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  • cinnamon-buns-things
    23.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Soon I will publish a couple of headcanons about gatekeepers

    #Robot Trains #Robot Trains Cat AU #Robot Cats #Robot Cats AU #Robot Trains Mikhail #Robot Cats Mikhail
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  • mud-castle
    23.09.2021 - 31 minutes ago
    #anon ask #warrior cats au #warrior cats #wings of fire #reworldbuilding#wof
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  • catawampuscorner
    23.09.2021 - 50 minutes ago
    #i am a simple woman #i see cute art and i respond in kind #gosh this little cold waxer is just the sweetest thing #the little shivers all around him!! #cat answers #baby clones in animal onesies #onesie au#star wars #the clone wars #tcw#waxer #clone trooper waxer #boil #clone trooper boil
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  • alexandra-secret-hideout
    23.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I think a created a cult of robot cats

    #alexandra secret hideout #shitpost#Robot Trains #Robot Trains Cat AU #Robot Cats #Robot Cats AU
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  • aidendh
    23.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    BSD! RAU! Ryunosuke Akutagawa

    Aiden Harris → RAU! Ryunosuke Akutagawa

    Low self esteem

    Closer with Higuchi and Gin

    Would hate what he's become

    Blue eyes

    Protective of Gin and Higuchi

    Needs validation to keep going

    Would keep masked when doing work in public, but would go around the Mafia casual

    He would be scared of failer

    He enjoys mythology and reading

    He'd only wear earrings at special events

    He loves helping others

    Ryunosuke Akutagawa



    An Incarnate with a fragile low self-esteem

    Ability: Rashomon* Cloth Manipulation

    Death: Senti Monster


    Ryunosuke Akutagawa (mafia)



    A Mafia member that wants to prove himself

    Ability: Rashomon* Cloth Manipulation

    Death: Senti Monster



    Instictual fear of Gabriel

    (He barely remembers his Akuma state)

    Wouldn't want Paris to go through what he did

    Instinctively helps Fu

    (Black Cat Trial)

    He'd have to see someone in trouble or be convinced by Plagg to become a Hero again

    His hero name would be Maneki Yogen

    (Maneki - Beckoning / Yogen - Foreboding)

    'Beckon of Foreboding'

    He's take the Miraculous seriously and would seem to have an easy understanding of most Akumas




    Gin, Higuchi and Dazai talking down on him, making his mental state worse


    Senti monster with the peacock pin trying to kill him

    Plagg disappearing would put him in a panic


    Maneki Yogen



    A Hero that wants to fix his past mistake

    Power: Cataclysm* Destroys anything he touches

    Miraculous: Ring (right hand)


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  • takeawaymymurdercats
    23.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    But as the water filled my mouth,

    I couldn't wash the echoes out.

    This was actually supposed to be a simple sketch, and this wasn't the image originally in my head either. Ahem, so enjoy Troutstorm drowning some poor fool, I don't know how cats swim, but I tried. And hey, when do I really ever draw full body cats anyways?

    #Drumming Song#warrior cats#warriors#wc#my art#my ocs#wc ocs#riverclan#troutstorm#drowning cw#murder cw #warrior cats sketch #sketches #warrior cat sketches #warrior cats oc #warrior cats au #song is by Florence + the Machine #traditional art#forest's ocs#forest's doodles
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  • digitalvoidheart
    23.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The delayed 100 followers DTIYS is finally here!

    no I didn't forget about it and put it off until the last second cuz of reality and laziness- shush you know nothing!

    Yes, I know, I draw too much from the CC AU but! It's the autumn equinox and I wanted to draw something for Ccino since he seems to fit the theme well (You'll get Nightlight at the Winter solstice so don't chu worry <3)


    ♣You must reblog this post as participation (or even just to reach others willing to participate, its fine)

    ♣Draw away! And make sure you enjoy it all the way to the end! I want y'all to be happy and satisfied with what you made for this challenge! Tag me so I can find your artwork!

    It can be the drawing above, or a small comic or anything you wish! As long as it has a snippet from the above picture! You can add characters in if you want as well!

    Ccino's reference

    ♣ I'll be selecting 2-3 winners (depending on reality and my mentality. sorry its not a lot)


    ♣1st place

    A full body drawing of any character (one or two) of choice

    ♣2nd place

    A half body drawing of any character of choice

    ♣3rd place (if it exists)

    Drawing of any character of choice till chest.

