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    some cookies but they’re cats... catkie run if u will

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    Only One Day 90%off

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    Only One Day 90%off

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    24.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    Heaven’s Vault - lore (in game order): Part 1 Hideout Moon, Maersi, Renaki and the digging site

    My purpose is doing a chronological summary in historical order for the game, but to arrive to that I am also compiling an in game order (so the order you explore the game). This is of course my chronological order, as some things change based on your choices. This is also a game plus, and I know that some translations and scripts are longer and different from the first playthrough.

    I mostly did this for myself, to be able to better recreate a chronological order, but here you go! Hopefully someone will find errors and help me fix it!

    Spoilers! I will add comments from the whole game, so if you haven’t finished the game, there will be spoilers.

    Renba disappeared. You have to find him, and your adoptive mother Myari and head professor of the University of Iox gives you a robot named Six. Six tells you that he was found buried in a wall, on Iox, and many robots are found on Iox.

    In the first location (your University of Iox), you also talk with Huang and finds out that Mazwai wrote a book explaining how the empire was founded (three wolves fighting) and describing the Nebula. Mazwai was an adventurer (and a woman), and she is the first to describe the loop, from her the religion of the loop originated.

    THE LOOP is the idea that all people come back to life, they are basically living in a loop where everything happened in the past. Every person gets reincarnated when their body is burnt and ashes scattered. Burying someone, or leaving their body somewhere, stops the reincarnation process. Everyone in the empire and after believed in the loop.

    Myari, head professor of the University of Iox, and Renba both believe in the loop. Myari, in particular, believes she is the reincarnation of the last emperor of Iox. The last emperor of Iox lived during a great FALL and went in exile and isolation, to hide on the HIDEOUT MOON. Because Myari believes in the loop, she also thinks that the fall is about to start again. She sends Renba to investigate on that. (Myari also believes Aliya is her sick daughter reincarnated, as they both have a chronic sickness, so Myari adopted Aliya from Eboreth).

    Aliya jumps on the Nightingale, a ship she found on Eboreth and is half a thousand years old. Eboreth is Aliya’s home moon, and one of the moons of the Protectorate, a mix of moons that are under the power of Iox.

    Aliya and her robot (she calls him Six) leave for a moon called MAERSI. Maersi is beautiful and fertile and they have plenty of water. They worship KIBENYA, who they consider the WATER GODDESS. They have a statue dedicated to her, and they do not know that HOPPERS are probably hiding under the statue and redirecting the water/rivers around Maersi, this shows us that Maersi is probably a source of water for the Rivers. Maersi, like other moons, is exploited by Iox for their resources (mostly rice and food).

    On Maersi, Aliya finds out that Renba was there but left to investigate a HIDEOUT MOON in the Cyclones. Aliya leaves for the moon and she finds a very ancient structure. The moon used to have water, but has now been dried (the rivers changes and moons can lose water and air with time) and abandoned. 

    During the journey, Aliya finds some things that Renba decided to hide: the purple robe, the bound book of future knowledge and a fragment of water goddess, probably all found on the Hideout Moon. If you show Huang the robe, he shows you a funereal wrap from the early empire, and this confirms the robe being from a royal of the empire in the Hideout Moon. 

    On the HIDEOUT MOON, Aliya finds out that the last emperor hid there and probably died on the ground floor, alone, once too sick. The Hideout Moon was previously inhabited by a Hermit, who was suspicious of the newcomer as he wrote on his bed "Stranger arrived but I fear him" (translation not confirmed). The hermit was probably killed by the last emperor, or simply died in the house (upper floor). The emperor was in hiding, so he decided to bury the body of the hermit in the garden, so that the hermit could not return in the loop and reveal the hideout. The tomb in the garden has a seashell (probably more ancient, probably from the hermit), and is engraved with is engraved with "Stay under ground". The fact that the necklace of seashell was on the tomb seems to indicate that the emperor might have felt some remorse, so maybe he did not kill the hermit but just tried to stop his return in the loop after death.

    Outside the house there is a shrine, build from rocks probably from another place, with the writing “Emperors live forever”. Inside there is a burial marker (like later found in the garden with the burials). The water goddess statue in it was probably taken from the emperor (owned by the hermit) and used to hide a REBESKE FOIL which seems very ancient. Not known yet if the emperor took the statue and used it for his foil, or if the statue already had the foil inside. The emperor had no robot collar with him to activate the foil, if he had wanted, but theories online seem to point to the fact that the person in the foil was the emperor’s sister. If shown to Oroi, she says that it is not made in the style of the Empire, but probably older.

