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  • theimpossiblescheme
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #cats the musical #asked and answered #ride-a-dromedary#alonzo#mungojerrie#rumpleteazer#my headcanons #The idea of these two being the most constant presence in Alonzo's life just... hit me out of the blue. #Before he met Demeter probably even before he met Bomba and before he reunited with Gus and Jellylorum #there were these two little hellions. XD #He never expected to love them as much as he does but he's the one cat they can always count on in their corner. #And I feel like Alonzo would have Many Thoughts and Feelings about that moment during the Macavity fight #where Mungojerrie actually stands up and takes a swing at Macavity. #Everyone must have known how much that would have taken but Alonzo *knows* #and he'd be the first person to come up to Jerrie and Teazer once the dust settles and tell them 'You did good.' <3
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  • oftomorrow
    25.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    About the glasses...

    So first and foremost, being a a Superman fan means suspending your disbelief that Clark and Superman would never be recognized as the same person -- especially with newer versions of the story, where Clark’s clumsiness and dorkiness isn’t really exaggerated. It’s just one of those things you have to roll with if you want to have a good time.

    That being said, I genuinely think that the casual observer would not connect that Clark and Superman are the same person. And it has almost nothing to do with the glasses making him unrecognizable.

    The main reason is based on this post, which points out that most people don’t really think about Superman having a secret identity. He’s right there, showing his face, introducing himself as Kal-El of Krypton, telling them about how he arrived from his home planet. The idea that he also leads a life as a regular person probably seems ridiculous. Why would he ever do that when he has all of these powers and abilities?

    On top of that, most people aren’t interacting regularly with both Clark and Superman. They see him from a distance, or on the TV. Because of that, even people who know Clark would really think twice about it. Even if they notice a physical resemblance, they think it’s just that -- a resemblance. And it’s kinda funny, Clark looks a bit like Superman, wouldn’t that be ridiculous. You can even see this in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” -- Lex learns that on another Earth, Clark is Superman, but completely dismisses the idea on his own Earth because the idea of dorky Clark Kent being Superman is just absurd.

    The only time these shows really push the believability is when someone who knows Clark very well meets Superman face to face -- like Lois interviewing Superman while she’s dating Clark, or Lana meeting Superman after knowing Clark for literal decades. That’s when it seems ridiculous that they wouldn’t just recognize him. Those aren’t very common, though.

    #editorial ( Headcanon ) #it's a bird it's a plane ( About ) #stronger together ( Meta ) #one thing i liked about the early seasons of supergirl is that they really didn't push believability too far #most people who interacted with both kara and supergirl regularly already knew #and the only one who didn't -- cat -- actually figured it out and had to be tricked so she'd stop being suspicious #lena is the only one they really dragged the reveal out for too
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  • yangscutebutt
    24.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Introducing Zwei!

    Yang: alright!

    Ruby: fuck yeah Zwei!

    Weiss: Does he bite? Will it drool on me?!


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  • cool-cassius
    24.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Wolfstep AU Part 3

    Here's Part 3! i hoped that this would be the last part, but i'm afraid it isn't just yet! But that doesn't mean things aren't going on !

    So where we last left off was Brokenstar taking over his clan and Wolfstep & Yellowfang effectively being on the run.

    Well, which territory is closest to ShadowClan? ThunderClan! (Or atleast i like to think so)

    So without thinking, the two outrun Clawface & Blackfoot by going in the tunnel and just entering ThunderClan territory.

    And soon enough, tiny fire boy comes up and beats up two half-starved and sad adults without trouble. As you do.

    Firepaw is then caught, by Greypaw. They're both having a talk on whether to let them go or take them to Bluestar—the correct answer is take them to Bluestar, so they do.

    Bluestar, in the nicest way possible, is scolding her son for taking in two complete strangers to their house. Yellowfang and Wolfstep however are able to convince Bluestar to have them stay, revealing that ShadowClan is in trouble. Bluestar humors them but promptly finds out that cats are being held hostage by essentially two very young dictators and their posse.

    Bluestar & the entirety of ThunderClan are like "hey what the fuck" but they accept this, and find out that kittens have been dying. ThunderClan gets angry and more cats side with helping ShadowClan.