    I will draw


    •Simple background if asked

    •Moderate poses as long as a reference of the pose is given (picture not explanation)

    I will not draw


    •Gore of any type

    •Mecha (still trying to get the hang of it)

    •Super dynamic poses

    •Super detailed and complex backgrounds

    The deadline is on 31st October. I will chose the winners by then!

    Wish you all good luck!

    AU by @help-im-a-gay-fish @yuriyuruandyuraart and me

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  • doctorimcoldoverhere
    23.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Ashstar AU

      After Squirrelflight breaks up with Ashfur for Brambleclaw. The gray tom plots his revenge. He still hangs out with Brambleclaw.  Like nothing even happened however, he begins to notice that Leafpool is acting a bit strange. One day he sees Leaf and Squirrel leave the camp and he follows them unnoticed.  He realized the Leaf is pregnant and soon gives birth to kits and passes them off to Squirrel. Ashfur realizes he can use this info to his advantage. He still trains Lionblaze and even develops a 'close' mentor-like status with him. One day Ashfur tells Lionblaze that Squirrel isn't his real mom and that in fact his real parents are Leaf and Crow. Lion is upset that both Leaf and Squirrel lied to them and runs off to tell his littermates Later Ashfur meets up with the three and Hollyleaf asks for proof.. Ashfur still does the fire scene where Squirrel confirms that the three are not her kits. Ashfur smiles before leaving the scene. Holly still tells the clans the 'big ' secret. Shaming Crow, Leaf, for breaking the code and Bramble and Squirrel for lying to them in front of everyone. Bramble grows upset with Squirrel. Crow still denied his kits which enrages Hollyleaf. Which she responded to by killing him. Then fleeing off to the caves. Jayfeather then meets with Leaf and threatens her to eat the deathberries. To which she does. Ashfur and hawkfrost's plan to kill firestar works and hawkfrost also kills Brambleclaw when he tries to free Firestar. Ashfur feels a little bad for Bramble. Ashfur then steps up to become leader with lionblaze as his deputy. Ashfur sends Lionblaze and Sandstorm on patrol, Ash gives Lion a head nod. Lion blaze drags Sandstorm's dead body back to camp saying that they were attacked by a rogue group. Ashfur (Star) looks mournful with Squirrel. Ashfur smiles as his plan comes together. From the distance he sees Squirrel sitting by the river...alone. He finally confronts her about everything. Before dealing a killing blow around her chest. Breed that I base the cats on:  Ashfur/star - korat  Firestar - Somali  Sandstorm - Yellow Tabby  Hollyleaf / Crowfeather (oriental cat) - Bombay cat Jayfeather - Blue Tabby/ oriental cat  Lionblaze - Maine coon Squirrel/leaf - Mixed  Bramble - Maine coon  ++ Hollyleaf has a power in this au - It likes the rope of truth/ lie detector  ++ Lionblaze’s powers doesn’t work when he fighting his sibling or those who been ‘touched’ by starclan and only work in a Fight or Flight response ++JayFeather’s powers are seeing either the past or future however it isn’t as clear. And dreaming walking

    #warrior cats #Warrior cats au #Ashstar#AU
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  • morgan-molliniere
    23.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    tales of ladybird & black cat AU will probably be given a new name, idk

    reasons are to further differentiate it from mlb, and to emphasize the real main character

    #tales of ladybird and black cat au #my AUs
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  • violentshine
    23.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Since Tigerstar leads Windclan, he has no reason to kill Gorsepaw so he lives ! He may even be one of Tigerstar's supporters since all he knows about Tigerstar is that he saved Windclan and got them their home back

    He later comes to realize that Tigerstar committed..so many crimes therefore losing his support


    #medic fireheart au #gorsepaw #warrior cats au #waca au
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  • violentshine
    23.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Tawny & Bramble are made into apprentices when they join Thunderclan, Mousefur training Tawnypaw, Goldenflower training Bramblepaw

    Since both are only 5 moons old, Speckletail watches Squirrelkit & Leafkit

    I haven't thought too much of every character yet but I do know Tawnypaw, for some reason she feels pressured to pay back to Thunderclan (mostly Sandstar) for allowing all of them to join. She wants to be a strong warrior, to protect the clan. So of course that ambition catches the attention of a certain big brown tabby tom who meets her in her dreams. He offers to train her and at first Tawny is hesitant but after some convincing, she takes up training with him.

