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  • simptasia
    20.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    when i first got into cats (2019 and 1998) it was kinda daunting in the sense that i was like “oh gosh how am i gonna tell all these cats apart”. back when 1998 rumple, demeter and bomba all looked the same to me. but now i know. never underestimate the human brain’s bang up job at pattern recognition

    #i still have trouble telling 2019 alonzo and coriopat apart #one of them has a babbier face but i dunno which #the mainiest of mains are always obvious. but the background ones can be tricky #but now i'm at the point where i never get 1998 bomba and demeter apart due to like FACE and BODY shape #it amuses me because at the start of all this i was like ''oh gosh whats all this then'' and now im telling the actress features #under all that make-up and head fluff #bomba is taller and more slender and she has a sultry and/or bitchier face. i mean that with utter love she's beautiful #and demeter is dinkier and has more round features. not like plump round i mean #she'd be drawn with more circles than bomba. and she has big worried eyes #because musical demeter has fucking PTSD #i had the most trouble with them at the start of all this because their colouring is so similar #but other than that i still get a few mixed up here and there and i forget a few names but overall i Know #i make it sound like getting into cats is like getting into an anime. and it is #oh ps. i forgot about jemina. she looks a great deal like demeter. she looks like babby demeter #the headcanon that jemima is her daughter is VERY understandable
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  • catsuki-bakutoe
    20.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    My Hero Academia Characters as Nekos / Cats and how they'd act around their S/o!

    A/n: I Hc that Néko's can willingly switch from cat form into human form.

    K(C)atsuki Bakugou💥🧨

    -Grumpy cat 2.0

    -always has that frown on his face

    -you could make a meme out of it if you so dared. You did it anyway.

    - but he's a big softie around you. Rub his belly in his cat form and he'd nip at your hand and fingers playfully.

    -Even in his Néko form, he will climb up onto your lap and lay there. demanding head pets.

    "Oi! extra! give me pets right the fuck now."

    "Uh..Katsuki ur literally way too big to be a lap cat in human form."


    -is surprising great at cooking human food

    -NEVER LETS YOU COOK, goes all gordan ramsay on you when he sees ur cooking ("ITS FUCKING RAWW!")

    -Quite literally hisses at other men / women that look at you in public...mans has no shame.

    Izuku (Purr)Midoriya

    -sweetest boi 100%

    -a very happy kitty boy

    -pleaseee gib him headpats n scritches

    - is the type of cat to fucking show up to your door in his cat form with a live mouse in his mouth like "^w^ I caught u dinner puppy!"

    and ur like "😅 thanks?? but I don't eat mice.."

    -fucking meows (in cat form) at ur door at night when u sleeping wanting to be let in to snuggle with his fav hooman <3

    -is the most friendliest Neko you've ever met!

    -gets along great with dogs!

    -He unlike Bakugo, fucking sucks ass at cooking. (hes a little confused but he got the spirit) and lucky for him, ur a fucking 5 star chef over here with yo Iron Chef America trophy n shit.

    Shoto Todoroki 🔥🧊

    -the most chillest cat you've ever seen..

    -he's not very talkative, but you can understand the nonverbal shit he does easily

    -two words...Touch-Starved...

    -please give him all the pets and scritches, he surprisingly likes belly rubs in cat form.

    -he leans into ur touch, and purrs like a motorboat.


    -like he follows you everywhere (not to the bathroom ofc. mans knows when to give u privacy)

    -in cat form he just lazes on a window sill in the sunlight and just sunbathes.

    -like Midoriya he will literally wake you up with his meows and scratching at your bedroom door (good luck getting any sleep!)

    #bnha headcanons #bnha izuku midoriya #bnha katsuki bakugo #bnha shoto todoroki #neko au #cat hybrid au #bnha x reader
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  • mysticdragon3md3
    20.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    This is now my argument when people say we can't headcanon ships because of a character's "canonical orientation". (But also, even if some author/canon confirms a character's orientation, still headcanon whatever you want. Interpretation > authorial intent.)