    The cats who want to help ShadowClan are: Lionheart, Whitestorm, Goldenflower, Bluestar, Brindleface, Speckletail, Spottedleaf, Runningwind, Greypaw, Firepaw, & Ravenpaw

    The cats who are opposed to ShadowClan are: Tigerclaw, Dustpaw, Sandpaw, Mousefur, Longtail, & Darkstripe.

    So you can see who won the vote essentially. Though they think of attacking later, since Wolfstep & Yellowfang need to heal up so they can help lead an invasion against ShadowClan.

    However Graypaw & Firepaw essentially have to care for them since they were the ones who found them, but other cats such as Lionheart come to ask them of ShadowClan's current condition. Speckletail visits like once and hears of Badgerfang and is sympathetic to Wolfstep and tells him that he can get his revenge on them.

    However, Wolfstep & Yellowfang do not like the idea of revenge—they just want their clan to be safe and to be able to return to them again and to heal them. Wolfstep imagines how poorly Cloudnettle must be getting treated and how lonely he must be without them there. Yellowfang thinks about how her son managed to do this, and how that if she doesn't kill him that he'll cause even more problems like this for other clans as well.

    Both are having a rough time but are talking often with the whole of ThunderClan and explaining everything they know.

    At the next gathering, neither are given the ability to attend but are informed of Brokenstar's lies about them, and that WindClan has been recently driven away. Bluestar disagreed with ShadowClan's proposal of sharing the stolen territory, and has been threatened by Brokenstar.

    Then, after the gathering, in the dead of night, ShadowClan attacks, trying to kick out ThunderClan rather than steal kits. Thankfully, Wolfstep & Yellowfang were a surprise in the battle, and Wolfstep was able to convince Dawncloud to fight on ThunderClan's side mid-battle. ThunderClan was narrowly able to beat ShadowClan, losing Lionheart to the battle, and causing Bluestar to appoint Tigerclaw as deputy.

    Dawncloud stayed with ThunderClan after and helped with inside information—more kits were being trained to fight as warriors, and the elders had just been kicked out of camp after Wolfstep & Yellowfang had left. Brokenstar had also been physically abusing Cloudnettle and other cats who were against his rule—resulting in the death of Flintfang and the now heavily-injured Fernshade. A prisoner's den was cleared out in the former elder's den where Fernshade, Nightpelt, and other warriors were being kept.

    Wolfstep wished to attack as soon as possible, but ThunderClan needed to heal, letting Yellowfang help heal the injured cats. ThunderClan would need to strengthen itself in order to turn the tables against ShadowClan, which brought them a brilliant idea— if Wolfstep went to visit camp and was able to sneak out the prisoners, they'd be able to recruit more cats to their side. Yellowfang is aware of this but doesn't want Wolfstep to die, so he was forced to take Dawncloud with him.

    The two snuck out, dead of night, and were able to successfully rescue Fernshade, Boulder, Nightpelt, & Runningnose without the guarding Clawface noticing until the end, where they were able to get away in time.

    The rescued cats were able to be healed but still needed time to regain their strength. This is when Runningnose began to take some interest in healing, and Spottedleaf was happy enough to share what she knew with him, allowing him to help since he was the least injured cat there.

    At the next gathering, Brokenstar threatened ThunderClan again, with RiverClan allying with him. ThunderClan definitely doesn't have enough warriors to face 2 whole clans on their own, even with the rescued cats. This is when Lionheart, now healed, brings up WindClan, and how if ThunderClan could find them, that they'd finally have enough warriors to take on the two clans. Bluestar agrees.

    The journey for WindClan starts, with Wolfstep, Runningwind, Graypaw, & Firepaw going with. They successfully retrieve WindClan in a matter of 4 days, the lost clan now filled in on what's going on, and they agree to take ThunderClan's side. Thankfully though, there is no RiverClan intervention because they essentially had to run through Twolegplace on the far side to be undetected by any clan which took them like an extra 2 days.

    But when the journey + WindClan comes back to ThunderClan camp, they find ThunderClan in disarray.

    Ravenpaw was killed by the ShadowClan border, ShadowClan scent all over him, and Graypaw & Firepaw mourn their best friend—and are made warriors in turn, Graystripe and Fireheart.