    She later learns about Tigerstar & that he must be the cat who's dream-training her (i figure he's not like...big gossip topic since well he's not a good cat that many want to remember- also he killed their leader's dad & wouldn't want to make her remember that). She firmly states that she wants nothing to do with a cat like him (..anymore) but Tigerstar tells her that, no one knows she's here (maybe), and Mousefur would think it would be strange that her, quick learning apprentice, is falling behind. (there's also a time when Tigerstar shows Tawnypaw a move and she uses that move in training with Mousefur & Mousefur is confused as to how she knows said move and Tawnypaw just quickly says she saw one of the other apprentices do it)

    I bring up the possibility of someone seeing her train there because Fireheart can dream himself into the Dark Forest. If Tawnypaw does not take back her leaving the Dark Forest, Tigerstar tells her that Fireheart most likely already knows and with his relationship with Sandstar; he would be sure to tell her.

    The only way to ensure Fireheart doesn't rat her out is to make it so he's unable to. Tigerstar might even threaten to kill him next time he shows up, "for Tawnypaw's sake"

    Tawny does not want that of course but Tigerstar is able to make her fear that Fireheart does in fact know and will tell Sandstar and everything Tawny has tried to work to would crumble.

    #medic fireheart au #tawnypelt #warrior cats au #waca au #bramble & tawny also have different warrior names from canon #all the posts ive been posting arent new btw #i just storage them in my brain & decided to make posts about them now
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  • scorpiofangirl1109
    23.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    My Cats OC Part 224

    part 223- https://scorpiofangirl1109.tumblr.com/post/662911122189484032/my-cats-oc-part-223 

    hello everyone! welcome to part 224 of my series on kiki!

    this is a continuation of the human au i didn’t know i was pregnant mini series with munkustrap and demeter!

    not long after munkustrap had called his mother he received a text message that his parents were on their way to the hospital to meet their brand new granddaughter. 

    so munkustrap waited for them to arrive in the waiting room and he was a bit anxious knowing how big this moment was.

    soon grizabella and deuteronomy had arrived at the hospital and munkustrap went over to his parents giving them a big hug.

    “oh darling it is so good to see you. i still cannot believe this has happened.” grizabella said as she pulled away from the hug.

    “trust me, it has been a few hours and i am still struggling with it myself.” munkustrap told his mom. 

    “is demeter doing alright now?” deuteronomy asked “i am sure today has taken a  lot out of her.”

    “she was resting for a bit but woke up a little while ago. but she is doing alright. she was feeding the baby when i left. jenny and skimbles went home to rest for a bit as they were so tired.” munkustrap explained as he brought his parents towards demeter’s hospital room.

    before they went in, grizabella and deuteronomy had to wash their hands carefully before meeting kiki as she was still so susceptible to getting sick.

    after this munkustrap led his parents into the room seeing demeter was holding kiki who seemed to have drifted off to sleep now that her belly was full of formula. 

    demeter looked up from watching kiki sleep and smiled at her in-laws. munkustrap told her they were coming so she knew to expect to see them.

    grizabella and deuteronomy had spent the entire car ride trying to process the news of them being grandparents now. but seeing the baby girl in their daughter-in law’s arms showed them that this was real. they had a grandchild and they were grandparents.

    but the second they laid their eyes on their granddaughter they were very much in love. she really was precious.

    “oh my goodness look at that face. i cannot believe she managed to be so quiet in your belly.” 

    demeter chuckled and said “ i know, she really was. i never felt a single kick or anything else while she was growing in there.”

    “mom, dad i would formally like to introduce you to your granddaughter kiki louise.” munkustrap smiled.

    “it is a lovely name.” deuteronomy smiled beaming down at his new granddaughter who slept in demeter’s arms. 

    “your grandmother would have loved her.” grizabella said smiling feeling delighted that her granddaughter honored her mother who passed away not too long ago.

    “oh i know. she really would have. would you like to hold her mom?” demeter asked grizabella.

    demeter and munkustrap had built such strong and close relationships with their respective in- laws that calling them mom and ad seemed natural. plus their parents insisted their daughter-in-law and son-in-law call them mom and dad anyways. 

    grizabella was quick to agree to do this and got her arms ready to hold kiki. demeter carefully handed over her daughter to her paternal grandmother. 

    once the newborn was situated in her grandmother’s arms grizabella could not stop beaming down at her. she was so precious and grizabella was officially in love with her. 

