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  • fictionkinfessions
    27.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago
    #chrp#fictionkinfessions#fictionkin#haleykin#stardewvalleykin#sdvkin#videogameskin#chara hate#fandom issue#slurs #mod party cat! #they hate a hottie with a personality not based around someone else sad emoji
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  • cometbird
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ⭐ My DeviantArt⭐

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  • cantakemyselfseriously
    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Ok but PLEASE tell me I am not the only one who sees the similarities…


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  • weirdwarriors
    27.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    todays warrior of the day is: breezepelt eating a plastic bag

    #warriors#warrior cats#breezepelt #ill draw any cat you want if you can correctly guess what fandom crossover drawing this was for originally #bonus points if you can guess what specifc character he was interacting with #i know no one reads the tags but
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  • 5h4d0w-tp
    27.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I'm getting too weirdly hyper right now for my own good

    #woofer tartarsauce is making me oddly crazy #I find it funny as heck that the fandom has been drawing him as a fox and he is officially a WOLF for Halloween #He doesn't seem like a wolfboy to me tbh. fox boy is perfect because he is very cat-like but also very PUPPY. #foxies are like both.... and also his sly personality sometimes #5h4de speaks
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  • immaturityofthomasastruc
    27.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #immaturity of thomas astruc #iota#miraculous ladybug #miraculous ladybug salt #ml salt #ml fandom salt #marinette dupain cheng #ladybug#adrien agreste#cat noir#chat noir
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  • roselessart
    26.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Genderbend Tuggoffelees

    Decided to color this one🥰🎨

    A rich queen giving a smooch to a cute magician after the show😘💋

    #cats the musical #cats musical#cats broadway#tuggoffelees #rum tum tugger #mr mistoffelees#mistoffelees#roselessart #the rum tum tugger #mistugger #tugger x misto #misto x tugger #mister mistoffelees#cats fanart#cats fandom #cats the movie #cats 2021#cats 1998 #cats musical 2021 #cats musical fanart
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  • furia-luminosa-17
    26.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Ephemeral 💥❤️

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  • roselessart
    26.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    A quick drawing of Tumblejem

    Tumblebrutus is tall and would lean closer so Jemima can kiss him🥺💖

    #cats musical #cats the musical #cats broadway#tumblejem#tumblebrutus#jemima#cats jemima#sillabub#roselessart #cats musical fanart #cats fanart #cats musical 2021 #cats 2021#cats 1998#jellicle cats#cats fandom #cats the movie #cats the film #small artist #artist on tumblr
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  • noonvoid
    26.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    alright everyone here we are going to ignore that trailer and the entire existence of ephemeral until the episode actually drops. Mainly to protect my sanity (and maybe yours too).

    The only thing we can do together is make fun of Gabriel’s cat design bc LMAOOOO 😭 dude is supposed to be a FASHION DESIGNER !!!!!! He does not have any rights!!

    #miraculous ladybug#ml spoilers #also yeah I’m gonna put my thoughts in the tag but then we are FORGETTING everything about this #so the akuma is Adrien. gabe is a pos and manipulated Adrien into siding with him #Adrien gave him his ring? and gave akumatized him. with or without consent #but really there was no consent here in the first place #they find out who ladybug is as she runs away. she either transformed or detransformed? #I didn’t watch the trailer I’ve only seen screenshots #ladynoir umbrella scene. #flying magic girl powers???? LB gets wings?? chat gets pink hair??? #the fandom rlly is the backbone of this show #Gabriel’s cat design tho LMAOOOO I can’t look at it ever again. like what the fuck is that #can u imagine a 46 year old man running his scrawny ass around Paris in a skintight leather suit #that’s cat themed #he would be arrested #anyway um very cool very cool what were we talking about?? ahahah oh right did everyone see glaciator 2? marichat amirite #can’t wait for whatever the next news will be. hopefully a trailer for Gabriel Agreste haha. #emelie why did u marry this man. his fashion choice alone???? I want her to wake up and immediately divorce his ass lol #also new theories of ‘Adrien’ in the trailer actually being Felix??? #where’s actual Adrien though? I’m guessing he snaps out of his akumatization #and rejoins LB unless for some reason their flying sparkly transformation happens in the beginning of the ep #which is unlikely. maybe this is a what if Felix and Adrien were switched and just never changed back lol #oh ok the sparkly transformations are just their space versions
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  • san-fics
    26.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Few words about Braking the rules au:

    - it isn’t a texting au, but it starts like one, and their chats will take an important part during most of the story.

    - Marinette is 17, soon to be 18, cause of her design line, she must be able to be legally complete soon.

    - Mari never told Alya she was Ladybug, but the rest is same as at the moment of 2nd-3rd episodes of season 4: she is a guardian, she just broke up with Luca etc.

    - Felix is mostly from the season 3, but I implied some more things in his past, that we’ll get to know soon enough (you can read more about his character here).

    I don’t wanna add more not to spoil it for you, but ask me, if you need to clarify something.

    let’s go then!)

    love you 💋

    [more MLB fanfic]

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  • san-fics
    26.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Breaking the rules

    Felinette, Felix/Marinette, Felix/Ladybug

    Part 1

    Mr.X: what was it this time?

    MDC: oh, the usual

    MDC: i have to sit on the back of the class

    MDC: so she could sit on the front row

    MDC: cause of the hearing problems she doesn’t have

    Mr.X: i really don’t understand this

    Mr.X: why do u let people step on u

    MDC: i told u why

    Mr.X: right, cause yr ‘friend’ thinks it’s the best way

    Mr.X: I just don’t get this guy

    Mr.X: r u sure he’s yr friend?

    Mr.X: it’s like the most stupid thing I’ve ever herd

    Mr.X: what does it even mean ‘the higher road’?

    Mr.X: the lying shit is just that, and u must act accordantly

    MDC: i don’t know

    MDC: he want’s the best for everyone

    MDC: i guess he believes that people can change

    MDC: that she can change

    Mr.X: people can, liars don’t

    Mr.X: it’s that simple

    MDC: r u talking about yrself now?

    Mr.X: i don’t conceder myself a total liar

    Mr.X: but i get what i want using the methods some people deserve

    Mr.X: lying including

    MDC: like the pranks u did to yr relative u told me about?

    Mr.X: he is dumb

    Mr.X: someone needs to teach him people relationships

    Mr.X: otherwise someone’s gonna hurt him

    MDC: so it’s a type of care

    Mr.X: maybe

    Mr.X: but i didn’t say it is

    MDC: u like to play a bad guy, but i know u well enough to see u care about the ones u love

    Mr.X: i never said i loved anyone

    MDC: u don’t have to

    MDC: i can see by myself

    Mr.X: u never met me, how can u know i’m not lying to u

    MDC: did u forget what we’ve discussed just now?

    MDC: I know liars

    MDC: u r not one of them

    Mr.X: doubtable

    MDC: plus, i have to lie every day as well

    MDC: to almost everyone in my life

    MDC: sometimes we don’t really have a choice

    Mr.X: there is a difference between when u have to do something and u choose to do it

    Mr.X: so i’m sure yr lies and the one’s that bitch says are different as well

    MDC: definitely

    Mr.X: but this ‘friend’ of yrs wouldn’t see the difference

    MDC: i hope he would

    MDC: but can i blame him for trying to see the best in people?

    Mr.X: no, if there is something to see

    Mr.X: but from what u told me, she's a total liar

    MDC: i feel bad for making u think stuff like that about the person u don’t even know

    MDC: cause it’s just my perspective

    Mr.X: i trust yr perspective

    MDC: well, u never met me either, how can u know i’m right?

    Mr.X: listen, we’re talking every day, what, for 3? 4 month now?