    Yellowfang takes over setting up the body for burial, but in the medicine den, she finds that the claw marks were too big for any of ShadowClan's warriors. She calls Wolfstep in and they recognize the claw marks to be Tigerclaw's due to the size. Fireheart & Graystripe come in and admit that Ravenpaw had witnessed Redtail's murder. Yellowfang admits that she saw Tigerclaw leave camp every night through the tunnel. The four then set up a plan for Fireheart & Graystripe to follow Tigerclaw to where he went.

    The night they do this, Wolfstep decides to follow as well farther behind the young warriors, as a form of backup for them. They all witness Tigerclaw & Brokenstar meet at the Thunderpath, and realize that Tigerclaw has been giving away their information in return of Brokenstar letting him become Leader of ThunderClan. Brokenstar gives Tigerclaw the heads up that ShadowClan will be attacking the night before the gathering, in hopes of driving out ThunderClan for good. Tigerclaw reports that he has made sure that Darkstripe is with him.

    The 3 warriors manage to make it to camp before Bluestar & warn her, which is when Tigerclaw comes into the den, trying to refute these claims. Bluestar almost believes him before she catches the scent of ShadowClan on his pelt, and exiles him at 12 am.

    After Tigerclaw has been exiled, ThunderClan & WindClan, now sharing a camp, are having to prepare for the fast-approaching battle, 10 days from now.

    We'll see how they prepare for battle and how the battle plays out in the next part! This 1 is getting way too long now.

    #warrior cats#warriors #warrior cats au #warrior cats headcanons #wolfstep#yellowfang#firestar#greystripe#graystripe#tigerstar#brokenstar#runningnose#ravenpaw#ravenpaw dies #hi ho hi ho its off to thunderclan we go #sorry these take a while to write because they are so long #i'm still no where near done am i #yay windclans back! #windclan
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  • kozu-chan
    24.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    sapusa kittyomi

    1. yes i made a whole masterlist for sakusa i can't believe i forgot about him omg.

    2. pls i told my parents that if we ever get a cat i'm naming said cat after someone from haikyuu (either kenma or sakusa) and my parents are rolling with it and claiming they will call the cat kenmeow or sapusa (pusa = cat in tagalog)!!

    3. i am OBSESSED with @suncelia-art 's drawings of sakusa as a cat so here are some headcanons :)

    🐈 he's quite the clean cat. he wipes his paws on a towel before and after using the litter box and grooms himself quite often!!

    🐈 he eats quite a lot but runs around the house a lot so he's still pretty fit. even when he eats, he's a pretty neat eater because he hates making a mess.

    🐈 kitty-omi LOVES basking in the sun and napping in a warm, sunny spot. you got him a little bed he can curl up on in his nap spot and he demands that you clean it at least once a week.

    🐈 and by demands, i mean that he meows really loudly and paws at you to catch your attention and finds some way to gesture to the bed. you think it's adorable that he cares that much about being clean and you always praise him for being so smart.

    🐈 another thing about him, he isn't really one for praise so he'll hiss or scratch at you occasionally for that. but on the off chance that he likes the praise, he'll purr happily and rub his head against you.

    🐈 speaking of physical contact, sapusa MUST be the one to initiate the contact. always.

    🐈 you've learned that the hard way. literally. every time you try to give him pats first, you end up scratched and hissed at.

    🐈 he only initiates contact and affection when he feels like it or when it's convenient for him. like when you're busy or he wants food.

    🐈 if you don't give him attention when he wants it, prepare to have whatever you're doing be interrupted. you're working on an essay? he'll curl up on your laptop with a little glare that you can't help but coo at. you're on the phone with someone? guess who's gonna paw at the phone and yowl loudly so you get off it.