    “oh hello there darling. aren’t you precious? i still can’t believe you are actually real.” grizabella smiled.

    kiki was asleep but she made a  tiny little noise that made everyone in the room chuckle as it truly was a sweet little noise. but she was perfectly content to be held as she slept.

    deuteronomy smiled down at kiki and stroked her cheek with the back of his thumb. he and grizabella were silently marveling over every little detail of their grandchild’s face. 

    soon enough kiki was handed off to her paternal grandfather so he could hold her. similar to his wife, he was still processing this but those feelings were slowly going away.

    it felt nice to hold his granddaughter. plus it brought back memories to the days his sons were both born. this was one of the best days of his life besides the births of his sons and marrying his wife. 

    “you are a little darling. grandpy loves you so much.” deuteronomy smiled as he kept stroking kiki’s hand with his thumb.

    “grandpy huh? is that what kiki is going to call you?” munkustrap asked chuckling a bit.

    “that is what you used to call your mother’s dad and i think it is nice.” deuteronomy as he did not look up from where he was holding kiki. 

    munkustrap remembered this. naturally he missed his maternal grandparents and wished they along with his maternal grandmother, could have meet their great granddaughter.

    “and i always thought the name grammy was nice.” grizabella smiled as he watched her husband with kiki.

    “i like those names, they suit you.” demeter smiled. “my mom and dad already decided on their grandparent names too. they are going by granny and grandpa.”

    “well all 4 of us are going to spoil this little girl to death. we know the two of you are going to be the best parents in the world.” grizabella smiled.

    munkustrap and demeter looked at each other. they were so relieved their parents had taken the news well and were even exited about being grandparents even if it was a surprise.

    now the next part was telling all of the siblings. between them there was bomba’s 2 sisters and her brother. munkustrap had his brother and his brother-in-law on his side.

    seeing how they would react would be memorable but munkustrap and  had a feeling their reactions would be interesting. and they were ready for kiki to meet her aunts and uncles.

    alright that is part 224! let me know what you guys thought and i will see you all for part 225! so sorry it is short!

    #cats the musical #cats musical#cats oc#jellicle oc#original character #original child character #cats the musical oc #kiki cats oc #oc #cats human au #cats au #kiki cats oc au #munkustrap#demeter cats#demestrap family#grizabella#old deuteronomy#grammy grizzy#grandpy deuteronomy
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  • mcaxolotlenthusiast
    23.09.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #i find hilarious the wacky shit of wilbur fucking a salmon and a fox coming out of that. but these are...realistic cats???¿?? kind of. #warrior cats are kinda wonky on what they make realistic and what they dont LMAO #but as close as realistic i wanna make it!! obv i'll go out of my way to make it for fantasy and stuff. but cats stay like real cats!!! #i did think of making ranboo a bobcat or carcal tho.... #i actually don't know about that yet since i did do his design already haha! #anyways anyways!!! rant done #dsmp warrior cats au #ask#hyper ramblings#anonymous
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  • centuryberry
    23.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Chapter Summary: When business in Muffet's Bakery isn't booming as usual, Muffet gives Safe Paws a visit to see what kind of competition she's up against. 🕷️🍩

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  • universallydelegated
    23.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    "Black Cat" Jack

    A Liepard with a coat that blends with the night, this Pokemon is Mad Rattata's Partner from the future.

    After losing track of Mad Rattata, he decided to take their mission on for himself: to take the Time Gears, and stop the world's paralysis.

    Little does he know, his and Mad Rattata's reunion would not be the one he pictured...