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  • linadoonofficial
    20.09.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #cats the musical #cats 2019#cats headcanons #cats what if #anonymous#ask
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  • linadoonofficial
    20.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Accordingly to one of my dreams...

    Before he dies, Old Deuteronomy makes Munkustrap the new leader, of course.

    But Mistoffelees is chosen as the new “Spiritual leader” so to say... He is the one that can really open the portal between this realm and the Heaviside Layer to allow the cats to make the Passage.

    And the more time passes the more I accept that.

    #The Cats Experience #cats the musical #CATS headcanons
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  • seagull-scribbles
    19.09.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #sth#ask#anon#headcanon #silver the hedgehog #blaze the cat #thank you so much for sending this in #I’m going to steal it because I love it so so much #you have a big brain op whoever you are
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  • catsuki-bakutoe
    19.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Bnha characters as things my cat does. (Cat hybrid Addition)

    (A/n: presently my cat's lounging on my sisters bed across from me purring contentedly like a fucking motorboat. I love her sm she just a needy ass cat)

    Note: I hc that cat hybrids can change forms from a human to a cat. just picture them in cat form in this!


    Gets off my bed, looks at me, and looks at the door before deciding to go back onto the bed to get more belly rubs/head pats/attention from me.

    - Shoto Todoroki, Dabi (Toya Todoroki), Tomura Shigaraki (i hc he touch starved bc of his shitty ass childhood), Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco Uraraka, Shouta Aizawa, Hitoshi Shinso, Eijro Kirishima, Katsuki Bakugo.

    Meow's at my bedroom door to be let in at night, thus causing me to sleep like shit. Bonus+ if they scratch at the door.

    -Katsuki Bakugo, Eijiro Kirishima, Shoto Todoroki, Mina Ashido, Tomura Shigaraki, Present Mic, Hitoshi Shinso, Izuku Midoriya,

    Happily making Biscuits / kneading the bed they on cutely, and purring loudly.

    -Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki, Tomura Shigaraki, Hitoshi Shinso, Eijiro Kirishima, Dabi (Toya Todoroki),

    #bnha headcanons #characters as things my cat does #Cats #Cat hybrid au #bnha izuku midoriya #bnha shoto todoroki #bnha dabi #bnha hitoshi shinso #bnha shouta aizawa #bnha katsuki bakugo #bnha eijiro kirishima #bnha characters
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  • book-of-life
    19.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Elite BAU Team Sexuality and Identity Headcanons

    These are JUST my opinions on the characters, that is why it is HEADCANONS, This also, in no way reflects how I feel on the actors, ONLY MY OPINIONS ON THE CHARACTERS (INCLUDES HOTCH, MORGAN, SPENCER, JJ, GARCIA, CAT AND EMILY)


    Aaron identifies as a cisgender, Bisexual and Polyamorous Male. Hotchner realised he was Bisexual at the age of 23 when he hooked up with a guy on a night out, he further realised he was polyamorous after Hayley passed away and He was stuck in a little love triangle. Aaron doesn’t feel the need for all of his relationship to be polyamorous, He knows that only being with one person is enough for him, and he would never force a partner to be polyamorous or forca a partner to accept his polyamory. (HE/HIM PRONOUNS)


    Emily identifies as a Omnisexual (Female leaning) Demigirl. Emily realised they were Omni when they joined the BAU and met so many really awesome ladies (cough- JJ -cough), and realised that she would be able to love anyone and everyone, no matter how they identified. She came to terms with her identity at a young age (Around 16-17) when they realised that they didn’t always feel like a girl or in any way female alligning. Emily wears pronoun badges on her blazer and even bought ones for the other team members (SHE/THEY PRONOUNS)


    JJ identifies as a cisgender, bisexual, female. JJ realised she was bisexual in Highschool, when she began crushing on a girl. She asked her out and the relationship lasted two years and only ended when JJ left for police academy, they still keep in touch but no longer have feelings for eachother. JJ and Emily have been low key flirting for the last few months, but neither are prepared to go official just yet, so at the moment they are just dating (SHE/HER PRONOUNS)


