have been Luka because the two of them dated so he knew that she liked him. 

    “So what’s the lucky guy's name?” 

    Marinette’s cheeks turned a dark shade of red. “Ummm” she hesitated but quickly made up her mind. “Ugh well it’s not like you haven’t heard of him before,” she sighed. “It’s Adrien Agreste.” 

    Chat could’ve sworn his heart stopped beating. “Adrien?” 

    “Yea like the model. He’s in my class and we’ve been friends for a while.” 

    Chat's head started spinning and he felt dizzy. After all this time Marinette had a crush on him and he never knew? His face turned pink and his breathing became heavier by the second. 

    “So why are you scared to talk to him about your crush? Is it because he’s famous?” 

    Her eyes went wide and she frantically waved her hands. “What? No it’s not like that at all. I like him not because he’s famous, I like him for him.” She slowly took a big breath. “It’s just, I like Adrien so much that it makes me forget how to talk or act most of the time I’m around him.” 

     Well that sure answered his question as to why she was always so jumpy around him. He thought that was just how she was until he started talking to her as chat. She was always much more calm and relaxed around Chat Noir. He started to worry that as Adrien he made her uncomfortable or that she didn’t like him. He never would have guessed the opposite. 

    “And it’s not like he would like me back so it’s like what’s the point of even telling him,” 

    That statement promptly pulled chat out of his thoughts. “What? Why do you think he wouldn’t like you back?” He marveled. 

    “I just know, believe me. Adrien does not like be back.” She answered confidently 

    “Well I know you're wrong and Adrien does have a crush on you.” His words and heart were too fast for his brain to catch up. How could he say that he knows Adrien likes her without telling her that he is Adrien? 

    Marinette raised an eyebrow at his statement. She thought he was just being his normal joking self. “Oh yea, and how do you know that?” 

    ”Umm, well . . .” He needed to get his story straight to make it sound as believable as possible so she knew that he did in fact have a crush on her. “Because Adrien and I are friends,” he explained. 


    “Yea seriously. I know him in my civilian life,” he continued. 

    “Huh,” the blush returned to Marinette's cheeks. “So he told you that he likes me.” She looked so small when she asked that question. The only thing Chat wanted to do at that moment was to sweep her into a giant hug and never let go. 

    “Yea! He talks about you all the time!” He beamed. 

    The girl in front of him looked stunned, “Really? He does? What did he tell you?” He could hear the enthusiasm in her voice. 

    “Well what didn’t he tell me?” He chuckled at himself. “He always said that you have a beautiful smile, that you never knew how wonderful that smile could make someone feel.” Chat started to shift from his lie to his true feelings. 

    “He noticed that sometimes you draw doodles during class, and not just on your notebook, even on your jeans.” He smiled at the memory. “He also noticed that when you’re concentrating on something really hard you stick out your tongue.” 

    Her eyes went wide, “Wow,” she said bashfully. She tightly pulled at the blanket wrapped around her. “Did he say anything else?” she asked bashfully. 

    “Oh um, yes of course, he uh, he said lots of things about you, chat stuttered. It was finally sinking in that he was talking to his crush about his feelings for her. 

    “He thinks your hair is really pretty, and he said that about your eyes too. He also thinks you’re really talented too with all the outfits and crafts you make. But um, the thing he mentioned the most is how you’re an everyday ladybug, those are his words.” 

    If it was even possible, her eyes went wider than before. Her heart was aching at his words. With every new detail she felt like she was walking on air. But at the same time she couldn’t believe him. After spending all this time doubting herself, she almost couldn’t accept the words that Chat was saying. 

    “I don’t know, this all seems too good to be true,” she sighed. 

    Chat placed his hands on his heart, “It’s true I swear! He really does like you. Adrien just uh, he just didn’t tell you because he didn't think you would like him back, he thought you were still hung up on Luka. He also didn’t realize he actually likes you until very recently, he always thought it was platonic,” he vented. 

    She chucked and glanced down at her lap, “Then I guess that explains the “good friend” business.” 

    He awkwardly laughed back, recalling him saying she was just a good “friend”. “Yeah it took him a while to figure it out. And when he did realize, he was too scared to tell you. Kinda like how you were too scared to tell him,” he explained. 

    Marinette quickly stood up and started pacing. “I still can't believe he has feelings for me, I mean ME of all people.” 

    Chat’s eyebrows furrowed and he stood up to meet her eyes. “What's that supposed to mean?” he asked in a voice laced with confusion. 

    She folded her arms across her chest, “I don't know, it's just that,” she hesitated. “It's just that he could have anyone he wants, anyone in Paris would be with him in a heartbeat and he chose me. And I’m just me, I'm not that special.” 

    Chat's heartbeat started picking up speed. “Excuse me? Of course you’re special. You’re amazing!” 

    She shook her head, “You’re just saying that because you’re trying to make me feel better.” 

    “No, I'm saying it because it’s true.” he replied with a little more volume than he intended. “You are the most amazing girl I've ever met.” He stopped and forgot he wasn’t talking about him, he was talking about Adrien. 

    “Adrien fell for you because he knows how special you are. He knows how beautiful and brave and smart you are. He knows how much you care about your friends and other people. How you never give up when faced with a problem. I feel for you because I see that in you every day. From when I first met you and you stood up for yourself against Cloe on the second day of school. Or when you stood up to my father to let me join the New York trip. You are the most special person I know, Marinette.” 

    He was slightly trembling as he spoke, his heart was beating a mile a minute. After his confession he finally took note of Marinette’s expression. Her eyes were wide and lips slightly parted. Her eyes were glossy and looked like tears were about to spill out. 

    “Princes are you . .”

    “Adrien?” She cut him off. He froze at her words. How did she figure it out? He retraced his steps and thought back about what he said and it finally hit him. He stopped talking about Adrien and started talking about himself. 

    He chuckled and placed his hand on the back of his neck. “Ha ha yea cats out of the bag I guess.” he stood up straighter, “But I meant every word.” 

    She slowly made her way over to him and placed her lips on his. He was startled at first but quickly melted into the kiss. He placed his hands on her hips and she placed a hand on his cheek. When they broke away from the kiss Adrien leaned his forehead on hers. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a while,” he whispered. 

    “Me too,” Marinette smiled and looked up, meeting his eyes with hers. “Oh and I should probably mention this now since you kind of told me your identity but um, I’m Ladybug.” 

    Adrien’s heart almost flew out his chest at her words. He had to be dreaming, there was o way he found out that the girl he loves loves him back, AND that same girl turns out to be his best friend. “I should’ve known, you both have that same look in your eyes.

    She tilted her head, “What look?” 

    “I don't know how to describe it, but it’s beautiful its . . . It’s special” 

    #marichat #marinette x chat noir #adrien x marinette #mirculous ladybug#ladybug#chat noir#cat noir #if i could tell her
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    24.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    I love the way Adrien looks at Marinette when she stumbles. He didn't move away from her himself because he definitely wanted to stay that way with her.

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