    Characters: 4/5

    #Mad Rat Dead #MRD #MRD Black Cat #Black Cat MRD #Mad Rat Dead AU #MRD AU #ATD's Art Tag #Art Post #Woo! I think Black Cat as a Liepard makes sense--made his pelt darker to match with his usual habit of being in the shadows. #He's much darker than a regular Liepard!
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  • violentshine
    23.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I think I figured out how Darkstripe is able to lead Brokentail & his goons to Windclan

    He'll have to be apart of the patrol that kicks Brokenstar & his closest allies out of Shadowclan

    Yellowfang is the one to talk to Brokentail and tell him how much of a horrible cat he is, let alone a leader. Brokentail's reaction isn't good of course but with Yellowfang telling him off it seems as if he's taking it more personal than any cat thought he would, as if that cat in particular means something to him and her saying such things... (think this video)

    So Darkstripe pieces this together when he finds Brokentail & his group and in private, he tells Brokentail he knows where Yellowfang is & he can take him to her. Brokentail doesn't buy it at first because he thinks she's in Thunderclan but Darkstripe pushes on with the lie and says after exiling him, she took a leave from the clans for good; but, if he follows him, Darkstripe will lead him to her.

    So Brokentail tells his cats that Darkstripe will lead them to a better territory so they follow him

    Surprise surprise, Yellowfang may not be there but you know who is? Windclan ! And they are so full of rage & vengeance that there's like little to no hesitancy to an attack blowing out.

    Since it happened so fast, Darkstripe (who parted ways from Brokentail's group but kept eyes on them) had to rush to drag Tigerclaw over so he can kill Brokentail.

    The whole plan was Tigerclaw killing Brokentail in return winning the trust of Windclan. Tigerclaw kills Brokentail and Tallstar also dies- which was also part of the plan.

    Once Brokentail is dead, the rest of the rouges escape but since the head of the group was dead, it wasn't likely that the rouges would continue in his pawsteps.

    #medic fireheart au #warrior cats au #waca au #tigerclaw cant have deadfoot still alive so he tells darkstripe to kill him- once he does tiger'll have a secure spot as leader of windclan #darkstripe
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  • violentshine
    23.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    medic fireheart au: Brokenstar

    I've made posts about him before in this AU but they are all over the place so I decided to make one big posts about him

    Brokenkit is born to Raggedstar & Foxheart, but not out of love or even a desire to have kits, Raggedstar's reason is due to winning over Yellowfang & trying to make her jealous, Foxheart's reason is status.

    I'm not sure if Wishkit & Hopekit (both would have different prefixes) are born but if they are, they still die.

    Up until Brokenkit opens his eyes, Foxheart's time in the nursery is almost nonexistent; she'd rather spend time patrol & hunting so that's what she does, the only reason she's allowed to is because she's mates with the leader. Lizardstripe, being the only queen in the nursery is responsible for feeding Brokenkit.

    Now Yellowfang does all she can to spend time with Brokenkit, make sure he has some positivity in his life, but Raggedstar takes that away from him and during an argument Ragged & Yellow get into- he's banned from talking to her.

    Some time later, Foxheart dies her during a rat raid. Lizardstripe doesn't stop her older kits from playing too rough with/being mean to Brokenkit, & Yellowfang is no longer allowed to see him (other than checks ups and stuff which Raggedstar makes sure he is present for-which is probably the only time Raggedstar is ever around his kit).

    Not soon after that, Raggedstar makes Brokenkit his apprentice (he's around 3-4 moons). All the time training under his father, Brokenpaw is having to meet unrealistic expectations. Raggedstar wants him to be best and trains him harshly. Even before he was apprenticed, Raggedstar would constantly talk about how he wants his son to be leader. (he's going to be leader all right)

    Brokenpaw "adapts" to his fathers abusive ways and becomes a warrior and later his deputy.

    One day, while being alone with his father. Raggedstar begins to talk to him about how he's sorry for what he did and how he wants to make it up to him or something...but Brokentail already planned this out, he asked to take this walk knowing no warrior would be around and thats when he attacks Raggedstar. He's able to take a few lives until some cat comes down. But it's not just some cat, it's a Starclan warrior, it's Foxheart. She holds Raggedstar down, encouraging Brokentail to continue and when Raggedstar is completely lifeless, she goes back up to Starclan with him.

    Now Brokentail has to get his 9 lives. He leaves with Foggynose.

    I'm not sure if Foggynose goes with him or Brokentail tells him to stay outside but when Brokentail touches his nose to the Moonstone, he is met with Starclan's disapproval. He was never supposed to be there. He was never supposed to be given any sort of power, but the signs were ignored and now here he is. They tell him he is not welcomed there and the meeting ends.

    Only for him to be urged to touch the stone again by a familiar voice. So he does.

    And when he opens his eyes again, he sees Foxheart.