    Mr.X: we discussed books and art, fashion and news, games and movies

    Mr.X: easier to say what we didn’t discuss, ever since we went from that forum to PM, and then to the phone

    Mr.X: and yr opinion never failed to coincide with mine

    Mr.X: so i might as well suppose i’d have the same opinion on the liar if i’d met her personally

    MDC: well, we didn’t agree on everything-everything

    Mr.X: right

    Mr.X: the only difference between us — u r too soft with people, so they ride u whenever they want

    Mr.X: and i’d suggested u fix that

    Mr.X: but it’s not my business

    Mr.X: so i don’t

    MDC: or maybe u r too hard with people, so they run away from u all the time?

    Mr.X: whatever

    Mr.X: it’s better they see the worst of me at once and run

    Mr.X: so i don’t have to waist my time on them

    MDC: u know u can’t stay alone all yr life

    Mr.X: i’m just fine the way i am

    Mr.X: by myself

    MDC: what about me then?

    Mr.X: what about u?

    MDC: u didn’t shoo me away

    Mr.X: what makes u think i didn’t?

    MDC: well, i’m here, and u r here, right?

    Mr.X: that’s just because u r a masochist like that

    MDC: haha))

    Mr.X: and it’s not like i’m different with u or smth

    Mr.X: i’m me

    Mr.X: for better or for worse

    MDC: i’m not a masochist

    MDC: and u r not a bad person that u r trying to show u r

    MDC: when everyone turned their back on me, u were here and supported me

    Mr.X: i just said what i thought

    Mr.X: including that they r idiots

    MDC: u don’t even see it

    Mr.X: see what?

    MDC: that u care

    Mr.X: i don’t

    MDC: and the thing that u do it without even knowing it makes it special

    MDC: and shows yr true self

    MDC: which is good

    Mr.X: most people would disagree with u

    Mr.X: anyway

    Mr.X: i have some news

    MDC: oh??

    Mr.X: when is yr line is coming out?

    MDC: r those yr news?))

    Mr.X: no, but it’s related

    MDC: well, the investor u’ve send to me was really helpful

    MDC: they love my designs

    MDC: for which i’m still in shock

    Mr.X: we’ve been over it

    Mr.X: yr designs r good

    Mr.X: i wouldn’t advise u otherwise

    Mr.X: u must work on yr self-esteem

    Mr.X: know your own worth

    Mr.X: fashion world will eat u alive otherwise

    MDC: r u sure u r my age?

    MDC: sometimes u r too wise ;)

    Mr.X: whatever

    MDC: and u can give compliments, but u can’t take them

    Mr.X: those weren’t...

    Mr.X: anyway

    Mr.X: so?

    MDC: so, the line is out in two weeks!!!!

    MDC: can u imagine?

    MDC: cause i can’t!!!

    Mr.X: that’s sounds like a lot of work

    MDC: i know

    MDC: and with all the other responsibilities i have i don’t really know how i will manage

    MDC: but i’ll do my best

    MDC: no time like now, right?

    Mr.X: what other responsibilities?

    “Whoops!” Marinette exclaimed.

    “What is it, Marinette?” Tikki responded from the shell.

    “I have to lie something fast about Ladybug job.” Marinette sighed. “I hate lying. And this time I put myself in this situation on my own.

    “You know you have to keep your identity, Marinette.” Tikki advised. “Is this your friend from the fashion forum again?” Marinette nodded. “I’m glad you have him. You deserve all the support he gives.”

    “And you know what, Tikki?” Marinette closed her eyes for a second, thinking. “I can see he was really hurt before. Not the bully level hurt. I think he lost someone important. He is afraid to let people in. And he kind of letting me, so i feel responsible not to brake his trust. But it isn’t heavy. It kind of makes me grow stronger.”

    “You are very sensitive, Marinette. I think you can both support each other.”