    🐈 overall, he's kind of demanding and bratty kitty, but would you really have it any other way? (the answer is no and if you said yes, even jokingly, your precious kitty would pounce on your face)

    note: i don't have nor have i ever owned a cat so this might not be accurate buttttttttt my parents and i are looking to adopt a cat once the pandemic is finally over and we find an open adoption center bc from what i know, the aspca is closed :)

    #sakusa#sakusa kiyoomi#haikyuu#hq sakusa#sakusa headcanons#haikyuu sakusa#sakusa kittyomi#sapusa kittyomi #help he's so cute #omi-cat #no stop now i want a cat #specifically sapusa kittyomi
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  • bomba-is-the-real-hero
    24.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    i have a headcanon that it took some time for bomba, jerrie, teazer and demeter to warm up to mistofelees. yes they knew he was nothing like macavity. but still his magic remind them of the cat that torment them for years.

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  • morsobaby
    24.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Colors I strongly associate with specific wc characters, in no particular order

    And by that I mean these could make for good sparklecat/unrealistic designs

    Bluestar - Blue (obvious)

    Firestar - orange (also obvious)

    Tigerstar - ochre/gold (ochre bc I also associate him with brown but not as much, and gold because it's associated with royalty and I think that suits tiger)

    Leafpool - green (bc.. Leaf)

    Brokenstar - red (obvious..?)

    Moonflower - purple/silver/lilac (silver because moon and the others because flower)

    Stormtail - dark blue (obvious probably)

    Palebird - baby pink and baby blue (pink because I imagine her fur is thin enough to show patches of skin, giving her a pink appearance. Also she just feels like a very pastel cat)

    Cinderpelt (the medicine cat) - aside from grey, really dark red and eggplant purple (red because of her finnish name which has Berry in it. Grey is obvious and eggplant purple because I mildly associate her with blue too so it sort of.. Influences?)

    Moth flight - aside from white, light pink and mint green (because of what the finnish book cover for moth flight's vision looks like)

    Leafstar - olive green but also maple suryp colors (Obvious..??)

    Bubbling stream - iridescence (because of the name)

    Shellheart - dark murky greys with a bit of white pearlescence (also because of the name)

    Oakheart - cinnamon (Yeah)

    #Waca#Wc#Warrior cats #warrior cats headcanons #There's no fukin way I'm tagging all these characters #wc headcanons#wc thoughts #I made this solely for my own entertainment but please! Share your own if you have any #I'm dying to know #Also I feel suddenly inspired to make sparklecat designs
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  • inimoo
    24.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    also chat noir being like, super photgenic and marinette being like 'what in the frikck frack patty wack is happening' makes me ASCEND

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  • storyweaverofgondor
    24.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Kittens: A humble fandom request.

    Ok, first things first: I dislike the fandom term ‘kittens’. Why don’t i like this? You may ask. Well, let me explain by asking some simple questions:

    Who are the kittens? What makes them kittens?

    Simple. What: Characters whose age is equivalent to minors/children/under 20s. Who: well, in the 1998 film they are: Jemima, Pouncival, Etecetera, Tumblebrutus, Electra, Mistoffelees, Rumpleteazer, Mungojerrie, Victoria, Plato and George.

    What’s that? You ship some of these characters as adults? THAT’S THE PROBLEM! Let me explain it in more detail thanks to a meme by the lovely @jellicle-blog-for-jellicle-cats

    No canon means everyone has different age headcanons. The term ‘Kittens’ is  often used by people to refer to a group they don’t ship with other ‘adult’ characters. But those are the characters THEY headcanon as ‘Kittens’.

    And all those characters i listed off? As a Multi-verse shipper sometimes headcanon them as adluts dating or married to other adults! So every time i read ‘Kittens’ in regards to someone not shipping characters i am so confused. So very confused and anxious because i know people feel very strongly about not shipping ‘kittens’ and ‘adults’

    It is possible they headcanon Tanto and Cori as kittens and Tumble as an adult. Maybe Jemima’s the same age as Victoria who is very ship-able. If we are talking 2016 Revival-verse, I headcanon Tugger as 18 so he technically counts as a kitten there.


    I want to respect everyones boundaries in regards to their comfort zones in shipping and fandom. But ‘Kittens’ just isn’t clear to me.

    I am terrified of making someone uncomfortable or offending them.So many people feel so strongly about this subject. If you are hosting an event and say “No Kitten Ships” I don’t know what you mean. If you are just talking about in general not liking “Kitten Ships” I don’t understand what you mean.

    Please just list off the characters you don’t want shipped or who you consider ‘kittens’.

