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  • “This floss talk is heartbreaking. Something about the little things, the quiet things, how they (Owen & Amelia) know each other so in and out.” – Shonda Rhimes

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  • Are you sure?

    Prompt: I posted this earlier, but incorrectly. Basically Link and owen go out for drinks and it doesn’t end well.


    Link was sitting in a meeting with most of the department heads, regarding budget and resources. Though he had been to meetings like this every month, this month felt a little different. The reasoning for that was- this month was when he found out his girlfriend was pregnant.

    She was sitting across from Link on her phone, meanwhile owen was sitting directly next to him. It’s not like they had issues with each other, but they weren’t exactly best buds.

    After Bailey finally came and addressed everything, giving everyone the lay of the land, The meeting finished leaving Amelia who was talking with Bailey, and Owen and Link alone in that room. Being polite waiting for Amelia, link started a conversation with Owen.

    It started talking about work, but quickly descended with talking about hanging out, outside of work. Owen suggested they’d meet at a bar and have a couple of drinks, since it seemed link was going to be in Leo’s life and Link being Link accepted.

    It didn’t seem to be that big of a deal, but he wasn’t so excited about it. He honestly just didn’t know what they would have to talk about.


    “Let me get this straight…” She started, pointing her finger at him. “You said yes to having drinks with my ex- husband, who clearly isn’t your best friend.” She went on giggling at Link’s predicament.

    “It sounded like a good idea at the time!” He admitted, opening the door to another corridor. They walk on, laughing and joking about how this evening is going to go until link asks an honest question.

    “How do you think this is gonna go?” He voices his concern, beginning to get a little nervous. Not because he’s intimidated by Owen, but because he doesn’t know how he’s going to react if Owen gets too drunk and out of hand.

    “I- I don’t know. I think it’ll be what you make it.” Amelia honestly acquired, not sure what to believe.

    “I think that if he wants to act professional- which that is what Owen is, then it’ll be OK. Just try to relax and have fun, even though I know it will be hard.” She kissed his cheek as he watched her off to her next consult.


    later that day at about 8:30 at night, link pulled up to the bar waiting for Owens car to pull in.

    Link was laying against the back of his car, as he saw Owen Drive by in a parking space close to him.

    “Hey.” Link smiled, weirdly shaking his hand.

    Owen reciprocated the handshake, and they walked into the bar together.

    Link decided on his usual beer as Owen settled for Vodka.

    The conversation went on a little bit like it did at the hospital, formally talking about work and nothing else.

    they shared a few laughs, actually got along together, but that was until Owen was on his fifth round of shots.

    He started to become a different person, acting like a douche bag.

    “Link, you’re lucky.” Owen stated, trying to grab his jacket. “Thank you? What are you doing Owen, you can’t leave.” Link took the jacket back, trying be a god man.

    “Hey, what if I order you a cab. It’s the safer option, and tomorrow you can pick up your car.” He suggested. He didn’t want Owen to do anything dumb and he also didn’t want to feel bad if he let him drive, especially in the current state that he was in.

    Luckily Owen cooperated, and link called him a cab that would arrive in about 30 minutes.

    He didn’t want to be awkward so Link started more conversation, which was a big mistake on his part.

    “So, how have you been? I’ve been seeing you surgeries on the board, they’re big.” Link modestly admitted, being nice.

    Owen wanted to talk, but not necessarily about what Link wanted to talk about.

    “H-hey Link… When I was s-seeing Am-elia, She was Wild. S-She would make me feel a- and do things I didn’t even know I could… L-like in bed.” Owen smirked, not aware of his drunken state.

    “Stop buddy, you’re drunk and this isn’t the conversation we should be having.” Link tried, but Owen wouldn’t stop.

    “I mean it, n-no wonder you got her p- pr-pregnant. Even if it was a mistake, you still screwed her brains out.” Owen laughed, and this time Link wasn’t too nice.

    “You really wanna stop now.” He spoke in a dangerously low tone, but Owen had already gotten his coat, and walked outside. Link followed him to make sure he didn’t try to get in his car, even though he was upset.

    He grabbed Owens arm to try to hold him back from getting his keys, but Owen retaliated.

    It was a quick hard punch to link’s face, which ended in his nose bleeding.

    Suddenly they were fighting, and Link ended up blacking out after hitting him back three times harder.

    The next thing he knew he was picked up by his furious girlfriend, And he was taken to his own apartment.


    “It hurts.” Link squinted his eyes, his head pounding as his girlfriend held a cold rag to his head.

    He wouldn’t stay still- squirming as the rag was too cold when it was placed on the open wound.

    They were lying on the bed, Amelia right next to him, leaning over with the necessary tools to help him.