    “That’s the thing, Tikki. He doesn’t even know how much he supports me. He is strait and direct. Even when he does something bad, like lying — about which he says honestly too by the way, but even then it turns out about taking care of someone. And he tells me about low self esteem, but he thinks about himself worse then he really is.”

    “It‘s almost like you two can see the best about each other.”

    “Maybe we do.” Marinette singhed and took the phone again.

    Mr.X: hey

    Mr.X: r u still there?

    Mr.X: u don’t have to tell me if u don’t wont to

    MDC: it’s a social work

    MDC: it’s about people safety

    Mr.X: can’t u postpone it?

    MDC: not really

    Mr.X: can’t someone else do it?

    MDC: i kind of have a special qualities for the job

    Mr.X: i see

    Mr.X: well, i’m sure u’ll manage both then

    MDC: thanks

    Mr.X: for what?

    MDC: for believing in me

    Mr.X: whatever

    MDC: so, what’s yr news?

    Mr.X: i’ll be able to come to the fashion show personaly

    Mr.X: when u present yr line

    Mr.X: i’ll be in Paris in a week

    [Part 2] Oct 27th

    [more MLB fanfic]

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  • xbloodywhalex
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #ask#cottonspotten #warrior cats fandom hates friendship 😔 #i wish u the best of luck tho godspeed cotton doing the lords work #wc
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  • jelliclehell
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    not to be controversial on my already very controversial sideblog but not a day goes by when i am not bewildered that you all actually like the stage costumes and think they are cute

    i feel like it’s a huge prank everyone is in on but me

    yall know they don’t look good right

    be posting the most uncanny makeup i’ve seen in my life and gushing over it amd i’m just like

    that’s a clown... and not even a cute clown...

    #CANNOT BELIEVE THS FANDOM HAS THE GALL TO CALL 2019 ''UGLY'' AS IF THOSE BARGAIN BIN HALLOWEEN COSTUMES ARE THE PINNACLE OF CHARACTER DESIGN #also they all look the fucking same #(also the lack of continuity drives me up the wall with rage but thats beside the point) #i will stay here with my visually distinguishable cgi furbeasts thank you #and not clumpy wigs and limp tails and a childs attempt at cat facepaint #listen i know im mean to the play. but its only the character designs. i pro #mise #i think the dancing is pretty and the singing isnt bad ! but the designs. oh god #and i will insist my hatred is justified based off what yall say on my poor preferred version #leave her alone
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  • https-dark-shells
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    ( just so you know this is meant to be for fun these are my opinions :P )








    not impressed





    #adrinette#lukanette#adrigami#ladynoir#ladrien#marichat#Gabriel agreste#ephemeral#miraculous ephemeral #miraculous episode 100 #mlb4.22 #miraculous#miraculous ladybug #miraculous ladybug fandom #miraculous fan theories #ladybug and cat noir #ladybug#cat noir #marinette dupain cheng #viperion#vesperia #mlb love square #shower thoughts#love#cat blanc#ladyblog #miraculous season 4 #miraculous spoilers#fan theory#miraculous memes
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  • miraculousladyblogsthings
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I feel it guys, “Ephemeral” and “Gabriel Agreste” are going to be game changing. This is what we waited for for 6 years!

    #adrinette#lukanette#adrigami#ladynoir#ladrien#marichat#Gabriel agreste#ephemeral#miraculous ephemeral #miraculous episode 100 #mlb4.22 #miraculous#miraculous ladybug #miraculous ladybug fandom #miraculous fan theories #ladybug and cat noir #ladybug#cat noir #marinette dupain cheng #viperion#vesperia #mlb love square #shower thoughts#love#cat blanc#ladyblog #miraculous season 4 #miraculous spoilers#fan theory#miraculous memes
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  • langernameohnebedeutung
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    sometimes stories with lower stakes...are better.

    #fandom#personal#writing #yes yes we know the main-character would die to save the universe #but would they die to save one stranger? Their enemy? A cat? - that's where characterisation lies
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