    There are so many different headcanons floating around and it makes things so much simpler.

    #cats the musical #cats the musical fandom #vent post#rant post#kitten characters #Everyone has completely different age headcanons #Who are you talking about?! #i want to respect your boundaries but KITTENS tells me nothing #Who don't you like to ship?! #JUST TELL ME! I'm so anxious and confused. Please just list the characters you aren't comfortable shipping #PLEASE?!
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  • sippin-on-waterfalls
    24.06.2021 - 18 hours ago

    *casually spites the writers for naming morro something that means nose/hill*

    yes i was so mad abt the meaning of his name that i gave it a whole new meaning and a headcanon to go along with it- anyway this is unedited and bad writing rip lmao

    The ghost took in a shuddering, nervous breath as they stared over the expanse of their home. They gripped their sword, the the hilt familiar and comfortable, with one hand while the other merely clenched at their side. Sure, they were nervous, but who wasn’t at this time? It's not like they were about to submit to the fear either.

    As far as they were aware, it had been decades. Twenty years since they saw the outside, twenty years since they had even left those deathly cells. Scars and burns covered their skin, concealed by a cloak that fluttered in the faint breeze. Their face was concealed by the hood of their cloak, but the slightest silver glow could be seen under the shadow.

    While they waited, they were aware of another, bigger man walking out from the shadows. He stood a good head over them, his golden eyes shining underneath his own hood. One of his hands rested on their shoulder, a silent form of support that they silently accepted with a faint grin.

    “Soul Archer, Harial,” A voice echoed in the cavern, feminine and almost motherly but at the same time deadly and venomous. “It only took you both a few hours. Are you two ready?”

    “Ah, sorry, Master,” the man spoke up, his own voice gentle but clear. He, the supposed Soul Archer, sweeped his gaze over the cavern before nodding. “We are ready.”

    The smaller ghost remained quiet but their senses were on a high alert, ears and eyes craned for any movement. Subtly, their lips parted, fangs glinting in the limited light, as they attempted to catch a scent. There was no sound nor scent as a figure approached, seemingly walking on air. She held too much of an authoritive appearance to be another ghost despite her appearance.

    In an instant, Soul Archer was guiding the smaller ghost onto their knees, much to their clear displeasure. They obliged though, lips curling back over cruel fangs in a frustrated snarl. The figure seemed unphased, merely smiling softly and standing directly in front of the two ghosts.

    “Harial, I believe you’ve been waiting far too long for this moment,” she spoke smoothly, her voice never changing in volume nor tone. Her mouth didn’t move either, keeping the same gentle yet dangerous smile — these contacting features seemed to be her main ones. “Are you ready to give up your past and work for my goals instead? Are you ready to use everything you have been taught in order to aid me?”

    Their breath seemed to catch in their throat despite not needing to breathe. Slowly but surely, they nodded, some of their jet-black hair tumbling out from the hood of their cloak. The displeasure at being forced to kneel faded as they waited, finally, to become a proper General.

    “You’ll need to give up everything about yourself. Your name will be replaced. Are you prepared for that sacrifice?”

    I don't have a choice, they thought dryly as they recalled their entrance to the realm. It was either this or back to the cells.

    “Yes,” they spoke up surely, despite their own thoughts. They didn’t dare lift their head — or even move at all. “I will gladly sacrifice my past for you,” they added after a moment, some of their nervousness leaking into their voice as they shuffled their weight.

    “Good,” the figure hummed, amused, “then allow me to rename you, as a gesture of how far you’ve come. To show that you are no longer Harial, but now you’re Morro, the Master of Wind and leader of the Ghost Army.”

    “The name, Morro, symbolizes breaking free of what held you back. It means you’re rising, fighting against those who have broken you. You’ve ascended past the poor boy you were before and now, finally, you’ve reached who you’re truly meant to be.”

    The ghost, Morro, finally lifted their gaze. The figure’s cyan eyes met theirs with a unique gentleness about them, something Morro definitely had never seen before while they were being tortured in the cells. Slowly, they rose to their feet again — Soul Archer had to nudge their leg to get them moving — and let out a dry, humorless chuckle.