    “don’t move, they hit your head really hard.” She whispered, not sure if loud noises were going to affect how he felt.

    She also didn’t wanna say Owen’s name directly, because she didn’t know how he would feel.

    Especially after he had just been in a fight with him.

    “you know you can say his name… Owen. Owen hit me hard, Amelia and I retaliated.”

    He drowsily grabbed her hand, moving it off his head to kiss the top of her hand.

    “I’m sorry.” Link kissed her once more, Wincing as Amelia used her other hand to lay ointment on all of his wounds, blowing to give him a bit of pain release.

    “You don’t have anything to be sorry about.” She assured him noticing as he placed his hands on her waist.

    “you don’t have to tell me what the fight was about if you don’t want to. I’m just here to clean you up, We can really just- try to rest.”

    She put the medical gear to the side, lifting his arms up to get his shirt off.

    She didn’t know if he needed help, but she was going to give it to him anyway. He looked pretty upset and annoyed and she didn’t want to push him, because he would never push her.

    He let her take his shirt off, as he stripped down to his boxers. He then lay down dragging the covers over his body, while Amelia did the same.

    She dressed in her nightgown and laid close to him, putting an arm around his waist.

    they started to rest in silence, until link broke it.“We started drinks normally, and I actually had fun with the guy. Then as he started to get drunk he started talking about you and your performance in bed, and I didn’t appreciate it.” He paused trying to gather more of his thoughts.

    “I stayed kind and polite until he threw a punch at me for trying to help him back inside the bar until he got a cab. The guy punched me, so I punched him back harder, then we started fighting.” Link looked in her eyes waiting to see a trace of disappointment, but he couldn’t find it. She just stayed there listening to him like he would’ve listened to her.“Ok.” Amelia sighed, kissing his temple.

    “Ok?” He asked, waiting for her to say more.

    “Yeah, Ok.” She sighed, entangling herself in him. “I’m sure you’re sleepy, so let’s just rest, babe.”

    She said those words rarely as they started dating, but they always made him feel safe and loved.

    “You sure?” He questioned, already half sleep.

    “Goodnight.” She gave her last words, snuggling against him.


    I apologize for screwing up.

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  • Does anyone still read omelia fanfics?

    I’m planning to write if y’all want it.

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    caterina scorsone // amelia shepherd

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    Leo just casually setting the record straight on who is mama is.
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    Gif 1 - Cat LoL’ing at stuff during Superman zoom
    2 - “She has the best karaoke face you’ve ever seen” (Caterina about Pippa)
    3 - “We call it explosion, and we sign for a lot of it, and then for the ones we don’t know the signs, we just make them up.” (How Cat & her girls perform ‘fight song’ during their kitchen dance parties)
    She so adorable that I’m like F the gif quality - the ppl must have gifs. (Or I must have them… 😐)
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  • #owelia #owen and amelia #amelia and owen #Owen Hunt#kevin mckidd#grey's anatomy#amelia shepherd#caterina scorsone #owen x amelia #team owelia #amelia x owen
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    I really admire how brave Caterina Scorsone is 🖤.

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  • Melancholy pt.2

    Thank you @teammorningglory, and @amelinkcutiez

    Prompt: You should write a series about Amelia being the one to fall for Link while he plays hard to get.

    Description: Amelia has been working at Grey- Sloan for quite sometime, and one day she meets a cancer patient. She’s memorized with him, but this guy isn’t easy. He has rules, number one: Dont fall in love.

    Important: for the purpose of the plot and storyline there are a few slight changes. I will inform you on the way, and keep you guys updated.

    (This takes place about a week later)


    Upon texting and talking and texting, we haven’t really seen each other much. He’s mysterious, but I kinda like it. I’m beginning to feel like he’s an actual friend, even though we haven’t been very friendly. The conversations are short, and I can tell he’s keeping me at a distance.

    Maybe he’s trying to be safe, and I don’t blame him. I’m a hook up kind of girl, and I know if he wanted to, he would be a relationship kind of guy. I don’t know if I’m into those types of men anymore.

    I don’t really know what I’m doing here. I moved here, a few months ago, after I got sober and needed a change in direction. Seattle was the second best place I could be, and I’ve made a decent life right here.

    I have an apartment. And even though it’s messy, and I’m barely here because of work, it’s still a house. maybe it doesn’t feel like a home, but I do come home to it sometimes.

    Also, I have a few decent friends, and a few people I like to call my family, however the only real family I had left has either shut me out, or died.

    It’s safe for him to keep me at a distance.


    I wouldn’t even call us friends. How can I be a friend to somebody right now, when my own body isn’t a friend to me.