    A blade was also hidden in the house, this might suggest that the emperor tried to disguise himself? There was no blood on the blade.

    Because of the water goddess statue, a script about "water goddess blesses the fire" at the fireplace, the hermit was a follower of the Water Goddess (probably from Maersi, as the statuette fragment found is recognized in Maersi as something given to hermits).

    Inside the house, Aliya also finds that someone designed a map of rivers on the wall. The writing is “Home Stars” and it points to a site that Aliya calls SITE FROM THE MURALES, which could be the origin of the emperor, or where the emperor desires to end in.

    In the house you will also find the CROWN. Six will inform Myari of it, as it is probably what Myari wants: the crown passed from emperor to emperor. It is also storage of a recording on foil, probably from an emperor.

    On the roof there is a place for a telescope, showing that Renba might have come to the moon to find the telescope to triangulate Heaven’s Vault. On the moon he found the body of the last emperor, which never returned to the loop, revealing that Myari is lying about being the reincarnated last emperor. We later find out that the telescopes actually stored information and communicated.

    Renba’s ship is burnt, destroyed on the ground of the Hideout Moon, and Renba managed to leave in Six a message saying that Myari is lying (probably about being the emperor) and to find the Observatory (probably Heaven’s Vault) to stop a big darkness (the rivers being drained).

    I’ve seen some theories online pointing to the idea of Renba killing himself, by burning, alongside the body of the emperor, to cause the reincarnation of both. I tend to believe that Renba maybe burnt the emperor outside, and then tried to use the anti gravitational crystals to reach Heaven’s Vault/Observatory.

    If you ask about an Observatory to Huang he points in the direction of RENAKI, a moon outside the control of Iox. Renaki is rich, and has a lot of water (maybe another source of water?). There Aliya can get more information about the Observatory from the trader Amadu. Amadu trades in servos, robots without the foil, so with no personality. The observatory is clearly not the one from Renba, but still an interesting site and Aliya gets a robot collar from it, to help locate it. 

    Renba is definitely dead. If you attend his funeral you find out more about how strongly Myari believes in the loop. If you sneak into Myari’s office, you also find out that (and if you already have the crown to her, she has not it in the office) she believes herself to be the reincarnated last emperor.

    Next journey: EBORETH. Eboreth is ancient, so ancient that there is a HOPPER at the gate and can be controlled with words of ancient language. Ancient language is peppered into everyone’s language, without them really knowing what was the original meaning. Furthermore, people on Eboreth knows some ancient script and use it for blessings (they wrote on some carts and tents in the DIGGING SITE), even if they don’t know the meaning. The GATE speaks in ancient and you can choose to enter with the word CATKIS (fortress, probably the entrance when the empire was on Eboreth, you cannot enter with weapons if you choose this word) or KIBENYA, the name of the goddess. If the word Kibenya is spoken, the gate seems to accept the person as a pilgrim, probably this is from before Eboreth became a fortress for the empire. 

    There seems to be indications that Eboreth was one of the first sites of the ancients (just after arriving in the Nebula), as it’s one of the few places where a goddess statue has feet. We know that all the other gods statues are robots representations, while this one could have been maybe the original god of the first settlers. 

    More about Eboreth being one of the most ancient settings is from the fact that the GATE can also HOPPER Aliya to Heaven’s Vault. So it was probably created when humans still were aware of their history.

    On Eboreth you can give Oroi the crown and she will investigate it, explaining that there is a recording in it (foil, like the robots).

    On Eboreth you can also sell the emperor’s knife and get a BOOK in return. The book is from emperor era and the script says WITHERING PALACE. If you bring the book to Huang he reads from the Annals: "and the lonely and the lost were pilgrims beyond the garden, where the best remained as mirrors of wise thoughts" (the best = emperors, into the foil)

    On Eboreth you can interrogate and “hire” the worker (slave) Yazi. When you buy Yazi, you can follow him to the DIGGING SITE, where Renba was working. 