    “I suppose it fits, then,” Morro spoke, silver eyes gleaming in the darkness with a sudden surge of malice. They tilted their head back, their hair falling back into the concealment of the hood. “I’ve finally broken free of your chains, Sensei.”

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  • scorpiofangirl1109
    24.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    My Cats OC Part 141

    part 140- https://scorpiofangirl1109.tumblr.com/post/654755311226339328/my-cats-part-140 

    hello everyone! welcome to part 141 of my series on kiki.

    this is the continuation of the human au, kiki is the goddaughter of munkustrap and demeter and is taken in by them when her parents unexpectedly pass away.

    this is going to skip ahead a bit in the timeline of kiki coming to live with munkustrap and demeter. i promise i will get a part where kiki meets jellylorum and gus soon! 

    munkustrap and demeter are filled with a variety of emotions when their adoption of kiki is made official. it really sinks in fir them that gwen and trent are really gone.

    they will never see their daughter start school, graduate high school, go to college, have a career or possibly get married and have her own family. milestones they should be here.

    kiki will also never know her parents which is hard for munkustrap and demeter to know. but they are going to make sure that kiki knows where she came from and who trent and gwen were and how much they loved her. 

    even though they are now kiki’s legal parents on paper munkustrap and demeter cannot get themselves to do is refer to themselves as kiki’s mother and father. they are simply the godparents. 

    the little girl’s real parents are always going to be trent and gwen. there was no way munkustrap and demeter would ever try to take that away from them even though they were gone. 

    they still referred to themselves as auntie demeter and uncle munkustrap in front of kiki. it didn’t feel right to go by mom and dad. so they never forced those titles onto kiki.

    the people in their lives respected this and made sure to also follow this. when their families were around they always referred to munkustrap and demeter by their auntie and uncle titles. 

    kiki attended daycare on munkustrap’s college campus now and the school was understanding and made sure to refer to munkustrap and demeter the way they wanted to be addressed. 

    one night right before kiki’s first birthday demeter is giving kiki a nightly bath. she and munkustrap actually liked bath time. even though the bedtime routine could be hectic. but bath time was calmer and it was nice having special one on one time with kiki like this.

    demeter had just finished washing kiki’s hair and was giving kiki a couple of minutes to play before she washed kiki’s body with the baby soap. she even plays with kiki a bit smiling at kiki’s shrieks and giggles. it was like music to demeter’s ears.

    however demeter’s mood changes when while she is playing with kiki said her first real word. this should be a very joyous occasion of course but it is the word kiki says that throws demeter off,

    as kiki plays happily with demeter she yells out “mama!” and this made demeter very nervous and tense. how did kiki learn how to say that word even though she had never officially said it in front of kiki. 

    it takes a minute for demeter to process what had just happened and she looked at kiki and then called for munkustrap. she was still freaking out on the inside. 

    munkustrap thought something was wrong so he rushed up to the bathroom and saw that demeter look upset and frazzled. kiki looked perfectly fine as she splashed around in the tub playing with her toys.

    “what is wrong honey?” munkustrap asked concerned as he kneeled down next to demeter being careful to not get splashed by kiki as she played happily. 

    it took a second for demeter to compose herself before she looked at kiki “what did you say baby girl?” she asked hoping to get kiki to say the word again.

    kiki looked up from the toys she was playing with and said “mama!” without hesitation and went right back to playing without a single care in the world. 

    munkustrap now understood why demeter was in this state and why she was so upset. but he didn't want to worry her by getting nervous about this as well. he didn’t want demeter to feed off his anxiety. 

    “demi, it’s ok.” munkustrap said as he kissed demeter’s hand “just take a deep breath it is ok.”

    “i never said the word mama in front of her before munkus. i don’t want to take away the place of gwen in kiki’s life. she is her mother.” demeter said.

    “i know my darling. i know....but we may not be her bio9logicla parents but we are going to be the ones to raise her. there is no way we can ever replace gwen and trent but we are going to be kiki’s parents in some way.” munkustrap said. 

    “do you think i am just overreacting?” demeter asked looking up at munkustrap. 

    munkustrap took a moment to compose his answer before saying “i don’t think you are overreacting. i know where you are coming from. but i won’t push you into having kiki call you one thing over the other.” 