    Morgan identifies as a Demisexual, Panromantic, Cisgender Male. Morgan isn’t too sure when he realised who he was, he thinks that deep down, somewhere, he always knew. Spencer was the first man he ever felt attracted to, but nothing ever happened between them as Morgan was scared of scaring Spencer off, so he stuck to casual flirting that would fluster him but not raise much alarm. Morgan experimented a lot with gender identity and pronouns, but he eventually accepted that he was cisgender. Morgan has been in a relationship with someone of almost every identity apart from male, he wanted Spencer to be his first. (HE/HIM PRONOUNS)


    Penelope identifies as a Pansexual, Polyamorous and a trans female. Penelope realised she was trans when she was 12. She had always known that she wasn’t a boy, but having a word for it was nice at the time. She made her full transition at the age of 18 and got her legal name change right after she joined the BAU. Penelope came out as pansexual for the first time in 2014 to the team, who were very supportive and kind about it, of course, she would always be their Penelope Garcia, no matter who she liked or who she was before (SHE/HER PRONOUNS)


    I had to throw Cat in here for reasons of my own. Cat identifies as a Cisgender, Omnisexual (Male leaning) and Polyamorous. She was in many poly relationships with many different people with many different identities throughout her teenage years and her 20s. For a while, she was genuinely obsessed and infatuated with our very own Spencer Reid, fantisizing and romanticising about him for years at a time until she came to terms with the fact that she couldnt have him, that didn’t stop her obsesson though (Which led to the s12 ordeal). (SHE/THEY PRONOUNS)


    Spencer identifies as a Panromantic, Demisexual and Transgender male. He started his transition (Binder, haircut, name change) at age 12 because we Stan Diana Reid. He completed his transition at age 22 (Top and bottom surgery, legal name change etc). It was one of the reasons Diana forgets who Spencer is sometimes, she tends to forget about his transition and deadnames him a lot, it makes Reid very dysphoric and he struggles to remember that she isn’t doing it purposefully, The team were all there to support reid through the last parts of his transition, and they love him just as much because he has always been their pretty boy. (HE/HIM PRONOUNS)

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  • yikesharringrove
    19.09.2021 - 21 hours ago
    #those are the songs that played while I wrote this #getting drunk with parents of the kids I teach 🤙🤙 #steve harrington#yikes headcanons #egg the cat #she’s Steve’s real cat
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  • asher-star
    19.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    I was gonna post more designs but I saw this template and I HAD to do it so here's the list and reasoning cause I wanted to share

    WLW Ship- Heathertail x Hollyleaf- I could talk about this ship for hours, I just feel like it could give a really good reflection moment on Holly's relationship with the Warrior code and they're just cute

    MLM Ship- Ashfur x Brambleclaw- I hate Bramble and Ash is a problematic fav I'm honestly just attached to this ship from my early days in the fandom and the AU potential... 💖

    Poly Ship- Brightheart x Daisy x Cloudtail- Bright and Cloud are my fav straight ship and Daisy deserves better

    Aro/Ace HC- Ivypool- Her and Fernsong are in a queer platonic relationship and I feel like it just makes more sense than her being in love with Fern

    FtM HC- Swiftpaw- Him trying so hard to prove himself worthy to Bluestar hits close to home. That's all

    MtF HC- Squirrelflight- I made this headcannon out of spite and it's cannon Erin Hunter told me /j

    Enby HC- Breezepelt- Another problematic fav. I don't have any reasoning for it it just makes sense to me

    Questioning HC- Mothwing- Less questioning and more unlabeled. She had a crush on Leafpool when she was younger and then never really thought about it again

    Genderfluid HC- Lionblaze- He just has a vibe

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  • goobiestar
    19.09.2021 - 23 hours ago
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  • cinnamon-flame
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Nightpaw and Featherpaw

    Here’s a bonus spin offs of the Leafpaw drawing i posted ealier today. Nightpaw and Featherpaw I drew for fun.