    There you find that: - Renba was hiring workers and using cheap materials because he was keeping the operation a secret from Myari (he already found the body of the Emperor then) - Renba found a ship from an age before the empire. Later on we find out hat the first Empress (Eneki) destroyed all books and information from previous ages and gods, to be able to become a goddess herself. The existence of previous technology and culture is new to Aliya. The ship is bigger than anything she has ever seen, and Aliya decides to call the age of these items AGE OF SAIL. -  Aliya also finds a fragment of a map from the age of sail and the rivers were different, she doesn't recognize them. Iox is called "Palace of Princes" (confirmed by Huang), when given to Huang he gives you. - On the digging site Aliya also finds some mining carts from a MINE, with the writing "The robots' law is fair". This means that Renba probably found the MINE and moved the carts for the digging site.

    Here you also get some more info on Six’s ethical core: Six dislikes pain, and his ethical core would stop him from harming any human and makes him prefer to see people happy than in pain.

    After the discoveries, you can help Yazi and the laborer survivor Sya to move to Renaki and start a better life.

    At the end of this section Aliya wants to locate:

    * The Observatory from Amadu’s tale = confirmed to be an AGE OF SAIL site, which means that robots were around in the age of sail.

    * The “Home Stars” in the Murales on the hideout

    * The origin of the ship from the Age of Sail (and other items from the Digging Site)

    * The Withering Palace

    * The Observatory from Renba’s warning, probably Heaven’s Vault. No location yet.

    * A Mine, from which the carts used by Renba came from. No location yet.

    From what I know at the moment, Renba’s journey seems to be:

    getting information from Six, by working on robots leaving message on Six about Myari cyclone (hermit house) = finding out about the emperor’s body will turn Renba suspicious of Myrai mine? elboreth digging site (Yazi says he disappeared and then came back a lot) then maersi cyclone again (hermit house) and here he died.


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  • saltycinnabun
    03.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    I just finished Heaven’s Vault and it was great! I’ll admit, some of the animation/controls took getting used to, but after that this game was just what I was looking for! And, as I understand it has excellent replay value, I’m looking forward to a new game. 

    First of all, I loved working on Ancient inscriptions. Which is fortunate, since this is the mechanic HV is built on. It was so satisfying how I went from just slotting in whatever words made sense to actually understanding the individual glyphs in words! I also think it’s so interesting that only a few words of spoken Ancient survive and are understood. Specifically, words carried on in Elborethian patois and Maersi’s local religion. I do appreciate that the game’s investigation wasn’t just relegated to studying dusty old ruins, but seeing the bits of history that are alive and in use, though perhaps unrecognized. Hopefully on my next playthrough I can take time to analyze the words we hear from the Eborethians, hoppers, and robots and try to make sense of them, in addition to growing my written vocabulary.

    I also appreciate  the characters. The designs are really creative and diverse, and I liked how organic the conversation felt. You know those games where you can figure out the “right” dialogue to get a character to do what you want? Or where your relationship to a person is quantified? I like that HV didn’t do that. I can try to sweet-talk a character all I want, but if my actions haven’t backed it up, or if I’m asking too much, the character won’t go along with it. But at the same time, I did see change. Maybe it was just me getting a better hang of dialogue options, but I loved seeing Aliya go from a rather mean person to actually showing fondness for Six, Oroi, and Huang. When they eventually reciprocated, it was touching and didn’t feel forced.

    Once you get past the animation I mentioned above, HV is also really beautiful. I’ll just get the mention of the rivers out of the way because wow, those are so cool and ethereal (and fun to navigate so long as you aren’t in an area of minor flow)! The character designs were, as i said, appealing and unique. And the moons all had their own wonders. The ornate Catkis gate, the rivers winding through Iox, the little stands in Renaki, the lush but desolate Emperor’s Graveyard. A lot of it draws from Mediterranean and Islamic looks, but meshed with elements of sci-fi like robots and steampunky (or at least some kind of -punk) spaceships. HV just has really neat and enjoyable designs.

    I did kind of resent being unable to revisit certain moons, but I think it did serve to move the game forward and encouraged me to be thorough and daring in my investigation (and also almost kill Aliya a half dozen times). Okay, I still kind of resent it.

    The thing I loved most though was the lore and progressive worldbuilding. By exploring sites, translating inscriptions, and finding artifacts, the history of the Nebula became increasingly complex, but still with a lot of room for interpretation and theorization! It gave me a feeling of freedom and choice, rather than being strung along to come to one big conclusion. Even after finding the Vault, I had so many questions left. I mean that in a good way. I’m not guessing because of bad writing, but because I feel like there is more to explore. It also felt like the dialogue options and guesses I chose mattered in regards to the way the timeline was updated, so I can’t wait to try out different choices in my replay!

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