    She tells him she's sorry for what happened to him, what they didn't do for him. So as a way to make for it, she & Raggedstar are going to give him his own ceremony. Raggedstar is very hesitant but Foxheart reminds him that he said it himself that he wanted to make it up to him, and this is the opportunity for it.

    They give him a life each, his name & a leader's marking (not sure what it is yet).

    He is Brokenstar, leader of Shadowclan.

    Brokenstar's way of leading is harsh. Cats are killed either for as kits for training too early or for speaking up against him telling him his ways are wrong and unjust.

    Now Brokenstar is no cat to undermine,,unless you're Yellowfang. Yellowfang refuses to call him "Brokenstar" and constantly refers him as "Brokentail", he was not given another name by Starclan therefore he is not leader. She also tells him to come clean to the clan and tell them the truth. She thought he would be the last cat to ever want what was happening in Shadowclan (kits being trained too early + harshly, parents, more specifically mothers, being killed or exiled if they're caught grieving over their "weak kit", & just generally bad stuff yk).

    I don't know how to describe Brokenstar's reaction. How can a cat he felt no hatred against, show so much to him ? Like, he knows Yellowfang tried to be there for him and show him support but wasn't allowed to due to Raggedstar; now she can, so why is she not showing it?

    One time she challenges him in front of the clan (maybe not in front of, but there's some cats around). To tell them about how his failed leader ceremony, how it happened because Starclan rejected him. How he was never supposed to be leader. How was just like his father when it came to being power-hungry and incapable to listening to sense.

    I say one time but after that, he exiles her. He yells at her to get out of camp. Yellowfang doesn't say a word and leaves.

    #medic fireheart au #warrior cats au #waca au#brokenstar
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  • violentshine
    23.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I've already mentioned this but after the death of Lionheart, Bluestar appoints Whitestorm as deputy (she does not trust tigerclaw, & sure as hell would never give him any power)

    Since the battle with Bloodclan never happens & simply because I don't want to kill him, Whitestorm stays deputy up until Fireheart & gang come back from rebuilding Skyclan, announcing that Bluestar died. Which means he's the new leader of Thunderclan


    After leading the clan during her leave, Whitestorm comes to realize that being a leader isn't something he wants. Sure he wants to support his clan but that's all, he only wishes to *support* not lead. He does realize this like during his walk with Yellowfang to the Moonstone but they weren't that far from Thunderclan territory. When they get back, Whitestorm calls another meeting to inform the clan (most are out holding vigil for Bluestar) and promotes an already newly promoted Sandstorm from deputy to leader (she wasn't ev (en deputy for a day lmao) & since Whitestorm has stepped down to just being a warrior, Sandstorm gives the deputy position to Goldenflower & then her & Yellowfang leave for the Moonstone,

    I don't have all 9 cats who give her lives but here's who do; Redtail, Runningwind (died during Fury-Bloodclan or from the dogs idk), Bluestar, Rosetail & maybe Swiftpaw & Lionheart ? idk if she was really close to them though

    Give it up for Sandstar <3

    #medic fireheart au #warrior cats au #waca au#whitestorm#sandstorm
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  • kenna-nor
    23.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    i have no explanation this just popped in my head okay

    #is this kinda marichat? #adrienette#miraculous ladybug#miraculous #marinette dupain cheng #chat noir#adrien agreste#ladybug#cat noir #miraculous ladybug tales of ladybug and chat noir #ml love square #scarecrow#halloween #wizard of oz #wizard of oz au #dorothy #marinette of oz #my art
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  • theanoninyourinbox
    23.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Longstar AU Three to Tango part 1

    Howdy y’all, I’m back at again with the AU - I can’t promise one a day lore dumps after this, because I only have up until the Battle against the Dark Forest - and then it’s just little details and disconnected thoughts at the moment, but I’ll give what I’ve got until it’s complete.  And thanks for the likes and follows - it’s really flattering for someone not in my direct friends/family to like my stuff.  Anyhoo enough feelings lets goooooo!