    #I don't think we ever got to know who's Nightclouds parents were? #maybe it's for the best but I'm still curious #half-clan relationship headcanon? #maybe#Warrior Cats#wc#Feathertail#nightcloud
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  • adoranymph
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Don't mind me, just posting some cat gifs that had some Ash x Eiji energy.

    Also head canon: Ash reincarnates as a stray cat in New York, because of course he does, Eiji living in New York finds him, and even though Ash recognizes him, Eiji doesn't exactly and yet he gets this...feeling...so he takes Ash the cat in and takes care of him. Ash is fine that Eiji doesn't quite realize that the stray cat he took in really is him, he's just happy he can be with Eiji again, even if it's like this, and Eiji is so happy with this cat that he ends up naming him Ash, because of course he does, and whenever he gets sad about Ash the human's death, Ash the cat always comes over and nuzzles and cuddles with him and Eiji is just so fascinated with how much of a comfort this cat is to him. Ash the cat lives all the way up to Eiji's own death, and he's with him when he dies, and then he dies again too as the cat and they meet again and asdgjsnkbsjdme😭

    #ash lynx#eiji okumura #ash x eiji #eiji x ash #asheiji#eijiash#banana fish#anime#cat gifs #ash reincarnated as a cat and eiji took him in change my mind #headcanon
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  • cinnamon-flame
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago


    I had a clear vision of Leafpaw with a mane of leaves so yeah I had to draw it.

    #This is my 300th file in my random art folder #also I headcanon that medicine cats are much more chunky and shiny than the rest of their clan mates since it is considered good fortune #like when your healer is feeling well then your clan is feeling well #also yes I drew her with constellation freckles on her face #she looks cute this way #I'm sick and I needed to draw something cute #Warrior Cats#warriors#wc#leafpool#leafpaw#medicine cat
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  • armorbreak
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Tag dump

    ۞ Alphen || Do you still make everything spicy

    ۞ Shionne || All that food goes into your artes right

    ۞ Rinwell || Almeidrea is beneath you

    ۞ Dohalim || That sure is a lot of junk

    ۞ Kisara || Stop giving me vegetables

    ۞ Hootle || I'm more of a cat person

    ۞ Verse || Fight for the freedom you dream of // MAIN

    ۞ Verse || Stonewall snake breathing ice in your veins // CYSLODIA

    ۞ Verse || Fire in my soul stoked by the flames of my father // CALAGLIA

    ۞ Verse || These zeugles look pretty weird // ADAPTIVE

    ۞ Headcanon || Stray Wolf Strut

    ۞ Self || Break down the walls that contain you

    ۞ Crack || Do Renans dream of electric zeugles

    ۞ RP || Destroy the armor that brings you so much pride

    ۞ OOC || Out to make a meat run

    #۞ Alphen || Do you still make everything spicy #۞ Shionne || All that food goes into your artes right #۞ Rinwell || Almeidrea is beneath you #۞ Dohalim || That sure is a lot of junk #۞ Kisara || Stop giving me vegetables #۞ Hootle || I'm more of a cat person #۞ Verse || Fight for the freedom you dream of // MAIN #۞ Verse || Stonewall snake breathing ice in your veins // CYSLODIA #۞ Verse || Fire in my soul stoked by the flames of my father // CALAGLIA #۞ Verse || These zeugles look pretty weird // ADAPTIVE #۞ Headcanon || Stray Wolf Strut #۞ Crack || Do Renans dream of electric zeugles #۞ Self || Break down the walls that contain you #۞ RP || Destroy the armor that brings you so much pride #۞ OOC || Out to make a meat run
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  • hellothere3306
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Just imagine Monoma finding out he and Toga are related and he's completely chill about it except he uses it as a way to brag to Class A. He'd probably text them like:


    And they just respond like:

    Kirishima: who the guy who robbed that convenience store last week

    And Monomas so offended he joins the league of villains or something idek.