     We talk and we text, but I think I’m doing what’s right for myself and her. besides, I don’t know if I can even have a real feeling for a girl like her at the moment. Sure, she’s pretty and smooth with her words, But maybe she’s trouble. I don’t know if I can trust her, let alone myself, and I don’t want to hurt anyone.

    All of this could get really messy, because I don’t know if I’m living or dying. I’m just existing right now.

    I lost my job, but I have enough money to support myself. I don’t have many friends here, besides the people I work with and they don’t seem to get me. somehow this girl does, and it scares me.

    it’s scary.

    I managed to get a nice apartment, enough money for my medical bills, and I’m still miserable. I can’t bring someone down while I am down. A relationship doesn’t need that.

    A relationship needs assurance, and support.

    It’s safe for me to keep her at a distance.



    Amelia woke up, followed her routine, and made her way to work.

    Her day wasn’t that busy, but she found she had a hard time focusing. she was either checking her phone, going through old texts, or waiting for her phone to ring. she wasn’t this type of girl, she didn’t do this to herself.

    she knew better than to get attached to somebody too quickly anymore, after having so many failed love attempts. it was like loving somebody wasn’t for her, and a relationship could never work out for her.

    ‘you’re gonna ruin him.’ She thought.

    ‘You have plenty of friends, stick with these.’

    Her mind kept on searching, with thoughts that were both professional and unprofessional, friendly and non-friendly, but she pushed them all down.


    she went back to her case, and felt like she found some peace of mind. 


    Link went to another doctors appointment once again disappointed.

    It was just about physical therapy and checkups, as they were trying to create a plan to remove the cancer, but it wasn’t enough to make him feel like there was progress.

    He didn’t know how long all of this would take, but he was tired of just sitting around the house feeling depressed all the time.He wanted to work, he wanted to make people feel better, and he wasn’t sure of the rest, but he wanted more than what was being given to him at the moment.

    He would probably end up going back to that bar, in hopes to waste the day away.

    Though he wasn’t one to get drunk, getting a little tipsy wouldn’t be a problem and it wouldn’t be bad.

    What else did he have to lose?


    After about sleeping for the whole day, link went to the bar, and sat at an open stool.

    he settled for a few drinks, and drank in silence, until he heard it.

    He heard her.

    “seems like bars are kind of our places, Huh?”

    It was a failed attempt at flirting, but it was unintentional.

    Link turned around, and kept a mutual face. It didn’t look bad, but it didn’t look good. 

    “I guess.” He smiled genuinely, and cleared a space for her next to him.

    She sat down, taking off her coat, as Joe appeared.

    “Ah, seems you’re together again. Fate?” Joe joked, revealing obvious discomfort.

    both parties shuffled in their seats, and looked at each other weirdly. Joe quickly wished the joke wasn’t said at all, and headed to get Amelia her usual drink.

    When he came back, they were still staring at each other, so he interrupted. 

    “Club soda. Lime.”

    He sat it down, and Amelia came back to reality beating herself up in her mind. she found herself acting like an idiot once more around the guy, but she didn’t even know she had feelings for him.

    She needed to stop being this way. 

    She took the drink, downed it, and debated on leaving. She didn’t want to make the guy uncomfortable, and he was obviously uninterested.

    Amelia grabbed her purse to collect her money, and avoided contact with her “friend?”

    Voluntarily getting up to end the agony, Link stopped her.

    “Where are you going?” He asked.

    He was aware it was a weird encounter, but he didn’t want her to leave. She was the only company he received in a while, and she was very entertaining.

    Though he wanted to keep her at a distance, and he would, He also wasn’t a cold man.

    He loved people, and respected women like they were queens, and this girl wasn’t any different.

    “Home. I’ve got a lot of work to do, and i’m a little bit sleepy.” She lied. She had absolutely no work to do, and she didn’t really want to go home.

    Even if sleep was calling, she wouldn’t pick up, and the boy had a hunch about it.

    “You don’t have to go. You can sit and i’ll go.” He rallied.

    He didn’t mean to upset her.

    She gathered her stuff, and said her goodbyes. “Maybe we’ll cross paths? I don’t know.” She laughed at herself embarrassed, and Link bit his lip.

    He was weighing his options:

    1. ask her to stay.

    2. it’s best. Let her go.

    Both of them had consequences, but one of them was easier.

    He let her go.

    “I’ll see you around.” He told her.

    Amelia frowned but not too wide to let him notice, and she turned away from him. She didn’t know if she would see him again, but it didn’t matter.

    It was for the best.


    a/n: I don’t know if this makes any sense, and I’m kind of loopy.

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  • Caterina Scorsone smiles like an angel.

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