    “so would you feel ok with kiki calling you dada?” demeter asked munkustrap only breaking away to finish washing kiki as bedtime was getting close.

    munkustrap thought for a moment and said “ i think i’d be ok with it and i think it will probably happen at some point.”

    demeter washed kiki and slowly started to calm down, maybe she was overthinking everything,. kiki was only a baby after all and most likely just repeating words she heard around her. 

    “i am just a bit jealous that i am missed  hearing that her first word. and she chose to say mama. i should have gotten her to say my name first.” munkustrap said teasing demeter with the last part.

    as she drained the tub demeter rolled her eyes playfully at her husband and said “next time i will break out the camera and travel back in time to record the moment, and because you are here now you can get miss chatterbox ready for bed.” demeter said as she wrapped kiki in her hooded towel that looked like a cow.

    munkustrap laughed and took kiki in his arms and kissed her cheek “fine but when she takes her first steps i will be be the first one there to catch her and see her take them.”

    demeter got up from her position on the floor and shook her head at munkustrap playfully “ok sure. i will let kiki know that. “ she then left the room to let munkustrap get kiki ready for bed.  

    alright that is part 140! let me know what you guys thought and i will see you all for part 141!  

    #cats the musical #cats musical#cats oc#jellicle oc#original character #original child character #cats the musical oc #kiki cats oc #oc #cats human au #cats au #cats the musical headcanon #cats musical headcanon #cats oc headcanon #jellicle oc headcanon #original character headcanon #original child character headcanon #cats the musical oc headcanon #kiki cats oc headcanon #oc headcanon #cats human au headcanon #cats au headcanon #munkustrap#demeter cats#demestrap#demestrap family
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    24.06.2021 - 23 hours ago
    #thanks for the ask! #headcanon #lol i just went to the arcades a couple weeks ago I'm not sure what constitutes being good there #what do you think? #welcome to my pity party! we have cats <3 #and stoats!
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  • nyen-ranfrenkinlol
    24.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    helo im tired as hell have some nyen headcanons that are copypasted from wordpad (htis is just me projetcing) -Sometimes when he's really happy he shakes his hands around while purring

    -Has a 'chew rag' because he just Nyen: *looks at a rag* hmmm yes i want to put this into my mouth

    -Has a lil cow fixation,,, he just thinks they are so neat

    -If you give him a kitten he will start crying and also thats his child now

    -The only people he's okay with calling him 'Nyee-Nyee' is Luther and Nyon. If it's anyone else he will fuck them up

    -He hordes so many blankets, his bed looks like a fucking bird's nest

    #*goes bakc to sleepy* #headcanons#headcanon#ranfren#randal's friends #im soryy these aer so cringe :pensive: #cat mention
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  • furzepaw
    24.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    i love it. i love the 2008 warrior cats style. that mspaint jagged lineart with the smudge fur and the huge ass emo bangs. and the anime eyes. that shits my favorite

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  • y0itsbri
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    hello i am here to spread the ‘mickey is a cat person’ agenda

    (am i projecting? maybe)

    i can’t stop thinking about ian dragging mickey with him to an animal shelter because carl is getting a dog from a shelter that one of ian's old emt friends used to volunteer at.

    mickey’s never been to an animal shelter because why the fuck would he? he’s nervous about seeing all the little shits in cages. he’s spent enough time behind bars himself for more than a lifetime. that was just how life was in the past, but he didn't want that for his future. so he stops outside, the shelter grabbing a pack of smokes out of his pocket and telling ian he’ll meet him in there. ian pauses for a moment, but then squeezes mickey’s shoulder once before heading inside with carl.

    after a couple cigarettes, mickey sighs and determines he needs to man the fuck up. they’re just animals. it’s fine. the bell jingles as he opens the door, alerting the receptionist of his presence. he must look as frazzled as he feels because the receptionist takes pity on him with a smile, “dogs on the left, cats on the right.” mickey mumbled a quiet “thanks” and promptly turns the quieter direction eager to escape the chaos and calm the rapid beating of his heart. what the fuck was wrong with him?

    he finds himself in a room with small cages and the doors all ajar. there was some sign on the door about scheduled play time but he hardly skimmed it on his way in.

    most of the tiny escaped beasts in the room were napping, finding new locations and sun spots now that they were temporarily freed. there was a dad and his small daughter quietly playing with a black cat in the other corner of the room as other sleepy cats curiously watched from a distance. they looked happy. mickey could handle this.

    he crossed the room and sat down on a chair, checking his phone for any missed texts from ian.