    #this isnt that funny but im tired and dont have a sense of humor so its funny to me #boku no hero academia #my hero academia #monoma headcanons#mha monoma #mha class 1a #mha toga#himiko toga#neito monoma #copy cat sibs #himiko toga and monoma neito are siblings
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  • jelliclehell
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    no one asked for this... no one wanted this... i took my ability to create and decided: i will use it only for chaos 

    CW(s): rebeldots pussy indulgence The following content contains explicit and/or sensitive material and is intended only for a mature audience. By proceeding you consent to viewing such material.
    #:^)#nsft#cats 2019#jennyanydots#jennyanydots 2019#my draws #this prompted my friend to ask me where the nips at which is such a good question #my headcanons include that victoria and bombalurina; specifically; have shorter/thinner torso fur that makes the nips more visible #whereas jennyanydots and rumpleteazer have longer thicker fur. thus why i do not typically render their nips. why do i put thought into this
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  • sugxrslushy
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Spin the Bottle

    ➪ a/n: first post wooo!! I’m hoping I did good writing for them. I only excluded Chopper, Brook and Jimbei for obvious reasons but if you’d like me to include Franky pls let me know! also I’m still organizing my blog aesthetic ugh

    ➪ includes: Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Robin, Nami

    ➪ warnings: none! just fluff, gn! reader

    Monkey D. Luffy

    Any game is destined to catch his attention. Games are good for helping cure the curse of boredom while floating on the sea

    He doesn’t quite get the point of it though, a kiss doesn’t seem like much of a winning prize nor did it seem like that much of a competition but he’s still willing to give it a try

    Especially if Sanji promises snacks for the game night, how could he ever say no?

    The promise of you joining draws him in even more, a chance to have fun with his crush seems like something he’d enjoy

    Luffy guarantees everyone will play, egging on the others to kiss whoever the bottle landed on no matter their protests, and because of this he has no chance to chicken out when he spins it and it lands on you

    He’s not the most shy about it, a blush might flare up along his cheeks but he still gives you a comforting and wide smile before shuffling closer to kiss you

    Luffy isn’t the most experienced kisser, he’ll probably default to a quick peck on the lips while carefully cradling your face in his hands, but the taste of sea salt stains your lips reminding you of the kiss

    Incredibly blushy around you after it, but he gets over it quick and starts spending more time by your side

    Roronoa Zoro

    Not the biggest fan of most games. It’s not that he doesn’t like them it’s just there’s plenty of other things he’d rather do than participate

    He’d heard your laughter among the others howls of entertainment. He silently debated with himself on whether or not to join the dumb game and try his chances

    But with a couple of drinks and liquid courage running through his veins he grows a new sort of confidence, plopping down in the close knit circle of the strawhats to try his chances

    Although he’d be lying if he denied that it wasn’t eating at him watching the bottle spin aimlessly around and wondering if it’d land on his lovely crush

    That smug grin on his makes its appearance after seeing the bottle land on you, and it only made him more satisfied and cocky to see the blush bloom along your skin

    Beforehand, he checked to make sure you were okay with it before pulling you close and tipping your chin up to bring you into a kiss

    The kiss is somewhat messy, mostly due to him being slightly drunk, but it's bold. Warms lips hungrily sealing over yours in a starved and rough kiss, begging for more of your lips and leaving you breathless

    He doesn’t treat you much differently afterwards unless you show interest, if you do he’ll tend to be more flirty and pulling you away to spend more time with him

    Vinsmoke Sanji

    Do you think this man will say no to a game of spin the bottle? A chance to kiss the lovely Nami, Robin and even y/n, it sounds like a dream come true to him

    With hearts in his eyes and his love for you on his mind, he’s beyond excited for the game and already spoiling you with treats and snacks he made in the kitchen earlier that day

    Despite the chance of him having to kiss any of his crewmates that he’d rather not *cough cough zoro cough* he’s more than willing to play and try his chances to land on you and steal a kiss

    The whole time that the bottle is spinning around, he’s babbling to you and the crew how excited he is to kiss any of the lovely ladies of the crew or you. It’s entertaining to watch