    Biggest difference, Skyclan.  Wasn’t reformed just yet, but I’ll get to that shortly.  Longstar’s sight is beginning to fail him, but he can still see the colors of his grandkit’s pelts.  Another difference, because of the cross-clan-relationship-agreement, the Three are well aware of their parentage - he visits at least twice a moon, and was there to see them apprenticed off.  They’re well loved, have plenty of support from families in both clans, especially their aunt Foxflight and Uncle Shrewleg.  Those two have been trying for kits, but Shrewleg’s injury may have left him unable to father any kits - but they don’t mind it too much.  Maybe someday.  And Whitestorm, beloved Deputy, has stepped down.  His age is starting to catch up, and he’s happy to help out, but he knows leadership just isn’t in his future.  He suggests Brightheart, who happily accepts as Cloudtail and Whitewing cheer ecstatically!  Pretty sure the Tribe heard that!

    Lionpaw apprentices to Darkmoon, with Fireheart acting as support mentor if needed.  Jaypaw gets two mentors, Brightheart for his regular training, and Snowthorn for working with his senses - Brightheart translates Snowthorn’s sign language when his words just don’t work as well.  Eventually Longstar joins the sessions when his vision dims.  And Hollypaw isn’t as much a stickler for the Code, understanding that rules can change, and she stands as evidence of that.  She’s aiming for Deputy, hopefully Leader, but is content to support her clan how she can.  Canon continues until...

    At the Gathering, Jay hears Mousepaw flirting with Minnowpaw, and wonders if there’s going to be another cross-clan couple.  But as he’s telling Hollypaw, there’s a commotion at the back of the crowd.  A pair of mollies appear - it’s the long thought dead Sandstorm!  And some kittypet but Sandstorm yaaaay!  Foxflight nearly knocks her over in excitement, and Longstar greets his missing clanmate.  Coldlight actually shows an emotion! The Gathering disperses, and Greystripe offers to escort the kittypet, oh your name’s Millie?  An honor madame I am -enchanted- to meet you.  It’s apparent immediately that they’re making heart eyes at each other but it’s cute!  Millie and Daisy have a giggle about how cute and chivalrous he is.

    When Sandstorm settles back in, she grabs Longstar, Fireheart, Flamewish, Darkmoon,  Foxflight, and Swiftpool and tells them her adventure.  She was adopted by a twoleg who owned Millie, and the two escaped fairly quickly.  She met an elderly tom named Skywatcher, and founded Skyclan again, leaving Leafstar in charge, and receiving a prophecy about Three of Flame and Fire’s kin.  It’s agreed to keep it quiet until they’re all sure about who it’s about.  Could be Swiftpool, Foxflight, and Whitewing?  Cloudtail no probably not him.  After the conversation,  Canon continues until...

    The competition!  Lionpaw’s back at camp, and Jaypaw’s having a rest, Lionpaw has a vision of Hollypaw and another dark-pelted cat falling, and feels choked by dust and dirt, and Jaypaw sees the vision as a dream.  The two call for aid, and Hollypaw and Breezepaw are rescued from the old fox den.  Jaypaw is suspicious, but maybe it’s a triplet thing?  He and his sibs have always been super close.  Hollypaw and Breezepaw begin a very odd friendship, as Crowfeather is his father, but only as a surrogate for Nightcloud - those two are just good friends, but Breezepaw wants a close relationship.  The unlikely half-sibs decide to meet up every few nights, in secret, as insisted by Breezepaw.  He doesn’t want his mom to know he’s being -social-.  Canon continues until...

    Late after one meeting, Hollypaw, who told her parents about the meetings because she’s not a fool, wanders through a part of the forest that looks unfamiliar.  She hops over a root, and two large brown tabby toms are waiting for her - Tigerstar and Brambleclaw!  They try to woo her into training with them, promising to make her a great warrior.  She blinks, and then laughs right in their faces, like absolutely loses it.  Why would she want to train with two cats who lost?  Like really badly lost?  Ohohoho how funny!  She leaves, chuckling, and the next thing she knows, she’s in her mossy bed, in the apprentice den.  What a weird dream!  Meanwhile Tigerstar and Brambleclaw are seething, but vow to try again at a later night.  Canon continues until...

    Someone is leaving Thunderclan prey in Windclan territory and vise versa.  A fight breaks out, and the peace between the clans is broken, leaving Swiftpool, Crowfeather, and their kits relationship hanging in the balance...

    And that’s it for tonight!  Tune in next time for Riverclan gets invaded by toddlers. the Tunnels is the worst waterpark ever, and the Tribe asks for Storm and Brook back.  Thanks for reading!

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