    Ian (2:16 pm): Hey mick! Carl already found a dog 😁 come join us whenever! Paperworks a bitch

    mickey smiled at that. fuck, maybe he was becoming soft. damn gallagher. he was about to reply to ian that he’ll be right there when he felt a shove against his ankle.

    “the fuck?” he questioned and was quickly met with a chirp and a mesmerizing pair of gold eyes. the cat rubbed against his ankles again.

    “alright alright little dude. you’re almost needier than ian... and that’s saying something.”

    he reached down and scratched the cat along its neck. apparently so well that the cat eyed his lap briefly before jumping up and settling onto his thighs.

    “well, fuck. look’s like we’re staying here, huh? you better not use those claws on me, i happen to like these pants."

    the cat seemed to agree that they were indeed nice pants as it threw its head back into mickey’s palm. mickey took a picture of the cat in his lap and sent it to ian, deciding that it was an adequate explanation of his whereabouts.

    the purring from the little creature distracted mickey enough that he didn’t even notice when the door swung open again.

    “aw, my baby’s got a baby,” ian cooed from across the room.

    “fuck. off.” mickey replied with his eyes closed.

    “i don’t think i will, thanks for the suggestion though.”

    mickey rolled his eyes at his dumbass. the cat looked up at their new distraction.

    “that’s ian,” mickey explained and the cat seemed satisfied.

    “telling a cat all about me now?” ian teased.

    “how’s the paperwork coming?” mickey changed the subject.

    “almost done. carl found this little terrier and they're already buddies. it’s real cute. but something tells me we’re still gonna be here for awhile,” ian sat down on the seat next to mickey, pressing a quick kiss to his forehead. the cat on mickey’s lap stretched its leg out, resting its paw on ian’s thighs.

    “oh shit now that’s real fuckin’ cute, pops,” mickey cooed.

    it was ian’s turn to return a “fuck off.”

    and if they spent the rest of the day signing papers off for a little cat with treasure gold eyes, that was nobody’s business.

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  • bearfoottruck
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    All rightey then, now that I've calmed down, here's a Sonic headcanon to chill things: Sonic was neutral about dating until Amy soured him off of it. However, since he met Rouge and Blaze, he's more open to the idea of a casual fling, but still isn't sure about getting married or stuff like that.

    #Sonic the Hedgehog #Sonic#headcanon#headcanons#Sonic headcanon#Sonic headcanons#Amy Rose#Amy #Rouge the Bat #Rouge #Blaze the Cat #Blaze#dating#romance#ship#shipping #I don't know about you but I like dating just not marriage
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  • leastregrets
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    thinking about levi befriending the alley cats during his street thief days. most nights he’d sleep in the alleyways and sometimes a cat just as lonesome as he was would come up and let him pet it or sit by him. sometimes the alley cats were his only friends :’)

    #crying a lil #he was very lonely and granted it was by choice because he didn't trust bitches back in those days #but people can't help but long for companionship it's just nature #he'd settle down on a dead end part of the alleyway all bruised up and bleeding because he just got into a fight #no food again for the night #feeling like shit #but a cat comes up and helps him feel a little less lonely #present time levi still likes cats and he doesn't mind if/when they hang around the horse stables or barracks #because hey free mouse traps but also the cats don't get in the way #( ✧ headcanon )
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  • furzepaw
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    my personal firestar family tree pokémon types headcanon list

    firestar: fire-normal

    squirrelflight: fire-flying

    sandstorm: ground-flying

    leafpool: water-fairy

    lionblaze: fire-fighting

    jayfeather: water-psychic

    hollyleaf: dark-ghost

    dovewing: normal-fairy

    ivypool: poison-ghost

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  • bombaisred
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    bombalurina is trans and she took her name form a old folk hero

    #cats the musical #headcanon#bombalurina
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