    Pray for him, because when the bottle stops spinning and is pointed straight at you a nosebleed is bound to happen. It’s going to be a mess but he just loves you very much

    He’s so delicate about it once he collects himself. All of his touches and gentle and sweet as he pulls you close to him, holding you close to his chest and enveloping you in a comforting warmth

    The taste of smoke and mint gum take over your senses. His lips are careful and calculated, sweetly melting against yours and moving in synchronized tandem, stealing your breath

    A mess around you for the rest of the night, nosebleeds are gonna be a problem because he gets one every time he looks at you and remembers how amazing the kiss with you was


    A complete and utter mess when the strawhats propose spin the bottle as a game to play. He’s filled with worries about absolutely everything that might happen if he joins the game

    What happens if it lands on his crush?? What happens if it doesn’t? What happens if it does and you reject him? He doubts he’d be able to live with the shame of that, he might as well pass away right there

    With enough coaxing from you and Luffy dragging him in like he has any other choice, he finally caves and joins you all in the game but is jittering with nervousness

    He’s sweating literal bullets when he leans in to the spin the bottle, even more when it’s actually spinning and he has to wait for who it will land on

    Almost jumps out of his skin when it lands on you, but tries to cover it up by boasting about how lucky you are to kiss the great captain Usopp

    You’ll have to take the lead by kissing him first. He jolts against your lips at first and is kind of stiff, but eventually starts to calm down and get into it. It’s careful and sweet and you can feel the heat radiating off his face

    Freaks out whenever he sees you afterwards, but with enough motivation from the crew he tries to talk to you more. Give him some time to come around, he eventually will!

    Nico Robin

    It doesn’t even faze her when it’s offered as a party game for you all to play. She loves the crew antics with her whole heart and is always pleased to join in on any of them

    Although she tends to stay off to the side more, just observing between sips of her drink with the occasional laugh at one of your crewmates pulling something stupid

    Thankfully, it doesn’t take her much to play along with everyone. She’s confident enough in herself to not make a fool of herself and honestly doesn’t mind giving it a try, especially with you involved in the game

    She exudes a calm confidence when she spins, her cool facade never breaking as the bottle twirls around on the wooden floor of the sunny. It only breaks into a happy smile when it lands on you

    A pair of arms appears on the floor beside you and nudge you towards the ravenette, and she kneels close to you with her face only a few inches away from your own

    She shows experience in how her lips move perfectly against your own, dragging out whatever reaction that she wants. They slot against your own like a missing puzzle piece and it makes your heart race

    She brushes it off as if it was nothing, but is happy to talk more with you as the night comes towards an end


    Want her to play spin the bottle with the crew? You better be ready to pay up, she isn’t going to offer anything up for free. Especially a kiss from her, but for someone like you she might be willing to cut you a deal

    Sanji’s pretty willing to pay the fee to get her to join but she ends up joining just because she thinks it’ll be fun, she gets a break from working on the map of the island you recently visited

    She’s just as confident as Robin but definitely more playful about it, telling the others that she’ll give them the best kiss of their life for only 5,000 beli till the others complain too much about it

    Though when it comes to her crush, she’s willing to cut you a once and a lifetime deal. You get a kiss from her for free, and she’s going to make sure you’ll be coming back for more

    She’s not that experienced but she’s still amazingly good at her, her glossy lips feel so warm and sweet against yours, tasting faintly of her beloved tangerines. Slow and teasing making you hungry for more, but she pulls away with a sneaky grin leaving you speechless

    She’s extra flirty and drawing you in more afterwards, maybe you can sneak another free of charge

    #one piece x reader #one piece headcanons #one piece #monkey d luffy #luffy x reader #roronoa zoro #zoro x reader #black leg sanji #sanji x reader #usopp#god usopp #usopp x reader #nico robin #robin x reader #nami #cat burglar nami #nami x reader #strawhats x reader
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  • afairytalestray
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • i-like-the-stars
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    monoma and toga are half siblings it’s real and true !!!!!!

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